The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 10
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 10

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 10
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CALLER-TIMES, SUB., Aug. 12, 1951 Ode»Ni Lawyer Nam?d To National Post SAN FRANCISCO. A«g | , V i A ) -- John J. Watts. Odessa.; Watts, fleeted at the end of \ Texas, was elected president ol: Qj e association's session here, suc- !she National Association of Claim-i ^ attorney Melvin M. B«tfi Of (ants' Cojrfiwnsatxm Attorneys Vn-\~ TM, . " 11 j day ' San Francisco. KINGSVILLE JETS BUFFETED BY'ffUST STORMS--These sleek Shooting Stars of Jet Training Unit One are waiting to swjng into action when flight training starts Aug. 20. Roosted on the big concrete ramp while their hangar is being completed, they are whipped by wind and dust sweeping across the field. Clarence Place, Lockheed Aircraft Co. representative at the station, said the TO-l's have withstood far more dusty conditions with no ill effect. (Official U. S. Navy Photographs). , Dusty Kingsville Base Readied for Students .by JOHN V. JOHNSON jters. It blots out the sun at i n t e r - . p l e t e . They will be conventional, Caller-Times Stuff Writer I ' . U and make's an, oa'-is of tl t ' : ' . ' p i u ( iHn£ engine f i s h ' t i s and NAVAL AUXILIARY AIR ^TA 'btition Mumming jipot itUt I- \\ n · bw. \ull ht inlrgrst- TON, KihgsviUe -- The N.ivy s, Reue.itmn Ur i l i t u s »IP - \ t i e m - f ( l inl ° u " ' ^ i - » ' » naming pio- only master jet training; ba'-e i 1 . a H V limited Ivuept foi th" station »{'«"" ' !l t!l s h ' 1 ( busy, dust-blown outpost right )io\\,ij,v\irninnp pool un-l outcioni mov l o w e r . 1«o sweating out ail the problems o f j i e s Iheie is little p r o \ i M o r foi on \ \ o t k at .South f i e l d i ^ t e n t " - i n g jetting underway. .tertainmont. a b o n n l the base. ',-iround the rehabilitation of tiio Despite the fact that this was a Nemin Knif;s\ i l ' o p o v u l e i ju-n (.ititml I I \ P I md l u o h i n g - u s thriving- IraininR base duung ifj, and bwhns hut tbc riM,cn VN F i ( i ) f U Mill u n i i t t % \ a At Isoith World War I, it still is a long js tlut most of th«- G17 riJistrd Kit hi in ndtlitioii 10 umvuni, in- «tep from complete rehabilitation j n i e n nyw sUhorvd h e i e t i n fmrr r | u ,ii b u d d i n c ot a tink i 11111 thnt Tlie base is plagued by swirling little.constructive entertainment in jwill store 300,000 gallons of jet dujst storms, lack of recreation fay-1 off-duty hours. j f u e l . completion of the synthetic iiilies, and droning construction Housing In another headache, j training- building. rehabiliUtion of activity. The approximately 700 cSipt, K. R. Jcnes, commanding ot'-iU'.e control tower and one hanpar, military Mrsonnel nosv on b o a i d j f i t e i . estimator that 125 enhstcU. i ^ p l ueinent u \ \ . \ d ' Aid pas are faced with some pioneei ing 'men ate now aeairh »'p for a place (pipes nivi i c h i b i l t t ilion of exist- Much remains to be done. ito live in Kinssville. They ni-p the'lmff R-asolinc facilities. An estimated 700 constructionjmen with families. Kigh't officers | One building to house bachelor workers, hired by civilian comiai 'a' p looKmg for p!aie«i to live ' n f i u c i s hi- bern i n n o v a t e d ,md it tors, are still laboring to c m \ e out { By Pecembei nn e'stim.'ted Sl^lnovv o u u p i e d Tlnee moie w i l l a first class shore establishment. The Nnvy, however, aiming; to supply the fleet; with topnotch j?t Navy families will be looking for a j i-eadv by Derember. Plenty of place to live. J racks svc available for housing Capt. Jones said there simply is i listed m r n who don't have their fighter pilots, ia ready to start no housing available which will j f n m i l i o f i w i t h them. things humming;, » (match the income of an enlisted j A c l u b for enlisied men and BcRln* Totnornnv · (man. Attempts to stimulato build-K-hief pelt;/ officers is now under Thirty-one students, the first ing by having- Kingsvllle declared! construction. Kali mutes arc that a critical housing area have met l i t will lie completes next month. Class, begin ground school tomor. row. They start flight training Aug. 20. With that end in mind, intensive preparations are underway. New with no success. I No start has been made on an o(. Present plans call for reactiva- U leers club. tion of South Kif»ld in December.! Ciipl. Jones said, (lie $,'.2 million (North Field is boinfj reactivated iallociited to the s t a t i o n will bo ifZ^i^U L *· t. zftsMZi*. maintenance crews, green to t h e j f o r the j e t s ) . That'* the rensonjenough to g»-t things started. It mysteries of jet operations, a r e - f o r the anticipated sharp j u m p i n ; will not, however, bo enoueh 10 be'ing broken in by old hands. OldjperKonncl at that time. !really put the place in shape, he instructors are making familiar-1 Work on South Field h»s just i n d d e d , ization flights around the arca.lbegun. Some plunes now o p e r n t - i Kven I h e ?in million appropria- New instructors arc being indoc-1 ing at Ohnniss Field w i l l bi- tniiw-1 tion originally romiested probably trinaled at Cabaniss Field. I ferred there when work IK coin-[wouldn't do that, he said. Comdr. O. B. Staniey, training *^^ ^ , , ^ ,\ - · officer, said flight operations will begin *s scheduled. He expects training to be going hot and heavy by the 20th. All of the students trained here initially will have won their wings before their arrival. Some are brand-new aviators, others ar« in from the fleet. Heaviest construction work is go-1 ing on at the landing strips. One runway is very near completion. It no\v -is 6,500 feet long and is being extended to the specified 8,000 feet, . · . , ' ' . AnQtn'er runway, paralleling; that one, is expected to b« complete by October. . (Full-scale jet operations r0quire at least two runways. Because of their rapid rate of fuel consumption, jets need to have one traffic- free runway on which they can land without long delays upon returning to their base). TOO Much Dust Huge clouds of dust, rising from trucks and other heavy equipment working on the runways, testify to progress, they also make life exceedingly ·uncomfortable. Dust is everywhere. Fanned by hot, dry winds it whips into offices, hangars, airplanes and living quar- REACTIVATION HEADACHES -- Capt. F. R. Jones, USN, (right), commanding officer at Naval Auxiliary Air Station Kingsville, discusses reactivation problems with his executive officer, Comdr. J. E. Whitener. Capt. Jones said his biggest problem is making a ship-shape station with the S5.25 million allocated. Navy Pilot Killed In Michigan Crash LANSING, Mich., Aug. "11. (UP) -- A Navy fighter crashed »nd burned today nine miles southeast of her 9 and th« pilot was killed. " H« wa* tentativeily identified « Wendell Ames, a Naval Air R«- «erv« flier from Okemoi. Mch., near wher* th» crssh occurred. StaU police laid Am«» wa»j "barrel rolling-" th« ship near th« i ground when h« lost control. i CONTROL 'TOWER TAKES SHAPE--Workmen here are putting finishing touches to the jet base control tower. The old tower, wobbly and broken down, required complete rehabilitation. Construction work at the base, aimed at being ready for flight operations Aug. 20. is moving along at a rapid pace. Tower windows look out on the huge 8,000 foot runway now being completed. THE THINGS you write about concern us all, soldier. You remind us that liberty vears a high price tag-that somt of the things we value most must be taken from us for a while as we arm against aggression. You've given much. To a lesser degree all Americans are giving up temporarily some rights, freedoms and opportunities. But none-of us-Is giving up the right to get them back. Jack Bassett, Noted Bandit, Dies Penniless NEW YORK, Aug. 11. (AP)-Marcus (Jack) Bassett, SI, whose nine-month career of crima with Will!* (The Actor) Sutton made blazing headlines in 1930, died yesterday in Brooklyn, broke and on relief. .. . Bassett teamed with Sutton after serving a 10-year stretch in Sing'Sing prison for robbery. As "messenger boy bandits" -- they wore messenger uniforms -- the pair knocked off several shops, a bank, and jewelry -stores. Their biggest-' haul, was : jewelry valued at $139,000 snatched ; from the ...Times Square;, store.; .of Joseph Rosenthal Son. .But out of their total 5200,000 :loot, the "bandits netted only some $50,000 in' cash through sales to fences. , : - : Bassett was seized in Buffalo .after the Rosenthal ^robbery, .turned in; by a; jilted -girl iriend. He-got out, of jail in. January, 195p. '.Sutton isr-.still .at large. - . . . . . ''-r^.''..,.·'·/ : Educated at Bordentown - (N. -. J.) - i Military Academy, "Bassett- turned to crime as a youth. Altogether, he served about 30 years in jail. ! A good writer, he sold numerous fiction stories based on his experiences. ' · · . . . - Bassett had believed in crime, wine, women and song. But for the past year and a half he had been on relief. Found dead of a heart attack in. a. Brooklyn rooming house, he had on him only $2,81. , ; i Police believe he might have i been trying to make a writing) comeback. Near the body was a i battered portable typewriter. AIB STATION OASIS--Most popular spot on the base Is thi« fwhnming pool. It offers the only refuge from dazzling heat and awirling dust. Until grass and trees hnvt been planted and had * chanct to grow, Kings- vine's new station will continue to look like an outpost. This picture was taken at 2:oO p. m., about, two hours before the rush begins to the pool's cooling waters. Base recreational facilities are limited. 50 Women Pilots Enter Air Race In California SANTA ANA, Calif., Aug. · 11, (AP)--Fifty women pilots arrive this weekend for the Aug. 15 start j of the fifth annual All-Woman] Transcontinerrtal Air Race. j The dash this year, 2,348 air j miles, terminates Aug. 19 in De-i troit, Mich., in time for the final stages o? ths National Air Races. The light plan?? will be handicapped according to ths manufacturer's advertised cruising speed. Rules fillo\v only stork models rated under 300 horsepower. - 1 Winner of the race to Greenville, S. C.. in last year's eveirt i was Jean Parker of Arcadia, CalH. i Officials require the women fliers to stop at Fort Worth. But many of the craft will maXe other refueling stops along the course. Sponsoring the event are the Santa Ana Junior Chamber of Commerce and tha Los Angeles 9fts, a woman's aeronautical c l u b founded by Amelia Ksrhart. The Aero CUib fif Michigan and the lUiohigarr 99s will handle nmx'als in Detroit. (froai Mttr written by » H«U*«TIBI of U- S. Artillery In Kona) All of us must guard this right dearly. Because there are people who have been «aying for years that the government ought to own and run things permnentlg. "Take ovet- this business, or that Industry or service," they say. Now that we're rearming, these same people thlnfc they have a new excuse for letting the government "take things over." There's only one name for this: It's socialism. And most Americans don't want it. For socialism takes away your rights, freedoms and opportunities, not just for a while-but forever. Americans dont mind sacrifices when their .liberty Is at stake. For soldier and civilian alike, "no price is too great- except freedom.". ^CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY \Al Uonded Diamonds :.'·/ * /' ni-A, from LESTER S j» jirf itstntt Jilt beil rf svtfythinj, «e when S t *» d!«m«Hk itnt Mtrl* fw anyttiin^ \KI thai mriM ««9ht»f» KM® MAMOND1 You'll find tht irwt bwtrttfvi MttcKm of Iri4s( Stft A MV jton-i . OGW^MT ullTI^'' Mttnljf Oftu taliQfn rtlit. lOWfP MAW5NM at ytw bwt atf Hr to!w, atting, d*jr« tf f*rf«tto« W« CfTflt WWJflf, HSUM. liA "///· mMtf nlnl 10 O.«. 19 DIAMONDI In »+· color. . PAY NO MONEY DOWN PAY AS L O W AS $1. A W I I K IC I N T E * t $ T -- N O C A R R Y I N G C H A R G E S »too. m *$i TVO, ekrttk BONDED ^^ O R D I i t M*H LESTER'S 424 N. CHAPARRAL etr*

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