The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 11
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 11

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 11
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^1 High Blood Pressure | Control Possible With New Chemical By ALTON L.' BLAKKSLKE ST. LOUIS, Aug. 11. ! It's been a tough lob to get I enough pherentasin to work with.! . , . . . , . . ;and leani what it's made of chem- .People wuh lush blood pressure;.^ ^ ^^^ coffipoundi have a chemical in their blood not; anct ; n the chemical family known found in the blood of normal pres-: as arnm es. Adrenalin, the powerful sure. ' * I stimulant hormone, also is. an am- It is the first time such a chem- :ine. ica! difference has been found, j i^ researchers now are trying j The chemical is named phercntas-: t 0 , e t absolutely pure pherentasin j |in, from the Greek meaning to hold a m j to find something, safe to use.' jup pressure. Uhat will counteract or neutralize It is one of the bright new hopes;it. They also want to know where it I (or controlling high blood pressure, j comes,from and how it acts to boost the cause of much heart trouble, i blood pressure. ' apoplexy, perhaps, kidney troubles, i From this and other research. ' A next step is to find a drug that I* practical method of controlling .will neutralize pberentasin. It could (high blood pressure should be found 'be given to people to keep their j within five years, Dr. Schroedar| I blood pressure normal. A couple of i declared. It would have to be taken; i drugs that may do this are already ! regularly, like insulin, to keep; (being studied.' i pressure normal. The hopes of f i n d - ; i ,,," ,. , *,,. , in:r a cure for the disease a r e ' j The discovery was made at Wash- · " j ington University Medical School j by a research team headed by Dr i Henry A. Schi'oecter. assistant pro I Corpus Christ! CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Aug. 12, 1951 11 i had to sleep on the floor for a' whom their daughters married »ad i month 1 what they named the twim. He '" Another time." he says, "I was I has helped many through family almost accused of manslaughter, crises and sorrows -- and they An officer stationed at a southetnj love him. Sometimes they talk post sent me a fur coat to be '· about him till their families wonder forwarded to his wife in Europe. It arrived in New York unmamfest- if he's real: Once Fyfe had to go to the pier i ed-a violation of customs. How-1 to meet a. diplomat's wife return 1 ever, we immediately secured pos-! ing from Europe. He located her 1 session and dispatched it to l*urope ; on board and said, ' within 24 hours". i Fyfe." · The coat went straight to Us i destination without further delay i along with a note fiom Fyfe ex "I'm Howard much farther off. This research g supported by'· the U. S. Public Health Service. · National Heart Institute otj a 7.' year grant. Eli Lilly and Co.. have : also contributed. lessor of medicine. Other members 'of the team this year are Drs. ·Dean F. Davies, H. Mitchell Perry, land Arnold H. Williams. Their i suuly of | W g h blood pressure ^FORWARDS FURNITURE bflen underway tor five years, with . a five-year break caused bv \Vorld: ! War if. Pherentasin can be recovered in ; highly purified form from the blood j of people with high blood pressure, UNCLE SAM'S DESPATCH AGENT--Howard Fyfe, Uncle Sam's despatch agent for the past 21 years, is shown at his desk at" the State Department's Despatch Agency office in New York. He has handled half a million shipments, not only for the foreign service, but also for ECA, the Treasury Department and the Public Hfiilth Service. (Wide World Photo) plaining the circumstances. He got a fast reply saying that if the coat arrived late, and the diplomat's wife caught cold, and the cold 7 i brought on pneumonia, and the 1 pneumonia resulted in her death, the diplomat would hold Fyfe personally responsible, Sometimes Fyie's work brings him some queer assignments. One morning before breakfast he got a hurried telephone call to come down to a freighter that had docked i from Africa- with a hipvopotamus I for the Washington zoo. They i couldn't get him off. : "He had come on board in a big icaee." says Fyfe. "But it was a ! lone voyage arid the crew wanted j i \ri 'be nice to the hippo. So they i let him out in the 'twecn-deck f o r ; the voyage. When they tried to get him back in the cage, he wouldn't go. It took us seven hours of coax ing with carrots and applos and finnlly a head of cabbage got him i n " He knows the family stories of virtually every foreign officer in Uncle Sam's service, remembers "Don't be silly." the lady said. "There isn't such a man. There couldn't be. That's just a code name they use for the office of the U. S. "Despatch Agent in New York." NEW PARKING BUILDING--This nine-story, glass-enclosed building is DCS Homes' new elevator-type structure for ]»rking cars--the first of its kind in the country. The city has invested approximately $600,000 in this pioneer push-button parking project. It will have space for parking dome 430 cars on its nine floors and basement. (Wide World Photo) PUSHBUTTON SYSTEM | Dr. Schroeder said. Injected into irats, it raises their blood pressure 'within five minutes. The pressure | stays high for IS to 30 minutes or i sometimes for an hour. !!T w:is fiiund in the ! blood of.Almost all people with high ! blood pressure, except in sonie '.with the malignant form of the the elevator business or some phiise { ii soas( ._ Only one person with tin: Howard Fvfe Friend j i Of Foreign Service Men ~ : lly ADELAIDE KKKK ' office in arranging for shipments ot NEW YORK. A us. 31. LW --' embassy refrigerator:: and type- Thousands of people who work! writers, personal belongings of dip- abroad for Uncle Sam love Howard lomats and such odds and ends us FvO like a brother. the man who forwards a gift of Indian elephants for the Washington /oo. Des Moiiies Solves Tfc ._ , -_,,_ ._ -. ITo Cot Soybeans Parkins Headachesi Added u of il since he was 17. reports \vide . ]ll;l | p r( ».: KU1 -' 0 ] V ui any ;iherentiisni| their rlothes. fiiniiture ami supplies! Howard Fyfe does his job to con- interest in his project. ' ' -··' ··- " '-'·· --''' " ' 1 - - - - DES MOINES, Aug. 11. (AP) --| ulUvneously in moving your car up Des Moines is spending $600,000' on a pioneer push-button parking project -- the first of its kind in the country. That's about how much the city has invested, including site, in a brand new elevator-type buiiding :in his blood. i Pheventusin apparently is pro- jduced by the kidneys, but that is I not yt4 proven, Dr. SchroedL-r said I It is extremely potent, with only j l i n y amounts found in the blood. ' Blood tests devised so far car pick up one-tenth to one hundredth of TAIPEH. Formosa, Aug. 11 A niicroRram of it. A micros;! run { :my spot on the them homo A* Undo Sam's dispatching agent for the last -1 years, Fyfe has Jiiimllr-i-i a iinll-inilJion shipments, not wly for the foreign service, but globe -- a n d j t i n u a l cheers. again. i "He just never misses, said one also for the ECA, Department, and the Service paper to f i l l the Treasury Public Health of veteran of. .0 years in the diplomatic service. "Stl' you are sent haJtw.'iv around the world in a hurry. Howard will have vow t u r n i t u t e there when you arrive. 1 ' But Fyfe has his troubles. Once, he recalls, furniture shipped to an out-of-the-way spot in Africa went. National'.^ ,e' sold-.'f to over- 1 come Uix't tk-ficsencii's. The troops are said lo be 1,0001 carlorics a day short of their re-i In one minute, with one buUor.iquiveme.nis. 1 for parking cars. The attractive, pushed, your ear ran be parked,; The problem ]-, as | jocn \ V orryiu«j! nine-story .glass-enclosed structure \sayy Bowser. uhe Nationalist high command "auj; is nearing completion in downtown 'The elevator operator drives the\ Ma ; L ; pn \ y i l l i a i n C Chase head tear onto the_ elevator. ,He pushes' of the Mili i,iy Assistance Advis-i i- n to the designated floor and lateral-j 1 ' 5 '' - " ly to Uie desired stall. The cranes, : ie; s may be fed .soybeans which travel on steel rails in a! penthouse running the length of the* building, move the entire elevator shaft and assembly ono-^S,000,000th of an ounce, boxcars has funnelled through his astray, and a foreign service officer VACATION-TIME Is PAINT-UP TIME!! COMPLETE PAIWT JOB * Serves (lie llai Includes pnintin?". 'Outside o f ' car *Dnsh 'Inside window miildint;: 'Cleaning nil chrome Free Estimates on Body Dent ROY E. SERVICE! BOX SSI S. Chaparral Dial 4-GG49 Ernest Borel Watches ore sold and serviced in 90 countriss, which makes them the ideal time piece for the service man. Ernest Borel Watches are »h» first to be equipped with th« Incostar regulator . . . . your assurance of greater accuracy. Ghockproof, anti-magnetic, water resistant, dust proof. Your choico of regular wind or self- winding, stainless steel or gold. Prices «rom S35.00 to $375.00, We invite you to see and corn- pare these fine watches. Paul J. Hcndricks Certified Master Watchmaker Third Generation of fine Watchmakers and Jewelers. 414 PEOrjLES STREET Des Motncs. i soldiers. The Marshall., Plan mission m An operator pushes a button and · designated space. your car is moved into a parking: i On the. ground floor the cashier. space -- three, four, nine stories* through a system of electric cir- Formosa is providing 160 tons of ;j cults between elevator panels' and- soybeans toward the experiment, j . CJja lake- panel in the office, tell j p jans ftre also under way t(J i stalls, are vacant or filed. overhaul Formosa'^ fishin up. The idea was developed by V (Jim) Bowser, 57, head of a Balti-f!.which ....... , ________ -., ____________ - , , more, Md., engineering firm. Fon and can signal' attendants as toi t r y as a J1lcans o£ prov iding more eight years, the engineer planned and. promoted his elevator-parking building, touring the country with a model. Des Moines wa«;.- the first to buy a "Bowser System'" garage. , , Bowser explains his structure this way: Imagine two sets of bookshelwe^ placed face to face and separate^ by a space in which the elevator-its located. Each shelf represents ;a garage floor holding cars. Elevator and cranes operate silrfi- which cars are wanted. The Des Moines building has three elevators. It will have space j for parking approximately 430 cars j on its nine floors and basement. | DCS Moineg city officials decided to build such a structure as this because it seemed to fit the available space which was chosen for its location near hotels, theatres and stores. The area was too small for practical adaptation to the conven- fish for tile armed forces. Arrives For Kashmir Talk NEW DELHI,' India, Aug. 11. (AP) -- United Nations mediator! Frank Graham arrived from Pak- tiqpal ramp garage. LOOK, NO HANDS! Power-Aidfed Steering j . , . . . ' : ' . ' . . . . · - . . . New Auto Improvement DETROIT Auff. 11. (UP-^-The Introduced by- Chrysler Corp., _ . ? . . . _ . 1 , . . .1 It 11. ' ·% . . J -1 · _- · l*.-.i-.tnnt **rtl_- AC" -A _ n f VtC istan today for further talks with the Indian government on the Bowser, who says.he has been i n j Kashmir, dispute. i He plans to see Prime Minister) Jawaharlal . Nehru and probably j will discuss tentative proposals, for! pulling out both Pakistani and Indian troops .from the state each country claims. ;A reliable Pakistani source said in Karachi yesterday that his government : agreed in principle . to f~ -aiiam's troop pullback proposals", but wants Indian reaction before ·planning further steps. STORE HOURS 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MONDAY thru SATURDAY Continuing.. closest thing to "look, no htfinds" is power-aided steering for fauto- mobUes. Psychiatrist Hits Vacation Desires CHAUTAUQUA, N.. Y., Aug. ,11. '(trP)Longing for a vacation, -was described today as "a pafltipiogical symptom in .nice evening' : clothes," by Dr..'- Karl Menninger, , 'head - of the Menninger, Foundation, Tp- peka, Kan. . * . : ;: . "When, most people go ."-in'.vacation they are taking. : a reistperiod from a winter '-of.-doing Tapthing," said the 'psychiatrist - . ; ·'· ·'," In a lecture -at -ChauUiAiqua'..In- stitude, Dr. Menninger /criticized forced retirement plans. He maintained they "might be good for business" but "are not onductive to the. sound mental health of the Individuals -who are retired." Dr. .Menninger said lie found glaring examples of the results of useless inactivity in To^eka during ithe recent, Kansas floojd. He said he saw a large numbefr of people "who had no idea What to do when there were millicais of jobs to be done." Egypt King Loses 172,000 Gambling CANNES, France, Amg. 11. (AP) --King Farouk's gambling "system" backfired agaiji, today. The playboy Egyptian risonarch lost 572,000 in nirre hours jof play in a card game that ran fajom midnight to 9 a. m., casino .-sources said. Riviera mathematicians figured he lost at the rat«; of $175 for every minute of actr/al play. This brought his losses over a two-day period-to $1S7,700. Ei«rlier, the king who had made som/a, big winnings on his honeymoon tci'or, claimed he had developed his osvn system for winning- high-stake^ at the gambl- Irsr table. the hydraulic system 'takes 4-5ths j of the work out of turning the' wheel.;of a. oar. What happens is that when youj turn, two hydraulic pumps- under ^the hood help you -twist. When you stop turning, ibey stop. Ther e is .no'drag or "push" on the wheel. - The device is standard equipment on the 'more- expensive Chrysler model and is optional equipment at ?175, plus tax, on the less svelte line's. . . '".Although Chrysler is the only: company.: using it now, power! steering:'undoubtedly will" become i as conventional as clutch-less cars} introduced just 10 years ago b y j OldSRIObile. . . ' · : i There are three compelling rea-! sons: (1) Cars are getting heavier! and tires are getting bigger, m- j creasing the surface friction between the car and the ground; (2) American tastes are for the "easy way" -- witness the automatic shift, self-starter, etc., and j (3) Women drivers. j A wit once said that the self- starter, not the 17th amendment,! emancipated women. It. did . . . to | the extent that they could start' and drive the family car. But-it didn't do anything about parallel narking. * A husky man really has to-tug; on the wheel when his car is; stopped or near stopped trying to; squeeze into, a parking, s p a c e . ! While most women look as if theyj were climbing rope. With power steering, a good) OR ARE YOU JUST WASTING M O T I O N ? .Expert · repairs on Vacuum Cleaners, Irons, Toasters, Percolators, and other small appliances. Call 4-70S2 ITHTE *GUUM STORES ir4! 1!45 BrnH-nlee - In Six Points OUR MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF THE SEASON 327 q u a l i i summer dresses RADICALLY REDUCED FOR QUICK AND FINAL CLEARANCE \ REDUCED UP TO strong finger,, or two at the most, will put you against the curb. This assistance, has other advantages besides just saving elbow oil. It act's as a steering stab- when you want to go straight I. The action of the opposing hydraulic pumps resists deflection or the wheels due to rats, stones or a slant in the road. Driving a car vrith power steering is a new experience in motoring. The first few corners should be approached with caution as ther c is a definite tendency to t\irn too sharply until you get the "feel" of the car. Queen Narriirmn,' hi.i 17-year old! After that power steering comes beautiful wife who is reported expecting d child, \MM|tchod her husband, piny for nn hour and then to her naturally. It. isn't Viands." But It Is n "look, stop in no thn direction of *vcry ono riding in baric Rrat. AUGUST SPECIAL Summer Discounts On All EQUIPMENT ·· ·-·· Utility Wail Furnaces Holly Wall Furnaces · Henderson Clipper Centra! Heating Systems Your FRIGIDAIRE Air-Conditioning Dealer 2806 S. PORT DIAL 4-8115 AND MORE! MANY FIRST TIME REDUCED! ALL THE NEWEST SUMMER FASHIONS, MANY OF ORIGINALS BY OUR FAMOUS DESIGNERS To make room for incoming fall fashions . . . Here is a golden opportunity to get high-fashions i you'll enjoy wearing at amazingly low prices. You'll find grand investments in cool dresses for street, sport, vacation, cocktail and forma! wear in fine cottons, floaty chiffons, elegant silk shantungs, imported linens, filmy sheers, voiles and other favored fabrics. As for colors . v , «· dainty pastels, prints and summer shades including plenty of midsca'son Black and Navy. All Safes Final No Phone Calls, Please No Approvals

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