The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 17, 1957 · Page 16
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 16

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 17, 1957
Page 16
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U LU CO LU X ·z. o A guest on the farm owned by Moira Davidson's parents, Comdr. Dwight Towers chatted with his host Inevitably, the conversation veered to the radioactivity (hot had doomed the world. "They're saying it's going to get here in September," mused Mr, Davidson. BO «O «4O 10 Agreeing, Dwight speculated, "If it goes on the way it's going row. Cape Town will go out a little before Sydney, obout the same time as Montevideo. Thcre'l! be nothing left then in Africa and South America. Melbourne is the most southerly major city in the world, so we'll be near to the last." }{~|E -1 6 THE INTER LAKE, Sunday, November 17, 1957 "Will you evocu- ote?" he asked. "Go s o m e w h e r e else when if gets nea.r?" Davidson answered: "When it comes, I'll hare ', if here, on t h i s v e r a n d a , in fhis chair, with a drink in my hand. I'll not this piece!" Dlalributed by NEA SorVjco, Incls Non-Farm Employment Hits 172,000 in Sfafe HELENA (UP)--Non-farm employment in Montana during October has been estimated at 172,000 wage earner;,. 3,200" below the number of wage earners in Sep- ber. the Unemployment Compensation Commission said. "This is a usual trend," Commission Chairman Chaciwick H. Smith announced, "though accentuated ibis year by the current shrinkage in manpower required in metal mining, lumbering and frans'portalion." ·j He said that a year ago the September to October employment decrease was 3,300. The average decline for the period in eight years is 2,500. Increasing labor surplus in the 'state reached 8,041 job applicants at the employment.division. Smith said the jobseekers included new entrants into the labor ·'market, both of maturing youths and those arriving from other states. "The greatest seasonal dip this ! year," Smith said, "occurred in retail and -wholesale trade. Part oE the decline is traceable to the normal slack-up in tourist traffic and part to readjustments in areas affected by retrenchments In primary mining and lumbering payrolls. Compared to employment a year ago, Smith said that four major industrial groups showed an aggregate increase of 1,800 this October: construction, service industries, finance and insurance and government. Msrrie Olds England Answer to Previous Puizle . ACROSS I England's · capital 7 It is part of I the Kingdom i3 Song bird 14 Withdraw J5 Ebb i"6 Embellishes 17 Popular ' British drink 58 Split pea 20 Eyes (Scot.) 21 Withstands 25 Cleveland : Indian 28 Vaporous .32 Nautical term ;33 Got up |34 At no time ··35 Australian i cattle dog J-36 Girl's name ; 37 Compound i ether ;38 Violent storm 42 Before 45 Assist 4 6 Pollack 49 Missive 52 It has a world-nun t 55 Legislative body 56 Mental state 57 Puffs up 58 Idolizes DOWN 1 Feminine appellation 2 Soviet city 3 Fastidious Mi2 N 11 Sea eagle 12 Layer of stones (Scot.) 19 Three-toed sloth 21 Dispatched anew 22 Dinner course ·4 Female rabbit 23 English river 5 Aged 6 Requires 7 Russian mountains 8 Masculine nickname 9 Oriental name 10 Weary horses 40 Jumbled type 41 Dropsy 42 Otherwise 43 Stagger 44 Volcano in Sicily 4G Falsifier 47 Shield 24 Most infallible bearing 25 Hindu queen 48 Honey makers 26 Above 27 Rescue 29 Hunting kill 30 Small island 31 Forest creature 39 Female 50 Make laca edging 51 Summer (Fr.) 53 Scottish musical congress 54 Golf teacher W 27 HF 55 ¥5. ^^ It. J 10 11 Week chief is Diane Derby, SKG- 5304. MONDAY Day chief, Gladys Burnell, SK6- 3740. 12-2 a. m., Mr. and Mrs. bitt'sailey Francis Paulson; '2-4 a. m., Dick' Mauzey; 4-6 a. m., Robert Wyman; Biebe; 10-12 a. m., Gladys Bura. m., Dorothy McRae and Evelyn wick; 4-6 p. m., Eloise Sheppard and Estlier Sexton, 6-8 p. rn., Pearl Dye and Anna Paschke; 8-10 p. m., Coster of Bigfork Wins Promotion The promotion of B. A. (Barney) Coster, assistant ranger at Bigfork. 1p the forest supervisor's office in Great Falls was announced Friday by F J. Neitzling, Flat-: head National Forest supervisor. ' I Coster will perform timber man-! -- ti »» ·"*"« t-Kujiu. j. tiu)\*J»i*C r O-J.U \J JI1 . Georgia Metre and Edna Perkins; .S^ XS?***TM!' °"J he 10-12 p. m., Roy Kasper and Ncs- nell; 12-2 p. m., 2-4 p. m., and 4-6 p. m., volunteers needed; 6-8 p. m., Reuben Nord- torn; 8-10 p. m., Eugene Matizey; 10-12 p. m., Stella Bradley and Blanche Garret. FRIDAY Day chief, Elizabeth Arndt, SK6- G-8 Riebe; 10-12 a. m., Gladys Bur- 4I65; 12 ' 2 a m '' Paul Johns °n: 2-4 Isabella Murphy; *' m .' a " d * 6 . *· m- volunteers; ,, ~ ,._i.._ k .needed; 6-8 a. m., Byron and Ma-i bel O'Neil; 8-10 a. m., Mayme' Stevens; 10-12 a. m., Irene Moe and Wilma Marken; 12-2 p. m., Clarice Mockbee and Virginia Top-' penburg; 2-4 p. in., Enid .Wein- Clark National Forest. He is a graduate of the School of Forestry of Montana State University and has worked about 10 seasons In the Flathead with the exception of two years service with ! the Army in Korea. TUESDAY gartn-r and Marie Ci:rry; 4-6 p. m., 31 a. m., volunteers needed; 6-8 a. m., Fred Metcalf; 8-10 a. m., Hazel Spurzem; 10-12 a. m.. Dale Edwards; 12-2 p. m., Ruby Stubbs; 2-4 p. m., Beatrice McDonell; 4-6 _ p. m., volunteers needed; 6-8 p. m.,i August and Marjorie Giermann; 10- P- m., Nina Foot and Gsorgia 12 Metre. Day SATURDAY chief, Mary Cassedy, Miss Barnard Goes To Convention Miss Lulu Barnad, Flathead County superintendent of schools, she attended the 32nd annual convention of the Montana School Boards Association Friday and Harold Stanton. WEDNESDAY Day chief, Barbara Weaver, SK6- 9985; 12-2 a. m., 2-4 a. m., 4-6 a. m., Percy McClarty; 8-10 p. m., Pete 4503 ' ancj Marjorie iGiermann, SKG Spurzem; 10-12 p. m., Mr. and Mrs. I 4798 ' lz ~ 2 a - rn -. David Klehn; 2-4 a. m., Harold Goodwin; 4-6 a. m., Betty Banning and 'Pat Clark; 6-8 a. m., Mary Cassedy and Rose Murray; 8-10. a. m., Mrs. Marion Greer; 10-12 a. m., Gladys Shoop and Vera Getz ! 12 " 2 P- m -. Charlotte 6-8 a. m., 8-10 a. needed; 10-12 a. m.. volunteers Saturday Miss Barnard is attending the convention as a delegate of the SKS-' Flathead County High School board. Miss Harriet Miller, state superintendent o£ public instruction, addrtssed delegates at a ANY DINING ROOM SET FROM KELLY'S LARGE SELECTION It The Daily inter Laka Presents RADIO for TODAY KGiZ - MBS, 600 ke Sunday Morning 7:55 Sign On 8:00 Radio Bible Class B:30 Revival Time 8:00 Christian Brotherhood 9:30 Bethlehem Lutheran 10:00 Voice of Prophecy 30:30 Bon Ton News 30:43 Navy Show 11:00 Presbyterian Church Sunday Noon lt!:00 Game o£ Oie Day 12::JO Baseball 1:00 Baseball 1:30 Baseball I?:00 Baseball . Camel Scoreboard EZ Listening 2:30 Special Wire 2:35 KZ Listening 3:0(J Special Wire .'i:OSEZ Listening ii:30 Special Wire 3:35 The Third Han 4:00 Special Wire 4:05 Scarlet Piperne] 4:30 Special Wire 4:35 Theatre Royal 4:3o Horatio Horablower S:00 You Are There 5:15 EZ Listening 5:30 Lutheran Hour Sunday Evening 8:00 Revival Hour 7:00 Heartbeat Theatre 7:30 Special Wire Bounciup 7:45 EZ Listening 8:00 Montana News 3:05 E2 Listening 8:30 Special Wire 8:35 Magazine Review 8:45 EZ Listening 9:00 Special Wire fl:OSEZ Listening 8:30 EZ Listening J):45 Square Dance Time 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 EZ Listening 10:30 EZ Listening 11:00 Special Wire 11:ODEZ Listen inj; 11:55 Special Wire 12:00 Sign Off Monday Morning 5:30 Break the Day 13Z G:00 Special Wire 6:05 EZ Listening 0:23 Farm Shorts 6:30 Special Wire 6:35 EZ Listening 6:45 Wake Up to Western 7:00 Special Wire 7:05 EZ Listening 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Montana News 7.MOEZ Listening 3:00 Frank Hemingwav 8:15 Art Baker 8:30 Mutual News 8:35 Montana News 8:40 EZ Listening 9:00 Special Wire 9:05 EZ Listening 9:15 Hymn Time 3:30 Special Wire 9:35 Queen For a Day 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 Women's News 10:10EZ Listening 10:15 Dr. Paul ' 10.30 Special Wire 10:35EZ Listening 10:45 friendly Philosopher. . 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 Whitefish Tame 11:30 Special Wire 11:35 Whitefish Time 11:45 EZ Listening Monday Noon 12:00 Special Wire 12:05EZ Listening 12:15 Texaco News 12.-30 Special Wire 12:35 Weather News 12:40 EZ Listening 1:00 Community News 1:15 EZ Listening 1:30 Special Wire 1:35 EZ Listening 2:00 Special Wire 2:05 EZ Listening 2:30 Special Wire 2:35 EZ Listening 3:00 Special Wire 3:05 EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 3:35 EZ Listening 4:00 Special Wire 4:05 Penny Arcade 4:15 Frank Hemingway 4:30 Special Wire 4:3oEZ Listening 5:00 Special Wire Henricksen Names Dystrophy Drive Chairmen for County C. L. Hendrickson, Flathead has not yet been announced. Ray- County Muscular Dystrophy funds mond Shroder i s county drive drive chairman, has announced treasurer. "" ., vuiumeers - -. . .. Nina Peter- : Svvortze a3nd DeRene Gutzman; 2- son; 12-2 p, m.,' Agnes Stefanatz; ' 4 p - rn " Ed ith Larsen and Genevieve Campbell; 4-6 p. m., Noel Coleman; 6-8 p. m., Grace Taulds 2-4 p. m., Delores. Clothier; 4-6 p. m., Fern Martin; 6-8 p. m., Irene James and Mae Christopher; 8-10 and George Siderius; Mr. and Mrs. George p. m., EUa 10-12 p. m., Bliss. THURSDAY Day chief, Helen O'Fallou, SK6- 3204; 12-2 a. m,, volunteers needed; 2-4 a. m., Ed Wilke and Dr. Peter Pisk; 4-6 a. m., volunteers needed; 6-8 a. rn., Rita Strpud; 8-10 a. m., Ethel Sager and Mabelle Peterson; 10-12 a. m., Glaneva and Ed Proefrock; 12-2 p. m., Helen O'FaUon and Elma Burkhart; 2-4 p. m., Mayrne Wilson and Mollie Sedg- and Ella Moore; 0-10 p. Hansen; 10-12 p. m. needed. m., Grace volunteers SUNDAY Day chief, Dewey Stuart, SK6- 6804; 12-2 a. m., Ray Stewart; 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, and a. m., Dewey luncheon- meeting Friday. Stuart; 10-12 a. m., Charles Powell; 12-2 p. m., Eddy Martin; 2-4 p. m., Laure Wells; 4-6 p. m., volunteers needed; 6-8 p. m., Vi and Pat Malone; 8-10 p. m., Robert Harvey and Ray Burnside; 10-12 p. m., Dewey Stuart. " Heywood WakefieJd in Solid Birch 2 New Groups from Bassett in Walnut or Pumice RUMMAGE SALE Wed., Nov. 20 - 1 to 5 p.m. Sponsored by Firs* MoJh»i» Club A iewing . machine and qullltaq iramei will ba tor «ale besfdei clolhlng and many other ilemi. Treasurer Cites Deadline on Taxes Mrs. Freda Shanahan, Flathead County treasurer, warned Flathead County taxpayers today that they have only nine more days in which to pay their first half 1957 real estate taxes. After the Nov. 30 deadline a penalty and interest will be ta'cked to the delinquent tax bills. "There are a lot of taxes collected between now and the deadline," she said. "Taxpayers should keep in mind, that time to pay is cut by the Thanksgiving holiday." "A- Drexel Mahogany * Richardson in Lime Oak Plastic ^ Thomasville in Maple or Pecan ^°P * Cushman Maple * Saginaw PulI-Out Top NEW 8-PIECE WALNUT GROUP - DINING TABLE, SIX CHAIRS, GLASS TOP CHINA $*% ^ A95 ONLY . . . . . . . . . . . . 319 PAY LESS 4-H Meeting CAVALIER FUUY AUTOMATIC WASHER BIGFORK (ILNS) -- A reorgani- zational meeting for 4 : H groups is planned for Wednesday after school n the home economics building. All boys and girls 10 years old and older are eligible to join. Mrs. E. O. Anderson and Jack Gardner will be advisers again -this year. · committee officers for the drive. Spearheaded by.the fire departments in Kalispell, Columbia Falls and Whitefish, the drive also has the assistance of Rainbow Girls in the three towns and De.Molay boys, in Kalispell. · Steering committee for Kalispell Fire Department is composed of Charles Tillson,. chairman; Archie Kirkland and Gene Thompson. , Kalispell Rainbow. Girls . chairman is Desiree pqllette and De- Molay co-chairmen are Mike Lavin and Ron Counsel!.The Columbia .Falls Volunteer Fire Department .steering committee is made up of Howard Greene, Don Lundstrom'arid Don'Duvail. Th« Rainbow chairman is Karen Koppang. Don Elder is chairman for the TVhitefish ^Volunteer Fire Department and the' Rainbow chairman The drive has ; been set for the Wiuiay W ui ue ; week of Thanksgiving and. the ex- i Hendrickson said. act: date for door-to-dobr canvassing by the Rainbow and De- Molay will be announced later, CHRISTMAS TREES \ Pb«m« Vt 7-2111" OLE LEE, JR. \ Somers * S E R V I C E Our service covers the .entire Flathead- Valley. Our Funeral Home Was .the first established in the Flathead Valley.: A ; tele- phone-fcaH^day^or- night will.; bring' prompt response. Our prices -- your selection i governs ^he! price. V ;C : . JOHNSON FUNERAL Chm.d wrf Oiwniwl BxchMt**!r'kr Pwrt W. iotuotm 343 First Ave. West Dial SK6-3120 Kalfspelf, look at ·. 3 Separate Wash Water Temperatures · 2 Rinse Water Temperatures · Complete Automatic Cycle-Fill, Wash, Rinse, Spin · Agi-Clean Washing Action · Porcelain Finished Top and Tub · Perfectly Paired with the Easy Cavalier Automatic Dryer Mod*IASH Mtf-on-tlie-budget terms Mclntosh Music House 40 Main Ph. SK 6-6232 A BEAUTIFUL CEILING MOUNT... PULL DOWN, BRASS FINISH DINING LAMP. VALUED AT . . . . . '. 29.95 A LOVELY DINING TABLE CLOTH VALUED AT . . . . .".. 10.95 A LILY 28-PIECE SET OF STAINLESS STEEL WEAR VALUED AT , . . . . .24.95 EASY TERMS S.H. GREEN STAMPS

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