The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 22, 1963 · Page 31
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 31

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 31
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LEGAL NOTICES rubllshod in The AUR. 13. A-ion Constitution IN THE SUPERIOR COURT WITHIN AND FOR COMANCHE COUNTY. OKLAHOMA Acnes Williams Mulcock, PWnlLM. vj. ' No. 5.5G31 Mny Turpln Eubivnkj. el nl.. Dcfon- dnnts, JiOTICK or SAI.K 01' U K A L JSSTATE AN1 PKKSONAI, riHH'KllTY IN PARTITION ntOCKKDI.VOS Nctllcu Is hereby Riven. thm In pursuance of nn Order of Sale In Lhi: above cnMMcd, dixti-d ihc 33lh cin.v ol Aupusl, 1!W3. hy ihc Juclpe or jifilri Court. In /in action Tor par'-IMon of reul i-slnlt'. which sold Order of ^nle commanded me to sell m public nuctlon lo Ihe bidder, nt not less ihnn i\vo-lhhtis d-ards) of ih\; Rpprnlsed value, the followlnc described renl and pcr- ·orml property: Lol Nino |91 In Block Fltly-tour IMI, NORTH ADDITION lo ihe Cliy of Lawlon, Comnnche Counly, Oklnhomu. according LO the recorded Pint ihcn-oC. Appraised value _____ ...... S6.0UO.OO The household furniture. located In the fthovt described property-- Appraised Value ...... _ ............... ... 200.00; No",-. therefore, in pursuance of the commands of said Order ot Sale. [ will offer for sale and .sell for cash to LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES I OUT OUR WAY Published In The Law'.on ConsUVuLlon I AUR. 15, 22, 1963 IN IT-IE' COUNTY COURT WITHIN AND FOR COMANCHE COUTV. OKLAHOMA Ir. the MnLier or ihe Estaics of William H. Mahler, Deceased, and or.Luclla .F. Mohlcr. Deceased. NO. T903 'yTICK OF HEAKIN G FINAL ACCO Li-NT TKTIT1UN l''OIt . DKTK1OIINAT10N Of H K I K S , . J)lSTIMHt'TH)' ANJL) U l S C H A U n E police Is Riven Ihut Orphn n. AVdicr. AdrfllnlsLvmrlN o( the Entile erf William H. .Mohler. doRCPUiurl. find Exuculil.x. o,' ihc Esinlc of Luclln P. Molilcr. dOct'RS- rd, has filed ]i«\ Flnnl Account oC the administration or snlrt estates, and her Petition for dclermlnnilon of heirs, for dlfltrlbuilon and dlschnrce. The henrlnc thereon )ms been fixed for thi_- ]"ih tiny o( September. 1PS3 nt 10:00 n 1 clock A.M.. Jn the County Court Jloom of ihe County Court House nl Lawion, QltliOwmn. All persons Jntcrcslcd nrc notified ihti.n nnd there lo appear nnd show cnunc. U uny ihey have, why said nccoun: should . , ... .., the hlchcst bidder, the above described ' "· "· rrtil property and pmonnl properly, on i Atlorne.\ the Ifth (lay of September. \SK. a'. ! 30:00 o'clock a.m. of saltl day, nl the EII.SI Front Door of the Court 'House In the cm' of Lnwion. In .'aid Counlv. and Siaf, \Vllncss my hand Ihls ]3th d n v of AUKUSt. 1963. (.«! FOREST D. McCT.UNG Sheriff of Comnnche County. Stale o[ Oklahoma W. \v, GODI.OVE, Attorney nl Law, K: "C" Avenue. LMvion. Oklnhorrm Allorney for Plamiiff. not te sell led and allowed, the heirs de- lermlncd. ihe estates dlslrlbud-ri, and the Administratrix and Execuvvlx dls- chnrccd. Dated Ihis U:h ilny of. Aucusl. JPG.1, (Si INEZ MANNING. County Judfrc I (SEAL) ! W. PuMlshL'tl In the Lewlon ConslltuLlon AUB. 2-', 23..' ?5. 25, 27, M. 1353 . JIKSOMJTIO-N NO.. 2 STBEET IMPROVEMENT DJS'rruCT NO. .ns A RESOLUTION ADOPl'LNG PRELIMINARY PLANS, ESTIMATES Of COS1 1 AND ASSESSMENT PI-AT, DE- CLwVHING ITiE .NECESSITY FOR THE PAVING 'OF STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO, :1S. AND DECLARLNG ,LN EMERGENCY: SAME OSLNG THE UNPAVED POimONS OF THE FOL- DESCRIBED STREETS AND AVENUES: "B" Avenue, From the ccnlerMne of Jth Street lo the ccnti-rllne of llth S'.rcel. (72 feet u l d t and B" th!cla ALL IN THE CITY OF LAWTON, COMANCHE COUNTY. OKLAHOMA. BE IT RESOb\'ED BY THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF LAW-TON. COMANCHE COUNTY. OKLAHOMA. SccUon 1 -Thai the preliminary plan.s, showing a typical seelion or the contemplated 1m- provcmi-nt, the type or lypes or mn- Tublhhrd in July IS. ;j. NOTIC.K OF 3Y SEALED Published In The Ljiwlnn Constitution AUK. 13. 21'. 1963 \ O Y I O K OF !*KTTU-:.MV:T OK H N A l i ACCOUNT AND J I E A U 1 N O P K T I T I O N FOlt IMSTIMIU'TION: J D K T J i l l M l N . m O N OK H K I I t S AND m s n i A i i G K IN COl'NTV COUftT STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Counly of Ciimnnche. *o, .80S7 in the Manor ot the Ealnte of L. C. Pins Oci'nned. Notice Is hereby civu-n, thnt Levlun. M. Pilt.". Lhc duly nppfiir.ii'd ar.ri. q u n i l f l n l ExL'CU!ri\ n.' ihv i-MiUi? of L. C Plus llecfftfcd hns irnrteivrt nnd pre^eiU-il for net t i e men i. nr.rt flK-d I n suld Coun AND GAS LEASE j her 'ln«| Account nnd report o[ her ·K ' nilminUirnUnn n^ nuch Tixi'fuirlx OPfNED AT : ' hnl ^' nn ^n. v thi- 3lh riny nf A.P.. :w;i. hrlnir ft rlny of n Remilur Lawion Constitution sl 1. S. 15. D2. 1"S3 tLTliil. upproximnip ihlchnosi nnd pri-llmlnory csilmMc of Uiu ens; or such lnipro\'emenL and nn n.sscspmenl plriL yhowinp (he nn'n lo hu nxsesstirt for thi: p n v i n p of S'n:cL Improvement District Xo. HO. comprlMnj; Lh« slrccls and avenues us set nut In the title of this rcsoluLiiin ns prcpuri-O nnri sub- mll:ed by IIENDHlCK A I-IENDPJCK. ZNOINEERS. ft re hereby adopted nnd npprovtrd nrd ordered filed In ihr Office of iho City Clerk. Secilnn 2 -- ThwL H If neecs^nr - to pnvc '.he. Hi reel.* nnd n venues ns s^l oui; In the- DLlr of thl* rcsolullnn; tn do Lhu ncL-ossnry pi-ndlnR. lo cnnslruci m r n - hiilo.*. stnrm silver Inlois. drnlniiRe pipes, rurh nnd cuilrr, nnd sewers «-!ih I '.he necssxnry Lonnrc:lnnR vo ntlequnleli 1 I ilrnln .·'nld ImprovemcnL M Sect inn 3- ThnL U'.ls Fcsoluilon be pi!K!lshrd In Ihe Lnwion Cnn.^iliuilim. n dully nifws- p«per of Ri'nerftl plrcul.iilnn. 'in .^nlJ City for six is) Kon^ecullve Issues, Si.'cM'n 'I -- Thni If '.hr nwnprs of mnrr ihnn une- h n l r Ihe urea nf ih^ lots. p!ec- L -s, or pnri'i-ls nf crnund l l n h l e lo nj;sp.i.tmcni 1101 w i i h l n HHei-n 1331 d n v s nfu-r the l u s i public-rtlinn, flic w«Ui ihc Clly Gm'k Published' In Ihc Liiwlon ConstlluUon AUK. ^:. 1563 ·' . ortniNA.NCi: NO. jth AN O71D1NANCE Alii ENDING 5ECI10N 9,1S OF THE REVISED ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF LAWTO.V. OKLAHOMA. J95C, BV PER.V.IT1TNG THE DISCHAP.GE OF FIRE ARMS DURING FIRING PRACTICE AT' PISTOL OR RIFLE RANGES OPERATED U.VDEP. THE SUPERVISION AND CONTROL OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT OF SAID CITY OR ANY OF THE ARME3 FORCES OF . THE UNITED STATES AND AT LAWFULLY OPERATED AND CONSTRUCTED SHOOTING GALLERIES. AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY: BE IT OEDAINED BV THE MAYOR AjVD THE CO-JNCIL.MEN of the Clly or Lawion. Oklahoma: SECTION 1, From nnd afler Ihe effective dale hereof, I h e Revised Ordinances of tile Clly of LJtwion. Oklahoma. ]95fi, Section 9.13 sllall lie, and the same is herein* amended (o rend as follows: 3.1? DISCHARGING F:RE ARMS. Any person who shall In Hie Clly nf Fji\v- ;o:i. dlschnrge nr shoot off any cun or firearm or plnlnl. 1)C cullly of an offense. except, thai firearms m n y be lawfully rJl.sclHirccd clurlri? f l r l n c prar:- llce at pl.sio! or rifle ranRcs operated under the supcn'lslon nnct control nf the Police DcpiiKmenL of tiic Clly o[ Lawion. or nny or the Armed Services of Ihc U n l l e d States provided Mint adr- iiualc mfc-Ruurd! nnd snfety rcRUlallons are m.i!nl.ilned find nl Inu'fully opemted and ron.slrueled shoollnc RB!lerles. SECTION 2. In order lo prrserv,. the peace. hoaRh and saftny of the ln)\alil- lants of the Clly of Lnu'lon. Oklnhomn. an Emergency is hereby declared lo cxl«l wlicrchy the pro^'lslons of [his ordinance shall he In full force ano! I'Tfert from and after Us passage, apprnvnl and publlca- '.Inr. ns provided by law. PASSED AND 'THE EMERGENCY CLAUSE R U L E D I'rON SEPARATELY, l h l « 20th ilnv o.' Aucusl. ;n63. A P P R O V E D 1H. 20Lh (Iny of AticiMl. A , 1TF ._.. r ' J f s ) R. Sf. Published Ir. L -- (I day or GILLEY. Mayor City Clrrk jn Consll! l h l « Final Accoun! nnd ronl(".t ihe snmr ohject t i div.ribution i)f siild esinte IN TilSTl.MO.NY WIF.RfJOF. 1 have hon-untc set rr.y hand and affixed the ° '***· TM-rt l h l ^* day of Au; , . , T i , s |?. r ' ' ' ' 1 -"" l " n ' ^ County Consllmtion nnrt Lhe dnie of snie. ?urh bids must be rie'.lvci'cd rr rnnlled in the offie* of ihir Sccrriary lo Lhc Commissioners of Ihe Lund Otdt:--. Siait- CnpUo 1 ,. OXlFihomn Cty .". Oklnrinn-ift. nnd fill bids rccclv- I cd prior in t h e hour And rfair or «n .»oi forih nhove w i l l by publicly oprnvd « l thnt time «nd ien.«cs. \\-lll iherehfier -, N - h** nwnrdort i n [hr bidder of Ihc hich- ' "., rM rhj;h hnnut. if nctcplnblf. ' iM Rid*, mi.v tK. 1 m.illcd b REniJTTKR- KD MAIL to r e m n i n In th" Pcmloffic-e ' u n t i l I m m r c l H i e ' v prior 10 s«ir pnd sm-h RECTSTER-CO MAIL should be addre.M- tti ts ffillows: rommi.«ioni*r.i or the L n n d Office P.O. Ro.\ 3224 if or RccKtcrod M u l l only* OK-l^hnmft Clly ,-S. Oklnhomii IMPORTANT: Noiv on outside (ron[ f«cf of en\elopr "Rid* for Oil hnd Cm I.MSCV, Hoir* for PHixvi-y m ( D u t P of SA!O»." Only REC'Jn'EKKZ. 1 * M A i L should hp ftridre-iswl 10 r. 0. H«x 32C4. «nd HfK so milled "'ill he c l N l m r t l hy !njs OcpArimen: lunmt-dlnlely prior io ihp ti"iir of wile, TERMS OK SALE: Lr**?* win tw OH f^rn? ire:crlhpd hy iho Co. r nml.*'.lonor^. I -. ,,' ( , _ . . n n H xvii! hr for f i v e vonrv ^nfl *s Innj: ! ^" ^«^ of Ok,.ihom A lo Donsld Wanr IhcrcuriT H^ oil or cris mnv br pniduc- I Jo . np1s . n , nf1 w «^ r t i» L. ,]onr s: fd In p n y l n c quhntlllfs nnl will provide ! -yifl nrfcndhn^. rXnald WSMW- Jones far the usual Mh rctynliy. wl'.h « 5^ W JTM "^r 113 * L. Joni^v. will ink* noUrc per here s n n u n l m i n i m u m royMiy nnd 1 l s h l ( 1 ^ ' i l n i l f f . C . - n l l n v n i f l l .Vorlefl^' «n n n n u h l di-ifty r e n l n l nf si.(ID PC!' icrr i l r i v o | 0 /^ " corpnrj\i|on. did on (he i c i h Hld.i shall ho fnr n c«sh bonus Mr rflfh : I 1 / 1 '' -5)- ^ l! '- v - ^^ nk H « pfMilon In · Ihe PXlnn Conri PuWKhc-d In ihi July 21. AUC, i, P. 13, r 1 ,OJ IN THK DISTRKI C'OL'RT IX AND FOR CO.M.OfCHE COUNTY STATK OF O K L A H O M A : CONTINENTAL MORTGAGE INVES- i TORS, a corporation Plhln'J.'f. V s - No *»i^i3 , DONALD W A Y N E JONES «nd WANDA L .lono*.; ftnd ACMK FKNCE CO A : ^iihs:dlriry of IT-'PLE AAA FENCE CO «nrl TME SHERIDAN BANK OK LAW! j TON 1 , Comnnehe Counly, OXkhomn. Do- I f c n d n n t v =: BY rrm.K.'AnoN DOPTED" A N D A P P R O V R D 2l)[h day of Auemt. 1W.1. f s l WA1-NE R S L L E V . Mny,r -MTEST: 'si P.. M. DODFON. nty Hcrk Published In th'- Lj\ivton Conslllullon AUJ:. 22. 11. K. 2E. IT, 2S. ]?fll The ViO!inp«;o specify In prcrLic pi-onorlioiis in which coffee and milk mav be mi.xed. JANITOR SUPPLIES CHEMICALS SouHiwcst Chemical Co. 3U2 F Ave. Business Directory INSURANCE P.T ! "; lr«-*c. hu: no lld of Ic'-s i h u n Hnre \^'ill be considered. All the ft mount of 2.S per L-oni of onrh bid «s chrne«i mnne^ 1 . «'h!ch will bo prompt- J [?"' ly redifnct! te unsuccessful bidders. ?uc- · restful bidder u-j|] be Mllnwrd 3D dnys i r r from flute nf ^pceplhrce of blrt to pay j Hn(1 Vwlanrr- nf bonux. unlesv nri OMcnsion ot ', ^ K '\ i i m o he RTiintol, nnd yhnll l?e l l n b l p for : ' the f u l l nmoiint of the hid. provided Ihat j S( ? r fftllure to cnmpiy with Rny of the terms i " ft ^ hrrpor win be IT rounds for the cnnrellfi- lion of ihe n\vnrd nnd rctcmlon of ihe Louniy. nlrl Aid .Vir Conihnrho I nnswr:- snld pp;ltion heroin on or :Jiiri n r l H i n n will ho i H k o n n.s irnc, ,' i J i i d t m r n i rond-Trd In sftld ftriion I flKU^n*-'. v/iul d c f ^ m l ^ n ^ fp.r ihr \uni iif '· ^n.ViC.L'n d u o upon n certain n m m K - ' sory notr» f»veciii'"'! hv i hi WAynr .Tiinr-i h.iri Wnndu the (ish dky of A nri] '^l^, Iherron hi iho 1'Hio nf ,M t I N S U R A N C E ot carnrsl Tnoncv «. llquldMrrt I JTM urr - tr '"' 7n '' hp llil day ; ' 1 Shld rViyiftJij L. .r^nev nn DT Cf»nt p* 1 !' . . f»f Frhoinry dHmHcc-; fnr -.urh broach HI ihe "elerllon ' lW -' (l ' 1(I fnr " n ntlnmoy. fee nr ;n jvr of Lhc Commissioner*. The stnlc makr^ | Pr "t "· tn«* p r l n r l p a l «r.ri InlcrrM due nn M-hrrnntv n,' [!!| c and irHen-r-s the I ' hp r^n snd .'or cosis rtf Milt «rd for rlchi to reject «ny and all bids, Pyc-1 I h r r^rprinsurp of * rvrimi mnriRaRe . . . . yr. r u-jnc HK\ promtsfoi-y dnto JhrrowUh, upon :hV 1 properly l v inc «nri i Bniuls FOR SALE 1317 Oak. Ave. -- Nice 2-BR, lili? b a l l i , aiiaclied garaRO. S500' will handle Ihis. SO] Pnrk -- House, lour 3-rm. npls. Tolal 23 rooms. G baihs, cyclone fence. All furnished, 3- c,ir r^fasrp. SJ.OOO will handle IMS N. -lOih, iiic,; 3-RR brick home, b a L b f l ' j ) , double Ra- rase, b e a u t i f u l l y locaicxJ, close lo his shopping canter. Price, J] 5.000, A nice buy. 1901 Andrews. 3-BR, aUachod Karate. Priced J9,950.00. S500 will handle. L52-Acrcs land, well improved, I mile from Flelcl^c^. Okla., on Mnvny. 60-Acn?s oil royalty, 160-Acres school land w i t h ^-BR house, close to Mai-low, Okla, Price $17.000 - 33.000 cash. Ranches, motels, farms, call us. If U «mit lo «ll 'EM-list wild Us! "ROY B. HOOPER AGENCY" 2I02 (7.irc nivil. -- 101. S-.-1,110 R c n l l o r I»HII« l i i M i r i i n c e A' IJoiuN Snlc^nien: W, 11. P n l n i T . . . KLn-3,1,1o Mxrcus Jolin(in . , Kl.. T-100-1 rr^sful bidder must pay cofl of hdvortiv- Inc and w i l l ft«"umc 'uny rosponsihliiiy of Lhr Tedernl documpnlnrj' stnmp ; H I - ui^. Thr luc-cov-jful bidder shull f u r n K h .surety perfornr.hnre bond In nrrnrdNnef vlih *=chrduln cs!nhl|shof| hy ihc Com- Trkwlr-ncn;. t Schedule furnished on rr- flUMI.* IMPORTANT: ^cpnrAH- bid unri chrrk itiusl hr nriflr on e«rh ImcL Enclose Counl no:c of oven Mi^vin? d- ·jirnajrrt In inr of Comnnchr. SUie of OklAhom« 13 13 34 15 IR PID bld^ In one envelope. r. c COMANCHE COl'NT E-'J NW-4 W-2 N'W-4 E-r SW-J W.-J sw-4 FORMS 3h .IN' 16 nN IR SX rURMSHCD QUEKT. FOP. FLTITHER T1ON AT5DRESS: Kfl.L SHARP. SKCRKTAP.Y COMMISSIONERS OF THE LAND STATE CAPITOL . ..... OKLAHOMA CITY 5. OKLAHOMA ! SEAL (KEALl 1 IJIL Thlrlv-on* f.T t l, Riork S^vrn fT 1 Sl'LLtVA.VS VILLA CIE APnrTTON. P«rt U. ;o tho f i i v nr Uiw:on. Com- unnjif Coun'.y. Oklflhoni^. Hcmrdlnc io t h e recnrdea pin: ihrrrmr. Snlrt m n r L f f n c p helnc dulv -rcordrd In book Wfi M t mce .^W In Iho off;ro of I h o Coun:y Cli-rK nf Cnmnnrho County, Oklahoma nnd n d j u d r i n c iJifti npf^ult hnv hrr-n mwdo In ;hl«i mnnKnpp. thnl ' p i ' i l n l i r r hHv h rir^.1 h r n on said pre^ mKcs to ihf a m o u n t for wMrh JudR- · f ~ mmi win br :«V:en «·* nrore«nld «nd ^ C ; °"lerlnc ^^Ul -prrrnisps ;o b« sr,id with - -; ' or w l l h o u i nppr/ii^nmorl, «.t Uie p l u i n TL" lirr mfiy dr-;ermlne. «nd iho pro^rrd^ low IRn · Fi/ipllrri ift ;hc pivmont o; f i r * : . rnj,i,: 10W ]rif) p sowind. the ]uJcmrnl nT I h f pl«ln!lf,'; i 1ti\\' T-iO ' nnd t h i r d , I h n i i\i\y bnlanre remnlnlnc 10W Rft : np ymlti into ;nis wnm Pennine !ur!hcr if'W si) .' oj-rirr. Thni i^e rtefond;in:«-. Donuld ]f)VV 80 ! Wayne Jonr-s nnd W'undn L. Jorc-?: and 30U' KO , nil 7irrsnn. cluimlnc unrlr," I h r m he ON RE- | hftrrcd nnd rnjolned from h n \ p l n ^ or INFORMA- | njisprJnc any rlchi. i l l l c . Inlercst, Men or rich; of rcdemrnlon In or acMTi.^l ihf rc^l cslnic Mfnrrnld and fnr such otbrr nnd funhor relic.' as mnv br pro- por find f Q u l i n h l f if. :V jfcmisr^, Dnlcd Ihls IfiLh day nt July. ^inv3. OLLIE FTTT:. Coun cicrx SEE THE FIXESX SELECTION OF USED CARS GUARANTEED - RECONDITIONED: '61 Plymouth S»voy Vg 4-Door--Kitdio, Heuler, PoM'crflile;. One owner. Low Mlleajre. Nice. 'SI Volkswagen Sun Iloor 2-Dofir--Radio, Heater, One 0\TMcr. LOCH! cur, RcHlly l l k p new. '£1 Fnrd Fnlcnn 4-Door--Heater. One Owner. A real sharp euonomicHl car. See ]t. 'S9 Kamlilfcr Deluxe 4-Door--Heater. Economy at a Bargain I'ricetl to Sfill .NOW. '57 Chevrolet 6 Cvl 2-Door--Heater. Standard Trans. So clean 11 look* like new. Drive It. '57 Ford Ciistam MO G Cyl. 2-Poor--Undid, Heater, NCH' Tires, See 1L Vou -vvill like it." AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS -- AIJ. MAKES EXPERIENCED MECHANICS ADOLPH FIETZ MOTOR CO. Infl nnd Gore . Dial ELS-179J Television Log Channel 3_Wichita Falls Channel 4 Okla. Ciry Channel 6. Wichita Fallj Channel 7 LawFon Channel 9 Okla. Ciry C--Color Programs THCKSn.VV K V K X I N G I T:^ 3--Frrd Brooici 4'7--Np 1 "'!! «nd WoAihcr S--llucklebcrr- Hound S:ii -Hunt]e: i -Brlnkloy S-l--WHO Connlr?' --Prrsldcnl's Trip 7--O7Jlc f i n d Hnrrfet 9--The I^obcl fi-3--Prrry Mnson 7--Donna" Re«] 7:30 S-4---Dr. Kild^rt? 7--LORVC 11 To Bcivrr S:iMl 6--Movie OT Work 7--My Three Sons ?--T\dllchi Zone .4^1.1 vpl.v Onp.-C · McliAlc's Nfl\*' S:00 .T--Summer Spoclal 4--Sophia Loren 7--Alcon rremicre ..\'upr -4--Tonlcb: Sb -Tclp-Bl.ipo .n-iicve Allen U M K I -Movie 4--ZJvwlock Auc'Jon fi:45 -farm Newi. Wea'Jicr --Mornln; Devotion -TerjipectK'c -News and WL-a'Jier ·i--To day C--Life of Hilcy -Ksnoon Kapers -Casper- Friend* -Mews and Weather f*^M!*.i Fr«n ft--CApL KflJlCATOO 9--OPI KRnearoo 4--Tortay In Okin. ,i-j_Sfty \S1irr-C fi-,"--Calendar 7--Mnvi« ,1-1--Play Your Hunch-C fi-?--I Lov c Luci 1 ]«:IKI .1-l-Prlce Is Rlcht-C 6-l--The .\rcCoys ni:3n a-i--ConccnlrnV.on ri-n--Pete and Gl.sdyt 7--Seven Key 11 :(HI 3-1--Firs: ImpresvIon-C . G-S--Love of Life 7--Ernie Ford 11:311 .1-1--Truth Or Consequenc 6-9--Search For Tomorn 7--Fitlhcr Kno\« Best 11:11 6-f-- Guiding Llffhl 11:3.1 3-!--NBC Ncvvj i:.-l«l 3--fi-»--News 7--GeneraJ Hospluil IJ.-iS J--«»lhrr-C ?--Farm Ncivi ]:::o 3--Garden Tlpi ^-- Weather 4--The Tp Shcnv !:::in 3--S^rcnadera As \Vorlrt Turns 7--Ann Solhcrn ]:nu 3-s--People Will Tnlk-C f--PHssword '--Day In Court P--Gnylon Slacy -J -- .The Dorlor., -l^-- House Pany ' J-*-- IjireU* Youns i-0-To Tell Truth 7-- Quren (or a Day .·^-^-- You Don't Say-C li-D-- Edce or Nlshl 7-- n-ho Do You Tru.«17 .1 1 -- Malcfl Can-.e n-?-- The Secret Jlurm 7-- American Bnjidstand -- M.ike Room For Dn I i"-?-- Millionaire 7-- Discovery 'S3 4: (141 .1-- Our -Vis., Brookj ·I-- Superman 6 -- Su^arfoo'. 7-- Movie !-- Three SIOOIPI 4::m 3-- Mr. Maco.1 4-- Foreman Scotty Show ? -- Enrly Show 3:IHl 3 -- RocKle and Friends ^ -- Deputy DH\VR 6-- Hlchwny Paiiol 7-- MlcXey Mouse Club I:1S 3-- At,DOtt Kid COJlCllD 5:311 '·--Tom Thumbnail Thca'.i (^NCTI 1:40 .1-1-- Hunllcy-BrinklL'y 6 -- News 7-- News j-- Four Star rieuori /S J 8-22 i l^oue'rrr WE 5'rOOK 1 HIM 'rKXJRS AGO.. NOPE, HE'S STlU. ' ' C THERE. a« ^ YOU SMOULD 1 HAVE SEEN THE ONE THAT POP GOT AWAY THE LAY/TON CONSTITUTION, Thursday, August 22, 1963 OUR BOARDING HOUSE Iff HEY, IN THERE.' \Ht 1 .THE IDEA OF LOCtOM' THE V DOOR? WEVE BEEM ALL AFTERWOOkJ AlJD IT'S HOT OUT HERE/ OPEM DP--WE WAWTTD O3ME IW/WJ'.COOLDFFAN 1 £3ET .SOMETHIMS TO HEV, OUT THERE.' TVE SEEJ CLEAkl- IW6 L'PTHE KITCHEM ALL AFTSR- rJOOW AUC ITS MCTT SDIWOTD SE' COME. AU O.SI5 FOR A CO'JPLE 3REASE AAOMK£Y5.' STOP THAT PDUWDIU6 A.-JP tLL HAK-'P ^ HEROES ABE AWPS-.sJOT BOgM . :,..uu.i-T.K. ^..·-' OlVEAH.TSAVJHIMl " l f -SOfM'lMA J E MIDSUMMER CKMSBAGE CHAMPIONSHIP-'-- LJM-HAk.' IF 3AKE SHOULD BE 1.00k:- A SPECIAL. W^OT^f/P*^ iTMTM* 5 ^7^Co£ F WTM¥ CL?MA , ^HARBoVCS 7 ^ ( A J2?H^ 1SflS *- TueeoAT/X^%,, v ACHE - ,^^ .^K/JMW^/Sr.^ g£^ jfr ESCAPING JAKE'S VJRATW=_,.. l . J / DID VOU HEAE THAT MAUDES \ HLVS6AND GOT , Of * i(J-J IN "\ UV3T NIGHT? ?i x -- __ AND You OFF WITH A CIEOJS fcNDW WHAT'S sows 10 ca+ ours en CQ . Sjqo ...AM -V CRYSTAL BALL SAVS VE?. COMIM'INTA SOME UNEXPECTED DOUGK! THAT'LL. E A ·VOU'D 3=7TERB=RiSH7 A3OU7 7H= MOMEY, O5 I'LL 3= 3AC. A I70U7AY5RHIDH! AH MOVE SAC TD Trl COUMTW. THEM WE'LL ET BAILey CAN SPENO VACATIONS V/ITH YOU! VCW'LL...3tjr S 'I'LL GO (. NOW. \VELL,THEKE GOES OOP OFr TO A CAREEH OM THE RADIO WAVES OP ...K1WG WILLIE AMP HIS WONPERFUL WOOPEM WHISTL£! ITELLYDU,/ THIWK POC, HE'S GOIMGTO BE A SEM3AT10M.' V/ELL, LET /TE TELL YOU SOMETHIWS, MISTER GEORGE OSCAR BOOM_ / ...SETTING TO BE A SENSATION O^J THE A1KWAVES IS A PRETTY TOUSH , PROPOSITION. IVi b, Bit ui. TiJL k^. U.L r. _.1F NOBODY CAN HEAR YOUR STUFF.' .' O VOU P U L L E P S OMTO THE HI6H- WAV, RIGHT Ikl WY PATH. WITHOUT ' LOOKING I 010 LOOK,,.JUST WIN1TTES 8EFOKE IF VOU HAC COME 5V THEUi TH15 b- WO'JLPM'T HAVE HAPP5NSP1 _ S ^a^^I_- WELL, IAAAY Sc PARTLY TO BLAME. *AY MIND WAS OH LAW WHO WOW RE6R£T5 HE WEtOT TO SEA HE5 AFRAID ~Y aMM.,.5ET7ijf..U7 KE?OST T:E CAOTAW I TURN OFF WV ON THE CVCLOP5 15 A CUTTHROAT V RADIO,,, VFKCM THE CA?5» WH.O WAV-- y ^trr\fe- T '' w ltJU5 4 HOUK5, QJ ALLfTSCC' ME IS A LITTLE TIME To TRAIN HIM To COME BACKTO- ^ ' *^ ERE GOES HALF OF fv\r Q LOVES/

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