The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 30, 1965 · Page 5
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 5

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1965
Page 5
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Sixty-Four Graduate From island High Sixty-four Inland School seniors Friday received their diplomas in commencement exercises ml the W. E. Bufkin Auditorium. Lcland superintendent of schools Virgil L. Bighorn presented the diplomas. The Charles Crawford Dean memorial was presented by C. 0. Dean benediction. Sr. to Herbert Jones. Camillc Baker received the Lions Club Oratorical Contest award from club presklenl Jimmy Azlin. Ninth graders Nancy Carithers and Britt Jlolstun were presented Ihe American Legion aware by James Countiss, and Lelam Rotary Club president, the Rev James Richardson, presented that club's awards lo Janis Woolly and John Waits. music wilh the Rev. Paul Thompson and Fred D. House ^renouncing the invocation and Queen Sails Home After Successful Trip BONN, West Germany (UPI) --Queen Elizabeth sailed homeward Saturday after a wildly successful state visit lo Germany iIKII signaled the start of a new era in British-German reatalions. LHS PRINCIPAL John Wool ly presented the Billy J. Condon (ennis awards to Jane Ayres and Joe Wcston. The scholarship award for the senior maintaining (he highest four year academic average went lo Janis Woolly with John Wails recognized as runner up. Also recognized as graduates maintaining a "B" average or heller for (he four years were Paul Mark Cuicchi, Philip Dux-ling to put aside memories of ter Doolitlle, Anselm Clyde Grif- two wars in a half-century. Two West German destroyers, j which had escorted the queen's' yacht Britannia lo sea Fridayj night from Hamburg, fired a parting 21-gun salute this morning as the vessel left Wcsl Germany's sovereign waters. | To the German people, the' monarch's 11-day slale tour meant tlie British may not have forgiven but perhaps are will- fin HI, Bonnie Sue Hurtig, Susan June McKnighl, and Elizabeth Carol Also Amielle Marie Sanlucci, Carul Ann Sturdivant, William Burnell Wails Jr. and Norman Bruce Wilcox. Nineteen CHS Juniors Inducted In Honor Society Nineteen members of Greenville High's class of 19GG were recently inducted into the National Honor Society, in ceremonies conducted by John William Young 111, NHS president. 'Ihe new members represent five percent of the incom- " ing senior class. They were selected for membership on Ihe £ basis of scholarship, service, leadership and character. An additional ten percent of the class will be inducted into the ' society this fall. ': GHS principal J. T. Hall was Ihe featured speaker at Ihe ceremony. He used the four criteria for NHS selection -j as Ihe basis for his address. ·'· * « * INVOCATION for the meeting was by Betty Jiu wilh presentation of new members by secretary Daphne Wilson. The Pledge captain was Joe Bennett and the candle ceremony . was conducted by Todd Burrow. Katherinc Reilly, chairman of the business education department is Ihe chapter sponsor. Special guests at the ceremony included parents of the new members and Mary Keatly, organizer in 1047 of the Society at Greenville High. New National Honor Sociucy members arc Sandra Joyce Barton, Geoffrey Bewers, Phyllis Braswcll, Glenn Byrd, Donna Dodd, Dexter England and Dickie Elheridge. Also Van Eugene Ham. James Hoguc, Johnny J i u , Sarah Lou Jones, Becky Jordan, Ragan Kimbrell, Susan Pceplos. Donna Pope, Billy ScbejKns, Robert Scid Jr., Alurry Tumey and Jerry Young. With the new inductees tliere Eire now Ihrce brother and sister combinations in the GHS Society; Robert ami Mary : Ann Seid, Johnny and Betty Jiu and Martha and James Hogue. Gene Ham, Phyllis Braswell and Todd Burrow arc each the third member of ihcir family to be selected for the high school honor. President Sends Tribute To JFK Family JOHNSON CITY, Tcx.i CABELL was mayor of Dallas jCity as a civic meeting place;pcared lo be devoting most of (UPI) -- President Johnson paid'when Lee Harvey Oswald shot and ns a sort o! museum where] the remainder of Ihe weekend to a birthday tribute Saturday I his slain predecessor. John F, i Kennedy and lo Kennedy's dedv 'cation lo the "worthy cause" of fighiing mental retardation. to the President and wounded Gov. John B. Connnlly. Nov. 22,' 1953. The President sent the telegram from his ranch, where he mementoes of hts boyhood and: relaxation. early manhood are kept. j The battle against mental re Alter looking through thej [ a r d a t i o n was (he topic of ,,,,. house. Ihe Johnsons drove about 0|hcr p rcs i dent i,i ac ,j on . Johnin B tan automobile. A helicopt- ^.^ t;lnce ,, the resigna er waited at lhc Johnson City '" Dominican Republic overseas areas. wander farther nlicld. The President also !by telephone with staff mem- "We will never forget the] rested ami kept in touch by leader we lost," Johnson said in]wire wilh developments in Viet Alr Pj rI , a telephone lo Rep. Earle|Nam, Ihe ! " Cabell. D-Tcx., in connection and other with dedication of a bronze bust Prcs s Secretary George i- ^ am , 0 , her officia , s k Wasll . of Kennedy at the John K Reedy said Johnson "spent *·. nm| Wfl5 ,,,,,,,,, .Kennedy living center for e.x- | C(H iple of hours going through' re[ . Robcrt s McNamara!""' 1 ; 1 Iceptinnal children, in Dallas.; rab les and olher malerinl I r o m \ . { o n |hc ]Mer ^ departure! 5 * 1 '" I The center is for Ihe mentally Ui^. si a ( e Department, Defense retarded. | .,, _ _. ._,, inlerJ is. tion of Dr. Stalford L. Warren Delta Democrat-Times Sounday, May 30, '655 You can find buyers tor fport* tquipment, toc!», »ppll»nc« ««1 other things you want to Mil »lth inexpensive Delta Democrat- Pirne Classified Ads. Dial J-MJJ to place your aJ, use the money las his special assistant in this]' 1 .jfield. .o ihop for what you m»l Johnson lold Cabell thai . I Saturday night for a NATO de| Department and other agencies fense minislcls mccling in p ar . as to keep informed on Ihe --" ' conferredj WarrCTli who was appointed December. 1962, by Ken', told Johnson t h a t he is ing ns of June M "with thc[ that the initiating phase the program has been accomplished." To Appoint Assistnat GIFT TOT SHOP !lh7T;Mio,r'remembered Ken-national .situation." j"" R«Hly "id Warren's function S | nedy's -tiith birthday Saturday The President and his wife in| JOHNSON arrived at his LBJjwould be transferred lo the sec-, it was filling lo "pay Ibis lrib-!|he afternoon visited his boy-.Ranch Thursday night for the.retary of health, education and! line lo his memory and spnn-lhocd home in Johnson City. ThejMemorial Day weekend. HC| welfare. Anttumy J. Celebrezzc.l sor this worthy cause to which'I'resident handed the home over spcke at evenis Friday in Aus-who would appoint an assistant. he has dedicated.' L- |enrlier this mmilh lo Johnsonllin and Wnco, Tex., but ap-|to carry ^thcin our^ Highway 82 at Fairview FOR the British, the glorious reception given their queen onl a visit which many feared would somehow Ixi demeaning indicates Ihe Germans of 19Q5 may nnl he such bad sports after all. The queeti herself was tense Mrs. W. A. Stanton Jr. provid- . [s S , K ^ ,,,,, (0 , |r Bu , ^ cd processional and recessional ^^ ^ |h|J crmv( , s g rcw AUTHORIZES TROOPS larger and louder and even Britain's newspapers, at first WELLIN'GTON, New Zealand skcpitral, produced their most (UPI)--The Hnuse of Represent- eflusive adjectives to describe ativcs Friday authorized Ihe her trip. government to send 120 New| Upon her arrival at high noon Zealand combat troops lo Viet Tuesday, May 18. lhc queen Nam. The vote was 33 to 33. seemed tensely holding her nmo-' ;tions in check. Her face was a careful and expressionless mask as she licard the naliona! anthem. "Dculschland Ubcr Alles" Jplayed for lhc first lime lo wel- Icome a British monarch in Ger- Soviets Charge 2 As US Spies MOSCOW (UP!) -- The Soviet Union accused two U. S. diplomats Saturday of running a "spy kitchen" nnd charged Canadian secret police with complicity in the highway accident death o£ a Soviet scientist in Canada. | The charge against Ihe Amcri-;vicl scientist V. P. Cheremisin- eitneuf WAYS FIRST QUALITY · end- Wrwr» Seliahi'ily Counli . . . Ccu.~! On -- HALL1CRAFTERS -- F.M. -J-Way BcdTo Commumroriani Local Ai«a Rtp. MaGiCo Electronic Engineering 530 tliwoy I S. cans could foreshadow their ex pulsiun. Tlic U.S. Embassy cnllcil Ihe charge a "complete fabrication," accusations, made in Soviet publications, were considered retaliation for an Ameti- magazine article alleging ' many and reviewed a German ( m i l i t a r y honor guard. ov was killed in Canada under circumstances involving "gross arbitrary actions by the secret police bordering on a crime. 1 * * * "IT HAS been learned that the accident look place as a result of the front said. "It has puncture Soviet diploma tic espionage ac- wheel tire," it tivily in the United Stales, and j been established that the punc- for Canada's recent expulsionilure was no accident but was of two Soviet diplomats for'clearly the resutt of a malicious Mon. thru Wed. * SALE! MEN'S COTTON I SPORT COATS I Sizes 38-40-42 only Close-out-Reg. $9.95 Only 12 $100 i W A T E R HOSE 12 year unconditional guarantee. Solid brass cuppling. Reg. $**97 THROW RUGS n^ 2-1" long to 30" long -- All shapes and widths -- Colton or nvlon -- Firsts and ir's. Reg. S1.09. Terrific h $1° Price *T FOR I A R N E L S E E R S U C K E R "impermissible activities. The American diplomats were identified as Malcolm Toon, Ihe embassy political officer, and Allan Logan, his depuly, a second secretary of the embassy. * * * TOON is going home any .way nt the end of his regular | [our of duly nc.\t month. But johservers believed Logan, who has another year lo serve here, might be declared persona non grata and forced to leave. The article, which appeared In Izveslia's weekend supplement, "The Week," said: "In the past half year, the U. S. Embassy in Moscow has been involved in so-called secret operations. American diplomats from the rank of altachc lo counselor are engaged (hese secret operations. "Several of these diplomats | ! engage in direct espionage," it! Jl added, "white others manage I,their spy kitchen through subor- 1 dinates and don't dirty their ||0wn hands. They are only Ihe I leaders." I In a related attack, the news II paper Soviet Russia charged So- Jordan Charges Israel Violation (UPO- act. The fact that Royal Canadian Mounted Police agents immediately appeared on the scene also looks suspicious. "The available information .. .indicates secret police agents were implicated in this roan 1 , accident," the newspaper added. It charged that Canadian au- horities searched the apartments of Soviet citizens in Canada, installed listening de: vices at the Soviet Embassy in. FABULOUS BUYS on PIECE GOODS Regular Price R-e-d-u-c-e-d 770 YD. i CHARGE IT if Solids or prints. 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CHARGE IT -fc Sparlswcar material -fc Stripes and solids -^r Pastel and darks Gingham Checks BOYS NYLON PARKAS All pnslel colors reduced to move fast. Check the quality · of these ICO% cotlon slacks in ·;: sizes 8lo 18. You can charge '\ Ihcm at Penney's. FO RMEN FOR BOYS YD. CHARGE IT if Large color selection if 100% colton if Machine wash Zanfrel Coftons 44$ ' ·£ Penneys own * ^ Reduced lo clear ; ic Solids nrul 1'rinls : CHARGE IT FOR GIRLS Reduced 44 Heels Reduced 5 4 : · CHARGE IT CHARGE IT ;, The fashion craze reduced to - Ladies summer type heels re- clenr. Pick from an array of -·- dllcK , {o l/2 price check pinki SPORT SHIRTS WALK SHORTS ^ D R E S S E S 45" wide ir's -- I yd- " 2 yd, lengths -- Reg- Price $1.00 yd. Repeat Color and Slrip 37 YD. S P E C I A L P U R C H A S E AMMAN. Jordan |! Jordan charged Saturday tha another Israeli patrol enter« its territory Friday niglit anc exchanged fire wilh Jordanian troops. There were no indications of casualties in the clash, the first reported since Israel launched a three-pronged attack on Jor- |!danian territory Thursday. The death toll in thai series of clashes rose to five Saturday when an eight year old Jordanian boy died of wounds. In Cairo, Jordan loW the 'Arab premiers' meeting about the earlier Israeli attack, but 'made no demand for joint Arab ! retaliatory action. Jordan's premier. Wasli Al pTal, was summoned home from THE drive, involving several hundred mercenaries and a bat-i tilion of Congolese troops, is being supported by fighter planes and B26 bombers armed with rockets and machineguns. Most of the white hostages hey are seeking to rescue from Communist - backed rebels are Belgians. But they are also be- icved lo include about 30 Portuguese citi/cns and possibly one British woman missionary --Margaret Hayes, who miraculously escaped a massacre norlh of Stanleyville last December. 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