The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 13, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 10

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
Page 10
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THE DAfLY MESSENGER, CANAJfDAIGUA, N. I5T., THURSDAY, JULY 13,1939. "I can easily afford to own two cars because used cars are inexpensive." JOt PALOOKA IARLV ROAD WORK, -AND CLOUD HAS JOINED JOE AND 5MOKEV. VO'-MEBBC UK6- SWIM, WELL I DINT EVEN RILLI26 THERE WAS ONE NEAffi HO. m RVLOO-KAM nor/ THIS WONDERFUL By Ham Fisher The pafly Messenger CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING BATES AND REGULATIONS TELEPHONE 807 -- Classified Mb art ieeepted MECT the tde- fixrae 'and the cash rate Is ·Mowed providing bill is paid within 10 day* to 'date of bill. GLOBING HOUR-- Copy received ft to 1Q:00 A. It, will be pub- ttihed tbt same day. BtttORS must be corrected by first day as the Publishers will not be responsible for more than ope incorrect insertion. RAItiS-^Pfer ifcie per day: 1 day 12* cash, 24* charge. S days, 10* cash, 20* charge. i days, 8* cash, 10* charge. 10 day contract 6*, copy may be changed weekly. Mfeimu Aftratfeenent, I Una Count five average words to the line; words containing more than 9 letters, count as two words. The cash rate applies if paid within ten d*y» from date of HO, CLASSIFICATION INDEX Individual classified advertisements ate arranged under the faBowtnf sob-headings and classifications: ANNOUNCEMENTS-1-- Special Notice 2-- Lost and Found 3-~Peisonal ^-^Professional Service 5-- Wanted to Buy 6-- Foods GA-- Swaps EMB^OYMENT-- 7-^Female Help 7A-- Help Wanted 8-- Mate Help 9-rAgents Wanted lft^Sh«at»ons Wanted AUTOMOTIVE-11-- AriMBObilcs For Sale 18-- Mechanical Repair 13-- Accessories and Tires BUSINESS SERVICE-14-- Beuty Shops 15 -- Contractors 16-- Miscellaneous Service 17-- Repair Service 17A-- Painters - Carpenters FARM SERVICE-18-- Farm Machinery 2§-- Fet Animals, 11-- E«s and Poultry 22-- Plants and Seeds · ZJ-- Farm Supplies 2SA-- -Farm Products MERCHANDISE-24-- Articles For Sate MA-- Typewriters JMB-- Boats and S«PpH*5 25 iUoMthold Goods 2t-C*al and Wood 2«A-- Foci Oils 27-- Machinery For Sale 29-- Mnical Merchandise 29-- Radio Sales A Service RENTALS- M--Apartmrnts For Rent 31 Boarding Houses 32-- Furnished Rooms Mr-Hotels and ResUurants 34-^bHKkeepiBf ft 35--Bones For Kent 38--Mbceflaneovs For Rent fl vBuorts at* Cottages 39--Wanted to Kent 38A--Avrtinn Satas 3*--Stores For Rent REAL ESTATE-M--Business Opportunities 41--Business Property 42--FJUTWJ aim land 43--Hovscs F«r Sale 44--Lots For Safe is Monty to Loan 4--Wantrd. Real Extalr 47--Heal Estate Exchange 4ft--Legal Notices tt-Ftaaaxfel ANNOUNCEMENTS Special Notice ANNOUNCEMENTS Lost and Found $10 CASH reward for return of boats to John Van Wie, West Lake Ed., Penn Yan. No. 1 white tipped oars No. 1 wJth stone guard board on bottom. Also red mahogany No. 2 boat with No. 3 oars. X30-62 LOST - Small gold wrist watch, .monogrammed "M. C. S." Reward. Phone 124. 37-63 Wanted to Buy WILL PAY cash for all kinds of used furniture. Tel 77-W, 687 or 620. 46-31tf EMPLOYMENT Situations Wanted 10 WANTED - Position 'aS'nousekeep- er, 6 yrs'. exp. Box B-l, Messenger X15-62 FARM SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale 11 ATTENTION MR. FARMER! WANTED - 5 cars of good alfalfa or clover, also 2 cars wheat straw. Phone 137 or 538. W. S. Buck, 18 Niagara St. 31-61tf BUYING wheat, rye, beans. J. W. Walker, Phone 292. 23-60tf Antiques Wanted-Carriage, lamps, biic-brac, all old antiques D--3. 23-50tf Foods 1937 CHRYSLER sedan 1936 CHRYSLER 4-dr, trg. sedan 1936 CHEVROLET town sedan 1935 CHEVROLET sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 1935 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 1934 PLYMOUTH coach 1936 TERRAPLANE coach 1936 PORD,4-dr. trg. sedan 1936 FORD tudor trg. sedan 1933 FORD coupe 1935 PONTTAC sedan 1934 PONTTAC 8 cyl. sedan 1932 DODGE 1 1-2 ton trk, stake 1932 CHEVROLET 1 1-2 ton truck GEORGE D. McGURK, Shortsville Eggs and Poultry 21 ONLY buying eggs from my regular old customers, too many poor eggs. Witter, 169 Mill St. 36-62 FARM SERVICE LET US combine your grain and seeds with our new Chalmers and save labor. Harold Day. Tel. 1177-M. 998-63 LOOK-LOOK TOTI -- HIM FISHIN'. HO/HO' MIGOODNESS WHATSA MATTER? MERCHANDISE Household Goods 25 COMBINING - 50 acres or more, $2; 10 acres, more, $250; less than 10, S3. Collins, Cheshire. X38-67 MONTMORENCTe sour cherries, sprayed and feuaranteed free j from worms or money back. 3c per Ib. Nick Temperate, 92 Saltonstall St. X90-64 RED, purple, Black raspberries. Roth's, 453 N. Main. Phone 805-J. SWEET CHERRIES - Thoroughly J sprayed, get them now. John' Wooden. Tel. 1076-R. X21-62 VINEGAR - Best for pickles. Hecker's Cider Mill. Phone 1195-R. 41--64 ORDERS taken for milk fed broilers. Dryer, Roch. Rd. x38-4 RED AND PURPLE RASPBERRIES, delivered. Phone 351-M. Stanley Wooden. X15-65 1937 DODGE sedan 1936 DODGE coupe 1938 DODGE coupe 1938 HUDSON 6 sedan ·; 1938 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 DODGE coupe 1937 FORD deluxe sedan 1936 HUDSON coupe 1935 FORD 1-2 ton pick-up 1934 DODGE coupe 1933 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 40 OTHER USED CABS TO CHOOSE FROM AT $25 and up. A. W. WHITE 25 Ontario Si- Phone 138 Farm Products MARVELOUS BUYS in 3 used modern gas ranges, enamel finish. Also slightly used Hotpoint elec- t-ic range and odd da- enport. G M. Kennedy Son, 9-11-13 Bristol St. 46-64 OIL, STOVE, kitchen cabinets, 3 pee. bed davenport suite, twin beds. Klingman, 29 Bristol St. Phone 687. 39-62tf 23A WICKER CHAIRS, electric washing machine. Emerson. 16 Coy St. Phone 438-R. ll-59tf FOR SALE or shares, 20 A. hay, standing; also ground for wheat. L. G. Davis, Cooley Rd. X38-64 MAKE a new glider out of an old one with a set of new cushions. Curtice McElwee. 29-63 Musical Merchandise 28 RADIO PROGRAMS FOUR BUND DATES -By£dwinRutt (Time Is Eastern Standard) NEW YORK (#)--The WJZ-NBC j chain has decided to set a-idc its I p.-cviously listed program; lor 9 o'-I clock tonight to put on the light j fceavj weight title bout in New Yoik between Champion Mcho Beltmr. pnd Bill Conn The bout is scheduhd for 15 rounds, with the description to b; divided between Sam Taub and Bill Stern, who recently won favorable comment for his work at the Gala. tr-Louis fight. YESTERDAY; Tocfci effect* a temporary truce wilh Packij. Meanwhile Ape Coletti, the C/us- tler and Mis* South confer on the grounds of Saltair Acres, Chapter 28 Perfidious Plans "T ISTEN carefully, Chiseler,' A- said Miss South. "There's little room off the library that has French doors. . . . " "What's French doors," askec Ujletti suspiciously. He had a deep rooted distrust of all things foreign. "Doors for Frenchmen to walk out of, you galoot. As I was saying Chiseler, when you go through these doors you're on a smal porch. . . ." "Ah," said Chiseler, nodding comprehendingly. "Chiseler, old boy," said Miss South, "I do believe you're half a lap ahead of me already You're right, though. When this shindig gets well under way, I'm going to tuck my arm through Mr. Harkness's and suggest a stroll in the moonlight. . . ." "Dey ain't no moon," pointed out lugubriously. "Thanks a million, Observatory Hill. Anyhow, there's a steps leading off. the porch. Harkness and I reach the bottom step, you"--she indicated the Ape --"can come up from behind and kiss him very gently over the left eyebrow. And don't miscue -and sock, Alligator Face." "Wh t'll I do den?" Coletti in quired. "Then," said Miss South disgust- MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale LEHIGH CEMENT - Beacon feeds. W. Walker. 63-54c- FOR SALE - Wooden sheds at the rear of Methodist Church. Inquire Scott's Shoe Store. 27-60tf WE STOCK septic tanks and plumbing supplies. Coy St. Hdwe. Phone 325-R. 34-62 VICTOR and Blue Bird Records, late releases. Record players. HUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 42-62 Radio Sales Ser\ice~29 PHONE 818 for home or auto radio service. Bradburn Bros. 13-63 USED CAR BARGAINS 1937 PONTIAC 8, 4 dr. sedan 1937 PONTIAC 6, 4 dr. sedan 1936 PONTIAC 4 dr. sedan 1935 PONTLAC 6 sedan CROQUET SETS Special junior set, S1.25; 6 ball set, $2.95. PECK HARDWARE CO. 120 So. Main St. 40-64 GOLD FILLED crosses with chain, reg. $1.65, special SI; Handsome lockets, Heart and Book shape. A. W. Gilbert, 71 So. Main, 2nd floor. X40-64 RENTALS RED, purple berries, black caps 190 j (2) 1934 PONTIAC sedans Granger St. Phone 794-J. 25-60tf' Apartments For Rent 30 PIE CHERRIES fMontmorency) currants, red raspberries. Ray Maloney. East Bloomfield. 1-64 BLACK RASPBERRIES. 10c qt., bring containers. Fred Cole, Deep Run. X15-62 1937 DODGE sedan 1936 BUICK sedan i3; 1936 FORD tudors RIGNEY NETHAWAY Pontiac Sales anti Service 327 So. Main St. CLEANERS - $6 up. Bradburn's. i3-60os BINDER TWINE - Plymouth. The new paper cased ball. PECK HARDWARE CO., 120 SO. MAIN ST. 7-64 ATTRACTIVE 5 rm. heated opt. !USE a cement paint that will last. Pnflir. 28 Grcig Terrare. 42-75 j Buy Flor-Dye. Great for gas sta- I FOR RENT . Apt 151 N Main st I 4-!/"»*·» flnsvTT "t~\n-triitrtv*'t!' ^31-m-nn Cft I -- ,, ^ -._ I RADIOS to play anywhere, electric and portable, $9.95 up. Pay 50c a week HUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 42-62 Auction Sales 38A AUCTION - Sat, Jul. 15 at 1.30 P. M. at 16 Coy St. Quantity of household fur., consisting of chairs, tables, elec. lamps, buffets, china cabinets, stands, rugs, single and double beds, writing desk, oil stoves, gas stove, elec. washer, ice boxes. Many other articles. Arnold J. Emerson, .Auctioneer. 48-63 tion floors. Davidson's. Phone 69. | C all 362 or 783-J for appointment. 35-51tf 43-64 BINDER TWINE, $3.20 a bale. We sell hav rope. Get our price. The Mather Seed Store. 80-56tf Nethaway. 47-64 I ' MONTMORENCY cherries, fine, sprayed, A-l quality fruit, 1 l-2c Ib. on trees; 3c Ib., del. Stanley Wooden, 351-M. _ 95-64 FARM SERVICE 1 BALED HAY TIES - Binder twine. i J W. Walker. G3-54U EMPLOYMENT Female Help p avm * 81 HI 18 Typewriters 24A 3 FT. Mc.-Deering used grain binder; first class shape. Fish and Brewer, Inc., 15 Bristol St. 23-62 PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Pay like rental. $3 a month. HUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 42-62 WOMAN for general houic part time. P. O. Bo:-: 134, Cii work. 27-62 Help Wanted 7A CHERRY PICKERS. Monday, July 17. Case Island Fruit Farm. X38-64 ,FOR SALE - M:Cormick binder. Phone 1063-W. Mark H. Booth. J 45-64 FOR SALE-Williams Rrain thresher. 34-50. complete. Will sell or trade. Pimm Bros.. Brownsville rot Victor. · X16-62 ITniteaVinlH **UU5enOia 25 USED 4 ft Weslinchouse elec. re- Perfectly $40. 29-63 Livestock 19 THE CLASSIFIED Department FOR SALE - Work hon*. cheap. 1 ROCKERS - Odd chairs, mirrored cabinets. 2) flat (op desks, quantity nf window glass. Bargain prices. Carter, 24 Coy St. l-58tf exemplifies the Golden Rule. I; serves you as you would be served. mi. cast Chapin. N. J. Ketcham. ·* , v *38-G4 -- ^\ £, USED ice refrigerators. Reasonable;. Curtice McElwee. 29-63 NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS Trademark Registered .U. S. Patent Office by Oscar Ifitt APT.. 4 i m s . Gibson St. and bath w Ea- - X33-64 FOUR ROOM APT., in Chapin. Adults. Inquire Anna B. Pearson. ,- * X30-63 j ·' More about fights: NBC announces the signing of a contract v;ith Mike Jacobs of the Twentieth Century Sporting Club and a spon- EOI for a series of Sumnur, Pail aiir Winter bout broadcasts on the WJZ- i.BC network. \ They will start late in August with i the lightweight title match between | Henry Armstrong and Leu Ambeis, thf . f n n t n include the meeting of Joe Loui.- end Bob Pastor in September ar.a the Galen-o-Lou Nova match a.s v.eil os about 16 additional fights. It will be the third y-jar ior the sponsor in fight bicaticasting The schedule calls for aimo.-t weekly transmissions. edly, "you'll take out your trusty piccolo and play the 'Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls.' Honest, Coletti, when they carve up your head for billiard balls, I'll take two sets." The Chiseler interposed. "You seem, Dorothy," he said approvingly, "to have thought this out very well. May I put a query Listening tonight: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK P-00--Fred Wanner (v.est repeat 10) 7:00--Rudy Valiec C 00--Lost Play, "Flying Scud" 9.00--Bob Burns 11:00--Dance Hour WABC-CBS--NEW YOKK 6:30--Joe E. Brown 7:00--Buddy Claiks Music 7:30--Serenade for Strings 8 00--Major Bowes Amateurs 9:00--Workshop drama. *Ne\er Come Mondav there a convenient place where we can conceal this--this . . ." he broke off and pointed to the Ape. Miss South nodded vigorously. "There is. That can hide itself in the ivy. The whole side of the house is co.vered with it. I'll admit the spot is fairly close to the house, but it's away from the main rooms and I don't just know where I could lead Harkness to in the grounds. So it's the ivy for yours, Coletti. And listen, Honeybunch. After we leave you languishing in the greenery, don't go prowling all over the place like a coyote hunting for prairie dogs." "Pay attention to what she says, Coletti," advised the Chiseler. "You will, of course, Dorothy, make dead certain that you and Harkness come out alone." "Goodnight, Chiseler," said Miss South aggrieved, "did you think I 9:45-- Sen. Jos. F. Otifi.-v 02, "Po-l was going to make a picnic out of - ' " hiica! Previous of 1940' WJZ-XBC--NEW YOKK 7:00--Vicki ChaseJ'.sopiarjo 7:30--Qaiz. It's tip To Yoa x 8:00--Toronto Symphonyi- "*' IC'OO--Dance Music for two hoitri \YOK-MBS--NEWARK :P:15--Judfje^ Florence E. Ailpn c ; Woman Tomorrow it? ·"L The Chiseler bowed his head upon his breast. "Very good. Now, Furnished Rooms 32 LGE.. well fur. front tral. Phone 492-M. room, cen- 44-85 Resorts and Cottages 37 FOR BENT - Cottage. 256 east side, large shady lot. boat, electricity. T. E. Rippey, Tel. 200-W. 17-65 What to expect Frida;.: Day programs from Franco--WEAF- ."EC 11:45 A. M.. addi esses of Pres Albert LcBrun and Premier Dalafli- «r; JVABC-CBS 5:45, Dcscnplions of celebmlions WjKAf-NBC--NEW YORK ' Talk It Over Young tc of Democracy Dorothy, I have one or two slight additions to make to your plan." "Oh. is that right?" said Miss South, with asperity. "1 thought n was pretty foolproof myself." is excellently thought out," rnnT'Oinji the Chiseler. "But--er-- forgf for saying so, but it S RM., fur. cottage. No. 421 East , Lake rd, rea.sonaific. Apply at cottage Saturday or Sunday or C. C. llaehe. Phone l-Y-3, Stanlev. N. X X38-64 REAL ESTATE LEGAL NOTICBS EXPERT repairing on ·too dressmaking. 25 · ol Court St. HAtRCUTTING - Wade Vutt BwUer Shop, 4 Niagara St. 16-60 VUPPblt «t h, Thursday; Jaly *t 530 DST*." OOHOOLGUM, fine PurniUire Market, 136 Mill. 68-450J ·HUMUE.INO, 13-50; washing. 75c. MMtftoe Badger, Sinclair Station. 22-83 Ml CREAM SOCIAL on church Chapin. Thurs. eve., July 13. 31-62 social and dance, 11, aumfet* Hopeweli It-tl OR THE TREASURY HAVE A SOOO TIME.' Business Opportunities 10 THE ALADDHJT CX, manufacturers o2 rcadi-cut homes, seeks the appointment of a local authorized dealer to handle sales, arrange F. H. A., bank and building and loan financing and .supervise construe* tion of thwr reads-cut, homes. If you can qualify, wntc The Aladdin Co., Bay City. Mich. 33-« lo Summer Thc;.tcr iton ChoiJate:., Golf Sumina.v -NEW YORK 11.30--Farm and Home Ho'«r 1 00--Women in Making ol America 3.00--Club Matinee Some Fiiday short w;.vr-, DOiij Brilin 5 Cfilonial Show; 2RO !?«»«.!· | 7 - ? 0 Giu-M Night: G$I OSD GSD| I ondon !»:5») The Engtisn Val'.i; TPA4 Patu. 10:25 French Event-. lacks what 1 might term the master touch. For example, I deen. it advisable for you to be found in a fainting condition some distance «j. the driveway." -,J'Oh, you do, eh? And what kind of tftples does that buy us?" "lll|£laces you in a condition and position," explained the Chiseler smoothly, "to give a rambling, incoherent account of what happened. According to your version, told in a dazed and half-hysterical manner, Mr. Harkness war struck over the head from bshind. One of his assailants clapped his hand over your mouth to prevent your screaming. You fainted, but only momentarily. You then staggered blindly up the driveway and were in time to hear a car start After that, you fainted «c;ain. You pet the You will be in a pavilion »x the pursuit if any. will, state, of course, that froir. the sound of its motor, the vchiclc went in a direction away from New York." MJSS South subsided as before a or B. llllljl 7»l^l nf " ] 111 Hi- "ifi "1 1nfdi' 1 lie 1, Radio Schedule DOWN UKC CLEOPATRA'S BARGE THE LITTLE SAFARI OUST OF PETERS CORNERS TOOM JTS TIRES AND «rur TOIMV WHAM -Jirnmv DOTWY and Onh --World Danr«; 545--Sorial Chronicle 600--News Rf'port'pr 615--Fisherman's Corner Rogers, snorts 645--Lowell Thomas 700--Easy Aces 7J5-Mr. Keen 730-N. Y. S. Troopers 8.00--Symphonic Jttt Band S-30-It's Up to You 9.00--Sympiiony Orch. IOM--Bob Bums UM~News Reporter llll--J«n 8*vitt *nd Orch. 11J»--Tommy DorMy «nd Orch. nm mob Cwwer and Orch. " Moniing 7.00--News Bcnortcr 7.15--Pelc and Joe 7^0--Tonac Tunes 7.45--Kindly Thots 8.00--Pclc and Joe 8.15--Vocal Vogues 830--Swing Serenade 845_T0wer Clocfe Program 9.W--Hoosicr Hot Shots 9 15--Women Only 930--Yotini; Dr. Malonc 945--1 Lo-ve a Mystery 3D00 -Centra] City 10 15 -To be announced 10JSO--Jack Bfrch and His Boy. 1 ; 1045--HoiJHiboat Hannah 11 00--Mary Martin 13 35--Vac and Sadf 11,10--Pepper Young's Family 11 45 T- br announced 1200 Hit ol the Day 1205-- Nen 1 Reporter 3215--SoMtJjernaires 1230-Nat Farm and Homr Hour 130--A1 Siel 1 45 -Georef Gnffin 200 -Belly and Bob 2 35 -ArnoM Grimm's Daughter 230--Valiant Lady 245-B*itv Crocker 300-U S. Navy Band 400--Club Matinee 4 45--"Midstream" 500~B»rry McKintey, Songs 5.15--To be »nnounced 530--To be announced 5.45--BucK Rogers 600--News Reporter «.15--R*dk Camerrn Club «JA-8ill ROffers. Sports C4-~L0ircH ThomM 7.f»-ttM Ittwp tad Ordi. 7M--Ttmt Chtm_ _ superior power. "Okay, big boy." she said. "I'. 1 ) twoon--and how." ·Sock Him--Ga|t Rim' "\\TELL, that's selllcd," said the » » Chiseler. "Now, Colclti. I want your undivided attcnlion. In aJ] probability, I will be close at hand when Dorothy brings this Harkness chap om of the house. If that i: the case, I will direct you ·s to how to proceed next" He peered at Colelh. "Aw you hstcn- JJDK? Good. Now if fm not there, Here arc your orders. In a moment I will show you a small disused smokehouse thai ! discovered while looking over the grounds. Probably it was on Ihe 3and and the owner has left it to give the old-fashioned touch. Well, Colctfi, if Fm around, you are lo carry Harkness lo this smokehouse, ^a2 rim and flay with him till I set there. Is thai clear?" Coletti counter! off on hi*- fin^er^. "I'm to sock him, take him to 3a trnokehousc, gag him an 1 stay wid him, huh?" he said, exhibiting a high order of "Ape, you're Dorothy South. The Chiseler passed a hand over his brow. "Have you discovered yet, Dorothy," ho asked, "who the owner of this establishment is?" "I have, me lord," said Miss South. "I pumped Harkness on the way down. It's a man named Adams, the big shot in some 843 company. This mformaiton afflicted th« Ape with a sudden brainwave. "Hey," he said, his eyes glistening, "whyn't we ditch dis Harkness lug an' snatch de old erl guy?'' "Because he's in Europe, you sap," explained Miss South. "Anything more, Chiseler?" "No," said the Chiseler, "I fancy that's all. I suggest that you go tc your post now, Coletti." They picked their way through the trees and the Chiseler acquainted the Ape with the locatior of the smokehouse. Then, guided by Miss South, they stole silently to a position beneath the smal! porch. "And listen, you," Miss South whispered to the Ape. "Don't gef stampeded if I don't show up with Harkness for a couple of hours Coletti This is a party, see? And I don't propose to leave it till I'm outside of a good supper and a pint or two of champagne. But when you heai As my silvery laugh ring out, you loob alive. And don't come charging oui of the shrubbery, either. This thing requires finesse, Coletti." "You should be getting back, Dorothy," urged the Chiseler. "Right you are, professor." She blew a kiss off her fingertips, gathered her skirt in her hand and went swiftly up the steps. "Now, Coletti," began the Chis- eJer, "I. . ." He stopped. A horrible clanging sound had impinged itself upon the night. Coletti leapt like a speared grampus. "It's de bulls. Let's scram." "Quiet!" The Chiseler's fingers dug into his arm. "I'll investigate this. You wait here." By the time the Chiseler had slipped, wraithlike, around the louse the din had ceased. Present- y he rejoined Coletti. "An ambulance has arrived," he said briefly. "Why, I don't know/. "Ambulance, hey?" said the Ape Mebbe somebuddy's sick." "I think not." the Chiseler said 'A man and a woman got out of it They seemed able-bodied and ver much alive. I rather fancy it's some ;ort of horseplay on the part o) hese gay young blades." "Huh?" said Coletti. "Horseplay? Dat reminds me. 1 put twc ucks on Sandy MacSnoot in de hoid race. You ain't seen de eve- nin' paper, have you?" "Coletti," said the Chiseler tes- ily, "I wish you'd keep your mind m your work. These constant ir- elevancies disturb my train of hpught." Aw." said the Ape complaln- y, "you're always thinkin'." "And isn't it a darn good thing or you," said the Chiseler, "that ani." Revelry By Night T HE sumptuous dining - room owned by Mr. Richard Craft- nbury Adams was a scene of rev- Iry by night. At the behest of Mr. onathan Harland Adams Mrs. )ipsang, housekeeper-in-chief a! jaltair Acres, had arranged a re- iast that would have made one o! ,ucullus' cosier little dinners look ke a quick snack ln,a dog-wagon, lunkeys came and went, bear* ng rich gifts. Champagne corks jpped gaily. The blue smoke of igareltes spiraled toward the cjling. In fine, a good and thor- ughly indigestible time was beinK arl bv sll--that is, all but one. That one was Mathorton. a trip- lc-chinncd importation from England, who held the office of butle? at Sallair Acres. Matherton was f huge mnn with iron-gray hair, * pontifical bearing and a paunch 9" bis. as the state of Rhode Island His general aspect was somewhat withering like Westminster Ab- bev in a fog. Mntherton could have tolcralef Im entire affair belter had it w been for the presence of tht Eas brothers at table and the advent of Sukiyaki who had been relocated Jo the kitchen. On sight Mallicrlon had considered the East brothers somelninR unseemly. And Sukiyaki, now getting outside of ^ light, but embracing, repast at the kitchen iab3e, simply had no place in 5ns scheme of 1hinfl$. Upon these matters he coijfidcnJiaJlv lo Monsieur_MarccJ Elicnrac GualSaumc du Guasncour* the chef. "A shock in 1 slate of Malhertcm said broodinsly. "With jn is a sight as would chill lh« Mow? Two h'.ipe 1 ; straight froir Ihe H'A'frican jungle an' joined together m Hie mosl un'oly fashion An' 'ere in our kitchen sils an Chinee gorpirT of 'imsrlf ibkr a bu77-ard of 1he plains. I dis- approvo mo«t "igblv. And Hie would 'arc a connnplicm." is 7c fun," quoth Marecl Elimnf Guaincourt, whsle ktth fpaikJing. He hn^ IhcLalin love of life and gaiMv. Fun?" saifil Mathrrlon porlen- sly. "'JdeoiK. ! call; it. 'Id^ous 'orriWr. Young Mi^Ur Ihnn musl 'ave g^nr orf "is 'cad." With this gloomy pronounrc- mcnt he rclirfd 1o his pantTy, offended. In Jhr du«sg-roo». Ihe 8.00--NBC Jamboree 850--Don't Forget *.00--Plantation Party »JO--Musw by Harry Horlk* Wives" Heidt and Orch. , 11.00--New* Reporter 11.11--Gtemt Milter tnd Orch. i lUt'-ltoMBy DamT and Orch. }12.«»--B«* Canaer and Orch. 1 00-- Sign-Off ',! Lunceford and Orch FISHING IS BAD LUCK ALBANY .$, -- Gaylor Folmsbc-; si.d his daughter, Jean 12. went fohing. Lightning slumped Tlwy went Ashing agam-the p:««. Oaytord, fly casting, nit his daughter. Two ftsh hoofc, were ia- KM-

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