The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 22, 1963 · Page 27
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 27

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 27
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' 1 C . A S I AVEATHER FORECAST. It will be warmer Thursday night over the northeastern third of the nation and over parts of the northern Plateau. Scattered showers are expected in Virginia, Louisiana, Nebraska and in the southwest border states. CBS Offers Unique Self-Aooraisal Hour By RICK 1)1' BR01V Unilrd Pivss Inlc-mnrlannt HOLLYWOOD (UPI I - CBS-TV g-aiion adv'ocaies Liiaji opponents. And so forth. There was general agreement, Temperatures Around Nation Beulah Building Up To Hurricane MIAMI (UPI) - Weathermen predicted 'today t h a . t . .tropical storm Bculah, moving . toward the Leeward Islands in the iropical Atlantic, .probably would develop into a full-blown hurricane. The ' San Juan, PR,, Weather- Bureau located the storm, at 6 a.m. EOT rear latitude-IS norlh longitude 57 west. This was a b o u t 600 stiuule miles east ol San Juan. ' · , "flie slorni is movinu between west northwest and northwest at about 12 miles per hour and is expected to continue in about the same direction and at about the same speed lor Hie next six lo 12 hours." the weather bureau said. The weather bureau said the storm's highest, winds were estimated to be about 55 miles per hour over a small area near t h e center ar.d gale force winds extended outward 200 miles iiorih and east and about 1 THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Thurjday, August 22, 1963 to the | · miles ' * to the southwest. Bv THE ASSOCIATED PHESS Ulfrli Ixiw Pr. Albany, clear Thursday night offered a unique i however, that both American wire! A ' b "iuerque. cloudy hour of sell-appraisal: a look al | services ore doin;; a good, bal-' A t l a n t a , clear the controversy over liow broad-! anced job covering the crisis. | Bismarck, clear oasiinc and Ihe press have cov- · I Boise, cloudv et-od the desegregation crisis. The Channel Swim: A spokes- ] Boston, cloudy"".""" CBS is well aware of ilie u l t r a - . man foi- Hollywood's biggest Ne-! Buffalo', clear sensitivity o[ the problem, having gvo talent agency says there has \ Chicago, cloudy"".!" been accused by some quarters of been a "definite" increase in t h e ' Cincinnati, clear " slanting coverage in favor of the · use of Negro entertainers in re: Cleveland, clear Negro cause. NBC ha? run inio com months. : Denver, cloudv -ihe same accusation. But since Ktigi'iip Bui-dick, co-author the c-omiwersv extends to most, "The Ugly American" and "Fail , Detroit cloudv if not all. communications media, i Safe," is'roponed working up a ' Kairua-ks M ' tlv special progi-am expanded Us possible CBS-TV series aboul the Fo;1 Wori'li rloar scopo to ind'jde the printed press · problems of natives in the South '. Helena clear o f ' D e s Mohvs. cloudy ... 83 ·· - - 88 M 99 7-1 as w c l 1 - : Paritii'. . .The lest f i l m for -NBC-1 Honolulu M Reporter Diaries Collingwood TV's planned weekly two-hour i Indianapolis, rlenr began the broadcast by rending features, aimed at ihe 1964-6j sea-' Jacksonville cloudy several letters that c o m - j son. is said lo iv based on Eniest J u n e a u , M : Kansas City, cloudy _ plained of Ihe coverage on CBS , Hemingway's "The ' Killers". . . and elsewhere. Shortly thereafter, i Pern- Como. who once was hard ,LOS Angeles, cloudy the remainder of the hour was j 10 get out of a studio, lours scv-;Louisville cloudy UiiTied over to a discussion group . en cities for his NBC-TV specials ' Memphis" clear of some loading figures in jour-1 this season. in ] CBS-TV editor of ] h a l l - h o u r the Rii-hmond (Va.l Now-Lead- i Reading Room," and has rr: Grovei- Hnll Jr., editor-in-i up wiih a replacement, as nalism. They were: James J. Kilpairick. cancelled its weekly, children's show. "Th? M i a m i , clear Milwaukee, clear Mpls., S;. Paul, cloudy S.~ come Nc\v Orleins. clear . '. ST - New York, cloudy . . Si 55 G7 GG 56 52 GS GO 6G .! 56 54 63 DONOVAN TO RK HONORED j WASHINGTON CAP)--James B. Donovan will lie honored by the American Red Cross for his part in negotiating the release ot 1,113 Bay of Pigs prisoners Irani Cuba, Gen. Alfred M. Gruentlier, Red Cross president, will present a special cilci'.ion 10 ihe New York attorney. .02 ZODIAC ROOM --Motor Inn Mote!-- Now Ploying Nightly . . . (except Monday) "THE DIMENSIONS" Swlnle East Conal Sounds! 10 til ? --MumlM.*r; and Guests-- .38 ohi.'f of Ihe Montgomery (.Ala.) j 'sed. . .It is pmiilod "Do You | Oklahoma City, clear Adverliser: Louis M. Lyons, c u r a - , Know?" a:iri. each Saturday s t a r t ; Omaha cloudv' tor o! the N i c m a n Fellowships in i ing Oi-;. 12, features youngsters : Philadelphia, cloudy j o u r n i i l i s m ai Harvard University. : in qiiestions-and-answcr sessions , Phoenix, cloudy and Rifhard S. Salanl. president based on selected iMoks. . .Two' Piitsbumh. cloudy CBS News. The moderator was · teams made up of ihree 9-M-12: Portland" Me rl'nar" year-o'ids from different schools: Portland' Ore., clear " eompote, in what appears 10 | n ap ij City, clear 86 frf .09! er format. Edward l^an-ert. dean of the Graduate School of Journalism al I Columbia I'niveisity. The chief value of ihe hour to I television viewers was an impor-' t?..i; one: lo r.iake t h e m aware o f ; an cxji'aordinanly d i f f i c u l t silua-: lion in which broadcasting and | the press, even when al their ·besi, are dealing wiih material | that touches viewers and readers ·wiih such emotion ihat il is \-ir-1 tually impossible to salisfy every- Sauirdnv one. In one of the fe\v general acveemen's of the nighl. all members of Ihe panel affirmed That the resecrogalion slop. 1 was one of the toughest of all lime. If Ihe program did nolhing morp than create n deeper under- sianding and sympathy for This problem among those who tuned in, il was a success. Plenty of verbal punches were thrown, some glancing, some direct hits. Many of ihe points, ihouch not new, are of such sieady controversy t h a ; their impact was powerful. For instance: rhe argument thai northern papers have, u n l i l recently, ignored rhc racial problem in their own back yards: the argument tha; southern papers--and some northern ones -- suppressed the racial story: the argument t h a t television gives more lime 10 .04 bo an attempt to provide a liveli- · Richmond'.'cloudy ".'.".'.' S7 6? 2.13 Church Watermelon Party Set In City Park Saturday First Methodist church will have a "walermelon bust" at Elmer Thomas Park Shelter at 5 p.m. Entertainment will be provided, but members should bring t h e i r . own watermelon. I St. Louis, cloudy . .. SI 5S Salt Lake C i t y , cloudy 87 C3 San Diego, cloudy ... 79 67 Winnipeg. M M M DRIVE IN SOUTH ON n. »U H.VO Phonv Ct3 9474 0]«*ns ill ~--Starts nt Dusk TONITE S 1.00 And TlnirsJjiy CARLOAD NITE J. tii'i Sail}' F'rnser In "ROAD RACERS" SWIM Twilight Beach Duncan, Okla. Sandy Beach · Picnic Area TRY OUR SO FT THRILL SLIDE Open 1 to S p.m. SADDLE! iHORSES; 51.00 Per Hour J* 4 Daily 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. £ EAGLE PARK Cache, Oklahoma On \Vlchiia Ml. Hishway Diul HA 9-S28B LAWTON MON. SEPT. 44TH AND CACHE ROAD Aus. l-jiwlon Jaycces Nightly 6:30 S W I M Daily 10 to 10 Rides - Golf Picnic Kids Cndor 1 TflNITF I \J I I I I C. SHliinlny ACADEMY A W A R D WINNER THE PULITZER PRIZE NOVEL NOW COMES TO THE SCREEN! To kill a Mockingbira * l ^ n ° f\\/ GREGORY PECK Plus In color--Sieve McXall} 1 In "STAND AT APACHE RIVER" Come Out To Our Old Fashioned ICE CREAM PARLOR · 24 Flavor? ol Ice Cream · Unbcllevnhle Ice Crcuni Snndncs CHARBROI1.ED STEAKS-HAMBURGERS Private Pnrtics Arrnnced JOHNSON'S "GAY NINETIES" Open til U. p.m. in Cache Rd. Squ.iro B R I M M I N G O V E R WITH INNOVATIONS, WONDROUS SURPRISES A MYRIAD OF UNPRECEDENTED FEATURES FROM ALL STRANGE LANDS Air Conditioned Room Informal AtmoHphere Brliy; Ue ChUdren Plenty of High Chain Cache and Sheridan Rood EL S-lfilf Th.'i Beit Holiday li Ihe odvant of Clyde B»ttv - Cold Brok. Circus. . Million of Poo- pl« rovcl In the Merriment and Wholesome Fun of this Annual Fntiv« Frolic. Young and Old from Far and NcarJoln Hand* to this HAPPIEST OF ALL HOLIDAYS. CLYDE BEATTY IN PERSON G O O P E O P L E ISO A R T I S T S 2 0 0 A N I M A L S 15-- ELEPHANTS 4 , 0 0 0 S E A T S SK.500 DAILV EXPENSE Sl.750,000 I N V E S T E D Choice Charcoal Broiled Steaks Cooked Over Open Pit In Our Dining Room · Prime Rib of Roair Beef · Sea Food Bring the family to Martin's 'or a real treat Complete dinners from $1.75. Corne as . you are. Weekdays 5-U p.m. Sundays 11:30 a.m. UJ 10 p.m. 3107 Cache Road EL 3-S286 TWICE D A I L Y 2 f c 8 P.M. CHILDREN Sl.OO-ADULTS $1.90 RESERVED AND ADMISSION TICKETS ON SALE CIRCUS DAY AT A-B DRUG CO. 401 D AVE. Gen. Adm, tickets ou sale no\v at Trade Mart, Humpty ·Dumpty and Juycees: Home of Fine Italian Foods · Choice Broiled Steaks · Sea Food · Chicken Complete Italian and American mi;nii». Private dining room for small partle* FROZEN ITALIAN DISHES TO TAKE HOME Open 3 p.m. ot 12:45 ajn.. Sal.. 3 lo l-AS . Order, To Go 113 N. 2nd EL3-9543 I ii I 312 S. FOURTH CALL EL3-9I71 ITALIAN RESTAURANT FAMOUS FOR PIZZA AT ITS IIST! 1 i o STARTS TODAY! Box Office Open 1:45 -- Storts at 2:00 -- Features ot 2:35, 5:50, 9:00 Admission: 25c - 75c -- Free Parking Across from Diana Theatre-Ask Attendant for Special Ticket THE MOST EXCITING MOTION PICTURE YOU'LL SEE IN '63! 55 DAYS THAT STUNNED THE WORLD Thisisthestaryof the courageous men and women who fought a horde of fanalics and the armies of an Empress --while the world held its breath. Produced by Samuel Bronston, Ihis is a molion picture destined to surpass even his magnificent EL CID. Ripped From The Battle Scarred Pages Of Marine Corps History! SAMUELBRONSTON PRESENTS DAVID HESTON GARDNER NIVEN IN *is U» PEKING THWE (So liUle Tim-) KnrTrfE BflOFrtERS FOUR M3''» OATS *7 PEKING" Hur Kit full Swni Track Album. ATT gn ColunbiJ Rn»nJ] FLORA ROBSON JOHN IRELAND HARRY ANDREWS LEOGENN ROBERT HELPMANN KURT KASZNAR PAULLUKAS ELIZABETHSELLARS JACQUESSERNAS JEROMETHOR ^^DIMITRI TIOMKIN ««c« ftWB PHILIP YORDAN^ BERNARD GORDON wo. n NICHOLAS RAY SAMUEL BRONSTON 70MM SUPERTECHNIRAMATECHNICOLOrT STARTS TONITE Box offic*' oprn T p.m.. C o n t i n u o u s shows from 1:45 Saturday Sunday. DIANA DOWNTOWN NOW SHOWING Box office open 1:30. ?4iorTs at 1:45. Features at 2:00. 3:55, 3:35, 7:.15, 9:3(1. Admission: iic. '5c. Free parkins across str^e.t-- asH ait«n]ajit (or special ticket. f If ] ^^^ N DJJ* · flMveOf ' DRIVE-IN _ AUSTIN T H E R T R E DOUBLE FEATURE ENDS TONITE Op;n 6:30--Starts al Dark Adm:: GOc--Kids under 12 Free MOST INCREDIBLE IN U. S. NAVY HISTORY! IN A Tcho Ccf Wfif Ud. · A UniverHl RlejM 6REGORY/ROBERT/POLLY PECK MITCHUM BERGEN A W9 CMH Pradunnn · A Uni*«rul-lnIinu[lDrul KMM ,,_ Uftl IUJT1K · MMT1N ULSAM JACK mUJSCHEN-lEUt SHVALAS-- BARRIE CHASE ' Tomorrow Night at Austin Drive-In Theatre... "BATTLE OF THE GUNSLINGERS" 3 ALL TIME GREATS! "COWBOY" Glenn Ford, Jack Lemmon (Color) · "2 RODE TOGETHER" James Stewart, Richard.Widmark (Color) · "GUN GLORY" Stewarr Granger (Color) DOUBLE FEATURE ADULTS ONLY Box office open 1:15 Admission: 73c "LUST FOR THE SUN" This is the colorful story ol the nudist camps at Woburn Abbey, Isle of Sylt, Isle ot Levant and Cavallo! Filmed In Flesh-Tone Color! --PLUS SECOND ADULT SHOW-"WAYWARD GIRL" WWWWWWWVWWVW

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