The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 2, 1947 · Page 15
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 15

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 15
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BROWNSVILLE HERALD CLASSIFIED KATES }f(. Business Rorvjceir ·KS3 rooTs ifmi scntlo tanks clennpd. I'Uono 0000. H u r U i i K o n . ' 0 * 3c per word 1 J5c per wprd 2 days 7c per word 8 days 2c per word each addir ditional day. 16-word rninimum. AD order* tor classified n c l v c r t l s l n a must be accompanied b? cnsh ID advance if the Rdver'tl««r do*a not h a v o an cstnh- lished credit account w i t h Tho Htirnid Th» Brownavltlo Herald will not bo rc#poniJbl| for ^rrora in cltv/isifled adb niter the first insertion And nssumce no reipoiijlbmtj iibor* the cowl of advortis- ini for tjpro*rftihle«,l or other error* in »d». DEAPMNJ5 for classified dl«plKT U 8 p.m. preceding d»? on wooKdyo. and 3: JO t m Saturday for Sunday paper Llru} clftMlffetf deadline U O.^ft ».rn we »nd 3:30 p.m Saturday for Sunday ALCOHOLICS A N O N Y M O U S Anyone who hns an honest desire to stop drinking, contact Alcoholics Anonymous, P. O. Box 1121, Harlingen, Texas. 4. Special Notices K.IO cn»od» i/odo NO. ti A r * A. M. Brownjivlll*. T«ixa§ M r e t I n K J u n » 3. 7;30 P.M. Ma»oni I n v i t e d to A t t e n d 0fl. Wood*, W.M. A M. Olnon. Hrc. 5k A LEiT^V/ANTED, In city of Drowns- rlllf. 30fc f»nn-lv»nt n f c c w l U o n . M"; tllrlnes v i t a m i n s . «picc«, foods, Dm «tc . well k n o w n e v e r y c o u n t y . I-or t i r t i c u l a r » write. lUwlcHth'ft. Dnpt. Tfl d a y t i m e hour ft we.Kiy "to Tspiftl'n t r f t l n l r i K pro*mm .vlil.bU u n d e r CH W\\ of Hl*hu. 110.00 »alarr and auto u l l o w n n c o o p p o r t u n i t y to earn double »nd triple for l a t U U c t o r y w o r k . Wr to V. 1. Dfpt. Amir|c*n Tichnlenl Society. »50 E 6811-.. Chicago 37. Need d i » U l b u t o r » . v r l o u » t Want rn«n who upnroolfUfi belnK own bou nod ch»np» to e«n-» »7BO to 11600 m o n t h l y * Wo e x p e r i t n c o nc'cefl- J u r y Thoumndi of mprchtuun o v s r y - ·K'hcre *r« w » l t l n n for AmorlcFx'« f i r s t and only. nflW s a n n a U n n i i l , o l c r t r l o c o m b i n a t i o n mfU»* ftWl roach t r n p f l . f o r f r o * i n f n r m t t t i o n . Inttlo- Tr»P 'o . 001 80. o r B V i l l c i t , ________________ .__. ____ «jpYirltnced ifaicnr. Apply Vaiv _ _ 10. Help Wanted WANTED EXPERIENCED SALESLADIES Ready-To-Wenr Department Salary and Commission Apply; LANE'S 1204 E. Elizabeth VETERANS And all persons over 10 years. of »«e -·H«ible to take beauty culturt. Beauty culture pays transporUtlon. Holtry's College Of Beauty Culture 102 X. Harrison - Phono 0634 Harllngen, Texas : gxp«7l«no«d lalea ladle*. Tho 1141 B. K. Elizabeth. . n«lp Wanted - Mlscellaneou* ,,,.,,... men and women to n t u d y HlKh IJchool at homo. Q u a l i f y for tho bol- ter commercial, i n d t u t r l u l and clvi' fltrYle* po«ltloni by imttnn a hl«J ·chool tducaMon in f i n n r n tlmo. In «ludln» bookkeeping shorthand, t y p t n : and alllfd bu«lnen» mibjocta. KntablUh- «-d 1B97. ThouiandN of »uoo«snfu irraduatcii WrUe for fro* 40 p»«e deserlptlvt bulletin nnd all d e t H t l B AMXRICAH SCHOOL. Wrlt« Box 100 r» BrowniYJHe Hirald-Brownnvllle. Yi. Servicea Offered §tnrN'0 ciimntlxfld Pnint -- urookman CompUt* B u i l d i n g Borvlati, ___ vndiTtor repftTrlntf «nd r». »nd now redlntor. Phon« 1'01 101 S ·.«. Adumj. VftlUy iiody i.nd :p*lni BULLDOZERS FVr cannl f l l l i n R and lovollnpr. Highlift und dump truoks for dirt fill*, caliche, or r\ny typo dirt work. L. M. SHORT Call 1016-W, McAllcn, Tox, 'OR ALL Kinds (trttKllno work, iiiul c x o u v u t l o n . Qniybljl fc L |P Ci Phono 00^3"^ jUoj^Ft'cailos, TCXRS. W. B. CLINT AGENCY INSURANCE Fire, Automobile, Casualty, All Mexican Tourist coverage Phone S 429 Twelft D E N N E T T Marine Engine CQ. Chrysler Marine Engines and Parts , 1212 Washington St. Phone 1407 WASHING MACHINES FOR FtENT Dclvorocl lo your home. Ptywo m-R Or call at 241 E 17. PRICKS REPUCED Delect Adobe Brick 4"xG"xl2" at now prices, Copperwold Wall Tios. Ooll at homo soyth of R. R. 2 Mi. Woat of Olmito. HARRY ANDIBRSON Brownsville 5000-J Ohnito, Toxufi of uftk flooring. Price is right. MEANER LUMBER CO. Opposite Covirt House Phono GQ7 SHIPMENT JUST RECEIVED We have a good stock of Clear White Pine In both 1 and 2 inchep. A n all widths up to and including 12 inches. STBINER LUMBER CO, Phone 19 10. IIoiJHobold Furniluro OAB w i i t u r h c u l u r a . Eloclrlc, «ft»i nnc Uuirmo rHnaofl, Bmcvll n\r.a Irco/.o Al»o J i i r K c iiprlirht type, Kay . Inc., U:i K. Jiioknon, Harlingon Volt BALK: Complete household Jurnl.ih InKfl. Cun bo ncpti botwoon 7:30 A.M mid ,U):()0 A, M. June 3rd. R07 W j c f f u r n o n fit, Wiirrcii. 1'liono 1387. «ulo. Inijuirc 17 20. Machinery li'K, AtiKlo Iron, Channel*, Iron, Htoo) (iliootn. Botlerw, enuiuca Konrfl, n h u f t l i i B , Machinery of nil kind and m i l l uuml»fin. C, A. I'rudnn. Via torla Oln Co. 3120 14th Qt. Drown« vllle. Tel 60-1. 31. Musical and Radio I'IANOB-~t ritnall u p r l B h t , 1 etixndarc nUo u p r l i r h t , ixntUuio hnnd cnrvoc plnno, ulao 1 Klnit bixrltono. Phon 11138. 2%. Mtooollnneoiis for Bale U A H Y wuflltliu! rnftclilnp. Good condition It « a B o n n l 1 « price. Phone 1033 j l u m p h r o y . N K W ~ Wi'-j'uKR- «(;(U f o u n t a i n oreamer u n i t . Only m enllon cronm capacity H l n l n l c R B «t.ccl tliroiiKhout. S t a r fitimlwloh t o a « t o r , Kt'lll, flotla ntooln iiodu bciothfl and tabloa. I n a u l r o Brooks Contral DrUK/t. itoTkoF bunk* $0,00 «ot) Whlt- mrui'n A r m y Btoro 020 J 1th at. Aorow from nmi'kct. WILL ftaorlflcc ono now p l R t l n u i n wod- i l l n B ' t m n d . 21 out dlftmondn. Slue B'/J 43fl K. I'urk Drive. (Rlvcrfllda Addition) Phono 10-H-rt, FOH 8AUfl; NPW oufltom bont. Phone D20-M. built f t i''OU BALK: Ono iiddlnc nuiclilno lint ono typowrltor.1 Choap, MxoeUent oon d l t l o n . Clsncroii Itiullo Borvlco. Phoni 1:1:17, F6Ti BALflI-~ali foot cabin crviluer, Ac o m l l t l o n , MKW Loo Haiirnfolder. Itot C u p s U I n Yard«- Port Isabel. MAINKR LAWSON ' Moving Oontraotor Atrunt Kor RKU ARHOW FREIGHT LINES Oporntor Of Pa«e Transfer Co. Offtno And in fort Brown. OU BALK -- f , o t of 10(1 Ct, Mniitor'D otlt flldo w h l l o i m l n f c . IVmuioriAbly priond f J n l t a t K l l i l Kll7,i»bn|.h f l t . o r Phono No. 4.1, U H y ^ ._^_ uiriiUL!?:'"i^iio'i-'fric ({Fill n n d toanlor romljlnccl, 110 or 130 volts. For r n n - t u u r a n t »i«u o n l y . Boo C. E. Day. Brooku WiiifM'con. - l\nsce||j|Ticoiw for Sale HANP Has been used less than 10 hours. Factory rprc^pc^e^. Stljl ijnclcr " t actpry fjyinrfintep, Wprb gqpd'ori metaf pr wgflg, n-iceVt New .-- ^30. Priced Now -- $100. Gari be se^n a|t Lockett Sport S'h op J» 813 s. B. ONE fllmo^t npjy ftl ftl 1R"'P'fPP Aiiip completely c n v j l p p c c l ' |Jdy nil elio )lrible\im Ll'ddpll'* fl pr)ff?4 , Tiff]) 1 boyrf DEEPFREEZE HOME FBEgZEJES are lafg? ? pubio freezers, Only two available t r. OJPA pript Valley Buick Company t nth st, BARGAINS! Servel Refrigerators Chambers Ranges Stewart-Warner Radiofl Gas Water Heaths Propane Gaa Tanks Deep-Freeze HARDIN GAS APPLIANCE CO, "Home Qt tjie Best" 830 B. Elisabeth Phone 978 «8. Wanted to Buy "plAWbT"Ariy' mod#l in good cone d l t l o n , H«M»on(\bly nrjoett. Cull Nol«ori IDflt-M. TOMATOES FOR CANNING OLMITO CANNING CO OLMITO, TEXAS 20. Doff--0»Uh-Pein Oolllfl PUPJI, Wtuntd. Fou «ilUr«»«. B*l)lt *nd $50. nufiW Kemp, Injfltflidl, T«X«i* 31. Poultry T'OU SALE: Fhonn J018-F33. Wyandoitt fry«r« . Apartment* for Rent VERY cool urnall n p n r t m e n t . Bleotrloa . Al*o A room, Phone 1865 ONE 2 noOM n p u r t m o n t , f u r n l n h c d Couplo, no children. 1603 8E Jofl«r«on 33. Uoomg for Rent LARDE COOL ' BouthcrtNt bedroom in lUvernhle Addition. P r l v M n h u l h , en- trjxnoo and g u r n K e . '/i hlook f r o m bu» ntop. P r e f e r ainrle man or womfin Phonp 410-J. BEJDROOM with £E exposure. Phone 1100-J. PO BE Ellr.abnth St. NICK cool bedroom for rent. Oarage 325 W. Lovoo St. Phono 1.109. CLEAN MODERN ROOMS Overlooking the Bio Grande afc THE YORK "The Hotel Nearest the Border" - Rates by Day or Week 1321'E. Levoe Brownsville, Texas 84. HOUHM for R«nt FOR RKNT: Furnished hom« In Loi Kbnnos. Phone 01, S5. Wanted to llftnt PAA pilot and f/lJtt, no children, a bedroom hoxj»«, FUrnlihtd or un- f u r n i c h a d . Pbont 1401-J, P A A r'llot and w i f e , n o c h i l d r e n ur- w n n t l y need u n f u r n i s h e d hou»e, Phone 3fl»-ll or write Box i f l l % Hcruld WAhfTJDD to rent--.Furnl»h*d a badroorr houi*. Permanent, rtuponilbU, Wir Bltrn y«ar leaie, Box 349, 3». Real Estate for Sale F O R S A L E nl*« couoritt brlt-.k rtnti b u l l d J n * tll« «l m o d e r n t f l l y low prlooa. no* Boot! * K«!ler »t K'Pllfrr'i Btoro. Ma mlltft «ftftt of U r o w n a v l l U on Chlca I*. Btiftlne** Scrvloft i n Y o u r W i n t e r Clothes for and i Kroe S torn }c In Cerlnrizod Bags, G U N M A N 'I'M LOR SHOP 1209 S, E. A d a m s Phone .U-JO This beautiful, spacious home, 14 large rooms, 2 complete bftth* i Htury-H-foot poroh around south and oast fttdes. Lovely, WitU hallfi. Throe lot« on corner. Olo«ft in. Good Ihoomo from rooms nnd apnrlnit'Mts with little alteration Knd ft ddliBhtfUl plnoo to live. Prlcn very rca.sonnblc with terms if desired. Son com- AND PAINT SHOP Wt tnfiko f u m i t i i r o , crhestfi, drrwu-Tfl, tables, c-lialr.s, cabln- rtfi and tlo.skA. FtcHnlsh Vonfi- tian Blinds. 13th and Filmoro BrouiisvlUo, Texoj plote plans. C. G. FOSTER Realtor ID. Washington -- First Floor Phono 1040 -- Residence SB. Wanted to Kent WANTED--Furnished two "frodrpom hou»e or -AUartment for four £in Amerio«.» pilots. Will" tjkk'« fxbcllpht ctft 6f property. Wrifo"'^o;t ^f6?% Herald. 36. House* for Sale Oh pavement. F il«" iffcli 'Bt. ' Jnvostmcnt. State Departments I n t e r n a t i o n a l Broadcasts Beam A m e r i c a To The World In 28 Languages 4-HOOM house.' 77 Xt. lot. aand jmd ' Q19II ^" -on ^.v 3ALB:" OHP?. 1 f ou P, e W $P '^y^ from property.' "One room, c|pset a^d bath, flSQ,p. 5ft$ W. JeffjtrBpn gt 'SAP? b7' pwner r Nijje 8 rpom · home %Wy/ 'a v porbhei. Y WiIl se)! 1 wlih r n l t U « Jpl *50ftVffO or 'wltriout fi?r $5200,66. b,)» »PP" ff fHcitf i4BO$, TermB c. ' ' - pr 36. FOB 8ALPJ--SpRcloun homo, 3 b$,drpfln)* 2 bath«. I-lardwpod floors ds, IteubU ffWP' R n - cprntr I.? 6-Room OfcN^RAL V a c n t i Mm, H, L., if47 pjr LARGE LOTS « H v U I « ? n . Block . f bui i ifryloi/"6oW«nrent to WnUr Port ^nd Alr^prt ·mpipyiii. Pr}p«4 UP." Tcrrna TH05. P- BEN5QN 4 Co, IS1 BH 1401 A BARGAIN Ip-Aore Orpve, pn twoi-tihlrd. granges. Remainder Rec| glyph and MfW Grapefruit. Owner «a,ys $6,000. 10 Acres. iq Red Blush Qrape- fruit, 2Bfl Valencia Oranges. A heautiful location, and building ijlte, owner needs «aflh, $4,7^0. All listings receive personal attention. Phonp 1§ for appointments. 608 South Bast Street W. E. HOLLEY I,A PERIA, TKXAS , , er, the » Voice of TJiyited Stfites pf Amer- p«,' ? '"w(|l gp put 9P hpur.s daj)y, over 30 s.hprt-wfrve in'4 gpvern.mGntrownfid wjiye relftyn (D JfQnoliiJ and Mmtin, fr»d by medium relays in : France, Italy, qhlna and It wjlf broadcast lanpuagps to of pepp)e }n Ejiipppe, LaWn find the pay ffas ?j3ftractjy how m^n a hard quesfcipn tP ^nswpr, but vp W)»t the vpicp fiudfencp is vajjt. are ^0,000,000, shPrt.-w.ave in th^ frTPftP to Which the prp^yams ,W'e leanied (an tjm^ted 900,000 in t?ip tln.' atone). MUUpnis P? listeners are 'reached on the med ium. wave relays Audipnpe res ponse has high from poun t Ued dpwri by strict pen FOR SALE N.ioe five room home in West Browns.V.UJef New roof and in Kppd ponclition. immediftte possession, Apartment rjouje near business djistript, completely refin- lahed. A gopd buy. Two new homea ready for occupancy. Todd Stobaugh 401 Eleventh St. Phone 183 FOR SALE Brick home, five rooms, screen porch, in Los Ebanos. Large five room stucco home with screen tile porch on large peautiful lot on repac* in Los Ebanos. R. M, Warren Phone FOR SALE 6«ioom frami homn on a lots in Riverside. 'Completely furnished. In excellent condition. Immediate possession. Reasonable priced. 5-room frame home just off Old Fort Road. 5 acres excellent land, Citrus. On resaca. 5-room frame home in Victoria Addition, On paved street and conveniently located. $6500. We also have a fine selection of many other homes, farms and lots. COLGIN BECHDEL Phonos: Office 167 or 63 Residence D05-J 16 Maltby Bldg. FOR SALE Nlc« I room homn In lilvnnilclt. n«w. Prln« reduced lo $(i600. Can hi «olrf l,o anyboriVf and tormn nun b« A hariniln, ADREAN A; OQ. Pan American Bldg. Phone 243 FOR SALE Several good tourist camp locations on Highway. fiee us for lot*. MONSBBS-. SON ' Pan American Bldg, Phone 316 FOB SALE W* h*v« now and nnnrly now ho men for imln and we nJflo have homes *mj?oUll:r Icti' aj.'n, Bno (hose homes hofor« you buy. Prlcu» $BOOO.OO and UP. · · ADREAN GO. pan Amorican Bldg. Phone 243 acre t r u c l d on p i i v u m n n l aia:i nth at __ _________ VQ1\ WAI./IQ (i no" corner lot on imvnmonl and « l t l q w a l k , 4t,h and \Vn»t Itunilrc J131 Wll7,ftb*th flt. 43, Acroajfe for Sale FOR MALI) ao aorc» on Uth Btrect, n. O'Mtftlo, Phom 1131. 94) « 1C. Ellr nbeth Bt, for Hont FCW nwNTi aflO acr«X J u n t 'Plowod foi «»«(! or- fc*rt oroi), »l»veha, I»hon« 602-J lU4ft Ellr.nboth «t ( 40, Finaiiolal and Loans PAWNBROKERS LO A N'S On Anything Of 2123 14TH ST. THE Page By JVJARC J. PARSONS NEA '^taiflx Corre«p x 9ridrnt NEW' YORK, ' (NBA).-- A ca)m voice 'said:' ^Slooshayte, slopshayte. Goyprit Nev -yprk." Vy" sly.s'hffrye gplbs' " spycdinyonhykh shtatpv ;Ameri)ky.^ O^Heilo, "jbiello. Ne\y Yprk' p.allin^; You are listeplng. You are "listening to the Voice of the United State of America." ' With " a" irod from tle producer Walt Postman began reading a summary of the day's news, . Russian, ' The Russian Section, of the State Department's controversial Inter- j)flitjp?ifr) Brflajlpasting Division was' on the air with its daljy pne )7pup ^hdw" ken:ifid to listeners l?p ^)^nd th.e Jrpn pyy|ta-in Jn Russip- fteejf, H,qw 1PPP that program and the 6000, others the State Department broadcasts each month will remain pn-$le air e.ppji wilji be settled by Congress. At the moment, JjppKsVaf tf tH.e programs will .drastically curtailed if npt #1- }s of Frft»W Last year, 65,000 listeners wrote letters of appreciation nnd re- queBt for speoifio information about the United States. So far this year, letters are pouring in at the rate of 30,000 a month. The Division now mails out monthly broadcast schedules in six differ ent languages to more than 300, 000 listeners who have requested them, None of these scheduled goes to Russia. None has been offered to the EMlflfitans, and po far only four letters have bpen rooeivPd direotr jy by the Dlvifllpn i'rom Russian listeners, That; does not mean that only f pur Russian have heard the program. One gratified foreign observer recently estimated that 2,000,000 Russians listen to the pro» gram, ** Despite the difficulties enPount- ered a few months agp when the Russian, program was originated correspondents now report that its signal i* reaching Moscow as strongly as Moscow radio itself. Charles W. Thayer, 37, director of the Russian Section, was surprised that any letters had been received from Soviet listeners. Another Russian observer pointed out; "From Russia, where it's hard to send out a letWr on SP innocuous a subject as Jonquils I'm surprised that even four reached us. The best test of how effective we've been in the few months- we have been operating Is tho blasts that Russian writers like Ehrenburg and others have thrown at us. If we weren't reaching 'an effective number of listeners, they would ignore us completely." They're, a West Point graduate and son - o f an old Philadelphia ship-building family, known his Russia. He decided on a diplomatic career immediately after his graduation from the U.S. Military Academy. On Embassy Staff That was about the time U. S. was preparing to recognize Russia officially, and Thayer beat the first diplomatic mission to MOSCOW by several months to get in on the ground floor and to learn the Russian language,. His visitor's permit was for one month only, but he managed to evade police several months beyond that time until Ambassador William Bullitt arrived. "I think I was one of the last Americans to live with a Russian family in Russia. It was pretty much as relaxed period as far as the Russians were concerned, c«- pecially if you were one of their boys. I was definitely not one of those, and thoy couldn't see any for my staying beyond Uiat one month. "When Bullitt arrived, I joined the embassy staff. Since then I have spent seven years stationed in Russia, a couple of years in Germany, and a year and a half in Afghanistan." During World War II, Thayer went back into the Army and served as a parachutist. He was in London when the State Department decided to " play ball with 40, Used Anton for Sale FOH 8AWC---1IKI7 Ford Coupo, Kood condition. Hoe M, 6, Honaloft or LOK Pronnos State B u n k , Los Frosnon, Tc- XM. 50. Used Trucks for Sale Brownsville Motor Co. 1222 Washington St. Phone 427 Chrysler 1 - Plymouth Diamond T Truck* iwmi trtiok. J.HOO. Oixll lOfil-M. A l r b i i K u for Sale FOR SALE--1040 BohuH imxery Llnor HOUHO TnUJur. Equipped with Butane. Tul. JDIU-M, TWO "jIOUS]!: THAIJjKUfi-- 18 ft. ilucps 4. 14 H, BloftpH 2. ' Blmmrooic Trailer Com 1 1, LEGAL" NOTICE NOTICE ' A u t o i n o D l l n C n m c r o n C o u n t y iihwlnooru D n p u r t m c n l , miiKSl- Mmlod 1Mri« on oilft !.'-» Ton, IOMK h.un!, D \ i m p T r u o k . w i t h rim. b«d. for I m m n d l n t c t rifillvory. HUl!» w i l l b« n- :oivud ( o .l\m« 1.1, 10-47. Thn C o u n i y rr- 'torvnfi tho rid hi to reJflol u n y or n i l bids. L. A. lift tier. C o u n t y A u d i l o f , Brown«vlll«, Texas, .AI Three of the men who ylan wJH say in UK bro»rtcail Dcamcrt nt shown »n they hold a oonfcriincc- qyP»' thp next day'n proRram. Left to right: Chftrlen W. ThRycr, . voice direc^ of the R»«i[an scpUon; - Nab- pro- Fan mail comes hack to "The Vojoe of the U. S, A." mt the rate of £0,000 letters a mqpih, Here IBI employe Dorothy Whalen checkg a in»p to find the point of origin of a Gcrmnn letter requesting a copy of the monthly broadcasting schedule. the OSS in Austria, Tito and the Army ordered him to Yugoslavia os a liaison man. Lntor he sorvod on the Korean Commission and at the Army War Oollei?e. H e ' has been with the Moscow section of the "Voice" since its establishment. Nicholas D. Nabakoff, 44, the Russian-born editor of the Mos- XJnited States since 1034, has been a citizens sinco 1030. His father was n.. Russian Judge, his grandfather a Minister of Justice at the time serfdom was abolished, and an unole was Pirp/t Secretary at the Russian Embassy in Washington under the Cswr. The family was considered very liberal by pro-Revolution Russian standards, but Nabakoff fled the country right after the Revolution, and grew up Jiv Greece, Germany and France whore he studied music, and wrote lor magazines and newspapers. He has been on the staff., of several colleges, including St. Johns in Baltimore since oomiliB to the Untied, etate* and has contributed to Harper* Atlantic Monthly *nd the Liondor Daily Mail, During the war he served witt the Economic Warfare* division of the Justice Department and latei with the Army on the Strategic Bombing Survey in London and a.s Army advisor on cultural affairs in Berlin. He was with Ambassador Robert Murphy as an adviaoi on Russian affafrs until the State Dupanmunt called him baok fron Europe to work on the Russiai section of the IBD. These two jure typical of the many men in the IBD who transferred from war assignment* to writing, directing and broadcasting for the Slate Department. Manj wore ex-radiomon and newspaper men in civilian life. BERLIN IN THE SPRING By IRENE SIMON AP Ncwsfcaturc:i BERLIN--Notes on the springtime of a beaten city: Berlin's woman deputy mayor and the chief of the healtn a u p i u ^ - mcnt beg German writers to write plays, novels, and articles underscoring the horrors of veneral diseases. \ "We appeal to you to help '^ bring a soulish renewal," said Mayor Luise Schroedcr. "Lose yoar ridiculous belief that veneral disease is a delicate subject. It must be painted for what it is, in plain straight language." The grey-haired female political leader aserted that the average young Gorman girl hns lost virtually all religious, national, and traditionally moral conceptions. "She has nothing more today," said Prau Schroedcr. "No past and no future. She lives from one day J-U-G / J LIKE. IN GEORGE U LIKE IN UNDER - §vG LIKE IN JERK// In the average city it's troublesome, but when they go dead In Berlin its catastrophic. When spring floods began to wrenk havoc with the wires strange and weird conversations took place. Americans making inter-office calls have found themselves talking to unknown Frenchmen in Baden-Baden, bemused Englishmen in Ijondon, and excited Slavs in Moscow. The situation isn't helped bj the courteous but confused German telephone operators who make typical mistakes in spelling ou American names. An operator who American names. An operator who spelled out the word "jug" advisee one American that, it was "JUG, J like in George, U like in Under, nncl O like in Jerk." Called Back Faced with one of its worst political crises since the war, Italy has called on 88-year-old Vittorio Orlando, "Victory* premier of World War I and sol« surviving member of the Ver- ·aiUe« treaty "Big Four." to form a cabinet. Scions Due To Act On Bill To Control Boxing, Wrestling AUSTIN, June 2 -- GP)-- A separate state department to supervise and control professional boxing and wrestling in Texas is provided for in ft bill thftt went to the calendar of the Saturday. Approved by the State affairs Committee, which recommended passage, the measure was given some chance of survival despite the lateness of its introduction, in view of the fact Gov. Bcauford K. Jester submitted it as an emergency piatter. Boxing and wrestling is now regulated under o division of the Bureau of Labor statistics. Under terms of the new plan incorporated in the bill by Rep. Jack Ridgeway of San Antonio, a state commissioner would have full authority to license and regulate boxing and wrestling. __ __ For the third successive year Berlin's thousands of cigarettes- hungry "gentlemen tobacco farmers" ar« gettingr out their little wooden boxes for the spring tilling. On sunny days the tobacco boxes can be seen on widow sills all over the city. When the sun fails them tho amateur cultivators carefully cany their boxes over to the fireplace next to the family rabbitt ond chicken in order preserve the precious "crop." Usually eight weeks are allowed before the plants are transplanted to back 5ard$. When no backyards nre available the city planters carry dirt up to their balconies and replant, the tobacco there. BUSINESS DIRECTORY to the other with the. unhealthy desire to make up for the lost, war yenrs nnd to enjoy her few hours," "Yet, she Is not .so much to blrune as her parents. Thn majority ul parents close their eyes when their daughters come home with cigarettes and chocolate fonrs after a night out. They take it for granted and call it 'organizing' though they know it for what it renlly is." Prnu Srhroodnr's n p p o n l was biK'kwl up. by .stnUfak':; MI". I'ort.h by Dr. Otto Harms, TUM'Hn's honltli export. "Compared witli tho, proscnl," ho snid, "tho moral collapse of Germany aftor the i'irsl world win was ridiculously minute." of overcrowded homes and unsanitary conditions. even children of four and six years arc coming down with syphilis, ho slated. Dr Harms snid most of those infected are younft' tfirls between 19 nnd 21 and young men between 21 and 25. In tho A m e r i c a n di.s- trict of Neukoclln with a population of ;H)(),000, one out. of every sixteen girls Ifl years old has syphilis, he said. He noted that no occupation troops are billeted in t h i s district. ' Whan t.h» UUnhnnn lina* on dnoui The SAW Huffhuton Agency We insure cvorything but the hereafter. BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS Anthony Bldg. Phone 1153 REAL ESTATE-LOAN* CommerolnJ -- Purrai -- RnnchM WO BROKBRAQB - NO BXl'KNSBS L. R. BAKER - P. D HEALER RooGt-Wll-Mond Mole) OlUlt lUrltmtim. A'mcM -- Phon* No 40ft Brake Service Expert Brakp Service on all makes of cars, Goodyear Service 10th Levee -- Phone 990 EMERSON RADIOS PHONORAD1O3 RECORDERS BATTERY SETS Sommcrs Furniture Phone 674 1208 Adams PARKA BROS. NO. 2 Grocery - Meats Hardware Free Delivery Anyplace Phone 1692 ]121 E. Adams You'll Be Sold On Us When Wo Sole Your SH010S For Quick and Satisfactory Service, Brim; Your Shoes to Central Shoe Shop liae £, Washington Liquid Fertilizer Applied in Irrigation W Texas Liquid Fertiliser Co. Call or Write N. F. SCHMlTfc 2123^8. E. I4th St. Phone 038 Your Brownsville - Los Presnos Agent RUGS CLEANED And Repaired By an experienced Armenian artist who understands the care they require, and ' knows tha proper way to handle them. Your fine Oriental rups need attention. Have them cleaned and repaired by a rug expert. ·603 E, Lnvec Phone 1217-M -- 1046 K A N D A R I A N Rug Expert Brownsville ATTENTION GROWERS AIRPLANE DUSTING SERVICE Insecticide Sulphur Fertiliser Herman Sehreiber, Jr. Phone 1923-M or Willis Implement Co. - ph." 492 Printing Commercial. Job printing, blueprinting. Neatly and prompt!: finished. THE PRINTCRAFT SHOP 507 nth SL Phone 111 W A S H I N G ? Use HUPPAKER'K SELF SERVICE L A U N D R Y Soft Water, Courteous Assistance, Curb Service. /14 Eaafc 8th Pfcone

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