The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on November 28, 1941 · Page 3
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 3

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1941
Page 3
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fovember 28, 1941 The Paec Three WINGS OF YOUTH liertess Deer Season Dec 3AN, Nov. 27--The shooting lichigaii's first all-antlerless deev The St. Peter formation in this ling season begins Monday, De-i locality is believed to he about 1,300 S'er I, hut early comers are check-j feet below the surface. A well ai pn this weekend at the conserva- j South Manistique lake struck fresh I department's temporary station -water at a depth ot 1,055 feet and Ipumiingville, 10 miles north of another well about 20 miles east of to get the validating stamps: here, drilled in search of oil aud now Itheir licenses and permits and' unused, found fresh water at about »rn the lay of the land in the 20, 1 1,300 feet. At present, according to Oi-acre posted area where they will! conservation department geology div- I ision records, these are the two deep- lEstinmtes vary widely as to how jest fresh water wells iri the state. Sany of the 500 lucky winners of '· Deepest fresh water^ welkin the^low- 'Se hunting permit lottery will show er peninsula down, at to uelp reduce the deer herd that ae become a nuisance to agrlcul- is 811 feet in Gratiot county. _ Conservation department fcure. Those who filled their licenses ists ave watching deep well drillings the'north during the rgeulav sea- in Schoolcratt and Delta counties son are ineligible for the Allegan with interest, and samples of at, aud the number may be furth- are being taken every reduced by changes in plans of permanent records. S.some permit holders. The permits if are non-transferable. Manv of the hunters are not ex-' ic structure there is such that good five geolog rock feet for · I Deep water wells are not common i in the lower peninsula as the geolog water generally is reached at shal- encountered pacted before next weekend, and in any case the hunter concentration low depths and water is not. expected to exceed that in the at lower depths is mineralized. The most popular northern deer hunting Lake Superior rock formation found counties during regular seasons. I at or near the surface in the Upper ' Peninsula is 8,000 to 10,000 feet un- en-1 six, ·bucks and two does. When the deeri twere on the move during the archery! j season, earlier estimates of the herd £at 500 head were revised upward. i JThese deer are descendants of 11 trucks and 10 does liberated in 1932 Swben rhey were wanted locally as a «**TM* * Central Michigan. Hawk Death A Mystery DANSV1LLB, Nov. 2S--Discoveri of a red-tailed hawk feeding on the still warm body of a Cooper's, or bird, hawk on the Dansville wildlife restoration area recently left (tourist attraction. Protected until thologists puzzled as to whether the :his year, some have grown to ex- redtail killed its prey or was feasting :ceptional size. One buck killed by 'an archer weighed 312 pounds. Ml antlerless deer taken in the ·cember 1-10 season. must be irought to the Dunningville checking Jon for attachment of special laeals within 24 hours of the time the ·fdeer is killed. on another's victim. If the redtail killed the Cooper 1 _ hawk--as conservation departmen game men are inclined to believe be cause no shots were heard in th M. E. Nolan, Judge ot Probate A true copy Silvio L. MascotU, Register of Probate 11-7--11-28 STATE OF MICHIGAN The Probate Court for the County of Gogebic Present: Hon. M. E. Nolan, Judge of Probate. In. the Matter of the Estate of Mary A Kevern, Deceased. It appearing to the Court that the time for presentation of the claims against said estate should be limited and that a time and place he appointed to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demands against said deceased by and before said Court; It is Ordered, That all creditors ot said deceased are required to present their claims to said Court at said Probate Office on or hefore the 10th day of January, 1942, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, said time and place being hereby appointed for the examination and adjustment of all claims and demands against said deceased. It is further Ordered, That public notice thereof be given by publica- j tion of a copy of this order for three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing, in the Bessemer Herald, a newspaper printed and circulated in said County. M. E. NOLAN, Judge of Probate A true copy I SILVIO L. MASCOTTI, Register of ! Probate. I 11-7--11-28 4-H CLOTHING WINS H ERE in a Canadian factory, final touches are being given to vings which will be part of the jlanes in which the youth of the British Empire are learning to fly. Sreatest of all flying schools In the world, the British Commonwealth Training Plan now has 124 schools and establishments operat- Passed by censor ing and is producing pilots, observers and ground forces at a rate far exceeding the original schedule. About 600 American pilots are serving as instructors and about 8% of the pupils come from the TJ, S. A. The cost of the plan in the first three years of its operation will approximate 5824,000,000. of which Canada will supply 1531,000,000. STATE OF MICHIGAN The Probate Court for of Gogebic the County F RANCES FOSTER, 18, of Niles, receives the honor of being the first Michigan winner in .the national 4-H clothing acheivement contest. Named by State Club Leader A. G. Kettunen, the girl will be given an all-expense trip to the ZOtb National 4-H Club Congress In Chicago Nov. 28-Dec. 6. . ,, » Frances carried clothing projects seven years, and made silk, wool and cotton dresses, pajamas, housecoat, bedroom slippers, slips, and towels. She participated in county and state judging contests, and won on her exhibits. She also helped younger members pick out patterns arid materials. The girl has been i honor member in all but one year and is a member-of the State 4-H Service Club. » » » As state winner the girt will compete for one of six $200 scholarships provided by the educational bureau of the Spool Cotton Company, donor also of her trip. This Is the initial year of the contest, which Is conducted in cooperation with the extension service. cause no shots were heard in tne vicinity before the discovery--it i of suet hung in trees, and running Sparrow Poison Dangerous would he the first kill of its kind recorded in the state. Though knowledge of hawks' position in the wildlife scheme is quite water are popular winter lures for: birds. Farmers interested in keeping I pheasants on their farms may estab-| LEGAL NOTICES STATE OF MICHIGAN M. E. NOLAN, Judge of Probate A true copy SILVIO L. MASCOTTI, Register of Probate. 11-7--11-28 LANSING, Nov. 27--The common incomplete, the Cooper's hawk is! lish stations to good advantage /J-r he Probate Court for the County of practice of setting out poison or pol- commonly known as a killer of song Corn, either shelled or in the ear, iS| Gooehie soned bait to kill English sparrows an d game birds, while principal items satisfactory food for game birds, for bounty not only is illegal but also j n the diet of the redtail are small } may be dangerous to protected birds, rabbits and field mice, domestic animals and even young Orniothologists rate the children, the conservation depart- than the Cooper's hawk, ment advises. State law prohibits use of poison iu attempts to injure, capture or kill any wild bird or animal. Persons putting out.poison are liable to severe punishment if protected birds aud animals, domestic stock or hu- t l At a session of said Court, held at the Probate Office in the City of Bessemer in said County, on the 31st day of October 1941. Present, Honorable M. E. Nolan, Judge of Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of Anna Mazanec. Deceased. It appearing to the Court that the time for presentation ot the claims against said estate should be limited and that a time and place be appointed to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demands against said deceased by and before said Court; It is Ordered, That creditors ot said [ Rawleigh'a, Dept. MCL-31-123W, deceased are required to present their j Minneapolis, Minn., or see Gust R- claims to said Court at said Probate. \Viemeri, U. S. No. 2, Route 1, Box Office on or before the 21st day of j 74, Bessemer, Mich. January, 1942, at ten o'clock in thej 11-21--12-12 Man Wanted MAN WANTED for 800 family Rawleigh Route in Gogebic County. Permanent if you are a hustler. Write At a session of said Court, held at 1 forenoou, said . ..- _ , . Office in the City of Bes-j hereby appointed for the examination]" killing a smaller but rather red-shouldered hawk. One hundred and sixty-one days af-| redtai, ter 185 northern pike fry less than .'-------Q ~ ^ ^^^ i- ^-- _* ^, ^-_ . TM 1941 1 mands against said deceased. ·» -- -- * W Present, Honorable M. E. Nolan, j It is Further Ordered, That public notice thereof be given by publlca- One in; an inch long were put in an experi-. flay Q£ NovernDei - t A D 1941. stance has been reported of a redtail metal pond liberally stocked with: larger and more powerful hut slower , minnows of all sizes at Drayton i similar Winter Feeding Birds LANSING, Nov. 27--Winter feed- man beings are injured or killed by | ; ng stations for song birds now being "· ! started by bird lovers may prove Payment oC bounties on English i larm [ u i unless they are maintained sparrows, allowed by state law in throughout the winter and until birds the months of December, January and are aWe to f md natural food in the February, is optional with individu- spring, according to the conservation al counties. The law is in operation department's game division. only in counties whose , when feeding stations are aban- Dr. R. J. MULLEN Plains state fish hatchery, the pondj J" d g» °* Probate. was drained and just 10 northern pike| In the Matter of the Estate of Al- were removed. These 10, however, j fred Anderson, deceased. average more than 12% inches long-1 "William S. BairtJ, Administrator, this year only in counties boards of supervisors at the October session approved a resolution to the effect that bounties will be paid, and feeding doned during the winter, after .birds have boeu lured from their regular living places in the wild, the birds payments are limited to the amount often suffer for lack of food, especi- appropriated for the purpose. j a u y Curing inclement weather. Feed- Anyone convicted of taking spar- j j ng j s especially important after Ice raws in a county where no bounty is storms, when birds cannot reach nat- offered and presenting them for pay- U ral foods. Ornithologists say cold D E N T I S T ment in a neighboring county is li- liable to fines. Deep Fresh MANISTIQUE, Water Well Nov. 28--If the weather seldom kills birds that have an adequate food supply. Persons planning to operate feeding stations this winter should start now, thu conservation department ad- deep well now being drilled tor the vises. Sunflower seeds, cracked nuts, city's water supply reaches the St. i Peter sandstone formation as Is now expected, this city probably will have According to the conservation de- ·' having filed in said Court his petition partmeiit's institute for fisheries re- praying for license to sell the inter- search, this remarkably rapid growth est of said estate in. certain real es- is approached by only one other tate therein described, for purposes fresh water fish, the northern long of distribution. nosed gar. i It j,- ordered. That the 1st day of ' December, A. D. 1941, at ten- Bear hunters in Menomiuee, Bar-j o'clock in the forenoon, at said Pro- aga, Missaukee, Leelanau and Oge- bate Office, be and is hereby appoint- maw counties where bear are unpro- et j f or hearing said petition and that ] tected the year around must have a a u persons interested in said estate small game hunting license in small appear before said Court, at said time game season, a deer hunting license and place, to show cause why a li- durizig deer season, and a small game cease to sell the interest of said license and a gun permit when both estate :n said real estate should not small game and deer seasons are, D e granted; closed. It is Further Ordered, That public notice thereof be given by publication of a copy of this order for three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing in the Bessemer Herald, a newspaper printed and circulated in said County. tively, previous to said day of hearing, in the Bessemer Herald, a newspaper printed and. circulated la said County. Bessemer Michigan PROBLEMS acorns, parts of coconuts, wheat, corn, millet and a variety of other seeds may he used for feed. Pieces L FINAL INSPECTION Ramsay News sSS^s^S^SaSsS^S^S^S^SSaSS^SS^^ ROCK WOOL And CLOCK COAL Will Save Money The Michela Co. Bessemer -- Wakefield · TTNDER the Impetus ot war Canada U has become a vast arsenal out j ! ot which millions ot rounds of am- i munition and vast quantities of ex! plosives are being poured annually. i War expenditures win cost the | Canadian people about 40 per cent of" the national Income, a sum i which In terms of comparative I population and income would be the equivalent to aa expenditure by the , United States of about $35,000,000,. 000 In a single year. Besides equip- i Passed 6j/ Censor. ping and completely maintaining Its own forces at home and In the field, Canada also is supplying Great Britain with Jl;500,000,000 ($23,000,000,000 would be-the American equivalent) to help her make her war purchases in Canada.' In the present fiscal year Canada's war purchases in the United States will amount to about $500,000,000. These purchases will be paid for in/cash as Canada is not taking advantage ot the Lend- Lease Act for war,supplies bought on her own account. Mrs. William Barren accompanied by Eileen Barren, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barren, returned Tuesday after visiting in Chicago and Detroit. Miss Eileen will visit with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bray, until Christmas. * # * * The Ramsay Home Extension club met Thursday at the Ramsay town hall. The meeting started at 10 o'clock with Red Cross sewing until 1:30 o'clock, at which time Miss Edith Johnson, county club leader! gave a demonstration on Christmas ;ift suggestions. - *. · » The Auxiliary to the Fritz Frederickson post, American Legion, met at the Puritan school Thursday night. A business meeting was held and following the meeting a social hour was enjoyed.. A lunch was served. * * · » Mr. and Mrs. L'Anse Wilkins left Friday for their home in Pontiac after spending a week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilkins. L'Anse came here to spend the Thanksgiving holiday and also to go deer hunting, being successful .in getting his buck. I other fellow ««* e lha * " sk Electrically heated diving suits insulated with glass fiber are used by the TJ. S. Navy. Dr, ELMER J. KUlViNEN D E N T I S T OFFICE OVEIPE8PLESSTATEBAHK You know you'll start just-like-that' RED CROWN A ftlCK ot THE STARTER and you're off for smooth, economical mileage with high anti-knock power! That's the Standard Red Crown way of putting pleasure into winter driving. Give your carthe"tankful test" and see why midwest, motorists choose Standard Red Crown gasoline over any other brand by a margin of ^STANDARD' SERVICE ! ltd ed oo Ute*t avmOabte ta and injpectloa d»U. ©ISHI G E T THIS^PECIAL W I N T E R G A S O L I N E T O D A Y A T Y O U R S T A N D A R D O I L D E A L E R ' S Tune in "AUCTION QUIZ" Every Saturday Night--NBC Blue Network LEWS S T Sf BESSEMER

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