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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 1

Canandaigua, New York
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Tuesday, July 11, 1939
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Readers More OnUrlo County reMen than any other Ontario County paper. OKTARIOUCOUNT The Weather Fair and not quite (-0 cool tonight. Wednesday fair Mid warmer. Established in 171)7. Vol. M2.--No. 160. CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., TUESDAY, J U L Y 11, 1939. Single Copy, 3 Cents M'NUTT LINKED WITH FDR FORCES IN 1940 British Say Path Widens For Parley Upstate Strike In WPA Ranks Said To ' Be Officially Ended LONDON (/!') -- Prime Ministc Chamberlain's hint of a possible- conference table settlement of the Danzig dispute if there were ;· "clearer atmosphere' 1 broadened today into an international disciiosio:i ci chances for negotiation. While the British press played up the Prime Minister's avowal that cny peremptory German anwxatior. oi the Baltic free port would be :. fighting matter, there ab'-o was emphasis on the point that he left ihc- door ajar for adjustments oi Danzig's status. In his statement to Commons yc.s terday, Chamberlain defended t!i ( : status of Danzig--a League-protected free city within the Polish customs administration--as 'T.eithor basically unjust or illogical" but "i 1 may be" he added "that, in a clearer atmcsphcre, possible improvement- could be discussed." Semi-oflicial French .sources advanced a suggestion., which tncy indicated had Polish approval. It \va.. | that Germany be permittee! to in- j corporate Danzig technically intc i the Reich upon guaranty-ins tha j the free city would continue ;v, a demilitarized zone, and i h a t Po!an-~ cculd cor.tinue to navigate vnc V::- river and use the pori n-- a, present. Pcliind Is Willing They added that- Poland, recognizing" the Germanic clmr;;cfcr ;; Danzig, always had beeu r e n a y _ i ; negotiate a solution which \vouid c;e- pend on German willingness to cooperate rather than to seek j forceful settlement. Poland welcomed Chamcunain s pronouncement as making clear sne had the support of the western powers The Poles considered it nec^s- y,R-y to convince Berlin that liu-rc v a s a 7 :'Xi activities in Danzlff"weuW-not oe iterated. . . , Danzig Nazis received the Lm:.v. declaration of policy either as un- imporlant or leaving ths situauon unaltered but Berlin circles prcfe·*- ed to view it as a challenge. ROCHESTER (/!) -- Works Pro- jets Administrator Lester W. Herzog regards WPA upstate "strike difficulties" at an official end but Rochester officials aren't so sure. Herzog- said 512 WPA employes who failed to return to their jobs yesterday after striking last week had been dropped from the rolls, thus ending "strike difficulties so far as upstate New York is concerned." At the same time, however, Robert J. Benedict, labor relations supervisor and acting director of the Rochester projects from which the men struck, said only 2,356 of an estimated 4,344 persons were at work yesterday. Only two projects were fully- manned all day, Benedict said, as flying squads of pickets pulled workers off jobs in protest against an increase to a 130-hour minimum work month. The five-day dispute, he added, has "seriously in- terferred" with project, operations. Herzog made his announcement in Albany after a conference with district directors and supervisors. ] including Robert Hoffman, of Rochester. He said 227 Auburn workers who walked off projects last week :'n protest against the new federal a:t returned to their jobs. OFFICER KILLED IN WPA RIOTING IN MINNEAPOLIS State Thrift Budget Left With Issue ALBANY i/l'; -- Final adjorun- ment of New York's Legislature left the state a 5390,000.000 "thrift" budget today and Republican majority lawmakers an "economy in government" campaign issue for politically important 1940. While GOP leaders expressed confidence in voter reaction to their repeated S25.00C 000 cut in Govcrno' Lehman's spending proposals for the fiscal year beginning July 1. minority Democrats predicted a gain of "millions of ballots" through what they termed Republican ··po- litical hypocrisy" in "cutting efficiency and necessavy .^emcr; of state government." Called to repair a portion of the Republican budget which the courts invalidated because of substitution of the Democratic executive's itemized appropriations with reduced "lump sums." the special Legislative session completed its work and adjourned at 11:32 P. M. (EST) las! night after: i 1. Defeating Democratic attempts ; j in restore a S10.000.000 cut. in state! [aid for education and a S7.000000 slash in highway funds and to reconsider a bill repealing Republican-sponsored legislation suspend- Fire Blocks Trains At Bridge ~ MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. -A policeman's death following riotous ilj ^ cl ^. 3 . scenes Monday between M.rikir,?, j p f t e r t)le New Y ork V-i PA workers and ncn-slriKers in · dcwntown Minneapolis brought ali available police on duty today. Night and mid-shift patrolmen were ordered to their posts by Chic: of Police Prank Forestal as word spread that WPA strikers planne.l I-LW demonstrations to protect lengthening of the WPA work montr: bv Congress. 'Victim of Monday's violence wa.-s 40-year-old Patrolman John C-earty Pummelled upon the head ana shoulders by half a dozen men as he ing annual salary increases for state civil service workers. A'wd For Action 2. Rejecting a bill to prevent closing of New York City kindergartens and night schools and permit suspension of teachers' salary increases. The vote was permitted ;ity Board of i Education asserted such action would be necessary as a result of curtailment of education funds. A wave of protest followed. 3. Approving a $121.123.83 suplc- mental appropriation bill representing costs of the court test of the constitutionality of the ReubH- can "lump sum" budget and the special legislative session to repair The sternest debate of an extensive partisan struggle out of the special session, swept through the _, uu .,,, ,, ,, - - W.d Officer Paul Larson tried tc put j As£embly j ust before adjournment Some Nazi circles corr'nemco | r;ank F i sc her. 45. a non-striker. or.j a s Dem0 crats and Republicans each fnat a "reasonable solution" niignt be found but the Gorman comrr.en-, Deutscher Dienst. asserted ' ~ " a street car and get nim away from threatening crowd. Gearty died hospital shortly afterward. Dr. G. -.' i v - } " - - _^ ; -ch 26 when Poland rejected Gei - j sought to place responsibility for "closing New York City kindergartens" on the other. Minority Leader Irwin Steingut. vainly objecting to consideration of the Mitchell bill to forbid closing of the kindergartens, asserted the M i.-an Danzig demands. Protection Sought For Non-Combatants *\L - T O I L OllClinit-. * l A i i *» I yv *' v -- Ui IHC jviiiuci ^t** f.- -j-* *.s-v» v-»-- Mississippi river here. 20 additional: entire d j fficu ity arose f rom Repub- r;iiitary police were detailed tc res- m can budget cutting. en ation " entrances after pickets j -i think members thieatened workers leaving hospital project. SAN FRANCISCO 01" - A pro posal tc- protect non-combatants! rnd civilian populations from the horror? of aerial warfare was brought to the American Bar Association today. J£3TSTS£«." £S j 5 «f»^ss'^ the parent group to appro\e a "world-wide agreement to cease for arsr-Kg as?« ^s^^^ corr and tobacco. A record surplus of H.350.000 bales ol cotton had been Wallace's big- t worn- for months. Alsc of con- of your party veter- ] nov; realize a mistake was made." | he shouted. ; The final vote, by which the bill 1 was defeated. 82 to 56. crossed party j lines, with Republican Assembly. i »t n LI man R - Foster piper - anci Harold Provide New Problem j ^^d^ 5U B Sk' 3nri speaking against the G. O. P. Tobacco, Corn Crops Playing With Fire, Soviet Warns Japs MOSCOW f/Pi -- Outspoken warnings to Japanese that they were playing with fire in the outer-Mongolian undeclared warfare were published by Sovfet newspapers today as the Mongolian people's republic observed the 15th anniversary of its founding with Soviet aid. Red Star, Soviet army paper, said the Russian army was helping the Mongolian army in the fighting 1 which has been intermittent along the Manchoukuo-Outer-Mongolian frontier since May 11, and declared: "The insolent raids of the Japanese provocations will end in a complete fiasco." The red banner of Vladivostok, site of Russia's far eastern military base, listed five reasons why Japanese were "attacking" now: 1. To safeguard the left wing and i f r of Japanese armed forces u the Far East, while preparing for war against the Soviet Union; 2. To isolate outer Mongolia and the Soviet Union from China; 3. To prevent union of the Chinese army with the Outer-Mongolian and red armies; 4. To get control of Outer Mongolia's raw material and livestock for use in a big war; and 5. To create a central base of operations on the Asiatic continent. Government Agents In Louisiana Due To School Scandal NEW ORLEANS tA) -- Mure government agents moved todav thiough the troubled Louisiana scene where a university scandal has spread into far-reaching in- ouirics. While various federal officials P'oberi the disposition of some of the S7;".000000 allocated the state by the WPA since 1935 and additional millions from the PWA, others searched 1C?- fraudulent use of the mails and i?;ccme tax evasion. At the same time the Baton Rouge parish grand jury sent for the larg- sst list of witnesses summoned since Dr. James Monroe Smith was charged, with swindling the- state university of which he was president nine years. The school's board of f-uparvisors, under sharp fire by faculty members and slightly reduced by resig- i:aticna. was called into session to consider numerous recommendations which Governor Earl K. Long said would be submitted to it. Meanwhile attorneys lor Dr. Smith, still in a Baton Rouge jail for h:ck of 850,000 bond, indicated they would make a statement ior him today, although they did nci reveal its nature. Smith, when he was brought back under guard · from Canada, exclaimed "I was ill advised to go .way. I shall have more to say later." Is Seen Now As A Boost WASHINGTON '(IP) -- ..Pres!'-"", dent Roosevelt nominated PatnL. . V. McNutt today to be federal security administrator. McNutt, who now is American high commissioner to the Philippines, has indicated he will retain his present post for several weeks in order ' iu! "clear " : . up details. V I At Japanese Army Headquarters i Near the Mongolian Frontier -- r Delayed) -- OPPOSITION TO SPENDINGPLAN IS DEVELOPING . Remnants of WASHINGTON (JP -- While ad' Soviet-Mongolian forces apparently i ministration lieutenants were press- i still held positions on the Man- 1 choukuoan side of the Klialka riv- Who-o-ff! A great pillar cf flame and smoke suddenly mushrooms skyward from the New York, New Hs»ven and Hartford Railway bridge at Cos Cob, Conn., as fire sweeps through the drawbridge control house. Gas tanks beneath t!;e house have jUFt exploded. Trains bound to and from New York C'itv were delayed for several hours. The bridge snails the Tiarius River. ui 6 for prompt enactment of Pres- I unuuh.Ltuan oiut UA UAA^ i».inv.i*t» ».. ; ident Roosevelt's $2,800,000,000 lenu- ' er late tonight after a day of heavy i m g program, signs of stormy oppo- '· artillery and aerial activity. , s ition appeared today in both House and Senate. Legislation to carry out the pro- SHOWDOWNON GUARD OFFICER NEUTRALITY IS SAYS BRIDGES PUSHED TOD AY A COMMUNIST I In this border wariare which i started May 11, Soviet troops ap- j parently were resigned to long I range "fighting for an indefinite i period. I Bombardment, by Soviet planes east of here along the Kholsten river was followed by a Japanese army spokesman's statement that the 'Russian airmen were dropping bacteriological bombs to contaminate the Japanese water supply. He declared that such bombing gram was submitted yesterday, and WASHINGTON (Jf) -- The capital's favorite light occupation-- ta.king politics--is getting an ex* tvaordinary mid-summer workout by the disclosure that Paul V^ lAc'Nutt will become federal security .administrator. In the air-cooled Senate ancl House cloakrooms, hi" the..'.siiadv- Georgetown gardens where society drinks mint juleps, and even on steamy street corners the question is t h e same: . . . .,... Does the appointment mean that President Roosevelt is giving the:ru- tiring high commissioner to the Philippines a boost toward the .1940 Democratic presidential nomination? " ; ' : - -·- - · · : . · Senator Wheeler CD-Mont); who recently declined consideration as-a vice presidential candidate; said flutly the object was "to build «p McNutt for 1940." Some politicians took a 'less direct view. They argued that Miv-Roose- i; elt was not necessarily showing favoritism for the : former Indiana, s r.vernor. but recognized his lit~"wjis.. i ii: the ring and was-giving-· himva chance to stand or fall on the-record he will make in a key position here. Lined With New Deal There is general agreement .ir. political circles that McNutt's selection puts him in direct alignment with "the. New ,real forces. Senator Johnson (D-CoToT commented that · hearings this week. The program, substantially outlined by M: thai ! roads, publii WASHINGTON 7 #·-- The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted today to postpone until next session of Congress consideration of neu- tralitv legislation. WASHINGTON '.-3'' -- The largest tobacco crop on record and a corn ··ror- far above normal threatem- todav to shoulder Secretary Wallace ' lus problems as he cmbarkrd on a S928.000.000 program dc-iicned to help solve old ones. A "forecast by ;he federal crop re- sored measure. Dr. Benes Leaving For Europe; Lauds America tives." _,, , The 3.000 delegates at the 62ncl annual meeting of the barristers held sectional meetings today prior to tomorrow's session? of the general convention assembly and its house ol delegates. BREAKS HIS I-ECJ LYNN. Mass. .V -- Thr next liinr \Vilbi.ri Mahr's au'omobiic M)i«'«k^ :']iirbody rlsr will h^vr to k.r Ihf J-qurak. Mahr fJr-.n rar m'" » "H"C s'aiio:: r. : ch1 I" have a -*qural; HIT drov-c over a grcaw pit llw-n 3jcrajn- so absorbed in scarch lor Ihf squeal-; thai. 3n- h~: ana 3u- TRY REPORT WASHINGTON iff*) - The potion -of the treasury on July 8: Hc- ceipts; cxprndilurcs. Slfl764.fi2fi.82: net balance. $2.741.- cern have been large supplies of wheat, rice, dairy products and CHIOAGO ( .f t -- Dr. Edward ^^^ Jormer presidcnt of czecho- Slovakia, said today he was leaving for Europe's "dark, troubled skies" j certain that Democracy was .-ecurc WASHINGTON ' -- Administration senators urging immediate debate on the hotly-contested neutrality issue were encouraged today City. ! by a division among their oppon- ;pon- ' cuts over the wisdom of seeking j delay until the next session. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee .vas called together for a showdown vote. In advance of the meeting, friends represented Senator Borah. R.. Idaho', a leader of the opposition, as feeling the neutrality SAN FRANCISCO '.-3' -- One- day-old records in the deportation ;:::i' ?f Harry Bridge:-. toar;y be:'' the testimony of a retired National Guard officer that the West Coast CIO director \vas a "very able member of the Communist p a r t y " The Labor Department's No. 1 witness. Milncr. 55-year- o«vett some P promts ^ toll and -ural elec- and ,ural «« would do the had begun Saturday and said civ- fj nan cing, and Congress would ' tne | make appropriations to meet deficits whenever it appeared that as- I sets were not worth their book val- ! -Qg ' Chairman Wagner, (D., N. Y.) of the Senate banking committee and Majoritv Leader Barkley, (D.. Ky.) pointed" out that the administration made one major concession in ab- CLEYELAND ?· - Sheriff Mar- | andoning a proposed $500.000.000 in ion L O'^nnell said today he wa;-! foreign loans. It ^£ ut ^A* 1 TM'! ro 4-ec' that Prank Dolezal. con- 000.000 increase in the expon-im- . congee. L5ia ^ F ^ KQ f 0cleveland s ; !;or t. bank authorization for fmanc- senterv germs were released in water." Ancther Confession j I Sought From Killer: iv in the president's hands." While in the Philippines, McNutt vas not involved in American internal politics, and there had beer; I speculation that he might seek th? I presidential nomination as a com' promise or middle-of-the-road can- I didate between the New Deal and , fesseci slay cici retired mr.jor N- -,v-na! G-i-rri 't-.sliiier. he :-..:· worked a^ a National Guard undercover p.cent tracking down stib- activities in ihe Pacific Xon'mvcM. .Tin declared he was certain !5r:dae:- was a Communist. He v:a called bad: for cross-examination t-oday. BriciEf'-. Australian-born loim- shoreni'.-n'^ leader who c;une to in" United States in 1920. is chaigcd in the Oregon ! io'toiso murder victims, had reveal- ', ing exports. question shoulr oe carried to the . with beinc an slicn member of an British Officer Is Before Military Court SHANGHAI '/Pi -- Domci. -3«M- :in~w news auency. reported today iroin Peipinc that l,irul.-O: C K Spear, military attache to the British rmbar-sy n1 Chuupinc. wa.- laker- 3»efore a JapancM- -.nililar* rou;' 1 fl', Kalcan last Wednesday There was nn indication as to the outcome of the heannc for Sprar wlio had bren held since May ?fi on suspicion of espionacr. Japanese- .--aid hr filtered their North ·~hina line.v without, previous arrangements. in one country -- the United States. This, he said, was due largely ID America's press, which he desrribecj !as "the best in the world the 'most free, most informed ana irry objective." Dr. Bene. accompanied by Mr.-. Benes. and his nephew. Bolius Benes. sails tomorrow Ior l.ondnn ailrr a live-month. 1 - VIM! m the Ujnt^ri States durinc which he lectured at the University v ft Chirano and lulfiiileiJ numerous spcakim: rircncemeiit-s ihro-upliout the nation. Sof'ty Council MAY HKAR PH1LADKLPH1A ,T* -- Connie Mack's family and physician will. decide today whether he can listen to a radio broadcast of th" all-star came in Nrw York - - a contest Thirh ilinr-ss kf-pt him from att'end- mc as manager ni the American :..?a£Vir' i f - i m . Hr- hav bc-:-n ar-^i.-d a radio to follow thr- fortunc-s - arid rni.'iorfiinf-N -- of hi«. Athletics, but was AD much -imr-Tovrd laM r^ahl lhat he may ^-" aiJoxed t-o listen in today. AIR SQI APRON LEAVES LONDON /?·· -- Twelve bomber squadrons of the Royal Air Force 1 ork off todai- ior :· non-.~top traiu- ing flight to Southwestern Franc." and return. The force numbered between 150 and 200 planes. A French squadron will reciprocate with a i flight over Britain. Major Oil Companies* Sued For 3 Millions LOS ANGELKS '.Ti · monopoly, tlie UnHcri State.-. A1- t'ornry Gc-nrral Miecl l i; ma.ior nil companies for S3 OW.ono m Frclrral Court 1-oday. The covcrament .--rcl:. 1 -. 10 -r.M^b- h.Oi the Tight ol 1hr secTflary nl intrrior 1o fix miTiimum iw'ally prices JOT oil and gas taken from IrrJeral lanti:- nnd 1.o collffl royalties claunecJ Nue m t h f K'-tt'lf-rnn 1 .'] Mills Noith Dfime FK-KJ. Frarins B Cnt-chl(i".v and .IsirK-.- A. MuTr;'.v. spf-nal as.-'jMarjt.s t-o i')-;r- ,-·1 "oinry r.t-jv:--n^. ir^.u- ; ilv-'"- the MAKES A BARGAIN MANCHr^STKR. Corm. -.-?··· · - A f ···eltf-ririv 93 - dr-grer i.c-inpcnjtu." didn't ):ecp Tov/ii Treasurfr Georjjf- H. Waddell from snapping up ?. tip.rc.aiTi. Moppir." a?,-ay p?r?p3:a:ion. iv bought a sleigh that Auttionf-f-: Robert ~M. Reid had tried -without success Jo sell last Winter. Senate floor rather than bottled tip in committee. Borah conferred yesterday with such senators as LafolJette. 'Prop.. \Vi5.i and -Johnson. R.. Calif. . and told reporters afterward that administration foes on the committee hi'.d no aarcfment to try to pri^tp-onr .·irtion. 8o:nr members succe.^teii t h a ' the only way 10 ^void a deadlock in the commJitre or a filibuster in the 5r-n;ite w;is to brine out n COTipromise bill. T"ne adminis1r;i- tion v,-; : mK 1" repeal "he e:istiu; anus embnruo ;i.gainst w;-irnn^ n n - tirms. bu 1 .') h.'u rVv.rn other irn- ]risnls h;ivi' V-m made by r.idivi- iJual -Srarilfr.-. orc?.ni7ation c^'eMhv.i'.v by vhirh 'advocates the force n.nd violence o ed the true place where the head ol Mrs Florence Polillo. the third victim, was buried and that he would have him examined by psychiatrists and then ask him tc sign another confession. Dolezai told a third story abouv disposition ol the head while taking a lie-detector test, the sheriff said. He then led officers to a spot on the lakefront not far irom where the llth and 12th headless dead were ; found last August. th- fznvcrnment oi the United " Thr hcariir: is at An::el V. .". ir-i^iir.rrtion station in States M-:v; San Y Mil]:er D; "her inns" impor" - firi'-'e on t i said ;:fier l i . 15ri(iu ( 's iia is" pnrty. l.i" d Bridges ;il ii'- Commun:- He sain' Cn;r, Theater Project Will End Before Sept. 1 WASHINGTON .·?'· -- The federal theater will be terminated two ·nontns before the Sept. 30 deadline .set by Congress. A requirement in the new relief art 'hat no supervisory "r administrative cnmloye of the theater pro- · 1*cu coulri he naid alter Julv 31 rau-'.-'i the derision to Iiquit3a4e thcm t^i.s month. WPA Commi?- bther Senators contended that onlv a few of the proposed projects actually would be self-liquidating. Jap River Patrol Is Forced to Withdraw TIENTSIN (P -- A Japanese river patrol attempted to extend its operations to the British bund todav but withdrew when additional British police were rushed to the Hai river front of blockaded British and French concessions. " The patrol landed on the bund in pursuit of a Chinese Sampan op- ed' Chinese ryolicc to arrest the operator of a "Chinese junk. The Japanese withdrew when British ponce arrived. jv; a-**.*-- "this" "middle-of-the-road business," McNutt replied: "That's usually the safest place to drive--when the'road is clear it is." The tanned, white-haired Indianan said at the same time t-h-af everything done in behalf of his candidacy had been on the assumption that Mr. Roosevelt wouid not run fc: a third term. Indiana friencS who already have formed a campaign organization said yesterday mat they saw no reason to stop A their endeavors because he was taking an Administration post. Report Pendergast : Robbed of $500,000 KANSAS CITY (IP) -- Tom _ _ dergast. Democratic boss Imprisoned for cheating Uncle Sam of several hundred thousand dollars Jn income taxes, himself was robbed of $500.000 in the last 12 ymn. The Star says auditors and tn»s- ury agents have discovered a former high political figure .. c*sb«d $88.000 in checks on Pendergwt REPORT 25 KILLED MEXICO CITY ·.-?'' -- About 25 persons-- were reporlori killed or in- -nrr-ri -Tst'-rr^ay j^rar Celaya. Guan' r. i OK r ,.,... i : . , , Hr A 1 air K« irr.i IN. V: . - . ) · ' . · - . D:" 1 : n .(-, r . i · ' . - j- -.tirn V.! ! ]; '^Ti:'.:. Thr- -.Ji fi-.e-ioot 1 f-'l'!':T/'d Thf men ··-·;; uriiil t h f bunny ··; shook jt .nd killed f ·Jldi f»r. r J tr.:V ; -:"fve:op r -ri t V ro.itf- irom t 10 visi! yir". sa! 53r-'txi\aincr3 that m raws whrrr -,.,.,,]. ]r:r:nrnt to t h e ci^syir, of t h e t h f - ; j f ' - : ' projects could not br com- r)1c-! ri d by -lulv 31. it would br car- r;f-(i out bv theater personnel who v.-r-,iin l-iv Irmir-lcrrrd f other WPA WOKK MCAHLY DOMO \-1--.Vv' YCKK -V. Tli- r'cOra] '·i'ii r -tfl -o;i3v tl'iat it-- rrrovf-Tv -r.e rro::n;rn br-cun in 193R had . i - . - r c i ' t . ' . r - i-:f'-i"': in h r n v y conslruc- .,-, ;.inn '·rrp;!'V;ri:-n1 j'j I h f - N t . r i i . - ;·/·: - r , f , n -:. r-,5 1 .^ ' 3 i'TT O'fi 7'apld '.'·'. · · M Y nilri-.iT-'- r-i-.K-i-vor ci PV.'A '!,;.- rr-ijt ^i tr.e -.vork -.voulri be c-oiT-y^f-t'f-rj wiore January 1. BT TI.KR OPKRATKn PIill.APKl.PKIA ·? --%5a.i. Gen. - K : ; . f d l f - y P Butler, former rnrn- r--:a:iciani ol Marine*;, is in Naval , 'K.'i5.p::a! :'r-r a hernia operation. He - rf-ni'rned Saturday from a Southern ; lecture tour and expects to be in . openeti iir- on menibcrs of a Nationalist political organization known fir- t h e "Smarquista'-." Th-: clash occurred at Juan Martin ha- rampaicn 1(ur. i hospital three weeks. Consulate Damaged By .Taps; Warshio Is Sent To Port SHANGHAI .r: -- The British navy today rushed a man of war to Tsinjrtao. north China port, where the British consulate was dama^ied yesterday in a demonstration which British said was Japanese inspired. The !Wt t-cn fM-ort vcssri lxwcstoft reached Tsingtto from Weihaiwri. and it was reported lhat a swird «f bh»c jackets had been placed Around Uie e,»nMJJate. Thr consul pjt»lest«4 to J»- vaTH-j*- antharities aj^iinst v«s- terdav's dcmonstratim in wfcirh stone* and fn*CT»*kfrs thrown throvgH oMHMte dows. Thr 4*p*n«* nar? «*ii- t*. Tsinytao early in 193$. mainder 11**^ *««» ««*.. ------- ---- Emplovcs swear that Pendergast did not learn of the tooting uattl just before he entered prison: two months ago. One Convict Killed In County Jail Break ADAMS. Mass. P' -- One cx- convict was dead and another was bart: in custody today after police Icuns ended the pa ir ' s short-livp.1 ! r^cape from the county jail in Pitt*! field. ! Adams police identified the dcRfl lm?n a.s Earl Burrows. 25. of PiU;- i field, who had serve* ft term Jn j Rhode Island for a holdup and who ! was being held to face an automobile larceny charge. With him fled Joseph Martin. 37, of North Tarrytown, f t . Y.. who ,«niT* rendered when Burrow?: fell 6r»A with a bullet in his head as they fled thi-ough thick BODY WASHEI ASHORK BAY SHORE ^. -- j County officials were fac-en f.ith '"· | baffling problem today at tie portions of a woman's body v.-hx:h tii 1 * coait guard found«? up ''» iFire Island. Coroner Grovrr Stlii- i man said there was not cnawfh Jtii I of the body to attempt identification. He said, however, hf W#vm the remains were those of a wti«« woman about five feet seven Inches tall, although he could not he tiv*.

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