The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 22, 1963 · Page 16
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 16

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 16
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16 THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Thursday, August 22, 1963 GOP Plans New Bid To Write Economy Demand Into Tax Bill WASHINGTON (API--Rcpubli-j would subsuiniially veduce the of- The measure .. approved last cans plan a jiow atempl 10 wvilc fefiivoiicss ot the legisimion. This j week by Lhe Ways' and Means an economy inio t h e ! in luni could lead lo decreases I Committee asks -Congress to pro- lax ail bill although President . in revenues Kennedy opposes the move and : dls." lias z\vcn now pledges 10 h o l d : Byrnes, senior Republican mem- down' spending. " ' bor of Hie committee. said Hie suggested S10.3 ar.d srealcr'rMi-i V i,j c a net tax relief or close 10 I Sll billion. - ' . In a Idler \Vcdnesday lo Rep. President's lettei docs nothing lo \Vilbiir D. Milk, D-Ark.. chairman alier his opposition to the bill un- Kennedy billion. originally Family Relations Get All Mixed Up; EASTHA-:\'IPTOk Mass. . fAPV- Can · a man's sister, also be his sister-in-law? And can woman's brother also'be her brother- in-law? The more you think · about the wedding ceremony in Holyoke Fri- I Funeral Rites | £° teau I II l.hnrn Freddy E. Franklin Services Freddy Edmond Franidin, 32, of Duncan, who died Tuesday in a Marlow hospital following an extended illness, will be ! at 2 p.m. Friday in the Letitia day the more 'complicated t h e i Baptist church. question seems. Officiating w i l l be Rev. Till Bon- For in a double, ceremony Jolin i ] larll] Baplisi minister from Mar-1 h Charge Dismissed POTEAU ( A P I -- A murder charge agains Paul Don Boyd, 'IS, of Panama was dismissed by LeFlorc Judge D. G. Hart in a preliminary hearing here Wednesday. Boyd was charged with IJie death of Herbei" Van Motor, $, of Panama, who was killc-d Aug. R Key members of the Senate and ! House have expressed · ' . , .. o r iht- House Ways and Moans · tier llie present " a l t i t u d e toward i a b 0 ui passage this year. Committee. Kennedy wrote: "I see no reason for placing any conditions or coiilingencics on ihe olfcetiveiiess ol the second phase of Ihe lax reduction program." Tiiis referred lo a Republican move lo make the second insuill- nvm of ihe proposed lax cut dependent on holding I ho budget def- icil or the national debt lo a specified figure. Two key- Republican members of the lax-writing commilee. Rep. John \V. Byrnes of Wisconsin and Rep. Howard I!. Baker of Ton- iT-ssee, said, however, ihe effort will be renewed. A motion along these lines by spending." Byrnes said lie is noL impressed ! ; by Kennedy's statement lhat h e ! : expects, if all goes well, lo s u b m i t ' [ a budget in J a n u a r y with a smali- ' or deficit than llie anlieipaled 59.2 . ' billion. : "While he was wriling ibat l e t - ' ter his Cabinet officers were all over the hill trying to have cms in spending restored and promol- ing new and enlarged spending - programs. Byrnes said. "His : words have a hollow ring com-, i pared with specific action." ; "Even if lie did submit such a . bHdgei," Baker said. "Congress by a blast from a 5liO!j;im. in ' c l i l i - · "ie ' ^"- er liearirig from six wilnes- i^, ana .viai-y nnMsun a U I U L M - - ""* " I ses. Hai'l dismissed '.he charge, doubts j e , . , Hemy. 22. will marry John's : l e r . v " lclel ' direclion of Luwton | sa ying thai Van Meter " h a d ' a I sister. Nancy Ann. 21. Funeral home. i reputation for violence." Castro Denounces New U.S. 'Invasion Threat' To U.N. U.N. Secrclary-Geiieral U T h a n t 1 COKN TED TOO? WICHITA. Kan. (UPI) - Com-' pei.ho'rs in the Kansas hog yueen (.·oniest Friday musl be beiwor-n MIAMI, Fla. (AP'l--The F i d e l - 1 5 and 21 years old and have Castro regime delivered a nolc to' 1 ' 0 0 " ''eared on a farm where ·hogs were raised, according 10 Ihe Kansas swine improvement denouncing what it called new ·.,,., U.S. plans of aggression against', Cuba. Havana radio said Wodnes- i day. Broadcasl heard in Miami said ' an attache of Cuba's U.N. mission s u b m i l t e d a copy of Ihe comm u n i r j u c , issued Tuesday following an anti-Castro raid on Ihe north ·· coasl of Pinaj" dol Rio Province. issoeinlion, Ihe sponsors. INSURANCE ^ Baker losi by only one vole in ihe « llld vol ° TM vc flmds - c o m m i t t e e lasi week. Baker said he will continue lo ; ' Thanking Mills tor his work on try to wriie inio llie bill a pro-; the bill and urging ihal remaining : vision making ihe second-year lax '· congressional action on i\ be laken ciil inoperative if Ihe prospective : p r o m p t l y , Kennedy wrolo thai , deficit goes beyond anticipated "any delay or conlingenl feature . levels. ! State Group Rejects Changes For Refuge OKLAHOMA CITY ( A P I -- Tlir Oklshoma VVilalir;- Conscrva; ion Commission lurnod do«n a proposal Wednesday from U. .S. ivMi. Mike Monroney. D-Okla.. 10 m a k e t h e U'ii-hiia M o u n t a i n s Wildlife Refuge i n i o a prairie national pnrk. The eomniissionrrs said unani- Wilrilife. They insinn-li'd W i l d l i f e l.Vparimem Direcior Roy Slatford 10 inform Monroney of ihe eom- niission's opinion on his proposal. The commission made ihe de- '·ision d i n i n g a nieclins which h,.i bren called for selling duck nnd goose seasons. Commissioners ?:iso approved a r o m m i i i r e repori sliowing r.n opiion had been iaken irmusly t h a i t h e y favored keeping nn fi'-l acres of land souiiiwosi of as tiv Capitol. . S. The area will be the site of the and Vp;iri mini's now building. \}v aiva nurlhwost of l.awion a refuse sv;p'''iYist\i liy i!io I Biuv:iu of Sports Fisheries Edmondson Passes Up Junket To Push Campaign In State \VASHINGTPN ;-d Kdmondson s Son. ,1. How- mondson mpai^ii com- ^,^-j ji^ n t s h.-nv forced him in mm ^-j ( . 0 p^ son, T.I flown his firsi diarnv lo lake a piush jiinkel 10 Kuvopc. The sd:i-'s j u n i o r sonaior HII- noti;i v -i-d \\V^inesday h rn ncerpi ar. riprhiinimeni lo n t - t^nd i h e IniiT IVirliamoniao 1 X'nion mi'T'ling in Belgrade. Yuso- sln\-i:i iinxi momh, !,;isl yoai 1 Sen. Mik-' Monrnnov w ; i s hi the same boal w h e n he had :» nn.s up i h e IPL" meeiing in were appointed 10 at- sid.-nl Lyndon B. Jolm- d a t r . SIMI. .Monroney is · will a i i e n d ihe Belgrade ^ .' ihe press of Somite husi- is unable nrss ^ Ol , sn ' 1 j^.^p ^ m - m ;cm -n. Sen. Kdmonrison explained he h;is severs I s'poakinq engagemonts in ihe s t a l e riurin;; Ilir 1 IPL' mcol- ins dales. "1 appreciate ih'r'con- fidenri 1 ;h(* vice president places in me in giving me t h i s appoint- mont." hf said, "llowcvor. 1 fcol .- Ei-axil bof-;mse he was in Hie midst of his c a m p a i g n for re] mnsl mecl ihps- Ions - siand- J ing eon'miimiMiis in ihe stale." Protests Heard jsi6 Million city On Gas Rate Hike OKLAHOMA CfTV i . \ P - A l l y . Gen. Charles Nrshin said Wednesday there has been some discussion w i i h persons proiesling a raio Tl.:t.SA ( A P i -- A rrp«iri recommending Slli m i l l i o n vvonh ot neighlxirhood improve- nienis is now eligible for nciion sought hs- Oklahoma NH- by i h e Tttls.i City Commission. tural Gas Co. He siiiri I he discussion concerned the possibility of h i r i n g ?m independent rate experi lo delerminr ^vhf l '^hf l r the inc.-rcase is j u s l i f i c d . Nesbill set a prcccdcni when he rniercd ihe ra:c h i k e c.'isr- l.-csi Tilitnih, saying he was "ropri'srnl- ing ihe laxpayei-s." !lc said 'Wednesday iha; a f l c r sludy of ihr c;isc he believes ;h,n the best wa\- for him lo sei~vr I he public imoresi is b.v an independeni The rnporl, co\'eri:ii: rive lai"ge areas of Ttilsa, was approved by the Tulsa M e t r o p o l i t a n Area Planning Commission ^('dnesday and no\\ goes to ihe City Commission. Of ihe $16 million needed (or t h e proposal, S-l million would come . frrim c i l v funds and non-onsh con- . irihuliuns b affected residen'.s. P.e-snle o( land in ihe improvement arTMS is expec:ed lo nei So million toward the project anri t h e .'eder- nl government is 10 provide S7.1 million. S6.S in maiching funds and neral said he r i J I r such a study j-ynds ror L l d e r l y belween So.000 . ' s t u d y of the S4.2 m i l l i o n increase S 276,000 in federal relocation aid. requosl. ^___^^^^_^_^_ The iitiorncy general said he didn'i have funds for which would cosl belween S3.000 and S10.000, ilc i-ccommcnded that persons protesting ihe increase 1 gc; togoihfr and omplo.v an indt- WASHINGTON ( A P I -- The pcndem rale expert 10 tcsiiiy. Community Facilities Adminislra- The Corporal ion Commission tion has approved a 5400.000 loan will resume hearings on the pro- to Chrislian Homes and Housing posed rale boost Sept. 19. Opposition Heard To Boswell Dam -- R ATOKA (AP 1 3o,s\vc?ll Dam ;md ric.stM-x-oir noi tHL' btiill wen 1 voic'td hci'c Wednesday at a I'U'olic meciins on t h e pro- powd pioj(!c.t. llie objections to tho project carr.c Ii'Om landowners and county officials prolcsLinj; the Hitioum o( land that would be inundated. Atoka Counly Commission chair- m a n Joe Tisdale said in ;i letter read al the meetinj; thai Ihe proj- ec! would flood 31' million acres of land and remove some Sl-1.000 a year in t;ixes Irom the county. If completed. the reservoir would inundate the stale's McLeod Prison Farm, completed last year at the cosl of $500,000. Corp. of Tulsa. The announcement c a m e Wednesday Irom Oklahoma Sens. Mike Monroney and J. Howard ^dmondson. boih Democrat*;, and ·Republican Rep. Pape Belcher. The funds will be employed 10 that build a iwo-siory. -ll-unil apartment building for the elderly. ON YOUR SAVINGS Compriuiided Quarterly LAWTON LOAN And INVESTMENT L4WTON. 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