The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 18, 1957 · Page 2
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 2

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1957
Page 2
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-2 THE INTER LAKE, Monday, November 18, 1957 American Credit Helps Economy By FRED DANZIG NEW YORK (UP)--"Neither a borrower nor lender be," wrote William Shakespeare. Many of our lending institutions (ack on to this the phrase, "except in case of emergency." The fact is that 33 billion dollars GOC to Become Reserve Force WASHINGTON (UP) -- The Air Force will put the Ground Observer Corps in a "ready reserve" sta-, tus Jan. 1, ending the 24-hour' watch on the Canadian and Mexican borders and the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The disclosure was made Thursday to state and territorial and Civil Defense directors at a meeting of their national association here. The ability to reduce observer corps activities results from improvement of the nation's electronic measures for warning against an enemy air attack. In announcing the plan, Air Force project officer Co!. Owen F. Clarke also said the GOC will have.a growing role in educating people on the threat of air attack and'measures for dealing with it. In ready reserve status, the GOC will man Its observation posts and filter centers only during training, military exercises and emergency periods. Clark said the nation is already worth of installment credit outstanding is helping our economy go 'round this year. Our 10,745 small loan offices this year are lending five and a half billion dollars of this amount, in about 1C million loans, and they lexpect a 12 per cent increase In volume next year. Ten years ago, the small loan industry volume was one billion and 400 million dollars, in nine and a half million loans. The growth of" our small loan industry, made called uniform possible by so- small loan laws Doctor Studies Knock Knees By DELOS SMITH NEW YORK (UP) -- A study shows that knock-knees are fairly common iu the very young but that knees as they grow older are very much Inclined to stop knocking together. The conclusion was based on precise measurements of 1,000 pairs of knees ranging in age from 11 years down to Infants who had just learned to toddle around without help: Dr. A. J. M. Morley, who recorded a "natural history" of knock-knees, concluded that "toddlers' knock-knee can be allowed to join the growing group of developmental deviation!! which seldom need treatment.' Red Food Output Can't Match U.S. . WASHINGTON (UP) -- If theiiifacture of consumer goods still Russians arc smart enough to I take a back seat to heavy industry beat us into space, why do they;and military science In Soviet lag so far behind the United States in food Why does a production? nation with the technical ability to launch earth satellites give its citizens only one pound of meat for every three or planning. Doesn't Snow at South Pole, It's Too Cold McMURDO, Anartica (UP) -- "It never snows at the South Pole." Navy Cmdr. John Mirabito, chief meteorologist at Operation Deep Freeze headquarters here, explained it was too cold at the bottom of the world for snowflakes. Mirabito, 40, of Hyde Park, Mass., said precipitation in Anartica takes --Agricultural science in Russia the form of fea thery ice crystals suffered for many years from pol- whlch in past cen turies have itS,cal interference at the hands of j built up the 5 ,ooO-foot high ice pack. Stalin and Prof. Trofim Lysenko, 'talin favorite. four turned out by U.S. farmers? _ Sov ]t agriculture still suffers "If you're asking that question, broaden it," said an Agriculture Department official who makes a day-to-day study of Soviqt affairs. "Ask yourself why they have such poor housing, and so few good autos and television sets. "You'll find when you look at (which are actually far from uni-' He found that 26 per cent of the form) has 'taken most of the bite out at the loan shark. Legal, strictly regulated small loan, or consumer finance companies, now are lending money at a children he studied who were between 3 and 3Vi years old had only a slight amount of knock-kneed- ness or none at all. But 32 per cent of the children their standard of living there is a great backwardness." Where military technology is involved and the Communist state concentrates its power on a problem, the men who developed sputnik and muttnik "do all right," from a wasteful use of labor. On most collective farms, three to five workers are needed to do thel(j e p en( j job one farm laborer would do in' the United Stales. --Major Soviet farming areas are far to the" north of U.S. farm production centers. The collective farmer in general must work with Mirabito, who heads a five-man staff of weather forecasters and observers, is responsible for the weather predictions upon which all the American pilots iu the Antarlic "We got by, but I get the chills when I think about it. I figure the Lord is with us in these things. We flew over a million square miles of unexplored- territory with GCA (ground controlled approach) at McMurdo airstrip." Mirabito said weather forecasting became a little easier when three stations were built at Little America, McMurdo and at Liv station, 550 miles to the south. "That's about like flying from New York to St. Louis and Den- ver with three weather stations." Mirabito said that this year, with 4(1 stations manned by 24 natidns, Is the first in which "we have been able to issue forecasts with any reliability." The Navy commander said this is also the first time in history that a global weather map can be drawn with any accuracy. "On a long range basis," he explained, "what happens to weather down here can aid in getting more accurate forecasts as far away na New York and London," he said. viet Union has been plagued by shortages for years, according to most U.S. students of Soviet affairs. T h e Agriculture "in the field of semi-automatic weapons and air surveillance systems and the trend will become more pronounced with time." The GOC mission, as a result, will be more and more limited to "warning and raid recognition." maximum annual interest rate ofltfaat age had definite knock-knees. Ule expe rt added. 46 per cent. But this figure is lowerv Among children 7 years old or old-, But j n food production, the Soer, however, only 1 to 2 per cent had knock-knees of the same degree. Knees get closer together up to between 3 and 3^ years and then start separating into normal spacing as the leg bones lengthen through natural growth, he found.' His study was thorough enough to dispel some of the ages-old superstitions about knock-knees. For one thing, he f6urd no relationship between knock-knees and flat feet. As a matter of fact, the feet of infants" always look as though they were flat due to normal "fat pads." Nor did he find any relationship between knock-knees and the age when the babe began walking, nor how long the babe fed at the, breast nor with whether the child's diet had been supplemented with 1 HELENA {NP) _ The Montana CAB Promises Ful! Consideration WASHINGTON (UP)--The Civil Aeronautics Board has promised to give thorough consideration to "all matters of record" on t h e needs of Montana for air service. Merritt Ruhlen, CAB hearing examiner, notified Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-Mont.) that this would be done before "the initial determination of the issues" are reached in the Montana local air service case. Mansfield said it is expected that the examiner will make his recommendations to the members of the CAB in the near future and that this will he followed by an oral hearing in Washington before the CAB. The Montana junior senator had written Buhlen, taking exception to a number of recommendations made in the original brief on the Montana local service case. Mansfield said he felt that a number of recommendations hindered the im- in practice because the 3 per cent monthly interest is applied to declining monthly balances. Small loan companies charge more than banks because most of their borrowers are considered more of a risk end they have high-', er operating costs. In some areas, they can't be part of another business or office to amortize expenses. The growth of our small loan industry came about as a by-product of 19th Century industrialization, when people who moved to cities found they had little, credit when they got there. Banks .wouldn't '[lend them money so they had to borrow from outside lenders who charged 120 or 140 per cent interest, if not more. After a while, the more honorable money lenders began to seek legal protection against their more unscrupulous colleagues. In 1907, they began hobnobbing with the philanthropic Russell Sage Foundation to draw up uniform small loan laws. Massachusetts state to enact a small loan law of the type no\v generally in use. Since that year, 1911, about 40 states have added laws considered by the small loan people to be workable. Recently some sharp operators tried to make a fast buck. They would arrange, or try to arrange, satisfactory payment schedules for you. For this service, you were charged a fee. In effect, you ended His staff includes: Navy Lt. Tom Fredian of Chicago; Chief Aerogra- phcrs Mate Aimer A. Erdei of Quonset, R.I.; Aerographer-2C Ronald W. Palmer of Seattle; Aerographer- 3C Bob Fancher of Carlsbad, N.M.; a shorter growing season and with. and Aerographer-3C Arvil T. Creacy frequent dry. spells afross wide areas. "Gwynn Garnett, administrator of the Agriculture D e p a r t m e nt's Foreign Agricultural S e r v i c e , noted in a recent speech that the of Gatesville, Texas. Thus far, Mirabito and his staff have been right often enough to remain on speaking terms with the pilots in the Antarlic. -In fact, Col. William G. Forwood Spokane, Wash., a Globemasleri 1 , .. (Pilot and senior Air Force officer ""''The big story of this annivers- at McMurdo said "every one of the " ~ · nilnt.. :.- n TVUfiKifrt fart " Get Your PIZZA at Smifty's . . . GENUINE "DON PASQUALE" Phone SK 6-6578 , S M I T T Y ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT -- feaJurlng_Triple XXX Root Beer -Highway 2 Hi Mile* East from Downiown KaHspell OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK The Greatest Guy in ihe World Is ihe Guy Who Takoi Hit. Family Oui lo Dine Onco a Week. specialist said recent claims that Soviet farmers will equal U.S. per capita production of several major foods in a few years are "unrealistic . . . propaganda." The Soviet farmer lags behind his American counterpart and probably won't catch up soon, in this expert's view, because: --Food production and the man- a ry -- one that Department. themselyes try the Communists hi(je -- is the failure of communism to provide for the food and agricultural needs of its people," Garnett said. ·*** b«en with Task Force The U.S. -lead is more than Operation Deep Freeze since pilots is a Mirabito fan.' Mirabito, -who speaks six languages and has written numerous books on weather and forecasting, 43 and the . three to one over Russia in meat planning stage: State Chamber Asks Tariff production and about 40 per cent hi per capita milk production. Soviet farmers, under orders from Moscow, have expanded prodxic- tion of animal feed grains sharply hi recent years only to their crops disappointing. He said that when the Navy first flew planes into were no weather side of the Antarctic. McMurdo there stations on this "We put ships in lipe between find here and New Zealand and used their reports," he said. became the firsti up with one more debt, since the debt adjuster didn't lend you money to pay off the other debts. There's one rule to remember when you must borrow money: "Borrow from the best." And If you can't get a bank loan, go to a small loan office. These small loan vitamins during the first 18 months of life. But there was an indicated relationship between knock-knees and weight, since the mean weights of children with the condition was greater than the mean weights of comparable children without it. He concluded that knock^uiees in children under 7 "can possibly he safely ignored unless it is excessive or unless an underlying cause is present," such as rickets or abnormalities in bone development. If this underlying cause is .not obvious it should be "sought".when the degree of knock-kneedncss is extreme or when the degree is unequal 'in th» two legs or when the child is' j short for his age or when there is a family history of severe bone deformity. In these cases he saw the possibility of endocrine or metabolic disorders. His purpose in making the study was to record a "natural history" and so improve understanding gf offices are restricted to what they lknock . kneeSj thelr past and theil . provement of airline service Montana's communities. ·. to may charge. No investigation fee, brokerage fee or service charges. When permitted, small loan com- an Insurance policy. The law requires them to make the terms of the loan clear to you. And you must be given a fundamental record of your payments, the dates due, the amounts and the nature of your security. Christmas Party EUREKA (ILNS) Tobacco Valley BJdge Biders have announced that the annual Christmas party for members and their families will be Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. »t the VFW Hall. READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS Personal Loans To Rt Your First National Bank MmteM ·Don't sign papera before the figures are filled in. --Stay away from the loan broker who wants a fee for arranging the loan. --Watch out for the salary buyer. He doesn't lend you money. He buys your salary at a bargain price. --It a note i» pre-dated from the time you get the money, you're mixed up in some hanky panky. --H you're asked to sign more than one note for one loan, you're 'getting hooked. --The lender must give you copies of the papers you sign and receipts for the money you pay. In the final analysis, your best bet Is to look for the state license in the office. H the lender is legitt. mate, he'll have one. future, for the purpose of "avoiding unnecessary treatment." He got his children in infant welfare cehters and in schools. He took them as they came and passed over only those who had defects or disease which might affect t h e legs. Morley is attached to the famous Institute of Orthopedics and the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital of London. He reported to the technical journal of the British Medical Association. Chamber of Commerce has joined the Butte Chamber of Commerce and the State Board of Examiners in urging adequate import taxes and tariff protection on lead and zinc. Bill Browning, executive vice president of the Montana Chamber, said the organization had endorsed the action of the Senate Finance Committee in connection' with a three-cent lead and zinc tax bill last August. In a letter to E. B. Brossard, chairman of the U. S". Tariff Commission, Browning said, "There is further urgency of action needed" since last summer. ·; "Our state's unemployment figure and claim load today is greatly enlarged." He cited layoffs of miners in Butte and other Montana areas and the decline of business in Butte. ' ' " . . ' · "There are 27 states in this country affected by the drop in prices of lead and zinc," he wrote. "However, Montana leads the nation in the production of. zinc and we find the situ state." Mon. - Tues. Evening Shows 7 9:05 THE LIFE, LOVES AND ADVENTURES OF THE LJQN OF THE DESERT! / EORJia MICHHEL DE6RA JOHN /WILOE-Rlf-PAGET-Dl THE DAILY INTER LAKE W. B. Sweetlantf, Editor and Publisher Published daily (except Saturday) and Sunday by Inter Lake Publishing Company, 410 First Avenue West, KaHspell. Montana. Entered as second class matter at Post Of«c«, Kallspell. Montana. Member of the Audit: Bureau of Circulations Daily Dally The territory of New Mexico, which became a state in 1912, once included much of present day Arizona, which was called "Arizona County, New Mexico." The two territories were separated in 1863, during the Civil War. Plus "La Amour the Merrier' LISTEN each TUESDAY THURSDAY .Gheer up with The Alexanders !. : r It's a happy habit twice'a W e e k ! ' 5:15 P.M. KGEZ PACIFIC POWER LIGHT COMPANY NOW SHOWING AT BITNEY'S 1958 Admiral Television TV Servicing Open Evenings Easy Terms Phone SK 6-7300 'Til 9:00 p.m. On East Idaho St. "Your Pioneer Television Dealer for the Flathead" rrogrammiusr schedules subject to change by stations. 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