The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 13, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 3

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1939
Page 3
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THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., THURSDAY, JULY 13,, 1939. PAGE TERM s. Three Local Boys at Legion's Boys' State; Write of Experiences The American Legion's Boys' State i for the purpose of organizing the tnHiirtj/4 at t.hp Svl'ar'tlNP Fail 1 ' iwwprnmnnlnl unite nf nit.v rnitnt.V conducted at the Syracuse Fair Grounds under the auspices of the New York State Department, will come to a close Saturday noon after a highly successful encampment with a record attendance of 659 boys from all over the State. Ontario County sent 10 boys this year. State Commander Prank C. Love, of Syracuse, through whose efforts Boys' State was established last year, continues to give his utmost co-operation In the development of the camp and program and this year has spent much of his time in supervising the project the purpose of which says Commander Love is "to teach Americanism in a positive manner; thereby showing its advantages over all foreign isms." Ridenour At Camp George A. Mead, of Buffalo, candidate this year for State Commander, is chairman of the Boys' State Committee. Fred L. Stone is director with Marcus Womer as execu- re officer in direct charge of the governmental units of city, county and state. They then conduct campaigns and elect ofliccrs from the city up to governor. Yesterday District Commander William B. Johncox and District Adjutant Leon J. McCarthy, of this city. Boys' State directors, and County Commander Earle J. Gailbraith, of Shortsville, and their families, visited the encampment to find all schedules being carried out as planned. Sessions of the Senate and Assembly were held, grams were under athletic pro- way, swimming Births A daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Hunter, of South OLselic, in Cortland County Hospital, Cortland. July 13. Mrs. Hunter was Miss Eliz- ubeth Armstrong, daughter of Dr. ai.'d Mrs. A. W. Armstrong, of Can- unduigua. A son, Eo Mr. and Mrs. Donald Payne, of Middlesex, in Thompson Memorial Hospital, July 13. A son, to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Francis, of Stanley, in Thompson Memorial Hospital, July 13. A daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Brown, of Shortsville, in Thompson Memorial Hospital, July 13. A son, to Mr. and Fair, of Shortsville, Mrs. Russell in Thompson Memorial Hospital, July 12. A son, to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lyons, of Victor, in Thompson Memorial Hospital, July 12. J re officer in direct charge oi tne mp. In addition to other officers r are included several counselors who supervise various activities. Among those assisting are Gordon M. Ridenour, principal of the Horseheads High School, former Canandaiguan and Clayton E. Rose, superintendent of schools at Penn Yan. Concerning the purposes of the Boys' State the following appears in the general report of the Regents' Inquiry into the Character and Cost of Public Education: "By the time American Youth leaves school they should have a foundation for understanding and operating self-government, a rational approach toward the solution of public questions, and a live faith in the ideals and processes of Democracy. "We want youth to believe in democracy and to know how to act in a system of society in which the common man participates in determin- j ing the course of events, not through physical force, but through free discussion, compromise, the rule of law, the loyal acceptance of group , decisions and the exercise of the continuing right and duty of free criticism. The people of the state know that the schools cannot do this was enjoyed and many other features of the program were well under way. There is ample supervision of all boys, they have constant medical service with five physicians at the camp at all times, and rigid health inspections are made to insure that all boys are given the utmost protection. Write to Messenger Concerning the camp, Canandaigua's three representatives, James Green. Robert Beaton and Paul Kaveny, wrote the following to The Messenger: "We arrived at Boy's State at noon July 6. At this time we registered, were given our beds, manuals, locker, cities, and counties and also were treated to an unexpected but very fine meal. After dinner we had our physical examination. From then on we were left to ourselves until supper. After supper we had a short rest period and then a assembly of the 656 boys of the State was held. "Some of the noted speakers. "Rabbi Freidman, Father Bellinger, and Legion Commander Love, Director Stone, Chairman Meade. After the assembly the boys left for j their respective cities. This was more or less a day of preparation. "The following is a sample of a not j day's activity: Friday, Ju'.y 7 "6:15 first call; 6:20. revielle; 6:30, sard city had change of flag raising; 6:50. first group mess; 7:30. second group mess; 9:00. general assembly at which each cities parties (Nationalists and Federalists) SEEEP KILLING WILDCAT SOUGHT Honeoye Farmers Band to Hunt Saturday to Slay Crafty Marauder 'TOUR' MADE OF BALKANSTATES Y Secretary Addresses Rotary Club; Committees Announced "What the Balkans Are Up Against" was the theme of a timely address by Herbert P. Lansdale, Jr., for many years a YMCA work- News From Camp Woodside A day's program at the Canandaigua Girl Scout Camp in the Bristol Hills is summed up in the following reports submitted by the Scouts: From 7 A. M. to 12 Noon Reveille sounded. Up on the hill, the Pioneers crawled out of their blanket rolls like worms out of cocoons. Two girls laid a fire, three others prepared breakfast of fruit, Honeoye farmers, whose flocks oi sheep have been raided by a wildcat for the past six weeks, arc banding together for a hunt, Saturday night to cut down the marauder that was three times treed by dogs and posses and three times escaped. The wildcat, believed to be a Cai.- adian lynx, is described as 36 inches long, two feet high and bob tailed. The Honeoye Rod and Gun Ciub has offered a bounty of $10 for its capture and an additional sum i.: being collected by business men of the community. Posses and dogs from Honeoye and er in Greece and other Balkan states, which, with distribution of I the new club rosters marked the I meeting of Canandaigua Rotary tingham and Greenwood Club this noon in The Canandaigua. Announcement also was made of the resignation of Past President Frank A. DeGraff, David E. Wilson, treasurer, and Harry C. Drost, secretary. Walter G. Depew was named secretary and William I. Searles, treasurer, to fill the vacancies. President Frank E. Fisk, seated last week, presided. Mr. Lansdale, who now is general secretary of the Rochester YMCA, pointed out that the Balkans consist of Rumania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Greece and the former country of Albania, which, since 1420 jvere subject to Turkey, who played them off against each other. Their geographic location, lack of communisation, differences language and religion made this east, the speaker said. Since 1820 these countries have been breaking away from the domination subsequently they have grown closer together. Friendly Relations Encouraged He stated that the friendly relations were encouraged by the Rotary Clubs. The present situation of the Balkans, he said, is that other powers are trying to use them for their own political ends. The Balkans, while not always in sympathy with these powers, are trying to avoid being swallowed up or in- eggs, toast and cocoa. The other three girls cleaned up, and we all went down to camp for Kapers. Meanwhile, the Peter Pan, Not- Units awoke at the sound of the bugle. These girls ate in the Lodge -- one patrol having set tables. The girls were dismissed by tables, and each girl washed and dried her own dishes. This was followed by cabin duties, when each girl made her own bed and cleaned up -her comer ' we of the "home." At 10.00, Peter Pan receives instruction in swimming, at 10.45, Nottingham goes in and at 11.30, Greenwood and Pioneer units swim. JOAN KELLOGG, Canandaigua. From 12 to 6 P. M. There is always a line-up when the bugle sounds for dinner. The girls sit at any one of the six tables, with a counsellor at each end. A grace is sung before we are seated. The meal is served by one t where they may purchase not over fiv« cents worth of cainiy. recwvi; their mail and get a library book. At 1.30 rest hour begins. The girls must stay in their cabins and be cuict for an hour. Some write letters, some read and some work on craft. At 2.30, everyone may go swimming. At 4. the afternoon hoo- bies begin. This hour goes all loo quickly, and often goes over nearer the supper hour. If the counsel- lors are supposed to have a bit of free time then, they must be disappointed, for we do ask lots of questions. DOTTIE COOPER, ANN NOONAN. MARILYN FARRAR, RITA SINGER, Newark. From G to 9 P. M. Supper is at 6 o'clock. Tonight had macaroni salad, tomatoes, bread and butter, milk and white cake with chocolate sauce. While some of the girls wash their dishes, the rest sing lots of catchy Spout tunes. We have free time until 7.30. Campfire is out-of-doors if weather permits, or in the Lodge if it is cool. Each night one group is in charge of the program, and we have had plays, dances, shadow- graphing, games, and lots of singing. At 8.30, we have graham crackers and milk. The bugle blows at 9 and by 9.30. CLUB WOMEN HOtD^OUTING F. H. Warren Entertains 25 At Luncheon In Summer Home of the counsellors and consists of i the camp is dark. We have played at tne Arrowhea'd in Lake meat, potatoes, a vegetable, milk, bread and butter and dessert. After the dishes are washed and dried, the girls go to "Tuck Shop" hard enough, so we are ready for | bed, and a good night's sleep. AUDREY RICH, Phelps. ELEANOR LOGAN, Lyons. President Frank H. Warren, of the Canandaigua Country Olub, was host to 25 members of the Women's Golfing Association of the club yesterday afternoon at his Summer home at Seneca Point. Also a guest was Mrs. Georgia Rcnwick Clarke, formerly of this city, and club champion for several years. Luncheon was served in the log cabin an Mr. Warren's property, built over 70 years ago. The afternoon program included a burlesque on a Florida auctioneer disposing of real estate, by Mrs. Clarke and golf approaching and putting contests, for which prizes were awarded. In Class A of the approaching contest, winners were Mrs. Fred L. Anderson. Mrs. Hamilton C. Smith. Mrs. Philip E. Thomas and Mrs. Clarke; in Class B, Mrs. Frank J. Seeley, Mrs. A. W. Brumer, Miss Janet Church and Mrs. Edward J. Colmey. Putting contest winners were Mrs. Clarke in Class A and Mrs. Colmey in B, with the consolation going to Mrs. Seeley. Returning to the citv for dinner Street, to the Farm-To-Market Road To Be Built In Seneca volved by them. The Balkan people want peace and deserve our sympathy, "because they are in a Honeoye Falls pursued the sheep I very delicate position," Mr. Lans,., ^ ,.___,.._ ^ ~ ~ ~ ; ~ ' killer three times, treeing it each have it leap h cape. Now move dogs hunters will be pressed hunt. The hunt has been into the dale emphasized. nominated their city officers, who campaigned until 11:30; 11:45, first 'group mess; 12:30. second group whole job alone." Two Parties Formed Boys come from all over the j mess _ posts j -2:00. city elections in dormitories ,-ith the counsellors acting as the [election board; 3:30. band rehearsal and athletics until 5:15; 5:30, first second group assembly was State, sponsored by Legion and other organizations. They all become cfty dwellers with 30 to 35 boys in a city. There are two cities in a county with as many counties as are nuecessary. Both cities and counties are named after past commanders of the Department. Each citizen is arbitrarily assigned to one group mess; mess; 6:15. 7:45. general held at which Mayor Marvin of Syracuse spoke, and the Syracuse Junior Legion chorus sang; 10:00. of two political parties, the Na-i c a l l to quarters; 10:30. taps. tionalist or the Federalist. This is HOSPITAL INSURANCE To Fit Your Needs EASY PAYMENTS The Sackett Agency, Inc. 37 So. Main St.--Phone 454 Canandaigua, N. Y. "In the following days however, the schedule is changed somewhat. | In our general assemblies we heard ! many noted speakers one of whom I was Mr. Ridenour. a former winner of the Phelps and Gorham contest at Canandaigua Academy who mentioned that contest as being ! truly representative of the principles of democracy. "Yours sincerely, "JIM GREEN. "BOB BEATON. "PAUL KAVENY. "State Assemblymen of Empire Boys State." Ray Olmstead and Elwin Martin, Richmond Mills, who have foregone s-leep for the past three weeks i,c keep vigil over their flocks. Mastin has lost 18 iambs and Olmstead 15 Pack of Hounds Used With the permission oi the Sta it- Conservation Commission, they enlisted the aid of Durward C. Rosier and Harold Meyer. Honeoye Fails, joint owners of a pack of hounds and other hunters but their search lor the killer has been fruitless. Glenn S. Lord will be chairman for next week's program. President Fisk and other officers plan to attend a "school" for presidents, secretaries and song leaders from. 38 organized by | western and Central New York Clubs, scheduled for next Wednesday in Penn Yan, when the 17ist District Assembly meets. Eight past district governors are expected to be present, the theme to be | "Streamlining Rotary for 1939-40." 67 Regular Club Members Distribution of the club roster for the year shows 67 regular members and two honorary. Besides President Fisk and Vice-president Raymond C. Wells, and the new officers named today officers are: Raymond Otte- J. Mac- On the night of July 3 in ''Devil's | sergeant-at-arms, Raymo Bedroom," the swamps at the heae I m an; song leader, William of Honeoye Lake, the posse trailed | parlane, and pianist, Mrs. MacFar- the lynx to a tree where the I i ane . hounds had trapped the animal. They approached within 150 rocs for 1939-40 are: Floyd Edward J. Colmey, Directors D. Butler. George F. Conyne, Walter G. Depew. President Fisk, John D. Hamilton, John J. Handrahan, Acey W. Sutherland and Raymond C. Wells. Advisory Council is composed of Past President C- John Averill, E. Raymond Church, H. Wilbert Closs, John D. Hamilton. John J. Handra- . JA. i ·* T"T_.1«»_.«L. iTfillinvVi F Lewis. Glenn S. Lord. William J. MacFarlane, Rodney W. Pease, Wil- Roof Coating 5 Gal. Bucket $1.60 MAIN Paint and Wallpaper 2M SO. Main St. Canandaimu. N. Y. TEA ROOM OPENS Mrs. Horace B. Cooper, former well known resident of this city, has announced the opening Saturday of Glenmerc tea room in her home on the Bristol Valley road, three miles bevond Bristol Center. She plans to serve luncheons and I dinners, and accommodations will J be available for card parties. Res- j crvaiions may be made by tele- j phone. | Yvhen the animal sprang from the limb on which it was perched and disappeared. For the next three days, lost dogs vc-re rounded up by the posses, the last of them found at Baptist Hill 15 miles away. In the !ast raid o; the wildcat three nighto ago. four | . . __ lambs were taken from the William j han. Gordon L. Holcomb : William McCurd farm near Honeoye. Alvin Belcher and Henry Shelter have o}so reported thefts, which stand at j liam F. Schreck, a total of 35. The hunt Saturday night will begin at midnight to permit the dogs, according to Rosier, to scent the wildcat's trail by daylight. With relays of fresh dogs, the pursuers wil! hunt throueh Sunday if necessary, lie said. The farmers arc determined that the hunt will be the last "if it takes us ail next week."' Olmsteac" snd Martin stated. Bids on the Geneva Turnpike- Post's Corner farm-to-market roaci in the Town of Seneca v.ill be accepted probably within a month with the completion of the puvchas.- of rights of way. The road will be 2 1-2 miles in length, 18 feet wide and of oileu gravel construction. It will extend from the Geneva Turnpike to th~ Stanley-Geneva State highway. The road will be constructed under the supervision ol the state highway department and will be maintained by the Town of Seneca. Seneca Youth Held For Damaging Train Window Locals 9 Charged with throwing an electric dry cell battery through the window of a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train, Lloyd Stiles, 22, Town of Seneca, was arrested yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Earl Thompson. Arraigned before Justice of the Peace W. R. Lightfoote, Stiles waived examination and was ordered held for the Grand Jury. He was arrested on a charge of violating Section 1991 of the Penal Law, which states that any person throwing any object at a railroad passenger train women's group for an entertain- the party later adjourned Country Club for a social evening. Monkey Tournament In the monkey tournament this week. Mrs. Clarke, as a guest, led the winning team, which won by one point in match play. Medal scores were tied. The losers are to entertain the winners at luncheon at the club July 25, when the qualifying round for a handicap tournament will be played. On Mrs. Clarke's team were Mrs. H. C. Smith. Mrs. Warren B. Gager. Mrs. Bernard Hughes. Miss Mary C. Graham. Mrs. M. C. Wadsworth and Mrs. Bernard Pontius. Miss Mary D. Jewett's team was composed of Mrs. Glenn N. Jones, Mrs. T. Harland Evans, Mrs. Philip M. Standish. Miss Maxine Evans, Mrs. William H. Hawley and Mrs. Horace C. Funk. Plans have been made by the i'.. YOU NEED WINDOW SHADES KIRSC1I BODS VENETIAN BLINDS LINOLEUM Phone 36 G. M. Kennedy Son 9-11-13 Bristol street BLOOD STAINS 101 SOLD BY ALL 0000 GROCERS is guilty of a felony. The arrest following a lengthy in- vesetigation by Thompson and Harry Jones, a detective of the Pennsylvania Railroad police. Thompson said that a passenger on the train had been cut by flying window glass ' ments. ment for members and their friends Saturday evening. July 22, to consist of games from 8 to 10 o'clock and dancing from 10 until 2 o'clock, with music by an orchestra. Mrs. Gager is chairman of arrange- Nassau Match July 20 On July 20 the local women will Miss Gracia Harral, R. N. They are ! _____ i _ i _ AM« n *vi1ic. AJTrl wrVlprp ' Lieut, and Mrs. J. Brooks Harral j anc j was su i n g the railroad com- j and daughter, Martha, who have pany f 0 r damages. According to b°en guests of his mother. Mrs. G. Thompson, the incident occurred on meet the Lake Shore Country Club W Harral. in Gibson Street, have the outskirts of the Vilalge of Hall of Rochester in a return Nassau left for Albany to visit his sister. Easter Sunday night. j team match here. A ringer tourna- - - -- -- - -- ' i ment is being conducted in Class A | and B from July 10 to Ausj. 10. I Players who have advanced to semi-finals in the club championship play are Mrs. Hamilton Smith i and Miss Mary Jewett in the top i bracket, and Mrs. H. C. Griswoid land Mrs. H. C. Funk in the lower bracket. These must be played by en route to Annapolis, where Gil lUL'.LC tU fm**wf*w**«» ».----. ' j a _ he is to take a year's post-graduate A TnrnnjLp work at the United States Naval | * lUlllplAC Academy. He has been stationed at the Canal Zone for Coco Solo in several years. Four speeders were arrested by Miss Janet L. M. Jones, of New | sheriffs deputies yesterday after- y announced. York, is the guest of her classmate | noon on the Canandaigua-Geneva j AUC ~ U " 1 - V - "*» ucc " d Amusements Richard W. Sutherland and Arthur E. Thompson. 1939-40 Committees Committees are as follows, with the first named as chairmen: Aims and objects, Walter Depew, Carl D. Bales. Horace W. Fitch. Ednard J- Hawkins. George L. More. John E. Peck and Acey W. Sutherland; club service groups -- Classification and membership. William I. Searles. Howard D. Aldrich. John Colmey, Walter Depew, Sesto Vecchi; club service. Acey Sutherland John Hamilton. John Handrahan. Dr. C. Harvey Jewett. Edward H. Lomber, Raymond Otteman. William Searles and W. H. Vanderhoef; fellowship uirra ume. TMCUHI«_£-v - :, attcndance . John Hamilton. C Republics Man of Con- p 1 " "· *· LATE TO CLASSIFY \VANTED-Rcfincd sirl for pen. housework. Good hon-.e waacs. !i:tj. Cottage No. 37. Ca.-c Tract. LOST - Salesman's roll of chani:'s tools between Fairport and Pittsford. Notify Messenger office. Reward. The Quality Shoppe DRY GOODS NOTIONS Monument Mills Bed Spreads In Floral and Conventional Designs Guaranteed Prc-Shrunk and Fast Color 72x105 . . $2.98 -- 86x105 . . $1.98 (o $3.98 For the third time. starred in quest." the first screen dramatization of the life of Sam Houston, has been made an Indian Chieftain before the cameras. Previously i he smoked the Pipe of Peace in the me- i celebrated rites of induction in "Red Skin." and later in "The Vanishing American." two of JB.^ Boulinie r. the Rev earlier pictures. Tins time, lor *·«* "Man of Conquest." he was made a chief of the Cherokee Nation in ceremonials that simulated the rites which took place in Sam Houston's life more than a hundred years ag °- . -, 4 .' In "Man of Conquest, at tne Sa'iii Houston, liberator. Joan Fontaine and Gail Patrick have the feminine leads. The Thrift Sheets of the Nation NO HAWK MRtV**UMIC«K* Guaranteed By Good Ho*M-krf|»in As Admtiscd Therein Sites For Singh-. Three Owrlrr or t«MbJc Bed Mohawk Pillow Cases in Standard Sizes Quilted Mattress Protectors 48x76 . $1.29 54x76 . $1.39 Ye Olde Time Pa'ch Quilts Reversible and Fast Color $2.98 Turkish Towels 25c to 69c Wash Cloths 10candl5c CHARLES M. FINLEY 30 So, Main St 2nd Store Bdow R R. Lewis. Glenn Lord and Arthur Thompson. Music. William J. MacFarlane. H Gordon Holcomb. J. ·y Pease. Ray- and Robert B. : program. Raymond Wells. Butler. Edward Colmey. Webster D. Melcher. Carlisle J. Miller 1 Dr. Philip M.Standisn: publicity. M. Everett Toomey. Harry C. Drost. Carl u. d a »° strat . H y »cl2Sl J. Cuddcback. George R. Ellis and Sag Turnpike. I Frank her narents Mr and Mrs. Arthur S. i traveling rner, in 'Lincoln Wood, East Lake 'fined S5 miles per hour, was Justice of the Peace DAUGHTER I A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick DeAngeiis. of East Shore Mi«s Jones is en route home;W. F. Fordon, Geneva; Carlton G. j Orange, N. J., July 12. Mrs. Deie Wvo where she vis- Mortinson, Penn Yan, traveling 75 i Angelis was Miss. Louise Foster, classmate. miles per hour, was fined S5 by ; daughter of Albert J. Foster, of the ciasbmauc. , - ited another classmate , Wesfc Perfex Cameras With f2.8 Lens \ $47.50 " · Kodak Film · 10% Off List Price · ' v · [ Bathing Caps 100 to 59* Sun-Tan Oil.. 50* ~ · Pablum . . 39* Dextri-Maltose.. 59* · Johnson Johnson Baby Powder.. 19* · MINCKLER DRUG CO. The Rexall Store So. Main St. Phone 73 Hopewell. Capt-and Mrs. H. W.Bacon and L . M cKnight, Buffalo, daughter. Miss Esther Bacon ot u 70 Ues hour was Boston, have been visiting Mr and b w Mrs. Joel W. Jones Hubbell Street, ; TM ^^ and Mr. and Mrs. Mark G Park Avenue. Naeogdachcs. Texas, travel! ing 80 miles per hour, was fined S5 ; by Justice Moore. Mrs. Maurice L. Benham. of Gib" Street, and Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallace Jones and daughter. Bar-; bara. and son. Richard, of Geneva, t are guests this week of Mrs. Morris j Benton. of Plainfield. N. J.. at her Summer home. Beaver Lake. N. J.. and attending the World's Fair. Interrogation Slates Annual Picnic GLENMERE Interrogation Club members will have their annual picnic next Wed- Jnesday afternoon at the Summer Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sackett. ol| nome ' or Mrs Walter G. Depew at North Adams. Mich., have returned j v , ne valioy. East Lake shore. Din- j home after spending some time with ncr wil j j^ serv ed at 1.15, it is an- his brother. Winfield Sackett. and ; nounce{ j. ; Mrs. Sackett in West Gibson Street. programs for the 1939-40 club season will be distributed by the Miss Carmen Johnson, of Wash- \ committee. Mrs. Depew. chairman: i ington. who is spending the month j ^irs. A. W. Armstrong and Mrs. i with her brother, Roger Johnson, at Earle F. Hutton. Transportation is j Cottage City, has been the guest j n charge of Mrs. Frank O. Sisson. of Mrs. Frank O. Sisson in Gibson Street. John H. Armstrong, of the West Lake Road, is visiting his sister. Mrs. Frederick B. Hail, in Bound Brook. TEA ROOM Opening Saturday -- On Route 64 BRISTOL VALLEY ROAD 3 MILES BEYOND BRISTOL CENTER Serving Luncheons And Dinners ACCOMODATIONS FOK PARTIES : Mrs. Horace B. Cooper Tel. Holcomb 392-A l Realty Transfers Grorcc D. Cole ar.d wifr. ]-c\ to C. John Manry. jTOprriy in Seneca. John E. Tenner as Ina.- School Districl No. 6. Town irws. 1n John F. C. r.'-1rr. properly in ni N;»- Reel'- Dr. John J. Lindner: Edward Muehe. Vanderhoef. Community service groups--Community service and club projects. ] John W. Walker. Thomas M. Coug- icvan. Joseph D. Martin Dr. F. C. iMcClellan. Frank P- RiSey and 1 Witiiam F Schreck: Prcventoriiiin. Dr. AnrcslTonc. Dr. Hans Mansen and Dr. Robert M. Ross: intercity. H. W. Closs. Raymond Church. Alexander M. David?on. James P. Donovan, Keiran A. Rigney, Augus- SackcH and L/mite N. Shcnk- N. J.. Fair. and attending the World's 1IOME FROM HOSPITAL John Finnerty. who was in a highway strident over two years aijo'.' has returned to his home in MSMWI Street alter further treal- in Thompson Memorial Hos- CO\ntTION Patrick .1. Walvb. oi Gorham Sin-el, is reported seriously ill in Thomp'-on Memorial Hospital, where he was removed early IhH morning. man: youth service. Dr. Jcwett. Sherman H. Beernan. SUiart S. Caves. Earle F. Hut ton and William M. Muar; vocational service. Edward J. Colmey. Charles F. Ahrcns. Earl F. Saier. W. Townsend Curtice and Edward Sick; international service. Dr. George F. Conyne. Dr. Hanse.n. Dr. Ross. Louis Shenkman and Sesto Vecchi. Mr. and Mrs. S. Hrrorrl rrd rliildrcr.. Suzanne and H of North Main Stro-t. will Saturday for a two wccss" in onr ol the Fifield cr.b:ns ;A Jc-iv Grovr. Vine Vp.lJey. T3..-\v l« as wcffcrnd cucste. Dr. Mrs. John DaJlori aand lnr«- rru. of Rochester. Miss Mat-carct Moriarty. student nurse in Bingihainton City Hospital, has returned to her duties at- slt-r spending three weeks with her father, William Mason Street. ·J. Moriarly Today's temperatures: 8 A. M 68 11 A. M 74 2 P. M M Sun sets today 7:36; rises tomorrow. 4:35: acts tomorrow, 7:36: moon, last quarter; new, July if. COXniTIOX IMPROVES Improvement was reported at Thompson Memorial Hospital today in the condition ol Kaulman Strahan. of Stanley, whose rich! arm and shoulder were painluily injured when he was dragged by a runaway team of horses ycsVrday while working in the fields. Dr. and Mrs. L/eon Stetson and children. Ruth and John, ol North Main Street, have returned Irom Ocean City. N. J.. and the World's Fair in New York. Mrs. E. Kaiirice Trimble, oi Rochesu-r. has been the truest inr several days ol' Mrs. Eelah M. Harris on the East Lake shore. GANG TO SEE GAML The Knot Hole Gang ?.i!i live Rochester-Baltimore gamr, Saturday afternoon. The youtiss will ir,tet at 1 o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. Mr arid Mrs. H. Everest Clement.- an3 family, oi Rochester will airive Saturday to spend several weeks on the lake shore. HOLD WEINER ROAST Members of the European Club held a wiener roast Tuesday evening at Rotand Park, Games and j sports provided amusement. TO ATTEND COXFKRKM'E The Rev. and Mrs. \Veb.-1rr D Melchcr and Misses Edith Gardne: ?.nd Ruth Wiedrick plan to spev:fi Lext week at Carenovia Seminary. Mr. MeJcher will attend ihc Methodist ministers' graduate v.trile Mrs. Metehcr wil! teach a ir. the Older Youth Conference, at which the g^rls will represent ihe local .Methodist Church. ...Tit I A T T I E CUT flUT AIDS* i nwsui TO O i l C L O t Y ! RILLIANCE.W ROTECTION WOOD otf METAL SPOtttlMOS noon ·TEAM PIPES The use of Aluminum P*int *s i priming coat oo eswrior surfaces t«f increased greatly dw- iajc the past few years, but the service it fives varies with the quality of Aluminum Paint uwd. To meet the demand for high quality Aluminum Paint, The Lowe Brothers Company has developed a line that i* unexcelled for wse in fioishiag or priming under Aluminum or other paint*. Lowe Brother* Aluminum Paints are especially good for priming resinous woods such as fir, pin* and cypress. They give excellent service on any other kind of wood or metal, are heat resisting, may he used for exterior or interior work aad cover *bo-ot 1,000 square foa per a, oat coat. CONSULT YOUR PAINTER Ellis Hardware FURNACE* RAMATOftS ·UMP* LAWK MOWCM

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