The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on December 5, 1941 · Page 6
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 6

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1941
Page 6
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The Herakl. Bessemer, Mkfaig*n 4-H STOCKIUANWINS M ICHIGAN'S champion 4-H live-! stock club member for 1941 Is'- Robert Mast, 20, of Dexter, Washtenaw county. Chosen by A. G. Ket-! tunen for his 10 year record In club I work, the boy handled 232 sheep.' Cash winnings on his exhibits were, $713.33, and his total income from sheep 52,174.73. Robert won first in , the sheep showmanship class at the! 1940 county fair. From 1936 through} 1941 he had charge of his county's' sheep exhibit at the State Fair. He) also won a Michigan State College scholarship in 1940 for h(s work in! 4-H sheep projects. . » As state. 1 winner in the annual Thomas E.' Wilson meat animal contest, he will j receive a 17-Jewel gold watch. The| contest is conducted in cooperation: with the extension service. BESSEMER TOWNSHIP SCHOOL BOARD PROCEEDINGS A regular meeting or the Board of Education of the School District for the Township of Bessemer was held at the Ramsay Schoolhotte November 10, 1941. Meeting called to order at 7:30 P. M. by B. C. Carlson, President. Upon roll call the following' members were present: Carlson, Fink. Kuuaisto, Nelson and Smith. Absent: None. Motion made, seconded and carried that the minutes of the regular meeting held October 13, 19*1 be approved as published in the Bessemer Herald. Motion made by Kuusisto, seconded by Nelson and carried that the following payrolls and bills be allowed and paid: October: Janitors' Payroll, salary 2nd half ot October $562.22 Clerks, salary 2nd half of October . 107.35 Library employes, salary 2nd half of October 100.45 Teachers' Payroll, salary 2nd school month 11-5925.31 Truant Officers, salary 2nd school month 20.00 Substitute Teachers, substitute teaching 25.22 Michigan Teachers Retirement Fund Board, deductions from employes' payrolls for October . 245.14 REFUND $1.026 IN BESSEMER TELEPHONE SUBSCRIBERS GET R E F U N D ON LONG DISTANCE CHARGES · Douglas E Ferguson, manager for the Michigan Bell Telephone Company, announced today that refunds totaling ?1,026 have been made to long distance customers in Bessemer in connection with the April rate reduction which brought intrastate toll charges down to interstate levels. Ferguson said the refunds have been made to 319 customers in this exchange. A recent check by the company showed that 45 per cenfof its customers are entitled to refunds. Except for "final" accounts involving discontinuance of service, change ot numbers, etc., and possible further pay-station claims, refunds Iiave been completed in this exchange. Claim, slips were provided customers making pay station calls to identity the calling party and many of them have been presented for refunds. The job of refunding involves the checking of approximately 85,000,000 records of individual calls. The company estimates that a total of $1,500,000 will be refunded Michigan users. The refunds apply to calls between certain, points during the period, August 1, 193S to April 25, 1941, inclusive. Refunds made since last July 1 bear interest at the rate ot % of 1 lier cent a month. Besides the refund, the company estimates the April reduction Is resulting in savings of about $700,000 a year to Michigan users, based upon current usage of the long distance service. Another intxastate rate reduction which the company put into effect September 16 will result in further savings of about $230,000 a year. 1342Q-1351Q 1352Q-1353Q 1354Q-1355Q 1356Q-1394Q 1395Q-1396Q 1397Q-1400Q 1401Q-1402Q November: 1403Q-1412Q Janitors' Payroll, salary 1st half ot November 610.50 1413Q-1414Q Clerks, salary 1st half of November 115.00 1415Q-1416Q Library Employes, salary 1st half of November 107.50 1417Q Apple River Mill Company, lawn seed and twine 64.SS 1418Q Edwin Allen Company, library books 16,70 1419Q The Abelman Company, dry goods 20.33 1420Q C. E. Anderson. M. D., services . 21."50 1421Q Joseph Brighenti. insurance policy 39.40 1422Q The Book Concern, athletic supplies 132.5S 1423Q Cities Service Oil Co., gas, tire repairs 7.SO 1424Q Doubleday Bros. Co., child accounting records 60.39 1425Q Dept. of Education, State of California, book . 1.00 1426Q Electric Paint Varnish Co.. electro-patch 10.00 1427Q George Ethier, trucking services 10.00 142SQ Educational Music Bureau, Inc., music books 1 57.50 1429Q Gaylord Bros., Inc., library supplies 9.30 1430Q Pearce E. Graham, certificate No. 2 on plumbing contract --1141.30 1431Q Peter J. Giacherio Garage, operation and maint. of bnses 912.15 ! 1432Q Grimm Book Bindery, library books rebound 21.20 ! 1433Q Beu Harris, masonry services 12.00 j Mrs. Anna Holmquist. laundry services .75 H. O. Johnson, expenses--Marquette 29.81 Charles Jalonen, transportation expense 10.00 Frank Kurvonen, transportation expense 20.00 Lake Superior District Power Co., light and power 237.35 Michigan Bell Telephone Co., tolls and service 25.S5 Mine Safety Appliances Co., First Aid supplies 27.20 The Michela Company, stoker repair parts S9.SO i A. C. McClurg Co., library books I 68.20 Master Cleaners, drycleaning band uniforms 2S. 70 j National Education Ass'n., books I z.Si j Northwestern Motor Bus Co., student bus fares 37.12 · Drs. Piukerton Stevens, examination and services IS.25 Orbick's Grocery Store, groceries 2.30 ! Joseph Pairolero. operation and maintenance of buses 264.00 i" Republic Steel Corp., water 9^5 ! COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS (Continued from Page 3) None. Absent: Supervisor Bara tone. 1. Motion carried.'- . Resolution of Appreciation--Alex Cklsholm Resolution WHEREAS, This Board of Supervi-, sors go on record expressing its sih-1 cere appreciation for the generous success showed by the Plckands Mather Company in starting operations! The opening of said' Jerome Nadolney.. · " · ; . ;'·., N«w VaulU -: : '-.··! '·"·''.·-·,'· I The Committee took up the tabled question of providing additional vault space for the County Clerk and County Treasurer. It made a 'thorough inspection of the present vaults of the Clerk and Treasurer' and also, of the basement of the Courthouse, where new vault space must be provided. It is possible to build a vault for the Clerk in the room directly under his office and part of'the' room under the office of the County Treasurer may be used for a vault for him. The County Auditor furnished the Committee with estimates of the cost of building the necessary walls o£ stone, concrete blocks or brick. , 1434Q 143 5 Q 1436Q 1437Q 1438Q 1439Q 1440Q 1441Q 1442Q j 1443Q 11444Q i 1445Q | 1446Q 1447Q 1144SQ j 1449Q 1450Q 1451Q , 1452Q i 1453Q 1454Q U55Q 14SCQ 1457Q 145SQ ' 1459Q J14GOQ 1461Q 11462Q 1463Q 11464Q 1465Q 1486Q 1467Q i 1468Q Register of Deeds, recording deed 1.25 I George B. Schroder, typewriter repairs 4.00 Sci-Art Publishers, books "II_~_ 7.'oS The Texas Company, gas and oa 6.94 Richard Valesano, referee services 2.00 Vinton School Farm Co., blanks and notices I 7^70 Wakefield Hospital Clinic, services 10,00 World Book Company, tests . ~_ I_ g^lS Wickstrom's Garage, tow car and start motor 1.25 Youngstowu Mines Corp., water and X-ray 13.17 Socouy-Vacuum Oil Company, gasoline _J I 2.'25 E. C. Carlson, salary, 1st halt of year 125.00 A. J. Fink, salary. 1st ha!f of year I__IZ 125.00 . Walter E. Kuusisto. salary 1st bait ox year 125^00 I John H. Nelson, salary, 1st half of year 195 oo ! Edwin Smith, salary, 1st half of year !__!_ 125.00 i George's Service Station, gas. oil, grease ~4\51 Ramsay Mercantile Co., groceries I" _~~ 11 15 Blanche Erickson, chauffeur license fet 2 00 1469Q Harding Trading Post, gasoline, anti-freeze 5 22 The Board approved a program of citizenship training as recommended by the Superintendent witb Mrs, Isabelle Nemacheck. WPA Adult Education Instructor, in charge. Motion made by Kuusisto, seconded by Smith that mileage rates for Studebaker Bus No. 3 operated by Joseph Pairolero. and International Bus No. 13 operated ;by Peter Giacherio Garage, be set at 23c per mile effective September 29, 1941. Motion carried witb Kuusisto, Smith, Fink Nelson and Carlson voting "Aye"'. Motion made by Fink, seconded by Smith that requisitions for school supplies and ribrary books be approved. Motion carried. The Treasurer reported money received as follows during the moiuh of October,. 1941: Bessemer National Bank, Short Term Loan ^ §3,100 00 Motion made by Nelson, seconded by Kuusisto and carried that the meeting be adjourned. Signed: WALTER E. KUUSISTO, Secy. WHEREAS, The members of this Board have cause to be grateful tor'. 1 St is fitting that! be publicly acknow-l BE IT RESOLVED, That this Reso-' lution ).e spread upon the minutes of. this meeting and that a duly certified copy thereof be transmitted to Alex! Chishoiai, General Manager for Pick-! ands Mather Company. The above resolution was presented 1 to the Board of Supervisors and it i was moved by Supervisor Acbatz,! supported by Supervisor E. Clarence Johnson that The above resolution of appreciation be adopted and incorpor-l ated and that a copy be sent to A!ex' Chisho;in. Motion carried. j Resolution in Regard to Heating j Court House Building j Resolution WHKREAS, This Board of Supervi-' sors request the Gogebic County Road' Commission to heat the Court House i Building during the evenings whenev-l er Ciri-uit Court is in session, ! WHJ3REAS, The said Road Commis' sion bs requested to heat the Jury Room as well as the Court Room at such times, WHKREAS, Said jurors must work after six o'clock in the evening and without heat in the building makes it very uncomfortable, j BE IT RESOLVED, That this resolution oe spread upon the minutes of. this meeting and that a duly certified copy of same he transmitted to the said Road Commission. The above resolution was presented to the Board of Supervisors and it was moved by Supervisor Garvey supported · by Supervisor Nadolney that the above resolution be adopted aud incorporated and that a copy be given the Road Commission. Motion carried. Report of Courthouse, Jail and Grounds Committee A meeting of the Courthouse, Jail . Grounds Committee, held at the Courthouse, on Friday, November 7 1941, at 3:00 P.M. Present; Supervisors A. W. Colberg, Chairman: William Anderson, William R. Hellen, William Luxmore, George H. Lawyer and William Johnson. Absent: Supervisor ed in the boiler room of the court houae. The boiler has not been us-; ed since the central heating system was installed in the Road Commis-: sion garage. The committee considered the possibility of removing i the old boiler, perhaps selling it, and : using the space for new office space. This would allow large vaults underneath the offices of the County Cleric and County Treasurer. To determine what the sale value of the boiler! might be, the County Auditor was requested to obtain an estimate on the TM taking the tioller out of the Parking Space The matter of providing additional parking space around the Court-' house was again tabled to a later : meeting, although the possibility ot parking upon the grounds, after the ground is frozen, was ' discussed. This, of course, would only be possible during the winter. Locks The County Auditor was authorized to purchase bar type locks for the outer doors of the Courthouse. Clock The County Auditor was requested to obtain prices on various types of electric clocks, with a view toward replacing the present clock in the office of the County Treasurer. Respectfully submitted, Friday, December 5; 1941 side basmeent wall, repair the floor ot the furnace room at their own expense, providing ther receive the boiler free of charge. After due discussion,'it was moved i. by Supervisor Lawyer, supported .by Supervisor Nadolney, that the City of Ironwood bo authorized to remove the boiler and stoker from the furnace room and do the .necessary repair work and receive the boiler. Roll called on the above motion:; Ayes: Supervisors Anderson, Biilinski Colberg, Hakala, Hellen, Johnson. Johnson, Kuivinen, Lawyer^ Luxmore Marauder, Nadolney, Sanderson, Steu holm, Trebilcock, Woodward. 16. Nays: Supervisors Achatz and Goldman. 2. Not voting: Supervisor Erickson. 1. Supervisor .Garvey. stated county should ask for bids. 1. Supervisor Kelly stated county should advertise for bids. 1. Absent during roll call: Supervisor Wilson, 1. Absent: Supervisor Baratone. 1. Motion carried. Annual Report of Mine Inspector The Annual Report of the Inspector of Mines was presented to the Board of Supervisors and it was moved by Supervisor Bulinski, supported by Supervisor Colberg that the report be accepted aud filed in the office of the County Clerk. Motion carried. Adjournment " It was moved by Supervisor.Kuivi- nen, supported by Supervisor Goldman, which motion prevailed, the Board was declared adjourned until Tuesday, December 16th, 1941 at ten o'clock in the forenoon. Motion carried. W. W. Woodward, Chairman. Rudolph A. Anderson Clerk. Pennies spent on Xmas seals in Michigan save thousands of lives from tuberculosis each year. "Use Christinas seals! TRAFFIC y A W _ _ ,, William Anderson," Willfam" R. Hei len, William Luxmore, George H. Lawyer, William Johnson. W. B. Fauhl, County Auditor. The above report of the Court House Jail Grounds Committee was presented to the Board of Supervisors aud it was moved by Supervisor Colberg, supported by Supervisor Andreson that the report be adopted and incorporated into the minutes of this meeting. Motion can-Jed. Removal of Boiler The Courthouse, Jail Grounds Committee reported that the boiler, in the basement ot the Court House, be removed and sold if possible, so that the space can be used for office. The City of Ironwood is interested in a boiler o£ this kind and have offered to remove the boiler, repair the out- ^~- TO AVOID THAT ^RUN-DOWN FEEUMG- ^ WALK fAF£LY/ ImnoNAt SAFETY couNcn LETTERS To The EDITOR Bessemer Herald: Please publish this letter. This is the Auditor General's reply to my letter explaining the complaints registered against the 1940 County Audit, upon which yon wrote an article. Leonard J. McManrmin VEUNON J. BROWN Auditor General Lansing, Michigan November 27, 1941 Mr. L. J. McMauman Prosecuting Attorney Bessemer, Michigan Dear Mr. McManman: Thank you for your informative letter of the I9th. It IB to be regretted that all ot the facts which you point out In your letter were not made known to the auditors or to this department before the release of the audit report. Perhaps the fact that Gogebic County is so far removed from the State Capitol is one of the reasons why there some times grow up certain misunderstandings. I am thoroughly satisfied with the disposition of the'matters under criticism and of the reforms already instituted. I believe we are on the right track now and.that hereafter better procedure will prevail. Cordially yours (·lined) Vernon J. Brown Auditor General BETTER THAN A LETTER FROM HOME-THE HERALD -- $2.00 A YEAR, ANYWHERE Notice To TAXPAYERS Of Bessemer Township Taxes for Bessemer Township will be collected AT MY OFFICE AT MY HOME, in Ramsay, Michigan, beginning Monday, December 1,1941. Taxes will be collected between the hours of 9:00 a. m. and 3:00 p. m., and Saturdays at 9 a. m. to 11 a. m, except Sundays and holidays. Commencing December 1st, up to and including Jan. 10th, 1942, a fee of 1 per cent will be charged. From January 10th to March 1st, a fee of 4 per cent will be charged. BELMONT WILKINS Township Treasurer Prepare Now For Future Needs Join Our CHRISTMAS CLUB Now is your chance to start with millions of others all over the country wise people who will be prepared when the months have rolled around to next holiday time. There's no red tape. All you have to do is select the class you want to join, and make your first payment. Then you're a full-fledged member. Come in today. Then you'll have money when you really need it. Join One Or More Of These Classes Class 25 Members paying 25 cents a week Class 200 Membera payin B $2 00 a week tor fifty weeks will "« ive $J.2.5O for *""* weeks wi " recclve $100 OO Class 50 Members paying 50 cents a week Class 300 Members paying $3 00 a week for fifty weeks will receive ~$25.OO for fifty weoks wi " receIve $|,5O OO Class 100 Members paying $1.00 a week class 500 Members payln B »5.00 a week for fifty weeks will receive -$5Q.OO for fifty week » wl " recelve $25O OO · .' · - - ' ;J Class 1000 Members paying $10.00 a week for fifty weeks will receIve $5OO OO The Bessemer National Bank Bessemer, Michigan '·$

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