The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 22, 1963 · Page 6
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 6

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 6
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Thursday, August 22, 1963 Plaquemine Rights Tha By AL KUETTNER United Press- Jnteriinttonnl Plaquemine, a small' but well- off town jusi south of Baton' Rouge, La.. - is an :Indian name j meaning persimmon.; The trees . grow along, the "Mississippi "River: bcuomlands a:id '-in Hie tall hang ; heavy with delectable plum-like Iruit. · ·· i Plaquemine also has another I Indian name. Osage Street. H is one of the main streets. used to reach -Dupont Annex, a'-Negro community within the city. The events ot the past · (ew weeks in 1 Dupont Annex and another predominantly Negro community. Seymoiirville, ha v e btcn about as distasteful lo townsfolk as a persimmon that has not yet; boon ripened by cool weather, j Bolh Dupont Annex and Scy-j mourvillc have been, the focal i points for wild racial disorders ! ihm havr been quelled with tear ; gas. electric cattle prod sticks j and a show of force by police. : SiniMHTs 1'0»E Tinic j Although some local officials; blan'.r Ihe trouble on "oulsidej agitators." [here has been a long-; simmering bitterness among Ne- j jroes--mainly in Dupont Annex.,] Apparently rocvr.l general unrest; among the nation's Negroes has j prompted an eruption of the volcano. Dtiponl Annex is complexly surrounded by Plaquemine,. a picturesque town of moss-hung oaks and Fi-ench aivhiioeuire with a population of 10.000. The Annex. Another Delay WASHINGTON CUPD- --. Final ! action by · the House Ways Means Committee on Ihe t a x . c u t and revision bill may be delayed Cooper's Space Capsule, Suit To Be Displayed At State Fair (Constitution Washington Bureau) WASHINGTON--Oklahoma Astronaut as^SiBfc-** *$'£ff££3*3SS'£ The ·committee is expected; to | homa State-Fair next month as part 01 a meet Monday-to-consider newly j U. S. space program exhibit,'-the Okla- drnlted language for a section, , ' homa C 0 n g r 6 S S i;0 n a 1 delegation an- lentativcly approved earlier, .im-1 nounced today. " Also in the exhibit will be the space . posing higher taxes on heirs ol big eslates. . Informants said there would be no vote on the bill itself '.hat day, .and Ihe timetable for final action probably would be pushed bad; until after the holiday. ' The committee last Friday completed ail major policy decisions on the bill, one of President Kennedy's lop prioriiy legislative programs. As tentatively drafted, it would slash individual and corporate income taxes a net 511 billion over !wo years, The panel still must vote on lh; language o[ a fina! draft. Other congressional news: Aid: Anti-foreign aid scnlimr-nL appeared lo be growing as Ihc j House entered, its third day of voting on the SO billion nieas- j tire. At least 23 amendments ' suit worn by Cooper during the longest space flight of any American Astronaut. 'Sens. Mike Monroney and J. Howard Edmondson, who made the announcement for the delegation, have been working to obtain the exhibit since February. In addition to the "Faith 7" capsule and the space suit, the exhibit will include the.following items: Panels on advanced research in space communications, weather, and repeater satellites from the National Aeronautics and Soace Administration. The NASA "Spacemobile," which will give lectures and demonstrations during the eight-day fair beginning Sept. 21 except Monday, Sept. 23. Panels and models of the Saturn rocket from the George Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Panels and exhibits of the Gemini and Apollo programs with material on the astronauts from the manned spacecraft center at Houston. Tex. These have been updated to tell about the Cooper flight. Sens. Monroney and Edmondson have requested that the Cooper space suit remain in Oklahoma City as a permanent display in the state's historical society museum. The delegation has also endorsed a request to have "Faith 7" displayed in the museum after it completes a tour of all the state capitals. El Reno Girl Dies As Car Overturns ivcre pending and others were be- By TIIK ASSOCIATED PRESS ing written as Democratic lead-1 An El Reno girl WHS killed late KI-S tried lo discourage members : Wednesday when a car in which Kennedy To Visit Las Vegas Rubbish Dumped On Conservation Project Tour i| n $| um Protest LAS VEGAS. Nev. fAP)--The LU\0 v^o.-vo. itL-v. · / M ; A - . ^ : V "u' VTIT3L' f A n i ITJrrV,* J Las Vesms Review-Journal said N ;- n ' ^ ORF ^ (AP'-^'eht dem- Wednesday President Kennedy visit Las Vegas in late onstrators were arresied Wednesday when they dumped p?ri o! a truckload of rubbish in (U.S. Amiy FlMKI) CLASSWORK. Capt, Rex G. Welty Jr., Fort Sill, teaches a class in nuclear effects at the annual two-week Fourth U. S." Army Intelligence School for Reserve personnel at iuwwer. is an unincorporrited is-! Fort Sam Houston. He is assigned to the Effects Branch, Nuclear Weapons Employ- land within ihc city limiis. : ment Division, USAAMS, at Fort Sill. The school ends Saturday. A railroad track across Osase . Sirc^i divides Dnpom Annex frem tho [own. On one side of the tracks, the streci is well- lishtod ai nigh!. On Ihe Annex sid? there is no pavement and no lights. There also are no sower lines to serve ihe squat rows of small houses occupied by mosi of Ihe area's Negro population. The Negroes o[ Dupont Annex have petitioned Ihe ciiy for IS years lo have iheir property annexed so ihcy can participate in ciiy improvements. The request has taken on more emphasis recently with word that Plaquemine has filed a request for a redeiftl loan 10 make municipal improve- mpnts. Fear Negro Vote Fear of a bloc vole by Xe.groes apparently has caused the five- membor ciiy council and Charles Schnebelen, "the mayor since 3WS. to keep Dupont Annex oul of town. The vote usually is 5-2 against annexaiion. Officials also contend t h a t the Inw properly trix assessmt'n's in the area would not provide thr money lo makr improvcmpnls should I he- Annex be annexed, .A nearby while community. Jumon- , villp Acres, was lakon in withoul controvei-sy. Scymourvillp jumped into the ourrpnt squabble just because it is populated mostly by Negroes. 1'nlikc the Annex, it extends out- vard from Ihe town limils. Tl has bc-'.-wecn 1.200 and 3,000 Negroes, depending on whose figures are' i:spd, as comparpri w i i h the Annex, which has a Npgro population ot from 1.500 lo 2.5(10. The PljjquC'.Timc I rouble was n Civil rights incident that whip-. lashed. Gordon Carey, a national i oflicor of the Congress ot Racial Equality, said the town was picked lor a ' · c o n f r o n t a t i o n " ho- causp of its liberal racial ; policies. : it is not unusual in and around ' Plaquemine lo sec Nep'o and white families living side by side l in peace. Judge's Order fails Jo Stop Negro March j By United Prfss InU'rnntlonnJ A federal judge Wetinesd;iy issued an oirier hailing demonslra- lions in Plaquemine. La., but Nei »roes marched a?ain in the racially tense Mississippi R i v e r 1 town. i Police arrested 1(H of the dem- ; onstrators. who srl mil in "task : force groups," and t h p day's total reached IS". Many of them were juveniles who were released later. Authorities said ilv? temporary' vesfrainins order issued in Baion Rouge, the stale capital 17. miles away, may not have been filed in time to stop the defiant pro-: tesl march. ; The Ncsiws marched on i h e city hall and counly court house, led" hy members of Ihe longrpss · ol' Racial Kq\ialit\' (CORE* and . the Southern Christian Leadership Confrrence (SCLC. : They were mot by hclmeted slate troopers, local p^ilicc a n d · ci\il defense wardens canyinR! billy clubs. | The order prohibited meelines, i sidewalk and street paiherinfis, ; marclies and other acliviiirs. Other racial developments: | Rirmin(;hiini. Ala.: U.S. A'.lor-, ney Macon Weaver sa:ri n false ' talc spread by an unidentified · Ncjri"0 was responsible for a wild iwk-hurlinc melee by 2.000 N e - , £rocs Tui?.«d.x\' nichl followiiiK the bombing of a Nefrro nitorney's home. The unidentified N'ejix) had blamed an earlier bornbinc. on Birminjrham police. | New York; Mayor Robert F . ' i I \Vafner said he would take part ' in the AUR. 2S civil rights march i in Washington. "1 am clenrinc my desk so I can gel down there '· in lime," Wagner said, i Athens, On.: Negro pickets sur- j rounded city hall in a new effort ! to spur integration concessions. i IHrrnlnghiim. Aln.: Mayor Al! bert Boutwell said his home hns ! been under heavy police guard because of threatening telephone calls that the residence would be bombed. i I'nrmville. Vn.: More Ilian a I quarter of the 1,600 Negro cliil- ; dren in Prince Edward County, : who have tone withoul public ! schooling since 19."B, registered for a free, integrated, privately endowed school system scheduled · to begin in September. llHtnn Ui'iip 1 , I-".: Twenty-eight Negroes will be admitted to white : public high schools this Jail. St. IxiuK M».: Negroes filed a suit in federal eoun charging ihe public school system is racially segregated. l.c-vliiclon. Ky.: Fifteen Negro demonstralors, including 10 juveniles, were anvsted when rhey declined lo leave a downtown department store after closing time in a diive against alleged discriminatory hiring practices. Penitentiary Isn't Home After All O K L A H O M A CITY (AP) -- Itoli-rt Krni"ii B l h l r wu* HII nmi'iiiHlly iliM'-nnliH'd m H n whi'ii In- went lM-fiin I), s. Dlxl, .Inilf 1 l-iillicr FVilmiiiiii hiTi- cnrlli'r |li|«i nniilli mi mi Inii'ixiiuc :iiiiu [hi-fi eliiire' 1 . H l n l r MIM] lie I)H(| s(H-iil ^fj of lilt IMI A - fjirN In prison nm| wiuilisl (li^ flvi'-yr'Hr nin.vl- n n n n x f i i l i M i f f , .liuli;e llJiliitnoii rumplii'r!, l i M l h i R ninlr he liiul m (liivs 1n elnuii^e his i n l i M t niil nuk for n nMltlCllnn of senlnuv, just in CHS** hU ( I n t e m i l n i i t l o l l waverril. n't^lin-ndiiy I t l n i r i-xcn'i""*! his rlfh( (n eluint;^ hN T i i i m l Hnii \vnl Hihi\iiini r n u n l n v . (·mviirtli f«-U?riil p t - n l t e n t l n r y I h n l In- linil riHinivldrrMl. Tin; evT H t l l l l l l l l r I l i i l l R I I vim. pll'll \illi llu- ni|iii".| iind n-. ilin'od tlio .spntPiii'c In ihrts; viMirs. TMm adding l» many rcslric- she was ridin, mi.ssed a curve on | Se ?ten bcr or early Oclober on a TM^,° , TM° ^ ^^ .:_.... ,. .u- i,:n ;i toumv road west of Calumet in tTMir n r mnwn'niinn nmim-rs · rla/ - H Io PTM«e s[ comic.ons in ..i Hall lions to ihe b i l l . a county road wwl of Odumei in ! i0 u T of conservation projects. Giant Cattle Drive Set For September PIERRE. S.D. (AP)--Whal may Canadian Counly and overturned. The death of Donna Trornben.o, ]7, raised Oklahoma's 1963 t r a f f i c The paper said in a story from Hobbs said Ihe car \vn.s driven by be Ihe biccesl cattle drive in i h e j E r j w a r d LanAC . 2S, El Reno. The Uniled Stales since the turn of the ; victim was pinned beneath it. cemury is planned for next month, j T|,,. re 0 |h Pr passeneers were in- RancliT RH' Houck. former j j, Jrec ^ none seriously, l i e u t e n a n t governor of South Dn Wa.s'hin|*ton I hat Sen. Howard Cannon, D-N T ev., has confirmed loll lo 427 compared with 126 a t ! (h ( . President will visit (his gam- thls lime last ypar. : bling resort ciiy. "" ' Patrolman Lloyd York The rubbish included rusted b^d- lapidated furniture. Seven of the demonstrators were charged with disorderly conduct and the eighth was charged wirh littering. All were released on bond. The demonstralion was organ- kola, said today he would drive 2,000 head 125 miles down Ihe Missouri River from his ranch in Wai CAT IIEWARDED READING. Englnnd (UPI) -- ·worth Counly to his Standing i William Butler. 1?,. left his cat. 1 B u t l e spread near Pierre. The i Tibber. 51,400 in his will because I drive is lo slart Sept, 15. - ,;],,, scr \-pd as a "wBlchHoR" each I Houck said he planned his -; . ^ f , drive "to promote the cnttle mi d u s t r y and promote South Da-: fli'ink, it was disclosed Wednes- i kola. 1 " day. NOW YOU KNOW By "C^iltfd Press Inlcrnationnl The Liberty Bell, situated at Independence Hall in Philadel-' i-/ed by the Congress of Racial pliia, weiphs 2.0SO pounds, accord- · Equality and the £BS[ Side Ten- inc; 10 th.e World Almanac. ' a n i s Council. Back-to-School Sale! DESKS AND BOOKCASES W e hove them in Salem Maple, Walnut and Mahogany af reduced prices. Pricei Stort at 14.85 Up --W c Deliver-Cremer Furniture Co. 514 D Avcmje Dial EL 5-0357 FINE WHISXY - 86 PROOF IMPORTED 3T OLD TREASURE DISTILLERS CO.. PHILA. You ( a n (Onnt on t s . . . Q u a l i t y Costs No More a.t Sears REAL ESTATE LOANS Prompt direct Mjrvicc. O k l a h o m a Mortgage Company Sccnrity IViiifc HIlR. EL 5-K12 SEARS SENSATIONAL AMMUNITION VALUES Soviet Ships View , NATO Exercise i PORTSMOUTH, Englanr] (AP) --Vice Adm. Charies B. Martcll. American commander of NATO's Atlantic strike fleet, arrived a t 1 this Bniish naval base Wednesday ' nijhl with a Soviet shadow not far behind. Aboard his flagship, thr U.S. cruiser .Newport News, Mariril said r.ix Soviet trawlers sr^ied' on a NATO exercise which has .iu.'rt. ended in thr ffasL^rn AUantic. The exercise involved · 1~ U.S. Ships and 16 British ships and sub- · marines. Detach.Tiants of the British and French air force brought the total of men in i.he exercise 1o 25.000. Since 1S30. Assuteasue Island has "moved" 2.000 feel toward Ihe Worcester County, Mri., coastline. Tidal action erodes the coastline. SEARS ROEBUCK AND Ct) IHRHIIIP Quality Plus Economy! SAVE UP TO 20% On Automobile and HOMEOWNERS Coverage Be SURE and COMPARE Coverage and Rates . . . Dial EL 3-6222 DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT STORE 44TH AND CACHE ROAD LAWTON, OKLA. 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