The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 15, 1957 · Page 8
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 8

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1957
Page 8
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-8 THE INTER,LAKE, Friday, November 15, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE COMICS-FEATURES BLONDIE By Chic Young (PLEASED) ^"~ X T*^a ( I DON'T HEAR ) ANV ( ''THANK YOU*) v--^--; STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff CW THE BOW? L6At?«*s ·» THS (SAL T MOW I DELTA AN SHE'S SEEN ME WAS PAEQUEPTO CELLMATES HER HUSBANP BEFORE I wrm HI? FmN'RAVANo ALL,SBE HK5S AIR KXCE BASS SHOULD BE6000 FOB A NICE LITTLE 1 gjjgw I'M EIGHT, SHAKEDOWN FOK.MK~K KEEP QUIET ABOUT HB£ PRISON -WHO IS A FULL WAS SPRUNG.' BilLt COLONEL ^^^^ AT H10SS / ;t TIP CAMS RIGHT F2O/W IN9DE! BUGS BUNNY GOOF/ FRACTION' HIS S O O P T U R N C ' M E R E ! BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPli | OUT OUR WAY fly W1U1AM5 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill BlosMr No! HE SEEMS TO BE A PAP MOOD/ YOU SfttXJtD SEE HOW HIS cou-ecTioM I'Lt 3O BACK. HIS DEM AfJD SEE IF 1 CANT REASON wrm HIM! ,--- SAID i TO STAY IN TNK3HT, DR. JORDAN SAYS Various Irritations Can Cause Nosedrip BT EDWIN J. JORDAN. M.D. Written for NBA Service Mrs. 11. and others have asked ing up of small quantities of mucus. It Is not a true disease since it can, be produced by any one of about an ailment which Is partlcu- several causes. Among those which larly common in the colder months have been mentioned are central of the year and is characterized heating, smoking, alcohol, changes by hawking, spitting and excessive mucus in' the nose. This symptom was formerly called c a t a r r h , defluxation or rheum. Now it is most commonly called "postnasal drip." It is a disagreeable symptom produced by the formation of mucus in the nose which drips down into the back of the throat and upper breathing tubes. This results in irritation requiring constant clearing of the throat with bring-'abnormal would be likely to Astrological Forecast By CARROL RIGHTER FOR SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1957 AHIES (March 21 to April 11) This Is a splendid day for devoting a)] your energy to labors ithat must be performed, regardless of where they are. Get filing, writing, repairing, etc., done weir See that house is in pink of condition. TOO. (April SO to May JO) you can today arrive at a better solu tlon to your present conditions and begin fine upswing. Tonight, be care ful driving, also in conversation. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Jo Nov. 21) This is the day you can be with those successful, wonderful personal! decoration, and keeping situation with heart interest ideal. P.M. do pot be resentful, disapproving with closest family tie. Be kind instead. in external temperature, dust, irritating fumr?s, germs, structural abnormalities, foreign bodies and emotional disturbances. The ^question is often asked whether' swallowing this nasal secretion will harm the stomach. Judging from what is known of the nature of the mucus and the ability of the stomach to overcome . . GEMINI (fchr 21 1° -Tuna 21) Morning Is line for anything in connection with house, home ties, real estate, and also for beginning new advancement in career. P.M. take care alize them, give you an opportunity tc do so, P.M. ward off that monej problem. FOR YOUR COPY of Carro! Righler's individual 16-page Forecas for December send your birthdate an 50c In coin (no stamps) to Carro Rightcr Forecast, Daily Inter Lake Box 1895, Grand Central Sta., K.Y 17, N.Y. vtii*k-cijicii^ m uitLCd. x^m, tarvv unit; fl . ^T«*IVI% «T*-*0 /«·· *· v~ « . ( not to get involved .in. debate between SA ^"AHIU3 (HOT. S» Jo DM. ail uihafr In In H 4f 1* hiHpv»rt thati t i o n ° J your real estate can bi what is in it, it is Deiieven tnat| tended to easi!y today _ A!so _ get only a stomach which i s already ' . . . . :! "WhenYou jiFeelTense 5 Chew Wrigley'sSpeanniirt. Pleasant dwwwgWp ft youW^ family member and acquaintance. Do what you have promised. CANCER (June 1J lo July 11) Step out early and finish off shopping, calls, for these can be done with alacrity and ease today. Later, contact all partners for a long conference and working out Ideas. P.M. be careful how you look and feel. Rest. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Those things you have neglected of late that would increase the evalua- be at.. ,,Dt personal appearance up to Its peak. P.M. don't be tempted to splurge. Economize instead. VIRGO (Aug. 11 to Sept. 22) Scrutinize self and environment now. Contact those who can help -you to advance your station in life and tell them of your desires in a straightforward fashion. P.M. is fine for getting 'housework done, though you detest it. XJBRA (S«pt. W to Oct. It) Either by quiet, solitary meditation or by communing with closest friends, fer from swallowing such mucus. Likewise, tlie-danger from postnasal drainage to the lower part of the respiratory tract, which Includes the bronchi arid lungs, is ordinarily sUsht. Among the -causes, {or postnasal drip, central heating is important. Heated rooms are often so lacKtng in moisture that there is abnormal evaporation of water from the nasal passages. This thickens the mucus and makes the normal processes of its removal less satjsfac- arc abrupt and extreme changes Step right out and call upon tha manager, advisor, agent who will giv you the monetary assistance you re quire immediately to safeguard you security, reputation. P.M. be objec tlve, don't use great willpower. CAPRICORN (Dec. 21 to Jan. 20) Don't be narrow-minded · about th many fine ideaspossible to,you toda via your paper, TV, radio; At least pu a few to the test. Meet new people be alive. Tonight, that private prob 1cm will not be solved by worry. AQUARIUS {Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) See that you finish off week's ac ilvities in Business by getting a money problems and bills properly a tended to, also relationships wit other people on. more ideal basi P.M. temper must be controlled o there will be a fight with pal. PISCES (Feb. to March 20) By conversing at length with verv precise authority, unrelenting assoc ate - today brings to light much valu able data impossible to get until now P.M. cooperation and strict adherenc to law is fine. IF YOUR CHILD JS BOflN TODAY The fine child born today is the type who will insist upon having his c bet surroundings In pink of condition at all times, and will be very precis about keeping toys in order and following routines. The desire for clean! piss which i« next to godliness will be an absolute must for your progeny. S give a lain education that will brine out the doctor, the nurse, the dentist evident In thli char. ; '# $ ·_· tory. In fall, winter and spring, there ·IOC in temperature which may occur several times a day as a person walks out of doors and back into a centrally htated home or office. These changes cause contraction and enlargement of the blood vessels in the nose. They are in turn accompanied by changes in the amount and nature of the nasal- secretion, thus allowing their accumulation iu the throat. The IrriUtIng effects of tobacco ·dieting, dusts, fumes and germs are obvious. A postnasal drip is probably th result of conditions of modern liv tig, some of which cannot b lastly changed. It is A response to Irritation which can be overcome only by removing the cause, or causes. Though it is somewhat uncom- Tortable and annoying, it should not cause worry as the consequences are rarely dangerous. If you aro going to have a general anesthetic, however, you should tell the doctor about It. \\lEMlSr4T PRESENT A BUT r ESAo, soys f cousi M .DAI sy HAS B£El4 A SOL)?? MOTE: OUR HARft\OMlOUS 00T We RAT59 PRIZE -- MEIGH6OR. ~5M6ER6D SHE DECOSAT50 // HIS FANTASTIC 1 ^ SMS MIGHT MlSUMDER- STAK)D MIGHT DO^ l TWAf^T/\ IT AS A BOXlM2 IROMAMT1C GESTURE AND ALL OF FAN\E TWE I GOT A WEAK HEART yAM' THESE SHOP "CUTUP.5' WORRY MB! i CiOM'T CARE SO TO TH' AVDVIES AwyMORE, i CAN'T STAMP TM' SUDPEM CHANGES FROAA COVlEPyTOTRAGEPY/ THEY HAD TO CARRY ME OUT OWE WIGhiT-A CLOWN WAS PLAYIW' WITH A DEAC- LIOM- WELL, i WASM'T SURE HE -T WAS IPEAP, AW i - OH, HE'5 DEAP ALL KIHT." THAT'S HOW A E'-'CTAK HIS BEAUTY MAP--THOUGHT- PULLV-' BUT IT'S KISIO/AT THAT--TH' POC.TOR.S HAP UMPER ETHER (SIX CAWS OF IT ) AM' WAS HAVIK)' A .AW HE YELLS. 'HEY, GET TO WORK/" T f \ THE CATANDTHEMOUSS ll-tf AUEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin / AWRIGHT, SIS., V HOLD IT ! /ri-Vx TT-i MORTY MEEKLE By D!ck CavalTi f HE INSISTED ON TAKING THEM ALL KITTENS, FOR INSTANCE. REfAEMBER THAT UTTER WE HAD? WELL,I OFFERED TO GIVE HIM ONE ANDPO-vDU KNOW.,. HE'5AWARM, AFFECTIONATE BOY HE LOVES *"* EVEN THEl SMALLEST OF NATURES CREATURES WINTHROPISAFINE I v PRISCIUA'S POP By Al Vermeer ..TWEV V^DULDH'T) TREAT US ON · A BET/ VEP! THEY'RE GOING TO BUY A SODA 1 . THERE GOES YOUR ROTWER WITH HIS PAL LESTER.' T.M. Rig. U.S. Pil. Oil WS7 t, MA S««, Inc. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs RUNNING ISMORCUKEIT/ n%ALON3 GONG TO W,VG.XWPANy)MEAN VWRS STDRt BUT SUOOB1WIKEMJZED THW AGO WD LEFT THIS CAPTAIN EASY- By Leslie Turner O YOU THIWK BY FAKIklel H X THEN HE GOT REFUSED TO LET AT4RW..AWP HIW 5IKSCE1. IN OVER. THE FENCEl WE'LL CIRCLE It AMI? FINP HIS CAR 1 . TO KgCALL WHERE VOU HID THE YOU GOl WE'LL FIMD 'EMI WHO IS THI NCLWJ" YOU CALL ME? WH/ AM WHILE ciwr* WIFE.'ALARMEP AT HI SE1MO LOWS OVEKPUE, ANP HAVING PHOME, OUT FOR TOWN MUST HftVE i HE SAIP HE'D HAVE THE MORTGAGE PM- WENT EXTEN5BP ANP-8 HOME BV N00W1 BOOTS AND HIR BUDDIES By Edg«r Mjirtin ["

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