The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 22, 1963 · Page 10
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 10

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 10
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10 THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Thursday, August 22, 1963 E S P E C I A L L Y Presbyterian Women List Future Plans Take It From Kathy By KATIIY PETERSON NEA ! Dear Kathy: I've been keeping a _diary Tor the past couple ot months. My. sister found it yesterday, pave it to my mother and they both read it. I was embarrassed because it was lull of things that were private thoughts about die-family and me. My mother is mad because of the things she read about bersell They were the things I really fell-but i never said out loud. ; There aren't many tilings that belonp to me but this did and I don't think anyone should have touched it. Everybody has some rights, don't j you ihi:ik so?--K. D. i DEAR K, D.: Some people use a diai-y as a journal to remind them of !l:inps they have done', money spent and things to remember. Even this is personal but not quite as private as your diary. ; Yoiir kind or-diary can be a wonderful idea but only when you are ] sure it will be really private. Knowing a diary might be read by someone else means that you won't really write what's on your mind. Yes, you should be able to keep a really private diary. A meeting ol the executive board J DKAR KATHY: My boy friend is sweet but very jealous. I don't of Seal Heights Presbyterian Worn- · know whether he is overprotective. cares too much or doesn't care si en of the Church was held in the! M about me. church parlor. Mrs. Paul Cook i IJ: wc K ° lo tno P ar * to read ajl ° ' Rlance up from my book, he gets mad, He even accuses me of flirting w i l h the boy who mows the lawn. I don't llirt with anybody but I can't even look at someone with- £ave the parlor. Mrs. Paul presided. Mrs. C. D. Turner devotion. Psalm 100. Plans were made for ehc mcel- ,ng o[ Ihe Oklahoma Synocical of. lie Presbyterian Church, U.S., 10 held at Beal Heights Sept. 23215. Approximately 350 women torn ·arious parts o( Oklahoma will at- :nd. Chairmen appointed wore Mrs. '. C. Adams, housing: Mrs. 0. L. ! Parsons, p u b l i c i i y and name lags: j Mrs. John Naumiui, special music 1 : I Mrs. John Cannon, organ; Mi's. I Bob Nauman. Mrs. Turner and ! Mrs. R. E. Embery. pages; Mrs. ! Lorlcll Goochey nnd Mrs. Embcry, rpgistrntion: Mrs, Nell Hanna, FASHION'S FROM ITALY. At left, created by the Federico Forquct fashion ·house of Rome, is an overcoat of pale pink wool, with a high collar tied in a knot and with the waistline high placed. It is worn with a hat of brown beaver ajid with gloves and shoes of the same color. At right is an overcoat of dark green wool, with four false pockets on the front, three-quarter-length bombe sieeves and worn with a hat of leopard fur. It was created by tfie Valentino fashion house of Rome, Both were shown at the Florence show of Italian fall and winter fashions. Abigoil Von Burcn: Status Quo: 'Hands Off' Is Best! out getting bawled out. Please help me, I don't know whether I should buy a pair of horse blinders or just quit seeing him.--S. S. DKAH S. S.: Horse blinders ai-en'l in vogus yo I'd lake the alterna- j live. It's Haltering at first w h e n a boy is possessive but as time passes he'll seem more and more like a jailer. You're right to revolt. ft you kept dating this boy, you'd start describing him as selfish ' more often than jealous because the Iwo go hand in hand. i Leave him for the clinging vine who just loves to be bossed. I Forum s Shut-In Department Hears Reports At Meeting A meeting of Ihe Shut-in depart?Irs. Kennel!) Clnpp ,inrl .Mrs. J. i men! ol Ihe La\«on Woman's For- H. Davidson, decorations; Mrs. Ralph Smith, lirkris; Mrs. E. E. P.iley nnri Mrs. Turner, .'ood i:om- uni was held in the home o( Mrs. Robei-i S. Ward, 1809 Arlinglon. Co-hostesses were Mrs. S. E. millee: Miss Ella Joi'censnn, mm-1 Williams flnri Mrs, Anir; E, Rich- munion, nnd Mi 1 ?. Ray Naiiman i srdson. Nineleen members atiend- and X'iss C'llhi-rine Gan-in. recep-l pd. presi- Fuiurp pvpins announced inrlurl- pd Iho cenpral mreling of Ihe W.O.C, Sept. 11 ivilh a family nigh; ?up|cr and i n s t n l l a l i o n of new officers and Ihe reircfn a! Quanah Parker Indqe Sepl. IT wilh Westminster Prosbylcrian W.O.C. as i gurst In study new year's program nf work, Spr-dal rmnhnsis for Sppiember will be "Christian Teaching," !t '2 will bo in charge Mrs. N. A. E. Plemmons, rienl. called Uie meeiing to order and rei[uesled Mrs. Ward lo give ihe opening prayer. She ihen reviewed current activities and sug- gesled new ventures. O Mrs. Jpss Forboss, Mrs. Jack; Claire, .Mr*. Grover Thomas and Mrs. David Wilson gave report?. . .VIi-s. Ethel Dowd was thanked lor Ihe presentation of the scrapbook 10 the department. Mrs. Richardson gave the program, "Low and Your Health", an excerpt from Ihe book, "Take a Look at Yourself" by John Homer Miller. Ii WHS announced lhat the amended password ol ;he department now is "Widening Horizon.':." PERSONAL i Events Planned Ciirlrs 1 3618 Nob Hill Dr,, have as i h d r ; B y J u n J O T MJSS hnuseguesK Ihis week their daucli- tcr and her husband. Mi', and Mrs. Jan Gulliksen. and ihcir son and , . t · I · i J r** i tJ n i l LTL11I ft^CIl rtllU I I I .MJ 1 II of the f a m i l y mchl suppo,- and C,,- ' hL , ^ M) , flnd M R _ Dafl Fuj| , DKAR ABBV: I usually apr^c; Icy In public Is n pond v\r- irunrd For ft Rirl's reputation. And R Ixiy's, too. Iliir*. So, ignore tlio n-finrt nnil "·njoy your i-isit. I". S. \viih » "bfM friend" Ilk'.' ht'r. ymir daii^htor-ln-huv d'H-sii'i need any i He J ers fnr 1 hoi-. ; ThC responsible- lor Ilmv- (m a|j " o j A j h ' the sanctuary for Soplcm-' have been named .'or for Ibe DEAU ABBY: 7 ,-un a h. Mary Lee l l a r e n p h i y , J a p a n , and n member of Beal Hcichls ,,j,.j O f chnrrh: 2. W i l l i a m F. P r u i l l . Con- ivith your answers, but I thin 1 .; you are wronp to tell that M-yeav- old girl who was only holdin?: hands wilh a boy at the baseball DEAR ABBY: I visited my son Same t h a i "any show of affection; recently and never was I hurti was oul of place in public". What's more in my life. My dauu/ner-in-1 _ . _ . ,, wronf: with holding hands in pub-1 law works pan-lime tor a docror, 111, hut I am very hit; for my a50. · " r - ·*. °^ n McCall. J a p n n ; -1, Ann lie, Abby? Isn't it a lot b e t t o r } and al] (he time I was there s!ie j .My problem is i don't know how p i r kin, Brazil: n. Palsy Turner, than doing other things on the [worked, which was aJl riqln wilh , lo ask my mmhor tor a bra. B u i ; ' i n l l l p missions, Kentucky, and G. sneak? Are you porting; to be an i me because it £sve me a diance j lhat isn'l ihe harrlesi pan. Sin? is ' Gears': L. Lanriolt. Taiwan, old focy or somcthins? You sure ! to cook, sew, keep her house and ,'hr.ndii-appod wilh "M.S." and p\-en\ ^^ annual e v a l u a l i o n shpol was le: Us kids down ihis time. ( t a k e care o( he: 1 two adorable Kill- if she said yes my Dad wmlri : eompleleri lo be senl lo Ihe Gen- DISAPPOTNTED I dren. The killing blow came when h:tvp lo buv 'it I'm- 'me. and ihai " ral Assembly. Ail;inla. Ga. j hor best friend c-allrd me up and ; told me thai my dauchtor-in-law i ASKED iho doc-ior to Irl her woili I f u l l lime durinK my visil ;he;-e be! tajse she haiod me and did nol i care lo be a! home while I was DUAR DISAPrOINTKD: T'm ·nriy if 1 Je( you dour, bin if il'v sny coJisolation, you hnvp l"t of company. Thci'i" is NOTH- INTi wrong with holding hands. But It Irnd.s lo othor fliipln\ of BlfiKrtion. «,»ch us Clipping 1h« nrm arounri the \VH'N|. Then a big wnrrm'ers^- d^vplnps o^·p^ WHT1JKK the wnlst hcpns snf whprp it onrts. Honest alfrclinn Is bonutiriil. but H hHTitls-otr pol- wilh "M.S." and p\-pn if she said yes my Dad wnilrl have to buy it for n ir. and ihal would be very pmbarrnssinj;. Please tell me whai 10 do because I am Roiling ashamed ; "JUST ME" ihrrp. Do you think i should talk to my son about Ibis" HURT MOTHER TVKAK MOTHKU: 1-W, your I n f o r m a n t is more ol :\ fool t h n n R frirMid. a^d IIIHV p\-pn !' a "MK": O K A U m i n i , :i ^ro\\-n CVIMI n frii. nelly :ii)il I'm snr' nnr K k i f L In titki' ynii In nn rl Mrs. Ethyl Do\vd ;nve ihe clni^- inu nrayer. Foune"n members attended. nnichlmr liuly, nf Ihi'iii \\-ill In 1 hopping. Aiul II AAUW Board Has Meeting: Mrs. L. Alltiv:?r, -1J37 Balll- is nothi-ni: Hi bo ;ish;unid honoy. sit don't In 1 l l n i l d . Summer Creates Problems, Young Moderns Discover Faithful Workers Class Has Social mnrr, presidcnl of I | Sill branch of Ihe : sncinlinii of University, was bos-less to a rccrn of ;he boai'f). Tlie proup discussed llv Ihomc for Hie year, "Thc American Fnm- ily in a Changing World," and plrnincd programs. Plans wci'c marie, lo ullencl a Junior Miss club members will conduct a paper drivf Saturday and an PRJ; driw Monday, it was Gulliksen is majiaper of ihp Troll ' announced at Ihe aroup'.t l a . I Hous Ski shop at \Vin Rack Cen-' mcelin?. ion teach in ihe Albuquerque city i hostess tor ihr meftinf, An PCJJ : school system. j drive was also conducted at that Another son, Jamw, ol Tulsa. [imi?. will arrivp in ihe city Ihis ?ve- ( Persons wishing to contribul" nine 10 visil his pai'enls. H» is BS- · papers flrp asked lo call EU-S-1P5 snciated with Ihe Intei'nsl P^evenue j or EIJj-!76S bfforp Saturday, or · Dnparlmcnl, and will r n i p j - law bring ihe papers lo 1913 Dearborn. mpmbers said. Thr Fgc drive will bcein at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the honr? of Lynda .McCord. Jo. 'iO N". 2!ih. Present ai the last meeting vjfrt Janis Mackcy. Miss McCord. Karen Haslings. Miss Ferguson. Fayp · ne Couch was rlccled pr n sjf]pni of i Shanks. Patli Walker. Sussann the Girls Auxiliary of tlv B n p i i s l ; B H I h a r t . Sandy MorRan. Jennie Woman's .Missionary Union, tlur- · I^eEKell. Gloria Bcauchnmp. Re- inc a recenl meelinj;. Mrs. Hftrn- Rina Johns and Dnrlen* Puckett. ed Bain is counselor. j / Olher officers are Brendn Siubbs. | BABY NAMED vifi? presidenl: Mnn' MarRflrpt i Gary Mark is Ihe name selfci- B n i n . .purrlary: Connie Gravlp.c, i pd by Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cham- school at ihe University of Oklahoma ihis Jail. f L J- Miss Couch Heads Chattanooga GA's CHATTANOOGA Spinal i--Yvon- ie Lawlon-Forl j program chairman: Susie Boslick. j pion, Wallers, for Iheir son. born American A s - j prayer chnirmiin; Jan Ledford, \Vpnipn, j community missions chairman, m r c l i n p - a n d Nancy Mumble, social chair- By ^TAX BKOWN Ar Newsfeatures Writer Summer fun and leisure sometimes create problems as carefree capers take a serious lum. Here's another dilemma: "1 am working al the soda foun- Flrsl tain in a drus store. A new boy in '^n*'" ; ^ '" Croup sinpin K . ao- town has been corning in every . ronipnnicd by Mrs. Rulh Meyer .it nipht for a soda, and trying to Faithful Workers Sunday school rlass !irld a social in parlor of!workshop Saturday at Ihe YWCA Mrs. \V. A . : in AiTimore. and pvinlinc of the man. "My BapliM Family" was the lille of lh 1 program. | Frederick. Others prcsenl wer» Judy Woods, ! Riln Wolfe nnd Pnisy Bostick. I Aug. 15 al Southwestern hospital. , Thc child weighed 7 pounds, 7',-i ' ounces. Grandparents ar? Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Champion. Loveland. and Mr. and Mrs. Scott Taylor,' riate me. 1 likp him very much Here are some letters thai indicate as much: "On a recenl occasion I «'cni to the beach with anorher pirl and two boys. U'e all changed into bathin K sujts in one boy's car," | oul u . i[h him oncc? ,, VTitcss a li-year-old prl. "The boys weren't anywhere bul ihe boys 1 know have told me. lononinj; prayer, and Mrs. all sons of things about him. Now I'm afraid 10 50 out wlh h i m , , Boll pive ihe closing prayer. rvcn Ihouph he seems very nice, j Mrs. K. F. McClnin, ihe teac-hcr, 1 am 17. He is 19. Should I co pave a lalk on the piajio. M'.-s. E. G. cnve the board decided, w i l h dciails lo W. D. he finndiinceri lalei'. Persons wish- While also led in prayer. Mrs. Mae "me lo J° in arc asked lo call Mrs. Henry C. Bivimmor. EL5-0353, Present al ihe board ' were Miss Mildred Ebisch, .Miss Helen Elliou. Miss Anna Mary Miss Kalhleen Kciny., Mrs. N. B. Mines, Mrs. Clarence Scott. -Mrs, KNTKItT/lIN GUBSTS I a-IATTANOOGA (SpcciaO -' vvarbonks was tlisciisscri. I Ml', and Mrs. Jra Ai'msti'Dng en-. Thc oiTumixaiion's annual recis-! lerla'mcd wilh a dinner honorinc (ration dinner will be Sept. 19, the i her sislcr »nd brolhcr-in-law, Mr. ! i Mrs. Nona McMillion, tlio p'/csi-! . ll is "ood 10 have friends jive Idem, conducted the business meet-' weren l anywhere ^ hu , m , - ^ ; inf - | nround at the t,me. but my parenis. 0 , ond d ^ t ] were so shocked when I lold them ( , _ _ _ · ,, T u 0 !,, , ..-,± v '· i ; .' ! that I feel terrible. There was !^f J ^' ^L e ^oT n,ere n 'r'Y '" / S l nothinj: to it and the kids didn't' 0145 bccnUse ol yojr - nlcrcsl in Cal;c and P undl think anything of it. Invite him to your home and let "But I'm iorbidclen to nde in j your family size him up. You could Mrs. Bolt n guest. Members attending were Mrs. Goldie , , .- -- ----- . -- -- ----- -f- --- · -- ~ .- John, Mrs, E. J. Terrv Mrs. Marthe boy's car again, lo go lo the i Hsk him to play some QU ^ CO!: | Karet Ealon j lr! ._ ^-.j, p fcnnin! r beach with him, etc. JV.y .athsr | same or rec0 rds indoors. J.Mrs E N ' J Merir Mrs Euia wuld prefer a U I never »«: | u hg s ^^ inlcrcsltd ta Shan-. Mrs. Hailie Smith, Mrs. A. lum again. I ve never heard such; ' a blow-up in my life." |y°u. ho -I. see you on your While this particular incident: terrrls at V 0 ^ hornc - Naturally, \va5 hai'tnless, your piirenis no : later on, he will -want to take you doubt are worried about your cas- j some .place, and by that time you and your lamUy wi'i] know something about him. i- l ^ Bridge Session Held By Wives Wives ol officers ol the 4th Battalion, USATCFA, met Wednesday in the home ol Mrs. Sam Roberts, 530 Lindsay, Fort Sill, for their i ual attitude toward It. j\ 16-year-old priii writes: "I am spending the summer with my aunt and uncle in a big house. The only boy I liked is going out with my IS-ycar-old cousin. He is 20. He seems lo like me so Tnuch that -when he calls on my cousin, he finds excuses to delay going out on their dale. "I am blonde, and considered very pretty, and my cousin is jealous o[ me. I think the boy is going _ to ask me tor a date, as he doesn't i bi-idRe "session! seem so interested in my cousin _ anymore. Should I go out with; 1 Table decorations included an him Irom the house or meet him ! S r TMgement of artificial Dowers. somewhere to avoid mv cousin's ' Sott dn .' ks ' assorted c a n d i e s , temper?" ' If he "does ask you lor a date, it should be completely on the up- Mre _ Buskirk ; Mrs Ila 3ol;n, Mrs. S. E. Williams and Mrs. RJlcy Pair. CHATTANOOGA (Special) -Former resident here. Mr. and .Mrs. D. M. Williamson, David, Alice. Shirley and Jody, have returned lo Chattanooga from EarLh, | Texas. Mr. Williamson is employed by the Farmers' Cooperative Mrs. and Mrs. Paul Turkil. Richmond. Calif. Other cuests were Mr. and j Mrs, J. Ray Crook. Steve, Jay J and Russell, of Madras, OrcKon. Mr. and Mrs. Turkil were also en- tenaincd in Lawion in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Haskill Ball. Mr, and Mrs. Orvillc Man^um and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johns. : SOCIAL CALENDAR THURSDAY Carnation Camp No. 3069, Royal Neighbors o[ America. lish fry, Mrs. Floyd Miller, Mil Arlington, 7 p.m. Lawlon African Violet Society, Harmon park, 14th and Bell, 6:30 p.m. F1UOAV Pioneer club, Museum of the Great Plains, 12 noon. VFW" post I]93 and Auxiliary, games night, VTW building. 926 S. Second, S p.m. \jci us fill 3'our fretzcr wilh FROZEN FOODS AND BEEF Cut and wrapped here . . . no doivn pn.ymeni with 4 to * nionihn lo pny. Call EL 3-8076 or EL 5-5M9 LIBERTY HEIGHTS FOOD STORE 17th nnd Ferris and-up with your cousin. It will certainly upset your relations with the family if you accept his attentions, especially ii you have led him on. If the boy does break off wilh your cousin, and writes to you alter you have returned to your own home for a dale, the entire situation would be different. sponge cake and cotfee were sowed during the evening. Mrs. Norvell West 1 was lirst hifh dinner. Others were Mrs. Tom Trainor, second higli, and Mi's. David Bai'lovi', third lu'gh. Guesls were Mrs. Larry Melton, Mrs. Woody Wallace and Mrs. Richard McCollum. Others present included Mrs. Chauncey Slarkey, Mrs, Curtis Lee, Mrs. Thomas Aylward, Mrs. Jim Harwood and Mrs. Donald Peters. PIANOS ORGANS 1G29 Cache Uoad \ -..M . oia**,. / Dial EL7-1466 SOCKIVELL PIANO A_NT ORGAN CO. .Baldwin -- Hamilton -- Acrosonic -- Howard Pianos Baldwin Organs for the Home or Church Rentals - Used Pianos -- Piano Tuning N. M. UPHOLSTERY CO. SPECIAL PRICES Xaxt 30 days on all upholstering. Lowest prices possible with quality .workmanship. Call now lor Special prices. EL7-2436 1718 Smith STOREY AND BARTON School of the Dance New Classes Will Begin September; 3rd In BALLET - TAP - JAZZ Classes For Children ol All Ages-SPECIAL CLASSES FOR PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN (Minimum Age 1) · . . REGISTRATION NOW BEING ACCEPTED Dial EL 5-4778--Office: 709 Gore Blvd. .Studios: 709 Gore and 1410 N. 15th. . ' STOCK CLEARANCE SALE! Hundreds of Yards Reduced to Half Price · LINENS · COTTONS · DACRONS · ACETATES · BLENDS NOW REMNANTS 1 to 20'yard piecel UPHOLSTERY FABRICS Valuei to 10.00 yd. Now ONE YARD REMNANTS Each _. 2 price 59ci 79cYd. '1.25 .'2.50TM ..25c Safe to last through Sept. 10th. Look to Rainey'i Drapery Mart for the Finest in Custom Draperies and Furniture Upholstering. RAINEY'S DRAPERY MART 1505 Cache Road ' f Dial IL 3-3676 HIGH F A S H I O N -- Joan Northcott -turned many a head at England's Royal Ascot races with this high pine- applelike hat designed and mad« m her native land. Girl Scouts To Register At Fort Sill Approximately 20 ' Girl Scout troops are being organized in [he Fort Sill Girl Scout neighborhood for the coming year. Mrs. Charles R, Leach, troop organizer, has announced registra- i lion dates for the more than JOO i girls expected lo participate. Registration will require two slops. First, a parent must make application for a daughter's as- I signment to a troop. ! Application may be made at the | Main Scout hut, Ruckcr Road, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 29, or at Geronimo or Sheridan schools during school registration hours Friday, Aug. 30. As the second step, a parent of each Scout will complete registra- ! tion at a meeting with the assigned ! troop leader, These meetings will be scheduled between Sept. 9 and 13. Parents will be notified ol the lirne and place. Mrs. Leach said. Lakeview Super Mkt. 1808 LIBERTY Two Bloekt Off Coche Rood on 1800 Block, Turn South in Front of rhe Little Lake--Dial EL 5-7591 Big Sale In Progress! Come In and See Us! JUST LOOK WHAT 10 WILL BUYI STEELE'S CAN GOODS 10e Cdn HOMINY BLACKEYE PEAS KIDNEY BEANS MEX. STYLE BEANS PINTO BEANS PORK AND BEANS SPAGHETTI PEAS TURNIP GREENS WE DO COMMERCIAL LETTERING BRING IN YOUR BOWLING SHIRTS TIDE Size HEAVY MATURE BEEF Hindquarters, cut and wrapped, ready for your freezer Ib. 47c 79c . 69c Lb. Fresh GROUND BEEF 3 Frwh SLICED BOLOGNA 2 ROUND STEAK T-BONE STEAK , , 59c SIRLOIN STEAK , 59c RUMP ROAST , 45c SAUSAGE 3 ^ 89c Betty Ann PEACHES 4 "Si* S 1.00 While Th«y Last! SUGAR 5 LB, 69c MRS. TUCKER'S SHORTENING 3 Pound CQ r Con O9C VINE RIPE TOMATOES Lb. 17c FOLGER'S COFFEE 69c SPECIAL! CHARCOAL 10-lb. bag....45c

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