The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 8, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 7

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 7
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: DAILY MESSENG.EK. CANANDA1GUA,.N. Y., THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 1948 PAGE FlVfi^l 9 f lW»4 m Wtt ,, t ,, , OWer priced than last ye Ye, Mo'o,, H-, a fe. of everyday foods that ore oil , ad-dly lo, P^ ^ ^ ^ 5iems He, and the,, bu. foods yo J af-Hbb*. yoo'il see for yourself how PRO P,TAB L E it is to a. ·»«»" wv* i:ib , Print Lard ^^ ^ Swift's .M^2 d tfs 1 Margarine uS ^ _ « · Stokely's No. 2V; Pumpkin H--t poA «» b Damson _ 0 r c t l p ' ^ r n a t i ^ --. EJgcbrooK O ito- Beans c.,t o-cr, «·. «·« C*,- 1 e l / S O N O « ·*· ' t y|y9*3'llj p t , v j cons Peas o« | -"i p " k 2cJ. iyt;3U s P" n9 L "" de 2 .°n 1'lliK EVO-.*. .« ed ,, ,,,, SedDa^sHrfhlc ^^ e £^ · . ... - f-.nrtnn s O-D". 1 IZ r* K 3 A O I I D ( 'M «·· i Gorton's 5-c Codtish ^^ 11V ^ Juice Pe c a "o Potatoes ;::::-' · or. Not just a list of odd and when next you shop home of Good Food. fkpple Sauce v Olive Oil Po y Prunes Km^ Baisins s«TM«* yi JJ" V-8 Cocktail ,vrf.,i c p |p»M Ori.lcr(i Park ^,, ijjC Preserve S;i"* 2 A J ^ CuiBeeis°pl h ,r d 2 ^;« 'Preserve ^nnpp De T ! "- onl ° 2 8 ,",15c ^ a !^ c f sS ^«- 27 c r l ib. Oil BeVn 6 Sprouisli £* We Binneis c^^ «;-43c Grape Jam ^ t**TM PrPS^fVB P-o-h iar ^' JG K i C S v » » * ' r^t-'.r. i" - I'-lltl Orchard Po-k '-i-o* J-lc «" ' ' Colonial O ltr J11» Preserves p eo£ h ^«- a " Beets 0rc si ;r c' ! d Park 2^n,2je Paac Plymouth Moid fc' car .e««*' E i Comsioci: ^ ° ' 2 \ 9 £ Be! Gee HS N £ 5 25c JW * " 'SA y p e r =rf°' s ° ^ "·£·«rii ^ · ^-o/Tjpare our DnVoc *u* . ifn v/hof · ltt; s THIS week Kme fast year" S'vhas «L' hfeLSame LA ^ E ~ EXT *A JUICY p nce Lost Y eor Wos 39c a Dozen NOW P; "CE THIS YEAR-S12 E 150 '**8- ft ·°r"^ ·m iiil #:^ /". ^sfe; - ; m te. TiO! Nor iusl ordinary Hamburg, but carefully seJeeFW government inspect, d Uan ground beef. You can't af- f o r d - t o snub Loblaw ground beef. Our tremendous Increase in wl«t o» ' thW item makes us proud to re«m- '-meha it. Don't forget our other big j ~o,,v value--Loblav/s moat ground meai * I 00 f. |«.t the right proportion of b««, vtal ana jork. / LOAff e il STAR k FRESH tf LB. ,·.-//·; \-A -S^p " |is£ ; . : ^^-'c;:' There is no bigger value «,, y - r- , r ,, W h e r e t h a n B l u e Water Brand fillers. |fs all meaiy fish-no waste and all ready io roll in breading mix and fry tee* I^SA i-£J. FILLETS OF COD, HADDOCK OR 1*5 i itiTBmfBfff Ked PERCH FRESH FILLETS OF NO WASTE NO EONES Ib. [c! TASTY SLICED 16. V FR£SH Ever get "coughf-short" when unexpected company walked in? ;W?II, then, just what you need is a good suppiy of *B". r . Luncheon Meat on your pantry shelf. -Yng'll find ii_p "life-idler" and a "mor.ey-iaver" too. On only one I CDB.^you rDfr' jove cis much as 6 to lOc. Of coi/rje, you -·v/orrr-quality,- too, and you'll find it in this new product. '·_ Serve hot or cold--you'll like it either way. We recorn- -"nund I t ! - " . ' /2-oz. r//v CLOVER t ''quality" Itcn a? pn un- bly lov/ price! Here you ive 01 mocli as J2c or 13c e know it's good? We've issy ho'jbtfwives ore about :he success of a cclie de. So \ve say--try "iVicgic"-- d with your roiults. 8ox This product needs no infroducllon to our customers. We've been selling if for years and your purchases attest to its popularity. You've come back for more because of the added zest it gave your salads, the appetite appeal it gave y o u r children's Sandwiches · - . and for its all-around goodness and richness. OF course there was a time when, salad dressing as scarce as hens- teeth and that wasn't too long ago either. But why faring up unpleasant memoMes? Now you can get it in good s u p p l y ' a n d at a budget pleasing price too. ' = r a Pt#T 'JAR ORCHARD PARK CUT WAX \ Now botli vorieKos are of ihls low everyday price. Ctchcrd Pnrlc beans are good. We rec- 'ommcnd them h'thfy. For sotieihing different pour off me if gf the liquid and hcaf them in milk--add still and pepper and a gtnorcus spoon of bujter. The butter may be a little cxpemiva but It's v/crth it CMS* 4 This great big bottle of Concord Grape Juice is another big Loblaw value. Grape juice is delicious, rich in food value and while it was in short supply recently we are glad to say you .can buy ail you want. 14c CHEAPER THAN LAST YEAR Paneake Syrup Chicken Fricassee Corn Beef Mash I2-0/. Drink Vovr Vifamfns :.-. ' cr ')iii .Manse t^PrsoI! f i n Si i very i-ll). Siiiilrl; f i n Krcn\-|'asi of Champions ' i Royal * Ghoeofafe V l Q l U A ' Cli-ans--nr-txloriws--· Disinfects jtig ^ Bull Dog Blisisig Windov/-L§te Window r?oanrr Hemo Noodles loc "»/ N £ n2 17c Horn-Spread ««., «--3g c Piccalilli fi»-"-« 'VrZIc Honey Eiosron swset I6o ^ 3Sc Buiier D S D " k ^41c Brill's «««"«:« 2^ s -29c E-ZFreez l '; 0 ^« rm 2-°'^I9c iSnli · SpoghelriSouce ' B "'°'- J h r j P^ 9i?"oo? . . Gloss Starch pic Span Vr'^BtfJc Swift Cleanser cans r VMTSON'S PROVEN-RITE "^ ^' MIRACLE DETERGENT .^ SUPPLY LIMITED 8 WATYS BETTER suppiy limited OCKAXS OF SliUS plijr- Supply Limitod fR'C£ / r t v^-v."- ,VK"^; J " ^ ^,..^^^^^ ^ ^^^^ : %^^*t^p^^P;-; ^(jjL-y\«v ^^Swtft^f.f'SP^ SfffS\ G/O/A SPAGHETTI ORCHARD PARH Preserves are a lol lower than lest year or:d the quality is up Lecause there was plenty of sugar to make them with los! sun-Tier. YOJ con depend on Orchard park Preserves for quality all the time. LB. JAR ^ Gravy Masler £"£ I5ti -I5c Ammonia Po °« qbut f20c llapr Wieners rc^. r,;- with h;sr- !;;:;!;; saiicti tin Liquid Veneer F ~ e t,T'19r Ontario Ol Occident ^ '-$2.33 Tatley Tea Bag Wyler's ^"°^ t !r , !gc ^_, p _ .- . Berber's Eob ~ Cereo| 5 8 ", cz - Pf-3- Pears Dei Mc Rice Feasi Oaimeal ^ Wfieai Germ Paper Bags ] Simoniz FjPr0 " Borax 20Mu! «' Boraxo For D!r N o 2 trawberry Preserves 3 - iflc panut luffs? s - : 16c loysenberriss [rispy 'Crackers tin X». 303 :iS.;:;'ic jar ^JUNKET RENNET Desserts pkg. 1 ftc /" MIRACLE DE7EP.GENT . «*u A51 ft p!^9- -#.#*· ""N V. ' Large Sizo Flakes 39c / FOR DEISCATE SKIN 1«X Toilet S8HP alto, bath ·S-^^f^''' ^, SUPPLY LIM!T2D ^/ · / f f (si .'"' -JJUJ

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