The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 15, 1957 · Page 10
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 10

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1957
Page 10
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of the history of World War III being cached atop Mount Koscmsko, Australia's highest peak. 1|. ,,. , .: --- -- v\ -vfnataafan 1 believe they YE gone fo o lot of trouble obout ,'liat. First steps m reading," replied Peter. "What sort of books are they preserving? AH about how to make cobalt bombs?" asked Moira. "God forbid!" exclaimed Peter. They laughed. O 'a tribute d by NEA Service. Inc. © 1957 by William Morrow . Co.. Inc O 2 m DO n KALISPELL GRAINS (Yesterday's Market) Spring w h e a t JO-10.4 protein 1.82; 10.5-10.3 protein. 1.33; 11-11.4 protein, 1.34; 11.5-11.9 protein. 1.85; 12-12.4 protein. 1.8B; 12.5-12.9 protein. 1.87: 1313.4 protein, 1.88; 13.5-13.9 protein, 1.89; 14-14.4 protein, 1.90; 14.5-14.9 protein, 1.61. Hard winter wheat 10-10.4 protein. 1.74; 10-10.9 protein, 1.74; 11-11.4 protein, 1.74; 11.5-11.9 protein. 1.75: 1212.4 protein, 1.76; 12.5-12.9 protein, 1.77; 13-13.4 protein. 1.78; 13.5-13.S) protein, 1.79; 14-14.4 protein. l.SO: 14.5-14.9 protein, 1.81. Red Winter wheat 1.R9; barley No. 3 and 2 45 Ibs, or over 1.50 per 100. No. 1 and 2 oats, 38 Ibs. or over, 1.55. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Market) PORTLAND (UP) -- Livestock: Cattle 200; supply mostly slaughter cows, early sales steady: utility-"commercial cows 14-13.50: tanners-cutters 1F-U.50; heavy cutters to 12 and 12.50: few u t i l i t y bulls 16."0-17: one 1650 Ib. bull up to 18.50: fed steers and heifers (n dependable demand. Calves 50: trade active, steady: good Russets 4.00-4.25: some U. S extra 1 J4.DO; Idaho utility 323-3.50: some large 3.65; bakers 4.40-4.75; five 10s in master containers 2.40-2.00; Washington Russets bakers 4.25; Oregon Russets bakers 4.50; Minnesota North Dakota' Exporters were buyers of wheat u A p u i i e i a were ouyers or wheat old Gil against sales to Poland nnd the United ___ Kinednm " ! Kingdom. Continued wet weather caused buv- ng which put soybeans and corn in j fjifn-, rt .·! (ILNS) -- First Lt. Har- Gilden, son of Mr. and Mrs.' Ole Fiske In 1917.was married In Surna. In the early 1920's he moved from his Funeral services for Ole Fiske, native homo in Norway to Canada 63, were Wednesday at Waggener,and settled at Yak, B.C. On Aug Campbell Chapel, with the Rev. '" -"-- · · ·· -- J. M. Grimsnid, pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, officiating. Burial was in Conrad Memorial Cemetery with Clarence O. Vestre, Edward B. Lee, Sig A. Larson, S .__ _ VMKXVL ma uul;jara . B. Jackson, .Carl Johnson, and lien of intention of becoming a ( Jerry Cigliaiia, pallbearers. citizen of this country on March 18, 1941. He died at his home on Second Avenue West, Kalispell, Nov. 7, after au illness of several months. He is survived by his wife, Ragan, of Surna, Norway: and two sons, Olaf Fiske and Arne Fiske, both in Norway. He had made his home in Oils area since and was employed by the American Timber Co. as a blacksmith. Mr. Fiska completed his declara- . Ole Olson Fiske was bora Sept. ]23, 1894, at Surna, Norway. He · (grew to manhood in Norway and few 1.60; Wisconsin round reds 325-3.50; Michigan round whites few 1 CO' Colorado Hed McClures 4.50. SPOKANE LIVESTOCK (yesterday's MarkeJ) SPOKANE (UP) -- Livestock- Cattle. 25; Nominal: utility and low standard 1.000 Ib. slaughter steers at midweek 15-10.90, low good 20 10 high standard to low good 725-BOO Ib. fed heifers 18.40-19.10, utility heifers 14.5016: canner and cutter cows 3 25-1150 utility 12-14, commercial 14 50-14 GO' utility bulls 14.75-15.50; good to low 'S 0 TM 6 5o0 - F °0 Ib. replacement steers 20-22. good 650-725 Ibs. 18.80-19.50; medium and good stocker and feeder cows_13-14.50, common to low medium Calves, nothing offered; midweek market fully steady to 50 cents higher on slaughter calves; good to !ow choice under 350 Ibs 20-2* 1 - good and choice 425-500 Ibs." 13-20; stackers -- -. has retarded movement from farms to the terminal markets. In foreign trade, Israel bought TOO 000 bushels of U. S. soybeans. Poland purchased 700.000 bushels of mixed wheat and the United Kingdom bought small amounts of IT. S: hard wheat. . At outside markets grains were also irregular. CHICAGO (UP) _ Cash grain sales: Wheat: No. 2 red 219-220 n Corn: No. 2 yellow 119; No. 3 yellow 112M-116; No. 4 yellow 108-112 1 ,;:: No 5 yellow 10G!-i-107W; sample grade yellow a8-I03Vi. Oats: No. 2 heavy white 76 n. Rye: No. 2 plump 132 n. Barley: Malting 118-120 n; feed 9010! n.. Soybeans: No. 3 yellow Illinois ori- - 224; No. 4 yellow northwest origin ' "-"- track Chicago. 22; good-choice stock steers calves 20-22: , Hogs 100; trade active, steady: -sorted 1 and butchers 19-1(1.25:' mixed fb.^y.ieio 5 ib - ia - is: sows 35 °- 55c Sheep 100; active, steady; mixed Sood-choice wooled slaughter lambs 19-20; good shorn lambs 18-19: good- chice 65-83 Ib. feeders 16.50-18,50; cull- good ewes 3.50-7.50. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Yesterday's Market) CHICAGO (UP) _ Produce: iltry: Steady. 184',000 Ibs. Jricc changes or additions: ^SSi 3 . 5 '- sin S |e daisies and Sheep CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Market) CHICAGO (UP) -- LivestockHogs: 13.000, Slow 25-50 lower on butchers. No. 2-3_ mixed grades 190- I ?o'j" l i : it lt!1 7W 2 r, 1 ,?! Cattle': 1,500. Caives 200. Slaughter IQ up ibs steers and heifers moderately active cnoice 110 Ib. fully steady Few package lots high 5 IB.aO at m i d - 1 choice to ' --" " ' s 75-30 Ib. feed-' CHICAGO GRAIN (Yesterday's Market) CHICAGO (UP) -- Grain futures closed irregular on the Board of Trade today. Trading was moderately active but not as good as Wednesday's. Good weather and crop news and some hedging prompted selling o£ wheat futures. Earlier in the session 40-42; Swiss Grade C 35-3B. Butter; Steady. 550,000 fbs.. 93 score 59; 92 score 59; 90 score 58Vi; 89 score o7. Carlots: 90 score 58 d i; 89 score 57Mi Eggs: Irregular. 7.900 cases White large extras 51; mixed large extras 40V4; mediums 41; standards 43: current receipts 36'A; dirties 35Vb: checks 34Va i Potatoes: Total 575; arrivals 51; track 242. Supply moderate, demand slow, market dull and barely steady. Trark sales (100s) U. S 1A: Jdaho Russets U. S. extra 1 3.75-3.85; 30 per cent 10 ounce and larger, car 3.90- 2030 per cent 10-ounce 3.65-3.70: 15 per cent 10 ounce 3.50; Idaho utility 2 90- bakers 4.10; bales mesh 10s hundredweight. 2 cars 4.40; Montana Russets 30 per cent 10 ounce, car 3.30: Minnesota Isorth Dakota Red River Valley Pon- tlacs 3-60; 2 cars 3.40. Street sales (100s) U. S. 1A: Idaho 26.25-2S.75. Sheep: 7500. Wooled Iambs and slaughter ewes steady. Good and choice wooled lambs 80-103 Ibs. 21.50-22.50. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN [Yesterday's Markel) MINNEAPOLIS (UP) .-- Estimated 11 a.m. (CST) cash grain prices: No. 1 northern spring wheat 23536 unch. No. 1 hard winter wheat 242W unch No. 2 yellow corn 105 n 4 unch. No. 3 heavy white oats 65s unch. No. 2 rye ISO 3 /! down 1. No. 1 soybeans 215 down 3. S A V E $50.00 Fragidaire Automatic Washers Now as Low as $179.95 with Irad* GRAHAM'S Terms Service Kalispell, Montana THE DAILY INTER LAKE W B. Sweettand. Editor and Publisher Published daily (except Saturday' ?nd Sunday by Inter Lake Publishing Company. 410 First Avenue West. Kalispell. Montana. Entered as second class matter at Post OUiee. Kalispell, Montana. Member of the Audit: Bureau of Circulations Subscription Prices Carrier Rates R~i* ^ Sunday, one month $ 1.75 uany Sunday, one year 21.00 Mail Rates in Montana Daily Sunday, one year _ 21.00 Daily Sunday, six months _. 10 50 Daily Sunday. 3 months .. _ 5.25 Mail Rates Outside Montana _uaily s- Sunday, one voar 21.00 in Harold Gilden of Libby, recently leans coming out winners on both added to his laurels as a sharp- occasions, shooter when he headed the scoring in two European matches between crack American and British army rifle teams. Lt. Gilden heads the "Spearhead Sharpshooters," representing the 3rd Armored Division's 2nd Rifle Battalion, 48th Infantry. At the match this past summer with a champion British army, team, Gilden hit the top marker for individual score, zeroing in with 207 points out of a possible 230. Army and local papers featured the story with photos. This was a return match with the British marksmen, the Ameri- Lt. Gilden, executive officer for Co. B, has been in Germany for several years. A year ago last s u m m e r lie was sent back to t r a i n ] ] Army Olympic rifle teams in this [country, then was returned. Lt. Gilden was born at Fortine. His maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Klinke, now of Eureka. Harold has been m a k i n g , records at shooting since he was' a boy. Lt. Gilden is expected to return to the United States with his wife and two children in January, 1958. Both children were born in Germany. PUT ,'T IN CLASSIFIED AND WATCH IT SELL DSD YOU GET YOUR ELK Try Super Foods Delicious Steer Beef For Your Locker FRONT QUARTER....Ib. 35c BY THE SIDE ............ Ib. 38c H I N D QUARTER ....Ib. 45c 40 E. Idaho ~Ph. SK 6-5576 Interest Check BAKER (UP) -- Fallen Cfouniy reasurer Esther Gunderson has ·eceived a check for $205,533 from Shell Oil Co. for royalty and intcr- sst. TOYS FOR OLD TIRES 00 Worth for Each There may be Christmas Toys for the Kiddies in your garage, b a r n , basement or tool shed. Check these places for worn tire casings. Firestone will give you $4 worth of toys if your old casings /neet our tire inspection standards. Firestone Stores 55 North Main 25c FULL PRICE 50c FULL PRICE %.^ 'it j \j w/w/y 25c FULL PRICE 75c FULL PRICE This Is The Greatest Turkey Buy! EVER OFFERED IN WESTERN MONTANA! Beautiful, Oven-ready, Broad breasted · ... ARMOUR'S GRADE A TURKEYS . . . Waiting to make someone a happy Thanksgiving dinner. NO TRICKS · NO GIMMICKS Costs nothing to register. Only persons whose lucky numbers are drawn 4 * November 16th between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m., may purchase these turkeys. First number drawn - full price 25c. Second number drawn - full price 50c: Third number drawn -full price 75e. Registrants must be 18 years or older, need not be present to win. · i - · These Are the Finest Turkeys Available -- Can Be Seen at our West Second Street Location in Whltefish ; STQP OUT AND REGISTER NOW! Rich Plan of Western Montana West Second Street 7 Doors Past Bridge Whitefish, Mont. Mail This Coupcm . . . NO OBLIGATION -- OF COURSE NAME ,,....'. PHONE. ADDRESS '. ,, . RICH PLAN OF WESTERN MONTANA The Original and largest ' , Horn* food Plan Q WOULD YOU.,CONSIDER EATING BETTER F OOD i . . Better Tatting, Higher Quality, Mere Flavorful -- For Less Cost? - BIG M'S GOT EVERYTHING- BEAUTY,^R1DE, PERFORMANCE, VALUE. READ 10 REASONS WHY! 1. C^an-Line Design. Good taste in motion. So advanced, so beautiful, it will keep its freshness and its value for years. 2. Three New Engines. Completely new Marauder V-8 en- gines (312, 330, an- 1 "60 hp) deliver more power . _,m less fuel; run cooler, quieter, more efficiently. 3. New Air-Cushion Suspension. Air cushions eliminate cov- vcntional springs, give you a new 6. Self-Adjusting Brakes. Each time you reverse you automatically take up on brakes if needed. No garage adjustment necessary for life of brake linings. Safer, saves time and money. 7. Hill Control. Feature of new Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic Transmission. You just press a button to add engine compression for safer, surer downhill braking on steep hills. 8. Power Climate Control. A twist of a dial power-controls all of your heating, defrosting, ven- experience in riding comfort, ever-level with any load on any · road. ' · , 4. New Multi-Drive Merc-O- Malic Transmission. Handles eight driving operations for you · swiftly, and-surely at the touch , . of a finger tip. ' 5. New Automatic Lubrication. Every time you = turn the · key to start the engine you lubricate your Mercury! . : - tilating, and air conditioning requirements. 9. Lower Rear Axle Ratios, Cut engine-rpm at all speeds. . Quieter operation, less wear, bet' ter gas mileage. · ; . ; ' - 10. Biggest Model Selection. Largest ·hoice": in .the medium 'priced field, .Choose from 20 new : models, ,hpaded by the magnificent new Park Latie series. 6 station wagon models. See the great Mercury line, available with these features and many more -- at our showroom today. HALL MOTORS 416 First Avenue East

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