The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 15, 1957 · Page 2
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 2

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 15, 1957
Page 2
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-1 THE INTER LAKE, Friday, November 15, 1957 I Musical Interlude Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 "My Gal ' 4 Girdlu 8 Taunt ·12 Some 13 Century plftnt )4 Nevada city 15 E\-ergrcen tree J6 Food poisons 18 Slurring over 20 Misplaces 21 Rumea 22 Discord goddess 14 "Jeannie with the light- brown ----" 26 Press 27 Under (prefix) 30 Bee, for instance 82 Staid 34 Dinner course 35 Revised 36 Distress signal 87 Weapons 39 Girl's title 40 Essential being 41 Ocean 42 Card' expert 45 CooWBjf vessnl 49 Urging 51 Follower 92 Let it stand 53 Indian 54 In and · · 55 Painful 58 Negatives 57 Yugoslav city DOWN 1 ----and sound 2 Indigo 3 Song word ·writer* 4 Tarty 6 Singing voice 6 Earlier 7 Dress edgt 8 Singing groups 6 Small cysts 10 Arrow poison 11 Throw 17 Straightened 18 More certain · 23 "Give me one dozen " 34 Hurriei 25 In the year of (Latin) ZB Roman roadi J7 OverJEulnesa 28 Shoshonean Indians 29 Couches 31 Stops 33 Coin* 3 8 Fine wool 40 Select 41 Heroic tales 42 Show disapproval 43 Atop 44 Belgian river 46 Formerly 47 Toiletry cast 43 Soaks flax CO Metal Th» Daily Sitter like Presents RADIO for TODAY KGEZ - MBS, 600 kc Fzliay Ail«noon 5:00 Special Wir« 5:05 EZ Listening S:15EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 3:35EZ Listening 5:45 Sports Digest 6:00 Special Wire 6-.05EZ Listening 6:15 Mercantile News 6:30 Special Wire 6.35 EZ Listening 6:45 State Sports 6:55EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire 7:05E2 Listening 1:13County Agent 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Counterspy 8:45EZ Listening 8:00 Montana News 8:05EZ Listening 8:30 Special Wire 8:35 nfagazine Review 9:00 Special Wire S:OS EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire- 9:35EZ Listening 9:45 Square Danca Tim« 10:00 Special Wire 10:05EZ Listening 10:30 EZ Listening 11 flO Special Wire ll:05EZ Listening 11:55 Special Wire 13:00 Sign OU Momlna 5:30 Break the Day EZ 6:00 Special Wire 6:05EZ Listening 6:25 Farm Shorts 6:30 Special Wire 6:35EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire 7:05 EZ Listening 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Montana News 8-.00 Conrad News 8:15 Lake County Agent 8:30 Special Wire 8:35 EZ Listening 8:45 Christian Selene* 8:00 Special Wire 9:05 EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire 9:35 Story Hour 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 EZ Listening 10:15 Highlander Phone Quiz 10:30 Snecial Wire 10:35EZ Listening 10:45 Serenade in Blue 11:00 Stars for Defense 11:15 EZ Listening 11:30 Texaco News 11:45 Community News SstnrdsT Noon 12:00 Game of the Day 12:30 Baseball 1:00 Baseball 1:30 Baseball 2:00 Baseball- Camel Scoreboard S:30 (Follows eame) Special Wire EZ Listening 3:00 Special Wire 3:05 EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 3:35 Teen Time 4:00 Montana News 4:05 Penny Arcade 4:15 Country Style 4:30 Special Wire 4:35 Top Western Tunes 5:00 Church Calendar 5 JO Special Wire 5:35 EZ Listening 8aturd»v Evening 6:00 Proudly We Hail 6:30 Mercantile News 6:45 Navy Program 7:00 Grand Ole Opry 7:30 Special Wire 7:35EZ Listening 8:00 Montana New» 8:05 EZ Listening 8:30 Special Wire 8:35 Magazine Review 8:45EZ Listening 9:00 Special Wire 9:05 EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire 9:35EZ Listening 9:4a Square Dance Tim* 10:00 Special Wire * 10:05KZ Listening 10:30EZ Listening 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 Smitty's Request Time 11:55 Special Wir« 12:00 Sign Off Speaker Explains Nurse Work SOMERS (1LNS)--"Duties of a Public Health Nurse" was the subject of the talk given by Mrs. June Kessler Tuesday evening to the local Parent-Teacher Association la the school gymnasium. Mrs. Kesslcr told how county nursing started and the help the nurse gave parents in the care oj ill children with both schools and factories benefiting from the program, how it has progressed and its benefit to the community today. President Mrs. G«org« DeVoe divided members into groups where ideas wer« discussed for a "youth activity night." Suggestions included an amateur night, first aid class, movies, dancing and tumbling. It Is hoped a special plan will be completed by the next meeting. A dinner for February was planned as a fund raising project with Mrs. Rudolph Bergstrom Jr., the chairman. A black pepper sale is also being conducted to raise funds. Mrs. H. Ward, treasurer, reported $258.95 p r o f i t s on the recent carnival. The Fifth grade room received the attendance banner. A school board panel is planned for the Dee. 10 meeting and every one Is invited to bring questions they wish answered or discussed Supt. Robert Stewart reported on the special instruction program the school is conducting. Mothers of Seventh grade pupils, with Mrs. Howard Redpath chairman, were in charge of tlie refreshment hour. Two-Care/ Suit Wins One Bid BY OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Larceny Lou had some support tor hearts and had every reason to expect that North could make some contract in that suit if allowed to play it. He also noted that the spade suit probably belonged to East and West and bid one spade in an effort to steal the suit from them. His effort succeeded too well. He stole the spades from his opponents all right but he also stole Flathead Camera Club Lists Winners of Photo Competition Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hockaday, judges, selected winners in competitions at Tuesday night's meet- Trces, color, A u t u m n Gold, A u n d a Cole, first; E a r l y Sign of Fall, 1'olly Huser, second; ing of xbe Flathead Camera Cluh.|Gold on Green, Stan Huser, third; Hed Leaves, Stan Husur, fourth, color, The' FlowPV: ' black and white, Pads, Winners were: Pictorial-pastorial, Homestead by Vi Opp. first; The Three Riders, Stan Huser, sec- N'ORTI! (D) 15 A A97 V AK J8 4» A2 * 7 6 5 4 WEST EAST A K J 8 S 2 A Q 6 4 V 2 V Q 10 5 4 K Q 4 « J10 9 3 + 1 0 9 8 2 - * A Q J SOUTH A 10 3 V 9 7 6 4 3 · 8 7 6 5 + K3 No one vulnerable; North and South 90 on score North East South West 1 V Pass I * Pass pass Pass _ : Opening lead--V 3 ond; The Fall Hike, Polly Huser, third; Sunny Morning, Del Lyonais, fourth Nature, color, Lake Flowers, Polly Huser, first; Restless Sea, Aunda Cole, second; Nature's Bouquet, Del Lyonias, t h i r d ; Sunset, Moncure Cockrell, fourth. Landscape, color, Lake McDon- Burney Burnliam, first; Bear Grass, Burney Burnham, second; Mountain Lily. Burney Burnham, third; Squaw Grass, Moncure Cockrell, fourth. Fishing, color, Bowman Lake, Auuda Cote, lirst; One That Got Away, Del Lyonias, second; Bit ing? IiToncure Cockrell, third Young Hopeful, Moncvtre Cockrell fourth. Open, black and white, Jane, New Manager Communities Get Aircraft Radio aid, J. R. Buhmiller, first; Scen-JBurney Burnham, first; Sunday Inery, Aloncure Cockrell, and Dis- terlude, Burney Burnliam, second; Every Little Wavelet, Moncure Cockrell, tWrd, We Climb A Hill, Aunda Cole, fourth. Guests at the meeting were Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Speer and,, Mrs. Moncure Cockrell. President Stani tance Fills the Eye, Aunda Cole, tied for second; Fall Fun, Frank Opp, third; Autumn Glory, Del Lyonias, fourth. Open, black and white, No, Moncure Cockrell, first; Etude 1, Burn e y Burnham, s e c o n d ; Potato. ] Pest, Moncure Cockrell, third; Water Sport, Moncure Cockrell, fourth. Chairman Del Lyonais for October black and white and color announced October winners judged by Billy Kelly. Winners were: Flowers, color, Patch of Heaven's Blue, Aunda Cole, first; Bull Thistle. Del Lyonais, second; Butterfly's Breakfast, Polly Huser, third; Peace Hose; Stan Huser, fourth. MRS. THELMA RADEMAKER, former Kalispell resident, has returned from Great Falls to become manager of the Diana Shop, it has been announced by Mel Greenspan, district su- inuuuuit; uuusuuii. -riubiuem oiani · -u 4. j.u i i Huser reminded members to be-, perv.sor She spent the last gin work on their six to eight- slide sequence, assigned competition for the Nov. 26 meeting. year with the Diana Shop in Great Falls. She succeeds Miss Jane Jenkins. the hearts from his partner. With 90 on score, North passed and Lou had to struggle with an Impossible contract. Lou recognized the opening lead ftfr a singleton and went right up with dummy's ace. A low club was led and East took his ace and played the queen. Lou's king of clubs made his second trick and he played a heart. West discarded the 'four of diamonds and now Lou had three tricks. His next plays were v °lved Lloyd B. McClintick, 655 Truck Rams Into Kalispellan's Car A two : vehicle accident Wednesday at 12:50 p.m. at Fifth Avenue West-North and Idaho Street in-' the ace and deuce of diamonds. West was in with the king and led a club. Lou trumped this for his fifth trick and led a third diamond. Now it was too late for West to beat the hand. Actually he discarded his last club and Lou was able to make one of dummy's small trumps for trick six. The ace of trumps was a legitimate trick seven. North could have made three hearts by careful play, hut East and West could surely have made two or three spades and would have found the suit against any one but Lou. So in Lou's case, at least, crime continues to pay. .Q--The bidding has been: North East South West Pass Pass 1 V Pass 2 «· 3 * Pass 3 V 3 4t Pass 4 Jf» Pass 4 ¥ Pass ? Y«u, South, hold: 4 8 7 V K J f i + Q 1 0 9 6 5 # A Q J What do you do? A--Pass. You have MA your full story and your partner has made * bid that you can pass cheerfully. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding four hearts your partner has bid five diamonds. What do yon do? Answer Tomorrow Fifth Ave. West-North, and Edward R. Clark, Route 1, Kalispell. McClintick, headed south, had stopped at Filth -Avenue. West- North. Clark, driving a two-ton truck, belonging to T. J. Landry Oil Co., was pulling out from Curley's Serviecnter. Clark tried to step on the brake, but his foot slipped and he rammed Into the side of McClintick's 1955 Rambler, damaging the right rear panel. Clarke was charged with failure to yield the right-of-way. GET MORE OUT OF LIFE- GO OUT TO A MOVIE! Fri., Sat., Sun. MATINEE SATURDAY 2:00 ONLY One Evening Show at 7:30 Persona! Loans To Fit Your Needs First National Bank Kalispell. Mimteaa Examiners Seek Tariff Increase HELENA (UP)--Tb« SUt« Board of Examiners yesterday urged the U.S. Tariff Commission to, grant the highest possible tariffs and consider importation quotas on copper, led, zinc and other metals. The unanimous action by the board--comprised of Gov. J. Hugo Aronson, Atiy ··*«· Forrest Anderson and Secretary of State Frank Murray -- was taken to. bolster Montana's faltering metal»;inaus- try.. ' \ r t'T' In a petition presented · at the board meeting by Murray^ the examiners described as ''perilous" the conditions In Montana's metals industry. The petition is to be sent ' to Chairman Edward B. Brossard. ! I f 1 1 *tf*J- ~~ ·I READ TOE CLASSIFIED ADS brought to yon weekly by KGEZ-TV 6:45 p.m. Thomas Mitchell portrays America's magic story-teller in T H E O. HENRY PLAYHOUSE" Dramatizing the greatest stories of 0. Henry Tonight at 9:30 KGEZ-TV Presented by PACIFIC POWER * UIOMT COMPANY 58 NORGE DRYER even has Automatic WR ENDS IRONING FOR A NEW WASH 'N' WEAR Now get rid of a big part of washday's biggest chore--the hot, endless jobof ironing slips, shirts, kiddie clothes, men's suits made of {he new synthetic fabrics'--- orlons, dacrons, nylons! Per Week SEC IT TODAY! Come in and "shop it." We have other '58 NORGE Dryers IOW DOWN PAYMENT. HUGE TRADE EASY TERMS 4-WAY DRYING now lets you choose the one perfect method for drying every fabric in absolute safety! Select automatic drying with or without tumbling; with room temperature air or with heated air! 4 HEATS to select now give you greater flexibility in drying many items never before possible in an automatic dryer. You can set for (1) Room Air Temp (2) LO (3) Medium (4) Superfast at safe temperatures! · Exclusive Time-Line Control lets you select any drying time up to 120 minutes ·IN» · qiant Fan and Lint Screen · Knee-ac- '· tion door latch · Porcelain too HELENA ( U P ) -- State Aero-, nautical Director Frank Wiley said that unicorn radio air-to-ground radio un.lis had been installed to serve airports in 14 Montana towns and communities. He said they .would operate on a frequency or 12.8 megacycles and would be used for air-to- ground communications by the pilots of light aircraft. Cost of the equipment and "its installation, he said, would run about $400 a unit -bringing the to- f a l cost of the 14 installations to about $5,600. The units, which are part of Montana's Civil Defense Network, will serve Helena, Gerakline, Havre, Condon Hanger Station, Elhridge, Kalispell, Conrad, Libby, West Yellowstone, Jackson. Red Lodge, Plentywood, Jordan ana Wolf Point. Wet Weather HELENA (UP)--A federal-state report says that cold and wet weather hampered farm operations in south-central Montana and in scattered localities through the state last week. It said this was [true although seasonal temperatures prevailed over most of the state. Fri., Sat., Sun. MATINEE SATURDAY 2:00 ONE Evening Show 7:30 PLUS? HAVE YOU GOT YOUR WHIRLYB1RD YET9 . . . ,. . · -- . · Just come in and watch a laundry Demonstration and receive a $4.95 WHIRLYBIRD for . . . Only... $1.49 - Limited Quantity BITNEY'S STORES EAST IDAHO ST. - PH. SK 6-7300 MERIDIAN ROAD - PH. SK 6-3327 Fri. - Sat. 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KXLY-TV, CHANNEL 4 6:30--The Song Shop 7:00--The News 2 ; J5--Doug Edwards News (L) 7:30-Leave It to Beaver 8:00--Trackdown (L) ^··30--Zane Grey Theater fL) ^O-Mr. Adam Eve (L) 9-30--Men of Annapolis 10:00--The Line Up (L) 10:30-Shcriff of Cochise I T :§Sz£? ne , w -vman Theater 11:30--The News 11:35--Lafe Show , ,,,, ,, SATURDAY J : $0--Professional Hockey 3:30--The Lone Hanger 4:00--Western Roundup 6:30--Wild Bill Hickock 7:00--Theatre 7^0--Lone Wolf 8:00--Starlit Stairway n nS~2 lc , k 2 nd The Duchess (L) 9:00--Gale Storm Show (L) 9 : ;£-Have Gun, Will Travel (L) 10:00--Gunsmoke (L) 13:30--Perry Mason 11:30--The Late Show KHQ-TV-Channel 6 FRIDAY 9:10--Color Test Pattern 9:13--Test Pattern 9:25--NARTB 936--Bible Reading 9 'II--Program Previews S3Q--Q-Tunes 10:00--Tic Tac Dough 0 10:30--It Could Be You' 11:00--Arlene Francis Show' 11:30--Fun to Reduce 11:45--Yo"r nwn Home 12:00--Pr - -- Right" TM*$-*. "I Groom 1:00--M Theatre (C)« 2:00-- Qucc't for a Day* Z:4J--Modern Romances' 3:00--Blondie' 3:30--Truth or Consequences 4:00--Matinee on Six "Best Foot Forward" 6:00--Six O'clock Movie "Treasure Island" 7:30--Weatherwise The Front Page 7:45--NBC News' 8:00--Cavcalcade of Sports" 8:45--Decorating Ideas 9:00--Court of Last Resort* 9:30--Life of Riley* 10:00--M-Squad* 10:30-- Thin Man* ll:00-Siler,t Service 11:30 -- Late Movie "Test Pilot" SATURDAY Pattern 10:2S-Bible Reading ":2S-Program Previews 10:30 -- Gumby' l^OO-- Hopalong Cassidy 11:30-- Howdy Doodv* 12:00-Short Subjects 12:15-- PCC Hi-Litcs 12:45-- NCAA Football , .. Oklahorna-Notre Dame 3:lo-- Football Scoreboard* 3:30-- Western Theatre 4:30-- Cartoons 5:00-- True Story 5:30-- Trouble With Father 6:00-- Hopalons Cassidy 7:00--1 Led Three Lives 7:30-- Western Marsh all 8:00-- Dathe Valley Days 8:30-- People Are Funny* 9:00-- The Las Veffas Story* 10:00-- Polly Benjen Show* 10:30-- Gizelle MacKenzie* 11:00-- What's It For* 11:30-- Hit Parade (C)° 12:00 -- Late Movie "Random Harvest" KREM-TV-Channel 2 ·Indicates ABC FRIDAY 3:30--Homemakers Matinee 5:00--American Bandstand* 5:30--Popeye 6:00--Bu ccaneers 6:30--Mickey Mouse Club' ' 7:00--76 Sports Club 7:30--Newsroo m 7:40--Weather Sketch 7:43--Phillips World News 7:55--Sports Spotlight 8:00--Kit Carson 8:30--Rin Tin Tin* 9:00--Jim Bowie Cable Show 3:30--Patrice Munsel Show 10:00--Frank Sinatra Show 11:00--Colt .45 11:30--Command Performance SATURDAY 3:00--Adventures of Gene Autry 4:00--Saturday Showcase 5:30--KREM Cartoons 6:00--Kit Carson 6:30--Lone Ranger 8:00--Championship Bowling 9:00--All Star Golf 10:00--Lawrence Welk* 11:00--Mike Wallace Interview*' 11^0-rMillion $ Theatre- KMSO-TV, MISSOULA FRIDAY 5:Ii--Christian Science 5 JO--Hi-Time for Cofce 6:00--Music Halt Varieties 830-^Jet Jackson 7:00--Newsbeat 7:10--Weather v 7:15--Doug Edward! 7:30--Trackdown 8:00--Harbor Command -8:30--Waterfront ' 8:00--Patrice Munsel fl:30--Telephone Time 10:00--Lineup 10:30--Championship 'Bowling SATURDAY 3:13--Test Pattern . 3:30--Lone Ranger 4KM--Through the Porthole 4:15-*.L,ittle Excursion 4:30--Mighty Mouse PJayhous* 5:00--Pioneer Playhouse 5:30--Wild BUI Hickock 6:00--la wren ce Welk New Talent 7:00--I'm the Law 7 do--Tennessee Ernie Ford i 8:00--KMSO Ranch Party ' 8J30-Public Defender 9:00--Gale Storm Show 0:30--Have Gun Will Travel 10:00--Gunsmoke 10:30--Show Time KGEZ-TV-Channel 9 FRIDAY 3:00--Test Pattern ,4:00--Travel and Variety 5:00--Afternoon Matinee 6*0--Montana 'News and Weather 6:30--For the Sportsman Moments In Sports 7:15--Doug Edwards 7:30-Code 3; . · ' 8:00--Cavalcade of Sports 9:00--Court of Last Resort (NBC) 9:30--O'Henry Playhouse 10:00--M Squad 10:30--The Thin Man 11:00--Late Curtain ·i SATURDAY 1:45--NCAA Football 5:00^-Cartoon Roundup 6:00--EowllnfJ Show 7:00--Film Classics · Sao-rPeople Are Funny (NBC) 9:00--Perry Como (NBC 10:00--Gunsmoke (CBS) 10:30--Giselle MacKenzie (NBC) 11 :OB--What's It For :*. 1130--News Hi-Lites

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