The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 30, 1965 · Page 22
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 22

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1965
Page 22
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22 Sunday, May 30, '65 Delia Demiicrni-Timc.'i 10 From Area Finish At MSCW COLUMBUS -- Ten area stu-didate for a bachelor of £cicncc:Glcn Allen, is a candiilale for dents are among the 401 Missis-degree in elementary education, sippi State College for Women Aundria Johnson, daugh- seniors receiving degrees today. Virginia Sue Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Smith of 2515 Naples Street, is a candidate for a bachelor of arls dc- n psychology. ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Johnson of 2961 North Broadway Extended, is a candidate for a bachelor of science degree in speech correction with a mino gree in library science with a minor in history and F.nglish. (no picture available.) Rulh Tcllc Metcalfc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Metcalfe, is a candidate for ; ' bachelor of fine arls degree in art education. j Marilyn Anne Arnold, daugh-. ter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ar-j nold of 1137 Grccnwav, is a can-: Wanda Quong. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Y. Quong of bachelor of Fine Arts degree in art. Bobbie Carole Fowler of Belzoni is a candidale for a bachelor of arls degree. Belly Sue Cumberland of Itta Bcna, Dixie Dell Hawkins of Clevc- Jo Sydnce McKnighl o{ Viet Nam Struggle Is War With Many Fronts Lcland and Mary Joy Solomon'""^ from civilian and of Belzoni arc candidates for I""? ativis °» lo llle to ' J E h bachelor of science degrees. (Marines and paratroops By PHIL NliWSOM UJ'I Foreign News Analyst SAIGON--This is a war without a front, and with many fronls. It is a total war. indiscriminate of ils victims, soldier or civilian. ; More lhan 35,500 Americans, rnili- U.S. outside and Iwo pods each carrying seven rockets. Says Riley, "if the Slicks suffer a single hit, then the armed jhelicopter tasn't done its job." Some 500 miles to the north(he Ihc east of the delta, where llai Vien River flows into chec. Wash., commands a squadron of FlWs that island- Koppcd from California to reacli Da Nang. Less than 24 hours after arrival he flew his first nission. Workhorses of the Da Nang base are the FIDO's, from close home now for 15.000 Ameri-!, Marines. I signed to guard vital bases are arrayed here in a vast effort lo! . . . . save South Viet Nam from a,"" 5 ' l n l u ' l i n S 9 OM Communist take - over and to! Co01 ' 1hick - Wa1lci1 homcs Igive it economic and political J jslabilily. American dead sine Jan. ,1961, total more t h a n 450. South China Sea, is the city ofj 5U[nor t to strikes against North Da Nang. The French used Vietnamese bridges and other lo call it Touranc. Us population is about 150,000 and it also Hue lies Ihe beginning of thc^ommand in I Corps. It re- jungle-covered Ho Chi Minh,mains successfully hidden in a Trail. jungle in which a good day^s Here, along Ihe border w i t h progress may be limited to Laos, Ihe jungle is triple-tiered, The lop tier of dense foliage Feeds upon the second and ils roots never reach Ihe ground. Somewhere within Ihe jun- communications a n d s u p p l y lines. J. A. amid P alm trccs 1 nd flow - of; Squadron Commander Minish of Y e l l o w s t o n e gle a the Do Xa secret headquarters of Communist yards. Americans scoff at any suggestion that Da Nang could develop into another Dien B i e n Piiu. The defeat at Dicn Bien war for Indochina. The French fougli'. from * jungle and mountain-surround' ~ " ". Marines ara backed by Ihe Soulh China Sea and wide open simply lines. The French fought a colonial Phu Despite huge American aid, Vietnamese war un- fighting spirit 1054 broke the French (his is nnd ended the lcr Vietnamese comma* Nalkmal Park pointed out a chart on a hangar wall. 11 showed lhat in 32 days U. S. fighler - bombers had dropped The effort ranges from thc 1 ^ P«Iicabs. jeeps, watery delta of Ihe Mekong | anl i u s Pl ai " People. River in Ihe smith, lo (he tri-' A |' °f xn jplc-liercd jungle traversed by ]" ering gardens are reminders ,,. French colonial times. [more lhan a million pounds of Ils slrccts throng wilh !icy-!bomhs on Communist targets. children Ihe Ho Chi norlh and runways of Aundria Lea Johnson Minh Trail in ihe m fi lo the d u s t y Ihe big Da Nang l^airbasc on the coasla] plain. The war is foughl aboard , armed junks ar.d converted jjlanding craft patrolling the 2,'.500 miles of river channels M threading the Mekong River. Da - front shop is the [crs for Ihe cnterpris- Nang merchant named It is fought wilh called " I h c [helicopter ' ind the Wanda Quong Committee Proposes Waste-Saving Moves JACKSON' (UPI) -- A change Ihe various institutions of high- in the procedure for supporting cr learning for doing Ihc same colleges and universities stale jobs. II said "no correlation" was among wasle - saving mea- surcs recommended Friday by persons, ja special legislative committee J i n ils final reporl. ' The Joint Committee on existed between salaries paid lo Sala- armed Huey" 'cop- troop - carrying called the "Slick." IS foughl from savage ; bush and it is fought by American agricultural expert Maj. Ronald Ingraham of Relhrsda. Mich,, wears the Silver Star for missions coming to Ihc rescue of downed pilots. These arc business-like fighting forces, trained to a demanding profession. Commanding the Marines' Kim C h i . He will sell you piece of jewelry or rent you eep. His business motlo is: "Nojwhosc job il VC (Viet Conp), no MP, trade'basc is Brig, with Kim Chi." JKarch. No one knows how many of Karcli concedes that his forces Ihe faceless Viet Cong I he'cannot prevent a suicide mor- to protect t h e . Gen. Frederick' lown harbors behind itsilar attack peaccful and tropical facade. ltier from Its slreels have been put limils lor foa r of a incident. Fronting Ihe . .Grand Holel. against Ihe base, ei- Ihe Viet-Cong-infest- villages ne.irby or even Ihe Americans for|from a hidden platform within Viet Cong-instigated Da Nang. But the tough young men un- river Is the Communisl Viet Cong - sur-j^ rounded village. I UPI correspondent It is a war of frighlened vil- Sm _ i ', h , s , loppcj ^ etc J~ lagers ami special heroes. Charles a quick sandwich one day. A Viet Cong Among the latter are the Vietnamese and their American terrorist had planted a bomb yond. advisors on The high, either side Ihe river patrol. jungled banks o Another instance was cited by the conimillcu where an un- j named slate institution nisls with give perfect (he field Commu- of fire on Ihe terrace less lhan 20 fed away. The twtnb failed to explode on schedule, and |»lice seized the terrorist when he re- Marilyn Arnold K.3 MILLION WASHINGTON (DPI) -- The Commerce Deparlment reports that · there were 86.3 million motor vehicles registered in the United States last year. It predicted in the report Friday registrations will approach DO million in 1065. i! jries and Expenses recommend-ed a large appropriation cd (hat "serious thought" be jgiven lo appropriating money dirociiy to each institution of higher learning rather lhan lo the Stale College Doard for distribution "under ils formula procedure." The committee, headed by Rep. Wilburn Hooker of Lexington, spent a year scrulinizing Icvcry faccl of state government. The final report presented lo Gov. Paul Johnson Friday ncludcd far - reaching proposals to correct "in some instances chaotic silualions" in regard to employment, compcnsa- :ion, promotion relenlion of personnel in slale employment. · * * GOV. Johnson was urged li present the report lo a special session of the legislature so lhat the committe's work "will not have been lo no avail." Such rcporls many times die "because of Ihe rush and press of other matters" at a regular ession, the committee said. The committee " Strongly commends" : board move rcc- lhat the college to correct differcn- ces in salaries paid persons ill'- receiv- increase from (he IM-I legislature, wilh the added funds lo be used increasing salaries of tending personnel. However, the group said inves- igalion showed "a high propor- ion of Ihc Budgetary increase vas passed on lo non - teaching personnel." (. * 4 THE commil'ce said ils probe showed salaries paid lo the ad- ninislralive stuff of the college joard," as well as to the heads if the institutions in this stale ire far in excess of salaries 5aid lo the heads of otdline ,(age agencies . . ." The reporl also was critical o! the college board's handling o travel cxj)cnses. It noted "glar ing discrepancies" between practices of the various slale inslilulions under the board's supervision. Efforts to establish n uniform policy of handling (ravel expen- es were promised by the college hnard at committee hearings. Ihe report said. "Regretfully, up into tills time, nothing Ihis regard has been report- by the lxard lo this commit tee," it paid. which to rake Ihe decks i t h rifle, machinegun or mor- ir fire. Shelter is scant or on-exislent. Explosive m i n e s [irk just below the surface. Some nf Ihe Vietnamese boat- nen wear taloocd across Iheir he.sls Ihc junk force motto -'sat cong." ft means kill the 'iet Cong. A man captured vilh it on his chest is liable l torture and death, flt tlio ery least to have the live flesh orn away lo erase Ihc motto. Hie "Hucys" ami Ihe "Slicks" lave given the helicopter new status in this war. fn most ;uerrilla wars, a ratio of 10 to has been considered neccs- iary for defensive forces successfully lo meet hit-run guerrilla attack. The helicopter has cut il to ;ive-to-one. And Delta Wings By DOT F.THERIDGE The idea of flying io Ihe Ncw'rorlh York World's Fair matcrinlizcdjand haz] The next morning winging into a reality last week for three mid-Delia women. For over a flying year now magazines we've read in the ease wilh which general aviation pilots have t a k en lo the air in their light planes and crossed Ihe country to attend one of ihe worlds' current wonders. Armed with charts, computers, plotters and a change of clothes Ora Vest, Julie Wilcox CREATION of a slale tnotoi pool was urged by the commit lee to cut down on travel ex penscs of all slale agencies. Th committee also suggested lhat slate-paid travel outside Ihe U are gelling it. You get Ihe impression lhat (hey hope tlic Viet Cong will H i s come out of Ihe hills in a mas- hnmb's failure saved Sinith's'sive strike against them, life. I This is I Corps, the northern- Men and jet fighters steaming most of the four military corps turn ed der his command daily arc pressing t h e i r defensive perimeter closer lo Ihe green hi which mark Ihe beginning ihe mountains and jungle ;o find failure out why. saved They seek conlact wilh Ihe Viel Cong and they Quality Is Virden Guideline This home, like others buill by Virden Homcs, is centered around quality construction (a give the home buyer the best home for his money. Practical, yet attractive Virden Homei olfer lhal something extra which Virden's customers call "liveability'. See for yourseit oy visiting this model home built especially with you in mind by Virden jlomes. into the Da Nang base to add music lo the fight against Communist aggression strained it lo its utmost capac- in South Viet Nam. Da Nang is its have templing target, both Tents have mushroomed around barracks buildings and new buildings go up overnight. Communist miiiate Ihe attempt lo United States Resting the FIDO's. the runways are Marine ground Ihe FlO-i's and flic Phantoms support to which South give Viet- forces and carry the war to Ihe Norlh. Maj. W. W. frvin of Wenal- as a must for Communist tory. Maj. Gen. Nguyen Chanh Thi, energetic commander of I Corps, believes Da Nang is No. 1 on the Communist list. No. 2 may be the ancient royal capi- lal of Hue. To Ihe west nf Da Nang and Virden Home Is Attractive And Practical "Livcability' marks this Virden Homes entry in Ihe Spring Home Show. Like other Virden- built homes, this one offers the buyer his full money's worth in comfortable living. Virden Homes would like (o help you in selecting a practical and attractive home designed, ns thi* one is, for better living. The home is open for public inspection during Ihe week-long Spring Home .Show, which begins today. ermg Ihc pilots of these hov- raft that fly into thi face of enemy gunfire arc fiercly proud of their machines and their accomplishments. Maj. Edwin Riley of Norwatk Conn., is a veteran pilot of "Huey" assigned to protect the Iroop carriers. His craft car rics four mahineguns on th- ;· News From The Campus NEW ORLEANS - James W. (Rill) Latham is a candi- dale for the Bachelor of Divin ily degree, lo be received in commencement exercises, May 28. 1!)65, al New Orleans Baptis S. "incurred wilh increasing [Theological Seminary here. A northeast under cloudy skies we viewed Washington from the air, picking nut such spots as the Capitol and the Washington Monument from an altitude of 3500. A sharp lookout was maintained by three sets of eager eyes lor other nir- f i r s t , to lie expanded nronnd craft, since this too, was anoth-!lhe slale if it proved snlisfaclo- er high t r a f f i c area. regularity," should be "few very far between." A motor pool operating out of j w Latham long-time resident of Green- ·Jville, Rev. Lalham is Ihe son of Jackson was recommended at ry- The e - fueling Washington VFR condi- commiltee said state nl I ravel expenses exceeded SS million biennially. "Fundamenlal policy chang- ;" were seen necessary in Ihc Stale Hoard of Education and Department of I-"1-/,-ation, but the commiltce said il was "un able to agree on the procedure lo initiate such changes." * * * THE commiilcc said it was in "unanimous agreement" thai he principle of an ex officio : board of education should be la smalt airport across ihe Hud-.abolished. Rul il noted compli- AFTER another i slop outside of the ~"~j . ' ,' ' ,· . i i i area and still with and yours t r u y chmbcd aboard; . ,, , ' , _, J . .... I lions we f e w on with Ihe scen- the Vest s Cherokee 160 on a recent Tuesday afternoon and ' " headed East on the first lap cf Fo below constantly changing , haze and generally low visibility was beginning to be observed and heard by way of our high frequency radio in (he areas of Baltimore and Phila- this cross - couniry flight to Ihc city of cities. Thunderstorms pul us down in Starkville at the Municipal Airport, but after a 30 minul wait we were back in the air steering a course for Atlanta. Fulton County Airport in Allan- son River from New York in Ihcjcafions could arise since the Our intended destination was of 1432 Rebecca He was graduated from Missis sippi College. Jean Brown, daughter of Mrs. Doris Slewart of Green villc, will receive n B:ichelor Arls degree in English from Ih College of SI. Bencdicl, St. Joseph. Minnesota, on June 4. Sh has minors in Spanish and sec ondary education. A graduate St. Mary's High School in Vick burg. Miss Brown plans lo teac after graduation. fa was a fuel slvp and we saw Pallerson, N. J. area, called jboard is set up as a constilu- Ihere was enough daylight hours the Toloua Wayne airport. Al( tional body in the slate const!left for continuing on lo Ander- leinate airport was to be Tcler-itution. son. Fulton County Airport in Ihe Atlanta area is a high density area for air traffic, but we received a fast clearance for takeoff from Ihc tower ar.d touched down at Anderson Municipal Airport at dusk. It was pleasing lo find at jusl about all the airports v c landed everyone was eager to boro. We quickly found cur intended airport after passing over Ihe Solbcrg VOR, nestled againsl the beginning of the Board of Education slioukl be much broader based and much more representative of the various elements In the News Of I Record The following people were sentenced in cily court Monday: Arthur Johnson, Route 2 liox 2S2, careless and rcckles driving (CScR), $M, redlighl $10, no driver's license, 510; Route 2, S30; Jame Hudson Highlands and Metropo- state interested in public cduca- ing, SIS; Sylvester Singleton, Vertisory Johnson, Box 533, speeding, J. Harmon, 1136 Groome, spcei lilan Patterson. Tcterboro was reported smogged in and only 528 Bell Airc, C 6 R. S30;; Fre large, rui accommodate and lend a help-base operator, his first question was, "Where are you dies from?" "Mississippi", tion." Ihc committee said. Problems presented by instrument landings were bcing'cral special fund agencies in Ihc ning stop sign, three counls, S authorized. !.slale have not been "fully re-|cach; Robert Johnson. 506 S. Afler being greeted by the 'solved." Ihe committee said. 'Broadway, CR $15; Glenn I sev- tlic Lcc Jones Jr.. o' ing hand lo ihree Mississippi women flying alone in a light However, the committee pro-'Kennedy, a bill authorizing Ihe n l - $15, McGee, Miss., CR la-. posed wcjiorney general In bring inanita- plane. The incidence nl Andcr-.rcplied in chorus, wishing atxjut'iory injunction proceedings license plan lu-against any special fund agency son for example. When we ihen we had learned the locp.l motel did not display on the Cherokee 180. [failing lo comply with a require- have a courlcsy car to send loj"Do you have many Mississippiimcnt t h a t it submit copies of ils Ihe airport to pick us up, a hell- folks fly in up here," we asked. |budget lo the budget commis- coplcr pilot who had just "No," he Ihoughi, "You're the'sion. Some agencies "leave landed his Bell helicopter made|very first. Please sign our guest something In be desired" knpwn lo us he was staying atjbook!" Ihe same motel. The courtyard, * · * of Ihe motel was large enough AFFTER a pleasant and enjoyable eight-and-a-half hour lo land his chopper. "Climb . , _ . ,, . aboard", he said, "I'll put you flight back to Greenville, it was urged a longrange plan of dc- |Cious mischief, $15; Bruce U oul either by the swimming pool betler for? service could you ask Paul Mancell. 11-10 Lewis, improper driver's license, $1 assault nnd baticry, $55. poin ing and aiming, $55; Archie Williams, al large, drunk, $5 Jessie Moorehead, at large, drunk, S55; Heron Dunn, 7-H rcporlmg budgets, il said. Central, assault ar.d batlery. The commitlce cited a "great ITM counts, WO each, drunk, need" for additional office IS'S; F.rnest Doison, 443 Hughe space for state agencies and [assault and battery, $55, ma agreed, no other Ihree women volcpmcnt for gaining ihe hesl o r ' i n front of tiic lobby". What saw more of New York and from land recently acquir- Bigelow, Greenville Hotel, soli itinc. $30; Charles Jackson, 3: World's Fair in three (lays lhan:ed by iht slale norlh of the cap- ;S. Sixth, assault and battery, we had seen! lilol building. 1555. Enjoy A World Of Gracious Living WITH BEAUTY-QUALITY-COMFORT IN HIGHLAND HEIGHTS '-'·-^--'-:'-K''··?* OPEN SUNDAYS 2 TO 6 P.M. WEEKDAYS 3 TO 6 P.M. ALL BRICK 3 BEDROOMS 2 FULL CERAMIC ; TILE BATHS SPACIOUS 30' KITCHEN- FAMILY ROOM DOUBLE CARPORT BUIL-IN RANGE OVEN SLIDING GLASS DOORS; TO PATIO IN ^ ^, ^ ROMAN GARDENS ^- m 3 BEDROOMS BRICK 11 BATHS BUILT-IN RANGE AND OVEN PANELED KITCHEN AND FAMILY ROOM · SLIDING GLASS DOORS TO PATIO ^^- GREENVILLE LUMBER CO. HIGHWAY 82 EAST PHONE ED 2-2«37

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