The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 28, 1965 · Page 8
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 8

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1965
Page 8
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Delta Dcmocrnt-Tiincs 8 Friday, May 23, '65 "Classifieds Begin On Page 7 Jl. Male Help Wanted NEEDED ID. Male Help W.inlrd INSIDE SAIES. 21 to 28. S325 !=, S350 . Coll ED 4-3511. . £~o!cr-:t-ii 5n GENERAL o r k . ?1 ;g J?25 00 MANAGER T R A I N E E . 51 lo 23. tSOO.CO Coii"Ei"~36il, "fiaxi 'Er-'u'-f.V.r-l s', Calf EO 4.3611, Pepcer Emooyrr.enl S 11. Female Help Wanlrd Urencu-nbf'ed xh It lady lo !·*· 'n I'on'.e. Call ED --2ia3 cll-r A P..'.\. 33. Service Dlreclory CALL DELTA APPLIANCE SERVICE II. Female Help Wanted SECRETARY - RECEPTIONIST Five men who wish to earn SSOO per month with opportunity fonMust be able to lake dictation advancement in largest firm of and lypc n neat letter, 40 hour its kind in the world. Local work.jweck. Write P.O. Box 5575, Green Must have car and be well groom- ville, giving experience and ref ed. Apply to $05 Fairvicw, 10 A.jerences. M. Monday. Wanted Laundry Drycleaning Production Supt. Must have qualifications (o supervise both departments. $125.00 per week plus bonuses or open for qualified experience. Apply J. E. Snow, I3S-1 Green Street, Augusta, Georgia. 12. Male Or Female Help Wanted COLLEGK STUDENTS Can use two college students who need Summer work. Write P.O. Box 5396, Greenville, Miss. For Lome interview. NEED EXTRA CASH? Sell your no longer needed household goods with c Classified Ad ItioZ (5-llyii) toob;-. SALESMEN NEEDED 5600 to $1.000 per month. Car necessary, to work Greenville, Cleveland or Greenwood. Call 332-1323 9 A. M. till 12 Noon, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. SALES MANAGER TRAINEE AGF. 21-34 Company expansion has created opporuniies for (2) two men who desire a career in sales. Men chosen must have late model car, piesent a neat appearance, have at least a high school education and be able to pass a rigid character examination. For interview appointment call 332-2264 DKLTA PERSONNEL SERVICE 106 N. fopki ol F-hont 332-MM Mill 33M935 5 0 l.l-lr,ld. lE.pirliru.di Msr.-Trol.-itt 21 -26 A g t JIM S335 Sal«l-ln.lJ. |Troln| $175 Slorl · BaolUtpir (PrlKDli) $300 Plui · Eiper!«nc«d Tiurk Mfchoalc Ocfn · !°ult SolK S!00 1 Com. Menbtr of H E A. und M.P.I.A. Collffit Junior Colltg* Grodt wtlon-.« lei ainiillni. · · · · · · · IAMA! SILVEV--Owrnr WANTED 41. Business Opportunities F O R S A L E UaH. DUPLEX. 4 roo.-rn bolh. W 278 HUIK Sf. IMjf-i. Ho'jie, 3 BOSTH cabU, ouraae. E.O 4-3860 or ED 2-3218. ba'K S35.CO. CcM 10 2-0774. PUrT.FUTT c»J BAIf-BATI. S10BE. Con low. Outside Car Hops. G day wcek. 1 ^',.".^^' ^'.^^oT.Ki'' V/2 hour shuts, uniforms furnished. Paid vacations. APPLY IN PERSON NO PHONE CALLS PLFASE STRATI'S DRIVE-IN alely. £*ce'!enl cnccfl-n'.r/ for par 0- ceriori (Jfiirl-17 a pfo'i!ob1« itdi Tha pr:c« It HgW. Fo IS. Sltunlions Wanted Female Grarfuole nrccrical rw r w o ' * . V/ill v.oik w. Coll EO 2-6753. 20~ Articles For Sale f e v B J12.50. op?i'' icii gsio'cr 527.50; 21" TV ^25.03 W. O H e a . FOR SALE: 9.0CO Er'j~Fedd*7i"~'XT~Condi- lionei, 723 veil. FxrrJ'e-i or.ttct'iij ten. 'ion. $75.00. Coll 333-8533 ^d Gni Korje, P.t'i'.gttaicr t c-j'o- 3- c. V/aihe'. oil nerieti oxJ 'lei ^C sh. Coll EO 2.Q07S. old. Guarantee* *iill In eFI-r. fcui b qiill. Call ED 2-7IJ5. 7V, Foi AI/ Condtfon will, fi (I. D Cruo, UrrigH Frtejer ar.d fre MaVer PhMMn_Wa'Vlm. EO 4--1736 01 EO 7-6 SACRIKICE: Ico Maker Machine, capacity 300 pounds per day. Practically new. Original price SI,000, sale price approximately $500.00. See at Modern Appliance, Lelaml, Miss, Ph. 055-4066. MANAGERS HOSPITAL A H LIFE l g'cwirg hffoi-K All lioipllal rr.fd cal rc--i nnH bofl-rf aid caih olcni me No--Cnnte:icb'« find qjcit crimed re.-**ib'e f^r life. No ilden can bo a'lajhed afici in-x?, T-d rhe price ranfja trablei you to mcti cc"n»e- tihci Recently msde ove'laVe ii en en- dcnsireni wHkti n lo be arioched 1o tt-e Hofi-Car.tellable nb-i r'/m'rafng wa.f- irvq pe' od*. Ansrhoi !rrDonn-l feai^i^ it the 201-i «-dinli»n ·" P'erriini to polity- ARMOUR ·k Fertilizers and Garden Insecticides of All Kinds Also Large Selectiai of Took GOYER HARDWARE 815 _AU;jcnnder ^ 332-5695 SAFE FOR SALE R e m i n g t o n - R a n d 4 hour Safe, large size, $350.1)0 Call 332-5872. hg'de A l s o nvti"oh'e Ii in heolilu r Scecinl Riik policy, a g.-aicnieed itne.vcb'« Ici onc n B 0 Co..'V.O. Box 1252, Jccliot. 34. Building Materials Building Materials U-TRIM AIR CONDITIONER FILTERS 15" x 24" only _ 72 20".\25" 1.29 ? 2.80 CASH AND CARRY RETAIL DIVISION OF Building Products WHOLESALE CO HEwoy M I. Pfion* ED 3*7741 1 B'ock Fai M u - i k l p a F Alrpoil Id. 25. Boats, Motors Supplies FOR S A I E - "B" Racing Rig. Cnll ED 21718 afiei 6 P.M. SALE: \T Eonl. 7 1 /, H.P. Joh'-i^n Molcr a^rf Trnile--. Cnll 66S-'1?'13 r.berglan Eoai. 75 H.r. Ev'.irurit Mo'o', 1963 model. ?0 gallon gji rent, $7SQ.CO. Fhoro FO 2-1011. RAFT, 8' x IB' pr et -iK: slniler 25 H. P Cvinivcfa /.'.o'er, I*TTOI» ctx-!ro«. 8' x 1 ?' oo. COT b» ite.i af Yctht Club. Call 666-4661 or 666-4933. AM OTASCO HOME AND AUTO ' . So.rh o-rf So-j-Jiwen. OFAVIO lOfclohctx, 1 10 a-.d Sup'jlvl Auoc a* 110'tl ' Vc have Rags, Filters, Hose, Cords, for any make Vacuum heTn'\n ff ^«!e!i 1 .nq i! kcoiicn? r ^iul7 :I ^ ^Culler. ExpCrt repair Service. *^w«renl l.ra.-.cirxj, i^» and mnnaq*- and oio«T.oliCT p.-cqra-n, and expeit con- t rived on t'^iKe afier vfii* HO'C It open. Call ED 2-53GC DF.LTA VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE FIRST CLASS UPHOLSTERING CUSTOM WORK REPAIRING WF. BUY USED FURNITURE PEF.-i:i5H:l;G SLE CCOrER HALL HALL'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP '· FPES IMIV.A1ES · i:t!i=n a-.d Sfc«lby S-«. Fli. 3 M. Furnished Aparlmcnts too^l Turn. CpL. uhl.ii .nrh. 614 MalT Sf. W (oblff. ED 2-I 2!5 N. POPIAR, f^cm LPV'J'U AD!., ·\. Call ED 2-2022. FURNISHED I ard~2~B/S Apt'i *50 and 155 p«i monlh CaD 10 5-1S9I. ______ MICE i-noll i.n'uir.ii'-ed hcaie. 83 Reot C«dor. Coll ED ^.9903. _ 'oi« up town. TV cablff. 160 mo^th. cc'. Priva'8 eilrcrte. NICtlY Futn. upllai . . bclh axj ggiaqe. W ab'e, . Couola on'y. S^5 P' r S. B'oodvioy. Ph. ED J.434?. 51. Unfurnished Apartments w « «,. B r TW -^ -. ,,.-,. 8 M H V / Y 1 H«1K 2 B/R D^l««., ., low ai $1?.500. V/rira (or cable. ?:0 wiring. S5J. ED W74. FPEE BOOKIET, ra ob'.goiion. D. K. Cor- 05 /AAYFB 2 B/R wlurnli^ed duole. pt. S«Daia'a D/B. J55 cti r-anth. New. decoic'cd. Call David Wih'.n. ED 5, lelcnd, 44. Insurance BATTERY RE-CHARGE 29c Rental 25c Per Day GUARANTEED USED Brt'lTERIES 6 Volt--$3.38 12 Volt--$4.88 E«hor.g» OTASCO Oklahoma Tire Supply Co. 617 Woih iyron fK 335-7691 TAKE ADVANTAGE - Ol Oui -EXPERIENCED SERVICE DEPARTMENT Fix Service on Typewriters and Adding Machines Co» TOUCHSTONE BUSINESS MACHINE xjJ.vuy ft.. ED -1-335! 27. Farm Equipment 4 row M/F lc=l hai pla-tler J^-SO ffAW Do-AII rJew S550 ·i row fcurth hiopin^ rfiic S-10G Aridir.s grain cnir . . . . ! " -hot? 35' grcTn nailer $2 Inl "137" co.r.b'ne 5 f r-per 11 92" tombVn 53 TER^S ARAAMGtD TOM B U E K K R IOR^IA, Mil*. fh. 827-5470 Houscliold Goods Articles For Sale 20, Articles For Sale TAKE UP PAYMENTS -C-A-S-H- I'OR YOUR OLD FURNITUllli APPLIANCES · tut · SILL · TRAD! RAILROAD SALVAGE FUXNITURE CO. 721 Woihlngltti Ph. ID 3-2713 1--G.E. 17 Cu. Ft. $ O 50 Food Frwzer L Wfc. 1-G.E. H.9 Cu. Ft. Freezer-Refg. % O 00 Frost Guard 0 Wk. 1-G.E. I3.S Cu. Ft. $ rt 50 Refrigerator u Wk. 1-- Tappan Gas Range 50 1--G.E. Stereo .. .. $ 1 23 Console Mahg. Finish J- Wk. 1--19" G.E. Portable T.V. il 25 1 Wk. 1--13.0M B.T.U. Air S O 50 Conditioner U Wk. 1--19,000 B.T.U. Air S O 00 Conditioner 0 Wk. 1-23" G.E. Television .. 1 50 1 Wk. Goodyear Tires 32 E · Terms As Low As $1.25 Week · G O O D Y E A R SERVICE STORE 6JJ WASHINGTON ED 2-1561 WE BUY USED FURNITURE and APPLIANCES SEE US RErOH YOU SELL QUEEN CITY FURN1TUEE CO. WoihlnoVMI Avft. Phon* ED 2-4 HAVE MECHANICAL . PROBLEMS? SEE 82 REPAIR SERVICE 2127 Hwy. 82 E. Or Call I'll. 332-2312 Expert Service On: * LAWN MOWERS * OUTBOARD MOTORS * CHAIN SAWS * SMALL ENGINES "Service Is Our Business" ROCK-BOTKMI RATES Call: John Worthy Furnished Apartments in iurn. A r j A'ja i"^oll furn. Cot- qe^Ulililiei pa j. to 4.A983. UKrJISHEO API. 3 ro^nn end Lxjln. Cwjple I'Y. 624 Aluo^der. ~l"l~r!E6e»LD. ~ 2 ~ B y 8 (JrnT apl. 'CE 2 Toc.-n Turn. Anl. Priva!» balli t.l liei pair/. 160.00. ED ^.463?. 04 V/. AIEXANDF8, 3 Room L tUjlh ;li|8l paiJ. S I 2 wttt. ED 2-29t7. _ ~8 TJ. HlhJDS, 2 Poc-n ucilalrt Acl ihll paid. X10 v/eeV. ED 2-2567. 31 S. BBOAD'.VAY. 2 ROOI-I 6 bolh ti po'd. J3 witl. ED 2-2967. U5H. OARAGE API: 3 .oc-ni J. bain. ·,i,:tn-d. IV cablg «. garogg. Coll ID ^SMjillir li^m. P.COTVI ar.d Scln, IV Cab'., garcc. par monlh. Cou;l(l onl/. Fn. EO 4915 cller 6:00 P.M. Cc 3 Kcom furn. Apt. Pvl. vnth. Ulill :i pod. 112 S. Eil at Wa^h. $15 *. f j i c » IrxaKc-.. EO 2-0146. FOR RENT Jpstairs furnished apartment. TV onncclion. 905 Main Street. Call MRS. C. E. JORDAN, ED 4-3841 FURNISHED ROOMS AND AP ARTMENTS. CABLE CONNEC TtONS, PEST CONTROL SER VICE, ALL UTILITIES PAID I-OR RENT: ICE CREAM FREE- iER AND POWER TOOLS. 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. HOTEL GREENVILLE 1-5 ROOM EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS All UKIillei Po'd. PIul MoM-Strvk*. Low Mcf*lh'.Y SatH On S:ngl* Room*. Phone ED 2-«181 1 B/t l*-l* 2J23 rear Turin St. ^.i8l CT 4-W. ______ 2 B/R i/nlur/i. houie, 550 PC- mo. Ccr- B-a-^hcm^ a-.J Ale»ar,cr. ED 2^340. fary» b«(iro:~». largs fcilcf-pn. TV eubl». Ph. EO 4.4759. OT ED S-2?l_7 1 2 8 / R u-ifu/n. KotJl« 42? S. Coloiarjo St. J5S. mo. Fn. 4-1843. 1331 S. MAIN ST. 2 B/R ififurn home TV Ccb'e, ??0 wiring, cUie fan. ^65 pe onih. Call ED 2 5TO2. IM IELAIID; 3 8 / R F-MJIB, Vi block f.-c-n DobI.e ichoo'l. Phc.-B Sa-n CorclTo, 6 3 4 ^ 5 3 4 or 686-'!63l. Ciipc Cod Design Tliis home at 2430 Naples Street is now being offered for a small down payment and monthly notes of only $52.20 plus taxes and insurance. Four bedrooms, two baths, large lot. Tremendous Duy! Immediate occupancy. CALL WALTER HERBISON 5-2888 Nights 2-18-11 Days B/R hofe, leaora'o dln'ng room. 1003 Con.-on. 580.00. Call Uri. John Grill.n. BEST IOCATICM. 2 B / R unfuin. D ' . p . ill tonver:entei. Bovd S'.hsol d.lliicl. $60 -:n!h. Call ED 4-3395. Houses For Sa|« ' NEW HOMES 80S IIART DRIVE Tlirce bedroom brie!', home with iwo full baths. Living room with completely separate dining room. Entiy hall has quarry tile floor. SViill pa[cr accented kitchen has breakfast bar. The family room is beautifully paneled with antique birch. Separate laundry room. Most likely this large home has all of the space and features that your family needs. Monthy notes are $OG.74 plus taxes and ce. 881 IIART DRIVE We liave just started this large hrce bedroom brick home. It has f.vo full baths with vanities in each. Living room, semi-formal clininc room, and entry hall. The extra" large den is 13' x 20'. Lots of birch cabinets in the kitchen, with a built-in oven and range. The double closels in the MBR save lofs of arguments. Double garage for all weather protection. F.H.A. monthly notes will be 5101.24 plus taxes ami insurance. 723 HART DRIVE Here is a new three bedroom brick home that we are starling Iliis week. It has two full baths with dressing vanities in each. A cleverly planned dining alcove is just off the living room. _ Tha large pnnolcd rlen was designed lo permit easy furniture arrangement. This exceptional home even has a breakfast area in the kitchen. The kilchcn, of course, includes a built-in oven and range. A double garage provides ~- -;.- , - ,, · « - . - · -, .10 «7nnn '·"' ".gn«oy o. i- "--- 3 s,-:, mrgs .iv..-g ,30.,,. «,,,..;·,-, ~ year round convenience. Monthly S-A^$":.'.^..-.V: :fe f ^±av? ,"!,,··":::: I.18S 3"liS ",,.r d «.SSS, A " S S,rd^ notes will be SSS.74 plus taxes and 70$ ^$. ? S/'!..";:-.""."-. tSSju °;»^,v;· ·-::::::::: SlSi"TM-' *« b " TM VH ' ·"»'· nsura TM e - FOR RENT Bedroom unfurnished Duplex \pt. 322 Beauchamp St. Call ED 5-1155 8:31 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. HOMELIKE LIVING rr-i. 7 . cenlial r-ea1i".g roon-.i, pitvnt* l cond.1io.--lr*g It «!etJr?c- Nr« and A'.cdeJ MAIN STREET GARDEN APARTMENTS CALIED fB J-03M ol 2-CB6o NEW LUXURIOUS DOWNTOWN APARTMENTS ? bedroom un'lt. Mill available, fvi- nliK«d aponrr.erj olio availabl*. All elecl/;c. Foi furihgi InFom-alion coll. ED 2-5421 or after 6 p.m. 5-18C9 315 IJEFF SI. in Gre«.-ivlll«, 1 B/R u 1 hcijie. lorqo ftrKed back yard, very icb'« /w'g'ibofhead. Ava'ikjbls no* Co'l Saal Ccrolb. 686.A534_lekinJ._ 'jt'r'JIV DHC03ATED. 3 ro-^rorid'boih, ,-fv.n. f-.c-.« 525. 9M Go*lhal. 1 B/: iown cr-H "i^hsol i35. 333 R.'ll-e5b« f d M A Y N A R U WILZIN BEA1.TO! O'oJ ED 4-4M4 )44 H. II. BroaJorov 165.0C I 5 3 2 Fairview 535.CC 437 ln« So!.Of 24? S. PsDlar S60CO i54 S. Blh 550.00. IMS S. Main $45.00 1545 llv/y. I S SM.OO ! ?!l HibiKu! 555.00 1260 Morsc.-et ElvH. [AvI 6-1) .. 5 R O O O I 1248 WARGAREF BLVD. l\u 4 btd;oo.n. I 1 /, b^lr.. wl^ lo'O" «paral« den. £ir*oJa:e, 1650 la. fl. mcvh- V pcyrr.enl, J83.69. Pljt Fnxei a~d lurc.-.ce. TEF.SACE GARDEN A lovely 3 bcdrcsm I 1 /, La'r. Sc.nt wlrt ·o.Ti-lr loc-n. 503 Clover Cr. LOT 1« BOWMANOD ADDIIIOH 'rec'ialy rhfl locollsn ior vour drecm hsr-e in tWi brga. well s'evoied lol--200'x2»3' Bill /mdrcws W,lh Ernest Wctldauer US S. Pcnbi REALTOR ED 2-1555 J. L. McCLENDON REAITO8S 137 S. Harver -- Prior.. ED 2-8113 348 OHarvfci, I B/R APARTMENTS Downroi , Ann. 2 8/B ' 5«.08 J13500 J. L. McCLENDON I RtAlIO» 13' S. Harvsv - Flier.. ED 2-8193 UNFINISHED HOUSES 1003 Pcire.-t, 2 B / f t $55.00 1453 Jrfcr 2 B y R S50.CO 303 Colorado. 2 8/8 550.00 7?0 Arno!d 4 B/K. 2 Bolhl 580.00 J53S Old leland Ed 550 00 529 N. Shslby. 2 B/R $.15.00 1611 Saiuw, 3 B/R S65 00 703 S. CalHainia. 3 B/R S-;3.00 2713 H. Broodwoy, 3 B/S S65.OO 1011 Car.non, 2 B/R 565.00 ,40 Lclui, 2 B/? S65.00 911 H-qhwoy 82 E S50.CC N'gM'Cotl £0 4-4358 rn ID 2-65M BEST LOCATION 12?! Kirk Cicl -- SIS.000.00 -- 3 fccdro=r~j. 1 bolh. lorge hi. 1233 K r k C-rc's -- 531.500.00 -- 3 3edro3mi, 2 balhl. Itpcrnla d n.g 5EE US FOI EXCLUSIVI L I S T I N G S MOYSE MOVSE WASSON Jo^-i J. Gonnoji. F.tal'oi Fsrd I. M3y«, Realiar T P. Ceyr^ldi, Realfcr Rhodei T. V/o!5!m. F.calror Fr.ane ED 5 3558 cr Call fD 5-8328 Nils K63 FRANCIS 3 B / ? , laics liv..-g T-d:-\rrKj 510 Irn. ? B/R 1727 0,5,n Cny lo-n [L-'SNISHED HO'JSE ^37 Chlrrv, I B/R COMMERCIAV BUILOItKi 306 Woirii.-.G!cn $225.00 3?7 Wcshrnglc.T S35.CXJ 55. Colored Rentals ,'.',1d!.v.-l Acrei, 2 B/R (Got 1 Furn.l SvO.OO te.'lyn Apr,. I B/B |-*altr (urn.l 5115.00 'jrj^uEr;isHFD APARTMENTS 620 McAllii1-r, 3 B/B 572.00 535 Sdomo.i, 2 B/R S50.CO 12J2 Mo'n. 2 B/R 550.CO 559 Arnold, 2 B/R 5!0.00 36? Orlando. 2 B/R S37.50 318 W. AlB»a.ider 1 B/B S35.00 2751 H. Biood*ay, 2 B/R 550-OOi 515 Delia [2-BRJ 5 4 5 . 0 0 3 ronm hci5?, (orrclere bnlh. 9 IU Slurllng. 1 B/S S5S.OO : Sr. ED 5-5221 cr 5-5901. S33.00. M2 Coiheiirw 2 B/R 550.00 1B«3 Old l.lorj Rd. 3 B/R 555.00 Downlcwn Aon. 2 B/R . . . 5115.00 112 BsaiKhomp [Ek;pl«) ? B/R .. 550.00 Grefnvilla Court APT. 1 B/R 550.110 517 N. Poplar, reaVoralerf 537.50 12? W Yergsr 1 B/R S35.00 427 tffd Rd., 2 B/S 550.00 BIO Highway 1, N., 2 B/R 543.00, S2T 60. Real Estate Services Rooms For Rf-at Room Fn privors hcrr V/rife 3c52 Ki-nbcll, tlx-. BEDROOM, c-r ccnd lion coble. 510 Oder. FD 1-7^ NEWLY dttalcd genfl prival* balh ^ enl. Cai Mo-n. Fh. EO 2-6925. Ui« ol kitchen. -^nHit. Term. Garage. TV or ED 2-7356. ni fcrdroo-n, 3 :«. 519 So. MAY'S RENTALS FUSNISHEO Alexander, 3 roc.-ni, u:lll]-«i ..565.00 ,i,-i Alxonder, 2 I/R, waret .. 565.M 655 Alexander 2 rooml, ullllrrak S55.00 TJ. TKftcbald 3 rrr.i, L-llll^st .. 365.00 603 R. Fairview, 3 rooTM 145.00 619 Folrulew, 2 B/R J wolof .... 560.00 UNFURNISHED 2 Cannon St. 6 Rmi J65 00 II With Video Cabin Mowing Service Ph- tP 3-6376 BEDSOO'A for genlle-nan, a^r cc.~.d:iioned. 438 S. Moi.i. Dcy Ph. £0 2-6i*4, nighl ED 2-86B1. wT 33. Pianos, Radios, Televisions RELAX Previous lessons unnecessary Play Hammond Organ at HEWITT - .SILK PIANO CO. (2 Dorvi frc.-n S?«in Alan) Building Materials LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Cypress, Pine, Hardwood KOUGH OB D8E5SED SPECIAl ORDERS CUT E. G. NELSON, INC. Fhon. ED 2.8568 or ED ?-Ti1\ 35. Service Directory SEPIIC TA IIPIlc Tcnle cleani * ED 2.1770 or ED nq ran HodgM ZO. Articles Yor Safe ~ 20. Articles For Sale MAKE LAWN CARE FUN W I T H A F L E X - N - F L O A T 5 mperor Lawn care's easier, faster v;ith Ariens EMPEROR! Choice of 26" and 32" rotary or 30" reel mower. Insta-H.tch attachments (no tools needed!) to do 12 big year 'round Gard'N-Yard chores. Rear-mounted 6 h.p. engine for greater traction -- easily climbs 70% grades. Unequalled for proven performance, dependability. Starting At Test-ride . ,. , test-mo* lha $ ^ Q (Hi 0 Emperor. Yours on easy terms. .£_ /£» ^~Jf "CALL US FOR A DF,MO,\STRATION TODAY" 327 Hwy. No. 1 I'll. ED 5-3514 When You Think Ol REMODELING Think Of ALEXANDER'S LBR. CO.--332-7245 FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE, that is · Fast, neat, low-cost installation. · Prompt, courteous, skillful servicft. · Frigidaire Precision Parts. · Advice on adapting Frigidaire appliance! to your kitchen. CatT on the folks who'd like to call on you! ROSELLA r S Phono EO W32« 41. llusincis Opportunities WAX POLISH Piolrtl Your Cor Fe» S'jmT«r $10.95 Kossmnn-Vickcry Phsni 33S-7396 Classiliod Display 71. Colored Property For Sale FOR LEASE MAJOR OIL COMPANY SERVICE STATION U.S. Highway 82 East Adjoining Holiday Inn PHONE ED 2-6973 HOMES FOR SALE Close To T. L. Westrm School 1235 HOLMES ST. 3 bedrooms, \nrge living room kitchi'n, maple kitchen cabinets with formica sink lop, double .sink, central, aluminum windows, reinforced concrete foundation, 10 year guaranteed 30 gal. glass lined wafer Iicalor. Move in immediately. $500.00 down -- $61.03 per montli (or 15 years loan. BIO DAU.RIVA 3 bedroom sewing room, large living room, extra large kilchen, inside u f i E i l y room with washing machine connec- lion, maple kilclien cabinel.s with formica top, completely remodeled redecorated. $500.00 down -- $52.57 per month for lo years loan. 840 CAROLINE ST. Be sure lo see this home. Same design and price as home on 1255 Holmes St. GREENVILLE LUMBER CO. Phone ED 2-2637 -- KITE 5-2804 T B/R Houia . . . Houses For Rent IN LELAND FURNISHED 560.00 UN FURNISHED , S50.00 1ND YOUR OPPORTUNITY a the "Business Opportunitiej 1 ' olumn in the Classified Section MAYNARD WILZIN BEATLOK Mai ED 4-4554 144 N. Iraxhvev FURNISHED 28.B E. Wolksr »70.00 79 H, Poolar 130.00 56 S. Theaba'd $«.00 UNfUHNlSHED 19 Arnold »45.00 a CcmcSelt S30.00 IA N. Broodaray S45.00 03 Abraham J40.00 VS McAllijIer S55.00 /O Wo»halon $6-5.00 Carefree Living Can Be Yours At Magnolia Arms YOUR WORRIES ARE OURS! · No Maintenance · No Yard Chores · We Do Your Painting · Locked Gales · Private Swimming Pool · Private Parking · Covered Parking (Optional) · 1 2 Bedroom · I'/] Bath Air Cond.ticning i Healin 523 McAllister Phone 332-S3 For Appointmen SIDNEY STALLINGS, BROKER Fhan* 686-7215 Buying A Home? Let us plan your FHA or VA Loan Ccrr» In Or Coll WASHINGTON COUNTY SAVINGS AND LOAN 332-8121 Urchin 1 ' b-nl»' nr'irj'rKEd garaqe. Localed on e t a la:ge lor w'.lh mi.neroui Irees a-d iKn/ci. fHA leiTM. 174 FAVA ErlA Vfr-.fsr, 3 B / R , IV, bolhi. MvlKi 'OC-n. ki-cr«n-din'ng cr«a. e-ntrnl Ken:. \Ktayi°r*-°Kl 'bctv'vo^j'' OH» $630.00 do.n. FKA. 9i5 S. WASHINGTON t BIH, d«n. 3 ^ull halh!. 2 hall ba'K dinVg r^om, carrx-:*, d-apei. air ondi- liani.ig, bea-^i.fu':-/ Inr.a'icaped lot. HI1RS 4 THO.MP5UN RIALTY CO. MIERS PRATT 517 Hwy. No. 1 SouTti Dial ED 2-1546 Mutual Inl. R. EildW Mortgcao loom NIK HIO.T tO 2-2164 PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADSI YOU ARE. 5M !. W il. Houses Far Sal* TERRACE GARDENS 1769 Holly Lane Four Bedroom Brick. Two car garage, central air heat, two full baths, built-in range, dishwasher, disposal, family room, patio, laundry. Owner must sell. Phone 332-8631 for appointment. ASHINGTON: 3 B/R. 2 br.lnl, I'y. Ira rcori, d nir-q icom, r~D^e.-n Vii., b.g Icmily IOCTI. Coll for cor-ul^e info. 1124 MARGAIET: 3 B/5, I V , bn'hi. lent ed bacViYa'd. catpcit a-H slaicge. pi. 511.753. I7J2 SUDAN: Tencco Gaideni ^oi l . Beau lif-jl 3 3/R, 2 bc:S harr.e. Fo.-nily icx;-n wilh (ii. plait. Cnll lai inspection Ic. iee 1440 FRANCIS; 3 B/R. balh, living-din nc om. ki:chfn, 'taiocil one! Ho-aaB.Prise Houses For Sale 70. tiotues For Sate YOUR GATEWAY TO BETTER LIVING CHECK OUR VALUE KEYED HOMES FOR GRACIOUS LIVING TERRACE GARDENS EAST 1733 WEST SUDAN 1125 COTTAGE DRIVE (eady for brick is this beautiful hrce bedroom home built on a comer lot. Authentic French Pro- vcncial exterior. Two full baths of cernmic tile. Separate dining room. The entry hall has a quarry tile floor. Large MBR, plenty iig enough for the new "king-size" xnls. Built-in oven and range in :ilchen. Double carport is at the rear of this near perfect plan. Monthly notes will be 526.18, plus taxes and insurance. Call for ap- lointmont fo see. 1260 WANDA DRIVE A well-kept three bedroom homa [hat we have just taken on trade. Yard is in excellent shape with plenty of trees and shrubbery. Inside and out this home is in excellent condition, from the roof to the hardwood floors. Total cash needed is only $400. Monthly notes will be $6X30, plus about S9.0C for taxes and insurance. All together an excellent buy for such a fine neighborhood. Call us for an appointment to see. 1101 WANDA: 3 8 / 0 . IV, bclhn, (anil n. dm'ng roc.-n. * Foirr B.drc * A Lmg* Din With * B^autiriH Fallo Wilh B,i.l Filing * Buill In 0,,a. Raagi, Dimgtnir t Diipoicl COLONIAL HEIGHTS · 808 ADAMS Wall To Wall Caroling Ctnlral Air Condition JL KffaTlng * Bull! Tn Ov*n, Rcnoi, Dllhwathir 1 Oiipo:al *lwo FiXI Bolhl GARDEN ADDITION EAST carport cna* itorcce. 71? CALIFORNIA: 3 B/R, 1 Vj tc diniro icor^i. Vilch?.-, ulility l port ard itoroge. Feel FRFE to call for cc-np!«!e i en Ihs abcvo Pfor*rt!ei. Marvin D. Bowcn Salomon Ph. 3350521 ED 2-2355 John W. Young, Jr. Bislioi 804 Washington Avo. ii, livi-g. horn, tor- HOMES Phone ED 5-116J Highway 82 E. 5. Special Notices FOR A QUICK SALE USE THE WANT ADS IN THE DELTA DEMOCRAT-TIMES. Special Nonces LAKE ANNETTE WILL, BE OPEN SATURDAY FOB BASS BREAM FISHING ONLY Limit: 5 Bass, 20 Bream Per Person $1.00 WILL BE OPEN FOR 30 DAYS ONLY. FOLLOW SIGNS FROM AIR BASE GATE. · 1246 PARK LANE * Cwlral ATr Cflnctttion S. Htaling * On* 1 O M - H a U ftar!ii · 1247 OAK LANE * Bulll-ln O.*n long* * C. Tirol Ktalirg t;»t-ln Ovtn »an;. VA Monthly Forninti, 58044 FHA Monlhlr PoT.T.tnl, J50.I5 VA Monthly Paynunti 175.M FHA Monthly Parmlnti $74.1 B CUSTOM - HOME - BUILDERS Quality Building Materials -- Complete Real Estate Service -- Repairs Remodeling -- Additions 80 Cars For Sale 8U Cars For Sale liiiit/taoNa /*» ( umtwCo, «.cr SIS Main $1. Optn 7:30 A.M. -- 5:30 P.M. Might Phw» ED 5-1869 70. Houses For Sale 70. Houses For Sale Housei For Sale Tk Keojt Eatote/ GREENVILLE LUMBER COMPANY FHA ACQUIRED PROPERTIES Cost Down Payment 2720 Airdale Drive 8300.00 100 52.53 810 Bay St. 6750.00 100 47.55 2802 East Alexander 6500.00 100 3S.39 EXISTING HOMES 1710 Queen City Lane--3 B/R, V/, Bath. 1719 Qiieen City Lane -- 2 B/R, 1 Bath. 1520 Marilyn -- 3 B/R, 1 Bath, carpet in living room, bedrooms and den. 1232 Lewis - 2 B/R, 1 Bath, Garage, Fenced Yard. Good Buy. 1153 John St. -- 3 B/R, 1V$ Baths, Separata Family Room. NEW HOMES 102 LILAC LANE - Highland Heights. 3 bedroom brick home, two full ceramic tile baths, extra large kitchen and family room, built-in range and oven, double carport. This home can be bought with or without air condition. Go by and see this beautiful home. Payments $96.74 plus taxes and insurance. 1545 MARILYN'--Roman Gardens Addition. 3 bedroom brick home, l'/j baths, built-in range and oven, paneled kitchen and family room, sliding glass door leading to large patio. This home is all new design. Go by and see this home. Payments $76.22 plus taxes and insurance. CAU JOHN GIACHELLI Hay Fl.on ED 5-M37 Night CD 4-4160 «r ED 2-1617 Check [n At Your DATSUN Dealer Today-Check Out In A DATSUN See the famous "Four-Ten" 4-dr. Sedans Station Wagons, and the fabulous L320 Pickup Trucks. Drive these new DATSUNS and see why DATSUN-owners make up the fastest growing imported car list in America today. DATSUN THE RIVERVALLEY GO. 129 S. WALNUT ST. PH. 3154524 RIVERVALLEY MOTORS HWY. «! E. PH.

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