The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 14, 1960 · Page 18
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 18

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 18
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Dolts Domocrnl-Tlmoo 18 Thursday, July 14, 'GO BEETLE BAILEY THOSE AKB AU WOKP6 I NBVER SHTTO USB BLOND1E THAT'S MV ONLY WEAKNESS! ---I'M TOO SOFTHEARTED DAVID CRANE , X...I \tOilXR GETTING WOW£_ eufss r SHCU GOSfE PK.KK//MHP... STEVE CANTON BUT HE CANNOT LEAVE TO flH! OUT VlVAT IT IS ABOCr...T«£."i,/IS TKE n-IEIM ENTER THE AMK.'iTKV.. ^COL.CANYON,\TAKE I A Mosr WGewr i SIMMONS- UPON TUB TELEPHONE.' I BUT A« *TEV£ HuaiUGS AWM) IHOL1V CVUtTJ WTO THE A FLASH GORDON XXJSWKXJ'VEIICVEP THE VIRUS.'WE'RE WELL BJCCKH TO BE MOVED TO AH EARTKSiDE CUMC, (BSKT? WEti, WKflT'S TKEPEIA/ , oocr RIP KIRBY VIRUS IS FRQSV XVOTOER Pl/UiET' WE MUST KNOW MORE ABOJ TOU AUGHT BE CAgKYIHS n-ANO SPREAD IT TO OTHERS, LIKE « TVTOOIP AWRy* O! (" WEEKS ?.H»\ NOT SURE,CAPTAIH/THS TE6T5 MAYTAKB MORE LIKE A YEAR! DICK TRACY t-OOKf HERE'S HER ADDRESS AND HER DOOR KEM GOTO HER APARTMENT WITH 06DEN ftNO CAU. THE HOTEL. TALK IM A HOARSE VOICE. PRETEND ARE MAUA. SAY YOU ARE STRICKEN WITH A VIRUS AND CANT COME TO WORK FOR A BUZ SA'WTER YOU M!AN WAT BACk-SUPflUfi^ PlAVBOV NIXT DOOR... AND r HOW, Rn, DEAR, I'M TERRIBLY IINOEBTEB TO THEM. Itl HAVE TO IMVITE THEA\CVER Wllli VWRE WWE. ^«f SIPIS, TMEV KNOW AH ABOUT BMT5.' sl . . - . . . ^ - - ) O ' GGOIM'ABOUT THS ;i5l TH 1 WROf*3 WAV.'. r O'FELLftS WTO tOOKIN'UKETH' FELLA SHE LOVES- jr WHV NOTCHANGEANOTHER L GALIMTOLOOKWUKEHER? 7-n- tHE RYATTS POGO MOTWN 1 POINT" A'Nf CA1CHIH'- If V3U CCULO dive US ANOTHER SHOV Classified Advertising Lost and Found IOST ol Holkioy Inn, Small Dog. tan wilh 2 wh:t» mwki on hli imk ond 2 on hli bock. AiuwtK 10 iwm» 'liny . ill ED 4-3156 tot rawaid. SHEET HUSIC. pcpuliii. Blofctiv Hi H. PER/WANENI WAVE SPEOAl, $10 - JS, il5 - S6 50 $20 - J8.50. LoMailirt B»aj- " Av.. Ph. EO 2-673J. MUSICAL Iniifwnenn Irom IHrtw to flb«*. rimvt olio fntfrvmenli iipalrcd. Bkit»!y ffi FL. fnc. 523 Main Ph ED 2-H32. 10. Molo Help Wanted ACCOUNTANT, 21 rvm:ii, salary opin. Call EO 4-36H Pepper En-plo/mtnl S*rvU«. WANTED Man toi nigh* gin offk« wcrJt, Job 10 lair 2 mon-hi 01 mow. Apply to E A. Laic*, Sr. Oelta Gin Co. Me.catt*, Congressional Quarterly Reports Ar/nes Mitchell Rates Nod From Labor For GOP Veep Position By Congressional Quarterly WASHINGTON -- Labor Secretory James P. Mitchell is the wiling object of a Mitcliell-for-veep aoom in the industrial east. Lee W. Minton of Philadelphia, president of the 53,500-membcr Jlass Bottle Blowers Association and one of the few Republicans on the powerful executive council of the AFL-CIO, kicked the Mitchell drive June 28 on the eva of a huge labor testimonial dinner held for Mitchell. Minton wired George Bloom, GOP state chairman of Pennsylvania: "As a life-long Pennsylvan- ia Republican and as a representative of organied labor, I urge the delegation of the Pennsylvania Republicans to openly endorse and support James Mitchell candidacy of Vice President on the Nixon ticket. H is my considered opinion that the Nixon ticket will with such n combination, Minton stated. Gov. Christopher Del Sesto, the two-term Republican governor ol heavily Democratic, urbanized and unionized Rhode Island, followed up the Minton declaration June 30 with letters to 3,000 GOP delegates and alternates to the Re- publican National Convention urging a Nixon-Mitchell ticket. Letter of Endorsement Del Sesto's letter stated: I believe the strongest 1960 Republican ticket should consist of two men of National stature . . Dick Nixon and Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell of New Jersey. Del Seslo said that Mitchell could "provide unusual strength to thi ticket. His ability and perfor mance arc widely admired ani appreciated by the over 65 mi lions of working men and wome in our nation's labor force. The Nixon-Mitchell team has proved t be an effective combination o COMPARE VALUES 259 MATCHED DIAMOND RINGS Total welg' FOR BOTH §7.50 Down, $5.50 Weekly Umutpcucd lx VQ^JC or.c c e a u I y. Matched Happinels lingj with 12 (icry tfamortdj. lUus. enlarged foe detail. SEE SPECIALS IN OUR WINDOWS e*ft»mic-s tuteisr tuHSHt sismr experience, maturity and accom plishment. agree with I hope you wi me that these tw rugged campaigners are the bes hope of our party »nd our na tion." Del Sesto told Congressiona Quarterly July 5 that he had en closed biographical material Mitchell with the letters, and ht planned to mail additional Mil chell material to delegates "u until the date of the com-entkm While it is too early to evaluat the situation," Del Sesto sak many letters already received . . indicate approval. A Providenc R. I., advertising firm is hand JOY 'ir-stf' P-R-O-G-R-A-M rticn* ID 4-H11 TODAY G«t A Improvement Loan . . . UernOtu r.D.l.C. PINE BLUFF -- KATV -- CHANNEL 7 -- CABLE 7 9iOO Bug i BV 10:00 Movl* 12,20 loca Dob 1,00 AboU Fee* i4i Owrtvr* ,5! Doilr Wof 3,00 B«t Ttw Cfedk 9.30 Who y 4iOO Sondit Court ^30 POP*T» xm 5;00 \Vfiit« t 5.3O Kin Tin FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONERS CARLOAD PRICE -- NO EXCISE TAX BIGGEST DOLLAR BUY IN AIR CONDITIONING TATUM FURNITURE MUSIC GO. JACKSON WJTV-CHAN,VEt 12--CABLE 6 TWtUUY ;30 ntyihn Mo 00 Zcna Gny « Soafti W McMi ftlDAV 7i30 Country Show fliOO CflS Nffwi 9=00 Dec. Br:de . 9.30 Saailire 9:35 VkJea Vlllc; TOiOO tiwr 10:30 Dear Ho:iie 11,00 Low of Lit* JliSO Soar* for Ihghl . 17, M N*m 12,10 Guttr Hsut* 12.30 WcrlcJ I T;00 fuir Cir TRY OUR FAST GARRY-OUT SERVICE · Fried Chicken · Pizza Pies Chicken Livers Chicken Gizzard.? BUBBLER'S RESTAURANT JACKSON - WLBT CHANNEL 4 - CABLE S THUUOAT 4:00 CrwwenTicn 0.00 Tc.T.bir2--o Terr. 0:30 WJrrlytrrdi 7.00 Sffff, Off FIIOAY 6=30 Con. Cfc 7 00 Tcxfoy 9,00 WMrfiM ViOS ftoma«» 9,30 P!ov Y Hv.-n.-h 10,00 Prkt Tt iiroo-n 10:33 Cone* -lira lien 1]:00 Tn^h or Con. 11,33 Cou'd S» You Vom 1^:00 OevoUwv:] jr 1 2 r I O N e « s 17=?5 PFD r»W»*T R?ghl 1,CO Our.n For A Day RADIO 1 PHONO 01APH REEVES TV S! Phone 2-7785 3 MEN WANTED For local positions to sell and service our appliances. !all Employment Manager, ED 2-0928. Fast Service MONROE - KNOE - CHANNEL 8 - CABLE 4 TWttDAT 7.SO Mark* 11.3O S*onJi 2:00 ^ 5.00 Coftveniion 7.55 Nnn Jomotrv* 2,30 Verd'cl 9:00 Lockup 8-00 CtS Nnn 11,45 G^kHng lrt» Youo 9:33 S*a HLnT 8il5 Co*. Konooroo 17:00 CcL-niry A^ent 3.00 Mghf, Day 0.00 NIWJ 9,00 Dcr. BrW« 17:15 Octn H;u« 3:15 Secret S-om i Tochaf Thea. 9.30 Video Villsgs 1 ? 30 \Vsrld Tumi 3 3 3 Fr^gs o( I S!gi Olf 10-00 Lwcv 1.00 P.eiiti er V/ori» -4:00 Shcwbcxn Ml DAT 10:30 Deo Brldt 1,30 H^ut« Porry 5,15 If^kreberry EL DORADO KTVE--CHANTMEL 10--CABLE 2 o.oo c «·· m 9.30 PlQY Your nunoAT 8:00 eKhe:o S.JO Ark. Mtwi · Fofrtt H5 IBC N*wi 8:30 V/io-glsr Hur=h 4.00 Nr*l 9.00 Crcutho 10.00 Prln U AOf f:»hiTg Wew« 9:30 10.30 Co'xrntr 30 Plaint-ran 10.00 N«wi. Span. ll.OO Trvib ci 1i33 Lorttra Yovng 2i30 From Th*tw Roali 3.00 G;^i«dy Play 3:33 Adv. T"rM 4:00 Band [tend 5:00 ti 5-30 Sin Tin Tta ing the mailing and preparation of brochures. Tho Mitchell-for-vccp drive hus not spread yet to Mitchell's native New Jersey. But Rep. Florence P. Dwyer (R. N. J.) told CQ that, if such n drive did materialize at the GOP convention, she was certain that all of the delegates from the Union Conty Tirea would back native-son Mitchell to the hitt. Mitchell never was active politically until 1952. He is an expert in the field of labor-management relations with lengthy experience in both government and industry. He himselt is not opposed to the idea of running for Vice President. Mitchell's appointment as Lar Secretary on Oct. 8, 1053, was lailed as "incredible" by A. J. Hayes, president of the International Association of Machinists. Other labor leaders agreed. Seven years later these same labor leaders came to a testimonial dinner for Mitchell. It was the irst time that any Labor Secretary had ever received such a tribute from labor. I.nbor sponsors of the dinner emphasized that it was a personal tribute to Mitchell and not to his party. Labor Background Mitchell has been a loyal mem- bcr of the Eisenhower Administration, generally regarded as being proiruainess, and, at the same time, has successfully main talned cordial relations with all of the top labor leaders in the country who are overwhelmingly Democratic. Many labor men feel that they share of a common backgrounr with Mitchell, and they do. He is a 59-year-old second-generation American of Irish--Catholic back- WANTED Two men must be replaced who were earning $500.00 per month. REQUIREMENTS 1. Good Character 2. Good Health 3. Able to take on average responsibility For details, write P. 0.' Box 882, Jrackson, Mississippi. WE NEED 3 More men in Greenville area to round out our sales force, lo lemonstrale and maintain our arm maintenance equipment. Our men arc making S150 per week and up. No special sales ability required, good dependable transportation needed. See WAYNE LEWMAN, Thursday and Friday, July 14 15 Fiom B o.n. lo 5 p.m. : ornev Welder*, r.eit ticor lo GoY*f iuDply St.-vfct Siallon on WciiVng'on Ava. WANTED BOYS 10 years ol age or older to sell The Delta Democrat- Times in the down town area each evening a f t e r school. See Mr. Young, Circulation Dopt. NO PHONE CALJ.S PLEASE. ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Would you like the chanca to earn your own spending money? Summer Vacation will be ground from Elizabeth, N. J. He here in a few weeks ' ' Wa is a big-boned broad-shouldered] have several good News- six-footer with tremendous com-!paper Routes open in your eighborhood. If interested all Mr. Young ED fi-1155, Circulation department The Delta Democrat-Times. 7:00 Sal Alcileriin 7:30 J»0". 10,1! Jock Pov 11,00 i\sn Off 11.30 It CovU « row 13:00 N't*1 HjlS Ch'.-rth 17:30 VCP«Y* 1.00 f-*o Fo« A 1,30 lo/«i!3 Ycvoa 7.00 ITovng D/. IrM From TX*«« 3 00 Cc^-a-JeY PJoy. 3:30 BjcVikl.i 4:00 4rxn Ffogrom SiOO Poo»y* Paint Sale of Discontinued Colors Flat Wall Paint J O 19 Semi Gloss Enamels $ Q S S !.. 0 GAI.. Reg. $7.52 GAI.. Burk Hall-Tayioo Painf Glass Co. 1512 Hwy. 82 E. Across From P. 0. Phone ED 2-2G25 mon - man appeal. He is best ktwwn to labor, religious and racial minority groups, particularly in industrial, urbanized East, which represents the biggest bloc of electoral votes. Because Mitchell is «n Easterner, a Catholic and the only top Republican with extensive labor connections, his backers believe that he would provide both strength ami balance to the Nixon-headed ticket. Mitchell, however, carries heavy liabilities. Without any prior political background, he has no political base in his native New Jersey. Mitchell's appeal to Catholics, labor, minority and ethnic groups may have only limitet value to his party, particularl), in the Vice Presidential spot. The preponderant opinion i s s i n c e Sen. John F. Kennedy (U Mass.) is the Democratic Presidentia nominee, Mitchell's appeal to Catholic voters would be cancell ed out. Labor union leaders arc so overwhelmingly Democratic oriented that Mitchell probabl would have little, if any, opportun ity to make inroads among voter influenced by union leadership Mitchell would weaken the Re publican ticket with the GOT ring wing, which regards him n a dangerous radical, ami in th traditionally Republican farm belt Midwest and in the Soul where his stand on migrant fram labor and civil rights his opposition to state "right - to- work" laws have brought down the wrath of many farm groups, businessmen and some GOP lead- Femalo Help Wanted 3 WOMEN WANTED "or Greenville and surrounding owns. Exceptionally high carn- ngs /or full or part time. Per- lanent year round income. No anvassing, no deliveries, no par- ies, no collecting. Unusual sales xisition. Car necessary. For inter- icw call Leland 1270-J 8 to 10 a.m. and 5 to 9 p.m. or write P. 0. Box -103 r Leland, Miss. 10. Articles For Snlo ·I960 iol $100 , . f(. F-j^lv f- . B!aV*Iy Hi-fj ED 7-M37. th-e* cSar.nel Slireo WaHogany, $30 lo ar.tH. ro d:wn OCY, S/S Wa'n St. Phcn» SEAT COVER SALE Arthur Fulmer Jlsconlinucd patterns -- Valuea up to $0.00. Now $19.95 GULF SUPER SERVICE Ma'n CT 6-=ad*ov, ED 4-9213 1--1355 Cadillac, one owner, factory air. actual miles. 1-- IV, 9" Holpoinl deep freeze, 6 months old, ] Wwtinghouse double oven stove, practically new. Must be sold to settle an estate. Contact Mrs. Ruth Applcbaum, Ru Ill's Shop. Ph. ED 4-3851. GET the position you want with a "Positions Wanted" ad in Classified. Come to Delta Democrat* Times lf place your ad. TEMPLE ' · land ofr«mdiliontd ph. Ill T O D A Y Cecil B. DeMille's Production Academy Award "Best Picture" "GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" Starring: James Stewart, Betty llulton, Charllon Hcslon Love, Laughter, Wonders SHOW STARTS - 7:30 Starts SUNDAY! EDNA FERBER'S Great Best Seller » TECHNICOLOR

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