The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 13, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
Page 8
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THE DAft.Y MRBSENOER. CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., THURSDAY, JULY 13,1939. .. AT BRADBURN'S ONLY J |g M |^95 A Mr^r WILL BUY A BIG NKW 1939 GENERAL · ELECTRIC "TII1UFTY-SIX" REFRIGERATOR With G-i: Exclusive "Selective Air" Conditions . . . And On Easiest Terms ONLY 85 DOWN--3 1KAKS TO 1'AY BALANCE BRADBURN BROS HEADQUAK'lERS FOlt G. K. KF.FRIGKRATQKS ! REFRESHMENT AHEAD Si sure to visit fb 8IVIRWYCK HAKBOR CAFE THE KcW YORK WORLD'S FAIR **?«**· *** . #A~H ?JS '- CLANCY - IIOYiL' Railroad Street DISTKIBL'TIXG CO. Rochester, X. Y. ARPEAKO SMOKED LIVER SAUSAGE ifSiHIE OFTKE1KR5T TQOFSAPPFAR FROM A PLATTER ft LONG NOTED FOR ITS FLAVOR, ARPEAKO 'SMOKED UVBR r SAUSAGE RATES r HiH WITH EVERY HOSTESS^--' 7KS WEEK 29 c Ib. ARPEAKO' ROLLETTES E-. crv ounrc -of lhc$,c rolled, boned smoked s.bou]dcrs is lean, solid meat. Folks like Arpcal o Tcndcn -cd R oik 1 1 cs lit cam i '·flbf ir um3*rusl Icn- dtm"*, r.Tjd i' flawr. THIS WEEK ONLY 4 to * tb. * to * Ib. 27i 26V A 5"-"i:o Torrato Juice could not be any bttter- It's made from th» juice of New York Stale's finest tomatoes. Rushing Bars oh Mowers Asked to Protect Birds Give \\ikihU' a chance, especially the ground nesting species such as pheasant*, quail and rabbits. This was the special appeal Issued today by Conservation Commissioner Lithgow Oiborne. He urged farmers and other landowners engaged in mowing or harvesting to equip their machines with flushing bars to give added protection to wildlife At the same time the Commissioner urged that all dogs be tied I up or kept on leash to prevent their I roaming the fields for at least the , next siven or eight weeks, the period when pheasants and other ground nesting birds will be hatch- n i' ther voung . "The response to our appeal to protect wildlife has met with very ^ood results in the past ^e\ years", Commissioner Osborne said. "Actual results reported by farmers, landowners and other groups Interested in protecting and conser- ing various species of wildlife show tnat when flushing bars are used on mowing or cutting machines, a great many ground nesting birds which would otherwise be destroyed by these machines are given a better chance to survive". In former years the mortality rate among pheasants, quail and rabbits was very high but since the Introduction of the flushing bar this has declined rapidly." The Conservation Department, Commissioner Osborne revealed, will gladly furnish prints and other information concerning various types of flushing bars most widely used at the present time to r..« person interested in joining this campaign to protect New York's wildlife resources. NIAGARA FISH KKTUttN NIAGARA PALLS (fl -- Anglers report flsh again are running in the upper Niagara river. They attribute tru run to the fact that industries have ceased dumping their into the water. Last year million') of fluh were killea by Niagara rive; 1 Industrial pollution in a short period. READ THE DAILY MESSENGER HANTS GOOD tTABT OKLAHOMA CITY, Okl*. W) -- A prospective bridegroom In California who plans to rtiarry an Oklahoma City girl wrote to an Oklahoma City clothing s,tore "What do men wear at their weddings in Oklahoma?" he asked. "I want to be dressed properly." Daily Messenger UP-TO-DATE fcummer Patterns, liic. Sewing Exhibited By Seneca Castle 4-H Club SENECA CASTLE -- Mrs William Daudson and daughter. Marian, entertained the members of the Castleton Junior 4-H Homen akmg club at then home Tuesday afternoon. At this time the guls exhibited Cheshire School Board Approves '39-'40 Budget CHESHIRE -- Bramon Fox was elected trustee for three years and Clifford Read re-elected for two years at the annual school meeting of the Cheshire Union School, Tuesday nignt. Alfred Ferguson presided as picnic supper was served.-* Seneca Castle Briefs _ Mr. i and Mrs. Theodore Warner attended the Parmalee - Fairman wedding at Phelps, Thursday. Mr and Mrs. F. W. Hubbard. of Elmira, were recent guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs H. W. Schoonmaker, Mrs. Hubbard and Jane remained for a longer visit. Earl Ferguson is spending three weeks at Williamsburg Md. where he is taking m cucumber pickles for the Bloch-Guggenheimer Company. Mrs W E. Newhall is confined to her home by illness Mr and Mrs WiUiam D. Denies of Rochester were recent guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs H W. Schoonmaker and their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bronnell. of Rochester accompanied bv his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brownell were callers. Miss Marjorie Ann Pitner, of Chicago accompanied by Palmyra friends, were callers Monday of her aunts, Mrs. M. W. Sweet and Mrs. L. B. Westfall Miss Charlotte Bridgeman is spending several days with Miss Maude Norris of Starkey. WiUiam Webster of Niversville- on-the-Hudson, has been a guest of his grandparents, Dr and Mrs. G W Sargent. Mr. and Mrs Charles Gordner and childrn have returned to their home at Williamsport, Pa, after spending several days with his brother and wife Mr and Mrs. George Gordner. the latter with their sons, Raymond. David and Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Francis Adams and children, of Gorham accompanied them to Watkins Glen where they enjoyed a picnic Mrs. Laura Alford and _ daughter. Joyce Alford, accompanied Mr and Mrs. Harry Wright, of Geneva, to Varysburg where they were guests of the former's daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. M I Disinger. Mrs William Webster and son. Richard, of Pittsford are spending a fe* days at the Webster-Utter home while Mr and Mrs. Utter are i in New York Mr and Mrs. L. B Westfall were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs M I Bennett at their home at Teall I Beach. Mr and Mrs. James Norris and daughter. Laura, spent the day re| centh at Sodus. j Mrs Vincent O'Neil and children i have been guests of her sister, Mrs Arthur Mearns. of Geneva ' Mr and Mrs John Lindberg. of j Rochester, were recent guests of 'Mr and Mrs. William Rodders. Mr and Mrs C D. Blackman I-A ere in Elmira recently, the guests of his aunt Mrs. Elsie Rigby Miss Flora Harris, of Buffalo, I has returned to her Seneca Castle by Mrs proved. And the vote was favorable for the new budget. The tax rate remains the same, 5 1-2 mills. Forthcoming Marriage Relatives have received invitations to the wedding of Miss Helen Jane Rogers, daughter of Elton Francis Rogers, formerly of Cheshire, to Phillip Curtis Rask, Satui day at high noon at the Wesley Methodist Church, Washington, D. C., followed by a large reception at the home, 2940 Brandywme St. Miss Rogers is a graduate of Cornell and has been dietician in a tea room in Washington. Cheshire Briefs Miss Ethel Newman of Rochester is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mallory and other relatives. Beverly Higley of Buffalo road extension is spending two weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Pierce. Flint MRS. C. M. SNYDER Staff Correspondent jhome for the i summer. She ' here b\ her M= remainder of the was accompanied . Mrs Ella Drake Libby. Jerome Adams of Hal], called on hi-- aunt. Mrs Wmefred Krctchmer recenlh Mr. and Mr Melvin Noxon. Miss Beta Tolk-. of Svracuse: Mrs Vincent Tollis. of Lima, were Saturday evening caller", at the Westfall home. Miss Tollis. who is traimnc lor a nurse m Syracuse hospital. -- Mr. and Mrs Howard Tones and son, Kenneth. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coston, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Coston attended the 35th Coston reunion at Oneida Castle and spent over the weekend with Mr. and Mrs Leigh Hoke and family at South Valie. Misses Frances Bogart, Janet Roome and Doris Fredericksen have returned from the Epworth League Institute. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mosher and daughters, of Interlaken Mr and Mrs Nelson Austin picnicked with jthe Youngs family at their cot- jtage at Keuka lake. Sunday. ! Mr. and Mrs Dcnaiu G^tts l?fi I Monday on a motor trip and will i\isit the Worlds Fair at New York I city where thej will be the guests of Harry Cole. Mr and Mrs Delmer Jorgensen and children, of Union Springs, Mr and Mrs. John Koch and children spent the daj recently with their parents, Mr. and Mrs Dusm- ,us Jorgensen. I Mrs. William Thiers spent Monday in Buffalo and visited the Veterans hospital in Batavia. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Snyder and their niece and nephews. Jeanne. Charles and Chase Harrison picnicked at Conesus lake. Sunday. Miss Charlotte King. Marilyn and Donald Gotts are spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. William Jones at Stanley. Mrs. Jack Breen and daughter. Donna Lee. have been the guests of Mrs. Emon Morley at Canandaigua. Mrs Marj Esty and daughters. Misses Ruth and Lucilic E-tv a-"" spending the summer vacation at their home here. Mr." and Mrs. Donald Brennen and son. of Camsteo; Mrs Fannie Brennen. of Rushulle and Mr.= Elizabeth Ester, of Rochester, were recent caller.s of Mr and Mrs Fred Estey. Mrs Katharine Cbarl- ton. of Naples .spent Sunday at the Estej home. Dick Morley. of Canandaisua. is spending a frw d.rvs with his grandmother, Mrs A. T Roome Dusinus Jorccn-cn has returned from Gene-.a hospital and is recovering from the pleurisy. Mrs Stokoe and West Italy MRS FLORA JOHNSON Stafl Correspondent V.T^T ITALY - Mr .lurl Mrs Oild John-cm accompanied Mi« HOT a Uhl and Jr- c Miller of Ciindnddi-ua to t n r SnUr reunion hm Kunda-* at P o w d e r Mill Part: Mr-, Vjctar Mo{T anri -ffn, Jam f .N oi Roclipvt*T af "· the Summer here at their H*r wti"r. Mis McMVimis. and ·nv-ct Miss Eaton ol Ohio arr with Mr- Mover Mr and Mr- Ira UnLii r,u arid familv oi C«mdij[Jd]_'ua A ( I C re- Miss Marjorw Patncr, of Chicago has be?n a cw vt of h~r aunt and iinric Mr ,1110 Mr.- C M Snvdrr Mrs Marjonr- Ham on, of MifA Marjoric Wrtman. oi at the Snvdfr horn" Mr aijd Mi-. HoA.ird Tone.- f son air ipnuhnc "i i f ' - '. rl'n-, i Mr and Mr-, I v l r Kill^ at the Em- h im c o l t , ) · C" J 1 , urJ n i i i ji.i Mr and Mr-, Wilh nn Foilf and daughter-, 7 t r 1 r iii MJC-K n 1 Mr and Mr Ham H n 1 r m ! Waterloo Attornfv and Mr Oh JT nek. of Newark .auO Mi bcth HfrnrV oi \« A Yori nt". 'haif bf-fii cur, t i,] M 7 ,i ·] Mi- U t t ' r Mr-, Wi .rfTT Arjdtk « f n t Mon- r,r loSoidTT n d j*'o H jiii-d" Pcnn Yan ior oWrvalion and trf-atmtnt ] Mr. and Mrs Waltr Randolph ' rfvcnllv viyt*d Mr and Mrs. Jay Clark in Rihij]lf Thp Kfo-f Librai-, on W«T olutjon and Peace, at Stanford un, j-.(]-iH contains 'jOOfjOOo rkri- beann? on the World war and its aftermath, RIM; i\ 1UPPER LAKF v'f,r-, ft^o Mi- Ln ' 1 K a -3gnf1 Tin:, :r.^ 1,1* b m d no A a Irx.'" ,-' D3?^inf; an tlir '. r d ' i j 1 (me r«,fnth Mi Po I \3JJ Ijlt Ol 3T,fU)l 111 I ihc Ting -i A California sritnti-t ha- inven- jted a sphere which will reflect light ten mites distant, intended for use I by airplanes forced down at sea. ·**». FANCY AKO CRABMEAT SILVER SPRAY WET PACK SHRIMP OCEAN BELLE RED SALMON 2 KIPPER SNACKS CHICK-N-LIKE 19c WHITE TUNA 2 BLOSSOM TIME lOc SALMON 2 CORTEZ 35c TUNA FLAKES lie NEPTUNE SARDINES NO. '/a TINS NO. 1 CANS NO. Vi CAN 35c lOc NO. 'A TIN Vita Popped Wheat reg. Pkg. 5 Orchard Park Whole Apricots 3 Ho.i 2Cc can. Spring Lake Milk 4 » 23 C Edgebrook Golden Bantam Corn 4 Sliced Mayfair Dill Pickles quart Country Roll Butter 2 Lbs. 49c Orchard Park Fruit Cocktail 2 - 23 C Magic Cup Coffee LB. BAG He 3 39 C Silver Skillet Corned Beef Hash 2 ' l b Olc cans Nice Kitty Cat Food pint jar Sandwich Spread 19 C Clover- Ian* Crisco 1 lb. can 19e 3 ·· 48 C Edgebrook Pork Beans can 5 Sauce Borden's or Kraft Cream Cheese 2 x 13 C Toilet Soap Camay 3 - 17 C Spaghetti Dinner 15 Lido Club High Park Black or Mixed Tea 29 Orchard Park Sliand Pineapple 2 *** 35 C A-l Soda Crackers 2 12 C 5 Balloon Soap Flakes ICE CREAM POWDER E-Zee Freeze 2 p!tg3 I5e Noodles Vienna 2 * pk * I5c Spajhetti c ~ lla 2 lbs I9c Rice Flakes HeM 2 pkss 23c Suckers ^.-f p!ts 5c Pea Beans 2 ios 7c Jellies Edwards "'£ lOc Mushrooms SS 4 ca°n I9« Dinner Ma ^- pfcg lOc Olive Oil Pompuan ^: oz 9e Paper Napkins "^ 5c Matches °°^r 6 **···« Ammonia S13cel «; Bon-Ami ""^ ** B* a . Del M»nte 9 No 2 OR* rB«» Eiriy Garden * cans * wv Campbell's Beans 3 £».^19e Pi*L|o* Heinz U ox. 10* rivb\l«rv Cucumber js^" Tea Balls 1 "-" ' !irl 3% 39c Tetley Tea Bisquiek Corn Kix Cereal *· He Candy Chicken Corned Beef ^^ T^ 1 Libby's 2S5. U *L* I0e can I ikhuf* Potted m No. Vt LlDby'S Mcat * cans Roast Beef LU * 1 ' ^n 1 Cheese Spreads ^ I5c Kraft S*»nkj Swtg--MfM KIM*. Orchard Park Tomrfo 46-ot. cat* Orchard Park Juice Peas Grapefruit^ 3 25 Marmalade H ^ * ^5 Corned Beef-^ N 14 Hormel Spam « 29 Sliced Clovcrian* 15 C I Bacon Mayonnaise ft. 25 Beef Stew Ketchup Macaroni Diary JMMItt HEINZ tm. bH. 13c DINNER ICCO 2-29' 17' 10' large bri. Loblaw't SHORTENING lite,* 19c S H Horn-Wax ». caM 48 A " pur ^ OM Prairie Bell* r*-t ft. tack 12S-H 15 Old Dutch-- 4 -25 C Lux Soap 4-22° i Tissue Tobacco fort OrjMf* Plain «r colon J n«t «4»d vCif«rctt« OCTASOR · : OCTAQN FAIRf OVAL SOAP SWEETHEART VA 3 LIFEBUOY SOAP 4 SELOX SPEFJ SOAP k 12c Wlittl FlMNH SOAP 3 lOc 2 -- N PIMTY SOAP FLAKES ^ Jfc ·ViaMttMHHMolk LniujdrT M *IT» i^* ^EIHK ^HiM^I^3ft IB I l^v KIRKMAI'S CLEARSER ^Sc ·AM tr MN AW ' lie (SUPER SUDS fiOLI DUST HVHT CLUB CATFOOB M*f J*« OBLAWS-sw TIME AND MONEY-LOBLAW I » 1 ',

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