The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on May 30, 1976 · Page 32
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 32

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1976
Page 32
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C-10 Sundy. May 30. )S78 The Odty InMr Uk*. KHJp««. Monun* French people believe in lasting love In this troubled, anxious, computerized ace it Is somewhat astonishing to learn that French men and women between the ages of 25 to K Jtill believe in "I'Amour -- Toujours" (Love -- Always). This statement derives from a recent poll, bent on discovering whether the liberation of the feiet and the general confusion in modern society had now thrown romance overboard. During an entire month I.F.O.P. (French Institute of Public Opinion), in collaboration with the popular evening daily France-Soir, traveled the countryside talking of love to compatriots in every walk of life. Surprise, surprise. It was clear from the replies to the interviewers' questions that, for a great majority, marriage and love were at once a refuge and a remedy. . According to Louis Roussel, research director at the National Institute of Demographic Studies, the urge to be two to face life will become more and more imperative if society continues on its path of dehumanization. The young are lost, more at sea than their parents were at their age. They believe there are only two ways to sublimate this confusion -- a political Utopia and love. Everyone agrees that moral values have changed considerably, principles outdated. There are no longer any ready-made forms available whicii the young can adopt lo establish their identity. They do think, however, that together a couple can hope to build up a future, especially if they love each other. Nobody today, however, dies of unrequited love. And women's liberation has paved the way for girls to take the initiative and not wall for the love of their life to make up his mind. Now they can broach the "Together" subject unhesitatingly. !iome of the poll questions posed included: '·In your opinion, outside of love stories, does th« Grand Amour really exist?" Fifty-six per cent of the men replied "yes," women, 60 per cent. "Could you say that you have experienced what is called a great lave?" The percentage of affirmatives were 54 per cent men and 57 per cent women. "Are you a romantic?" Together 46 per cent men and women rolled "Yes -- somewhat." "Do you believe one can be in love with two people at the same time?" Here the "no's" showed 54 per cent men and 63 per cent women, while those who believed it could happen totalled 41 per cent. So the French still believe in the grand passion but what do they mean by that? The answer is: definitely lender love rather than a passionate union. But they also believe in physical tove. Tenderness, however, won every time over any other feelings, like confidence, security, i.e., 10 times more than passion and 30 times more than daydreaming of the perfect love. Psychologists see in this a sign of equilibrium and sound moral health. The replies classed by age groups revealed the longer a marriage survives the more the partners rely on comprehension coupled with soft feelings. The young people insist on share-and share alike and confidence in each other. The 25-to-35 group are six times more numerous than the 50-to-65 to believe More charity needed WASHINGTON (AP) "Did you know that hunger hurls?" a religious charity said in an appeal for contributions that was mailed to thousands of Americans. "Children in our missions cry mostly because they are hungry," said the solicitation, which contained a picture of a child. "I'll be disappointed if you turn me down ... not because you will hurt me personally ... but because you may be denying some poor child in our missions a ration of rice," the appeal continued. The solicitation was mailed by the Palloltine Fathers, a Catholic miss i o n a r y o r d e r whose Baltimore mission carried out mail-appeals. Americans, responding to this and other appeals, contributed an estimated 18 million to $15 million annually to the PalloUines. However, authorities say most of the money did not go to hungry children like the one pictured in the fund-raising solicitation. The consumer protection division of th« Maryland attorney general's office estimates that only around 10 per cent of the money raised by the Pallottines went to the missions abroad. Most of the money paid for the mass mailings with other portions going to real estate and other investments. Revelations of mass- mail ing methods used by some charities are spurring Congress to take a look at charitable appeals, an area once almost immune to federal regulation. Three different types of regulatory legislation are under consideration on Capitol Hill. The strongest of these measures, expected to be approved by the House Post Office Committee on Thursday, would require a charity to state in any mail appeal what portion of funds raised in the last year actually was used for the charitable purpose. The Postal Service supports the bill, sponsored by Rep. Charles H. Wilson, D- Calif. However, the bill hasn't received the support of any charity. "The approach of the bill is not what most of the organizations in the National Health Council would want," said Barney Sellers of the council, which represents 21 health charities. Sellers said the organizations generally prefer a bill offered by Rep. Lionel Van Deerlin, D-Calif. This bill would require charities to send a report containing financial data to anyone who asks for it. Many charities already mail such reports on request. The Van Deerlin bill is pending in a House commerce subcommittee. The third bill, sponsored Coronado ffcST! COOL.' CLEAN! Microwave Ovens PICK YOUR FEATURES! PICK YOUR PRICE! OUR FINEST MICROWAVE OVEN The Fastest, Most Precise Cooking and Defrosting ·You've Ever Known! 469 95 Easy-to-read digital timer with 1 second to 99 minute settings. Light-up defrost guide. Easy clean banquet-size '\.\ cu. ft. oven, concealed stirrer system. 650VV. Corrjing Ware" browning disti. 600-recipe cookbook. ·.- *-.-·. The Secret's In The SOLID STATE HEAT CONTROL Just set the dial on any setting--or ony where in between. It's precise, reliable and designed for long life. CUTS COOKING TIME UP TO 75% IO-DAY HOME COOKING TRIAL VARIABLE HEAT MICROWAVE OVEN Defrost'n Cook dial with 5 settings, signal bell. 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The poll showed thai 63 per cent of Ihe men and women questioned believed that one can love Ihe same person for a lifetime, thai there is no true love but lhat which endures and that one can continue to feel much love one for the other when all passion is spent. Faith in lasting love seems all the more incredible In an age when women have experienced a sexual awakening. "Often young couples who come lo pour out their troubles admit they admire couples with 30, 40 or 50 years of marriage behind them. Yet, in the next'breads they say lhat Ihis rather frightens them. Ana mey me all aware that a couple can be beset by difficulties," concluded the marriage and family-planning counselor. by Sen. Waller Men dale, D- Minn., would require charities to spend at least half of their collections on a charitable purpose. This b i l l is in the Senate Finance Committee. APRES-SKI For an informal evening at a ski lodge, take along a pair of velvet pants or a long skirt with a silky shirt. But make sure you have enough casual clothes so that you won't feel overdressed if everyone else stays in wool slacks and sweaters. REENTER ESPADRILLES Lace-up espadrilles are the new look in shoes. They g o w i t h j u s t a b o u t everything, including all your ethnic clothes. CHEERY WEAR To combat the blues on a dreary day, lift your spirits by choosing something bright to wear. Speak Rover flathead valley kennel club by elizabeth timm Rabies have increase 327 MAIN -- KAUSPELL CHARIT Rabies in Montana is on the increase. Throughout the history of man and all over the world the disease rabies, hydrophobia (a Greek word meaning, a fear of water, coming from one of the symptoms of the disease) or Lyssa has been feared and hated.' Not unti! 1885, when Louis Pasteur developed a vaccine did some of this fear become alleviated. Negri Bodies, a clotting caused by a virus of microscopic size, invisible even in an ordinary microscope, attacks .the central nervous tissue of the brain of warm Wooded animals causing dramatic change in the animals behavior, fever, mental anguish, biting, muscular paralysis, choking and fear of swallowing of liquids are followed within five days by exhaustion, coma and death. The incubation period varies from ten days to several years. The average for man is 14 days before sr,- tibodtes begin to form. By then, if medical precautions have not been already carried out, it is too late to help the victim. It appears that the meat-eaters are more frequently infected and by their natural eating habits are more dangerous, although, any mammal, including man, can be bitten by another rabid animal and thus become infected with this fatal disease. In 1917, Montana had its first reported rabies! A coyote infected one cow and four calves near Pony. In 1924-25, a small boy was bitten by a stray dog on the lip and the boy died. An autopsy of the boy confirmed rabie Negri were in the brain. The figures on frequency of rabies infections has increased yearly, partly due to the increased public awareness in the endemic areas and to the increased sampling of animals. About 38 of 295 skunks examined in 197,1 were positive; 42 of 609 in 1974 and 153 of 691 in 1975. A majority of these cases occurred inline months of April-July. In 1975, of 174 rabies cases 165 or 957c were in April and May. The rate of domestic species diagnosed as infected with rabies corresponds with the skunk rabies- endemic areas. In 1975 alone, 24 people were exposed to rabies and received Antirabies Prophylaxis. Two of the most dangerous carriers and the most frequently diagnosed are the bat and the striped Washing is part of marriage M a r r i a g e is a partnership, arid although you and your new husband will be sharing your lives with each other, you each will be assuming additional responsibilities, too. If you're lucky, you'll be marrying a man who will help you with household chores, but chances are the traditional woman's task of doing the laundry will remain your responsibility. Now, doing the laundry may not sound like a big job -- you've probably been washing your own clothes for years--but soon you'll be coping with double amounts of laundry as well as the tough soil men can manage to get on their clothes. This increase in volume needn't mean an increase in your time and effort. Streamline your routine with effective methods, products and procedures. Many spots and soil just will not wash out with detergent alone. To wash away most stubborn dirt, pretreal clothes with a laundry soil and stain remover. Just spray it on soil and dirty spots, wait 60 seconds and then launder clothes in the usual way with y o u r r e g u l a r detergent. If your husband-to-ba J wears heavy-duty work clothes, it's also a good idea to wash these items separately from delicate ·· wardrobe items. skunk. Both are noted for carrying the disease over long periods of time, even years, without any outward signs of being infected. It is even known that some skunks can be born carriers of the disease, although, they have an apparent immunity to the disease. In a recent letter from James W. Glosser, D.V.M., Chief Deputy State Veterinarian, of the Department of Livestock, Helena wrote 1 . There are several reasons why pet skunks constitute a public hazard including the incubation period of rabies in skunks is long; period up to 5 months are not uncommon, I know of one experiment study where the incubation period was 13 months. Skunks in general shed more rabies vims in their saliva than do carnivores. There is always a possibility of spiUover from skunks to domestic pets; and the only practical way for a reputable wildlife pet dealer to guarantee that their skunks are rabies free would be to sell only progeny of . skunks that were bred in captivity, and laboratory test negative for rabies. This would be unyielding and certainly expensive, making it an impractical way to market pet skunks. What can we do. (1) Better regulations for interstate transport of animals. (2) Be sure you vaccinate your pets, both cats and dogs. Avoid buying wild animals particularly the. skunk; don't handle stray animals and be very careful handling injured animals. A bite from an injured rabies carrier is just as deadly as a known rabies carrier. Do not crawl around in bat dung on cave floors. The dusty dry dung, infected with rabies virus from rabid bats that have been present, will infect the unsuspecting adventurer. Do not pick up bats that seem unable to fly and notify authorities of any animals you have reason to suspect might be contaminated. If yoii are bitten by a rabid animal seek treatment immediately. No home treatments will cure the infection, and although, the treatment may be unpleasant, the exposed, untreated by professional help, WILL DIE! Shopping is dullsville! Even though young couples, future brides and moms like to shop, Stephanie Haugesluen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haugestuen. thinks the whole situation is a drag. Stephanie is only a year old now. but in another 18 or 20 years sHewill be shopping with other young engaged girls and think the whole situation is marvelous. Prtoto by Darlene Burris

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