The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 7
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 7

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 7
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Stephen Early, EDR'S Press Aide, Dies of Heart Attack WASHINGTON. Au ? . 11. (AP)_ Stephen T. KarJy, who served as I press sr rretary to F r a n k 1 i n D. Roo?veve!t all the 12 years of *ho New Deal, died today o£ a heait attack at the age of 61. Death came to Mr. Roosevelt's frooci friend and %los« advisor at George Washington University Hospital, It was announced, fittingly through the White House where he had served until he left a tew. months after Mr. Roosevelt's death in 1945. Mrs. Early and their three cM dron, Stephen T., Helen Virginia and Thomas Augustus, were present when Early died. He had suffered one heart attack las,t Tues day and another one late this morning:, dying- a hpjf hour later. .President Truman, in a statement, paid tribute to Early -as i true patriot" who "was always at the side of President Roosevelt as secretary, friend and sagacious adviser." Best \Vars of His Litp For himself, Mr. Truman said, The first Washington newspaper; correspondent to enter the service j in the World War I. Early became; an expert machine gunner and was! a captain when the war ended. Be; 'also served for a time on the staff j of Gen. J o n n J. Pevshing and; helped edit the army newspaper; Stars and Stripes. j After the war early helped with! the campaign for the Cox-Roow-; velt ticket in 1920. which was rte-j feated by the Republican Hat-ding-; Coolidge slate. ! Kejo'ns The A? j Later, after he had rejoined the Associated no dent STEPHEN" T. EARLY . . . 'a true patriot' prrssion and war, he Rave out ward appearances of being hard boiled. Loved To Hunt, Fish GIRL. 11, SAYS NEW SISTER 'WORTH EVERY DIME* OF $92 SALT LAKE CITY. Aug. 11. (AP--Eleven-year-old Ann. AVinegar for several years has \vanled a baby sister. So last Christmas her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Li-ouard \Vitiej:ar ui the nearby Bountiful community, told her an addition to The l'a:m!y was on the way. i Ann began saving nickels, dimes and quarters. She Stf:cJ she planned to lieip pay her mother's hospital expense at the time of the new baby's arrival. And, she added, her new sister is "worth every dime of 'Quiet Quiz I On. Cadets Still Seen WASHINGTON. Au£. 11. ( A r - ; 'Senators said today they expect a ' Corpus Christ! CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Aug. 12, 1951 \CONVENTWN WTNDVP New Officers of LUIAC Will Be Chosen Today N a t i o n a l Junior i{'amendment to the constitution Philippines, U. S. May Set Up Mutual Aid Pact joxuei check ^^^^ *£ r n i t e d ' L a t i n Aim-rican'Citizeiw of- were voted on and accepted, 'present" furorf^about ' movVs to !icors w ' n be ple(-t?!l t n U morn-; T} K . fj r s t made national dues of lousi MO cadet's for the iwodav ;died down. j Son. Eilender iD-Ln) t»ld a inewsman the checkup can be. '·marie by the official "Board of | Visitors" to the West Point and ; Annapolis aMdemiM. Chairman Russell (D-C,a) of the in" has " lt; '** l " e i-"i-"«.v convention 5 cents a nionth payable to the ' '" " winds up at the White-Plaza Hotel, :-treasurer · every third month in-'"Id a *^ 1 '- v Councilman Jack DeFonrest : stead of everj' nionth. -:i,i HP al!li Nweces County Judge George, Meeting time for local councils A. Prowse pave welcoming ad-; W as set at twice a month instead dresses to the group in the opening ,,r once . A month as previously session yesterday morning:. ;designated. John ,T. Kerrera. Houston, na- The -third change gave each "I shall ho!d his memory in lasting However, his friends--and he bf, gratitude and appreciation" f o r ! m a n y among leaders of the wor what he did to heip Mr. Truman :ni as X vell as working newspapermen temporary White H o u s e servicej.._kneW him as warm hearted, co- ami as deputy Secretary of De-| operative) and efficient. He loved TYnsp. - i. . . , ,. ,. , . _ _ . . . 1 ,,.^^ i to hunt and fish, plav poker and «*avf' .. j terms with the great and near- rense. The President said Early gave;,,^ the best years of his lite to the!* . ' , . ,_ i public son-ice, and he tvummed u p : I W h i l e he came to be on dose "Honest, honorable, forthright ira vision" as"weir"as' 'roum'^"and" a he .steadfastly refused to write ^ a party opposed; President Truman scibte sometimes but never" vin-lK r e a t - and knew as niueh ° f the ·live, and always just--he had "inside" of Washington =? any man. San Antonio, Christi. Gaivan Ballroom activities, morning meet-Plaza Deck, the teminatc -with a at Cole Park. bank closings of the early Roosevelt days, various big New Deal tain defense bases in the Philip-; pines for 99 years. As a · » ~- - _, , *j J J i t H . i\H. i'J ^0-i O- -~x^ **· * v , * . , . - . project,, the attack on Pearl Har- jmost Amerieam and n U p i n o s hav , TNT C h a r e Lost America in 1941 vclt's death. Mrs ROOSC- assu " !t;u the VnUed Slatcs w o u ! d ; l'ii NrvrfrJL- Pnrt Mis. KOOSC defend , he p hilippines . Ill iOIIOllv i OIL Critics of President E 1 p i d i o e at pvesj.IQuirino's administration assert, training centers have i existed .for more than SO years, 'although Congress spelled out ! their duties by law three years 'ago. NORFOLK Va.. Aug. 11. (API -- ; Thl -, v 11 r .-MOV r-u «... i,.. .. ..... .- .......... : . ,-,..,.,. . dent' Truman's request, to smooth: however, that no actual «f-fense i R o a i ! s hp[ . e · consist of four senators, 1 ,v mi ha veil ; fj V p House members and nine ci- ·cement exists. Thev said t h a i : haV( , , o s t a . V v , i i a n s usually educators. T h e y ' " rave {acultv of seein" ali thip^ mi book "« his experiences. He re- t h e - w a y for Mr. Truman. ^sreemem exists, j n e v sum "w, o ! ,, a r , l f bol th s e vcn-until Decem- p a v a formal visit, each year to duo°nSrtioninnd Ih.w-h tft?Sctr|B»rlcd his hnowtertRe M t«nicth5nf: Later, in 19.49, Mr. Trum*n ; the United States .f .t chose, r,-Uc] :be ,. , h a t is _ , [^ acadomies . lo""ic^l spniience" ^*l should he. kept confidentialLn-attftd him for temporary duty as abandon the Philippines w.thou ; j, y thf) , til11p the 40 poun d5 O f i u addition to this a n w t i a l visit 'Se-cTtary' of Defense 'Mas-shall i b e r a u s c i! - * anic l " ilinl lhat w a y - ' deputy Secretary of Defense. Apain. v j o l n t i r r f j existing t r e a t y olilisn^'r^-p rf s!u)e - on the bottom w') I, 1 ( i le j aw . allows board memhrrs to raid ''he served his roimfrv f a i t h - j In pro-World War I days. Early;when"presidential press secretary.tions. he so f a r down in the mud that rirop in a t any time and question - . . . . - . ..^,--1__ r* !,,,,., ^,n/ ^i- i v n n i n n - i hrL.-« r-i'ii.i'c urivmt ih:n m e -- _..!,:,,.. anchor oould, possibly officers, instructors and students on almost any topic. ·frogmen" of an -under- should l-so Authority demolition team acciden-' Klle-nder and Russell agreed that peace trea'.y. t h e y l t n l l y dropped the explosives as this board authority should and | to provide any s e - i t h e y were being transferred from would be. used. Both are members It vac then that Early 'became| Funeral plans have not b e e n :curilv , for ,[,,, Philippines against'one boat to another.. I n n n e i i i a t e l v ,,f the West Point board. · · - - ·- - - - ' - ' · - - · - ·· -- - - - - - - -' ·--- · --· of cheating cation of t h e armed services" w h e n j t h o late "Edwin M. Hood. Kirke L. be named. The job is now held hv, stl . onK:cr ties w he was the No. 2 min in the de-iSimpson, now retired, and Hjalmar J o s e p h Short, who announced , poSP(1 jnp;u; fense donartment. iBaukhage. radio commentator. jEarly's death today. .contend, fails I _ · . , , . , , . ! i , i T - _ t T-,..-1.. l^«..t«.~.*~ T j N i r i r t l - a ! ri!!4n« n r t V P TlOt D e e U : :i . r , l . _ In recent vears K n r l y had b e e n . -. ..,,., vice president of the P u I I m a n! acquainted w i t h Mr. Roosevelt, made. Standary Car Manufacturing Com- who was assistant Secretary of the my. " Navy. Their friendship, in S2 years. Ho" had workc.d hard all his life i never lessened, although Early was mid under what hf called the "hftll-loni of the few men known to stand Isti pressure" of his White House up apiinst the President when he job durine the. crisis years of de- thouglit he should. Earlv had lived in 'any f u t u r e Japanese aggression. I the "frogmen" sent divers down "The bny.s guilty \Vashinglonj Xirother sore point is" the failure!to retrieve the box but could not ought to he punished," Ellcnrler at and was, treaty draft to require Jap-(find it. said. "Them probably are some , a 'distant kinsman of confederate Gen. Jubal A. Early who raided almost to Washington in IRG-i. anose pnvmcnt of reparations for! Any ship whose anchor struck loaders more guilty than others \\-ir damage in the Philippines, -'ho box would probably experience .That usually is true in a thing of The Quirino administra'.lon faces 1 a TM lc J^J^^5^ i(l ; P E E L - J A C K S O N F U N E R A L HOME OXYGEN E Q U I P P E D AMBULANCE DIAL 4-5531 rr*ti't buv ft H*MT p--i!f o! f \ f i t , , \ r a r e (or t.?;a nnps vou ha vs. s*t* Pr K. \v. Tr^lmsn, oyvt.-mHt".?.t at lv»'flter'!i lotlftr 4C1 N. Chaparral LEVINE S ¥IRST AGAIN H NEW FALL SHADES! 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