The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on December 5, 1941 · Page 1
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 1

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1941
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GOGEBIC COUNTY SEAT NEWSPAPER HERALD Subscription; $2 Per Year OLDEST PAPER IN GOGEBIC COUNTY s -' ---------·-- Bessemer. Michigan. Friday, December 5, 1941 Volume 56, Number 49 Highways To Serve U. S. Bomber Plant GOGEBIC RANGE TOPICS IN REVIEW GLOBE FOUNDER DIES; IRONWOOD PASTOR TO LEAVE; ORCHESTRA CONCERT DEC. 17 · Frank E. Noyes, of Marshfleld, \Vis., founder of the Ironwood Daily Globe, and father ot i,. I. Noyes, present publisher and editor, passed away at a Hochester hospital last Friday night at the age of 85. . . . Louis A. Drazkowskl, 41, lifelong resident of Ironwood died at Milwaukee, where he has been making his home the past year. He had been a storekeeper for the C. N.W. railway for the past 25 years. '. . . The Ironwood five truck, driven by J. T. Taylor, was involved in an auto crash at the Lake street and U. S.-2 corner a week ago Monday and Sidney Nast, driver of the car, was treated at Grand View hospital for a week. He sustained a sprained back. Art Houle, fireman, Jumped from the truck when he anticipated tho crash, was treated at Runstrom's hospital for minor bruises. . . . The Gogebic Range Concert Orchestra will hold its first concert of the 1941-1942 season at Hurley, Wednesday, December 17. . . . Rev. C. A. Brostroin, pastor ot the Salem Lutheran church )'n Ironwood for more than eleven years tendered his resignation last Sunday. He has accepted a call from i.he 'First Lutheran Church of White Bear Lake, Minn., near St. Paul. . . . At a hearing Monday nisht in Ironwood in the death of Toivo Kunsi o£ Ramsay, a six-man jury returned a verdict of suicide to Coroner Frederick Thiele, after deliberating for over an hour. The victim was found in front of his home seated in Ms auto, with a bullet in the right temple, inflicted by a .22 vide that was found inside the house, taken there by his wife, who thought her husband was sleeping when she entered the auto to take the weapon that was beside him. Heavy covering ot "curing paper" and two feet of hay are shown at top .being applied to protect the newly laid concrete from freezing temperatures as construction continues on the new section of M-17 adjoining the TJ.S. Army bomber plant near YpsilanU far past the usual deadline for highway work. At lower left is shown a dual drum paver which makes possible the completion ot from i.OOO to 1,400 feet.per day of the new bomber plant highway. This section of pavement is 22 feet wide and nine inches thick. Ironwood Youth Shot By Companion "^Lawrence Mukavtz. 16, son of MrS and Mrs. J. p. Mukavtz, was shotj in the abdomen by a .22 calibre bullet, which was accidentally shot by his hunitas companion, Martin Oster- inan, IS, also of Ironwood. The ac-. cldent occurred Monday afternoon! [HUNTING ;NTFULSPOI SEASON WHICH CLOSED SUNDAY BROUGHT NUMEROUS INCIDENTS TO SPORTSMEN - ,, - 1 Lansing, Nov. 30--Not all of the rsn Township, about three miles hunting in the regular Michigan deer of Ironwood, while the - two j season ending today went according youths were hunting rabbits. j to the familiar patern. Some of T* Lawrence drove his car to Iron-1 the 1941 hunting tales that wilt be wood and collapsed in front of the i 1( \A thd longest were picked up by Gogebic Clinic in Ironwood. He j conservation officers on their regular was rushed to Grand View hospital,!patrols and routine inspections. here his condition is "fair." described Not according to Hoyle were the killing by violatiors of one moose, Osterman stated that he was try- nine elk and 350 confiscated deer ing to eject a shell that had become | Legal but provocative of scorn for 4-H Work Well Adapted To National Defense · Gogebic county's winter 4-H lead- era met on Tuesday evening at Ram Maccabees Elect Mrs. Dora Proctor tni The Lady Maccabees met at home of Mrs. Frank Hoffner Tuesday night for their annual Christmas party, Following the dinner the business meeting was conducted at whcih eelction of officers took place. Those elected officers to be installed at Lhe January meeting are: Mrs. Dora Proctor, commander. Miss Lucy Mueller, past commander. Mrs. Mayme Berger, lieutenant commander. Miss Emma Hoeft, record keeper. Mrs. Minnie Obarst, chaplain. Mrs. Jennie Hoffner, mistress at arms. Mrs. Eva Weiss, sergeant. Mrs. Leontine Boine, sentinel. Mrs. Nettie Carlson, picket. Mrs. Rena Menghini, first lady of guards. Mrs. Hildegarde Jezek, second lady of guards. Mrs. Edith Church, trustee for _three ""in--^ _ I Plans werb made for the observance of their fiftieth anniversary to be celebrated at the January meeting. Following the business meeting an entertaining program was presented. Mrs. Emil Sheopke gave two readings, Mrs. W. Gray played several piano selections, two vocal duets were sung by Mrs. Sidney Proctor and Mias Ruth Vogtlin and the group sang Christmas carols. Cards were played and novelty gifts were exchanged. Albina Lescheck Chairman Of College Debate · Kalamazoo, Mich, --Albina Les check of Bessemer who is a student at Western Michigan College has been chosen to serve as one of the chairmen for the debates in the Western Mchigan Debate League tournament of the Michigan High School Forensic Association which will be held Saturday, December e at Western Michigan College. Miss Lescheck is enrolled as a eay to discuss the 4-H Seven Point Program for National Defense, under the discussion . leaders of C. A. Rood and Miss Marcella Meyer of MarqueUe, It was found thut the 4-H program is well adapted to national defense needs 'because many of the 4-H projects place emphasis on health, and all of them teach skills useful in total defense work. .4-H work was given credit also for promotion of democratic living since the club organization and meeting procedure are in themselves, democratic. Leaders assembled for the meeting at 4:30 to view the exhibits of illustrative material set up by Miss Meyer and Mr. Rood. Then followed an Italian dinner after which games were played, the discussion was held, and pictures of Camp Shaw activities were shown. The meeting, arranged by Edith Johnson, county club agent was attended by the following loca leaders: Iroiiwood: Mary McKevitt, Ruth Stoole, Irene Nyman, June Hakala Mary Lakwold, Eleanor Alii, Walfred Luoma, A. F. Bednar, Jessica Lee. Ramnay: Mrs. John Gottwald Mrs Win. Koski, Mrs. Art Koski, Mrs Stanley Ceronsky, Mrs Louis Nob ert. Wakefield: Janet Nelson. Anvil: Mrs. F. H. Carlson. Lost Hunter Returns ITArthui- Korpi of Harding did soin%- heavy walking as the 1H41 deer sea- sou came to a close. He was lost Sunday in the Chaney Lake region south of Wakefleld, and after spending the night in the woods, came out near Mercer, which is about fifteen miles from where he fii-st lost his .way. v^ V K o r p i had three bullets and one match wth him at the time. Sunday he heard some shooting and used one of his bullets to answer the shots, but decided against using any more in order to conserve them. Sunday night 20 men started a search, headed by the sheriff's department. First Class Rate For Christmas Cards More Advantageous Indians Claim Buffaloes Ranged Gocebic Area · Several eastern American zoos are negotiating with the Canadian govern jammed in his gun when it accidentally discharged, striking Mukavtz. Hearing Set Today For Tory Williams · In the hearing before county court 2Sth, of Tory Williams, 26-year-old scheduled for last Friday, November Chippewa resident of Lac Vieux Desert village, the hearing was postponed to this week, Friday, Dec. 5th. at 10:30 a. m. The following witnesses, it is reported, may be expected to report at this hearing. They are: John Ackley, Henry Poler, Jack Hazen of Land O' Lakes, Frank Brunk, and perhaps, .both Jimmy and Patrick Brunk, the j young boys who were walking in the j narrow road with Mrs. Lucy Williams, Tory's mother, who was hit aud killed when struck by her son's car last October. It has come out that Tory Williams, seeing the small Indian boys. who were his close neighbors in the nieut for live buffaloes, which are fast increasing in the Canadian north. , - . . -- -west but are nearly extinct in the and strnck hls u t U i er; United States. The Dominion department of mines swerved his' car to the right . but he says he did not see her at the time. It is possible, ot course, that seeing one and 500 resources, Ottawa, buffaloes will be stateg or o , boys shortly at Elk Island National Park, overgrazing. c n slaughtered there, that he kept his eyes fixed on In their figures to turn the wheel sufficiently to miss them. One of the order to prevent herd in this T-"K e £- aIrUOSt , 1 ' 7 °° animalS ' Ot i' had a sore shoule *- the not day. winch 22o were born this year. Fur-i wh!ch mav have o^^ by ^ the.- unchecked increase would en- brushed by the fender of Tory's se- j danger range conditions. dan . At this point of the accident, Tippet Peninsula Indians have a (it is but a. short way to the dead-end the "sportsmen" that shot them was the killing of 30 pound bear cubs, that looked like porcupines when hung in camp. Clifford LeSage of Detour killed a doe with 14-point antlers on Druin- mond Island and Harry Gulick of Breckenridge brought home a doe with seven-point antlers from Higgins lake. When the gun of Vernon Fay of Petoskey jammed after he had wounded a large buck, it was the buck that chased the hunter for 15 rods before giving up the pursuit. Dr. Jack Harkin of Marquette downed a spikehorn, but when he dashed up for the kiil his gun jammed while the buck, only stunned, leaped up and bounded away. Confronted with a similar situation, Bruce Moore of Scottville battered the wounded buck with the stock ot his rifle, "finished oil" both buck aud gun, splintering even the barrel. Cecil Miller of Moade, near Free- soil, knocked off a buck from the herd that had grazed with his cattle for several months. Before Frank Trull ot Grand Haven had fairly started hunting near Crystal Falls, a big buck walked right up to his car, aud was loaded onto it by 10 a.m. opening day. Clyde Becker of Evart shot a deer through the neck and had just finish- Highway Deaths Increase In State · Highway traffic In Michigan from January through October killed 250 more persons than in the same period last year. According to State this senior in secondary school curriculum and is a graduate of the A.D. Johnston high school. Attend Funeral Hepuwic stcep JMoseph Nespodzany, accompanljftrV, H igh score prize winners at cards by h,s mother, Mrs. Peter Nespod- £ e re Mrs. Tom Trevarthen, Mrs. zany, returned home Thursday night from Menominee, where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Peter Nespod- viny'e father, Martin SmagHck, who Health Department records, year's motor vehicle fatalities « lc the highest that the state has known except in the all-time record year of 1937. "Probably there will be more than 2,000 traffic deaths for the year," says Dr. H. Allen Moyer, State Health Commissioner. "The total will be second only to the 2,187 deaths piled up in 1937." From January through September, this year's monthly figures exceeded those of 1940, but October's total dropped slightly below that of a year ago. The high month this year was August, with 227 deaths. The 1940 total was 1,732, which was slight 1y below average traffic fatalities for the last five years. Farewell Party ^- A«A farewell party was given last Thursday night for Mrs. Leonard Smedman ot Ironton, who left Sunday to join her husband In Hibblng where he was transferred by the / Republic Steep Corp^L Howard Brown and Mrs. Smedman. A lunch was served by the hostesses who were the Mesdames, John Davidson, Albin Dahlgren, Lawrence j. . ..-_ . .· ' ,iu=»jii, .cuum -uauisren, A died Monday morning at the age ol Cregor and Jack Trevarthen. 31 Surviving a«-o li« -nir^. ~--Jt' ». ~ - 91. Surviving are c*ht children. / bis e and- Mrs. Smedman was presented with a Rift. Hundreds ot greeting cards are mailed by post office patrons to relatives and friends during the Christmas season, states Postmaster S. C. Camilli, of the Bessemer post office. Postmaster Camilli suggested that to Insure prompt delivery that mailers send the cards in sealed envelopes at the first class rate. When so mailed these greetings are given directory service, and if necessary, they will be forwarded without additional charge. Should such mail be undoliverable, they will be returned to the sender without charge, pro- tradition that numbers ot buffaloes ot the road skirting the lake shore. Grandma Williams' house, where she once grazed in summer along the south shore of Lake Superior as far , lived with her son, Tory and his -·-·"*»·« **MU« v- UB. JJ««V^ kJUJJCJ. lUr *15 1*11 "·' '*- rt * " ·»-". UV^I. OVJ1A) I Uijf «UU 111^ Ittlll*' east as Lake Gogebic and the Porcu- j **'. a wife and two baby daughters, pine Mountains. Like the deer [also Mis. Martincau, a daughter, and which have became acclimated here,[son Henry, is the last house in this they were true migratory animals J tillage, just beyond the Indian vil- coming north in summer and leaving} Jase's schoolhouse. af the approach of cold weather. j U is stated that Coroner C. W. Walter Newman New Head Of Masons £lks TJ Enterlain r^he Bessemer Masonic lodge met Football Squad Tuesday night to elect new officers. "Walter Newman was elected and in- vided the sender's return shown on the envelope. The first class rate on greeting j are: elude a written message which makes! a personal appeal and is highly appreciated by the recipient. Christmas cards mailed at the third stalled as worshipful master, succeed- card is ing Clarence Vivian. | Other officers elected and installed class rate are not given free forwarding privileges as are those mailed at the first-clss rate. Large numbers are disposed of as waste each year, because they are undeliverable as ad dressed, due to the removal addressee, Incorrect street ber, or other cause. of the or num- Winter Ferry Schedule In Effect LANSING, Dec. 1--State ferries at the Straits of Maekinac are now on their early-winter schedule, with two boats In operation, it has been announced by the State Highway Department. Leave Maekinac City and St. Ignace at 6 a. m., eastern standard :ime, and every one and one-half hours thereafter to 9 p. m. A late night trip will be made from Mack- Eckman, senior warden. W. B. Fauhl, Junior warden. S. Younf, senior deacon. The Speed Boys. Coach Butherus, and assistant coach Bordini, will be the honored guests of the Elks lodge at a football banquet to be served December 13 at 6:30 o'clock at the Elks clubrooms.'y ^Principal speaker will be Walter -- «. "weber. University of Michigan fresh- Clemens E. Carlson, junior deacon.] man football coach. Pictures of the · - - - - : i iu miss mem. une or tne uirougu tne neon ana had just i ·s is that the boy, Pat Brnnk, ed hanging it up when a finaj kick broke the rope and he- had all the hard work to do over again. Glenn Short of Senoy held his fire when a buck and a doe passed by, shot the two wolves that were chasing them, collected 30 bucks ($30) in bounties instead. Dr. Tom Desilets of Escanaba was principally interested in taking pictures, but he took a .410 shotgun along with his camera equipment to a camp near Foster City. On. the first day in camp he got some pictures and a 250-pound buck to boot. H. C. Gerletti ot Escanaba, out to do some target practice, sighted and shot a 275-pound buck with a .22. Taking advantage of a conservation department emergency service. a joker sent Conservation Officer Lew Dorman, of Grayling over 20 miles of back roads to a camp at mdinight with an "urgent message" which read, when opened: "We are all well. Hope you are the same." Friends in West Branch checking Harry Schubert's claims to killing a big buck found he had bagged a big buck rabbit; weight, four pounds. The high piles of straw in West Moore may preside at a special inquest that may be held. Carl A. Olson, treasurer. Oscar R. Hansen, treasurer. A. J. Pink, tyler. Ralph C. Olson, senior steward. Clarence Vivian, junor steward. Alfred S, Roberts, chaplain. ^Henry F. Hoffman, marshal. ^ Three Bessemer Girls To Enter Sodality V · v ^fiss Rita Grabowski. daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Julius Grabowski, 205 East Iron Street, Bessemer, Miss Mary Katherine Pricco. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pricco, 514 E- Longyear Street, and Miss Constance MussattJ, daughter of Mrs. Mayme Mussatti, R. 1, Box 7, will be received into the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin at a ceremony Monday, December 8 at the College of St. Sehol- " " Minn., j man football coach. Pictures of the Branch gas stations was not for the j Mich.gJin.Northwestern football game! horse trade. It was sold to hunters j will be shown. I Preparations for the event honor- j ing the champion football squad are j being made by John Sartoris, exalt- j ed ruler, E. J. Oas and George Abra[ ham. j Straits Traffic Shows Increase for bedding. Ignace at 12:30 a. Infant Dies The infant daughter of Mr. antt ttrs. Heino Kalla ot this city died at 10 o'clock Monday morning at their home. The child was two months piarles Hakala Passes^ Charles Hakala, 68. died at tH6 iounty infirmary Saturday at 5:15 p. to. No known relatives exist. Funeral services were conducted Wednesday at the Nyberg funeral home, he Rev. Jacob Hirvi officiating. «J i LANSING, Dec. 1--Traffic on the state ferries at the Straits of Maekin- ac continued to increase during November to bring the total number of cars transported for the 11 months ot 1941 to 360.-14S, an increase of 72,297 cars or 25.1 per cent, it has been announced by the state highway department. State Highway Commissioner G. Donald Kennedy said that for the -Tack Labre of Escanaba poked Into a bear den with a long stick. Out came a raging, tremendous black bear. Four shots killed it and a horse dragged the 500 pound carcass hack to camp. Harold Larsen of Mason county reported a "Hock" ot 15 does looking like a flock of sheep almost ran over him. Leo Moore of Benton Harbor lost bis car near Houghton lake, had to get a conservation officer to help him find it. the Field Hockey honor roll at the college. Injured In Fall Ed Gibson,, living at the Michigan -Wisconsin border, near Land O'- Lakes, Wis., was brought to Grand Vlow. hospital to recuperate from severe injuries which he received when he fell from an auto Monday night and fractured his skull and elbow, and received braises about the face. Hte condition has imyroTed somewhat. J an Increase of 9,216 cars or 33.G per cent over the corresponding month last year. The largest number of deer ever to be taken back across the Straits by returning hunters has been established this year, according to a tally by the highway department. The | tally, to midnight, November 30, showed: Deer 10,916; bear --127; wolf-bobcat eight; coyotes--18; fox--20; 10. The figures for the 1940 season ara siren for cmiigarlaon; T0tee--f,. m; bear--m; watt--tour; coyotes --eight; to*--is; bobcat--«bt. Second Deputy Dismissed By Fertile · George Pickmosa of Ironwood, chief deputy to Sheriff Arthur Fertile was dismissed Monday. The following letter was filed by Sheriff Fertile with the county clerk: "Please be advised that I have revoked appointment of George Pick- mosa ot Ironwood, as chief deputy of this county, effective as of November 30, 1941. Kindly file this notice of revocation of appointment as required by the statute." Michael A. Koleasar of Ironwood was apolnted by the sheriff to fill the vacancy, and the oath of office was administered Monday to /the new chief deputy. Frank Wojciehowski ot Wakefield was dismissed recently and In his stead appointed George Honkala of Puritan, who is th« new und«rsh«riff.

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