The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 3, 1947 · Page 2
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 2

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 2
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fage 2 THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD Tuesday; June 3, 1D47 TODAY IN THE VALLEY Briefs T Felix Hull, 18, seaman, second -cl-i.-.s. USN, of Brownsville, Texas, Ts M r v l i m w i t h Patrol Squadron IJKI.-H. based on Okinawa. The ..squadron Jlle.s search and rescue -pu,mns over the Pacific Ocean and "i-if China Sea. and maintains re- courier service to China, car- ·ryuif; personnel and mail. W « Sheriff H, S. Soils has from a vacation trip to x i ( o C i t y and other points of crest in Mexico. * Mary Lee Ftllppone, of 504 * Adams St., and "Jackie 'D'.'iiton, CO Belvedere Drive, have . r e t u r n e d to their homes from the · U n i v e r s i t y of Texas, where they " h a v e been students. They will roll t u r n to tho university next Fall. - C l i f f o r d II. Purely. Harllngen, "v. ;i. a business visitor hero Mon- Or. I-:. HillinKcr, Hun Benlto y. will attend a convention · in' San Antonio from Wednesday - t n r u i i c h Sunday. During this time *h;. 1 o f f i c e will be closed. »' FOREIGN EXCHANGE I NflW YORK, June 3.~/P)--For- *cri-.:n exchange rates follow (Great * B r i t a i n in Dollars, others In cents): I! f ' . m a c l i n . n dollnr In New York « v . . n market 0 6-8 per cent clls- * · · : , I S M ! .r 00.37'-a U. 8. cents, uni.iirnpe: Great Britain $4,02 13-10, ~ T ; I . 1-lti of a cent; France (franc) !.(;!, r.f n cent, unchanged; Sweden · · · · m a ' 27.85, unchanged, SwlUer- _ ) , : : u : . f r a n c o (com'l) 23.40, un- - 1:; t i n - A m e r i c a : Argentina free" 2 - J 4 5 . flown .01 of a cent; Brazil " ' i . · · · · · · · 5.50 unchanged; Mexico 20.62, - t Shipments Wf-SI.ACO, June 3 -- A total of \ f c a r l o a d s of citrus and vejje- ;iiU-s wnre shipped from the Vnl- f-y inM n l K h t , according to Market -v,-.-; Service in Weslaco. Shipment* included: Grapefruit n cars, cantaloupe one, topped nr.'-ots four, corn 38. torn a toes '143 nci mixed vegetables five. Total shipments of grapefruit ;:·· !udod 28 Cttrs from Texas, 30 iv.m Florida, five from California i n d six from Ari/ona, with a total r fif. Texas shipped 103 cars of omatoes nnd Florida 11. 9 If other's Friend massaging prepa* ration helps bring easo *nd comfort to expectant mothers. M OTIfTTFi'5 FRIEND, nn oxqulaltfily p i c p u r c r t emollleni, In iwoful In nil r r . i i d ' . t l o n n w h r r o 5\ blmuJ, mild nnodyn* t n * n r v K o r n f C l M t m In /liclll l U b r J O A t t o i l 1« ot-sir-fJ. Ono coutUtlon in which -womeri f.T inoro ihttU 70 ycnrg hnvo u»otl ib 1» p n iippiireitton for mi.»anf(lr.K tho body e i u r l n t f prefiimncy ,. . it holp» keep tho *.;;u j*oft nnd p l i a b l e . . . thus Rvotcllnsf T::.:'.rf r ^ ^ f t r y t l U c o m f o r t ttlie to CliynCBd mul tiKhii'teaa, It rKfronhrs and tones th* *i:iu. An Ulcnl mfi«»nR« application for tho numb, tlngllnff or burning nonaatlons of t h e » k i n . . . f o r tho tired bnclc mxiiclca f r t :,un;-llico pnlnn In tbo let's. Quickly *!*orboU. OnllKhtfUl tOgXHiC. Highly I ' / a t r o d by xtsera. mnny"doctori uncl 3ur»cs. MlUlon» of bottlw'nold. us* t n y rtruRiiUt Tor Mother's Frloml--the r u i n cinoUlent nnct lubricant. Do try It. The Weather WEATHER FORECAST FOR THE LOWER RIO GRANDE V A L L B Y : 1'ivrtly cloudy ft ml w a r m . Mo donvto soiilhoixfilorly winds. M a x i m u m t e m p e r a t u r e t o d a y 01 to 96. M i n i m u m t o n i g h t 75 Lo 70. FIVE-DAY FORECAST: Tempt rcxturea w i l l f t v o r n u o one to f o u r degrees abovo the seasonal nvorafto. for tho period w i t h no i m p o r t a n t trend. Little or no precipitation I n d i c a t e d . FOR EAST TEXAS: P a r t l y cloudy this a f t e r n o o n , l o n l K h t and Wednesday; not m u c h c h a n u n In t e m p e r a t u r e . Moderate w i n d s on coast. " ITlirhoBt liUil 24 Hours no , 88 00 no 50 88 05 80 62 94 01 04 02 A m i x r l l l o , Tox. .. A t l i u i l a , On UU? Sprlnfi, Tox. H r o w n s v l l l o , Tox. ChlcnKO, II! Corpus ChrlBlI. Tox Dol Klo, Tex Donver, Colo Detroit. Mich KJ Pnso, Tox Tort W o r t h , Tex. ... Houston, Tex J a c k s o n v i l l e . T'ln. Kiiunii.H City, Mo. I,u redo, Tox Memphis, Tonn. . Now O r l o n n n , IjR. New Y o r k . N. Y. N o r t h Plutto, Nob, O k l n h o n m C'lty, Oklu I'ltLsburKh, Pu. . . Hi. Loul/i, Mo. .. Sun A n t o n i o . Tex. Slirevoporli Irft. . , Tiunpa, Fla Washington, D. C. on U.'i 7B 74 04 7B 00 03 DO on 82 (if) 70 78 43 7fl 70 40 44 02 OB 72 73 (10 77 04 7E 01 50 63 41) 60 75 07 73 70 .18 .15 Tr. .12 00 .08 IUVKK BULLETIN HIO OIIANDE KIVKa Flood Reiul- 24 Btixifo Lnrorio 27 Klo O r n n d D Cily 21 21 34 ItiKB nt Hr. Hr, 7 n.m. c h n K . Rain -f-0-1 0 B r o w n s v i l l e 1.4 a.o fl.B 1.0 ·1.3 -0,3 -0.2 HIVKR l-'OREOAST Durlnsr the next 24 hours th» river will contlmio to f u l l Blowly. TJDK8 TOMORHOW High 0:26 R,m. Low 9;3B p.m. B u n n o t Today 7:10 p.m. Sunrise Tomorrow i;38 iv.m. B u r o m e t r l c PrcKsure 21:80 i\t 9:45 ft.m. Deaths DR. JOHN WILLS WESLACO, June 3,-- /i 3 ) --Dr. John W. Wills, 80, retired, died yesterday of n heart attack. He: had lived hero for the past three and a half years. Dr. Wills practiced at West, near Waco, for 61 years. His family located near Waco in 1835. He was a graduate of the University of Chicago, RE'riVTUNDO VILLAUREAL Funeral services will be conducted today at 4 p.m. for Royir.imdo Vlllarrcal, 28, who died at the Mercy Hospital yesterday at 10:30 p.m. following an operation. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Amelia Martinez, and three brothers, Jaclante, Jose and Juan. Services will be conducted at the ImmaeuJuto Conception Church with burial at tho City emetery. Delta Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Your After-Work Beer Treat... fn32-ot. 12-ox. regular or on draught! CONFERENCE SLATED Young People's Conference of Presbyterian Synod of Texas v/ill meet In Kerrville June 3-12. Those attending as delegates from First Presbyterian Church at Brownsville are Misses Patricia Holcomb, Jcannine Preston, and Agnes Tlpton. Accompanying the dolcgfvton is tho rnlnl«te, the Rev. J. Martin Singleton, who ifi on tho faculty. ^ Tho frlfit fihlp that sailed from the United StateH to China--in 1784--carried more) than 20 tone of ginseng, a root bollovod by Orientals to be a panacea of many ills. Its post-war shipment has boon resumed, although American scientists say the root, which wows from Maine to Georgia, has no therapeutic value. U. S. railroad freight traffic increased more than 412 percent from the low point of tho depression in 1U32' to the high point of the war in 1944; passenger traffic increased more than 706 percent in the samo period. During a Britlah food shortage In 1800, a law prevented manufacture of starch from wheat so that it could riot be diverted for uyo as a hair powder or shirt- stiff ener by the aristocracy, j* if Gwww Cement Mixers Operate « Like Cocktail Shakers Now By HAL BOYLE MUSKOGEE, Okla., June 8--(/P) --They pour concrete like martinis now in building dams. The old days of shovel mixing arc gone. To operate a modern concrete mixer it would be a good idea to learn how to play 1 a pipe organ. That's how complicated the control panel is. \ They are building a $22,000,000 dam and powerhouse across the Grand (or Nfiosho) River 12 miles Northeast of hore near tho site of old Port Gibson, an historic ouC- posl, In pioneer days. The dam will take 1'our years to build, Any housewife would get a kick out of inspecting the new gadget they've got to mix the 461,300 cubic yards of concrete needed to construct the dam, which will be 110 feet high and 2,850 feet long. Rube Goldberg' Model It is electrically operated. It looks pretty much like a Rube Goldberg model of a cocktail shaker on a giant scale. It's a 70-foot high contraption costing about $225,000. The materials used in' making the concrete--sand, gravel and cobblestones of different sizes -are stored in eight bins down the road a bit which hold 400 tons. Beneath the bins runs a six-hundred foot tunnel. A conveyor belt goes from the tunnel to the top of the mixer. By pressing a button an electrical signal flashes to a man in the tunnel just what type of material Is needed and it is dropped pnto a moving rubber-covered con- Veyor belt. It travels- up to the top of the automatic mixer 'and is dumped into the proper vat. Four Mixtures .By manipulating buttons on the control boar-d- the operator can funnel down different type concretes into the four rotating- concrete mixers below, each of which holds two cubic yards. "That's a four-ton highball in each mixer,' said' Oscar S. McCormick, Minneapolis contractor. Like any good highball, it's properly cooled--125 pounds of shaved ice goes into the making of each cubic yard of concrete. The cement is fed into the mix from a tall silo standing beside the chief structure. The control panel also has a moving roll of paper like a player piano on which sixteen pens record the amount of each ingredient, tine time, and the temperature. Each batch is timed more accurately than a three-minute egg. Records Show Colemans Filed An aftermath to the trial of M. H. and Ruth W. Goldman, convicted In federal district court here last Satuday of using the mails to defraud, cropped up in the county clerk's office yesterday afternoon with the filing of a deed of trust by the Oolemans in favor of Jack K. Ayer, trustee for James V. Allred, chief counsel for the convicted pair during the trial, which lasted about two weeks. According to the deed, the Cole- mans put up property, described as "all of South half of Block 24 arid all of Block 25, containing 00 acres in the C. P. Barreda subdivision, in the Ojo de Agua grant" an collateral for a ' $4,500 note, which was dated May 16, 1047 and is due on Sept, 5. 1947, with, interest at six per cent. A notation p,s on the deed Instructed the county clerk to mail the papers to "James V. Allred, attorney, Electric Building, Houston." The Colemans were convicted on nine counts of using the mails to defraud in connection with the operations of their little orphanage at Santa Rosa. The indictment against the pair alleged that they used the malls frauduently, in a campaign, which was almost nationwide In scope, to acquire funds to operate the orphanage. Judge Allan B, Hannay, who presided over the trial, has set Friday of this week as the day for sentencing the Oolemans, the maximum sentence being five years on each count. They are on, original , bonds of $1,500 each. jttis expected that the Oolemans will file an appeal jusfc as soon as Judge Hannay enters the Judg- m«nt. .^- '·' Summer Weather Hits West Texas Section By The A«*ool«itocl Press The weather fudged on Summer (which officially doesn't begin until June 22) with 100 degree temperatures at Wink, and in the 90s elsewhere in Texas yesterday, Coolest spot today was Pampa with 61 degrees, More of the same is predicted for tomorrow--partly cloudy to fair weather in East Texas, fair in West Texas, with no change in temperature anywhere. Marine New» T IN PORT TODAY SS AZTEOA (Mex.) Discharging gasoline, Pliilen Shipping Co., agents. MV LUX.U (Pan.) Being repaired/ Hidalgo Distributing Co, agents. ' SS SONORA (Nic.) Undergoing repairs. Port Brownsville SS agency, agents. MV LYNN B, (Pan.) Undergoing repairs. Hidalgo Distributing Co. agents. MV GONZALO CARIOS (HondJ Undergoing repairs. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., -agents. MV ACCURACY (Br.)' Undergoing repairs, McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. iVtV LEV III (Pan.) L. H. Prl chard,- owner. MV CARIBBEAN QUEEN (Br.) Discharging bananas. McCarty and Massey Slipping Co., agents, MV SEVEN SEAS (Mex.) Discharging bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. ARRIVALS S3 HALIFAX (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. MV CARIBBEAN QUEEN (Br.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. Me Carty and Massey Shipping Co. agents. MV SEVEN SEAS (Mex.) Nautla, Mex., with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. DEPARTURES MV PATRICIA SWEENEY (Br.) Alvaro Obregon to load bananas, McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. MV ROATAN (Pan.) Alvaro Obregon to load bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping. Co. agents. MV AMAPALA (Can.) Nautla, Mex., to load bananas/ Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. DUE TO ARRIVE 0-4--MV MIZPAH (Hond.) Port iBarrlos, Guatemala with brmnrms. .y and Massey Shipping Co, agents. 13-4--SS TELA (Hond.V Puerto Mexico with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 6-4--MV COLISTER (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas, Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. G-4--SS ROSELEAP (Br.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co. f agents. 6-5--SS FLAGSTAFF Victory (Am.) Houston to load general iargo for Scandinavian ports. Lalller and Co.; agents. 6-6--SS SAPAUtPA VICTORY (Am.) Houston to load general cargo for Baltimore and New York. Philen Shipping Co., agents. G-7--MV WALTER G. SWEENEY (Can.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas, McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. 6-7--MV CAPITOLA (Br.) Tuxpan, Mex,, with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. 6-7--MV MAYSTAR (Br.) Puerto Mexico with pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 67__MV KRAGEHOLM (Swed.) Houston to load for Scandinavian ports. Agents, Fowler and McVite. J. E. Eidman. 6-7--BUZKERA (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. P o r t Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 6-7--MV HIBOU (Hond.) Puerto Mexico to load pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 6-9--MV AMAPALA (Can.) Nautla, Mex., with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 6-10--SS HALIFAX (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 0-10--MV MAYMERE (Br.) Puerto Mexico with pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 8-10--MV CHARLES A. Mac- LEAN (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. 6-11--MV PATRICIA SWEENEY (Br.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. 8-11-- MV ROATAN (Pan.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas,'McCarty ai)d Sweeney Shipping Co., agent*. 6-12--SS CHARLES LY K E S (Am.) Antwerp to load general cargo. Lallier and Co. agents. 6-13 --SS CARROLL VICTORY (Am.) Houston to load general cargo for Baltimore and New York. Philen Shipping Co., agents. 6-15--SS STEVEN F. AUSTIN (Am.) Stockholm to load general cargo. Lallier and Co., agents. 6-15--MS DANAHOLM (Swed.) Houston to load general cargo for Scandinavian ports. Agents, Fowler and McVitie, J, E. Eidman. 6-15--SS LOS ANGELES (Pan.) LeHavre to load crude oil. Philen Shipping Co., agents. 8-24-- SS CAPE FEAR (Am.) Tampico to load general cargo for Scandinavian ports. Agents, Fowler and McVitie, J. E. Eidman. MACK BRUTON BR.Y- J A N (Am.) Oslo to load general i cargo. Lollier nnd Co., agents. j 6-26--AXELDYK (DuU Tampico to load general cargo for London, Antwerp, Rotterdam and I Ghent. Philen Shipping Co.. agrs. I 6-28--SS DICK LYKES Am. 1 Antwerp to load general cargo. Lallier and Co., agents. CONDITION 'GOOD 1 GRANDVIEW, Mo.. June 3 -(/P) -- Brig. Gen. Wallace Graham, the White House physician, reported today that President Truman's ill mother was "resting well" and her condition was "good." He said 04-yenr-old Mrs. Martha E. Trumnn wns nble to sit up in n chair for about an hour yesterdny, jle're getting famous, sweetheart It took 20 years to perfect th* delicious blending of flavor and nourishment . . . now, new Corn-Soya is catching on fast, It's toasty, tempting, stays crisp In milk. Get some today, Sally CORN for flavor and Photography is a pood hobby for vacationers. Adele ("Tfc» ! Corpse Came C.O.D.") JurgeiMJ is the shutter-clicker, above./ X'or' Hotter Food Eat At OHAURO KITCHENS «\lr. and Mrs, W. W. Unclerwoort Owner* Specializing in lunches to go. 2235 Boca OhiCtt Blvd. Open 0:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. CLOSED SATURDAYS THE TEXAS LINE Is Pleased To Announce That Offices Have Been Opened At Berth No. 3, Brownsville Marine Terminal Under the Direction Of Walter E. Plitt, Jr., District Manager Phone Brownsville 1877 -- P. 0. Box 1046 THE TEXAS LINE New York -- Baltimore -- Houston Galveston -- Dallas -- Brownsville ' i* !* , It '·jifirt Selec BEER - fcHVUIOK-HOUSTOM IlimftltS, INC., felvttlM, TMM · FOR SALE · Progreso Lumber Co., at Progreso, Tex. BtiUdinga\ and yard at Progreao, seven miles 'south of Weslaco, the only lumber yard on the Old M ilitary Highway between Brownsville and Mission. * / This is an attractive property,!* in excellent condition and is doing a profitable business. Cash or terms. Also For Sale: 22-ft. Trailer Float, never used. Address P. 0. Box 66, Progreso, Tex. Or Phone Mer cedes 6000-F-21 Sammy SOYA for body-building proff/ns 1HI G R f A l l S l NAMI IN Cf.REAIS Crisp Linen-Like Rayon It's such wonderful fabric for a button front dress . . . three bound pockets, forge white buttons . . . meticulous in every detail. Wear it now and for months to com* for that coo! crisp look. In powder blue, pink and gray. Sixes 12 - 20 1Q95 VOGUE -- Always Something New THERE IS NOTHING MORE HEALTHFUL · MORE DELICIOUS · MORE REFRESHING · THon MILK and MILK PRODUCTS N ,,, ^ MATTER what H« size of your fairly or th« amoimt of yo*r Income, the foundation of good meal planning ft ONE QUART of MILK for «och cHiid and at least ONE PINT for oach adult. . . . No other food offers 10 many health giving values for so little money . . . MILK contains essential protein*, fat, sugar, minerals and vitamins . . . Serve MHK or MILK PRODUCTS pn ·very mea! for better health -- for more delicious I p YOU are not already, enjoying OUR DELtCIOUS CHURNED BUTTERMILK give your family a real T R E A T - b y serving it every day - irVgolden flaked oneI It s not only a refreshing drink but Is a complete food with all needed body building materials. ,r-m THIS Is the time of year when GOOD ICE CREAM makes so many other foods taste more delicious - Eat it plain, with your favorite pie, with cereals or wtth many fruits and berries -- Always ask for HYGEIA . . · "CHERRY GARDEN · OUR · FLAVOR OF THE MONTH Hygeia Milk Products Company 720 So. - HARLINOEN -

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