The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 12
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 12

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 12
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Corpus Christ! CALLER-TIMES. Sun., Aug. 12, 1951 West Point Crib Scandal Worst Blot OKI School WEST POINT, N. Y., Aug. 11. "Our biggest problem." he said, · sense of values and morality. I* -- It was * typical barroom "is to see to it that these men Some, of the guilty cadeta in-. brawl in a tavern near the U. S. leav« West Point with the same sisted they hadn't done anything , kind of reputation the)t had when that hadn't been done before at j Military Academy. ; tney arrived.'' '· West Point. They charged that at Before he knew it, a cadet found; Briefly, the honor code says: : least 200 other cadets were guilty, himself in it with both fista. : " No intentional dishonesty will but lied their way out of it. Later h tried to 1'e h' v ut b e con doned. Every man is bound; One pointed at another and said: , . . ' e ' " -to report any breach c»f h o n o r ; "I'd rather have this man who .of this breach of conduct when: w hj c h comes to his attention. The i told the truth lead me into battle [ West Point officials asked him; corps, individually and collective-i than a man who lied." [about it For that he was expelled' lv . is the guardian o£" its Jionor sys-; Tj.,e superintendent of W e s i jfrom the academy. : t e m / , . , , , , . . w ' P o i n t ' Ma /- Gen - FredericK A. Irv- Tv^t wa « xv.-r "Lot;,, IBIR i»*' G * n " ^"S 1 ^ MacAjthur. who;j n K a dark, quiet veteran of two That was a%vay back in 1816. And, tonnaUzw , ^ iode wh(m he 'v;as; worW wars , denied there was any from that incident grew W e s t i W e s t Point superintendent in 1921,: more widespread cheating. A* far Point's famed codt of honor--the I put it this way: j as he knew, he said, it was code that was violated by the 90J " An unwritten code inaposes an j wiped out when the 90 cadets were bovs now trapped, in the treat obligation on the part of each; caught. WUt Point rhw»timr vinrtal i member of the corps to report; Gravelv disturbed by the aca- vsest eomt cheating scandal. .; voluntarily even to the disregardidemv's disgrace and showing it. ,Thc 90 are accused of exchan^j-jof personal friendship, any decep-ji rv i ng s a jd : ing 1 information on pending examl-ltion of falsehood." ' "If'we are to retain the faith of nations. The Army says at least i Some of the cad«ts said they; parents whose sons the officers of 80 of them have admitted their j kept silent about the cheatang rath-; the Army must lead in battle, we guilt. Their names have not been;er than squeal on a friend. They must preserve in those leaders the made public. . put friendship above honor. ivory highest standards, not only of Nothing has so rocked W e s i Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower once.courage but of integrity." Point, since it was opened J u 1 yiwrote that" the honor code to a Heartbroken parents hurried to 4, 3802. atop a bluff _on the west.west Point graduate eventually;the side of the erring cadets. Few bank of the Hudson River 50 miles; "occupies a position in hin mincijof them condoned what their sons above New York City, I^AW to the virtue of his mother i had don*. But many thought the Its row on row of grey ivy cov-j 0 r his sister." penalty too severe, ered buildings are a sacred shrine, As thft c}leatin? gTew Slt West One'of the fathers, Harrison G. to a generation of American Armyi P o i n t ) one cadet £ eported ^ to his !Travis, a retired lieutenant colonel """""·" |cadet superior. And -that started:and former West Point instructor, officers. Cadets who admitted said it worked like this: All the approximately 2,500 cad-j tak-« j cheating]^ e investigation last sprin*'. His 1 C - 1 , *- name is a deep secret. On Aug. 3 the Pentagon an-i Decision Msule "The military decision has been . , nolinc d h t th - "° TM made. What we are now is ARM SHOT--Doug Thomas, 6, doesn't appear to mind the hypodermic . GLASSES ADJUSTED--Eleanor Thomas, 5, likes to go by the shop needle too much as he sits still while getting his smallpox vaccination. whore her glasses are adjusted. Doug enjoys the visit, too. IT HAPPENS EVERY YEAR Local Youngsters Start Back-to-School Routine ,u u n o l n c a ( e . . . r e . of them have the same -class-, "° tj, TMsted A soeinaTbofni h ^!p«s5dential action. President Truon different days. The academy " nm °'f n 7; ri , h P ^ , ' .. , !m«n can pardon these .bovs. s^s it lacks facilities to put hun- i me " d . d ,TM "" "G*c them aJl the necessary dr,ds of cadets in a single class- i room at one time. Anyway, they are on their honor not to cheat. t Rut a c a d e t brought out P^- e "' , ,. d ,TM l * SHid L* · P l l n i s h m e n t ' de P riv ' t h e m of their 1 r . ^ ' ' " ed H a n r J;, L ;: athletic rights, pive them a spec- H ' f 1 dd f on ' PTM*TM i«l rumination If ne.erf he to ,e«, if P n Rnh ,t M"^ n ^ , ' lhev TM wol ' thv of continmn ff their jblems from his classroom. His ! ia]| - en ' R o b e l t M - Datlfor 3' rev studies ! friends, who had the same C , HSS i tired former president _ o f t h t - |West ' ,.^{ ^ fv shouM h a v R a n jromingf up later in the week. thus' P o ! n t Rraduales Association. ; U ) n i t y t(j a ( o n f for Ulejr mjs ^ g _ j pot a d v a n.c e knowledge of the;*""" 1 ' Campus j T h e V ^muld have the right to qual- qucstions they were Roinjr to take.j The decision shook lh« p r ' « n : i f y for rehabilitation." All but a few of the 45-mati foot- 1 West Point campus from famed 'The academy said it would mus- hall squad were involved in the i Flirtation Walk on the. north wlgejter the. offenders nut under urt- pxam-cribbing. to Grant's Hall, on the soutll jministralive orders-- by m e r e l v Coach Heartbroken :l Ky SA.VBY Mt-oriJLAR Doug,, ft, and K i c n n o r Tlmii !. one dny last week made a Jio of visi's which lornl school fill ,stud.-nts who w i l l enroll in, Mrs, Thomas, a past prosidrnt is, : school for tlif f i r s t Tini" t h i s f.'ill of t h n M e n g ^ r P-TA, will RO with i r K l i i n i k c s i m i l f i r visits to t h e i r (loclors.i her two youngsters, as will most n f - | Texas requires all public school ; mothers, on th» first day. Doug fid/Us rerrtrnmerid In all hoys and s'-udonls to b? varrln.ileii girls nboiH to start srimol. " j smallpox. Local officials urge for'* 11 '* 1 Kloannr. in addition to hav. Disgust swept a large part oh the! ask inp them to resign and leav'i Their coach. Earl H. Blaik, a cadet corps-- an^er at the fellow! the academy. Tf they resigned, tired, heartbroken m a n , blamed [students who despoiled the sac red: the v could walk out with a clean j i b e whole on "a physical j honor code. If there were cadets ' slate. j a n d mental load which even push- (who sided with the culprits, tliey, They were Riven a final onnor- ;es the eatict who does not partici-jkept silent. " ' t u n i l y to tell their side of the sTory. ;p;ite in varsity athletics." | Congressmen and polit'icfcins but w i t h l i t t l e outward chance of i He _ railed his players some of h 1 a s t e d the offending cadets. ! changing: the decision. The nif- i t h e finest nien in the corps nf ca- Others blamed the whole mess on c h n n i c a i process of petting rid of .'flfte. Rut he would not condone, the Army. Some saw il as snn-ithern was expected to lake per,what they hnd done. other sijjn of a nation's declining ' h a p s anotlier week or so. B e c a u s e will fit their h i r t h c l n v s i 'ents to nlso liiivc their }HJ- other for mornl support,! also go nlong with their 7 - j j v a e c i n a t e i l (or diphtheria. T It P. y;.V'Mi'-old hro'.her, Guy. a second 8 years old Tues.!p O j nt n u t that, a r.heckup of pen".;grador who'll be S on Sept. 16. d.i\; Doug, 7 on Sept, ft), both o f i c r a l h n a l t l i conditions, with e m p h a - j Bob Thomas, 12, the other bro- j the younger children of Mr « n d i s i s lln vw-S a m i hearing a b i l i t y , j O i e r , will he surling to ,1 new Mrs." Karl Thomas of S» A t l a n t i c M ^ s ( ' hi!dl ^». paronls, and leach-'school. Wynn Scale'Junior School! will start time. So last to school at the same, j £ nnd Klciinor will start to .. O er Seiinnl Sept. 5. However, week '.hey wade pre- 1 U l P % R n d ., u ,,,^1,,, npw , o thft school visits to ilieir family doc-' Cn ,: pus ch ri sti « V slem this vear tor, Dentist, and oculist. Thier| wm - mrnll A u g . ~ 3 0 . ' ' ' vaccinations (marte last spring! -during the Parent-Te.aehers Assoc-j , ( iation pre-school clinic) and h e n l t h j l o J. UK6 A' were checked; their teeth w e r « | Po i it . ( , man and Mrs . Howard R, e x a m i n e d - « n d cleaned; t h e i r j Hewlett will leave this week for glasses were inspected and jus'.ed. ad-i; a two-week vacation in Canada. ! They w i l l return with t h e i r ' son, j Later Mrs. Thomas took DOUR-J Robert, 3C, who has been visiting! and Eleanor by a clothing store j his grandmother, Mrs. J e n n i e : to complete their school ward-lCalhoun, in Toronto, Ontario, this; robes - {summer. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Hew-i School officials recommend t h a t ' l e t t are. natives of Toronto. 1 AYRE WAY SERVE Ayers Dial SHOPPING--Mrs, Earl Thomas of 338 .Atlantic helps Eleanor pick out a school dress at a neighborhood mart. Doug managed to stay away from the counter of bright -shirts during the transaction. Cat Hitches Plane Ride .ST. GEORGE, Utah, Aug. 11. (AP--A ipeed ags c«.t with'hitch- hiking tendencies wa» waiting: today lor another aerial rid« 150 milei back home to Bryce Canyon. Pilot Dean Christler, of Casper, Wyo., landed h*r« early this week With. * load of oil well macninerv jptrtt. H» got out of his ship and (heard something; that sounded oddity-like a. c* meovwng. It was a cat -- curled up Inside the plane's landing gear compartment on -. th» xinder side of the ' 'Aii-port owner Glen Harnn said she's the pet of Civil Aeronautics j Administration operator B y r o n (Davis, stationed at Bryce Airport, j where Christler landed last : week. 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