The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 3, 1947 · Page 14
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 14

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 14
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Ttir*i1n,Y, .Tnnr 3, 11)47 BROWNSVILLE HEKALD Tuwids-y, June S, they'll Do It Every Time U. 5, By Jiminy Hado MRS.POPGIRPLE ''// OH, A SURVEX EK? HAS VERY SET / MV FAVORITE PROGRAM I PEAS OM EVER/ . ,,, T/M IM CAV/nc ^ r ^/iPMC/^-r^ J VES, IM IN FAVOR OF tUcXJ£CI / UNDERWEAR FOR THE ZULUS. SHARE THE ATOM BOMB? NO ^^^^^$22^ INTIL-HWTIS- -^SZ'""**" SHE MAKES A x- 7 H'MM - I PONT El3 POLLAR /KMOW WHETHER TO P/ 1RCHASE r P AINT TM E PRESSER AT THE LOCAL ' OLP RoSE OR eA B ^ UE PAINT STORE SAM CRUSEV, LAKE MOMAWK, N.J. THE CARPET IS .QREEN- ELJT WAIT; HOW ABOUT PURPLE-NO-WAIT- YELLOW-- UH-UH~ HOLP ON NOW/ TEN MINUTES HE WAS 4NNOVIN' THAT S/WE FELLA IN THE PARK.' SURE AN' THERE'S SOMETHIN' VERV SM6UY IN MORRA / W-WHAT'S - - / P E A ? ·WHERE ABLE T SET UP AH'ASK SUfrSTIONS, HUH/ 1 SILVER"?.. WELL, I AIN'T IM NO MOOD FOR CONVER- TAKE HIM TO 4 P0CTOR MVSELF." 5AVS-/INP L04PEP THE V/CT/M INTO HIS C A R / THAT 0U6HTA KCbP W RIPIN' CLOUDS TILL I C'M GU.L ll KEys"AN' FINP OUTTH 1 SCORS/ # you ever 1/sten to such delightful mus/c Ida/do Great! ^ * Sim ply great! Never heard r a better 'orchestral. made up entirely of women. OUR B O A R D I N G H O U S E - - -- W i t h M a j o r Hoople I WtLL MA30R.' X'Glides 1 CAM SAxl£ f GRe^T CAESAK/AL/ ^ tUlS. OLD BABY FROM TUB TlM CAN JU° U OONVT M * V T ° POT COLLECTION YJlTH A L\TTL W O R ^ ' W IW GOLD INLAY£ HK UAVJ TO Five -rue woLe %\ A DENTIST REPA\RIMG MOLARS/***-A^L Th\/XT LIKE- OLD CMGE.9.' J \ MOTOR. MEEDS TO IT VSiONTT COST VOO MORB'M 7^ / POT IT IM COK)CER.T A CODPL BUMOReD/^r-^ PH'CH ISA COMPRE.- -By Williams 111/ WHEW I MISS, IT ^ | ';/ SHOJ5E MUPS UP MV llj 1 ROPE-- MAKBS A LOT \ ! \ O' WORK AM' SLOWS' J !' X KAP: I IP' ,---i I iV-,. OH, THESE BOYS CAW KEEP IT CLEAN FOR YQU" GET IN) THERE AW' SCRAPE IT OFF EACH TIME/ OH.AUKJTV. IT'LL RUIKJ OUR COWBOY OUTFITS/ NOW I KNOW WMO YOU REMIND . ME OF. YOU LOOK LIKE A FELLA I SAW IN A WEDDING PARTY THE OTHER DAY. COULD THOUGHT OP SOMH THING AND IT/S VERY FUNNY/ NOPE. IT'S MY L I T T L E SECRET. SIT DOWN HERB, 816 BOY. CORN. 1947 UY NCA (JCHVICt, INC. YOU STILL AIN'T T QUIT WORRYIN',^ YER5ELF. BAT. SOME- ) WEARY. YOU'RE TWIN'S EATIN' YOU. / 6ETTIN' TO BE A WHAT IS IT ? ^4, REGULAR OLD WOMAN, « / l m I I'.ANf^ ' f a - 3 HLO..U. a.PAT. KNOW OOP6 IN A JAM SACK THERE IN TRIPOLI, / THINK THE POSv/EG'LL BE OFF LONG/ BUT IF I KNOW HIM. HE'LL MAKE OUT UNTIL WE CAN GET TO HIM W/TH THE TIME- MACHINE ' ¥$\$$m fc^^m ^':P'^ !l K|P\ ·/ * i' L y mv^"./ rj V -.-- ( PERHAPS (NOW YOU'LL TELU us ' v V.-HEPE YOUR PAL VENT WITH HALP A CHEST OF MY 6E5T TME APPRENTICE BOYS u, n. MT. orr -By Dick Turner Ambassador (o Previous HORIZONTAL 1,8 Pictured ,, ^'\ ambassador to, % Conducted U S Dr ' 7 On ^ e ocoan Guiilormo B P i K p e n 9 Arcu measure H Locks of h n l r J9 Feline !f. D c l i n c a t o d 1] TM u i r l y \ 0 Hops' k i l n 1'iCarovansnry 17 repudiate 10 Weary 20 Onriger 21 Sloth 22 Biblical land 23 Even (contr.) 25 Fourth T W · W E D V LAMADB u M You SAY YOU TRIED To CALL MfT AMD MOW YOU'RE 1 CLOSED?. ·faATfe IMPOSSIBLE / WMY IMAGINE THE SAYING OUR. PHONE- WAS Busy ALL AFfER. NOON / A RIDICULOUS EXCUSE , J. MUST SAY f WHY, LARD AMD I | VDUwERE TALKING HARfXY MORE Ti-fAM / TO LAKD'-' |-(MM--SAID HELLO/ / I SEE IT ALL NOW' IF YOUK. IDEA CF JiJST SAYIM6 HELLO \\AS W KIT r fT N PO W ,SJ . iT VVOULD RDM LOM6EPL THANJ'^OMK WiTH IMF VVIMO"/ -^ O /VvOsV.-.^^r^- , \^gO('»rvf7.JIY.Ni;A SrRVj A r a b i a n cnliph,^P e e d 20 L i m b 34 Skeleton organ i / n t ion 3G Ho is chair- m a n of the governing ·-- of the Pan American u n i o n 31 Scandinavian 37 Wild hog 13 A r n h i n n 18 Symbol for nickel 24 Asiatic kingdom 25 Caper 27 Breach *f$:^ : . : tfi$***'f ..···"·· . '·*' CQf». HV N E A D I B V I C E . INS, T. M. R E G . U. S. .PAT, "When Mr. Ponsonby retired he stipulated that the vice presidents each visit him once a week and say, 'Yes, J, B.'l" BAH.M-:Y noociu: AM Mitii 28 An 20 Parent 30 Court ( n b . ) 31 Short slce;-j 32 Motnl 3'! M o u n t a i n pass .'JJiTaxi .'IT P r o h i b i t 30 Me is an envoy Nicaragua 40 Child ·12 Chances 4\ Verbal 40 Prevaricator 47 Ascended 49 Bmvnil f)l Retrograde 52 Shores VERTICAL 1 Portico 2 Expunge 3 Ship 4 D'cvotoe 33 C o u n t r y 3fl E i t h e r 39 Crnzcs 41 Very (Fr.) 43 Compass point 44 I n d i v i d u a l 45 Permit 46 Lady Literate in A r t (ab.) 4B D i m i n u t i v e of Edgar 50 P a i r ( n b , ) 'eel To PO YOLi A FAVOR ·' WE CAtt'T AFFORD To LOSE WE ET AGAirtST RYDER THISiK ^ HOR5E CAsi FOR HALF TOUR I'LL FIX IT 50^5 TOO A CLOSE. RACE WE PON*t V to riT 6E VOORTriil/ I'VE A Rr-PUIATiOSi A5 As TO K£tP DP ·' UNTIU CLBO AND EA5V FIRST CAME TO AV HOU£JE I WA^S TOO ABSOfcBEt IN ^V 30B TO RESIZE HOW LITTLE I WAS GETriNG FP:ON\ LIFE. DALE. IT'S GOIWG TO BE DIFFEKEMT FRO\\ NOW ON!'. --By Fred Lass well L.EN'5 G R M F U U FOE. DONE. TO WHM SOU THIVTs' NbYWNG. CLEO! HE'S SHW \A A W P fA/XV HWE TROUie SAVING- }\ 60, BUT HE'S FALLEN HO IN LOVE MTU VOU ! ,- V ^li^? 1 V. Jtf * ·-Ukj^Ti BLAZtr5l NEW^LV PLANE ^W »T'^ HOURS Tltt I TIK\e, PM! WE'LL HNVE TO J TRAlKJ.OEO. WE TEWt OURSE-WES WNM ! ^] SfAV WERE * WHILE ^ BBFOee I TWCfi SOU ' x T*r'7 -o -^,^1 eooGie I DONE FlGGGRGD OUT WHAT I'M 6MN' SNUFPV FER HIS WEDDIN'PRESENT OH-CORN SQUEEZE'S, EH ?? NO/ DE$MOKIP. HONEV'S A SPORT. WHEW SME PLAVS WADE AND MOUNDS, SWE PROBABLY IN THIS COUNTRY ) LEAVES A TDUE AND LE^T TMESE TRAVEL A^ -^=r. TRAIL. B l / S A \ V V K H --By Roy Crane QUITE A \7 YES. AMD MOST REQUIRE PASSPORTS. ^ TCA1L V SIR / I'LL WIPE THE GTATE DERART- THOSE FOLDEE?5\ MENT AND SEE IP ONE WAG p E PCFSENT ISSUED TO HONE* I WANT YOU TO VISIT ALL HEP PPlENDS AND ^PE.GM /V. ^ TM , ? ^ COUNTRIES/,-^ CAN DISCOV/ED. '^ I I'LL TAKE TMESE FOLDEDS S AND SEE WHAT I CAN O'JT OF TH£ TDAVGL THEM. TO MOSSE, Dl \VE'PE OFF/ IW QUEST OPy- THE MAID \VITH THE FLAXEN KM Ul.KlTTYl I'VE 06EN SHOPPIHG. THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE A CHANGE OF WO WEEKS IN THE JUNGLE--TWEN SUDDENLY TUE LUXUKY OF A MOTEL i SOAR MOT WATER, BEDS WITW WOULD I THANKS BY THE WAY, THERE MAY BE TROUBLE OVER PASS PORTS. COME POWH WHEN YOU GET DRESSED, THE POLICE WANT TO A$K SOME QUESTIONS POUCH? QUESTIONS? TMAT CLARABELLE! RUNNING OFF ANP LEAVING ME TO RUN WEE SNOOTY PETT SHOP! WOW... RPTEEM HUNPQ.ED POLLARS1 COOL OFF... MV FINE- FEATHERED, FIPTEEN'- PONT LOOK AT AA= ) · r U'cz T^ATI ,

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