The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 14, 1960 · Page 15
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 15

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 15
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'The Fun Begins At 450 m.p.h.' Don Campbell Shoots At Dad's Record By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)-Why shouli m wealthy businessman with pretty wife--and o great joy ii living--want to risk his life try ing to drive a car more than ' miles an hour? "You can't logically explain why you feel something has to be done, and you are the one wh must do i(--at least I can't," Donald Campbell. 'This is something you tithe feel, or you don't feel." He idolized his father, thg Sir Malcolm Campbell, and watched as his father in his las race against time in 1935 roare across the Bonneville Salt Rat: in Utah at 301 miles an hour. "That was the ninth time hi broke the land record," recallec Donald. "No other man broke i more than three times." Only 14 Then Donald, now 39, was only 1' when he thrilled to his father's feat "Little did I think I'd be back 25 years later trying for a recorc myself," he said. Donald, no stranger to speed has broken the water speed rec ord six times and hold." the pres ent record of 260.35 mil?s an hour It was five and a half year ago t h a t he decided to bring th land speed record back into the Campbell clan. His target is the 396.196 m.p.h. mark set at Bonne ville in 1047 by the late John Cobb. The elder Campbell died in bed *t 6,1. Cobb, his rival, died in 195: In a speed boat accident. Donald's ride to glory or dcfca at Bonneville this September wil be mads in a 30-foot gas-turbini car, called 'Bluebird," the same name borne by a long string o Campbell speed cars and boats since 1911. $4 Million Venture It Is a four - million - dollar venture. RESOIUTIOU OKIAKINO THE INHN- TION OF THE BOARD OF £U?ERVrSO!S OF V/ASHINGTON COUNTY. MISSISSIPPI, TO ISSUE BONDS CF SAID COUNTY IN THE MAXIMUM FS;M- CJPAL AMOUNT OF FIVE HUNDHEO- THOUSAND DOLIACS IJMO.OOO] TO RAISE MONEY FO8 THE PU8FOS? OF CONSTRUCTING, RECONSTRUCTION AND EEfAIRIHO ROAOS, HIGHWAYS. AND BRIDGES IN SAID COUNTY. AND DJSCCIING PUBLICATION OF NOTICE OF SUCH INTENTION. WHEREAS, rh'i Board cl Sjcerv'ior dc« new find end d.lirrnlne IhaT it ha beccir.B end Ti nacaitarv 13 ic'tw front) for rha Rurpata of ccr.itivcl rg, lacon and b\djft in Waihin^n Counv, f\\:nij WHE2EAS. Ihii Socrd h:j| iroda dua EnvaiMgai on and dMi now ffrvd and da 1a"-:ni rhcl IT-.a tirirraled coil «f lha dotard imoiovafnann in Five H.ivji theuianj Cotlan USOO.OOOh arid WHISEAS. laflicltnl l.ndi ara nor n ovoilcb'o in lha Tiealury al laid Cow la mov.da for lha ofoimaid axpendiru WHEREAS. Ihii Boord jf Sucarvlior. li OUKa.'.zed fcy fia proviVc^l of Chaptl 24t. lawi of Miliiis'pp; 1950, 13 IIK. bcndt fr.r rKe cfcreiaid purpoia, provider the) luch bcndi, whan rjdd.d to o.:i olrw belled Indebted-en of laid County, iho!l rot ccaad t.n car cenkrn |lp%| cf th. wi^in »nid County or.ccrdi.-a la lha lai Vtl£REAS. Ih i Board of Superviion hav-na r-cida dua Inveihca'icn. rvow f.'nji la] That tha atititfd 'valtxllon ot ID Waihlnglan cpafai.rg en !h* atimrre rails at aiigb'iihed by tha feu corraUli otieurrer) let laxallon precad ng l! dare of Ihii rewitrlcn, U cl fclfowj; Faal Ersra . 52J,o5?,X70 EVblic Ulililici . , ,.-- u]763'8GO Telj! 555.439,950 |b) That lha to'd Covntr ot rhii i; nai cuU'nnding bc-d«d anj floa' Fndehtedreii In 0-.B cmctn] ci Ona /. Fien Fo-t/ Threa Trouia/xf OolF [II.OU.COCI: (:) Thcl tha cn-OL-n] ol bond! now picooi.d ro ha im,td, vh»n odj.d |3 stond ng, will rwl exceed Ian per «nfw [IDXI cF ]h* af3r»aid aliened vslu V^HECEAS. thii Board doel now fufthe; find end dclermina that Ir li ncctisa.Y or.d In Jha public Inlarail iFviT fccndt cf i^TM* * ' MIMd G h " NOW, THERFFC6F, BE If RESOIVED BY TWE 6OASD OP SUFFRVISOCS OF WASH' JNGTOtl COUNTY. MISSISSIPPI, AS FOt- LOWS. SECTION 1. That *· Board of Vllor« ol Wa^'ngion Ctxmtv, M:»i h«feby dtcfo-ei iti rnreryicn to fnw Bandi of laW Ccxin-v in rhi ncxlmum p rir.c i pa 1 o n-cvn! o F Fiva Hurvdr«d Thoo- itwxJ DaHari 1)500,000) lo ra:i» nr fot lha Du.-pc.e cf eo--i!n,xling, ie:oni ing ursJ .-Bpairing rccdi, h;ahway« brHfjei In *a d Ccvnly. SECTION 2. Thai the latd fcofxJ. lh« and for iht pu'pct* afo-eia'd thaU b« Uiutd or a regjlur r»«iitd r:«e!.'rg of s:n:f EMrd of Swp*tv!i3i b^ r--e!d ot 10.00 A.M., en Tu«jdav, th« 19!h dc.\f of Jyly, i960, cr al icTMo ir.«r Jng t-e'd i-.bsffq'jeni thsrt'o. If twenty pir renru« (?0%| o! iKs qual.- ' ' d i k -j County iholl fil» a wriMen p.-o- ttt\ cgo'nt Tha liiiwwe o! »old bcndt cr. or abcut tfa ofor*to : d Hal*, and hour, |V.«r an eteclion on lha auesrion of th inuanca of told bondi tXail b« ta\\f cid h*'d ci provided bv law. If no iurl pro'et! bfl filed, then ia\J bond* iJ-oll b- titled wnFiouf en erection on lha SECTION 3, Thai Ihii r«o'ut: ba publiiScd cxa a weeV: for ot lead lireo (3) coniecut v» wcttl In TKfl le'c PfO^ieis, and Tha D-a'la Den-.txrat-Tirr · 'al eirtu'of'on Tn Wa.h 1 ng!on Ccur AViiri^Jscl. crxJ w!-i;h c'o Qualified 1 nr p-jli' 1: «f:cn of ifVi ieic!u!irn' ihall b- p-jbl';aliri t'c'l b» iraJa not mcw« thoi i#ven .7) djy P'lcr la H* a^or«ui S6CFJON ^. TSaf thi Oert ot tKl. Board ihi'l b« o-*d h» li he.-eby d\r«^K la p-ocu-a f-'crn !·» eubl'ih«ri ef rV ofcrno'd rewinacen th» a.iicrr.ary prooi To rV)v« tha iim« b#for* (till Zord o 1 l'» Jy'v 1°rS, I960 nf-iirvg. Su^irv'tor Jeff Davit tttcndid li mc-'on fo ad tot rht foi*g«1na Rnft9ui;o th» q-jeilian being pyl k) a rofl « vola, Tf.« iciull wot o folfuwii SocarvlKir M. H. Rich, voltd "Ay.t' T Suparvlio.* Jiff Oovii, va!«d "Ay*" S'jpaMtot K«rman 7. Collk^l, voted "Av»" r«jpflrvbof W. f. fvtftn, voted "Ay»" Suptrvlso/ Ffid N«l, vtrfBd "A-,-*" Ihii pnotrCH having rKtrVed 1 th* .fWrrryi- Tivi vo!« ot all *^* M«n-b*n of ft* l-j prt.tnr, H\* Pr*t/diKi4 dWflred tf.i RWI _ cornrd ond Iht rewK^ion odcpfed, Ihii ?0th dov of Jurv«, I960. STATE Of MISSISSIPM CCX,TJTY Of V.'ASHl.VGTON I. A. 0. BROOKS, Ih* My t'.ttltd. oid ^of Waih'nglon Covr^y. rVkt^ii Kartby uutify ffxn *fvs forogoJng li trua ond oo:r»c* cc-py ot 9 RtwKrkn odp^vd 1 fay ik* ftoom o* 8^ WaiKlnatoM County, fMUi'UJppf, on Jun* 73, I960, end of i-xo.-d bt Mtnv!* took K'a. 33, ol pao* 363 of tiS« rocerd'od ce.»-f'^ai of Mid Board. W/'*« my i : ffm]Pur» orxf iwl o4 «ffk», ff-li ^ 30th day of J»"*, I960. /»/ A - 0. Campbell Is bringing over 80 tires and 35 tons of engineering equipment and spare parts. The car Is designed to go 500 m.p.h. but anything over 400 m.p.h. will set a mark. "The strain on tha tires will be about 100 times greater at 475 m.p.h. than st 400 m.p.h.," he said. "But I figure Ihe fun really' starts at about 450 m.p.h." Donald, a slender, dark-haired. friendly man with the handshake o! a blacksmith, is mildly annoyed at people who class speed record attempts with ordinary car racing "Auto racing ts colorful and ro- mantic," he observed. "But reo- ord breaking is an adventure into the unknown. It Is a cold-blooded lonely game. There Is a carefully planned schedule of tests to fol- iow. ]t calls for great accuracy and hellish menial discipline." Campbell brushes aside the danger- "I never take an unnecessary risk-to do so Is foolhardy,' 1 he said. He and his wife. Bslgian singer Tonia Bern, are quietly hopeful of victory. As cohokler of botk the land and water speed crowns, Donald could then look forward to the same honor that capped h i j father's career--knighthood. NOTKE IO «EOITOtS If'lci cf A"Jr"iri|liaIi3n. hn/ ^7 ( en ll.« 30 rlcy ol Kn, I960, iK* CtaiKtiy o-/fl o' Vi'ai^'ngreti Co^. M : n'ntppl. to rrnj uivJiri'antd i,-pen Ella:* of LLrM HUMAN, dtciat.H, rici Ii ktieby g1v«n lo oil Pinani ha c!a:rr-i a go In H laid «iftjlj to proitnt iam« 19 !·.· Cfirlr of W '4 Cowl for .vita e»d rtglitrotlon accord I rxj to I v/l-hJn t'x mcnthi of lJi» do!» of iH* pyblkaf'oo ol ih'i n^ttet, cr thiy wi-l fo-evir buritd. WITNESS MY SIGNATURE thli 30 ol J^.», |?eO /i/ BEENXE EBOV/N, A cf mini lira MX b«fe . Yeu o;# t.-n-- o.~fd lo I Cl-oi;tr/ Ccur ol \Vo 'li'lfDl. o.n 1f-» lint /.'and?/ ol tMbir. A. 0., ]9{4, 19 ^«| )n ^ ^^ . ;, til 175. In laid Courr ef Sylvn'tr Jo' f l AI, whl-t'n VrKJ ara a d»l4rdg-,1. T)i:i day of a. A T960 THE STATE TOi Mri. 8. f. IKomplcn. 173? Falil!i!i, Shrt*tpdrt, lov!.:afa Mn. J. C. Manatl. SOW W. Wni loma Oiiv», Boiling Hilll, Cqll- fo/flio, and Delta Dfimacr4tiTlm*5 Thursday, July U, '60 1 T«wir, « i ol G,-«iT^I!i, Mli.Ut'fp] on "V* ]9'h »l Jjty A O . 19M ·! 9 ·'it*t* am. ihow equii IJ ffny y«u ffl*V V-KV c-flvir ftl iKt r*Mi»rt if K'l. l^n« Killrsi/ far ini ia!« af q irfftn *v -.'i l^iulj *«t hi luKfint'll, In U .b*/ 22.C33 whi.'ilit tw»U tillntr di:*3tiJ li C».-r9tq!(ii«.| q.-d Ann* Mi Arf«y Ji ^iFt.tfjaitt. K'i Juni ]7rS A D I?*?. .. /»/*: 9- M«W! FLOUR 10 Lb Baf 5 Pound Bag . . . 49c 25 Lb. Bag $1.89 -- 50 Lb. Bag ?3.59 At SAFEWAY It's CHlUSTMflS IN JULY Values All Over the Store Plus . , . 1500 Extra GOLD BOND Stamps Christmas In July! Holiday-type values plus Hundreds of FREE Cold Bond Stamps . , . 15(X In all. Get a Head start on your Christmas shopping in the middle of the summer! Select the gifts you want from the Cold Bond catalog, then start filling your books today! · Inslanl Coffee A S"?«$1.47 Vanilla Choc. Busy Baker Cookies u. 39c Bug Bomb Ko . 85c Corn Meal SS.T.... 10 £ 73q Canterbury B^d 7 ^ *~£: 59c Roxbury Slices 2SSS 1 " 2£. 49c ipana Toothpasle «!r.V 69c Meat Pies Rich Whip Busy Baker Klik Lifer EM A 4 Pooch Brand rOOO Liter Ladles' Hosiery ISl* ""' Any Edwards Coffee Vi" Fresh Crackers i!£,, Zippy Pickles ^k Grade 'A' Fresh Bread "... ",, 69c 2^^ 49c Q a L M 49c 49n - . . Jxraf T ° wn House Fancy Fruit Jell Well Gelatin Asstd. 4 S-Oi. OQ _ FiavorB 4 Pk i5 .Z7C s M»rk Brand Danish Whlrl« . Phgs. .$1 Cheddar Cheeseim Lucerne Milk F^Fr 6 , Corn Flakes »'... Pert Napkins 5, Alma Peas pur fcS un can n .a 8 Gentle Bleach Golden Corn * Nu Made Oil Colgate While Magic . Lb. 59c aS 49C li-Oz. O/|Boxes 440 29c . t6c J T,% t5c 69c 69c Cream Pies FrMtT Raspberries lo-UL. FQ.. ,, Pi» J7C 3 10-01. 07. rio. 0/C Ground Beef Sliced Bacon Frankfurters Potatoes Oranges vSSSS: Grapefruits^ French Fries Pork Beans Lucerne Sherbet 3 $1.30 »*, 59c H, 55c 10 I9c 5 -u, Has 69c B?«': 43c S T E A K S Sliced Peaches Charmin Napkins Canned Beverages Fancy Applesauce Or Halves... Highway Brand .Yellow Cling Paper Napkins Sparkling Cragmont 4 3 10 .$i 69c $ 60 Ct. Pkgs. Cans It's Delicious Old Fashioned Brand 8 303 Tins , 25 { 89 £ $ 1 Golden Sweet Tender Hens Northern Paper J Reg. Towels A Roll, r ° Home Crown Sweet Tender Full Ears Ears Rump Ib. 3§C Turkeys Popular Summertima Fruir Your Choice Jo-, 14 la M Ibt. Nabisco Oreo Cream Lb. Clorox Gentle i/ 2 Bleach ____ Gal. Pafmolive Toilet *) Bath .4 Ban Cut-Rite Waxed 125- Ft Paper . . . Roll Karo Syrup · Lalanl Pineapple julc« · Town House Grapefruit I · Town Housa Tomato | · Hi-C Crape Drink I 3^79' juicy Lemons^ 0 ' Fresh Peaches Nectarines S?. Watermelons^ Yellow Onionsl£1 juicy Oranges ^Lc!, 12 Si 39c 11*. 25c .. u . 33c .. K, 69c 5u,.39c A Sn-eet 1Q- . LD. lyc Comet Gentle nH-Ox. 3 1 -, Cl.nn, -4 Tim 3 1 $ Red A Pt. Label . . *T Boll t1 "r I Baby Food Heinz Strained Jan

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