The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 8, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 4

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 4
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THE ,)AIL1' MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. f THURSDAY, JANUARY S, 1948 [Free Parking 212-220 So. Main St. Canand aigua Front the Sunny Southland we rushed carloads of fresh crisp Texas veocia«Jcs for sKmmer-iime flavor in your winter-time meals: Shop in this garden of goodness at our nearest store! Carrots Cabbage Endive Tender Beets Green Broccoli Crisp Radishes Fresh Escarole 2 bchs 29° 2 lbs 19* head I9e j b^ 190 head 150 Eat Citrus Fruits for Health! LARGE SUNKIST Oranges JUICY SEEDLESS Grapefruit CALIF. NAVELS 80 SIZE 10 (" 49e 7 Minik PIE CRUST MIX EAST TO USE 16c Ajax CLEANSER IT'S NEW! TRY IT! . lie Vet FOR TOUR FINERT WHEN AVAILABLE m b 57« STANDING RIB Roast TENDER SHOULDER Roast b 53c CLUB. SIKLOIN OB POETBBHOUSr I Steak Ib 75c Short Bibs Bee? - 39c poNDER. TASTY .^i Knockwurst ^L^ IS Cheese WHOLE OR SHANK BALI TENDER SMOKED Ib " LOCAL GRADE A 4'.-*-LB. AVERAGE Fresh Fowl Seafoods Kit* S*» Scallops Medium Oysters Filleti of Cod Fillcia of Whiting large So. 1 Smelts Frwh Bullheads » 79C 52 75c 33c 39c Hurlock Red Ripe Tomatoes 21.49 - 2.89 12 cans GOLD SEAL IDEAL SWEET TENDER Peas ASCO GOLDEN SUGAR Corn STOCK UP AND SAVE! Cherry Preserves' ' y? 27c Pancake Flour Rob Ford Peaches Ideal Tomato Soup IS Nabisco Premium Crackers Sliced Pie Apples Libby's Pineapple Juice Choc. Fruit and Nuts Fresh Zion Fig Bars Gold Seal Quick Oats Apple-Raspberry Jelly ' ASCO Coffee _'J1 _________ 1-1-- -Jb. 43. Palmollve TOILET SOAP WHEN AVAILABLE 21C Palmolive BATH SOAP WHEN AVAILABLE 2 (kk» 29C Super Suds FOR CLOTHES. DISHES WHEN AVAILABLE 39C 12C No. 214 can 19',4-ox Camitock item H»wmii B * B Glrn- woed No. 4 tan 25* 27C 25c 19c ASCO Vetetabl* Soup Sunshine Cracken Hi-Ho ;# 29G V-8 Tomato Catsup '' Pride of the Farm Rpattc wilh 2 ~ 1 '" OCcUla p or k * cmtn Cashmere Booanei SCOP 2 cake, 25C When Available Octagon Lanndry 2 bar. I9C When ATailable Ib 49c ivy* 32C 4S-OI 29C »? 21C save Money With Supreme Bread Cracked Wheat Bread Fruited Clusters Chocolate Rolls Orange Buns Choc. Layer Cakes I Delicious Manhmallow Tlllei BrukfMt Fatoril* Vanilla lat ·» Pkt Soap Powder Gr»». »k, f Products When Arilldble 39c Cleanser 26c Soap «.... 39c 19C 69C I3c Spry SHORTENING WHEN AVAILABLE 1-lb can 43C Klrfemun's BORAX SOAP WHEN AVAILABLE bar IOC Kirfemon's SOAP FLAKES WHEN AVAILABLE Dromedary Ginger Devil's Fudge Breal 11V4-9J 99f Mil »«f *J*» Mix Mix Ch««. li-oi 24C 27C Boyle Sees the Man with an Idea To Halt Racket in Women's Garb By Hal Boyle NEW YORK, (JP--An old meanic "here has figured out a way to tie- feat one of America's most troublesome small-time racketeers--the woman shopper who takes out clothing on trial, wears it to a party tonight and returns it to the store tomorrow. This man is Walter W. Artzt. -13, a major manufacturer of infants' wear, whose hobby is inventing. He holds eleven patents in various field*. One of his latest is a sealiag which a salesman automatically attaches to any garment taken out on trial "The woman cannot wear the garment out in public with the se-altag showing," said Artzt, "and Fine can't remove it without destroying it. If she does that the store of course can refuse to take the garment back." This simple little gadget, he said, will solve a $40,000,000 problem to the nation's department stores. "It costs them that to clean suits, dresses and fur coat? \vhich women now take out and wear with no intention of buying." Artzt is one of those businessmen with ideas who do perhaps more to change American patterns of life than do statesmen or poets. There has been money in most Ot his ideas, however, but not in all. In Vienna when he was eleven years old a family friend showed him a movie and happened to mention thai the film was made of the same -substance as the phonograph record. '"n that case." the boy suggested logically, "why don't you put Voices and music on the films, too, so you can hear as well as see them?" His startled parents, fearful his mind had been affected by the new flicker novelty, wouldn't let him see another movie for two more years. "But sound movies are doing preuy well now." Artzt mused. 'lie came to America at the age of. 18, saw a sign "free parking" jnd exultantly thought: "what a wonderful land--everything here is free!" He got a job as dental technician and at 22 had four patents for devices in that field. Artzt switched to the textile business and spent the week-ends taking knitting machines apart and putting them back together to learn their operation. In three months he had patented a new accordian knit that enabled the ladies to get more stretch where they needed it. Now he has a factory and sells its 52,000,000 annual output miHaeu uum a. amau uince here. His current interest is a new four-color deck of playing cards which he invented after he saw two bridge players get in a fist fight because one mistook the red nine of diamonds for the red nine of hearts. He came up with them just before Christmas and sold 70,000 decks in a few days. RADIO PROGRAM Cleveland Browns Sign Sensanbaugher, Ohio and Army Back CLEVELAND. ».!'' - T1'9 '»«»»- pion Cleveland Browns of .the All- ,vineik-a u»iiei.'iHT today announced the signing of Pean Sen- sanbaugher. hard-running halfback who played at Ohio State in 1943 | feated Army eleven back, -a position where injuries have hampered the Browns for two seasons. Although he had played but one year of college football, he was chosen te play with the eastern eleven in the 1944 East-West game at San Francisco and sparkled during a l!l to 13 tie. in 1944, Sensaiibaiigher was appointed to the U. S. Military Academy and played with Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis on the uncle- belween Army serv- (eastern standard time) NEW YORK, UP--It's a rocky road ahead for radio-struck tal- rn'; if some statistics just compiled by the mathematics section of NBC are any indication at all. The figures concern auditions conducted by the network during 1947 for individuals who believed they had something for the microphone. The total ran to 3,074 interviewed or auditioned. Only 190 were passed as satisfactory, and in turn but a mere 48, of which 29 were actors and most of the rest singers, ever were used by the network in some program. Juvenile jury, Sunday afternoon kiddies program on MBS in which a panel of six to ten-year-olds seeks to answer problem questions of other youngsters, is reaching overseas for a special guest January 25. It will be Cherry Ward, nine-year-old from England, w.ho will be flown here with her mother for that broadcast and possibly a second one...Dinah Shore's return to broadcasting, now that in private liie Airs. Geuige Tuonl- gomery she is the mother of a new baby girl, will depend on the speed of her recovery from a caesarian operation. However, the tentative date of Feb. 6 has been set for the start of her new series on CBS. Topics tonight: NBC--S Henry Aldrich; 8:30 Jack Benny with Burns and Allen; 9:30 Jack Carson comedy; 10 Bob Hawk quiz; 10:30 Eddie Cantor show, Al Jolson guest. CBS--8:30 Mr. Keen's drama; 9 Dick Haymes show; 10 Magazine theater; 10:30 First Nighter drama. ABC-7:30 Ellery ?ueen; 8 Candid Microphone; 9 Willie Piper skit. MBS--8 Jan August trio; S:30 Block party; 9:30 RFD America; 10 Family theater. For Friday: NBC--11:30 a. m. Jack Berch show: 1 p. m. U. S. Marine band: 6:30 Jack Kilty song; 8:30 Can You Top This; 10 Mystery theater...CBS--2:30 Look Your Best; 3:30 House party; 5 School of the Air Opinion Please: 7:15 Jack Smith show; 9 Morgan- Ameche-Langford...ABC--9 a. m. Breakfast club; 12 noon Welcome -p 1--,,. l-on vs ^, P^T,T W h i f o man records; 7:30 Lone Ranger; 9:30 The Sheriff"MBS-12:30 Campus Salute: 2:30 Martin Block records; 4:45 (repeat 5:45) Adventure parade: 8:15 Alan Dale show; 10:30 Date night. and 1947 in ice. Sensaiibauglu'r had one more year c-f eligibility at Ohio State but his class graduates in June and under All-America conference rules ho was eligible to lc signed , ., , , ..r.. . :.,..,,! , . r \ n t " i r t lu il p i u n j a o i v i He will be used at right half- OVERCOME YOUR Difficulties by reading and using The Messenger Classified Ads. Released from the Army in (he middle of the 1946 football season, Sensanbaugher returned to Ohio State but played no football that year. Last year he played with the Buckeyes but was inactive | some of the time because uf an I injury. I ROUND AND SQUARE D A N C E Saturday, Jan. 10 Hopewell Grange 'Hall Music by Clark's Ruinbow Rangers Earl lioinisier. Caller Dancing 9 to 1 Admission--60e SEWING SCHOOL HELD E A S T BLOOMFIELD -- T h e Home Bureau Unit will hold a sewing machine school, under the direction of Philip Wilson, specialist, from the Department of Agricultural Engineering at Cornell university, Jan. 14 at 10 a, m. in the Congregational Chapel. Luncheon will be served at noon. Each SUNDAY SCHOOL ELECTS EAST BLOOMFIELD--The annual election of officers of the Sunday School Department of the First Congregational Church was held Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walters, Jr., were n a m e d superintendents; Mrs. Frank H. Steele, assistant superintendent; Mrs. Kenneth Armstrong, superintendent of t h o Junior Department; Miss Leila member attending is asked to provide their own table service and a j Elton, secretary; Harold Chapman, dish to pass. Coffee will be pro-1 treasurer and Wilbur Gillette, as- vided. sistant treasurer. WHY SHOP AROUND? Come to Women's Rayon Knit S L I P S Your choice of white or tcarosc with adjustable shoulder straps. Sizes 3i to 51. First! $129 1 Women's Rayon Jersey B L O U S E S A bar-rain flash. Neatly styled. Where r.lsc hut I'enney's can yon find a value like this. 2 51 Gage NYLON HOSE Newest shades in extra sheer--a real sav- $449 1 ings on every pair at only 'Boy's Cavalry Twill DRESS PANTS For all occasions--they're sanforized too- your choice of brown or Wue. 3 Men's Blue Chambray WORK SHIRTS Pull cut sixes, sanforized shrunk for pcnna- $1 29 1 nent fit and long wear. Men's Moleskin WORK PANTS Yes, Pcnncj's have them, sturdy long wearing-, too. 3 Men's Whipcord PANTS They're sanforized--sturdily constructed and they have heavy sail cloth pockets. Sizes 30 to 50. $O79 2 TO PEMEFS FIRST! Every housewife is an expert when it comes to knowing White, Goods values, low'// see at a glance these are unusual--worth! investing your thrifty dollars in! J.JLJAI/M/.B. JL VF · · MAMA · Thickly Tufted--/or quick drying, long wear/ · Colorful Pattern*--Brighten every bathroom! · Plenty to Choose from--Buy a year's tupply! 2 for $ SENSATIONAL JANUARY FEATURE because large bath pize terries have been almost impossible to get, and ecarcer still at this price! They're THICK-they'll LAST! They're THIRSTY-they'H dry YOU, not just your big toe! White and blue, gold, green, pink or red-fit every color scheme! 1 18'x36' 3 for $1 TERRY TOWEL SETS 3 Matching Pieces You Can Buy As A Set, or Individually! Set 1.35 Here's the cream of the terry crop--the thickest, finest anywhere at thes6 prices! Luscious peach, greenspray,"* rosedawn, azure and buttercup tones in a Penney exclusive design. 22"x44"Bath Size^^^*^.69c 16" x 27" Face Size.-.12" x 12" Washcloths B 17c Other Terry Face Towels, 16" x 26" ... -1 for $1.00 Terry Washcloths, 12" x 12" j--.10c Cotton Toweling, by the yard CHECK LIST OF JANUARY VALUES Ronod Percales yd. -U)c Tailored Pr. Curtains 2.2!) Bleached Muslin yd. 29c Cotton Toweling yd. 25c Plaid Pair Blankets 4.98 Drapery Damasks yd. 98c Printed Cretonnes yd. 1.19 Spun 'Rayon .___ yd. 49c BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED CHENILLE $£90 SPREADS w A tiny price for such rich lovely chenille--smartly colored design on white back ground. Easy to launder, no ironing required. Double bed size. When you see them you'll wonder how we can offer a'spread like this at $6.90. MATTRESS PADS $4.49

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