The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 3, 1947 · Page 15
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 15

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 15
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BROWNSVILLE HERALD CLASSIFIED RATES 3c per word 1 cluy 6c per word 2 days 7c per word 8 days 2c per word each addi- ditional day. 15-word minimum. AD orders tor classified a d v e r t i s i n g muse b* accompanied try cash in advance If the d d r e r l l s n r does riot have an oatab- luhed credit ar.count with Tho Herald The BrottTuvlllo Herald v.-lll not be ifsponnlble for errors tn c l a s s i f i e d «ivl» a f t e r the f l r » t insertion and assumes no responsibility above tho co/it of advcrti.v Ins for tjrpro»rn.Dhlcal or other error* in »d« DEADLINE for classified display U 6 p.m preceding day on w e e k d a y s , and 3:JO p m Saturday for 8unday piipor Lino classified deadline U 0:30 n.m weekdays »nd 3:30 o.m B a t u r d a y for Sunday 10. Business .Services CttSSrboL8~~nn d n o P Uo tanlcs cleaned Pliono 0000, HArlinpcen, Tex 2. Personals ALCOHOLICS A N O N Y M O U S Anyone who haa an honest desire to stop drinking, contact Alcoholics Anonymous, P. O. Box 1121, Harlingen, Texas. 4. Special Notices )R HILLINOER, foot specialist, San Bemto H l K w a y . Closed Wednesdays. B u n d a y * by a p p o i n t m e n t . Phone 470- M flan flenlto. CMoscd to a t t e n d con- v e n t i o n J u n e 4th to flth. kV~~C)ub7~lir "Vo~ 12."*" Illo amort* Lode* No. *3 A. K Ai A M- Brown«T»ile. MectlMK T o n l K h t 7:30 P.M. Ma. so IT; I n v i t e d In A t t e n d O. ft. Woods. W.M. A.M. Olson, .Sac. 9.~ Hefl* VVa n ted---Mn 1 c DEALER" WANTKD. in f i t - of T l l l f . 300 f a r m - h o m e neccssltlrw. ^ nr ", d l c l n e s vitamin*, spiers, foods. DDT etc . tfcll k n o w n e v e r y c o u n t y . For p a r t i c u l a r s w r i t e t t a w l e l K h ' s , Dept. TXF-8B-U2. M e m p h i s . Tcisn. W K N E E n M E N dUtrUnilor/i, v a r i o u s t e r r i t o r i e s . W n n t m r n w h o n p p r r c l a t P InMim o w n *O»A and chance to r-arn ITM to »1500 m o n t h l y . Ho r x p o r l e n c p nncii.i- § A r y Thousands of m e r c h a n t s e v e r y - w h e r e ar* w R l t i n i c for A m e r i c a ' s f l r n t and only, new a e n s u t l o n u l . olocUlc c o m b l n h t l d n nu»i«c a n d roach t r n n s . V / r l t e for Trco i n f o r m n t l o n . Tnitle- wood Trap Co., 001 Ho. O r r v l l l c i i , , C n l l f . Mindr!u«, No r « r n p p / » » n n r y , H n l A r y a n d r.omint^- » | o f i r U h n o n P r o d u c t * f'o. 123:i H. K. A p p l y Van- nto Tlld«n_niilcery_74;)_ K. JSllKiiboth. _ wanted- - Female WANTED Ladies' Ready-To-Wear Department Salary and Commission A p p l y : LANE'S 1204 E. Elizabeth VETERANS And all pcraom over 18 years of age eligible to tnko beauty culture. Bcnuty culture pay» transportation, Holtry's College Of Beauty Culture 303 E. Harrl»on - Phono 0634 Hnrllngon, Ti-xun Experienced anlfcfi Udl«i. Tho P»riiUn. 11*1 8. K. Elizixtioth. Help Wanted Mlsoellaneoui WANTED men and women to iitudy High School at homa. Q u a l i f y tor tht better ccmmtrclfcl, I n d u s t r i a l MH! civil t a r v l c o potttioni by v e t t i n K ft high ichool cduCAtlon In n p n r o tlrno. In- cluclliif bookkeeplnx, nhortlmrul, t y p l n f t and ftlllfd biiilnens nibjocti). · d 1»OT. ThoviiianclH of · r » d u » t « 8 Wrlta f o r f r o c 40 f l v i e r t p t t v e b u l l e t i n and nil d o t n t l a , AMEHICAN SCHOOL, W r i t e HOX IDU "» BrownsvJlle HorRld-Brownnvllle. 15. Services Offered OZTNERAL P.ppftlrs on homed. Call J. W. CopenhRYcr. 1768 Morton HI. Phone 493-J. Foil ALL klmlH d r n u l l n o work, and ('xeiwiiilon. O r n y b l l l A: Lino, Phono (1003-FJ LOB FrosnoH, Texas. I N S U R A N C E Pi re - Casualty - Automobile Bonds - Liability - Marino Harry Roberts insurance Agency Phone 183 407 Eleventh Your old Frlgidalre rofmlshcd, repainted, like new. F'actory- ocrfcct. infra-rod ray drying, Call 48 John H, and Earl H U N T E R The Valley's Okiwu and b»r«8*l REFRlOitttATOR HOUSE U3 K. Elizabeth UrownsTllI* Phon» 41 W. B. CLINT AGENCY INSURANCE Fire, Automobile, Casualty, Marine, All Risks. Mexican Tourist coverage Phone 6 429 Twelfth D E N N E T T Marine Engine Co. Chrysler Marine Engines and Parts 1212 Washington St. Phono 1407 17. Building K U I l H A L E Mimbcr Co. I I U I H iinrl y u r d u t i'ronroBO, Texft«, n c v o n inllc.H n n u t h of Wouuico, only l u m b e r y n r d on Oll M l l l t u r y H i g h w a y between U r o w n i i v l l l n n n d Mlafllon, An H t t r i t c t l v e jiroporly, In excellent con- d i t i o n , dolnK p r o f i t a b l e b u B l n e s n . Cash or tnrmfl. Alao 23-foot trailer f l o a t , n e v e r used. Addrcan P. O. Box fifi, ProifroHo, Texan, or Phone Merco- defl (IOOO-F21. PBIOES REDUCED ficfc Aclobo Brick 4"xG"xl2" nt now prioe.s. Coppcrwolcl Wall Ties. Grill at homo south of R. II, 2 Ml. West of Olmlto. HARRY ANDERSON Brownsville BOOO-J Olmito, Texas JUST RECEIVED Shipment of oak flooring. Price la right. HEANER LUMBER CO.. Opposite Court House - Phone 607 SHIPMENT JUST RECEIVED We have a good stock of Clear White Pine In both 1 and 2 inches. in all widths up to and including- 12 inches. STEINER LUMBER CO. Phone 19 10. Household Furniture GAS water hoaters. Electric, gai, and U t i t a n o r a n K u A . Small nly.e fr«o/,«r loxo». Also l a r K C u p r i g h t type. Ktiy Uncho, Inc., 113 K, Jackson, U K F U i a K K A T O H f o r Warren. Phono 131)7. I n q u i r e 17 20, Mil oil In cry KtTKN'B Cllm»tu«d PMnt -- Droolcman Complete Buildlnv Bervloe. 5'IPK, Aniflo Iron, Channels, Iron, Steel oheeU, . Boilers, ensrlnes, gears, n h a f t l n s , Machinery of all kinds and mill supplies. C. A. Prudan. Victoria Gin Co. J130 14th St. Brownsville. To) 604. 21. Musical and Radio COMPLETE YftdUtor repairing nnd r«- ^orlnt »nrt new rtdlhtor. Phont 701. 1015 B.K Adamn, Valley »ody and Bhop. Agent For. RED AEROW FREIGHT LINES Opoz'ator Of Page Transfer Co. Offiro nnd Warehouse in Fort Brown. st*ndArd ilz« c o n c r n t e brick t l l n f t t m o d p r a t n l y low Bcoit A» K n l l o r fti Kf»ll(ir'« tnll«.i eixM of B r o w n n v l l l R on uiui ufs. oro. Uocn 16. BiiKines.4 Service* AND PA TNT SHOP We make f u r n i t u r e , chnst.s dressers, tables, chairs, cabln ·sU and desks. Rcfinlsh Venetian Blinds. 13th and Filmore Brownsville, Texas W E B S T E R INVESTMENT ji-ovus and City Property Phone G38 -- Wo may havs what you want. 2123 14th St. WASHfNO MACHINES FOR RENT DcJvcrccl to your home. Phone 741-IZ Or call at Ml Si Washington PIANO0--1 (small upright, 1 iUnd»rd fiizo upright, a n t i q u e hand carved plnno, also 1 King baritone, Phone 1330. 22. MLioclJaneou* for Sale DOUBLE cteokor inmlc« 18.00 («et) Whlfc- tnan's A r m y Store 690 llth Bt. Across from mtirkot. VOll 8AI/K; Now custom built 16 bout, Phono 020-M, ft. FOH HALE: One acldlns machine wncl one t y p e w r i t e r . Cheap. Excellent condition. C l s n c i O B Hadlo Service. Phonc 1337. FOH SAr,E-- 3B foot cabin crulBor, A-J c o n d i t i o n . MKJ'J t.i-o .HivtunMdur. Hod! C i t u j i t n l n V i t r d n , I'ort Isabel. 28. Wanted to Buy USED PIANO, Any mode! In good con- d i t i o n . Reasonably priced. Call Nolaon 1D01-M. WANTED TO BUY RED » TOMATOES - FOR CANNING OLMITO CANNING CO OLMITO, TEXAS FOR SALE Nice 6 room hom« In Riverside. new, Price reduced to $5000. Can be sold to anybody, and tcrmi can be arranged. A b a r g a i n . Immediate Possession, ADREAN fe OO, Pan American Bldg. Phone 243 20, Dogs--Cats--I'cts KEQIBTEIVED Collie PUPS, Weaned. Pour 1 Koncratlon podlgrceB. Sable and white »60. R u f u s Komp, Insrleuldo. Toxas 31. Poultry -- Chicks FOR BALE; White Wyandotle fryer«, Phono fl01B-F22. . Apartments for Rent FOR- RENT: 2 bedroom f u r n i s h e d apart' ment. New f u r n i t u r e . Kitchen Phono 676-J VKRY cool small apartment. Electrical r e f r l f f o r a t l o n . Also a room. Phone 186S. ONE 2 ROOM apartment, furnished. Couple, no children. 1603 SE Jefferson, 33, Room* for Rent LARG.U3 COOL aouthonflt bedroom In Riverside Addition. Private bath, «n- trancc and Biira«o. Va blo«Jc f r o m bua stop, Prefer sliiKlo man or woman. Phono 410-J. BEDROOM with £E exposure. Phone. 1108-J, 60 BE Elizabeth St. · cool bedroom lor rent. Oara»e. 32B W. Lovoc St. Fhbnn 1380, 34. Houses for Rent FOR RENT; Furnished horn* in Los Kbanos. Phonc 01. 3TOR RENT: Furnished 2 bedroom house from Juno thru September. I m m e d i a t e Occupancy. For information. 022 W. St. Francln St. 36. Wanted to Rent PAA pilot and wife, no children, desire 3 bedroom house. Furnished or un- f u r n l f i h c d . Phono 1401-J. ; P A A Pilot a n d wife, n o children ur- Kontly need u n f u r n i s h e d house. Phone 3BO-R or write Box lOltt Herald, Brownsville, Texas. WANTED to rent--i^urnlwhed 2 bedroom house. Permanent, responsible. Will »l«n y«ar loaso. Box 34^. /ANTKD--Furnlshod two bedroom house or R p a r t m o n t for four Pan A m e r i c a n pilots. W i l l Uko excellent euro of p r o p e r t y . Wrlto Box maft IKirald. 36. HouHca for ___ 7~ROOM houso and 8 acren. Clo»e In on pavement. 2123 14th Bt, Webster Investment, _ ' _ ' . 4-ROOM houso. 77 ft. lot. 22nd and Southmost. $2600. Part cash, balance easy. Dr. W. A. Jones. Phone 1238. ONK 2-room houBa"~on bus Un», W«b«t«r Investment. 2123 14th Bt. I FOR SALE: Quest house · to be movid f r o m property. Ono room, closet and bath. $1BOO. BB W. JH^fferBQi^t^ HALE~ by own"or: Nice 0 room home, l'/a story. 2 porches. Will noil with f u r n i t u r e for $6500.00 or without for $5200.00. Immediate poH«esslon . Can be seen at 1734 W. Adams. _____ FOR SALE: Modern 3 bedroom house. Hollow tile construction, Good nel«h- borhood. Ower, Phone 71S-W. . 38. Business Property MUST SELL due to bad h e a l t h , Complete earuXe and p a i n t equipment. Al«o good location for rent. See Jacic at Boucher Motor Co,, Los Fresnos ftnd Boca Chtca Hwy Intersection, Or Cull 1807, 39. Real Estate for Sale FOR SALE Several good homes, 100% GI loans. A number of small acreage tracts lor subdivisions. A number of good lots on Weafc Boon Ohlca Highway, Bdck store building. Down town. Six acre grove with house. Warehouse on R. R. track with sovoral lots. Several choice lotw in LOH Ebn- now and Riverside. C. G. FOSTER, Realtor 1021 E. Washington Phono 1940 - Res. 1246-J 6-Room House Now Vacant Best buy tn town is in CENTRAL PARK Completely Modern FHA fc GI Approved Mr». H. L. Phone 1347 or 1643-M 1587 Franklin FOR SALE Nice five room home in West Brownsville, New roof and In good condition, Immediate possession. Apartment house near business district, Completely relln- tehed. A good buy. Two new homes ready for occupancy. To del Stobaugh 407 Eleventh St. Phone 183 VGllHM*:-l)t ( l f 0 O . . M a n l e r ' H o u t - Kldr- w h l t n p n l n l , R'nunonnbly prlc.od C.'ull ut l.'l 11! K l l / n b t i t h HI. or Phoiif No. -I. I, C-'lt.v. J-'Oll 9 A I - K : J e l e c t r i c JtrUl uiui toiiRtcr c o m b i n e d . 110 or 12(1 volt's. For rest a u r a n t use only. See C. E. Diiy. Brooks Wnlfinu:n. SPECIAL! · DEEPFREEZE * HOME FREEZERS $310.00 Delivered Brownsville These are large 0 cubic feet freezers. Only two available at thifl special price. OPA price $453.25. Valley Biiick Company St. Charles at l l t h St. I [ O N E almost new piano priced rlahf. I nlfio r o r n p l f i t f t l y eriiilpperl boy* blcyele, I all tltt linoleum Llddell'i FOR SALE Brick home, five rooms, screen porch, in Los Ebanos, Large five room stucco home with screen tile porch on large beautiful lot on resaca in Los Ebanos. R: M. Warren Phono 1227-J FOR SALE 6-1 oom frame home on 2 lots in Riverside. Completely furnished. In excellent condition. Immediate posso«Hlon. Reasonable priced. 6-room frame homo Just off Old Port, Road. B acres excellent land. Citrus. On resaca. 6-room frame home in Victoria Addition, On paved street and conveniently located. $0500. We also have a fine selection of many other homos, farms and lots. C O L G I N BECHDEL Phones: Office 157 or 63 Residence 905-J 16 Maltby Bldg. 39, Real Estate for Sate FOR SALE Several good tourist locations on Highway. See us for lotB. camp MONSEES SON Pan American Bldff, Phone 316 FOR SALE We have new ftnd nearly tie*' homes for sale and wo al«o Imve homes especially lor Q.I.'it, Boe the?i» homed before you buy. Prices jflfioo.OO and UP. ADBEAN CO, Pan American Bldg, Phone 243 40. Lot* for LARGE LOTS North Bro-wn«ville Subdivision, Block north of Boo* Chlc» HlBhwuT. Q»r, water, electricity, Kravcl roadi. City bu» Bervlcc. Convenient to Water Port and Airport employee*. Priced |J4R.OO UP. Term* $215.00 down, Balance $1P.O(1 per month. THOS. P. BENSON C6. 1212'BE Washington Phont SALK: One acre tractfl on pavement Webster Investments 3133 14th 8t, Phone C38. ' SALE ono corner lot on pavement and sidewalk, 4th and Went Levne, Inquire 1131 ICligaboth St. 43, Acreage lor Sale SALE 30 acres on 14th Street, O'Neale, Phone 1131. 841 8, K. nbeth 8t. Acreage for Rent FOR RENT; 360 acres J u n t plowed for seed or food crop. Steven*. Phone «02-J 1246 Ellr.nbeth 8t. 4G, Financial and Loans PAWNBROKERS LOANS On Anything Of Value 2128 14TH ST. 50. Used Trucks for Sale Brownsville Motor Co. 1222 Washington St. Phone 427 Chrysler - Plymouth Diamond T Trucks 1040 FOHD8ON tractor, border, h u r r o w , blade, bedder, planter, cultlvater. W. D. Pratt, 413 Flnt National Bunk nidg, Phono Ifl70. ., FOK SALK--10:17 l'/j ton CMC panel truck, $aoo. Call 1051-M, Airbusc T-15. 51. Trailers for Sale FOR 8ALJC-- 104ft Sohult Luxery Llnor HOUBO Trailer. Equipped with Butane. Tel. 1B51-M. HOUSE Traller-14 ft., sleeps two. Bea- ·onably priced. Shamrock Trailer Court. Boca Chloa Road. Yankees To Sponsor Tryouts In Memphis MEMPHIS, June 3.-- tf») --The New York Yankees will ^sponsor a two-day try-out camp here starting June 10. Former big leaguers Durlelgh Grimes and Wattle Holm will supervise with Ernest Lorbeer scout- Ing the playera for contract. Red Cross Elects Officers For West Cameron Chapter HARLINGEN, June 3 -- Most officers of the West Cameron County Chapter of the American Red Cross were rc-Clected at the annual meeting Monday night at the First National Bank. Those re-elected were Chiarman C. L. Pincher, San Benito; ,J. W, Gates, La Feria. vice-president; Jack Cook of San Benito, treasurer; Evan H. Hurst, treasurer of Harlingen branch, and Charles A. Washmon of Harlingen, secretary. E, C. Breedlove was replaced as director by Paul Greenwood, who had been vice-chairman from Harlingen. Directors re-elected were Tom Phillips, Santa 'Rosa; R. M, King, PPrimcra; Mrs. C. W. Sturck, Santa 'Maria; . J, K. McEowen, Briggs-Coleman; J. W. Oatcs, La" Feria; W. B., Reeves, Combes; James L. Keller, Port Isabel; Rudy Bendixen, San Benito; Frank McCabe, Rio Hondo; Ura Breedlove, Los Fresnos; Morgan Buchan, Rangcrville; and E. D. Peek, Los Indies, Oommltte chairman made reports. Most of them were re-elected. Chapter finance, C, A. Wash- mac, Harlingen; San Benito branch' finance, W. W, Housewright; chapter publicity, Mrs. Marie Silsbee; San Benito branch publicity, Steve Elam; chapter Junior Red Cross, Mrs. Thomas B. Johnston, Halingen; San Benito Junior Red Cross, Daisy McDonald; Harlingen Junior. Red Cross, Margaret Thomason. Chapter home service, B. A. Epstein of San Benito; Harlingen homo service, P. A. Hoidale chapter disaster preparedness, the Rev. C. C. Shafe, San Benito; Harlingen preparedness, P. A. Hoidale; chapter name nursing, Mrs. J. B. Griffin, San Benito; Harlingen home nursing, Mrs, Mattlc Lewis; chapter nutrition, Laura Underwood, San Benito; Harlingen branched nutrition, Mrs. E. L. Kirk, chapter first aid, R. H. Bohner, San Benito; Harlingen first; aid, F. M, Sexton. Home and farm accident pro- volition, Frank Brunnemann, San Benito; volunteer special services, Miss Paul Hill, Harlingen; nurses aides, Mrs. G, Larimer Brown, Harlingen; canteen,. Anne Roonie Hill, Harlingen; staff assistance, Mrs. Charles Schlotter, Harlingen; chapter production, San Benito branch production, Mrs. Opal, Hervey; La Feria production, Mrs. G, J. Hoversan. i Fred Haas Qualifies For National Open NEW ORLEAN, June 3,-- (XP) -Fred Haas Jr., of New Orleans, who recently tied for third in the Colonial Invitation tournament at Fort Worth, qualified for the National Open Golf tournament with a score of 70-74-144 over the par-71 Metairie Country Club course here yesterday. Haas, who won the Memphis Open In 1945, competed against 11 other entrants. The cost of moving a shipment of goods across tho Whangpoo river at Shanghai rose in the postwar inflation until it was greater than the cost of moving the same shipment from San Francisco to China. BUSINESS DIRECTORY Th« Sam Hughiton Agency Wt Insurt ovorythlng but fcho hereafter. BROWNSVILLK, TB3XA3 Anthony Bid*. Phon« 1153 RBAt MSTATK-LOANB Commcrolftl -- ReildtntUl F»rm» -- R»nche» KO BROKKRAOK - NO EXFJCNBM U B. BAKKR - *. D KJCALKR Rttii-Wll-Mond Hotel Old* r«*»» -- Phont No. 40ft Brake Service Expert Brakr Servic* on all makes of car*. Goodyear Service 10th c Levee -- Phont 090 EMERSON RADIOS PHONORADIOS RECORDERS BATTERY SETS Sommera Furniture Phone 874 1208 Adams PARKA BROS. NO. 2 Grocery - Meats Hardware Fr«e Delivery Anyplac* Phone 1602 1131 E, Adams You'll Be Sold On U» When We Sole Your SHOES Por Quick and Satisfactory Service, Bring Your Shoes to Centra] Shoe Shop 1126 £, Washington Brownsville HELP - U*- SELF LAUNDRY Wet Washing* and Dry Washing;* Done 2901 E. 14th Phone 9564 Covaccvich Bicycle Shop bicycles and supplier Also repair work. Front of LandrunVi Phone 1676 ORCHARD CARE Discing - Bordering Dusting As You Want It Done MAX DREASHER Phons 6012-F-3 Liquid Fertilizer Applied in Irrigation Water Texas Liquid Fertiliser Co. Call or Write N. P. SOHMITZ 21H3 8. E. 14th St. Phono 080 Your Brownsville ~ Los Presnos Agent RUGS CLEANED And Repaired By an experienced Armenian artist who understands the care they require, and knows tho proper way to handle them, Your fine Oriental rugs need attention. Have them cleaned and repaired by a rug export. 503 E, Levee Phone 1217-M -- 1046 KANDARIAN Rug Expert Brownsville ATTENTION GROWERS AIRPLANE DUSTING SERVICE Insecticide Sulphur Fertiliser Herman Schreiber, Jr, Phone 1923-M or Willis Implement Co, - Ph, 492 Printing Commercial, Job printing, blueprinting. Neatly and promptly finished, .THE PRINTCRAPT SHOP 607 Oth St. Phont 777 WASHING? Use HUFFAKER'S SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY Soft Water, Courteous Assistance, Curb Service. 314 East 8th Phone 1903 Birthday Parties and Wedding P H O T O G R A P H S in Your Home or Church Call SUMMERS STUDIO Phone 815__ 406Jj!._12th St._ AUTO REPAIRING All makes of cars and trucks expertly repaired at prices you can afford to pay, frRIEDMANN MOTOR CO. Corner 10th and Levee Phone 105 Proptxne Gns Tanks Water-Softeners Stewart Warner Radio* Butanu Water Heaters HARDIN GAS APPLIANCE CO. Phone 978 Tuesday, .Tune 3, 1!M7 THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD Sky Is Limit B* I'ATT WATTS BORREOO SPRINGS, Cnlif., (NEA) -- Roar Adm. Ralph Wood, USN (Ret.), once sold tho Japanese on abandoning tho Eloui- ians by repetcd nir attacks. The Admiral, now a civilian, still is making air attacks. But. now his is selling prospective real estate buyers on settling in Borrego Springs. He flies his customers in from Los Angeles, 160 miles to the north, from nearby Palm Springs, and from other cities, ami gives them an aerial view of the desert lands he hopes they will buy. Borrego Springs is strictly for the birdmen, especially those who own their own planes and don't mind commuting a, hunderd miles or so. The wide desert roads are laid o ; ut so that small planes can land easily oii them. "Sportsmen pilots fly down to investigate the possibilities of Borrego Springs," Adm. Wood says, "or we Jly them in, taxi right up to the tract office and pick up a salesman. Then we take off and fly over the property,' The salesman picks it up from there; "Like it?" he asks the prospect. "Up here you can see the new highways, note the relative distances and get a general view of the whole development. Let's land." After the buyer gets a "ground- eye" view of the land, they take off again and fly back to the dotted line at the office. The Admiral admits that it, isn't Estate Man Little Red Gets A House Paint Job Hear Adm. Ralph Wood (left) welcomes realtor Robert Ransom sind a c.nuplo of prospects to Horrcffo Springs. Wood's flying: salesmen already have sold $500,000 worth of property hi new resort. sihvays ns simple ns that. But in have .sold $,500.000 wort.ii of prop- t w o ' m o n t h s his nirplane salesmen orly in^Uie ncwj-ejiort. ^ 14 Homers Banged i Out In West Texas League On Monday By The Associated Press Homo runs wore almost as common i\a .sinRlos yesterday in th« West Texas--New Mexico Longm w i t h H recorded in four games. The scores were: Pnmpn ?.? Clovis 7; Albuquerque 13; Luhfoock 10; Amnrlllo t Lnmesn (\: HnrRer 13 Abilene H Plnyers Hitlnff home ruvis \\\- rluded; Leon Mitchell. Borger, 3; Wok Crues, Amnrillo, 2; Vlnceni Mhev- to, Amnrlllo. 1; Graver Seitz. Pnm- pn, 2; Tony Ranee, P.impn. 1: Don Moore Ray Sanders. Al Jackson, all of Clovis, one each: Bill Serena, Lubbock, 1; Ron Roxven. Albuquerque. 1. Ros« McDade Takes 4-State Golf Title TEXARKANA, June 2 --or-Row? MeDnde of .Shreveport today holds the 10-17 honors of thj Four States Invitation Rolf tournament, Ho came out on top in the final here yesterday by shooUns thre« under pnr golf (o down Vincent Allison of Fort, Smith. 2 and 1. Extra-curricular activity: Student teachers Franklin G. Richardson of Lancaster, Pa., and Barbara Ann Nclcllff of Chevy Chase, Md get a new perspective on education by doing; a Saturday afternoon paint job at a one-room school tit Patton Township, Pa. TERMITES Guarantee ANTS - ROACHES Able Exterminators* Ine, Phono inn? -- R43-R LET'S YOU AND ME BUILD A HOME BROCKMN Complete nnflding Serriee 4t5 W. Kllxabeth Phono S Insurance Bond* DODD-lVnTCHELL AGENCY Arcad* Bid*. · Brownsville Phones 100 and 1839 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS MOTOR REPAIRS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SKI 1 * WENCKSI.AO PEREZ COMPANY 903 E. Madison Ph. 641-M PATTON TOWNSHIP, Pa., (NEA) -- The little red schoolhouse is getting a now cont of paint and a professional boost from higher education. Three of the one-room schools In this township nre doubling as an educational workshop for a dozen teachers-to-be from the Pennsylvania State ColloRO. The project was launched this year by the penn State chrlstinn Association nnd the Pcnn Staco Chapter of the American Association for Childhood Education. Already it has won enthusiastic support from both students nnd teachers in the one-room schools, and school officials would like to .see the idea spread,· Calling all hands: Organized recreation is one of the thitifrs higher education is giving 1 one-room schools in Patton Township, Pa. Here student teachers Sally Schlcycr (left), Philadelphia, and Barbara Atkins, Bay Ridge, N. Y., play "goal" for u waddle race, Thn student teachers visit the schools weekly to teach art, music and orgnniml recreation, subjects which arc not now part, of the schoolroom schedule. The project ! has broadened the scope of clo- mentary education in these schools, pupils of a wide age range. Pcnn St.nt.e officials find also ( h a t t,ho plnn building new interest in the teaching profession iimonp; .students. They no lonue.r limit their activity to classroom work. The stua-! j e n t ' teachers have carted motion : I picture- projectors and educational! films to the schools. On weekends ' t h e y have even donned overalls' and give the schoolrooms u palm job. Juicy Steaks, Fried Chicken, Chilled Boers, Nice Dancing. Claude Kennedy, MgT. mi. on San Bc.tiito Hiway Frank Parker Tops In Tennis Tourney KANSAS CITY, June 3.-- (/I 1 ) -Frank Parker of I'^OH Angeles, the nation's No. 3 ranking player, will go into action today as the top- seedotl favorite of the Heart of America tennis tournament. Three others among the country's top ten amateurs are entered in the tourney which will continue throng Sunday. They are Robert Palkenburg of Los Angolos, Gardnnr Mulioy of Miami, and William Tal- bcrt, Wilmington, Del. It is estimated that -10 percent of the total U. S, railroad passenger traffic in 1944 consisted ot members of the armed forces nnd a substantial portion of the remainder represented movements of the families of service people. Three Clubs Reach For Lead Spot In Big State League (By 'The Associated Pross) Wichita Falls held a slender percentage lead over Greenville and Texarkana today with the slate set for a three-cornered battle tonight for the top spot in the Big Stale League. Greenville and Texarcana split in a double bill last night, Greenville taking the opener 3-2, and dropping the ten-inning nightcapt 1-0. Wichita Falls jumped from third to first on a 13-11 decision over ETAO1N Waco, In other games, Gainesville edged Austin 4-3 in ten innings and Paris nosed out Sherman 5-4. Complete Optical Service Eyes Examined ~ Lenaes Duplicated -- Frames Repaired R, L LACKNER Jeweler and Optometrist lilt CliEAbelb Phonc 614 Brownsville W R E C K E R S E R V I C E DAY -and - MIGHT 1664 Phone 356-R D, W, SIMPSON 00. Your Packard Dealer

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