The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on December 5, 1941 · Page 7
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 7

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1941
Page 7
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Friday, December 5, 1941 Here's Wickard Home Farm Plan Page Srr«n IJYlT) TVV Of course she is. She's getting well, thanks to Christ- JL"J * mas seals. 1 A Christmas seal clinic discovered that she bad tuberculosis while there was still time to cure her. Her smile ·aya "Thank you!" lo Michigan people who buy Christinas seals. BESSEMER SCHOOL BOARD PROCEEDINGS Claude K. WJckard, IT. S. Sectetary of Agriculture, it shown making out his "farm defense plan for 1942," joining thousands of other American fanners in increasing production of dairy, poultry, and pork products. In the background is the appropriate U. S D A! poster, "Your Farm Can Help." On his 3SO-acre home farm in Gamin bounty, Indiana, Secretary Wickard is reducing his heef herd, in- :reasing his dairy herd, maintaining high poultry production, and providing for record hog prodnetioa. To get sufficient feed for his hogs, he expects to plant nearly his foil AAA com acreage allotment. He will reduce his wheat acreage, in line with AAA policy of cutting 1942 wheat production due to large supplies already in storage. Mr. Lutz. Mrs. Massie, Dr Stevens SECOND PERIOD HONOR ROLL 48 BOYS AND 101 GIRLS ON CLASS A, B, AND C HONOR ROLL AT B.H.S. · The Bessemer High School honor roll released by Superintendent E.J. Oas tor the second six weeks period has a list o£ IS boys on the Class A roll, and 28 girls; on the Class B roll there are a total ot 14 boys and i 32 girls listed; and on the Class C 1 roll 16 hoys and 41 girls are listed, j Following is the list of the 4S hoys j and 101 girls who have been placed' on the second period honor roll: Class A Boys--· Anderson, Edward ( Brown, Jack j Crawford, John Dahl, Arthur Dahl, August Buray, Frederick East, John Erickson, LeRoy Heikkinen, Edwin HeikKineu, Wilho Holland, Jack Jacobson, Wilbert Jasper, Jack Passint, Leonard Fertile, Albin Rfeottt, Robert Schmidt, Larry Youngquist, Kenneth Girls-- -Ailice, Rose Chiapuzio, Betty ChHsienson, Anne Dahljiren, Lois DroKtile, Florence ErickRon, Evelyn "Hansen. Jean . Hendrickson, Eleanore Hetidrjckson, June Isvorski, Prances Johnson, Bernice Kaltunder, Kathevine Kalunha. Margaret Koski, Margaret Koski, Serateen Lanttn, Elaine Luxmore. Nadine Malii, Ellia Maki, Julia Mattson; Jean Mengbini, Lucille' Provencher, Marceline Ross, Elaine Skagen, Marion = Suadquist, Carol Waltee, Ula Walz, Ruth ' · Wrobleski, Margaret Class 8 JBoys-- Allen.- Lindy Bjork, Arvid Haanpaa, TJlljas Hocking, Robert Isdebski, Robert Kerecman. John KorEch, Jack Xosmieki, Robert Makela, Roy Mikulich, Rudolph Olson, Clyde " Passlnt, Adolph Rice, Jon Velin, William Girls- Anderson, Verna Brockhank, Gladys Chouinard, Jean Crenna, LaVerne EJIason, Elaine Foltx, Eunice Gosscn, Maxine Holmquist, Rnth Jacobson, Muriel Johnson, Loretta Jnliea, Eleanore Jurasin, Frances Korpi, Elsie Kosuiicki, Rita Kubiak. Blanche Kurtus. Marion Lantla. Ruth Maki. Ruth Miller, Shirley Morstead. Dorothy Mullen, Eileen Olsou. Janet Fertile, Elaine Rizzi.. Bettia Rothlesberger, Eileen Serbin, Katherine Swanson, Dolores Trappa, Katherina Turkal, Katherine Vitich, Helen Vogeler, Geraldine Wesleen, Marjorie Class C Boys-- . Ahola, Albert Carli, George Duda, Joseph Fauhl, Stuart Freeman, Martin Graham, Pearce Koski, Niilo land, John Maccardini, Reno Mariiietti. Edward Menura, Louis Michela. Lawrence Pinge!, LeRoy Ravanelli, Mario Waltee, Eino Wigman, Lloyd Girls-Adams, Marjorie Anderson. Grace Anderson, Marceline Rabich, Julia Basso, Rose Brentar, Rosemary Broenier, Shirley Chaich, Mary Ann IMamch, JJary DrazkowsM, Dorothy Fin co, Antoinette Graham. Patricia Jacobson, Gloria Kalusha, Elizabeth Koskt Taimi Kyrola, Ruth Liljegren, Shirley Makela, Ellen Margetta, Florence Mark. Ellen Mark, Sylvia Marsh alek. Mary Mattaini, Norma Mattie. Sa-ina Mattson, Hehni Milakovich, Mary Olson. Eileen Pellow, Marjorie Peltola, Hehni Pribnle, Jean Ravenelli, Lydia RUzie, LaVerne Samarziya. Frances Sanders, Agnes Sandin, Lorraine . Serbin, Annabelle Sheffca, Mary Anne Solberg, Shirley Somzaers, Violet Tannheimer, Anne Vomastek, Maureen Vomastek, Shirley R E G U L A R MEETING { A regular meeting of the Bessemer Board at Education was held in the "A. D. Johnston High School at eight o'clock on the evening of Monday [November 10, 1941. Members present: -Mrs. Rice, Mr. .anelman. Dr. Mullen. Members absent: Mr. Eckrnan. It was moved by Mr. Lutz and supported by Mrs. Massie that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved without reading. Motion carried. It was moved by Mrs. Massis and supported by Mr. Lutz that the following invoices be allowed as read and orders drawn for same Motion carried ^ Ampro Corporation _' . _$ 2 4 35 J Walter H. Baker Company IIIII_ 75 'Mrs. Mamie Berger L. Gotta Service Station l'--"Il________.^_'___. ,, _ _ _ _ ; ____ 7 75 Pearce E. Graham ,"_i__i_j_Jd_ : _____ '_ ___________ I-I"II~" 26.15 C. Hansen Lumber Company __________________________ ;.__· 704'. 79 Herald Publishing Company ______________________________ 29^05 Jezek's Food Market _____________________________ _______ ~ 15.72 Johnson Coal Company __________________________ I_I_-__I~~ 258*82 Johnson Hardware -- _____ . _____________________ ~TM 7*12 King Company ___________________ ; _____________ I__I"IZIII 2*30 Lake Superior District Power Company _- __________ "...~II~~ ';60 Steve Lesky ___ , _________________________________ _ ____ 3, 'QQ Lyou Healy ____________________________________ _ _ _ _ _ ~~~ 3 91 A. C. McCIurg ' Company _______________ ___i _____ . ____ ~ _ _ 40 42 Mascotti Agency ________ _________________________ _~_ 7~_ 47 " 5S Michela Company ____ ___________________ I-I_I_TMI__ "I. 22 69 Michigan Bell Telephone Company _____________ III 23 73 Minneapolis Iron Store _______________________ _TMIII_".II 22.69 Northwestern Typewriter Exchange - _ "5 50 E. J. Oas --------------------- _'_ ------------- IIIIIIII"" u'.S2' Pred Oberlauder ______________________________ _ __ __ __ g g 5 Olson Bergquist Company _________ _____________________ isls2 Peerless Laundry _______________ ,,_ _____________ __ _ 2 04 Peters Hemkes ____________________________ ~ "~ ' Petty Cash _______________________________ ~__"I^ SO 3o"l» J. Pinkerton _] 37 .50 5.90 Dr. W. Row, Peterson Company I _ _ ~ _ I ~ ~ Rubank, Inc. Scott, Foresman Company ~" ~ _ ' 2 8' M. Selin ~~__2 I_I___~~_"~~~~~~ "59 Singer Sewing .Machine Company ~_ 6 7S Carl Supercynski :__-!__: ~~_ ~~_~ 36 00 G. A. Swanson _._ _"_"!_" " _~ 3 oo Dr. W. Ellwood Tew I__I__IIII_I 12.00 20th Century Manufacturing Company 10 39 University of Michigan ~ III"" 40.0* Upper Peninsula Musical Instrument Company 23.09 Upper Peninsula Office Supply Company IIIIII" 28.77 Western Union 1.48 120SO 12081 120S2 120S3 120S4 120S5 120S6 12087 120SS : i2osi 12090 . 120D1 12092 12093 12094 120!)n 1209j 12007 120!)S 120D3 12100 12101 12102 12103 12104 12105 12106 12107 1210S 12109 12110 12111 12112 12113 12114 12115 12116 28.81 10.00 4.C ^rnie's Cafe JBerrien Book Bindery iBessemer Auto Company _ "~~~ "^ B. H. S. Athletic Association I I__II_I_I" 5 00 Bessemer Pharmacy ~~ ~ 5 09 Bruce Publishing Company ~ Fischer, Inc. 2.50 5.43 35.00 3.25 | John Carlson j A. E. Church II.'II.__I.I.I~_I · _ JLeslie E. Church III--II.IIIIIIIIII 6 00 ;Cities Service Oil Company ; ___IIII 4 os j City of Bessemer Light Iftility IIII~II 93 85 [Civic Education Service _"I~"I~ 72 00 jCoutinental Illinois National Bank l--IHIII..!""-!".!!."" 555 00 jCordes Supply Company ~ 10 " 67 j Frank A. Douglass Agency I__II_I__I__ ~ 4G 47 jDramatic Publishing Company IIIII 2 50 !John J. Prick Company 3 $Q j Gamble Stores i I_ J ~,~._~ _ '__' 6 05 IGaylord Brothers, Inc. I__III_I ~I__" 13 65 iGedda Insurance Agency _" ~ 111 04 General Insurance Agency IIIIII"_II 68 47 Gogehic Agency II_III""I 55 02 Gogehic Auto Company, Inc. "_ 11 35 12053 12054 12055 12056 12057 1205S 12059 12060 12061 12062 12063 12064 12065 12066 12067 1206S 12069 12070 12071 12072 12073 12074 12075 12076 12077 12078 12079 It was moved and seconded that the bids o£ the Bessemer Auto Company, Gogebic Auto Company, and Ruby's Garage be referred to the purchasing committee. Motion carried. It was moved by Mrs. Massie and supported by Dr. Stevens that the insurance on the band shell and bleachers be distributed the same as previously. Motion carried. It was moved by Mr. Abelman and supported by Mrs. Massie that the interest on 'bonds for one-half year be paid. Motion carried. It was moved by Mrs. Rice and supported by Mr. Stevens that a Singer sewing machine be purchased. Motion carried. It was moved by Mr. Abelman and supported by Mrs. Massie thut all employees except Mr. Oas and Mr. Church be given a temporary increase of 5% in salary, beginning with this month's salary. It was further moved and seconded that Mr. Church be allowed $5.00 per month for car expense Motion carried. It was moved by Dr. Mullen and seconded 'by Mrs. Rice that the meeting adjourn. Motion carried. /DR. R. J. MULLEN, Secretary PROBLEMS «S«^S^^««*SSS»S*««S«SSs5K§^ ROCK WOOL And CLOCK COAL Will Save Money The Michela Co. Bessemer -- Wakefield SOCards For $1.0O Unless the Christmas seal sale in Michigan realizes a. 10 per cent in- CTC*M over last year's, the Michigan Tuberculosis Association win be forced to cnrUij its program of prevention planned for-!M2. ISTntAS CHADS PRINTED W I T H YOUR NAME From The BESSEMER HERALD How much is experience worth? WHAT DO moat good doctors have besides skill? Experience. Good lawyers? Golfers? Machinists? Experience. The same thing is true of good electric service. Running an electnc company is a specialized business. Good electric service can't always be delivered simply on somebody's promise that it will be. It takes equipment, money, and what is most important, it takea trained men with the knowledge of how to serve _J n H? U !: b , U3iness ' ." in ? ver y other business, there is no substitute for experience. And to make a success of this business there must be this constant aim--to give customers more for less. For example, your household electric rates have been going down.steadily to where they are only about half of what they were 10 to 15 years ago. This means that today you get about twice as much electricity as you used to get-for the same money. Business management of the electric companiea has made this poeaible. Your electric company and its employees. The folks whoae constant aim w to keeb on improving your service, at lew and lew cost to you. Lake Superior District Power Co.

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