The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 2, 1947 · Page 14
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 14

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 14
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TTfK vtJp; ttEttAT/r They'll Do It Every Time ft»«M*r*d U, I, ft»t«M By Jimmy Hatlo JEEPERSITHE CROWD. I GOTTA EXPAND. THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT - I GOTTA EXPAND i HAD A LITTLE SIX-STOOL BEANS!?/ IT CRAWLED WITH CUSTOMERS 24 HOURS A DAY · ; 'CHIL! BEANS '"* V,. JOINT ·$ ir_-iS f t !· m :t~ .' *?, » v .V J7 1 Ui . ts. f=\J/////l,:l il 7 ·^ \v f " ' //f {·-.. ?* 4 ^ '. ** b-2 OF* JH^HIli"' "^^-i OUR B O A R D I N G HOUSE- r 2i -HE SUNK ALL HIS DOUGH IN A JOINT AS AS LITTLE AMERICA- AMD JUST AS LONESOME JOMNNV MERRILL, 317 SO. 12ty ST., . COt'K. l O d 7 , K l N G f B A T U K E f l SYNDICATE."Inc.. W O U L D R I G H T S HBB ·8 KMSteV TH'WJNG FLATTIE . mw*c. SURE ~*TF#OM TH'PARK. 1 GOTTA YOU'ftE M MO FIT ) TOOL OUTA Mse/tfsTS STATS TO BE^t ~BEFORE,1Z $££S ^ 1 '5/L V£ " W TM' BACK SEAT,' THXTFLATFOQT SOME DUST f MKIVHOW, ME BUCKO-WE GOT VDUR MUMBER.' OUTA 5TATE LICENSE COMIM' POWW OUTA TH' CLOUP5, "SILVER"?--* LOOKS Ukf? PORKV'S GONKIA HAV5 TO PARK H£RE AN ROCK BABY TO SLEEP/US/UN , w 8 # if you got} We ivou/dn't in 3 fight with ' Joe Loute, would you win? A^r^ /7^ ^l/e/7 /77^ ^r e'a'^/? other I Zyr,./ dTb/?'^ 5^y / would ana I don't say I wouldn't. I guess (gulp) it would be pretty close. '**». . v A " you smirking )||j EJhout? :'!{ -With Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY* R VOO SUR.B OO«. IS APPROPRIATE FOR. A LIMOUSINE OF- AUBEP ;'---TKPx VSO'Cl EXERCISE: ALL , 1 T£l3ST, 10AVOID LACQUER X -ftus ROSTV 801 UR BETTER TVUXrtlK MOLE OM AAV MOTHER-11^ ~ LAV^S. cHiK* -*~~r\je TOV^BD THE QUO - WA60N PLNTY/THBh* /A pistols is AS* Loose' \« AS PENNIES · · -By Williams . j O O O O H - H - H / " HE / 6»EZ-- "OW.' YOU'RS 5K1KJKJIK)' ME/" WHEN V WE WA KIPS, HOW HE RAZZED US,' ' · \ ' OWoo/ VOU'RE OW/ / GET 'I=M OUT \ / OP HERE-- I'LL \ 30 DIRTY / I TILL 1 GET \ WELL IF YOU ( DOW'T LOCK V 'EM OUT.' THEY COULP HEAR YOU OUTSIDE/ //////w# f WHY MOTHERS 6ET GRAY SORRY I CAN'T HELP \T WELL, MAVBB \ IT. TRACING / W E OUGHT TO TELEPHONE I SIT TH 15 OUT OF MY LINE-- TILL I GET MY WMAT'S THE MATTER, AFRAID Or- ME V / I'LL TELL YOU SOMETHING. ' iVe BL'C-N URGING BAT 7O QUIT THE FIGHT RACKET. THEN HE . WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THREATS AND V GETTING PUNCHED SILLY, ^^ ·^j A VERY TOUGH CUSTOMER, YOUR HOUR? GREAT BALLS LIPE'5 AT -STAKE F,VE!?Y MOMENT IT TOOK / TOU6H, A. WHOLE , . COMPANY V HE 5 TO -SUBDUE _ HIM; ( ///' ,/L- I WOMDER JUST HOW TOUGH THIS CUSTOMER F2EALLV ? ^m^i- «".V' Turne Screen Star A I I H X V C T (o Pri'vlouN H O R I Z O N T A L 1,5 P i c t u r e d actress I t Light boats 13 First 15 Also 5 V e r m i n f l A f r e s h 7 W r o n g ( p r e f i x ) f l P r e p o s i t i o n 9 Free 10 E l e v n t e d W EfD ... i n s t o x v c d fruits Jig e m wel « ht 18 Expire 12 Droop IP Road (ab.) 20 Increased R .._. DS R QCCNABO b" u L. O IN D A T _ fi P T FINALLY MADE HILDA SO ANGR/ SHE FORGOT ABOUT k!LL-'EN\WITH- KINJDMESS WEEK--- J -·AMDWHATS MORE, y L AMOUR TOUJOUKS BLIMP-. DRA'M , YOU'LL V L'AMOUR./ ,HAVE TO GET DOWNJ / v. JT CM YOUR KNJEES IF / I YOU WANT A DAT^ / f WITH ME/ \ !?/···''' r-^jr^. A:-- #'.fe i,:?^ r, : ^B LOOK , BABE, I WOULDN'T KVJEEL FOR THE QUEEN YOU SETTER. GIGM OF SHEBA / / CJf-h-- ^ P ^ '%$/·( ^i A CALL .; .GARAGE/ ·^·'V, ^^f' BUSY / DCN'r LOOC M£5 GC-V LIKE GrcuBBLL'-S C5O\JWA GET HIS CAC ION/GMT V OU'R FAULT/ 14 Conducts 2fl Tnnir spasm 44 Worm 17 h A omo hamS 33 Georgia 47 Cntch (coll.) 21 A m o n r n V f l h I 23 R ° ll ^ lftn l a k c ^ rnl - erSl ' iCC 4B ^^^ AmoMcn (an ) ^ Obsorvcri 3B vinnr's helper 4f) WnpitI ^ unactom- 2S Kxpungc 3 7 C h i o f s 50 Wn«or 2(5 Fncjd quickly 4 I R n ! c ; i s o fi2 Parnnt 27 Dress 42 Doprivnf.inn 54 Infill protector 13 Good f pi'cHx) (nb.) pnhied 20 Cloyed 20 SintfinE voice 30 Footless "In his final semoster ho got all A's--Junior, say something in algebra for Mrs. Parsons!" 31 G r e e k l e t t e r 32 VaKe 33 Wise m e n 35 F i n g e r 38 B a r t e r 30 Follow 40 An (Scot,) 41 Hun away 45 Sun god 4fi U n i t of weight 48 W n k e n 50 Evil 51 Passes by\ fi3 Free?. i n g raf .8 55 Lowers *30 C h i l d ' s toy VERTICAL 1 T r e a t 2 Finish 3 Accomplish 4 Assent 51 55 V'tfi ^ 2.4 20 Ii i ft ·Jiii-j-i n IR 10 TT ,^t LIKE THAT CKACK THE , N \AN iK THE BARNEY GOOGLF: AND SNUFFY SMITH "~^^\ 'aiue ./mm -- x -- D!D VQU« \ AUNT LOWIZIE'S TRVIW UNCLE SNUFFV TO GIT HIM IN TH 1 MOOD PROPOSE YET. / NOW, M1STOFCR GOOGLE / THEY'RE PI-SETTIN' ON TH'OL'RAIL FENCE WHAR ,A TH£V COURTED THUTTV- ODD V'ARS A6O --By Fred Lasswcll · CALLfii MIC5 KWNflLE.Mj WHILE I DIDN'T KNOW ...WECAM ARRAN6E FOR/ FRANKLY, TWv -SET- COLiAfEPAL/ TINGHUMGRV'.WHf'D WHEN I SEE VOL! NEXT I SHE WANT A BUSINESS HER. DAD'S (\ BIG SOAP TYCOON! ,,. AND, STACEV. CALL C HWWl LEN'S CUSKWd TO FATHER. AND TELL Ml^ \ WASHINGTON, AKlD SHE r t I'M TAKING THE 9 O'CLOCK NEVER. ASK *~ PLANE ANP ^AAS R.(NiS ) WHO IT COULD BE / YOU [ V IDEGS!! V '.! THE LITTLE IMP/ / ( WOMEN /THEV'RE WONPEQPUL, SIC /THAT'S I'M A BACHELOR/ SKIPPING OFF TO HEAVEN-V, KNOWS -WHERE, LEAVING \ \f i ONLY TRAVEL FOLDERS AND I A NOTE CHALLENGING ME J TO PIND HER/ APPy^REWTLY THIS ^XSHE'O PROBABLY ASSUME ELABORATE FOLDEROL \ THAT MISS LEE MAD IS JUST TO SPITE ME \ SUPPLANTED HER IN FOR HELPING PAGAN LEE/ LYOUB AFFECTIONS... WONDER WHAT IP I DIDN'T Blf BAIT? SHE PLAINLY CHALLENGES ) BIGHT. TWO YOUR DEGAPD FOP HEP / EVCELLE^-T _A_NJ2 VOUC ABILITY AS A DETECTIVE...THE LATTER TO ASSUPE THE SUCCESS OP HER SCHEME/ 'm:~ it / sA\vvr;n --By Roy OLMiM'SIEUR.J COM- TWU ^cc/wfvti DCCJN \ wuji (V\ i tieuts.,L wum- L05T IN THE JUNGLE-- PRGHEND PERfGCTLY. 1 AW- MO LUGGAGE? NO PA55PORT5? THIS TOWW LOOKS PRETTY RUM-DOWN) ITSELF. THEKEA6 ONLY OME I4C COME ON, MAIS OlM, I GAVE THEM ROOMS. TWO AMERICANS WITHOUT PASSPORTS. ..VERY SUSPICIOUS. I THINK THE PREFECT OF POLICE WOULP LIKE TO BE INFORMED. GjBE,, .CL ARABE-LLE SOUNDED EXCITEP! PET ^ ^ EMPORIUM *A Pet? 6-a AAVSISTER'SVERVILLl YOU'LL STOREVVON'TVOU lCKEVTWANKVO WE LL . DON T JL-'ST A3

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