The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 10, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 5

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1939
Page 5
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THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA^ N/. 40, 1930.- PAGRFTVB GAME PROTECTOR aANTE^AWARD Thurston Moranda Given CompensatHm-'for Loss ol' Use of Right Arm Thurston Moranda, Canandaigua. a game protector employed by the New York State Conservation Department, was awarded a total of $720.10 in Compensation Court this morning for 10 per cent loss of his right arm. In a hearing held in the Court House before Referee George D. MacDonald, Moranda was awarded 31 2-10 weeks compensation at $23.08 per week. Injured in the employ of the Ontario County highway department. Russell C. Veak, Canandaigua, was awarded $276.90 for the total loss of the little finger of his right hand, suffered last Winter when it was pinched between two pieces of steel. He was awarded 15 weeks compensation at $18.46 per week. Edward White, Shortsville, injured in the employe of the Town of Manchester, was awarded $8 per week from Feb. 2 to Mar. 24 for 3J 1-2 per cent loss of his leti third finger. Other awards were: Barry Granted 512 Weekly James W. Barry Shortsvills, Market Basket Corp, Geneva, employer, $12 weekly from May 1 to 10. Theron Miles, Stanley, Mohawk Paving Co., Buffalo, employer, $26.06 weekly from May 15 to 31. Albert I. Habberfield. Canandaigua, Canandaigua Town, employer, facial disfigurment, $100. Clarence McMahon, Canandaigua, Canandaigua Town, employer, employer to furnish medical apparatus. Henry W. Killips, Honeoye, Richmond Town, employer; $12.31 weekly from Feb. 12 to March 27. John A. Mace, Canandaigua. Victor Insulators, employer. $10.62 veckly from April 26 to June 1. /teeaman White. Canandaigua. Canandaigua Cemetery Association, employer, $12.31 weekly from April 19 to May 1. Rulings Awarded $12.75 Week Wgliam L. Rulings, Victor, Victor Plaster, Inc.. employer, $12.75 weekly from Feb. 13 to Mar. 27. Willard Wright, Victor. Allen Bros. Canning Co.. Manchester, employer. $12.91 weekly from April 3 to May 22 and S8 weekly from May 22 to June 5. Catherine Brennan. Canandaigua, Congregational Board of Ministerial Relief. New York, employer. S3 weekly from June 12 to June 23. Peter Schram, Clifton Springs, Clifton Springs Sanitarium, employer. S14.23 weekly from Feb. 14 to March 8. Earl Camp, Canandaigua. A. W. White. Inc., Canandaigua. employer. $13.53 weekly from April 16 to June 2. Robert A. Viola. Clifton Springs. Street Bros. Construction Co.. employer $8 weekly from May 31 to July 10. Vincenzo l-usa, Manchester, Street Bros. Construction Co.. employer. S8.BO weekly from May 10 to July 11. ' Harry Sheets. Shortsville. Pepec Machine Co.. Shortsville. employer. employer to furnish medical apparatus. John Conroy. Canandaigua. Lisk Mfg. Co.. Canandaigua. employer, $15.86 weekly from May 23 to Juno 5. Jerome Thieleman. Canandaigua Lisk Mfg. Co.. Canandaigua. employer, $2 weekly from Feb. 3 to July 10. Love In a Cottage Is Fine, But- Mrs. Andrea. Lucki-nbacli Dohhs may be resting comfortably here on the porch of her Syosset, N. Y., cottage, but she told the New York surrogates court that she wasn't so comfortable financially, living on the earnings 01 her husband William, a, butter and eggs salesman. Blonde Andrea \vh incurred the wrath of her father, Edgar Luckenbach, millionaire shipping magnate, when she married Dobbs, was awarded 82,000 from her trust fund to make the cottage more liveable. i Bloomfield School Bridges Deportation Board Plans Session Chapin MRS. HERBERT FARNSWORTH Staff Correspondent CHAPIN -- The follovvinu hav- been guests of Mrs. Fred Nu.'kl: Mr and Mrs. Boilum. of Rochester: M;. and Mrs. Wilkinson and dauiihirr.-. Jacklinc and Joyce, and Miss Bruce. cl Fairnort. Mr. and Mrs. RCa V. Howland OIT entertaining his daughter. M~^. Jo'vi Lstchcr. of Albany. Harold Ecnham undprwrn; -i .srr- K.IIS operation Monday at Stroi.n Memorial Hospital. His cowii'.i"ii r jrportcd satisfactory. His'.rv. Mrs. Clarence Mof.rc. of Nr'.v York ;MI: nircc. Mrs. John Milici . of Dan- tr , arc carinpc for him. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Bakrr and two children, of Buffalo. Frank Smith, of Canandaigua. John E WiJlcr. of Danby. were Sunday r,«csl.s of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Fam'worth. Rrcrnl pucsi.s ol Mr. and Mi's. P;;iil Pirrson have brrn Mr. iir.' : Mis. I/-OM BJnncharri. Mr. am: Mr«. C:;*nde BtanrhnrvJ. Mr. ana Mrs. Charles SrHinpcr. WilJiam \V;iHhus ol Rorlir-s'rr. Mr. and Mrs. Cr.mpbcll and two cliiMrcn Cheshire. and Mr. a«fl Mrs. li Vrak. of ChapJ". Miss Rw-rmary MiUrr. ol HOLCOMB -- The annual meeting of the Bloomfield Central School District will be held Tuesday evening at 7.30 in the school building. One trustee will be named to succeed Frederick Buell whose term of office expires. Mr. Buell held the office for one year. Honored at Outing Principal ana Mrs. J. E. Giimore were guests of honor at a steak roast given by the agricultural teachers of the Finger Lakes District at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Verlee O. Linderman in Canandaigua, Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Giimore were presented with a floor lamp. Briefs William Teal), who i.s spending the Summer at Geneva was a weekend guest of his mother, Mrs. Fred Teal}. Morton Allen. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Morton Allen, and a member of the June graduating class of the Bloomfield Central School,.has enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and left Sunday evening for New York City. Mr. and Mrs. George Schutne?ht of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Appleton of Centerfield were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Appleton. Conrad Sundholm of Rochester is the guest of his grandmother, Mrs. Katherine Murphy. Mr. and Mrs. William J. McKay. Jr.. spent the weekend at Vine Valley, Canandaigua Lake', with" a party of friends from Rochester. Fred Teall is at the Veterans' Hospital at Batavia for observation. Mr. and Mrs. Leo D. Mahoney and sons. Jack. Neil and Thomas of Rochester were weekend guests of Mrs. Henry Birx. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Griswold and son, Richard, of Rochester were weekend guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. James Appleton. Miss Alice Bovlan of. Hilton and William Taggett of Charlotte were recent, guests of the former's grandmother, Mrs. Zadie H. Boy- Ian. 22 Plead Guilty of Liquor Tax Violation NEW YORK -T. Tw."i; ir;.IPhers of n ^! fl .ni)0 Nev. hnnrli N Y. boniir:: vine, which 'r.;t-.-.-.:r:'. i: 1 Orange N. Y.. pic::d r '. Sinity in federal ronri toci.\v ( fh;!iu^s o! coiT-prnry to violate f«*d- n;i] lifilinr 1.i: 1 r.v:.. Jlldze \Vii!7:i!' i Z ' i i i ' i y p'v p~:i'-f: :-· nlencf-; u n t i l ;t!':·;· 1.1:" i n n - t:f :, f.'cv/.rii nt)n" - ullrcrr; iiir'.uhfl:; i; llic rii:u. Thr Jn;tl is ^eiieduicd i f;ir'. July 14. LKAVK HOSI'ITAL Mrs. Rrbfi'i M'iniimn -ni'.t in':ini f:;:i]^hter have I r f i Tho'iipsoii Mvni- (.·r:;)] Hnspila] !ir tliciv 'ic.iv- ;i. 3 1 ..s- Mr. and Farjj.vtvorth. Miss AJIIW PacT-son *pWf la-- w--: 9". the Wwld's Faar in Nr-v Ynri:. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Muinnr;.'. ¥.!- v^rd Mandarine. Mr. ««n Mr. Emerson Vnn Grldf-r. .TI! fi Wil- nmpU-3i. De-la.. 'cv^ mrnt .mt*i~ o* Mr. and Mn. Samuel WaTs'-i . Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rr-i.-n. ;;nd 1,'mily. nl Geneva. Mrs. K^lim^- Sisllivan oi Rfirhrr-lrr. r.crr ".Wi o 1 Hicir aunt. Mir.s Kalhrriir. r,r:rk, . OIL 11KATER EX SHORTSV1LLE - F.rr. rr'^lliiK' li«m th!? csplrwon of an oi] h r n t r / .·-hortlv bfjnrr noon tM:.-v ( ; r n ~ . d ^:fiht" damnar to thr h a - r m ^ i oi ihc home nf William B-O".VJ n Tn- Tstcf Plarr-. Muss Chr-rr. Rir..=---j], 'jj Emergency Flight smoke w-epin 1 : upr.lairf. ircff. *hf j l-^K-mrnt and summwirfj 1:. r C: ' izt-ns' Ho.vf Company'. APPROVE STATEMENT j WARSAW '/P. -- Prime Minister j Chamberlain's statement in London j today was terjiislf. ^» warning to | Germany that cannot go unheeded" j by responsible Polish circles. I Gaido ("'wn lahovt"). n; Xcr. Yr.rtu mshini: o Ihc hrrlsidr of a son in Italv, pcrsnadrd flffieers of the Yankee flippf 1 - to find m-rii fc.r him on the first eom- mer.-iai flitrh* over t£e North Atlantic ron«, although Ihf wfftnffT list was already full.: Coin's son, sis. was m-ar death firm infantile paralj-s's. Hearing Opens Today SAN FRANCISCO WV-The Harry Bridges deportation hearing. \ii-wcd by,some unionists as the nost important ever held in the United State 1 :, opens on Ange! Is- hmd in San Francisco Bay today. Bridges, alien west roast CIO I r -adci'. is accused of memoership in "an organization, association, society and group that believes in. ad- v.ics. advocates and teaches the rv?rthro\v by force and violence cl tht government of the United Hales." The government has not disclosed tht naUre of its evidence nor the names of any witnesses. Thomas Shoemaker, chief deputy commissioner of the immigration service, bcs directed Lhe government"? investigation. "Labor leaders have branded the case against Bridges a "frameup'' and claimed that it was "inspired and guided by the employers." COUNTY LEGION GROUPTO MEET Supper Session Slated at Clifton Springs Tuesday Night CLIFTON SPRINGS -- The annual meeting and election of officers of the County American Legion will be held in the local Legion Hall Tuesday. Edward Ver- streate, commander of J. J. Driscoll Post will preside. The supper will be cooked and served at 6.30 by the men of the Legion themselves. Tiie following committees have been named: Chef, C. Cornelius; kitchen police, Oscar Young, Maxwell Ireland; usher, . T. C. Sheehan; waiters, Claire Bloser, J. O'Rourke, Joe Mfinlcy; reireshments, T. Harrison; tickets', E. J. Verstreate. The following will represent J. J. Driscoll Post as delegates . at the business session: T. C. Sheehan, Claire Bloser, E. J. Verstreate, O. H. Young, Maxwell Ireland, John O'Rourke. Thomas Hartshorn, Harry Marshall, Joseph Vogt, John Tears. Alternates are Laurence Smith, John Graeff, Frank Knauss, T: Harrison, August Lindner, M. McCormick, Joseph Manley, Harry O'Neil, Harry Barker, Ellis Weld. An attendance of 85 is expected. Attend Services Delegates to the four con;-renct.- on Wcrlct Service of the new Meti:- cciist Church which is now being held at the Clifton Spring^ San:- Uirium. were -special guests o:" honor n t the chape! services on Sunday. The Rev. Stanley I. Stubcr. chaplain. v:ho recently returned irun tho ccast where he spoke before the I,orthcrn Baptist Convention at Los Angele:;. preached the morning sermon, drawing religious ie i ;sons from the two World fairs which i\c vi.i- iied. The Eastman School Trio of the University of Rochester f u r nisi-'/a music for both morning and evening service . Baptist Units Meet The Baptist Willing Workers and Missionary Societies held their annual picnic to which the men of the church were invited on the lawn oJ the Fred Dean home on tht Shortsville road Thursday afternoon. About 50 were present. The King's Daughters held their picnic on the lawn of Mrs. C. M. Tinkhain's home on Friday afternoon. Fortnightly Club Meets The Fortnightly Club will hold their annual picnic at the Banks- Stone cottage on Sodus Bey Wed- Mother of 2 Sentenced On Grand Larceny Count NEW YORK /!·) -- Mrs. Lilliar S-rr.hrein, convicted of forgery ant! l,i and larceny on complaint of Martin Beck, theatrical producer and her Iwnier employer, \vm; sentenced today to serve from two to lour yeans in the Women's prison at Bccli'on.) Bills. Mrs. Schrein. who i.s 38 and th..- r.iother :1 two children, was Accused of «i.calin;; $00,000 from tlvj aged Mrs. Sch'.'dn was crym;;. whei Ji:df;e Ciiarles Nott. Jr., pronounci-J si-ntenco in general .sessions court Hlit; rcf.ained control ol hersell. l,;iwcver. and whispered to he 1 ' law- yi )· tliat she wished to speal:. | When permission was given ht'J ."·he moved close-: to t.'ue bench. "\'our Honor. may I be permit Ud to Ihimk you for your I'.ind consideration at the trial -- '.vhich mat.'c ti-i.'- burden much easier to bcjr," sh f ' said. Club Women~Chart Monkey Tournament A monkey tournament lias been planned for tomorrow by the Wom- 1 en's Golf Association of the Can- lanciaigua Country Club, to start at | 2 o'clock. Hostesses at the club this j week are Mrs. Warren B. Oager | and Mrs. Philip E. Thomas. i President F r a n k H. Warren will j entertain the woman':; group at i luncheon Wednesday afternoon at 1 ; o'clock in his Seneca Point home. TO MEET THURSDAY Mrs. J. Clyde Ross, of the North Road, will entertain the Rochester Road Sewing Circle Thursday afternoon. Members have been asked to bring gifts for a sunshine basket iVr a nine-year-old girl. RETURN'S TO STANLEY Arthur Thompson, of Stanley, who ha:-: been i!! of pneunionut ana complications in Thompson Memorial j Hospital since Juno 3. :'e tunica to his home. ncsday afternoon. The committee in charge is: J. A. Banks. Mr. and j Mrs. Albert Bosshart. Mr. and Mrs i G. C. Newland. Mrs. W. H. Hoi- brook, and'Mrs. W. A. Jucld. Clifton Springs Briefs . Mrs. Bertha Hall returned Saturday after spending several weeks with her -daughter and family in Simcoe. Ont. . , j The Rev. E. Emerson Snethen was; the guest speaker Sunday at the j celebration of the 120th anniver- j of the Orleans Baptist Church ' Every day at our hosiery counter we hear women say: "NoMend Stockings wear longer than any I've tried l" NoMends stay lovely such a long while! '' *I never knew such sheer stockings could really wear!" They buy one pair and come back for a whole season's supply. IXeur first pair will tell you why. SILK STOCKINGS r $1.00to$l.lS Connolly'S Department Store ~S * ·*· :;.-.'·.·'..·-s .-3.; 195 South Main Street Canandaigua, N. Y.. vc : Ionia MRS. WILLIAM CHAPPL» Staff Correspondent IONIA -- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lay entertained about 25 guests at a .tamily gathering at a picnic dinner Tuesday. Guilford Turverey of Ithaca was a recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Turverey and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cchklin. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Munck are on a month's motor trip to California. While in California they will visit their son and his family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles King and Miss Edna Burnett were Fourth oi July guests of their parents Mr. and Mrs. Abel Bennett. Charles Dibble of Hopewell is spending a couple of weeks at the home of George Tooicy. Mr?. William Washburn. Jr.. and daughter have been guests of her sister. Mrs. Richard Harvey at Allen- Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Conklin called on their cousin who is ill in . Clifton Springs. Wednesday evening. Over ":i relatives gathered at the home r-f Mr. and Mrs. George i Howes. Sr.. on July Fourth for a picnic dinner. The occasion was in j honor cf the birthday of Mr. George i Howes. Sr. i Mrs. LPO Schwcickhard entertained ". number of friend. 1 from Roches! ci. Tuesday. I Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Lee and i sin of Rcciicstcr have bern callers : o! Mr and Mrs. E. W. Bmnrtt, Mi:-s Opvlnttr Lay is taking ; r'.w.'-r- ;)i I h r Ror1ir:;irr Beauty Cul, ti:rr S")r'o! at Rnchc.strr. Ch:rirs Cinllin who has bren i very i!! :i! a Mount Morris Hospi: tal. i. improving. SMOKERS: SAVE THE C OF THE STATE CIGARETTE TAXI Camel's finer, more expensive tobaccos burn longer. More puffs per pack, more pleasure per puff -- Camels are the quality cigarette every smoker can afford! Stanley MRS AT. D. CONNORS St-atf Correspondent STANLEY Mr:-. Kdi'h O'Keeir ; J Brooklyn, has bern visit in;: her ber.% pi 3n-]' !;r::i3y. ! Mr. ar.ti Mr;-;. Olin C. HnJehhiss rnierainrti ;i1 ;i fiinner parj.-i- iVr p;v-1 wrh in iionor n* Ihe hinJitiny fliiiiiver.^ry nl Mr. Hol-dikiss Relatives and Iriend"; were present ""i-:.; 1 ' Y;m. I'-"M:". Hill-on ?rd ' Orerre. jivmer .-.rn r -n] v j Uie Univrrsily n r.rll'-.vlfr. Mis:; TV-niliue OrirdiT-i' is fmplr' rl in ! V:f C'hitnv, Snnnrs ^.^rntn; 1 !'/'] (nir'iu 1 . t l i r -ninmrr vnrnlion. :r:-jrri:'f3 Irom Hie 1/ 1 I n s l i l u t e which was I'I^HJ t i n - vast wrrl; n' -Mr,-. Ger.rre Nichnl:- 1'i'.'- tronv; oi yrninr; people. ! T-.lrs M a l t i f C-OTii li?i,-. retunif-rl : hr-7'e irom n n^r-.TJir 1 h^ne in N J - · *i::;- n F"-; Mi. 1 .:- l o a n Igarka]'.v. n! fTOThiirri. ; enrinr; ior lir-r. ?"]·(··;) Fhijr,. r,i Micirllf-fx ]·);·'- DOCTORS TO MEET OLiarin Crn^ty Medical SDcif-t? Till mrf' 1 vnr::'TTC-x al GfTj?'.^- Cfw.'T-- C]rfc. Tr. Wil'jwm F. Mart:n. ci 1hf Stat-r Mf-dical Society. i; ;;·) spr-ak cm "Mrdical Jurisprudence" .at 7:20. following trie business mcrt- ing at 5 o'clock and dinner at 6:30. · There also will be a fonim on ; "Child Bearing." ' Whatever price you pay per pack, it's important to remember this fact: By burning 25 % slower than the average of the 15 other of the largest-selling brands tested-slower than any of them -- CAMELS give smokers the equivalent of · Camel -- the cigarette that gives .'. more smoking--gives far more smoking pleasure too. Naturally, Camel's .. finer, more expensive tobaccos smoke ···- milder, mellower--with a delightful fragrance and appealing taste. And ·} only Camel can give you the famous blend of costlier tobaccos that made Camel America's cigarette No. 1. If you're not a Camel smoker, you're missing real smoking pleasure--add economy . r EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK Impartial ta!xr:Uory ICMS «»f 16 of liic J.«r:;cst-cH- in:; bnuiJs slunv \vhich one of jhcni gives the most .«. tual Miiokini; /'rr pack, llic iimh'in;s \vcrc: 1 CAMF.I.S were found to contain MORE TOBACCO BY WEIGHT irian die average for the 1 5 other of the 3ar£cst-j»cHini; brands. 2 CAM1 7 LS BURNED ,S7,O1F7:R THAN ANY OTili:R B R A N D Tl";STi;n-2S'V SLOWTR THAN THi: AVERAGE TIME OE THE I S OTHER OF THE LARGEST-SELLING BRANDS! By \nan- i nf. 2 S *" ; slower, on die average. Camels ,ci vc smokers the equivalent of 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK: 3 In jhc same tests, CAMELS HELD THEIR ASH E A R 7.O.VG7;/? than the average lime for all the other brands. Camels Costlier Tobaccos MORE PLEASURE PER PUFF mm PUFFS PER PACK * iny for penny cigarette buy

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