The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan on November 21, 1941 · Page 7
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The Bessemer Herald from Bessemer, Michigan · Page 7

Bessemer, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1941
Page 7
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November 21, 1941 FROM BESSEMERJjyu^jCPvjS. CONFERENClTI/i |Rke. End; Korpi, Tackle; Brothers, Guard; Heikkinen, Guard; Velin, Left Halfback; ^Placed on First Team By Coaches -' · Rouker. Kosmicki, Younsfquist Given Honorable Men lion After the tumult aud the shouting j ties, those who on the playing field: distinguished themselves by their ex-f j|ceneut performance now get their! ·Jim due. ! At JL meeting of the coaches held j i the Luther L. Wright High School I in Iraiwood, Tuesday night, the fivef :· coaches of the Donald Harries, Hurley, guard. Edwin Heikkinen, Bessemer, guard Walter Curik, Ironwood, center. j William Zell, Hurley, quarterback. William Velin, Bessemer, halfback. Joe Thomasiu, -Hurley, halfback. Dominic Moselle, Hurley, fullback. - . . For honorable mention the follow- Michigan-Wisconsin i ing players were chosen.: ------ i 33d Thomas, Hurley, end. Robert Kosmicki, Bessemer, end. Howard DeBriyn, Ashland, tackle. Lloyd Hovseth, Iron-wood, tackle. Clarence Stolt, Ironwood, guard. Matt Rouker, Bessemer, halfback. Kenneth Youugquist, Bessemer quarterback. John Pnvlovich, Ironwood, quarterback. Bessemer took eight first places on j the two listings, while Hurley copped five, Irouwood lour, and Ashland two. Game Fish Doing Nicely In Their New Home · Lansing, Nov. . 17--Two Michigan conservation department - handbooks Bill Velin, halfback conference teams picked the players whom ;hey thought would he placed 02 the first team of Ali-Conference team. The five coaches who selected the players were, Glenn Hunter of \Vskefie!d. A! Bntherus of Bessemer mo. oe piaceu *». the mythical ° U ha !m P« ven *ent of lakes and me my LIU nil _»____,_ ,,,_ «,,,!,.,,. , ., . in Michigan e rifle hunters are now taMne thom this doe with an arrow from ' went on another ^OM to reach several thousand the first * * t taken as a camp deer - as P""* 3 of foul- °f hn ' r Camp P urpOSeS ' KlAti ^. *TMV*S near Baldwin, shot £i£ ^ PaSt ** \ S '° W Io £? ^ yards away - and ^ aDimal Sales of camp permits on which does may be taken is expected streams for fishing are proving their value on the inland waters of South Africa. Writing on establishment and maintenance of freshwater fish in South Africa, in the journal o£ the South African forestry association, D. Hey, assistant curator of the Jonker-. shoek irout hatchery, pays tribute to j the pioneer work of the Michigan ] men and quotes freely from their \ texts. Both books were issued by the conservation department's institute for fisheries research to aid in improvement o f . Michigan sport fish- i cries, but they have been found uae- j f u l in many quarters of the globe. I The South African climate and ter- j ritory are not unlike those o£ the Elaine Brach -- 108 129 118 355 R. Novascone -- 101 64 77 242 Edith Brach 121 121 115 357, M. Contralto -- 77 78 93 248' D. Saudin -- _ _ 95 104 124 323' Totals 502 496 527 1525! B. Kahara 147 S. Harris IIS E. Mannie 91 E. Mannie ?91 D. Brach 121 Hand-cup _ 90 110 129 125 125 112 SU BOWLING Edwir. Heikkinen (Capt.) Guard ' North American continent, but their Bessemer took honors in placing the most players on the team, by having Eve Speed Boys on the first string, and three ohters who were given honorable mention. Jack Kraemer of Ironwood, Roy Mel- waters lack the game fish that have made angling' such a popular sport in this country. Since the introduction in recent years of bluegills, black \ bass, ar.d brook, brown and rainbow! trout, these exotics are reported do-! ing well in their new home. ' JUNIOR WOMEN'S LEAGUE Friday, November 14 BESSEMER CREAMERY Won 3, Lost 0 E. Burling 100 154 110 K. Ceno 112 105 128 I. Prtcco 151 104 110 P. Bartini 112 119 100 T. Schmidt 92 114 149 MICHIGAN Won 2, Lost 1 E. Hoaft 125 M. Micbela 87 D. Proctor 108 I. Brown 85 M. Rice 71 BELL 115 107 101 103 92 137 125 76 116 SO 377 319 285 304 243 Totals ------ 653 6SC BEAUTY NOOK Won 0, Lost 3 Dummy _ ______ 117 117 riummy _ ______ 137 M. Cuia _______ IDS Jarobson ___ H5 Succa ------ US G i A 127 12S 144 132 Totals 476 518 B E G I N N E R S Won 1, Lost 2 A. Scavarda 85 95 D, Boyer 118 96 M, Sampson ___ 120 Dummy _ 105 345! E. Jacobson ___ 58 3651 Totals 4S6 124 381i 126 373 S5 301" TS5 301 US 349 90 270 651 19S4 117 351 127 3S1 7S 314 121 WO 162 412 Get Your Permit To Transport Deer Through Wisconsin · iTanjfette. Nov. 17--laicky deer hunters planning to take their trophies through the state of Wisconsin on their way from upper to lower Michigan are reminded by the conservation department that they must first secure a special permit from coQserratioa district headqnarters at Ewen, Escaoaba or Crystal Falls. last year 7S5 permits -were issued at the three offices to transport deer through Wisconsin. The deer must be transported by the legal owner, who must have the special permit in his possession- State Jaw requires that deer mast be in transit not more than 4S hours after the close of the season. When hunters are unable to, get their deer ont of the woods in thai time, they may get a special permit form the nearest conservation headquarters. This year it will be legal to transport a doe. if it was legally killed tinder a camp permit and it at least one Quarter Jias been consumed in camp. Special permits, obtainable from conservation officers without cost,"also are necessary for shipping hides and heads to taxidermists and tanners. Hunters returning through Wisconsin are reminded that Wisconsin officers are strict in their enforcement of a law requiring that guns be broken down or in a case while in an automobile. Anvil News 534 152S: Totnls B15 64S 605 1S6S 117 105 68 87 SS 122 105 267 302 359 315 112 238 331 355! Deer Hunting First; j Bowline Comes Second j j · I j When it comes to the matter ot either going out after the deer or . E staying in town and bowling on their j regular scheduled night, the men : bowlers ot the National, Monday! night league, and the Commercial,; Wednesday night league, prefer to! Rice, end Tin of Hurley and Lyn Ashland. Hovlaud of Edward Heikkinen was named captain of this mythical team. The Hurley Midgets made a good stowing in the selection of the coaches by taking four of the positions on the first team and one for i Totals 567 586 i GUTTER RATS j Won 0, Lost 3 i Dummy . 105 105 S. Rs 101 79 86 109 105 105 Micliaelson _ 107 129 597 1760 105 91 11.9 105 128 315 271 314 315 364 Totals 504 525 548 1579 REDDY KILOWATTS .. ^uiit^uaj mguL league, preier toi let their bowling go by the board for ' Won 3 Lost ° one week. The' two leagues did · G - Gray --7 10 7 102 not meet this week as the majority! E - Kerrt -- 122 122 ol the bowlers must also he deer' A - °sier 123 135 hunters, and the majority rules. ! R - Blaba 100 132 The women as usual, went right! ? f · Keenen 82 75 aloug with their schedules and bowl- j ed on their nights, which are the Totals 534 566 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday JACK'S CAFE leagues. j Won 0, Lost 3 The hunters assert that bowling i can be indulged in throughout the en- [ tire long winter period but that deer hunting is for a limited time. 107 110 123 124 79 316 354 381 356 236 543 1643 4S1 514 1481 RAMSAY-ANVIL LADIES' LEAGUE Tuesday, November 18 W H I T E BIRCH Won 2, Lost 1 D. Vukovich 117 T-. Cerioni 105 IDLE HOUR !NN Won 1, Lost 2 V. Ban-on 135 no M. Callovi 117 132 H. ShogreR 133 120 E. Skur 9S 133 G. Kunsi 119 isg 102 129 117 89 133 347 37S 370 320 3SS Totals 602 631 570 1803 BRUSSO-JOHNSON N. Walkowski _ 90 E. Mithaelson _ 133 Dummy _ 99 Handicap _ 64 96 122 100 130 99 64 101 114 77 114 99 64 314 j Won 2. Lost 1 j R, Tillner 135 H. 3411 J 267 j 377) 297 192 Ellis 144 Halovec 123 ! B. Rigotti 117 L. Chovan 1 117 Handicap i Totals 608 611 569 1788 VARDA'S TAVERN Won 1, Lost 2 M. Varda 134 A. Mussatto 125 B. Jasper 117 B. Jasper 76 H. Varda ill 121 159 105 90 114 131 130 133 119 115 3SG 414 355 285 340 563 589 628 1780 BEN F R A N K L I N Won 3, Lost 0 STORE Wolverines Close Season Saturday Agrainst Ohio State John Brothers, tackle honorable mention. Ashland and Ironwood each placet one man .on the first team, while Wakefield was not able to secure any positions". The AU-Oonference team as chosen by the coaches is as follows: Edwin Korpi. tackle Jon Rice, Bessemer, end. . Don Stereos, AaitUnd, end. Ed Korpi, -Benemer, tackle. John Brother*, Besaemer, tackle. ANN ARBOR, Nov. 18--Football fans from two Ohio cities. Canton and Cleveland, may well be divided in their sympathies when Michigan and Ohio State clash here Saturday, Nov. 22, in their 38th gridiron engagement. Canton win have a representative on each team while Cleveland and its surrounding area will be represented on the field by half a dozen Buckeyes and two Wolverines. Harold "Tippy" Lockard, junior halfback, is the Wolverine from Can- tof Prom the same community is Bob Puller, one of Ohio's sophomore backs.- It is likely that Lockard will share the right half position against Ohio with Paul White, sophomore from River Rouge. From Cleveland comes one of Michigan's starting; guards. Bob Kolesar, and bailing from nearby Lakewood is Phil Sharpe. Both are Jnni- i at Michigan and Sharpe is an end. On the Ohio squad from Cleveland are Charles Cauri, end; Les florvatb and Paul Sweeney, halfbacks; Dick Palmer and John Pla- cas, quarterbacks, and Don McCaffcr- ty, tackle. Two ohter Ohio cities are listed on Jhe Michigan roster as being homes of Wolverine players. Norm Call, njnred tailback, is from Norwalk, while Chuck Kennedy, sophomore right half, is from Van Wert. 167 103 107 95 131 1 141 443 S9 34G SI 311 116 32S 151 399 1 3 Totals 637 604 5S9 1S30 ANVIL-PALMS TAVERN Won S, Lost 1 V. Johnson 126 A. Chernak 9S E. Massie 92 P. Westeea 96 J. Jurokovtch 99 Handicap 67 109 99 115 SO 14S 107 9T 118 122 S3 6 342 294' 319: 23S 7 201 Luther Arthur and son, Darrow, of Superior, visited over the week-end at the Hans Romstad home. Miss Ellen Arthur ot Menosha. Wis., and Mrs. P. W. Tresize, of Appleton. were also suests ot Mr, and Mrs. Romstad. Tuesday night was the first night of practice for the twelve boys who answered Coach I,. W. Johnson's call for basketball players. Those on the Anvil Junior High squad this season are: Raymond Chiapnzio. Clifford Min- chett. Theodore Krakovec, Frank Ste- mphiat. Eugene Giuliani, Victor Cal- lorZ. Bert Poxza, James Pozza, John Chiaca Jr., Edwin Balasz. David Rigotti, Jr., and Thomas Fribble Jr. Post Nuptial Shower A post-nuptial showEr was given in honor of Mrs. John Corona, formerly Miss Theresa SavitsM, Wednesday night at her parents* home. Cards werep layed. High scorer in bridge was Mrs. E. J. Kuivinen and low was Mrs. Herman LeCIaire. Game prizes were awarded to Miss Mae Martini and Miss Florence Brnsso. A laach was served at midnight by hostesses Miss Etheieene Paull of Iroawood and Miss Johanna Savitsfci. 4-H RECORD GIRL Totals 57S SINGER SERVICE Won 1. Lost 2 A. Mosich 90 156 I.. Sanders 79 A. Nobert ._ ios M. Beis'se! 144 Dummy 102 61S 590 17S6 132 37S US 137 334 126 IOS 342 111 124 379 102 102 306 Totals 523 613 603 1739 TESTING A RANGEFINDER FOR MEDIUM CAUSER N»MftL GUNS. Advertise in The Herald. THE EVE CAN DISTINGUISH THE CHANGE OF COLOR. WHEN Vl.000.00b OF A GRAIN OF BRIGHT ANlUNE PVE IS DISSOLVED IN A PINT OF WKTCR..' SOME OF THE RANGE FINDERS ' BEING BUILT FOR NEW US. BATTLESHIPS WEIGH 10,000 LBS.. AND HAVE OVER 160O OPTICAL AND MECHANICAL PARTS.' SO ACCURATE ARE THEY. THAT THEIR FACTOR OF ERROR. AT A DISTANCE OF 39 MILES WOULD BE LESS THAN Si* INCHES.' 15 STATES STILL DO MOT REQUIRE EVE-TESTS Of APPLICANTS FOR AUTO DRWINQUCEMSES.SAV3 THE BETTER VISION INSTITUTE.' THE EVES OF Houses ARE SITUATED AT THE CORNERS OF THEIR MeA05k*N ARRANGEMENT TMAT ENABLES THEM TO KICK AT VVOL\/ES AND OTHER ENEMIES VWTHOUT ING THEIR. HEAM. Legion To Present j Trophy To Speed Boys | · · ; The Peter Gedda American Legion' Post win present a trophy to the A. D. Johnston high school for winning the title to the football cham-' pionship of the Upper Peninsula for the season just ended. The trophy is a sun-ray gold offi-' ciaj size football mounted on a bat j elite ivory base. Inscribed on thei trophy will be the names of the plav- i ers and coaches and the record ot' the team. Bergland War Veteran Takes Life Sunday · John Tones, 53 year old World War veteran, took his own life by slashing his throat with a pocket knife. His body was found Sunday morning! near B«srgland by a woodsman em-j ployed by the Peterson Logging Company. Tones was employed by the' Peterson company near Merriwemth-! er. | It Is believed that poor health wast the cause of the suicide. ' B ETTY PECKHAM, 18, of Parma, named by State Club Leader A. G. Kettunen as Michigan'* 1941 outstanding girl in "all around" 4-H homemaking projects, receives an alt-expenie trip to the 2Oth National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago Nov.SS-Dec. B. » Her seven- year record includes sewing 29 garments, putting up 750 quarts of foods, preparing 35O dishes, raising a garden, and producing *652S* worth of dairy products. She won $95.17 in cash prizes, which made the value of her projects $1,524.80. mm. The giri will compete for one of six $200 acholarship* provided by Montgomery Ward, donor also ·f her trip. Th* contest, held f«e the 19th year. Is conducted in o operation with the extension aer- vice to train 4-H glris in hom«- making. ' Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Burdeau of Hammond. Ind.. are the parents of a son born Sunday. November 16. Mrs. Burdeaa was the former Miss Mary DeBlas] of this city. Soldiers in the United States army get 10 ounces more food per day than their father* did In the World War. Meet Your Friends at The Bet Be«r, Wine, Liquor Arco ErKdrer, Prop. IllELlfarySt.

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