The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 22, 1963 · Page 15
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 15

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 15
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Ml Dove Hunting Season Near; Limits Slated By .Tuck Wilkinson L'nileil Press I n t p r i t n t l m m l Now that it is official and Oklahoma duck hunters will have their longest season in two years, attention turns to the first attrac- THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Thursday, Auguit 22, 1963 Three-Platoon System Useless? Hardin Blasts New Substitution Rule BY GORDON BEARD Ihc rule--or an opporlunity l.o try · - Way rules makers may have legislated the Ihree-leam syslem out of college football. .Hardin, al leasi, is on the verge of scrapping plans for separate leant"; ot offensive, defensive and two-way performers--which have lion on the "fall lineup"--the open- ! been popular in recenl years. In .Associated Press Sp°rls Wrller i something else." he said. "If it ' ANNAPOLIS (AP) - Coach 6ocs ?' L work durins *"; ncx ' ^ ,'ayne Martin of Navy thinks the w TM! rll TM £?!£?·.,,7'Jh"* JL refused to describe what he had in mind, preferring lo keep it a m i l i i a r y secret. "Under the new substitution ru'e. it's almost impossible to play Iliree u n i t s as before," Hardin said, "We've a b o u t given up the j when Lhe ball whelher or no! ColumViU'; 4A jRrk.orlvi!1r- ^.-'J A:l*nu 7. In(MnR[»oll* 3 Tororw \ S;r«cu»c 0 r.vrinc ro.vsr I.KACTK M I K T M K R N PIVIMON Won l.ivl I V I . Ponlxrid «" SOITHKHX Ok'lRhoroH Cl: 73 ra!l1.-! J 'I. Worth K!» SAM Hiriift .. B7 S*l! I,«kr Cily .. K.1 Inver . . . . K i H I G H I\I("1\KI!. .Inhn Slo-ar of Slralfnnl. Conn.. m n k » s Ilk" 1 n l"ic . li'Hi^iiP pIMior rt.s h»- Ir-ans U n r U In Ihrmv to a Ynllivfii'ld, C'annda, bnllcr (luring ihe Uulc League. World Series. Slralfonl won. 3-1. \Every Little Leaguer \Loves His Hot Dogs! By IUVK U C I I K K K W:L:.TAMSPORT, Pa. (API-Mexican, Canadian or American. have consumed more than GOO ing of dove season. Dove hiinlinEr, incrensins in pop- u l a r i l y througiiout Oklahoma, begins Sunday, Sept. 1 and runs Ihrough Ocl, 30--the same da I PS ns last ycai'. The bag limit is 10 daily and possession is 20 afler the first day. Ijilesl reptirli f n i i n lhe TielJ sny there, nn: plenl.v nT do\-i;s In Oklnhonm. Some of lhe "hot spills" nicnllniicd by olwcrvers lire n i i r l h ou U. S. 81 from K\ 1'jl H'-iio lo K n u l , norlh\vest i»f N o n i i H i l nnd In OSRK»" Omnly. H u l HHJSC (In nitl make up llm c o n i p l c l p Ilii hy n n y menus he- cause rangers njiy I h e y hn\'o MH-II flocks In n i l purls of I IIP slnlr-. This past week increased acliv- ily has been noted as lhe birds start ·trou-pins for Ihcir movement soulh. Oklahoma doves h a v e been Icnown to fly as far sou;h as Mexico. By the same token, dovos move Into Oklahoma from slates lo lhe north and more and more of the rapidly multiplying birds are wintering in Soonprland. their plrice. Navy would have two units ot two-way players. The Navy coach si ill is exploring oilier possibilities, however. "There may be a loophole in idea, and I think everybody in t h e ; sions loday. Mnrdin had lhe task counlry will." The new rule allows un subslituiion on second and Ihird j 12 players iosl by changes hands-- I ar.rl ready to explode--if the line t the clock Is; problems can be solved. It in- slopped. ! eludes quarterback Roccr Stau- "!n effect, we're playing three- i bach, who had a speclacular soph- down football on suhstilutions be-, omore season; fullback Par Don- cause o[ ihe d i f f i c u l l y in getting ; nelly. Navy's leading ground gain- players in and out of The line-ups," j er iasl year; flanker hack Dick Hardin said. "So, everyone will ! Earnest, and a pair of speedy have to play both offense and de-' left halfback candidates, John Sai · and Kip Paskewich. Stauhach, whose ad libs on plays upsel lhe opposition, also confuses coaching slaff, graduation. "Even in practice, we never As Navy opened practice | of finding replacements in the line ._? Ll i m i l e d j f r o m tackle to tackle. Ten of t h e ; ' ' ' down when the clock is slopped. , played in the line, includine all know where he's froing," Hardin but only two players may he sent in by a team on f o u r t h down or those who had two-way experience. . said. "But usually, it's in the right Navy's offensive backf ield is set i direction." LSU Must Learn New Grid Rules By CAKIIOLI, P. United Press Inlc'rnatlunu Favorites Ramble Youngsters Advance In Fern Links Test By HOB SALMON Ass»(:iiiled press Sp"rls Wril';r WII.UAiMSTMV.N", Mass. (AP) -a pair of 16-year-olds from the BATON ROUG1C, La. ( U P I i -- j \Vesl Coasl werp among Ihe eight Thrcc-time-v.-inner Miss Gunderson. Ihe weekend golfer who plays as if ali lhe days are Saturday and Sunday, sliil favoriie. Aggies Rated High In Juto Football Poll DODGE CITY. Kan. -- Two was the big ' Oklahoma Juc-o pou-ers. Morthcast- ern AM of Miami and Cameron, D / l I V J i * l\lJUl_rJ.- Lirt I U J i '^ * Ir ' 11 ^'-'Ct.Tl ^ l i r f l l J U U l l L ' r K i l L n i i ' l - \ i i r f i i j i / --J- ^--'« ^T,^ ;i±,^:r:! .nfci, \M£ S,^. 1 ^: r^r^-rA! 0 ^ ^ the most successful r " " · i rinaic r,r ihn K5r^i u'r, m on'c Viiinr," inf; on l i k e a l a t c a r r i v a l al a free : learns in the annual poll of Na, . ,, nf ";r-- V , Ea ; I I An, a P u r G$ KSion^h i I l u n c h on l h e bflsis o( hor ? l a v in l i o n a l J u n i o r Co "^ c ^^ a -' : - cosch jn colJese foolball la.d al Amateur Go,, Championship. | u(lnoS(lHV . s lhird and ' l , 0i , r[h ; socimjon f b ,, ^ ^ year, loday was adjusting him- ' They were Janis " self for less time in 1963. Success has nol spoiled McClendon and his Louisiana Stale i University Tiger?, bul graduation and some new Tli" w i l d l i f e commission isnl Ihe , , , . 19G3 duck season lo run from Nov. j h . ave . w TM*ked me Collon Bowl S u n i i l Dec. 12-10 days longnr i championship leam. I h n n lafl year's record short c a m - j " h e 39-year-old Lcwisvillc, pni?n--nnrl e.v;pnded baR limil 10 ! Al ; k - COHp h cuided lhe defense- The Golden Norsemen are picked With Ihcm at Tnconic Coll Gub She knocked o f f Nancy Roth of were defender JoAnnc Gunderson · K l k h a r d i , [ n ri., 1 and "l in her of Providence. R.I.; former queen \ mornine round nXeaiinp a "irl Mrs. Ann Quasi Wells of Seattle; who won four slraiffhl lourr.a- 20-year-old Janesvillc, fn,,r. Gr-'isr. season «'ill nir, from |"ded Chinese Bandils and lhe , Colorado SorinRS, and veterans · P ro "a"ro « Oci. 12 u n t i l Dec. 25 and bac lim- j other T, BCrs lo a 9-1-1 season in | Mrs . H e len 'Sinel Wilson of C l a d - : 5 a n d ' 5 in il is five. his first year as successor to | ^r. Pa., nnd Mrs. Phillis Sem-1 The rxii'iisiiin In Ilic flnck sen- son hiul Iny-n "XpoclfHl. I^inc pliiCiii-il liv ( I n i u c h l C"iicllll»n«" in K/mlltprii C n n n t l n Hilt! ««.x- Iminr nortlfnt UnlK'd Sl«le*. ( l u r k s i n l g r n t e d in li.vssor i i t i i n - ln-rs piM'h vi'nr l i n l l l l\\~it yi'ltr«i itmi rnd:rnl «;ilillirp n r r i c l n l * sliirlwl c i i l l l n c linrli Ilii- ·M-niollx, Oklahoma 'j ?PFI?OII two ycnrs aco was cut in h a l f -- to one monlh --and last year ii was cut lo less t h a n tour weeks. More rains in ihr critical "pothole" country over which Ih" ducks fly slnrled ess- quaris of mUk and 1-10 pounds ··( i ing Ihe .situation and the new. l builer, according lo Mre. Jack- ! er seasons are further pnxif i a if a j year's i le;im : .470 441 Scft'.llc '.. rm-llHnd n ?All lkr CHy S Dftllfts-K SrtT D i f y n S SfWKne 2 D^nvor 4-1. OklAhnmft CiLy H»*\','ft]i S. 'Tflrv-ml *. Liule Loacurrs ihc world over: so " l!; statistii-s. i havr one Ihir.g in common--I hoy : Mrs. .lackson's menus i love hot doc,s. jcompilaiion o( prrvipus I Lcaslways lhafs what Mrs ' ' : »TMi;es rind l;(lks wit ! Florence '.mcksrm will icll you. i coaclll '-« ;lnd manaRcrs before the And she should know. Mrs. J a c k - 1 scrlcs sla '" s son is feedinr; 9S r.iule Leapier?; ' She learns in advance what thr I comrieiins ihis werk in lhe ]?63 loams as a «-hole like and don't Liltle Lr-.-iquo Wovlrt Scries. like. Sh^ nlso Is prepared lo m;ike . "Hoi does, barbecues nnd h:im- special dirt foods when noci'ssnry. | o n -' l l u l hurcors. in that order -- thal's \rc beginning 10 right Ihemsclvr??. n f l e r luis nski:l h l n i T i r why ^»i^ i n l n slnnipN in I n k Ix'lnir MI ),"'il ill Ihi! ln'clnnliii;, M u c h uf Ihi- !·· Hie iioniiiil ile.- rliiu' th:ll K n\|HH'liMl us tin 1 I n U f 1 Cniws ohliir nnd ninrtj of lite Carol Sorenson of moms in Florida last winler and Wis.; Judy Bell of iiK-n disjmsed of Mrs. Scoit L, of Clialianoosa, Tenn., the afiernon. Paul Diel7.el, now al Army. pk , of S( , in - cl .| ev Pn . Bul Ihis year McClendon musl | -not only replace All-America '· luilfbiick Jerry Sun-all nnd I. 1 ) olhsr loUermen, bul nusl also adjusl his leam io new subsiiiu: lion reculalions i h a t fill i h e Ihree-leiim sysmni McClendon and Diet/el. Only Oiii; lyi'fl "We h;ive only one boy played boih offnnsn ,-md defense Big Playoff £ ; t: Starts Today wta In Trapshoot Coffeyvillp, K a n . , ihe perennial favoriie in ;he Jayhawk Juco con- fTonce was ihird. followed by the Cameron Assies. No championship playoff TMame is. scheduled ihis year. Here are top 20 teams selected by the coaches: n. Cnmerr-r 3. Tyler .-T* B. MrC^k r LSI year. We've E ol lo leach all "' * m "' """·-''·'' the olhors 10 play both ways! AHwcial-cl Fnw Stx.rts Wri«-r now." McClendon said. · VANDALIA, Ohio f A P i -- Tlic U n t i l lhe collepe coaches ; biq money ninlchcs slarl lodnv in ch:in£;(-l Iho rules early Ihis year, ] t h e 6-llh Grand American Trap- · ·"·I Williamslown in IfftS and tied Ihe Tigers were usini; three d i f - ] shoo!. : Tuesday by Miss Boll, ferrnl learns lo wear down and | A f l e r Ihrne days of firinc at Miss Gunderson rnn inlo a l i t t l e Till'; KOIlMKIl Curtis Cup team member, who captured lhe N.i- lional Amaicur in 195S and J9S1. I l Cf«-yi-iiii- (K^r.) h,id it (wo-under-par ?A for her .-ifirrnoon front nine and was in a ivtsition lo set a course record in lhe rnorninc. She slrxxi 06 n f i c r 17 holes of. ·"· M «"' 'TM" her ihird rounrl malch bur Ihe ' !'· *!':'!^\S^' y '~ f: boul ended ihere ,1= she and Miss Ro-h halved Ihe hole. She had £om: two up on Ihe 16lh when iJ rf,! 1 ,"". Miss Rolh found her tec shot ·" Kcrrun slymied. ]j_- *'''*''*'. 1"ni? woman's compctilivn course 1 :o. ivrish:' record is 7-1. srl by Irene Tworis: M «-»ld'Tf M. ;»rlfin I P.-ilnr F K V O R I T K S 2-- Ncr:h*»B.:pm .1-- ffln ' P r n n k . .!-Wrl;h: .Chlraso. . '.Miami. Ckla.) confuse t h e opposilion. puny-payoff ]6-yard targets, some trouhlo wilh her putier. Bui !h" City Cl:y «1 VASTKKN l.I'lAr.UK rtlncSHmlcn 1. York 1. Kuspenrtort on rinrknris. rc-"nd came otslponr Rr^dln^ 1-4. Ch/irlrit'in 0-12 SpnnclK'Irt 3. elmlrn i SCUTH ATl.ANTir l.V.Ar.UK L*nohlniri; 4. Chnrlolt^ 2 Nftihvilli- 7. A h r v : l l r C Vnn\-\'ill«- 7, Chft'llinoficft 4 Mneon 6. Aucuiin S, ^3 Inr.lnss E! P«s,- *. Sftr. A n l f n i o 7 ArtihnlSo S. Austin Ti Tul-i* 5, A l t i u q u r r d U r 4, 14 whal (hey like." slic says. I I C T i f A dietician, Mrs. Jackson lins · U.J. leCHTIS Hit beer. fccdinK Lililo Lojifrjors f o r : _ . _ Ihe pasl 11 years at lhe a n n u a l : j G f n / S If! 5ST/ \\'orld Snrios. It's always been ihe same. Tnis WILLIAMSTORT Pn There was Ihe While leam, llw 2.000 of the Western Hemisphere's i 21-yar-old transplanted Kirkland. Go Irani and Ihe famous Chinese , lop marksmen swine into Ihe i Wash,, rcsidcm--cooler !han the Bandit defensive I'-ani. The White j handicap phase of the bis clay I evenings in Ihis hill-ringed Eerk- Icam. boa.sllnfc mnsf of Ihe Ti- j carnival. '· s h:re Mountain inwn--c;Lmc b;icl-: Eers' best pluycrs. slnrlwl each | Today's feature i.s t h e prelimi- · ''° "ai 1 down hi;r fourth round Came nnd played both offense ] nar' handicnp. a IfXi-clay a f f a i r i m;i| eh acainsl Mrs. Cookie Swifr j and defense. The Co learn played i Jire'd from IS lo 27 ynnls back of I B/ -' rI - rr r of EKKcrts\-ill». N.V.. wiih I offense only. The B;mrliis playod : ihe Iraphouw frnm which the [ n 2fi-foot pull on ihe 15ih holp. ! dcfrnse, i i.-iix-els emerf;e. The disianco is ! Sh f u '. c "'' on :o 1 3 ;ln d - triumph This year McClendon will n o t ; basi-rl on lhe shooter's record, and j ' oli °win£; a 5 and -I morning vie- P.ftnon 6-- CM,v.-\ iJ 7-- Manon P-- No FfJh 3-- Tr-lnltlal Ir.sliujl? (Marlon. But Ihei-o are older reasons and bo able lo run lhe Ihrce learns : ihe closoup novices walk off wiih ! j^' ovcr Mrs - PiPPX Roonry \i-ilrilifo officials are workins con- in and oui al will, i lhe money. j 0 Conner of Wollesloy Hills, Mass. Diffi-rciil V'Tsiiin.i ; A year apo, 5-l-year-ok! Dave : Mlss "rraris 1 13;h and Hlh stantly to find out what makes fishing decline. Ln Oklahoma survey program has been carried year tennis from MonteiTcy, Mcxr-! will be an all-u.S. final Snimxiay i alloyficld. Que-bcc: and ' o u i . mostly during '.he summe ~1' ; and by collece siudenls, lo deler- minc cTowih, HRe and population j i c o ; \a:ipy!,clrj. WiioScc: and \7.- for lhf 1963 Li ,., c j^,. i; . uc b:ue-: or " f iVal lhe slale's larger rescr- i m i r . Turkey provide lhe inlcrna- b a ll championship. i voirs . L i m i l c d tund . s ; , nd p,. r son- i '"bast \f°r'-' --·· "-- !----·:···-·: ' The sentimental co-favorites. | ncl necos.sitaled lhe limited Beavers Lodged In PCL Cellar Bv THK ASSOCIATKT) PRESS 12--Gr«nri rt :.T-- H,hH:r; :6--inplln i Mo.) Yankees Coniinued From Page 14 run double in the first inning of But ihe differences in language and origin make no difference lhe four U.S. entries. Duluth, Minn., cnshed i n on ' PJvor in Arkansas and lhe other Jn neighboring Arkansas, how- , those of us who have been using ever, a more ambitious program j R [or sei'eraJ years will be hurt is being planned on ihrcc major more than those who just lakes to determine if something | switched 10 It last year," Mci can be done lo m a i n t a i n a hich Clendon said. The Ticera have not been se- "Thr; Ihrcc U'iim system will | Brync'r of Milford,'.Mich., a tool i ^ I l"'. lshr ^ Lv ,'. c ' ;irr ' s , lhr i s ,, yfn , r conlinue 10 oper have lo use diffi nL StllQ. 1 I C J U Q L U ., . -- L^.,,i,,iL,,.. vt .,1 u "dufM^i; ( J L U t j i j- · ... ^ - , 1 j i-, L be more a mailer of subsliluiinc ncr nnd two others and lost in I _ ^ Cortzy riealed Jane Pepuone was hi: nccordinc lo field position Ihnn i a shooiofl bul. she was t h e first ! ^''^L 0 .' ^ * b _ u TM'. TM" 2 . 'I?. 1 ?, l '· ^ s j by accoi-dinr; to who has lhe ball, "All lhe ihree-lcam schools were hurl by the new rule, but rale, but we'll ! and die maker, picked up sonic ! Dons p h l l i l P s of Bollpviile, III., run double in the first 'eivnt versions," | 57 000 for his score of 99 A n n e i t e ', ° n . c IJp ancl Sand - v Palmer of Fort the nightcap, .dec! ;hnt it will Schimcnx of Milwaukee tied B r y - i U f l r t h ' TM " ' ancl 3 - While a; bat in !hl? '" T of subsliluiinc ncr nnd two others and lost in I ,, ^.',f f 0 ," 1 !?. *'f?_cd Jane Pcpiione was hi: on hird inning. on the right most unique exporiencrs was las: yoar with the Japanese learns. which insisted at first on eating wiih their own chopsticks. ' ' "We made rice especially f o r ; ' Hills, mililar- depondenLs from losl Pacific Coast League baseball jrajne 10 the Seal- tie, who have vacated their Northern Division cellar spot' and ' t h e rice and wanted hoi docs," recalls. "Il was funny tie Hainiers, ,ho have varied . ^ -- ^_S ^ ** TM* Milk and Mrs. Jackson's home-' was scheduled to meet Granada Hills at 1 p.m. EST -with Duluth matched against ?tratford in ihe second game al ·5 p.m. The Boavers managed to pick tip only one hit off Rainier hurler Larry Foster. That was a double j hy Jim Huphcs. And the Beavers ; learned Wednesday that their at- '· tendance statistics lor the season j are the lowest in the circuit. Club | President Arch Kingsley told a Portland newspaper Wednesday that ihe future of the dub is uncertain. big favorite at rhe camp. Sinci Sunday, the 98 "Mighty Miles" flrcri N Ihrw-ove'r-r'ar 71 10 . h|d R onr-Mrokc :h' Inlcrnfl:lon.-il CnmT.prrr Tounvimcni. aflpr 06 hole-* of Junior Charnbcr of Major league Leaders South Dakota. ·'Our minimi Is inlircly ro- sKjiirdi." Mi.vs Tom D u n c n n , chii'f of the Arkansas pro);r:im. "«'c nn; huri: In learn every- I h i n g posMUle iilwiu hytlroeli'C- rrlc and Mixvl control reservoirs as rulale* lu fishes mid their Ix:- liiivlnr. We have absolutely no manajii-mcnL responsibility or iiulhurity." P-escarch will be conducted on the 19-year-old Norfork Lake. 11! year-old Bull Shoals Lake and the i under-consiruction an 1 Beaver woman ever lo menace ihe men ! mil^TirtT' W °° dl TM d Hi " S ' Pairings for quarter a pitch from righl- arry Laiman. This in Ihe event's long history. ' nder seemed to be the signal for the - final , siart of one of the most prolonged Today's shooteri insert HT VI ' r "'""---' ^- quaner - nnai , start 01 one 01 me rnos; prolonged 7eh n y ,n ,^ ' , J,r±^! malch "..^^ «« Cunderson vs. b,-anba!! battles ever wimes.^d a: most add- each into Ihe pol ing anoiher £31 to play the op- lions which each may wager on his own ! Con'le'v" prowess. | For the J76.50 invesimcnt, some lected to finish ajnong the top tj K payoffs are possible. ten in the nslion ihis year and nre expected 10 lake the bumps Late Box Score along the way in a schedule that includes Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Florida. Miami, Texas Ail. Rice rmd Kentucky. "We losi 20 lellermen and when you lose 20 leitermcn 'rom a three-loam system thai means all of those boys were first slringers for you," McClendon said. Builds Own TCHUI McClendon is beginning to build his own learn this year after inheriting a strong squad from Dielzel. He expects lo use many of the boys he personally recruited after taking over in 1962. And then there's 19CH and 1965 to look forward lo. "When you play three-loam foolball you're going lo have a American League , SG rj|«l »[ luiln--i'HsLr/.TM«kl. In other PCL action, Oklahoma j SS^ff · ^STM?*- **-. *M,». ^ty split a pair with Denver s | .3u3: wncm-r. LC« Ar.sdcs, .:??. BATTING rj|«l _. Qt Bears, the Bears taking the opener 4-.1 and the 89ers winning the nijhicap S-1, the Salt Lake Dry Bees trounced DaUas-Forth Worth San Diego whipped the Spo- 1 70. Ni-iv York. ",$: 76: Kullne, LIL-J-OII 75: National League BATTING (300 m h a u l -- Grnnl. Lnuis, .3:^; T. Diivls. LOB ArKflL-s, .y.t; Omcnlr. Plllsbunh, .3:4: Pinsun. Cln- clnnMI, .3:1: C'jnzaJc.'. Phlladclphln. .3^). RUNS -- Aarun M l l w u u k p p y l j Fliorl e, T , ..... V. ^ · SI. RUNS BATTED »-Sluan. Boslon. H; Kiihne. ·oil, SO: Winner. Los Ancelcs. .New York. G9; Word. ChJ- . . . kane Indians S-2 and Hawaii beat I c "iT,i" d Aiihon. Mir-nrwia, CK - . ,, - - , i Mil's-- Ynslr/i'mskl, Rns'.on. 147: Kallnp, lacoma a-l. 1 Ovlmll, ;43: Ward. ChicuKO. 135: l\'«r- In the opener, Denver scored its j ;;·"._ Lu_i_ Ansdc.s, 13T; rtichardiun. 8ATTED IN-Axrnn, _.. . 104; Wnlie. Si. L*Lls. 91; Buyer. Si. L/juls, S7: i'ln.wn. S3; Sanlo, Chl- coi;o, HITS--Gro»:, . SL Louli Cmr.-liijiiiU. 1M: Aaron, Mllwnuku d is designed to cover a 10-year | had year every third year be- ,.riod. Among the e q u i p m e n t to : cause that's when you're rebuild- be used is a two-man submarine, j ing. I960 was our third year in which can stay under water eigh: 10 10 hours at a lime. Aiding in the research will be Al Houser, who recently resigned from th: Oklahoma Wildlife De- parlmenl and now is in charge of the population dynamics phase ol lhe syslem ajid we had a bad year. lhe projuci for the Arkansas Wild- ] O ut," he said. This year will be another third yenr nnd we're just poinf; to have to lake them (the opponents) one ni a time and hope thai we can cross some of them York,. lac. DOUBLES -- Yastramskl. Sonlon. 34: Civusfy, KIMIWIS Clly. i9; Alvla. clcvu-lhnd, ^ l't: Ward, Chlcaco, Tom's. LXJ.S Ah^elc.s. V ^ ' I L ' T ~~ ~" i · ~ "i-L " L" i " pi J* llwL ' r itnrl VcrMllos, linnt;fio fourth frajn«;, making the besl of .Trrsh. New York. a. three walks in the inning. TRIPLES -- vrrsiiiii's, Minnc.* 1 Hlnlun. WKshlnclon. 11: Cumllo Cily. :o ; BrUon. Dilrolv. ,uicl Jour runs in an error-laced seventh inning. In the nichtcap, the Wei? scored all live .runs in the and Al Dallas, the Beos took advantage ot three Ranger errors romp .to victory over the Texas contingent. Salt Lake City also committed three errors in the contest. Four of the Bees' runs were unearned. Dcron Johnson homered in · the first inning lo push across three runs for San Diego, and the Padres never relinquished their lead at Spokane. Jim Saul poked another homer for the Padre.v The Hawaii Islanders won their llth game in a row by downing Tacoma's Giants. Bob Knoop, Bob Perry and Ron-.Samford liil home runs for the Islanders. TERMITES--ROACHES LAIRD'S EL5-2134 . Lo.-. , , HOME HUNS--Slimn, Bwlon. 32: KiKe- ' Mianesbiii, 2S; Allison, .Ml Anci'lrs. L'iS. STOLEN BASES--Apurlclo. . , . SI. Lnuls, 1S3; Wltltami, Chlail!0 laid J'lood, Si. Louli. 149. . . DOUBLES-- Crum. SI. Lout*. 36: Pin- win. C l n d n n H l i wnd Oon/alex, Philadelphia, 33: Wllllums. ChlcKjo. '2t; Callleon, Philadelphia. 2S. TIUPLES-- Plnson. ClnclnnmL 13; Gon. Biliv. PhlliidnlphlH. id Brock uni! Wll- liums. Chicago, ajid Taylor. Phi:HdclphlQ, HO.MJ-: nUNS-AlcCo'wy. SHH Kr»n- clscu. 34; Aaron, .Mllwnukec, 32; Mayn. i While. Si. Louis. 33. STOLEN BASES--Wills. life Departmenl. Houser has been ". i: ... pln * 01 ?- i instrumenlal in Oklahoma's fish research program lor the past . 154- :t; Hcwnrd. New York, 24; Wuuncr, Los ! Sym Krnriclsco, 3U;' Sajiio, chlcijo. ujid I^fl Angeles, . , 31: Hlmon, WnshlnElon, 21; Wood. Oe- i 2G; jioblnson nnd Wnson.' Clnclnnnli; H'oil, IS: Snyder. Balllmorc, :5: Charles, i Auron. MllwuiiKce. IS: Brock, CUcouo-and ·"·"·"- n "" " ' Cliy. H. PITCHING (Ii .decisions)--Rndnb 1 ., J3(js- ' Ion. J2-i. ,7M: relers. Chlcaco, 14-5. .737; j Pusnuiil. Mlnnc.^oui. nnd Coulon New ] York. 16-5. .Z7; ; J-'urd. Ncii- York 17-7, ! .70H. i ST1UKKOUTS--SuinlnE, Dclroll. 153; | airta-r. Balllmori;, 151; Pulvrt, Chlciiso. 100; Plzjirro. Chlcujjo. 145; SUsmnn. Mln- DCSoLli, 144. \V. Dovls. Los Aneeli's, IS. P I T C H I N G (12 · decisions)--Porranoakl,. Aiwlrs, 13-2, .K67; McBran, Pllu,- 13-3. .S]3; Koufax, Los. Anijclcs,. . 'J 1 '-'; Malonoy. Clnclnnall, 1S-5. .783; Miirlchal. Sun I-Vanclsco. 18-6. .750. ' STRIKEOUTS KoulHX. Los AnBolta... 233; Drysdalo. 'Los AnyelcH, 114; Mu- Joriey, ClnclnnaU, 1'JS; . Marlchjil. Sari Frahclsco. 169; Lomasler, 1 · .Milwaukee. 146. GULFPRIDE The World's Finest Motor Oil NEW, LONGER LIFE . . . BY FAR! Runyan Oil Company 7-- Low ton-- Wholesale several years. With The Horses SAIIATOCA SPIUMGS. N.Y. -- Pol lie Rouue. W.60 won ih; TSn'i runnlnc of :h? (f:,OOII Splmiwny [or I-jcnr-old / l l l l E i ai Sni-HLDRN. ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. · -- Ml" Muni. J5.60 ltd almosl all lhe way In caplurlni; Ihi- lop u w n l »l Allanllc Clly. LAURKL, Md.-- Srla. Monica. 19.40 'won lhe .'efimre ul Laurel. SALEM, N.H.-- Kurt Luck. r7.BO, l(iol( lhe honilllnc'r ni nocannliiini Park wlitre /ipprenllcc Mike CRrro77.clla rode Uirce Girls 7 Cage Coach Selected At Elgin ELGIN (Start) -- Elbert Bentley will conch jfirls basketball here this season, it was announced by school officials this week. Bentley was nn instructor at El- TMin hijfh school last year. He graduated from Central stale colejc in 1SX32. ' He will replace Lyle Mayiiarcl, | who handled Ihe. girls' team .last j year, in addition to his powerhouse boys f|iHnt. Tid!iv\ r.-vr-nt Is "xaclly l l k u T'rldiiy's G m n d Arnericnn I n n - (llrjip. lhe rMirt's Nn. I how- plt';-. Another hnjulirnp and lh" n a l l n n a l doubles S.ilurclav wind up lh; W(Mik-lon^r spn.'e. As ihe IB-yard events ended Wednesday, the co-captains of lhe Ail-America leam had vindicated their selection over the three-day, 600-i.arsel roulc. C, E. Barnhart, 38-year-old interior decorator from Kansas City. Mo., one of lhe All-Star co- leaders, had the National Class AA and North American 16-yard championships tucked away. His co-captain, 39-year-old Dan Orlich ST. Whil, J.-irri"* If Ali.TiJin rf Jnvl-r :b McC.irvcr ( Simmons p cShRnnnn Sri/ir.:/. p r-Mii'-lnl Tn!or p 7 0 fl ft h 7 : ,T o -c: S n ; 0 0 3 1 us A: *h r h w - n i o UMK »! 7 0 l n G i l l i a n 7 i) 1 ilT.DavH 6 1 3 0 Howa.-d 7 o 2 n wan-; :n 7 1 3 0 J-Vrrarn If 7 n 1 1 w.0nv» c fi 0 'i 0 n M r M u l ' n : 5 n n n p.rwrr,rri : 1 0 1 0 K.iufnx p 0 ii 0 0 l£kou.Tor. 0 0 0 U dM-vin TIIHK 111 i 13 I"T«I:IN : n--Hit Inlo force nul 'or \V. l l l h : h-- FILM PUI for XoulA\ In L.'lh: Wilson; Miss f'e.-raris vs. the Stadium. L · ' ' · v ' rs - Welts; Mrs. Semple vs Miss PA- ;he eiTMhth innin" when -^^ UC ...l^ tCn V Undcr ! Benson, and Miss A vs. Miss Pepitone came? lo bar for"'the last I lime, two others had been nil. One was Stan Williams, lhe Yankee prcher. the oiher Whiifiold. In between Williams had decked Cleveland's Willie Kirkland. Mike de. Un Hoz and Joe Azcue and ' r h w Latmar. narrowly missed lakins one ot Lopez' less otf with a whistling fast bali. His second piunkinc caused s o o n , Pcpiione l o explode. S ,, n U ! "I was all right until I s°r to ib : i i o I first base," Ihe much subdued ][" ] I \ Yankee first baseman said a.'ler- i n ii :i j ward. "Then 1 bepan caJli.ns him f n o o o l names and he hollered back at n 3 " n ; me, daring me to come ;o him. · " '· '· ; So I did. But I SOL grabbed from 1. I figured I was p,o'n; to r--Singled fnr Simmon.* Jr. H l h ; ti -- F.;i:l':rl : J^et hit SO f mi^ht ou: tor Prmuio^k: in l l t h : ' ' welt of Reno, Nov.,. had of won the mcalcutler George Snellen- j ^!* L . 7 _ s , _ _ ,j , Koufax Ill 3 Kll UK ,X 0 n o o :. : D o 1 1 2 10 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 HPS--By Simmons (w. DHV-IM. U -Sudol, Gorman, Landes. T-3:43. A--J4.i:5. Vest ere/ay's Stars North American. j :s~Giiiinm. Aiiman. n.m-nni. MC.MU!- Barnhart defcaled K amblin S i '"' bB -TM ;c ' ^^""^'H K , club manaser Orlich and 27-year- i sin-.mons old . '"--· berger of Angola. Tnd.. in a T5- larget shooloff for the North American laurels. They had out- shot a field of 3,140 with perfect scores ot 200. The rea! standout in the 16-ynrd classic, however, was 15-year-old Laura Louise Mote ot New Madison, Ohio. The hifrh school sophomore fired a 197 in winnin? the women's division by three larcets from onc ot the best feminine fields in history. No younger pal ever has won it. .and her score has been exceeded only three times in 45 years. Tied for second among the women wiih 194 were Gladys Pfost of Phillipsburg, Kan.; Rita.E. Picco- bottn of Flint, Mich:, and Sheila Ep,an of Mount Vcrnon, N.Y. ·Popped , sw i n rrinfr first. _ ! "I am not mad at anybody any ·i i more now." ro-A-si LOHI. 47-- n w o i "^ *«sn't ByiW lo hit hilr "!. rtn scer^i. LOS A n - | said Bell, who also had losr. all his zest for fighting. "In fact I'm r.ot mad at anybody. Bui he kept ^houtinp; protanity at me and I won't taJe thai from anybody," out for Shanu ·L r.imlx iklii lull MM) IIIHI ihii J** Aru:('l*-i f u l l IXN1 IW) (HhJ OIHI E- None, oui wni'n ^ Fights Last Night By Tlw Ai-wtcliilitl ri"m YOKXA1CHI. Japrui-- Knr.un Tak Philippines. ". By THE ASSOCIATED BATTING -- Jerrj- Lynch, Pi- . rales, set major league record by | hilling 15th pinch-hit homer of his · career, a ninth inning shot that ' beat the . Chicago Cubs 7-6. | PITCHING --Don Nottebart, j Colts,: who allowed run while pitch- 1 ing no-hitter against Philadelphia , carli'. in season, posted first shut- j out with four-hit, .1-0 triumph over! Cincinnati. I AUTO PARTS PARTS DEPT. . OPEN 8-fi MON. Tiinu SAT. COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE BURCH M A C H I N E AUTO PARTS , .125 B Avenue... . .,...-.'. ...',.,,· .EL S-'MSl . ALL MEAT FRANKS '."» only /effover.' JALOPY RACES Friday Night 8 p.m. Featuring The Figure 8 - ^^^-Modified Season Closed Until '64. New Rules Available at B i l l Smith Agency, 2625 Cache. Road · i · · ·' LAWTON SPEEDWAY V/4 Miles South of Lee Blvd. on Shcrldiui Rond

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