The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 15, 1960 · Page 10
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 10

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, July 15, 1960
Page 10
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DrKn Dcmocrnt-Tlmcs 10 Friday, July 15, '60 Classified Advertising PER»,WJ!NT WAVE SPECIAL $10 · $5. il5.S6.50 $ 7 0 - $9 50. lo«3i!ul B«ov ( ShJS. 414 Arnold A»«. fh. EO 2.6734. SPENCER CORSETIER Imlividually designed foundations, brassieres, medical and orthopedic supports. MRS. I.OIS POWERS 823 Mo In SI. rtarwt ED 4-46C3 or ED 2-84/1 To The Music Of CARL HINEMAN His Orchestra Snlurdny Night July IGlh VFW CLUB 9 Til 1 members Guests Admission -- SI per person i)TvIrTciT7\SE Spcclnl No I few 10. Male Help Wanted .1EE1 MUSIC, popular Bloli»l Hi H. ACCOUNTANT. 21 noufl. tulory ccen. Coll ED 4-jill Peppffl Eirptoyrr.anr S«i%k*. MUSICAL lnt:i^m«nli flotn llg'u k »ib»l 'tnri. olio ln|irvm«n't noottui B!oV«V l FI lr« 375 Aioln Ph EO 2-1432 WANTED Mot Icr night girt cjllca work. Job lo lott 2 monlh} o' mort. Apply 10 E. A. Lolo*, 5f. Ct:\a Gin Co. 10. Slab Help Wanted COLORED MALE HELP WANTED Full ami part time jobs. Apply In Person. JIMMY'S KWIK CAR WASH lloh.vov S3 For 1. Female Help Wanted 3 WOMEN WANTED "or Greenville and surrounding towns. Exceptionally liigh earrings for full or part lime. Permanent year round income. No canvassing, no deliveries, no parties, no collecting. Unusual sales position. Car necessary. For interview call Lcland I270-J 8 to 10 a.m. and 5 lo 9 p.m. or write P. 0. Box 403, Leland, Miss. SALESMAN WANTED For Greenville nnd Washington County. Good salary. Life Insurance background. Seid age, marital status and educational bank- ground to W. H. DANIEL. Box 42 Tupelo, Miss. WANTEL BOYS 10 years of age or older to sell The Delta Democrat- Times in the down town area each evening a f t e r school. See Mr. Young, Circulation Dept. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. 3 MEN WANTED For local positions to sell and service our appliances. Call Employment Manager, ED 2-0928. WANTED Two men must be replaced who were earning $500.00 per month. REQUIREMENTS 1. Good Character 2. Good Health 3. Able to lake on average responsibility For details, write P. 0. Box SS2 Jackson, Mississippi. II. Female Help Wanted V/c.-red: Cice.'Ie.xed w!i::« ferral* n^.-iei 'y 3eK^« Tovljr Njri rg Hwr.e. CASHIC5. , 50. Coll 20. Articles For Sal» FOJ SALE. Utid bul txxtiii. Good Ic, Bunting or lllhlcg coblni end QlFxi Mtl. Dtlla Coad-tl. Morlh Broadway «xltfx]. ed Phoni ED 4-9753 · I960 /.Iclofo'o Uue» channel Sr«no Coniclei, V/al^ut Mortagcny. $30 to SIOO oil. FulFy linarKed, ro do»n poy- r-Fnr. BloVely Hi-Fi, 525 Mo'n St. Phone ED 2-1437. SEAT COVER SALE Arlhur Fulmer Discontinued patterns -- Values up to KO.OO. Now $19.95' GULP SUPER SERVICE Main ol Broadway. ED 4-9213 GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Specialty in used repossessed Merchandise. · Air conditioners · Refrigerators · Automatic Washing Machines · Lawn Moweis · Used Tires See: Ed Frazier Phone ED 2-1561 WE PAIR POINTER PUPS, Foi lo!o will fc.-m oul on pcMnenSJp. fh ED 8376. YOUR USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAILROAD SALVAGE FURNITURE CO. T39 Wash. Ph. ED 2-2718 3 ROOMS FURNITURE ALL NEW $299.95 19 PIECES Bryan Wilson OKAY, CC-KH...1CU Kin so Gcoc ro m eoy I'LL jo X, FfED WHICH fed* YfRYILL fMJ toil TO COUE on wane IVITW /UH... AKVT IT STEVE CANYON OH.CEAE, KXff! A'.R«.5TW Wy AU- LATINO4/ We ABE SOEW TO ANW.WCE THAT THE BE.\T-a? WOP.LD WAE AIECEAFT WN'CLE SAMtiM-C? tHI HAVE AND HAVE BEC.y HELP C 1MRCHISH itfez coi-oNn_,5E. | ;c2. : rA HALL 4EKT M 3ELOW Fcl TO'Ar SUB WAS HEK'MEEHCIE'.' IT WA5 ALL A T3KK.' SVZ WAS «E 1\HE.H I KETJR.NE?! STEVE-THEySEAWKIHS- N RCOrtV FOR AXJKt . RESEARCH SCIENTISTS/ i WAS TO-P I HAVE VWIIKG, TOIE -AS ICMG AG VCU'RE HSR-' THESAFETVOF IKE ENTIRE EARTH AMSHT BS IN TritZ BALANCE-- IF TIIS SPACE PIAC-UE. REV£«EER...ltiU STILL StCK A^E^1 UTEARTHIS tlACg AfART! YCXJ CAN'T KEEP SO YOU KE R1rTH, EH? YOU)? FATHER ML TO (MT YOU BACK. TRY THIS OH YOUR PIANO.' TORN AROUND WR8Y. HMM? A TAD COLOR JOB. THIS IS IMAGE MclMACE.THE TATTOOIST HE'SKERETO TATTOO A PINEAPPLE ON VOUR ANKLE. YES.SHEKiADE THE PHONE CALL, AND WE TURNED OM THE RADIO .: MAUA'S APARTMENT JUST TO MAKE IT (XND OCCUPIED. NOT OflLV DO I OWW THE VEW BOAT, I WIU 60 ViTTH YOU. \OL11-BE OtRfiUESTS, /^Wi'T TAKE KC WRE A BOAT EXPERT. -BurrrvwuLD V^^ 1 ^-^^ ^1 rE 1 *^ DAisVfME i;A\/PTnRpnW A V BETaEWTVO' "J HAS.'.'THARS A I7'D EF-RF.RD YOiDOC-V/iF VCRE TALENT. 1 :' PITCHEROHER, ,N MAH COAT- LOOK AT IT/.' PERFECT/SHEIS.'.' fr FIGGERS'/fi At llclei For Salo S3. " Service Directory OK SAIE. Alliial* Mofor pooler. P]i. B 2-6500. rOUSE FUtl c! FuinlW:.. l.l r.w xrlllrt. ED 2-15JO. 08 SAtE, I. V. Cobl. Coon, ond 5V, -P. VVIrard Outboard Moro*. Good ton. lion. Ph. EO 2.8704 oFHi 5,33 P.O. Articles Winled Add trMndiog moncv fo Tour budgft-. rji« MM Ovlla Oeir)«ua|.Tkn«l Warn (\d«~ rt»n« CD 5-II55. ·ANf TO 6W Clrll 26" *. £0 -97M. Uprio4 Piono, rrvit b« i Wr prkxl. f* CO 2-1713. Boats, MolWJ SuppUea 0« SALE. 14 fj. Polor-Croll ond Tiollcr. IJ5.00. F*. £0 J-C487. OX SALE. 12 Fl. AMnkwn Ion. Sloi thing Boor Troili;. 10 H.P. T957 Snirxl Alolot. $375.00. Coll Ir. Mormon 'gglni, EO 4.3614. OS SAIE, 14 ft. Burvakovf wilh 35 H.P. vlnrydt «lecrile irarlte Motor. a.Td Qirir. Cqjr| bl Mfn ol I15 G-oorrB. Farm Equipment O? SME. 60 H.P. AC on Bu1rTM P»»«r .:i. SSCO. 6 X 10 Folrbonki f.tnit ioo!!on Pvmp, ultd one witk. 300 ft. um^ngoi pip*, prictd rtotit. A. J. Jougloi. EO 2.1657. 0. Pets, Poultry Uvestock OR SALE, Beaglft Puppi, 6 we^lci o! 5.00 to*. Ph. ED 2.7393. OR SALE. Sf.SEW Tall Bull Pi.pi. ·d. ED 2-7H33. fGISIESED CHIHUAHUA Srud Se: i. EO 4-495-I. t SAtE. Sealcini SiaiMiv K'rEt.-.*, i!o o.nrf femc?e. RegiQr.ab'y piked. Fn. 2-6353. OK SAIE. Bird Dog Puept. 5s:h t cpd Cu.i Oogi Terr/ Wcl'ate lac Si. LoVevie* Ac^rs. U!c-xJ, /.v HoDseVwld Goods 51. UnTnrnMWl lAWtl MO'.VIMO SEtVICC, r.llob. 1 . «h: DOT. Til. ED 2.1645. . SEPIIC lANIr. ttotk took clffonUiQ taft CO J.I7M o» EO 4-46!4. IMvui. 2 D/R d^jlfi. carporl, Clnrrally tocattd. }50 me. 202 On»ga, phofw 2-M7I. · . Room vnfgrn. opl. $39 me-, ON ullUUn pd. Phona CD 2-6M6. 2 B;R IWum (Mpln. Alllc Ton. . Cobl.. Gorogt. Haid^o^d (loori, n«ar tchoo^t. t«0 mo. 33i Eureka. EO 4.621 er 2-817. havi on hand vshellltrtng laMct .. atium« a compel* liltcllon Irx vow. Th« Fargitl H'etrton Tn and otound Gm.v lll». A» w* malnlaln l.t largtlt uctiol- rtJV «hco v w» ori *quRptd to futn ovl ill IYC«» ol wrxV. F'«« Eilknalti. GREENVILLE AWNING UPHOLSTERING CO. Phorn E" 2-7083 lk»y. 82 !. UNFUKNISMCO APARTMENT. 1 800ml Bofh. Carper) Storog«. 140 pi* month. Ph. ED 2-6442 01 EP 2-72M. 337 KfNrUCITl', 5 B/R Unfuin Apl. (hllitv ioom, aaroov, ante fin, loroa Living ^oom ojvj largt Kllchin. tSS p«r monlh. Ph. ED X-v32l cr EO 5-U72. fO» RENI. WO UNFURNISHED API'S. 3 Soomi Both 130 Ofld $40 Mr monrh. 914 Main SI. Coll ED J.I 155 9.30 o.m 4i30 p.m. TO DIAL SPRINGTIME ANYTIME Dial ED 2-0513 KREMSER'S MAYNARD WILZIN Dial CD 4 4534 125 N ttndi 1717 Sfxw« 121 W. Yiigir 121 E. SlartMO 314 Wolk«; 359 Maori 551 Ab/oSara 2807 N. Broadway . 144 H. oroadwar For Rent 70. UNFTJRU KOUSf. 4 Roomi i. Burh Ha-d- wood llooii. S35. 13C? S. Wain. CO 2.5797. F02 SAtE BY OWNEfi. iwtli licfn« U 153 John 51 C o U E D i-isn, f FOR KfNT. UNFI«N Hovltl. t45 cry) $55. Apply 711 E. Ri«d Rood. Pti. EO 2-5746. 1707 CAVStY DRIVE, 3 B/R Unlurn K IVi balhi. 165 Mo. Ph. ED 2-0323. Iv norti, ci S70 mo. IT -37°8. NICE 2 0/S Unfmn Ho'.ts cr 316 Wai wood St. larg« olrie Fon, and will In- nd. $oS month. Hi. EO 2-7733. ~ SALE, Practically r»* 2 B/R Horn*. $200 down. $55.00 pu monlh. Ph. EO 2-8568 ofr«( 7 TO COUflf.~Smar| Fufnlihed houi. $5900 mo. Hlwor 1 North. Pt ED 2-7362. S-rooni fuinlihtd hov* fo( Call CO 4-355 S. nnl. 227 N FOR SALf. 3 B/R Dull 9/lck Horn*. 1 oalhf, oulomalic Dlthwoilxr. Good to* (allon. Ntaf Em Boyd Scriooli PTV i-rol| equlrv ortd move In. Fh. ED 2-B704. alur 1,33 p.n. 2 B/R UnFuirt Hw«. 2270 Al«xandff. $55 p« teonlli. Ph. EO 2-6253. 55. Colored Knnlab MAYNARD WILZIN Dial EO 4-4554 376 A'«*and«I . 510 Ro«K 333 Srcaughitfl J5000l7i« Pollock (55.00 511 Mragilll $45.00 941 SSiddi 144 N. doodwov $31.50 $30.00 $25.00 $13.00 $10.00 $10.00 MOVING Call ED 2-2685 DON EWBANK Moving Storage 71 J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Horviv -- Pl»* ED 2-BW3 UNFURNISHED API. Cwlfol No. 4 St. 1M Odanrfo 13« S. BrooaVoY . 1839 Mlth'oon __ IA3 N. Thecba!d . Greertvlllft API. -439 S. Hvrron 202 McA!ll:« 1432-8 S. Moln . 125.00 $30.00 J3500 $50.00 . $30.00 . 1-tB.OO 14500 . $55.00 Business Rentals STO«! SfACE K» LEASE, li' X 31' t 15' X 44' In dawnJawn Ihopolng en1er. Call tor tfnalli. Kotimon Rtalrort, 2-0559. ntaVi ED 4-3140 76. Houses For Sale FOS SAIE, 3 B/P. J3 8 ; M : E. -Ictni. Ph. EO 4-4B- Ilousea For Sole Oil SAIE OR HiNTi 3 B/R rVxr«, 7M allriva Drlv*. )400 down, IS9 ; 26 nxuim 1 ' FOR SALE -- 3 b*d'OO.-n, kllch«n.d:nlng rto llvlno (com. bolh with ihow«r, oo3 ne'chborhcod. Si Auqy)Hn» grail, 4 (rvHI and 2 p«con ]re«», ollMr tretii and buinei. A VI.-Y good buy al SIO.TOOj 1442 Bedford Drlv.. Call ED 4-475? ^(flj ' r l BEOSOOM SK OAH1 HO«t, mmrar«j d'nVvj room, 2 car oorag*. 2 porcrwt, elcii to aN Khooll arid 20, lecoMi'.M) Co,,:. 5icin Sihool. 110' X IBS' kt., 4 fcetulng OKOn rrlw and olher frull IIMI, $18700. Pliai* call fof opoolnlrrwl. Ko«mon Iniuroix. Co- Phoni ED 2-055B, ', ED 4-3140 ^^_^^ 3 B/R, H$ baths, den, Shamrock Addn. $14,250. F.H.A. M year lonn available. Coll MRS. NELL EUSTIS, w:ih R. H. LAKE AGENCY Ph. EO 4-0051 Rei. Ph. ED 4-4274 USED Bed $12.95 Spring $9.95 Mattress -$9.95 Bed Room Suite $49.95 Dining Room Suite $79.95 Else. Refrigerators NEW FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Easy Terms C.E. JORDAN CO. East End Branch Ph. ED 2-5981 Building Material] CASH AND CARRY BUILDING MATERIALS Sh*el Rotlc, lumber, Pa'nt. Rsolina, LI wl crk«. fie.-nodeling. cui!-in fcuil hoTt*i. Plan tervicf. ff«B ei'^r^:: nd Loll [of lale c.i Let. ft-y ' P A H K I N S O N LUMBER COMPANY ED t-4i1i cr ED -I-372T L U M B E R Cypress ................ $75. up Hardwood .............. $45. up Chatham. Miss. Ph. ED 2-8563 Timbers, Boat Lumber, Flooring, etc. Special Orders Cut E. G. NELSON Oalhcm. M:n. fh. FD 3-S56! Service Directory EXPERF BODY FENDER SERVICE S J BODY SHOP Airport Bd ""' fh. ED 2-52!v .·» rh fo ~/.;«o FLIGHT INSTRUCTIONS New Aircraft · Full Time Instructor Valley Flying Service AriDOrt Ph. EO 2-5560 ^^---- "jjD SHOP AT 713 Main St. Phone ED Z-SH9 41. business Opportunities WILL SELL OR TRADE JIMMY'S KWIK CAR WASH Highway 82 East Will finance for right person. For information, contact James Nunnery, ED 2-2561 or ED 5-1480 4-1. Insurnnco '"jar fROCK-BOnOMS S© RATES 1 "« UI ""V Call John Worthy nKLiucEC-tuuy P · E J jp __ I3? ' 50. Furnished Apartments (u-n. Fh. FD 2-7629 ci ED -l-9i51. 534 N. FOPIAR, Fu.-n Apt. 3 Rooms * Bolh. 53. .0 *«k, ph. ED 2-2967. S, oai pa'd. 510 weeV. ED '2-2967. 831 S. B^OADWAf. furr Ad- 3 JJowri 6. Bolh. $10 v,«V. Hi. FO 2-2^67. Fun. EffkVnrv cpL, ur;i:iiei paid. 21] 5, Horv'V, Fric-e ED 2-6383. i rccTv t to;H fun- cpf., Carpcit T.V. tern. P'r-cn- EO 2-7953. HtWlY OECORAIED FU.TI Dop!«, 4 Rocrrw Sarh. T.V. Cob'c. ED 7-835?. TV/O FU3N A P I S , 107 \V. 2nd Street In IXord. Fh. 355 of 600 lela.-vd. NICE FUCrJ.SHID APT. 239 So. B'oadwa.. Ph. ED 2-7762. FURNISHED APF. 3 Roorr.i Bc'h. fh. £0 2-8220. NEWLY DLCOSAHD 4 Roo- Fu-n Apt. T.V. Ccblt, Fcvals Em. fh. FD 2-5033. Ulilirlet paid Si5'K EO 2-2163. SMALL F\j»n Co'vg-j. tru : iici o="d. A'to lnr_«l F«_rn A pi. Got Water paid. 218 Arercr»d*r. Ph. ED 4«SGS. FUF.NISHED APT. L"gh:t end water f./.i Ph. ED 4-3«. fUKN API. 3 ROCTII A Ecih. T.V. Cobfe Ccwp a Only. 624 Alexander S'. AIS CONDillOr.'iD 3 Bocm Fum Act P.'ivs-a baih e-.:ran:e. Go-age. T.V CcbX 6-17 A-n,-,M Ph. ED 4 59X4. 7?2 VALIIA-NT SF. 2 Bed/com Fumiih*d Apnrt-T.e-.'. Fh. ED X-4791. For Rrnl in Lela-d: Fum. oDti. Ktw!y d?-ora;ed. Fh. 60 cr U-l. 1 NEWLY DrCO'AIED 3 Kocm fu-n ADI Waler cad Fh. EO 2-1360. - 1 Stt iw.fliihed ccjrin-ni 346 O.-bndo .60 r-o. Coll ED 2-5937. CLEAN 1 BIZ FL.TM Ant. Cavale orly 3J Or!cnde. Fh. EO 4-*47i or 2-2347. MAYNARD WILZIN ' D a EO 4-4354 144 N, Bfocdwcy . m N HitvHi JS*,OQ 1U V/illrrv Ni. 7 lAfl.Sfl - ??1 A. H. :oaJ*ay S55.CO AIR CONDITIONED FURNISH- 5 ED APARTMENTS. C A B L E 1 CONNECTIONS. PEST CONTROL s SERVICE, ALL U T I L I T I E S BY 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. FOR RENT ICE CREAM FREEZER AND FLOOR POLISFIERS. a J. L. McCLENDON U7 S. Horv«Y -- F*cn« ED 3-3193 fUBNISHED A?T. ??7 5 Hi'vti V*f ro 517 N. Pcp'a/ _ . 1*000 324 S. Broadway, 3 Apri. $25-$35-HO.OO 361 O.lond, .35.00 52. Rooms For Rent 275 N. FOFLAR, 1 Room upi'a'n Ap1. U liiiei paid. $7 w»L. ED 2-2072. NICE BEDROOMS Ml N. H-'ndi. Fh. ED 2-0464. BtOCOOAl In nilvo!» home. Air*. Maitu- ton, 516 Jchnion. Fh. CD 2-6132. BEDROOM TOR GENUEMAN, clo» lo LARGE rorr-fcrtab!* Room foi Ginllcaton. Adj. ba'S. 231 S. Waih. ED 2-6648. FRONT Bedroo-n, Adf. fcatK 514 S. Waih- Irtg'on. Ph. FD J-5703. 51 Liouses Far Rent NEWLY DECOBATEO 3 6 f R Vn'vm Hoots. Lo:g« torrar tot, shady town. 738 S. Theobald. Phone 1061 Ltlcnd. UNFUBN 5 Room Hovie, ee-a-nls lile bath. 10 2-6769. NEWLY DECORATED LW_;n H _ _ i _ . 4 Roc.-ni S. Bc'h. EWivocd flcc;i. AMic Fcri, lira* YQicJ. HO/ lEmry. t Sov'fi. Stlwcl 5ui Rl. Tony Landl, ED 2-«W6. ME\VLY OFCCRATFD 3 B/J* Hvri on John Street. 220 wliJng, a!iic fan, Vs -\efinn B irdt ^.ayia Mm»- Ph. ED 2-DSOO cr ED 2-8171. NEW BRICK 3 B/R UMurn Ktwi*. C«rcmk li 3 baih Caroort iioragt. Ccrxre:* driv.. $75 pir monlh. Day Ffi. ED 2-MSa, nigM CD 2-B401. 1932 SrxlXE 51. Freihly poinlpd 2 B^R Ur.Furn Hocie. 220 wiling. VVoihe; ten- re;r ; cn (erxed bark yo-d. Ph ED 2- Sd-t-l ci ofrer 5 p n. ED 2-3974. ^08 CABRIE STERN IANE -- 2 B/R un- furn h«.'«, Erfeol lorcilon, OOB blo;^ froo Carris Slern School. $i5 Dtf mcnfh. Cali ED ?-72-0. UMFLTPN 2 B/R Houn, aMIc !o.n, verelia-i blindl, Wath«f tonn. Corpctt, ircrc.e Rocm. Ftfic*cl yard 4 Video Cnb'*. S75 mcn'k ?73 Pa'icn Df. ED 2-8?37. OK RENT. 3 B/R Unfum Kouii. 2 balhi. o.-g* i^i«e.-»d Pciio. a"if cc-vjilioned. hodo tieei. rear »rhccl o-wJ parfe. Avoil- blo Ai,g's.iT I5ih. Fh. ED 2-6096 or FCt REWT, UNFURNISHED. 1 B/P Duties 004 Dyoi Oicl« -- 565 ? B/B _ncroiH 642 McAlllilir $75-- Coll i^doy for cpca:runenl, Kciimcn F*altcn, ED 2-0353. nlghu EO 4-31 -'-0. AZAR AZAR Ph. EO 2-f417 16O5 Hv.-f. B2 E. 427 E. Reed Rd.. 2 B/R oVp SW 00 505-B. N. Broodwa/. 1 B/» !«. - $42.50 350 Arai Dr . 2 B/R houii $65.00 105 Ollrer-arl La"e, 2 B/H t-^xj» JSO.OO 521 Flotlda 2 B/R EXole SfcS.CO 331 Aicf Dr. 2 B/R d^p. JAO.OO 315 IJ Thecboy. 2 B/B d-*. $25.00 G-ldlrxj Acrei 3 B/R, 2 Bat $150.00 552 N. Co'orod'3 3 B/R, 1 Vi Bath $85.00 Rhodes T. Wasson Agency 234 Wruhlrtglon Pho*ii ID 2-1538 MAYNARD WILZIN Dial ED 4-4554 1« N. B/ocdwey ftll OrfrHT *«-0 U36 Ccnal - -- S60.0 MAY'S RENTALS PRICES REDUCED 133 H. THEO 3 la;o,t Roomi fr RoiS 730 Y, WAS*! . A VE. Upnai rt 1 B / R fvin Apl All Ulilll* Inf. 350.00 1811 WAV 2 B R. Mod«.-n How Unfgm!iS«d $50.00 Fumlvh*d $75.00 1733 MAY large Modern 2 B.8. Dup1« tMfurm^td J5.00 Rjrniih.J 1 50. CO 712 CANNON. lar_o Ktxftrn 2 B.R. Upilaln Fvrn. Apl. $70.00 614 FAIRVIfcW, Exlro torgi Modern 6 Room Dwplf* $75.00 Mow!". Eervk*, Cob!« con r.B tti oni ond Pcit Ccr.l.'o! ttrvle* inc. Call Mn. May w M-». Bicdy, ED 2-6374, ED 2-5119. J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Katv.v -- Phcr« ED 3-8191 ·it i r ii~... 14^ 00 IU9 wVnda Df. AvoiiT/y? S«).« 70A S. Brccd*cy -- $55.00 354 Oilondo P 6/R) ^ $50.00 T211 ~le*:» [2 B/R] $50.00 FOR SALE OR RENT By Owner, Attractive 3 B/R 1 ·lomc. Walking Distance Em Boyd School ami Churches. Pay small equity and assume 4 J /^% Loan. Payments $76.20 monthly. 1164 So. Colorado, ED 2-2824. 252 BEAUCHAM? SI. 3 8 / R . IV, balhi. irlck front, (ar-lly Rocn. B*3r void en- oitd wIiS rrxfal feme. Small cqu'W. ba1 $33.00 PC.' mor.ili. 23 PAULIN'E S-T- 3 B/P bdck hcno. 5300 Qih. cii^ni F.H A kxvi. 413 MARILYN 03 ? B/3 bilcV bor-i o^plireli ti-deroroied OA.'Y 19.000 STW! F.H.A. down pavn-.ont. 545 SO. MAIN, 5 B/R. 3 bcihj, o!i ton. llrlonJno a/*d c*nlio' heoi O^rntr will Inorx* fof mxjlJ down ojymeni. Prked a el. 15 ASH3URN DR 3 B/B. 5 balhi crxJ d«n, brftV; tonirrvcllon All C'K. Ail onefiilon*d, builski iio% - * and ot an. SAM COUSLEY Fh. ED 2-57.3 FOR SALE Altractive brick veneer and as- wsto. 1 ; board home at 104 Pauline. . Bedrooms and 1 Rath. Built as a model home ainl financed at ow interest rate. Reasonable down payment and assume low .ayment of $GG.91 plus taxes and nsurance. Located on large lot n excellent neighborhood. Inside and outside like new. Shown by appointment only. Moyse Moyse Phone ED 2-8171 or ED 2-0300 3 BEDROOMS, DFN 1 Ct.-a-n'c bolhi, J-ard^o=d Hears, all* en, coTCff A »!orc8B. 12"6 1. Jcho Sr. 835 MAYER 2 B/R, de*, L/R. D/R. klrhen. I 1 ,', fcar»ii. ttft, lerxed beck yard. FHA t*iT".i. WOOO*A\VN 3 8/E. den, L/5, leooral* D/R, loigi klfchen, 2 full III* balhi, tenlrally h«!«cJ ond nlr tenditlor*d, fer.:ed yaid, cafpo/t ord itoragi. nurr^rowi /t«i. FKA l*.-r^l. IARCE MATURE TREES «vnp'ttery tunovrvj ihii horn* ci E. /Accra ST. 2 B/R. den, Lyit. i«para:« D/S. lar^e k tcfiwi. dlMi:«. balh v,i;h *ho*er over tub. imrial healing air ca.Ta'ilion'rg. (.hdien rqi-lpocd whS diihwaih«r, dis- sowl, vont-c-hooa", wcthe/ ond dnrei connKlloni. Fenced back vard, nexl To t cmeniory tchcoJ. Orly $12.000, FHA MIERS THOf^PSON REALTY CO. M1ERS PRATT Mutual [fit. K. Eil. Mcrlaag* Loom 5)7 H*-v. Ho. \ Scmh Drol ED 2-15-C6 Mwnb«i MIS High/ call EO 2-31 M T W O B I G V A L U E S FOR SALE 1350 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Area 3 B/R, L/R, Separate D/R Separate Utility, Fenced Bad. Yard, Excellent Location. 1284 JOHN Only $13,500 BRAND NEW! 3 B/R BRICK 837 Ashburn L/R, D/R, Family Room with Fireplace, Built-in Appliances Compartmented Baths, Aluminum Windows. $18,000 Conventional Slightly higher F.H.A. H. N. ALEXANDER SONS "Since 1893" ED 2-72« IN HC LO DOWN Vf 1 A GIAN r Shed*-! IM) roon horr.t Th a Colo.'lc bui ary VoHo*. In cob'ntll. tcrtl cibttlci floe* bcH balhi. L gloit dooi dc fe-ctJ oario. ihlt "beil bvy $ JUST CEN CON Ffdden 3 hTei t^-iu 1 a.-qi clcieii. -- wirh a fo n even a-vl 1 r) tear oi car 120 Cileila y# cc H ol $ e AFFOR But yew ca 3 B3, 1 V, ha ng Icrw erica. woodv, Ejilra cl carparr. A Jn'.'i fan. No q-^aliry nnd p rearl* cc/nple* S $377 To buy (hit h TerTah and c 13 Eaw ihcl bath, IJTOI h p'cit, Nulon» vl'nyl aits lie Icpi, Luf'-» r on. 3 WE I PRK PROUD \ EJ Kwy. 82 A. Houses For Sale 70. LOW, LOW /N PAYMENTS VA FHA \ LOANS : GIAN'T PECAN TREE bi!ck vaneer, th:«t ted- . lit Kid cofroltled horn* hoi If Li rjvtn, v«ilh cnokhlng _ nl*T-tocd, ond I'nfc In Con- '., n tf-» tlfch*n. Bode cncp'f f I'ng., i*'alli»p«« 1 ond vlny), ^ horrrtcrJomly UerxJ In to s dilrhen end fo-nth/ n-.'iijol be a: t»lrr3 10 Id. of CTI (cm'Iy n crvl la-nth/ ftxni ' eayry. On» and a f xn oui ot UaMic i wall ipaca. S':d.n_ ? $13,900. CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING alt -xx);ilcn*i keep* ', hcpp/r ond r-ealrhy; a bed--co.-n». end norv lull «:o.Ti'e t!f« boihi. nMt, avl mcr« cablns'i ouj »«« Hoionlnl bu':r- Lcr.a (QTiilv roam o-Jd o!an docf ficm thii . M Ih'i i.r.« . ft a HOT., fixtv laiiJv. t tha njfpfi $14,900. COULDN'T n now. A r»alry bia-_Hfu4 nh ham at o I.Tily omoe- And lixcltd \n tK_ frlrvvf' n«9Hbcrhood -- Shamrock, room li cvts 25 (c.l long, and coblneli ot noUhlng larg* ncrag« toon ci rear i-jlalfd with Flberglctt. Twerlicr can natth rH*', ol thii homi ol 11^5- $12,950. $377 PAYS ALL ail lh* caih you will Mid OOMS bu!lt of ^i flntil ma- roftwTQ.'uhla Total prlci ft rx ciher bullpen In Mlnlt- _'th. 3 larc« b*droor-.i, pan* rfcmlly loom, iMng rofi«« hobby-iroro.B room, corporl. -- fulfv [mulled wllh (ib»r. ·n vfindawi, £«fi1ral luali i lloo n, Kevnma r CC«n n r- etterki paiol. ArvJ wvcrn. Piles IrxIWit lot t,i con- ilircl In P«;cn Park M$10,000. · · · WE PUBLISH OUR PRICES. WE ARE ) OF THE VALU! WE OFFER E. Phone ED 5-116? Houses For Sale / S. -wl A:CM 12 I . S«.00 ol (unl.) '.. Gat i war.) S95^0o|l24 Irer (u-.f.) -- J"'^ J $27.50'?t9 Ccfoft Dr'.v* 3 B/R ~ S67.50 K)5 A'c=.i 1 3/^ i H : de o-Etd SiS.COl?!? S. Ccrifomio 3 B/* IV, boiS .... ISO A !?? Al^ondr"? B A /PJ ^ UloolB^Qh^.^J.W (F V rn.| a*. 7rf* - - $95.00 Article? For Sale 20. Articles For Sale SPECIAL Auto Paint Job, Dupont Enamel. Guaranteed. $39.50 TOM'S BODY SHOP 32J Wolrhall St. Vh- ED ·*- AIR CONDITIONER AMERICA'S FINEST Y E S We Install A U T O G L A S S {Curved Windshields In Stock) BURK HALL - TAYLOE Paint Glass Co. Hwy. 82 East (Next lo tear's) Phone ED 1-2629 R O S E L L A ' S Dial ED 2-8191 Brand Name Big 2 H.P. AIR CONDITIONER $269.95 (SUPPLY LIMITED) A MATTER OF CHOICE 3F You want to live in a value controlled area, near churches and schools . . . . IF IF IF You want two, three or four bedrooms for your growing family . . . . You want an attractive home, inside out . . . . A home that surrounds you with comfort .... Something of beauty convenience that all your friends will admire .... This is what you want . . . . Let us make a suggest-on .... CALI, ED 2-7217 IROD1 REALTY COMPANY

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