The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 14, 1960 · Page 13
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 13

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1960
Page 13
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r Eil!SSS£SSi^y£^^ Dolfn Domoernt-TImw Thursday, July 14, '60 13 HELPFUL HINTS Th HOSTE TODAY'S HOSTESS LOOKS FOR QUALITY IN HER GLASSWEAR, AND WHERE ELSE . . . BUT, AT CRISLOU GIFTS CAN SHE FIND THAT QUALITY WITH SUCH BEAUTY. COME IN TODAY AND PICK YOUR SET 5. C. Srtphi DOIT YOURSELF 8 QUICK CLEAN L A U N D R Y f C LB. WASH DRY IRON THOMAS SHOPPING CENTER 429 N. BROADWAY 304 EAST ALEXANDER Also In Leland and Lake Village Mn. M. A. Youngblccd, 333 E. Wdk.r Si. GREEN PLANTS ARE FUN! Ifi · brflnoftdriQ, chines* evergreen, dwarf palm, w PhHadcndron -- It will odd · refreshing and Imaginative touch' to every loom. Bring cmtdooH fadoom wHh gre«a plants horn .omt shop. ,. G R E E N V I L L E FLOWER SHOP 239 8. Main Here's Morning Coffee From New Orleans It's time for summer's iced coffee review. Momng coffees for the girls are due. On the patio or under the trees, the chances are these suggestions will please. First make the coffee base strong because the ice will dilute ii. For each two servings try \ using 3 standard coffee measures (the equivalent of 6 level measuring tablespoons) of coffee and 5 iy 2 measuring c u p s water. S Pour the hot brew (after stirring) into tall glasses almost filled I with ice cubes and accompany with extra-line granulated sugar and cream. j We find these measurements | make a brew that suits coffee " epicures; we prepare it in a glass coffeemaker with filter paper (folded cone shape) to hold fresh drip-grind coffee. Our cof- 6 fee is fairly fine; we mention y this because drip-grind coffee is y not standardized. fl The Viennese have a delighful h way of serving hot black coffee t| with whipped cream. Many Am[| ericans like to use this topping with iced coffee; it looks so attractive in tall footed glasses. The whipped cream may be sweetened, hut pass extra sugar for those who wish it. If you prepare espresso coffee, serve the following rich but divine concoction to "the girls" who aren't dieting; these crisp Orange Spritz cookies are delicious with it or »ny other iced coffee drink. Creamy New Orleans Coffee Ingredients: For each serving --J/i cup milk, y t cup heavy cream, '/J cup' extra-stong espresso coffee, 1 teaspoon sugar. Method: Stir together the milk, cream, coffee and sugar. Pour over 2 ice cubes in small glass or glass cup. Orange Sprrlz Cookies Ingredients: 2 V4 cups sift- |i t ed flour, 1/4 teaspoon baking soil da, Vi teaspoon salt, 1 cup butter a or margarine, 1 cup sugar, 1 ^! tablespoon r FREE TICKETS TO THE PARAMOUNT THEATRE FIND YOUR NAME On This Page . . . phone the Delta Democrat-Times office giving the name of the advertiser in whose advertisement your name appears ami we will mail you absolutely FREE two tickets to the Paramount Theatre, good to see "SAYOMARA" and "BATTLE CRY" or "ICE PALACE". Phone between 8:30 and 4:30 p.m.; Saturdays, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Summer (alls For Cooling Citrus Juices v -- -- _ _ -- ·· C O O L E R A T O E AIR CONDITIONING Warm weather first-aids should · include a goodly supply of cit-1 rus juices. Good on their own, j they prove to be helpful as a · base for some refreshers. i For one such thirst-quencher to i serve S parched throats, whip y t c. raspberry or apple jelly with [ a rotary bealor. Add 1 c. boiling H water, stirring until jelly is dis- M solved. ~£tt-^X??3ZSmZ2Sm2SS3SSQ It's Time To Plant . . . DAY LILIES if LARGE LIST OF VARITIES ON HAND i it SELECT YOUR PLANTS WHILE THEY j ARE IN FULL BLOOM. ( R O G E R S G A R D E N C E N T E R Hwy. 82 East -- Greenville Ben flogt.-i, MHccrie, M'li. ^3:JiSir;rSirtSSJKi-TS7 : E5^^^ijsr38s;i;, COOL 2- -ROOMS or THE WHOLE HOUSE Powerful § OOQ 95 $ Units from LLj To 93 5 y«o/ warranty, convinfffnl factory ttfvlit, wtolhir preUtt*d drtvlli, «ll wddtd ciMlredfon, for noh f«II»g 229V 299 BRYAN WILSON'S "Your Factory Direct Dept. Store" Phone ED 2-1W3 833 Wash. Ave. Mn. HLC/ P-oden, 365 SIxkton Dr. You And Your Family Will Love G R E N A D A F A R M S Tommy Harris EXTRA RICH MILK 4.2 BUTTER FAT Costs A Few Pennies More But Worth I t . Ai Your Favorite Food Store -, GRENADA FARMS, INC. Highway No. 1 North : ^ ,,,. ^ ff PfiYSTOSHOP AT THE SSN'of QUALITY s » i . . PITTSBURGH juice, 1 egg. f| Ph. ED 6-1161 |S Method: Sift together the flour, r baking soda and salt. Cream TMTM, together the butter, sugar and : f;afttffff^K'^VK;^cspt grated orange rind; beat in orange juice and egg; gradually beat in flour mixture. P la c e dough in cookie press; Press in- 3 la desired shapes on ungreased t baking sheet; bake in moderate (375 degrees) oven 8 utes or until lightly bri round edges. Makes about 6 en cookies. Note: If kitchen i s warm, FREE! $39.95 Polaroid ELECTRIC EYE SHUTTER With Tlie Purchase Of A POLAROID 800 KIT Complete Reg. $206.90 Value POLAROID 800 KIT COMPLETE BUY ON EASY TERMS in muucruic v.* to 12 min- *j browned a- y about 6 doz- H C. I 417 Washington S C H L O M Add Grapefruit Juice .. Then add l 1 ^ c. canned grape- f | fruit juce; chill thoroughly. £| Just before serving, add 2 c. r' fc[ ginger ale. j |j| Pour over ice cubes in glasses " (i and garnish with berries in sea- f fc son. r |3 Citrus Garden Salad, a p.-elly f| f, cool dish, is next. % j| Soften Gelatin '£ t; To serve 6, soften tbsp. unfiav- [{ Tj ored gelatin in '/2 c. cold wat- j iji er. Dissolve over bailing water, p 'A ' Combine y t c. lime juice, l'/ 2 S yrj c. canned or reconstituted orange H *! juice and tsp. onion juice; add -\ *-| gelatin, then chill until slightly fi |^ thickened. { |j Fold in 1 c. diced celery, '/£ % | c. 'diced green pepper and V5 c. '{ p? diced raw carrots; pour into mold j\ P and chill until firm. H |jj Unmold on platter and serve ft i with chilled cucumber slices and ^! i salad dressing. y Sherbet For Four [J To prepare 4 servings of a re- $ ; freshing sherbet, combine in sauce- £J pan 2'c. fresh milk, J 4 c. sugar 14 601 Washington '$ and one-third c. light com syr- 'f, ij up; heat slowly to luke-warm. teJfi-SSiuZS",". M Dissolve 1. rennet table in tbsp. j^;£tC2iT_Ji i 7;3ir: ^ cold water; add to lukewarm ;;] il milk, stir quickly a few seconds; $ H pour into tray of refrigerator and ^ H allow to stand 10 min. ' r! Freeze It E3 Turn control to coldest point; B place sherbet in freezing compart- £| ment and freeze until firm. p Remove sherbet to bowl and w beat with rotary beater until a':-J smooth mush. [3 Fold in '/J c. canned blended or- |1 ange juice and grapefruit juice, -j Freeze .until-firm. j VPhone ED 2-2369 p?: ^_ ^^^rv'r kiyiSfcssSigsiii THE RESPONSIBILITY OF FILLING YOUR DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION WITH PROFESSIONAL PRECISION, WE ACCEPT HONOR! a ;i Archie Buckley Two Registered Pharmacists To Serve You! SH Green Stamps Given With Prescriptions CITY-WIDE DELIVERY HARRIS WALGREEN STORE Phone ED 2^ J. t. t\\bft, 2701 A'rd3'« Dr. -· SKLC JSJ^-m.-S.KWS^^S-SSSSSSK-SSSffl JN OUR COMPLETE SELECTION OF MATERNITY FASHIONS · SEPARATES ' · DRESSES SPORTSWEAR and SWIMWEAR ^I PLATE GLASS COMPANY V) dough may have to be chilled be- ;;i f, fore pressing out. |, g Household Hinls I 715 Main St. *·"· MVS1K*. Mlt*OM AW FDINITUBI TO! GOOD SOUP R j22*SlS3;SSS^2£li231?^ Leftover roast pork in the re- ^ ~~ '' frlgerntor? Cut it into matchstick p size pieces and add it to con- v; somme with a halved peeled gar- j; j¥ lie clove; heat. Throw in some fe =? sprigs of watercress and contin- g ue just long enough to wilt the j| r i cress. Remove the garlic a n d |.j j serve this good soup as the first ,| course for a Chinese s u p p e r jOj menu. ]] J| LUNCHT1ATE SALAD | Add finely diced cucumber to £ creamstyle cottage cheese and H serve on slices of tomato for a || lunchtime salad. VS-'ns ^^Jf^^Tt:^?^ r '!/. Everything You Need ICE COLD WATERKIELLONS AND ICE COLD BEVERAGES Phone ED 2-0311 . Your ELECTRIC EYE SHUTFER I Household Hints I SERVING HOMINY? psS' 3 Some good Southern cooks ? ^ serve canned hominy in a cream ;!] £| sauce adding onion for flavor and |] 1? pimiento for color. 'j: I! FINE FOR FISH ' i| ^ Arid salt and pepper to white :"= * : J or yellow corn 'meal and dip fish ;j tj fillets in " the mixture before ' ·ki cooking and browning in butter . ,, or other hot fat. r c Mn Ami Thomas Shopping Center, Greenville, Miss. :a, 1457 Biadfcr imfifS2K^.ri.sss^ 21 Inch Screen One Year Warranty -"TM»««s===S535~ ELECTRONIC WORKSHOP 103 Hwjr. No. 1 South Jerome Sit CHARCOAL And STARTER FLUID Opm fvrr Dor 7 A.M. t* II P.M. 7-11 TO -HAVE A PERSONALIZED HAIR STYLE l«, or a lovely (.Fcnic, ioni Vnsw how to pi ir do la flallt/ ycu. Far sn* ED 4-4978. No. 1 South at Walker Si. . Mn Pfiillipi, Win't.-villt. M?M. " - tF ED 2-82£l -···:·: ^ffjs':i:!^fii-! You're Gfocery Shopping Be Sure To Include A Handy Carton Of - \ HIGHWAY 82 EAST Wri. W. t. SltVci III. 1.15? 7. J-! ROBERT RYAN is one of the i many siars in Edna Ferbcr's i best seller "ICE PALACE" in Color opening Sunday at the 1 Paramount Theatre. . WrtduG 00 BOX TERRACE CONDITIONED See the most beautiful selection in the state at Levy and Rode . . . featuring DREXEL BAKER AMERICAN HEYWOOD Carpets . . . Draperies . RC COLA the fresher refresher Everyone enjoys today's RC- It's sprightlier, fresher, with a delightfully less sweet taste all its own. Royal Crown Bottling Co. Highway No. I Nftflfa Mi. J. B. ScrKferv IJI9 Wo.r~j,v Dr. Clearance £ Now In Progress At R c (J.r, 1:45 P.M. Pkor» ED 4-51 Last Day! "THE STOR YOF RUTil" qnirnotrop* t Cftlor -- ^ FRI. SAT. All Time Greats! Marlon Brando in 'Snyonara' "BATTLE CRY" - Both In Color Starts SUNDAY! _ ; Phar» ED 3-2213 'fr. ;·.-,'· ..··, .---·:: ruh C.-n. J1S E S-a-l.rg 5-Jf and Highway 82 E. a e EDNA FIBER'S; Safeway Shopping Center _., °" ·^ BOYS AND GIRLS SHORTS, SWIM- WEAR, SUNSUITS AND LONG PANTS SETS THE MOTION PICTURE GIANT OF 1960 BY THE AUTHOR OF 'GIANT'] LAUNDRY Gem Ne... 707 Pern lj-.e CLEANERS HJo^war tl Eon al R E L A X Let Us Do The Work Ui» our odronnd ploni vFo -- TKof p/o1»tr» ·I you* fvmlrurt. *(n. Jci. f. WeM, I7IS EV. SPORT SHIRTS $1.00 IM folib/ t Tu.ntr. 540 Htr.mli Richnrd BURTON Robert RYAN CaroKn JONES L «- ' I P / I S A A A T r a n s f e r AUTOMATIC You un p wij up in prfci without itttifti the ulH qullty, thi tfeltfx fealjrei tS»t Wt niw 2 *JiJi i?**di *fd 2 spia let ywi Itt tria Klffll t* ns, CMM K 1 VUlo MT. COLD. «nd 'riflM eooU kl yoo w»A »njrthlitx *iFtr. uretr In my - (Of txlr* ytirt t Clfmiti. A M*rt* LOCAL, NAItOHAl INTfINATIOWAV MOVf»S ...pkii thas« UjrUz hxwy ·»· lu:*l( 1, Turfy Aitc^itlt. 2. Fully ritH^I. ]. 929 Lift! Hin-o.iri. t. Fiil-Tn. ii'.tli lU. S. Full- wiao eicl Piml. t. Liihlia Cru'loim ·iitOi *c«i«.V Mini Slllr(. 19. Pnhinnoa WllK- UTt; c«^trai. NX) DOWN PAYMENT WITH TRADE WHY PAY UP TO $100 MORE? BUY THIS MAYTAfl AT K A T I E IOU VAUGHN · tD 2.1011 Nil* fro', i Hn. C. C. S t o r a g e Hfl ... ; ; Highway 82 East APPLIANCES 7M Netam SU ». Ov*olJ. 3i? Vu'b«.rv Or.

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