The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 14, 1960 · Page 14
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 14

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 14
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Ddtn Democrat-Times H Thursday, July 14. 'CO Delta Folks In The News Carniel Signs of Greenville had oix} of tlic roles in s summer slock season production o( "The ^!ottset^8p," .in Agatha Christie mystery presented at Mississippi J3ulh;tn last week. Johnnie P. Lewis, 500 Cleveland, Greenville, will enter Indiana University in September as a merit scholarship student. More than GCO freshmen were awatdeJ scholarships to the Hoosier University on the basis of Scholastic Aptitude Tests and high rpnk in their high school graduating classes. Most went to Indiana residents. Mrs. Ware Neblett of Greenville has been attending the Adult Conference at Kanuga, the Episcopal center near Hendersonville, N.C. A full schedule of worship, study and recreation occupies the conference members through Thursday. U. S. Has Lost 80 Airmen In Cold War Incidents NEW YORK AP - Eighty American airmen have died or been reported missing in cold war tpiscdes during the past 10 years. The heaviest toll occurred on Sept. 2, 1955, when a turboprop transport plane was s1iot down in Soviet Armenia after going off course on a flight in Turkey, Russia returned the bodies of six crewmen disclaiming knowledge of others. The United States said there had been 17 in the crew. Sixteen crewmen were lost July 29 1953 when a B50 bomber shot down my MIGs over the State of Japan. BOND ISSUE WINS KOSCUISKQ (UPI) -- A $300,000 bond issue was approved, 4Q~ 30, in a BAWI election here Tues day for construction of a plant for Lorwin Manufacturing Company NOTICE OF TRUSTEES SAU Undei aulbciiry veiled in m», 01 TA/II*» by the deed eaewjltd by Ihorvvoi B Ftailtr and MinnT* Y. Peajter, Knband o:vJ wlfi, ta W. D. McARTHUiJ, Truitee fst THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COM PAW GF AMFRfCA, doled Augutl 23 J95-*, arvd recorded In Book Sttt, Paga 167 ol iKa recorai of Wathlngion County In' th* oayrr.trI of a pairlcn of tht In dbtedn*u »tur*d by io"d truil deed an The FrudenKal Insura-tce Cocr-acr.y Amerka haying decided c!l of It and reiuei!«d thii is!*, I will en the 25ri dcy cf July, 1960, wiifi'n Legal houn ·?! at public outcry to the h.'oh«»t bldde lot caih at Ihfl icurh fronl doer oJ Try Court Hem* in Gie^nviie, WaiKnglan Counry, MinisiiDpI, ihe following deitrib ed lea ( e it ate ITI V/aiSJ no. tan County MlitUrpcl, to-witi Lei 1, rti* and except · North 92 feet (hereof, together wllh cry right at gran'on In o.^d to th* ui* of thai portion c! iht onu-»o.ri driveway focnt- cd c-pcn tha exccoled partFoo of to'rH Lcl 1, but lub'ect to cny right cl thi eccepied pat lion cl *c'd lot 1 r or c^-rtr t'n«iee(, En end to it* vi» cl th^r poitlcn cT laid Lcl 1 herern conveyed «hUh llei wirhln told corn- men driveway^ and ir-.s South Ore- Half I 1 /,) of Lot 2 oil In Bleclc 3 cf tr-ft Foirvlew Gardens Add:tion to lha City o! Greenville, Weiri*ngton Counry. fMisilii'poI, Qi ihcwn by p!ct of to'a AddiCcn on Mi In Mao fioofc 4 al Pagi 15 In I. 1 -.* office- cf lh« Chcr.iery Cleiic ol laid Ccv-nTv. to pcy the debt itcuied by la'd trust eft- or-d lh« ccst» of e«:uting ihli trjit, TN lend tvilL bo leld jub]ecr ta all 19d WITNESS my havTtrili 23rd day e Jurw. 1560. hi W. D. McASTHU 4/33-7/7-U-31 SUBSTITUTED TRUSTEE'S NOTICE Of SAL V.-HE2EA5. or* N^e--r,b«r 57. 1950 ed a d*erf of Irvil to Sr.«rwood W. W; Tnjiiee fsr ihe btrsefit of £e!c!-MtG** Con pony, which d^ed of fruit li recaidec 1-v iht cff'ce of iKe Chanrery Cl*rk WciHing-on Cou^fy, til Greenvill*, MI t'uipDi, in Record Book -442, QI Pag SSSr crd WHEPFAS, s^id detd of trvil wci c PfWec1iv» Lif* Jniurarve Company, i Navembef 37, T950, by instrument recor ed in Bccb 4. al rage 559, O f th« rt orcfi o* the aForciaTd Cha.-vcery Cfarfcj ai VMEBEAS, said deea' of fr^it cuirc,1i thi cpoo:ntnier.! and jufaitituiion of a ort*r Tfuit** o ih» p'oc* of ihe Tnjir tf»ti«:n, end by Inufyma.-^ da!. Ji.-n* 16. I9i0, end whlih it recorded ... Rt:erd Book 751, al Pag* 125, «f lh« cfa.'tuld Ownr^ry Clert'i reco:ds, PiO- te:rrv« I1f» Iniuronce Con^pcny, cppo : and iubiiin.i«d H. V. Warkiiu, a»'i- tXrf* Trvi^e* with the tame aL-thoriry, till*, afd po-A«n DI the ot'.tj'nal Trviiee; oM \VHE2EAS, d«fculr lovrng been rw^e In the poyir.erl of lh4 Wrb'*dntll itcvj- td by Mid deed cl trutr. and Frorcciivt of tht o'or-inory rx'« aod deed of irutl. having reci^ited !-» uMeii ; g.~ed Swb- s'jtj'ed Tn/ree 13 is do, I will, on ih* 22rd day oJ Jury. I960, dur'rg lefial hct/r» before lh« rr.on f rent dscr of ihe Covr.ty Co-j*l HSWIB cf WciVng-ci Coorry, al G-re.-.yi'le. /,li»iifp=i, citer far to'e. ar pubhr auctJo.1, crd tell to th* K'oheH arrf b*ji bldd.r for eciS, tr:» followirg rieirtibed itcl utofe, !cgi:r.»f w::fj c^l b-.fiId· ngt end t*ieieci: cnd tha h«:*dita~*«r:U crJ C3pwr!encr^«i and ell o?S*i /:ghi» ihirtutii* fci!c-^-,-g, 01 Tn o.-iyw ID ns-ff cr herealrc/ acrpertainino. end tha rcvcdion and teyert'cni, ttrraind- · r or r«.Tj:rden, rent*. iiw«. end p.-ot.n lKi:e:f, artd c'l rfgHti of horrereod l'rw='*i In 1h« City o* Gre*nvil!«, COIK-I/ cf Waih'og'on. Sla'e ol M.M'U'DQI, lo-w;i ; S-jJlirvg oT a roncreit rr«nvr-e.^l on ?l ortd" 32 of Towns*-:p 18, Pang* B lif-be'gj and ArcrKf Trail crd bi'"g 10 *5S thoi-^ p^n't cf it-s ajari«r awl S«,'S 6? cVg'p fe«i FJ 01 3r^i o'ct en the «3i*e:n I,"? 5?. the-ic» rwrrhtstuHy a'o-3 rte --J H P-I *dgi c' ID 3 rlcM-c'-way o-^rf 60 f*el d vJar.i l-oo |I-« et'er hr.e of XtiJ K-g%i*jy vCO fi#i 10 end fct /ig^ c'.-ov MO eai'p(V o*d cr*ctnd ^way 400 f« e i. J feet: 5J, T*wnvh:a IB. Bor I wlf! fixt\-«y ixify *:*ed Jrt ^-» ci Svttt' WITNESS MV twy cl J^ra. i r ef S ft V/e$ Vi 1 1!* !'i, the : H. V, WATKWS KROGER » prlc»* «Hee«»e through Salarday, Jv/x 16. Wghf rxeryod lo / SLAB BACON CENTEU CUTS .... LB. Fine For Bar-B-Quo Sliced . ..: 29$: CUTS .... U5. WILSON'S TEENY BONE HAMS WHOLE OK HALF WC A I T KA\I« RIB STEAKS HEADY-TO-COOK LB. 79?! LB. LB. 690 YOUNG HEN T U R K E Y S 12 To 16 Lb. Average Lb. Lb, 5 ^^ Prairie Belt 9 C Sliced Bacon LEAN AN'D MEATY ... SPARE RIBS PORK CHOPS SMOKED Kroger "Grade A" LB. LB. 79* COOKED HADDOCK FILLED LB .59 C DRESSED WHITING 5LB ,79 C L B.19 C 50 FREE Top Value Stamps packed wllh each ORANGE CHIFFON CAKE SlNNAMON ROLLS SANDWICH COOKIES Flue Quality PINEAPPLE JUICE 12-01. pkg. A «·«. ' caw PORK and BEANS KROGER VAC PAC "· 59c ·*·· 21 c 29c $1 Kroger 8 ! trS 300 Cl Cans V l with coupon at right and $3.00 additional purchase Morton Frect* DINNERS KroQer Fr»ic» LEMONADE Fin. quality CATSUP Duicaa Hfiwi CAKE MIX Fmbotiy Grape or APPLE JELLY Drip, Regular or Fine, with coupon at right and $3.00 additional purchase WELGHADE SHORTENING EVAPORATED MILK Country Club LUNCHEON MEAT PINEAPPLE JALA OLEO Qt. Cans CHUNK TUNA 3-lb. eaa Argo Sliced 59c 79c ·5 1J-o'. *l 0 cons $ I 5 W $1 6 ill: 89c Golden Ripe Fancy Tree Ripened Arkansas Peaches Shop Kroger's Plum Patch Blue Green or Red Plum*; 39c 29c Sunlclst f r k /-\KJ c l_CIVlV«/IJ,J SO FREE Top Value Sfanps with coffpoi of right and purchase of o*oxeji or Cantaloupes Giant 6 site--serves 6 portions Honeydew Melons Persian LIMES Toxsun Unsweetened Grapefruit Juice or Kroger Pineapple-Gro-dTuit Drink 3 «r $| Kroger Early Bird Fresh MHd Daisy Cheese Made with Buttermilk 25 FREE Top Vafue Stamps with coupon at right and purchase of Prnlrlc Belt SHceil BACON Lli. 2Dc Kr«a«r Large Grade A Eggs D9I , J?c wllh thii coupon and Krogar, Sdi., Jnly |». Limit ona p«r 'N Chip*. CMclen, Tirkty, ·ttl, Salljiirj SNak r Hui Kroger Vac Pac Co(f« this coupon $3.00 iddltlonal ptrchait at through S a l , July on* p»r food, WUti or V«tlow 25 FR£E Top Valgs Stamps with thii coupon and purchase of Krojer Bread "$!,£ 2 l!S« 4t Krog»r, througti Sat., Ju!/ 16. Lrmit one per 1^1 50 FREE Top Value Stamps with ihii coupon «nd putcbn* of Kroger Iced T«a Bags 48 count or KRO«R ICEO TEA «·'?· 59c ar Krog»r, Ihrougfi Saf. r July 16. Limit on* par euitomer. VAUUABLH C O U PO N 50 FREE Top Value Stamps wTthlhil coupon and purchna of Dox. SUNKIST IBMONS or n ... .,,, PERSIAN LIMIS I* WF "C ·f Krogtr, IbougJ Sif., July 16 , Ltait on* p»r c«itom«r. V A L U A B L E SOFREETopVilueStarapt KR06ER PWHlfl BUl'fER %· 75e «f Krog«r, through Limit on«« f Poor Holm or FRUIT COCKTAIL Fin* futility CUT GREEN BEANS School Day Peas Size 4 ot Fine Quality Tomatoes Ralnbo Cillpy Pii, SwMt Mked or SWEET GHERKINS PICKLES ICE CREAM ft FRII Top Vofit Strap* whl coipo. at right awl pirdtasa of dona

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