The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 12, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 5

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1939
Page 5
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MtHngar inc. Lion J. trtMUwr and L, Orofoot, vfc* pwd- office manager; Howard MacDuff, adtertWnf manaiw; F. Nelke, circulation mana- at the Post Office, Can- N. Y., ai second class hiatter.) Phont Business Office ..... 887 Newt Room ............... «»» SUBSCRIPTION RAtES By The Carrier In City Delivered at your door, 18 cents pe r week; single copy, 3 cents. By Mall (Outside of Canandaigua) 1 mo. 3 mo. 6 mo. year In Ontario and Yates Counties . . 60* $1.50 $2.00 $4.00 Outside Ontario and Yates Counties .. 70 $1.85 $3.00 $0.00 Please watch the date of explra tlon printed on the label and avoid Interruption of delivery by sending in advance renewal. National Advertising Representa tives: Prudden, King Prudden, Inc., New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and Rochester. Member of Associated Preu The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication it all news dispatches credited in This paper and also the local news published herein. All rights are reserved. Song of the Bayou Per tonal Health Service BACKWARD s K*Thi mi BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY: A SIMPLE UNFAILING FORMULA -- Your heavenly father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.--Mat. 6.32, 33. . NEW ARMY DEMANDS "With the War*Department seeking 112,500 recruits for the U. S. Army in the next 12 months, emphasis is given to the extent to which preparedness measures have been pushed in this country. Incidentally, the problem of finding that number of suitable men, for military service, for three year enlistments, is ont an easy one, although statistics indicate that irany a CCC youth has turner from camp life in that corps, to try , army life in continuing an existence under discipline. Great Britain, expanding her peace-time army, encountered lack of material for the ranks. The problem in this country is perhaps even more acute, in respect to material, for the U. S. Army is not merely an aggregation of men trained to do close-order drill, and shoot fairly well, a rifle or pistol, The modern army is highly and almost completely mechanized. If a 1 cavalry unit uses horses, provision is made to move mounts to front line areas in trucks, if the area is one where trucks cannot be maneuvered. Every infantry regiment in the new army will have more or less artillery and heavy weapons. The expanding air corps needs more than men; it requires men who are skilled mechanics, as well as men of a high type m physical and mental make-up. Characteristics of the modern soldier and requirements of recruits have been materially changed, some of the changes coming with startling rapidity in a few months. The changes will doubtless attract many young men to a profession which is as old as disagreements between human beings. The changes are the most radical, perhaps, since the introduction of gunpowder, and the changes in tactics which that occasioned. In the air force alone, with 5.000 planes to be flown and serviced, there will be a demand for young men of exceptional skill, and m the training of these thousands of young men, the country, eventually. v'M derive great benefit, for whi.e mere soldiers under the old regulations and routine might bring individual benefits in physical training and morale, added to the total now must come skill in handling tools, in understanding internal combustion motors, and machine precision in work, which fits well in with the requirements for private employment in a highly mechanized country. DEMOCKERY An applicant for citizenship wa, recently asked the question: "Who H\es in Washington and runs the f-overnmcnt?" When he repuctJ. "The Democrats," he passed and be · came a citizen. No doubt his anywci was right, if the examiners had Ji r.*ind the government of the Unilol States, but it would have been far T'ide of the mark if they had referring to the government If You Tire Easily -Watch Your Nerves! BETTER ENGLISH By D. C. WILLIAMS Change Exhaustion to Vitality Just "sunk" after, a little work or fun -- do you require quiet, hate even the sound of the radio? Nerves may be the cause! Don't let nervous exhaustion make you a wet blanket, rob life of joy. Your nerves are sensitive, true, but properly understood they can make you more vital, charming than placid people. Frequently the root of nerves is in childhood, psychologists say. If you were much patted, shielded, you "may find it difficult to "harden" yourself to grownup life. You stew over every petty worry that comes along. Get a sense of proportion. If friend husband is late for dinner, 'the cleaner lost a button on your dress, turn to some book on great si'hievements. heroic deeds -- you'l. soon quit fretting. Wise. too. is a build-up program for your physical health. Get out and sun-bathe. The sunlight means more red cells in the blood, renews vitality, gives Vitamin D. Be a new jjerson, a "successful neurotic"! In our 32-page booklet a famous physician discusses the underlying physical and mental causes lor "nerves." Tells how to overcome worry, sleeplessness, nervous. fatigue and irritability, gives pro- j per diet and body care. Send 10? in coin for your copy of OVERCOMING "NERVES" AND EVERY-DAY HEALTH PROBLEMS (o The Daily Me-Ksengcr. Home Service. Phoenix Street. Canandaigua. N. Y. Be sure to wriJo plainly your name, address and the name of booklet 1.--What is wrong with this sentence? "He is living at Cleveland?" ' 2.--What is the correct pronunciation of "corps?"' 3.--Which one of these words is misspelled? Sieze. sieve, siege. What is a word beginning: with 4.--What does the word "disparagement" mean? 5.--What is a word beginning with su that means "means of support?" ANSWERS 1.--Say, "He is living in Cleve. land'' if"it is inclusive. Say. "He ar! rived at Cleveland" if the place is regarded as a point. 2.--Pronounce kor, o as in ore; plural korz. 3.-Seize. 4.-- Diminution of esteem or standing. "Nothing hath wrought more prejudice to religion, or brought more disparagement upon Bomber Prepares For North Atlantic Flight BUFFALO MP) -- The crew of a huge patrol bombing plane, destined for England, groomed their twin-motored, 15-ton flying boat today for a flight to Botwood, Newfoundland -- the jumping-off place for Northern Trans-Atlantic flights to Europe. Pilot Russell Rogers announced a daybreak take-off for Botwood, Bay of Exploits, and his final stop Wa«U4 Ufetlm* Dear Doctor Brady: j t L No doubt you haVe heard of me and mr work In the caUee of TEM- PlRAWtCE. For several ye»r» I have been lecturing in all parts of the country. For the past three yean I hare had as my constant companion * true and faithful friend, one -~ (call him Jake the Guzzler), who sat on the platform with me. I would point him out to the audience as a horrlMe example of the ravages of drink. . S Jake originally had a splendid backgrOAind, was a man of fine education and family connections. But during the years when he should have given thought to the building of his character he developed an insatiable appetite for strong drink. There were time* when Jakes condition was pitiful. A brilliant man who became a wreck of his former self. He would sit oil the platform .with me, drooling at the mouth arid staring at the audience through blood-shot eyes. Unfortunately, last autumn poor old Jake passed away. A mutual friend has given me your name and I am wondering If you would consent to accompany me on my approaching lecture tour, to take Jake's place. If this appeals to you get in touch with me ... Sincerely yours, A. G.---P. S. I understand that long ago you realized and publicly acknowledged the error of drink. That is why it is a joy to welcome you within the fold of righteousness. I earnestly hope you can join me in this uplifting work. A. G. Well, sir, I am too flabbergasted to accept or reject the offer offhand. I assume you would provide what foods, if any, I might occasionally want, and everything I wish to drink. The later Is important. Assure me of that and I'm your man. But I warn you, I am pretty particular about what I drink. None of your nondescript stuff. I want the best--either Certified or Grade A Raw from tuberculin tested hwd, and plenty of it, hot from the spigot if possible. Telegraph immediately if you can use me on thest terms. I'll be me ing the floor with my tongue hang- .fit* Dally ·*- Tra lean A* Friday, July It, 1929 Smoke and chemical fumesjpour- ed through the windows of Canandaigua Academy today shortly before noon when fire of undetermined origin broke out in the chemical laboratory. Charles 8. Wilson; former *New York State commissioner of Agriculture, has been appointed to the Federal Farm Board, according to an Associated Press dispatch -.from Washington. One vacancy now remains to be filled by President Hoover. Wilson operates a -farm near Canandaigua and has had extensive experience with the berrying and fruit industries of. thj Seneca Castle's proposed community hall is expected to, become a reality in a short time WtM-*MO added to the accumulating fund as the result of the old-fashioned July Fourth celebration. ~ ; litfj UJ.1^ *.rv*r- ·' tl - i^ f -- ing out drooling at the mouth, kicking me wife and children around MAKE THIS ADORABLE SET Pattern 8543. -- Can you imagine anything more perfectly designed to enhance the round and dimpled charm of little girlhood? A wing- sleeved frock, with a full, flirty skirt and pointed waistline, adorned with sash bows at each side! A bow-trimmed bonnet to shade young eye from a too-hot sun, and to make a little round face look sweeter than ever! Put them together and you have 8543. Put them on your small daughter, and you have a cool, flower-like cherub, very well-behaved 1I1K me WUC allU tUWWitti «,***!*·.·*· CA AAIMS \,»*S»A uw f »*-»j TM *··* « « . * * * » -- -» and quarreling with the neighbors, j incidentally, because she'll be com- untii I receive your decision. If it islfortable, for one thing, and for an- hot I'll come a-running. The best other she'll know she looks nice. I can contrive here a! home is Grade A Raw that must bo hours old by the time I get it. QUESTIONS AND ANSWEBS Monographs On Health Please tell me what health literature or pamphlets or instructive reading matter you have for readers who are interested. (R. R- T.) Answer. -- Monographs on following subjects are available -- for any one send 1 1-2 cent stamped envelope bearing your address: for more truth, than unseasonable Barrow. 5.--Sustenance. zeal." -- from San Diego and they feared a night approach to Botwood with a low gasoline supply. SCHOOL WANTS $600.000 ROCHESTER (JP) --The Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute wants to raise $600.000 by Dec. 31. 1940. George H. Clark, institute treasurer, explained an anonymous donor promised the institute a S400.000 endowment provided it raises an additional $600.000 by that time. Airport Fire Apparatus Called After Five Years BUFFALO (JP) -- After five years cf waiting "at the ready.' 5 the Buffalo airport fire truck made its first run recently when fire of undetermined origin damaged a WPA work shanty. Airport officials estimated the damage at $20. but several hundred WPA workers claimed loss of their lunches stored in the shed. Sunbonnet Girls On Towels By BARONESS PIANTONI The only correct answer ".*» thai one would' be thai the District. c»J Columbia is under a special ionu of government existing in **" capital of no other country on wrUv. and which for want, ol :. butcr term may toe called a dc- mockery. It is nan by a Ongns.' endowed with a *ieh mtcliigenv-f rating. Any one- doubting tins n a only to reflect, that a few days a*" tvl.en they put an addifenaJ 'lax en Washingtbnians they UioiightiwHy exempted their crxn saJara-s. thu-: proving that there were no flics on their brains. With a brilliant acu- r.»cn deicloped from much «rvkr «? the Nation they grasped the mi portent fact that no Dirfrict ol Co ]umbia votes could toe cast *rate' town. This system, known as t a x a - tion without representation, ^as m - v«nl«J by George HI ataw; abon: 1770, and it is in1«rost:r.g io iw-" ht,w it has survived so visow.asly i" the Capital of a Nation which «- radiated it a hundred and sixty t.wee years ago. Cred'it IOT this spcctali*?d tcnr o/' government based on a aolek-s? at- *w ; nry should go impartially «o Den: otratic and Republican lovers o: l«ir ptey in both House and Scr.-i Deer Damage Orchards In Coving! on District COV1NGTON U'i are warring against drrr. They are using brimstone spraying solitfions sinrr a moth ball itttvslincrat and toud noises have failed Jo "diT-oHragc Mw sHwk animals wnirh Game Warden Glenn Zwctsrh said have damaged about 75 apple 1rrrs in the Louis and Paine orchards. There are 4(XMW bicycle* in Cop* enhagcn. Denmark -- one lor cv- . In a v.-orlrl rt ."triff it clfers :. 1 c-fimwSy rr'ici. 5 J ~J3n iyiirt- -vhilc rnimlin^ a b-,1ch r-j Morrow vr.'Nif:. 3f-rJ«r«3 .hnt it ~«-- jih' 1 bcM X-'lt.^ ht hr'.i ]i:-,ir r 5 J;i ycaT.". K^rr. «"M a Bo-jin flrrilon Iwnh wijd it was evf-n more amusinr; thar.- CnamT?fT2ain"s umbrella. \5i3' t ,"3iJij. ! n-.-pcift.inr «i new v^'iint: '.iiacJiine -].· I Kome. mi ; .pHam3 liis iro;vn lor «]-· ; u.'dxt U-TJ nvrjw-r.«. Tvtjtn hr iiv.orfl 3 jl. while Hirobiifl Ktfp]/r-d ^adin^ 1irf- Tokvo flfclir.n return? r.nd al- irosi split his kimono Saucing. .--Washington Star Dimity, organdy, batiste, lawn linen are pretty cottons for this little dio. It's very, very easy to make. Pattern Nfl. 8543 is designed for sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years. Size 3 requires 3-8 yard of 35-inch material MODERN ETIQUETTE By ROBERTA LEE ECZEMA A ttoibte way to wfek nlltf Itchy Beattna, ptmpui, btotrtM* and other Man.- due to tttornal CHUM* to tar Petcrioii'i Ointment to UM paru. AellevM itehinf Makfi the skin look bett..... ter. Peterson'* OlnttnenPaleo ing for tired, itchy feet between toe*, m, *U Money tack U not delifhtt* Q.--Is it good taste for a woman employee in an office to wear eye shadow or mascara? A.--No. If she considers these artificialities to be alluring, she should reserve them for her social engagements. Q.--Is it all right for a bride to wear a veil if her wedding is to be very small? A.--Yes; a veil may be worn at any wedding unless it is a civil or a second marriage. Q.--Is it proper to say, "Mrs. Hudson, meet Mrs. Gibson?" A.--No. Say, "Mrs. Hudson, this is Mrs. Gibson." Columbian Binder!;! Twine and Hay Rope Hay Cars, Porks and Pulleys Fish Brewer, fiwT 15 Bristol St Phone 104 'atfi 1 By W. L. GORDON on what was to have 'been a one- stop flight to England from San j Diego, Calif. ,,,, ,, . The Buffalo stop, unscheduled, than one send ten cents coin for was made after Rogers and his j every three monographs you want- crew fought fuel-eating headwinds I Poison Ivy; Eczema; Foot Itcn; - -- - Acne (pimples and blackheads; Hay Fever; Hives; Pruritls (itching without skin rash); Stage Fright; Croup; Bed Wetting; Dandruff and Care of Haif; Prostatic Obstruction; Menopause ( change of life); Sweating; Tobacco Habit; Varicose Veins and ulcers; Gaining Weight; Belly Breathing; Wheat to Eat; High Calcium Diet; Hernia; Quinine in Modern Medicine; Stuttering; Gonorrhea; Syphilis; Spray Infection; lodin Ration; Headache and Migraine. Lists of other booklets will be included with the monographs mailed you. No reply can be made to requests if the stamped addressed return envelope is omitted. (Protected By John F. Dille Co.) AFL Studies Restoring Of WPA Wage Decreases WASHINGTON (ft -- William Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, told 200 union leaders at a policy conference today that the remedy for the "spontaneous" protest against WPA hourly wage cuts "lies with Congress rather than through strikes en WPA projects.'' _. . He had summoned the officials here'for an extraordinary session to determine how to get Congress to restore prevailing wage payments to the new relief act as a substitute fo requirement that all on WPA work '-30 hours a month for a security wage." The reason for using salt when freezing ice cream is that it causes the ice to melt, and in melting the ice absorbs heat. The addition of salt to ice, therefore, hastens the melting of the ice, which in turns hastens the freezing of the ice cream. The goshawk is the boldest of the hawks. It is known to dart down suddenly and carry off a. chicken within a few feet of a person. Ashes of a campfire, believed to tor bonnet. 7-8 yard tor penue; 1 i have been built at least twenty thou- 3-4 yards for dress, 6 1-2 yards of |-"id "ears.ago, have been dug up in braid Lo trim as pictured. . Nevada. For a Pattern of this attractive model send 15c in coin, your Name, Address, Style, Number and Size to The Daily Messenger, Canandaigua. The United States Government took over Ellis Island in 1892 to make it an immigration post. seeley Sftys. · * i,.'^ · · ',' s/ef" Basement^ S - · * *Ss Ult;2 _-- . . . . .., .-,,*ri Bargains +f- , ,,. .,,«. !· And ,..;:3t'. Better than expect for the price. Frank J. Seeley Next to PlaylrtWiMC.T MARKET REPORT 1296 PATTERN" XO. 12 i.- Sunbrnnrl Sue having a try 31 woman's WOT]:. You wij] lind rjpT (quaint and quitr drcwalw lor your kitchen or gur.M. towels. The variety of Mitchfs and colors UM^J will dflight yaia. The 7 designs n-jfa-niiT about S by 9 inches each. The pa'item envelope contains 7 hri-non transfer designs, measuring 6 by S inches each, complete. easy-tvn:idcrs1and directions, with color ttiggest'ons an( 3 jfesi.ration of M itches used: also what materials and bfwv much yon will need. To obtain thi pattern, send for Na J296 and enclose 10 cents 5n stamps or coin 'co:n preferred) to cover service and postage. Address The Daily Messenger, Needlework Department, Phoenix Street, Canandaigua, N. Y. . .. . DAIRY PRODUCTS HOTTER New York «T-- Receipts. 5.247.F75 Its.: market easier. Creamery: Higher than exlra 23 3-4-24 l-2c; c.tra 92 score). 23 l-4-l-2c; firslr «8S-91i. 21 1-2-22 3-4c: srcort's *'K » 19 1-2-20 l-3c. CHEESE: 403258 It:,.: mark« fafy. Prices unchanged- EGGS Receipts, 21,«80 caser; market fteady. Mixed Colors: Fancy 10 ex- 11,-! fancy, 22-22 3-4c; M^idanl-- 1« l-2c: firsts. 16 l-2c; second's !"· ?-4-16c: mcdhims. 15 l-2c; dirt.if,= . "o. 1. 15 l-2c; average l-2c. CATTLE-- 150; about steady ccws and bulls and few p:ain grass stwrs $750: jnfjdium cows $5.15-6.75; ;mT cullers $450-5.00; Vulls $5^0-6.50. plain to canne/s Caaw 7** HOUSTON, Tex. iJ"j -- T^e Indian python and South American boa constrictor thrashed in torment when hordes of mosquito? attacked them in Houston zoo Their keepers finally had to screen their cages. The jungle snakes apparently are allergic to mosquito bites, 7 " commented officials. DOG BITES ARE DOWN... O meter readers are reporting fewer and fewer dog bites on their daily rounds. It isn't that the dogs are getting old and losing their teeth. We think it's because our meter reader* have acquired a lot of friends. Most of our men have been reading the eame meters for at least 10 years. One veteran is rounding out 20 years of service. All of us who work for your gas and electric coru« pany are highly trained and experienced in our jobs. That's one of the reasons why your dependable gas and electric service is one of the smallest items in your family's budget. "(HU «nrf decfrir tervice fire* you more for your money than mmytMng the you buy." I'm Gas I'm Electricity ROCHESTER GAS ELECTRIC C O R P O R A T I O N 4 See Your Local Appliance Dealer

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