The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 30, 1965 · Page 25
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 25

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1965
Page 25
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South Africa Is Facing Disaster From Weather · J °MirM\' ESBU ^S' S ° U " 1 ^' powdcred railk arHl biscuits do-,have lo be found somewlicre. Sparks carried by Ihe stiff woman said. "It is a way of rica (UPI) ~ The fat-bellied nalcd by Ihe People ot Amcrica'There are cliiklren here who breeze set alight the llmkhedllife with us." transport aircraft touched down Fund - would mean less him-'weigh only 35 pounds - at thoWs of some nearby African' _ .,,,,,,,,,:,, , m , K , t .,,., ,i,. on the rough, 8,250 feet high ger for their children and thcrn-!a B e of ten." hits. ' T1e mOUntam fXxlllft mA " 1C nirslrip at Semonkong, deep in Ihe Maluti Mountains o{ Basuto- land. A small group of Africans, some dressed brightly-colored died together against the sharp wind cutting down from the surrounding 10,000 feet high peaks. They clustered around the plane, helping to unload its cargo with willing hands. Special Notices selves. Ibuniiiig villiige were manifesln- One hundred r,:v.l fifty lo Ihe southeast, miles With blankets thrown over their, 1 ' 011 * °' a 'act o[ li(e in South- outside the h e a d s , the villagers set |«n Africa today. Much of the THE milk will be distributed dusty little Pomloland town olj about saving their meagre |xs-1country. from the Limpopo " grey grassland'sessions from llie burning liuis.'liushveld to lire usually lush fourllciipcd into flame. Perhaps Menfolk, overcome by Ihe iircen hitls of Ihe eastern Cape some passing motorist had been'smokc collapsed on the hard- |Province, is in Ihe grip of careless with a match. Pcrhaps'bakcd earth outside their homes.'drought unprecedented POSTED All land I own in Section 15, Tosvnship 16. Range G, Section 18, Township 16. Range 6. Also all land I have leased in Section 17, Township 16, Range 6, in Washington County. I.. W. STEPHEN'S from clinics. Each child in I h c l U i z a n a , the in traditional district will be given blankets, hud- Schools -- Instructions pounds. "This should last until midwinter," Dr. Trevor Morgan of ine- a piece of broken glass hud fo-j'lhero was no water lo fight the niory. cuscd sun's rays on to flames -- (he nearby 'had dried up many stream months! IT IS drought which will al: ! most certainly become worse, i f o r Ihe South African winter is When the rains desert us, the' j u s , |,egi nn i ng . and wimer is 1 ires come," a young African , he d r y scas(m _ j Hundreds of white farmers ^^^^ face possible ruin and bankrupl-j jj- ^ ale ( j . -~ cv. Unlold thousands of Afri- HIGH HOME SCHOOL .cans face a hungry, miserable winter. In some areas of Ihe Norlh- ! ern Transvaal. w'xirc past an- j n u a l rainfall has averaged up lo m ·* | ' El L) 20 inches, there has been rain at ull for three to years. no] c - i mi, i. i , ,, Service said. "After that 1 shall more. Where it will come from 1,000 pounds o f j f really don't know. But it will Classified ^^^ iff-E^i'ti Advertisement- It YOU dldn'J finish High School, why ccnilnve i-rwJer lhl| hindrcas? Will* larfay far FREE BCXJKLET. Tells how VWJ ca-i iirn a High School C'clcma throcsh so are lime slixJr. 14 mwlhlY Ixlg3«i t\l books «nd Inittuct'oni. Our dJlfl vrar. AMERICAN SCHOOL D»pt. G. P.O. J«V»n, Cull Hi BOX lOOtl Mill. 10. Male Help Wanted I I I . Female Help Wanted Delia Democrat-Tim*, MANAGER TRAINEE. 71 Car 1 i»-iii. Sin, t Call ED -13611. It !3tO« CF.NERAI cl(e weit. 71 to 58. 1235 CO ,y 4 ,,.,,,.(,,JColl SO 43611, rtPW Errnlormnl S.r. NEEDED Five men who wish to cam SlOO per month with opportunity for advancement in largest firm of its kind in Ihe world. Local work. Must have car and be well groomed. Apply lo S05 Fairview, 10 A. M. Monday. FOR A QUICK SALE USE HIE WANT ADS IN THE DELTA OKMOCRAT-T1MES !0. Article] For Sal* r'_°l- 25^ 12. Male or Female Help Wanted I;"- · MANAGERS HOSPITAL A H LIFE i ft. k« M Ptiillo Y/orkl.-i EO_-473A_O^JO_J-I 2e'3M"9 deik cl-a:r, M« new. I 7V, !«.i All Co«i«-or unil, Con. Itef'gM fi««i«' Wanted Laundry Dryclcaning Production Supt. Must have qualifications lo supervise both de- parl mcnls. 5125.00 per week plus bonuses or open for qualified ex- . 1 ' guarui'od r«'.e*ab ! e pcrience. Apply J. E. Snow, 1354 "!",, b *,,. "'"y^c? ,, Green Street, Augusta, Georgia. ·;' °°- "«··"·' Boats, Motors Supplies E A I E . "5" Roelivj R i o . Call ED 2- FOV SAlf. ir" Alu^-.Tum Bool. 7V, Hf. -ICT M5l=i_and_Tra^=i. CoH «ai-«3. t SAlE~l"2^2j" Holt. 35 H.P. meter. i !16' Fifcp~iin»~ fi^t.* 75 H P . E/ir.iLKjs Is'/ii.CO.' f.-i-e_lO ?·10-11. 1 J A F r WlS' e ' e - i r c Ha."«r 35 II. P. E. r'L.d? Vc'cr ie~c-e (c-^'fcl. 3' * 13' '^ICD. Can c* iee^ o* Ycchl Clyb. Call INSID5 SMES. 21 r» J8. S32! lo Or I ED J-jill, Peccef E-ola/.-nEnl ll. Female Help Wanted 27. Farm Equipment MEN WANTED sell insurance. Leads Water levels in South Africa's; ftrj j R 7 major storage dams are as' iw as 1 and 2 per cent i n ' 'some, wilh the average being!.,*_.' cent. In March 19G1 llie average was 65.8 per iceul. · E,x]erls say that e\ p en if the .' jcounln' were to have a month \ =of rain starting lomorrow, the I effects of the drought would 1 still be felt for al least Iwo or ;For aijpointment call ED foreman and leadcrmen :e«rjry. WIN? MRS. PLAR McWHORTER HIS Kirkliimt Si. Greenville, Miss. coll Tt'raJ-ona A-i^enr.g Serv tt WANTED Outside Car Hops. C day weck.;^ 1 ^fj s hour shifts. Uniforms furnished. Paid vacations. . 53)0 S3759 ].. Co . P.O. 3o IJji. J = .kij" Sitintions Wanted fcniale TOM BUEKER '». .'.' n. Pr. a Class Of 1965 TTic Class of 1365 at Glen Allen High School is scheduled to graduate Tuesday evening in (he school auditorium. The class includes: left to right, front row, Donna Vandevender (valedictorian), Shirley Acuff, Mary Ann Truesdale (H) and Betty Lou Quong (salulatorian); second row, Theda Duke, (H), Earl Painlcr, Larry Sherwood and Milton Brown; third row, Gary Dritton, Carolyn Daniels, Sidney Sherwood, Carolyn i\lcGiiboney (11), and Glenda Hearn (H). The letter "H" indicates on honor student. (Staff Photo) WHAT DO YOU HAVE?? P.O. Box 10842. Jctlcv DRIVE ^i:£=^ ; ~r-! *;·;... S^IO'^""" TO OUR ^xjSs'r- - : )- -"-v GOLD ^m .MEDALLION HOME Must tias'e sjiipyaro experience in tug and lowlwat repair. ULUDWORTH SHIPYARD, INC. P. 0. Dox V125 Wn 8-snsl Floiisloa, Texas WANTED: Automolile mechanic, experienced in Genernl Molors jroducls. Musi le honesf, solx?r, St reliable, willing lo relocate in .ake Village, Ark. Top position for right man. Wrile P.O. Box 351, Lake Village, Ark. WANTF.D: Tractor mechanic experienced in l.ll.C. producls. Musi be able to perform all nnjor repairs. Excellent position for right man. Send resume lo P.O. Box 351. Lake Village, Ark., staling qualifications references. COLLEGE STUDENTS Can use two college students who need Summer work. Write P.O. Box 5398, Greenville, Miss. For home interview. SALESMEN NEEDED SOX) to SI, 000 per monlh. Car necessary, to work Greenville, Cleveland or Greenwood. Call 332-1323 9 A. M. till 12 Noon, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. SALES MANAGER TRAINEE i AGE 21-34 Company expansion has created opporuniies for (2) Iwo ! men who desire a career in . sales, j Men clxsen must have late model car, present a neat appearance, have at least a high school education and be able lo pass a rigid character ex- aminalion. ; For interview appoinlment call 332-226 f NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE I STRAZTS DRIVE-IN SECRETARY - RECEPTIONIST Must be able lo lake dictation ind lype n neat letter, '50 hour we*. Write P.O. Box 5575, Greenville, giving experience and references. D!GM!F;ED LADY WAN1LD 1 M pvbli: le^n.c'.i rtp-ei«,vt Icl I PDi I f rn- qn:cr. c«-ie'elY. c' i ^cn o'fl* reip»V:l' (fre. Pall tl-rt cr f.,'.l cdv cl Lncuti-.on-Tc!* ckiiurx nn.H .n- c^'^j^.n -I/ fcr o lorit wo en QcnMy. 'Aen-.o- rt Gmdf-u. 710 Arrad, P'do.. nh-D-« :OJJ113 Mn'/ 31. J.r.f. H- ». ?-d · berwpgT 9 33 n nv nnd 4 p. .DIANA STORES CORP. ! Woiwrn Q C D O l e l t L nin w,lh t'cl*i ( c o i t r» tocir hcv «*c*llei: ocpa'iu^ I/ fcr °.r;*." P5P, "llbtVnble dlucvni on 'nil r'o- vo-l l.\-l. h\. Wllhar-l. DIANA SHOP 319 Wci^inolon Ph. 332-J62.J 12. Male Or Femal» Ilelo Wanted DELTA PERSONNEL SERVICE 104 N. Poilar al Wothlnglin Phan* 337-8473 Nil* 337-8935 · Oldll Mgr. 3^00 · Ma-.-Ilaln.. 1\-1i At. til! 1 Sal. .-In, Id. (I.clnl SWS Slorl · Beol(l»ptr {l«locat«) $300 Plvi · I»ul. inl.i IKO t COT,. Mtrrbtr of N.E.A. airf M.P.E.A. OH,. Hour. 1 . i. Coll, a. * Junior Coll.g. Crodi o.i wltcoir* for auntll!rg. · · · · · · · LA.MAt JltVIY-- Ownir :o .«!.- j f f i ' o - 177.53; 2f TV S?5 00 31 \V O Hci. ACR1I-'ICE: Ice Maker Machine, apacity 3(KI pounds per day. 'radically new. Original price 1.000. sale price approximately 500.00. See at Modern Appliance, .clam!. Mi«. Ph. CSG-IOG6. ' SAFE FOR SALE , Remington -Hand 4 hour Safe, large size, $350.00. Call 332-5872. Couiniorcial Residential -- WINDSOR -OVERHEAD DOORS · STEEL · WOOD · ALUMINUM · FIBER GLASS Service Asbury Paint Glass Go, 203 llvvy. I South (1 Block S. ot Alexander) Ph. ED 2-5344 MTiQUE CLOCKS Bought, sold, repaired. We also repair electric clocks. 4CO day clocks, travel clocks music boxes. We buy £ se!l used furniture R, 0. FOSTER 7-15 Washington Ave. Greenville. Miss. Ph. ED 5-2372 32. Household Goods 20 PATTERNS IN STOCK · ARMSTSOViG QUAKER i VINYL · GOLD SEAL LINOLEUfA 3 iaoi ra 12 tool w'dih* Se» Devi Grilfin Alio For AH YOU? FURNITURE NEEDS DELTA TRADING POST '·15 \Voih : nglon Av«. SO 5-2572 -C-A-S-H- FOR YOUR OLD I URN'ITURF. APPLIANCES » BUT · StlL · KADI RAILROAD SALVAGE FUlNITURi CO. /2S Wathing^on Ph. ED 2-7714 33. Pianos, Radios, Televisions RELAX Previous lessons unnecessary Play Hammond Organ at HEWITT - SILK PIANO CO. [2 Doori ficm S's^n Moil) M. Building Materials 31. Huilding Materials I OUR BEST I j Outside House Pain! J | k A J 1 1 ^AVF 1 1 Special Notices Special Notices '^ pi tepWv iP^lk'.ii^ fcf/^@-v:.-i-v fj:K5* :i y::.. KM t« ii?'-^-- ; TStM sj-.'si.-.'-:·-'-"ifi-! LAKE ANNETTE WILL BE OPEN SATURDAY FOR BASS BREAM FISHING ONLY Limit: 5 Bass, 20 Bream Per Person $1.00 WILL BE OPEN FOR 30 DAYS ONLY. FOLLOW SIGNS FROM AIR BASE GATE. Building Malcrinls 31. Building Materials ruvE ^3F i-W'3'i m mm, ,....ia^. A . ··^~r- : -;'"?^TMi«3:S ?^a ^ivr ."*. '-.^ '\f-i'· \* · -V.vl s^'t-J-y^w Featuring · Living area sq. [f. 1520 · 3 large hedrooms (master bedroom I2'xl!', middle bedroom 13'6"xll'8" front corner bedroom I3'6"xl2') · 2 full ceramic f i l e baths · IJving room 13'4"xl4' · Spacious den dining area (15'x2!'6") · Sliding glass door lo 12'xl4' patio · Large !'x!2' storage room with door connecting to kitchen · Parkay oak flooring with vinyl tile in den, dining area kitchen HWY. 1 SOUTH · Kitchen H'xl2' wilh Built-in fashion finish dishwasher, oven, surface u n i t , venlahood and garbage disposal · Itleclric central heat and AIR CONDITIONING · Beautiful old brick exterior wilh gray trim · Side entrance lo douhle carport · Lot 100'x2(KI' · Call 33M954 (or additional information PRICE $ ONLY ALSO Sears Has All Types Fences 'U^ffc^P Commercial-Industrial-Residential · Chain Link Fences · Wood Fences CALL ED 2-7211 517 Washington Avc.--Greenville 18500°° ZO. Article* For Sale 20. Articles For Sale OPEN 2-8 P.M. TODAY 3-6 P.M. WEEKDAYS \Ve have 3 other homes under conslruction. Visit Ihese homes and see Ihe quality materials and workmanship that goes i n t o a P.-dmertree home. HEARING COMPLETION Hwy. t South Hwy. 1 South 4 Bedroom, 2'/ 2 Baths 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths 1644 MARILYN Just Started Construction On This ."? Bedroom, V/2 Bnth Home 0 Combination Electric Can Opener | Knife Sharpener Register For Door Prize P A L T R E E HOME BUILDERS Phone 3IM-4551 TAKE UP PAYMENTS l-fi.E. 17 Cu. Fl. S O 50 Food Freezer L Wk. 1-G.E. 14.9 Cu. Ft. Frcerer-Refg. $ O Frost Guard 0 00 Wk. 1--G.E. 13.8 Cu. Fl. S O 50 Refrigerator Li Wk I--Tappan $ O 50 Gas Range Lt Wk. 1--G.E. Stereo . . $ 1 2, Console Mahg. Finish 1 Wk. 1-19" G.F.. Portable T.V. PRO OUTSIDE HOUSE PAINT Paint Thinner Gallon Buildmg Products 1--13,000 B.T.U. Air $ f\ 50 Conditioner L WV. 1--19,000 B.T.U. Air $ O 00 Conditioner 0 WV. 1-23" G.E. $ j 50 Television 1 Wk. 9--670x15 5 O O S 8 Goodyear Tires Otj · Terms As Low As $1.25 Week · G O O D Y E A R SERVICE STORE 634 WASHINGTON ED 2456 C A R E F R E E L I V I N G CAN BE YOURS AT MAGNOLIA ARMS YOUR WORRIES ARE OURS · Nc Maintenance · No Yard Chorea · We Do Your Painting · Locked Gates · Private Swimming Pool · Private Parking · Covered Parking (Optional) · 1 2 Bedroom · I'/i Dalh WKST1NGHOUSE APPLIANCES AIR CONDITIONING 529 MCALLISTER Ph. 232448} For Appointment \

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