The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 3, 1947 · Page 11
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 11

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 11
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Legion Expands Fish Fry Plans; Affair To Be Monday At Weslaco WESLACO, June 3--The Amorl- Sam Jackson Post quintette of San cin Legion catfish and corn frlt-|Benito will top an elaborate pro- r i ,, _ * n *tt-n»*t-n4i*i *-v* at-» f "d r\ r. n Tuesday, June 3, 1047 THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD ter f r y , postponed from May 20 to next Monday, will be bigger and b e t t e r t h a n ever, according to Post Commander Garland H. Smit.h. "The postponement was necessary because or the heavy rain, but the fish f r y committee: has improved: gram of entertainment. Both Legion organizations are training for appearances at the state and national Legion conventions this Jacklyn Louise Wentz Is Married In Services At First Baptist Church Fall. Commltteemen appointed b y Commander Smith are: Tickets and arrangements, C. D. Bennett, fish f r y committee has improvca ,y ~ h Davl the program, obtained more wish. «" p a r k l n R i j. j. ··prcn- " ^ Mid. .nd ^d .ddltlon.1 ticket.." Smith I^V^teu^ lltf ^ d " mn , ^i" ft "' ' t o r f r y , W, H. Hays and William Buzby; refreshments, Paul Mayer; seating and platform, Herbert General Chairman L, I' 1 . "Cott" BollnK reports t h a t County Judge Lloyd E. B M t,,n jr. will glv. th. « 1 » k » OBllHh ^ l ^ "H ' Kollor wTth n r m n n a l nrldrPM. Tho Browns- I 1 .r · " h _ "*' i tu.i --.« principal vllle Arnrricnn Tlus Legion as general chairman. The public Is Invited. Tickets are on sale at one dollar each. All money derived from sale of tickets will go into the joint Memorial Building fund of l.he Veterans of i Foreign Wars and the American '·Legion Post of Weslaco. Hidalgo : county and Wiinco city officials land heads of all veterans organizations in the Weslaco area will be guests of honors. TEXAS MIDDIE SECOND ANNOPOLIS, Md,, June 3 -- Texas midshipman holds Number Two position of honor among the members of the Naval , Academy's 1047 graduating class. He is David F. Swenson, son of Mrs D. H. Swenson of Taylor, i Texas, who won the honor through Bcholastic achievements, _ Jacklyn Louise Wentz, daughter of Mi 1 , and Mrs. Milton Edward Wentz, Del Frances Apartments, and Quintin Shields KinCannon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Quintin T. KinCannon, Corpus Christ!, were married Monday at 8 p.m. in First Baptist Church. The Rev, E. O. Gregory officiated at the double ring ceremony. The church was decorated with marconl daisies, white stock, magnolias and feverfew against a background of hackleberry with white satin ribbon. A Victorian theme was carried out in the bride's gown,' th« tiered, ruffled tulle skirt caught up in cascades with white satin and tullcd orange blossoms. The fitted bas- que was of white brocade. She wore a finger-tip length triple- ; tiered veil attached to a Juliet' cap with satin and tullcd orange blossoms. Her mltte were of imported chantllly lace. i Entering with her father, the j i bride carried a. bouquet of white j , lilies of the valley and steph- The "canals" of Mars show up on photographs. don't We're Not Sitters, But Father's Day Is Our Baby Father's Day is a big day for the children, too. So don't fail to bring them along with you and let them make their own selection of a Father's Day gift. They'll think of Dad in terms of after shaving lotion--tie clasps- real leather belts and suspenders --neckties that sparkle. M a n y other gifts starting at $1.00 each, In the Heart of Downtown Brownsville anoti's arranged in a large shower! bouquet. Maid Of Honor Hope KinOannon, sister of the bridegroom, was maid of honor. She wore a white net bouffant dress and starched white lace-cover- Jacket closed with tiny lace-covered buttons. It had long leg-of- rnutton sleeves. They carried shea- i ves of American Beauty roses with ; wide leaf-green ribbon. Bridesmaids were Jane Jennings, Joan Torrence, Dorothy Ann Ellington, "and Dorothy Runsome, Marcia Oleary was junior bridesmaid. Their dresses were identical to that of the maid of honor, and they carried sheaves of American Beauty rones with fuchsia ribbon. Jane Roth served as flower girl. She wore a white drop shoulder dress with a ruffle around the neckline and the full skirt, which was caught with small clusters of Sweetheart roses. She carried a bas- Bulletin luncheon given by the local alumni association of the University of Virginia. He said the new- school is planned as a training ground for the nation's future diplomats. TUESDAY First Methodist Wesleyan Service Guild will meet at 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs. W. M. Hunter 1640 Hayes St. Evening Circle of First Presbyterian Woman's Auxiliary will meet in the home of Mrs. Jack Murray, 1715 N.W. Monroe St., at 8 p.m. WEDNESDAT Temple Beth-El Sisterhood will I meet at the home of Mrs. A. Haus- ] man at 8 p.m. THURSDAY El Jardin Home Demonstration Club will wet at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Vern Miller on Boca Chicn Highway between the Paredes Line Road and Old Port Isabel Road. FRIDAY Pan American Round Table will have a luncheon meeting at 1 p.m at El Jardin Hotel. Members are asked to make reservations before Wednesday with Mrs. R, D. Sundell. MBS, QUINTIN SHIELDS KINCANNON rose hat. Mrs. Kin Cannon wore a French nude dress with Sweetheart roso corsage and hat. Mrs. I, D. Koonce was organist, playing "Always" as a solo and accompanying Mrs. Fritz Hofmokel, who sang "Because," "I Love Thee" and "The Lord's Prayer." The traditional wedding strains were played as processional and recessional. A reception at Lnndrum's fol- fc-j rv U t ' U t i V r f i i r * \f * vfc^w*-* i m-n · · » -- ,, _ _ - -- ,-- - ^^ | _ i j v . i L * l J U J w 4 i (V v -tw^ · - · M - . . . « t - - - -- -- - ket of whlto satin nnd net decora- n owec i clusters of Sweetheart ro- ... ,, ----- t 4 ----- * ---- - ,,«,! t'ed with Sweetheart roses Maidenhair fern. William A. Sheka was best man, while Robert Peak, Dean Porter, James Clean' and Milton Wentz, Jr., were ushers. Wears Black Lace The bride's mother wore a black chantilly lace drew with a red SCIENTIFIC EYE EXAMINATION sntin r tbbon adorned the bride's table, while the arch- way was decorated with calabum leaves and white satin ribbon. Magnolias formed the background for the bridal party, and -there won a garland of'huckleberry nnd Jesse Jones Endows Diplomatic School CHATTANOOGA, Term., June 3 (JP)--Jesse Jones, Texas capitalist and former Secretary of Commerce, has agreed to endow A new school of foreign service at the University of Virginia with $300.000, according to Edward R. Stet- tinius Jr., who presides over the university's governing body. The former Secretary of State made the announcement at a Coitom Built VENETIAN BLINDS ^ Your Choice Of Wood - Aluminum - St«*l ORDER NOW Prompt Delivery BRENLIN BLIND Truly A Quality Blind For Beauty and Service See U* For FREE ESTIMATES Beautify Your Floor* with Azrock (Asphalt) Tilt Various Color* And Design* Available u United o Supply STORES 1021 E, Washington Ph. 922 miltin hot nnd navy nccesorios as j her going away costume. The cou- ! pie went to Snn Antonio for their wedding trip. They will live at \Y (1 [} V f4 U' * * 1.^ * * V 4 V * * » · * - * · - ' · * - " « ~ - - % i · - . - . Ester reabs and white satin r i b - ! 603 E. 23 tt, Apt. 1, Austin, where bon on the stairway, over both j Mr. KinCannon is attending the mantels and around the bride- j Unlver8lt y O f Texnfi. groom's cake. · ' Muse Meaner presided bride's book, Wedding: Trip at the ! The br!dc at( ^ndnd Stephens College, Columbia, Mo., where she was a member of Delta Chi Delta, The bride wore an original hand- j t h e Home Economics Club and the \ J -Ml- ,,* i J *- *^i4 4-1* t\ loi»rrn m»n£iT^ I blocked silk suit with a large green BROKEN LENSES DUPLICATED REPAIRS FOR ALL FRAMES Dr. Fred W. Queen OPTOMETRIST PHONE 217 Court Records 103rd DISTRICT COURT Suits Piled William Audresen vs. J. L. Peabody, suit for debt. 107th DISTRICT COURT Suits Filed Christine/Canipe and E. 0. Canipe, divrtrce. REALTY TRANSFERS City of Snn Benito to Alfredo A Onrcio, Lots 7 and R, Block 3, Fifth addition to San Benito. Edwardo arid Pet.ra Cortes to | oborfco S. Maldonndo, Lev. 11, Block 5, Fifth addition to San Bonito. ,,,, . Onrro Qono Goodman to Thelmn I. Wn Is worth, 40 neves in Block 90 and 24.0 acres in Block 01, Survey 387, Harlingen Land and. Water 'Company's subdivision, less 0,896 acres. , ' Eduarda M. Alogrln and Penmndo AleRTia, Jr., to Roginia Alegria, Catarinn Alegria, Otlla Alogrla and Colla Alegria, all of Lot 3, and East- half of Lot 4, Block 156 and all o^ Lot 1, Block 262, Brownsville. R. Pulton to Juan Floret;, Lot 30, Block 82, 'Brown addition to Harlingen. v C B. Hill to Prod Toler, Lot 8, 8, Windsor Place addition to Harlingen. Brooks H. and Mavis Hollyfieid to Charles N. and Ruth G. Patterson, East 38 feet long Lot 15 and West 16 feet, Lot 14, Block 27, Flnwood Heights addition to Harlingen. H. L, and Edna Pern Ewan to P, R. and Velma Towers George, Lot 7, Block 2, Kinkly North Shore Park addition to San Benito. Hayes and Allene E. Langford to Mrs, Eva Langford, East half of Lot 11 and all of Lot 12, Block 33A, Stillman's Extension to Browns- Spanish Club. She also attended Baylor University, Waco, where she was a member of Pi Alpha Lambda sorority. Mr. KinCannon attended Waco High School, Schreiner Institute and Baylor University. He servea as a captain with the Army Air Force in Italy, Corsica and southern France, and spent a year of occupational duty in Japan. PIN-WORMS NOW CAN BE BEATEN ville, J, A. and Dorothy V. to Harry M. and Vorna Fay Buck, 8, Hornaday addition to' Har- The miseries of Pin-Worms bare b««a known for centurJea, nnd millions of vic- timi btYG nought a way to deal with thU pest that livoK Inside the humnn body. Today, thnnks to n npcoinl, medically Pccotrnir-ed drusr n hichly «ff«itiv« treatment him !)con made nonniblc. Thin druff i* the vital inarcdiant in P-W, tlio Pin-Worm Ed Brndy, Jr., to John D, and tnhl*t* developed in tho laboratories of Dr. Dorothy ReoSQ, M Lob I, Block 5, D Thfi y im*l, S « P.W tahlcta net Palm Grove addition to San Be- in * BP*O(RI \v*y to romovo rin-Worm«. so ,u n don't (inffor with the cnilmrrnaainir rrflt*l Dolflnn T. de Lope, and Samuel ^^MntS^ v ^ folo^Z Lope/i to Olivia Trcvlno Snlaanr, dfrrp.tionn. town Lot o, Block 2, West Brownsville. MARKJAGE LICENSES Nntividad Gonxalez and Lydia Alvear. Antonio Rivas and Socorro Gon- r»W mauaa PlQ.Worm relief I M ONOGRAMMED LINENS can be ordered through us, We can supply Wamsutta Supercale Sheets and Pillow Cases and Callaway Bath Towels in a variety of designs and colors, all beautifully done. YOUR OWN TABLECLOTHS, NAPKINS, hanker-chiefs etc. can also be sent in by us, to be monogrammed. You will be surprised how really reasonably^ priced this work is, too. CHARGE AC'COUNTS Phone 380 Of BROWNSVILLE DIVIDED PAYMENTS 723 E. Maximino Perez and Francisco Gonzalez. Ramon AVmguz and Josef ina Cavaxos. Antonio Pacheco and Llbradn Giifijardo. Snlvador Olmos and Guadnlupe Cieneros. UEENOPTICALCO V545 E. Elton beth (Ground Floor) Soils subdivision in LR Poria grant. W. O Jones, part of Lot 2, Block PHARMACY Announces B E A U T Y S C O P E S E R V I C E Block 1, Ebony Heights addition .. H p 1 W C 1 and Amllyo Mornn to M.jTexan Protests Bontb ^in'c. Ficfa to Landing Along Border WASHINGTON, June 3 (/n--The War Department today studied n protest against the wild V-2 bomb Incident which occurred last week in Mexico near El Paso. Representative Thompson CD- Texas^ issued the protest in which he urged Army officials to caro- f u l l y investigate the incident nnd tnko Q.11 possible m ensures to prevent a recurrence. He asserted the bomb would have done enormous damage had it landed In Juarez or El Paso. The bomb was laupched from the "fyhite Sands, N. M., Proving Grounds, It accidentally veered off Its course and struck a desolate area near El Paso and Juarez, Mexico, tearing a deep crater In the earth. R E V E A L N G B E A U T Y S E C R E T S Thorn is no charge for this service --just call or p'h'one 680. *· Let the Dermetlcs Boaut^.' Service reveal BEAUTY SECRETS never before available. Do you have a beautiful complexion and wish to keep H beautiful? Does your skin look cloudy and heavy? Does your skin look tired and aged? Does your skin show an oily or dry condition? Does your skin show signs of wrinkling and sagging -indicating age beyond your years? NNfcrlonts in skim milk, pound .for pound, equal those in muscle moant. Would you like to have a normal com plexion with a clear, velvet soft, beautifu radiant, fresh alive complaxionT Mias Gwynn OHnger Consultant, Will Be Here June 3, 6 and 7th WOBBUES" Sure, you get sore it "STEERING voDBLifis"! They crawl into tires through road bumps, curb scuffs, worn steering parts. They cost you p l e n t y in tire wear, blow-outs, ACCIDENT*. Sure cure is » safety check-up BEFORH it's too Ute -- t h e kind your car gets on our scientific BEAR equipment. Think Your Repiir Man For The Accident That D/dn'f Happen" Jy C5S TUGGLC-URG MOTOR GO. Authorised Dodge-Plymouth and Dodge Job-Rated Trucks SALES »nd SERVICE 1020 L«ve« -- Phone 8fiO "Thank You" Message to the women of Brownsville . . . for the reception given our shop at our opening yesterday. You were indeed gracious, and the attendance and sales more than fulfilled our expectations. We wish to express our thanks also to the many who sent floral offerings and good wishes, We shall do our best to merit your approval by giving you the type of store of which the city may be proud. Nationally-advertised lines of dresses will be featured, with the best possible materials and tailoring at moderate price. Many of our lines have not arrived as yet, but are on the way, and we will be receiving new merchandise almost daily. Come in aften, and see the smart styles we feature! 1245 Elizabeth "WE FEATURE COTTONS'

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