The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 15, 1957 · Page 1
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 1

Kalispell, Montana
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Friday, November 15, 1957
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ACCRA, Ghana (UP) -- Interior Minister Krobo Edusei said today that from now on cabinet ministers would be armed with revolvers. His announcement came in the Snow Flurries · Considerable cloudiness this aft- crnoon, tonight and tomorrow, with occasional snow flurries. Slightly cooler daytime temperatures. High today ,40. HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF MONTANA HELENA- Green Stamps, too. adv. -uow ,0 THE DAILY INTER LAKE --.-.,«, NO. 1/4. I/* A I I C O F I I l i x i i v . . . . KALISPELL, MONTANA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1957 Federal CD Asks Shelter Program WASHINGTON (UP) -~ The face of outspoken anti-government, Federal civil Defense Adminis- f-:entiment throughout this young republic. Ghana has been beset from its birth by bitter differences ' between a central government intent on control of the nation and tration has recommended to President Eisenhower a 34 billion dollar program for construction of underground shelters which could also be used for schools, hospitals, sectional groups keen to retain ! garages and generally tied in with 'national defense. The shelters would be for two types of protection: against radiation fallout and against blast in prime target areas. The emphasis, would be protection against fallout. This represents a major shift in federal civil defense thinking. Heretofore the emphasis was on evacuation from target areas. The new look was apparent in the annual fall conference of the National Association of State and Territorial Defense Directors which winds up today. BEFORE SATELLITES Officials said the new approach to civil defense was evolved before Russia's successful satellite launchings. But. some state civil KEY WEST, Fla. (UP) -- Re- defe "se directors indicated they tired Coast Guard Capt. Carl H. thought Russia's missile successes Hilton, 68, brother of hotel mag- l n o w make shelters the primary nate Conrad Hilton, died at his civil defense need. traditional rights and powers. TAr?ET, Formosa (UP) -- The United States has turned down a Nationalist Chinese request for American aid funds to boost tile pay of Nationalist employes and military personnel, it was disclosed today. Government officials s a i d , however, that the cabinet has decided to ro ahead anyway with an across-the-board raise for 300,000 government workers and 600,000 servicemen. The cost to the American-supported government will be at least 18 million .dollars and where the money is to come from is the blgr question in Parliament. ation. The agency also plans more monitoring facilities for use in locating safe as well as unsafe areas. 10 PAGES CENTS French Walk Out on NATO Protest Arms for Turn MSES Building Work Progresses isia ing and home yesterday of a heart ailment. Funeral services will be held Saturday. LONDON (UP) -- The authoritative medical journal Lancet said that televiewing: could now be included in the list of "hazardous occupations." The Journal, organ of Hie British .Medical Association, warned TV viewers against becoming too engrossed in the programs and advised them to get np and walk about at least once every hour to prevent thrombosis In the leer. It also said that before sitting down to a night's viewing, viewers should remove girdles and other tight garments. BERLIN (UP) -- A Soviet scientist said today the name of Lalka will be -inscribed- on ' an /"honor. plaque", along -..with.' the names of other -heroic Russian dogs. · Scientist J. W/ Krylow, in interview carried by. the. East man News Service ADN, said the Inscription for the dog which died in Sputnik II will read "Dedicater tc the first living being that pene- The shelter program is only part the the new concept. Other aspects of the new thinking include the idea of "government in emerg-, ency" and an educational program to teach people how to save themselves from fallout Federal planners \vere reluctant to »talk about the proposed huge spending program before a detailed plan is presented to Congress. The planners said, however, the recommendation is on the President's desk for consideration by the National Security Council, top government strategy board. A source colse to FDCA administrator Leo A. Hoegh said the proposed multi-billion spending could be justified by using the shelters for schools, hospitals and garages when not. in use. during a bomb- dropping emergency. If the shelters-were., full of parked automo-. biles when bombs, dropped, people-"' could sit in the "cars'! he said. The source suggested a start such shelters new quarters sometime about the first of the new year Two British planes landed Tunis airport .this morn- with submachineguns also will boycott the permanent committees of NATO but only for the present session. Gen. Pierre ammunition for the Bil l°"e e said France "wanted 3,000-man Tunisian U.S. Embassy sources an army. Tunis said in an American construction of new buildings. Civil defense would be charged only with the shelter when it is Youth Admits Killing Chile! After Capture RENO, Nev. (UP) -- John L.' |Miller, 15-year-old suspect in thelf Government Eases used as such. Other costs would day. murder of a 22-month-old southern California girl, confessed to the slaying after his capture here to- be charged to the school or hos- tvated the cosmos." He said Laika pUal or ag · which would join the names of dogs who.shelter area, served as medical aid dogs 'or' couriers during World War II. WASHINGTON (UP) -- Supreme Court Justice F e 11 x Frankfurter, who could have retired with full pay at 70, celebrates his 75th birthday today with his regular Friday conference with his colleagues on cases that have come up before them. lie will receive, his former law. clerks in the late afternoon and spend the evening at home with Mrs, Frankfurter. Mafia Link WASHINGTON (UP) -- Senate investigators said today they have "some information" linking, the used the "We hope to get a start on the shelter program in the fiscal 1959 Reno police said the youth was captured while driving a 1957 car' he had stolen in San Mateo, Calif., after robbing a grocery store in that city. WASHINGTON (UP)_The gov- rhment-has eased up on the anti- inflation brakes in a move that indicates the boom is over. The Federal Reserve Board, in the first reversal of its cherished Dr.-. Marcus Nadler, consulting economist to the Hanover Bank, said the "v/ave of confidence has given way to a wave of doubt." He noted that business activity Bomb Damages Pro-Western Lebanese Home transport plane would fly in arms this afternoon from ( Germany -- M-l rifles and ammunition. BEAT RUSSIANS Britain and the United States said they were acting to beat Russia to the punch, but the arms shipments over French p r o t e s t gravely strained Atlantic solidarity and threatened to bring down the government of Premier Felix Gaillard. . The sudden British-American decision to arm Tunisia caught the NATO meeting by surprise. Sen. Theodore Francis Green (R-R.I.), chairman of the Senate emergency meeting of NATO foreign ministers because the p e r - manent NATO delegates have no executive powers. But the parliamentary group's week long labors would be useless if a key member such as France did not endorse the prepared resolutions urging closer western unity in all fields -- especially that of scientific research. Remains Show Plane Victims Had Warning HONOLULU persons aboard American Stratocruiser (UP) -- All 44 the crashed Pan Foreign Relations correspondents: "This is not the i was in trouble before it plummeted, possibly in flames, into the sea, Navy experts said today. This fact became apparent after Navy medical officers examii bodies of 17 victims recovered examined in . . . · By UnllecJ Preai A bomb-thrower damaged the home of a pro-western Lebanese member of Parliament In Beirut boom has ended." budget," he said. This is the budget for the 12 months starting: Police said Miller next July 1, which the President strangling the child, will send Congress in January. NEW CONCEPT The "government in emergency" concept would do away with the idea that civil defense is "a guy admitted "tight-money" policy, cut the dis- i Tne Government had pursued a 'tight-money policy as a means of count rale yesterday from 3% to 3 per cent at four of its member banks. The remaining, eight banks are expected to follow suit shortly. rn°ve means that business- by neighbors who found the body of little Laura Helen Wetzel in a vacant house at Palos Verdes with a white tin hat and an arm-, Estates CaUf -- Monday. band," the source said. Real civil search turned toward north- defense, he said, would be within ern California after San Francisco the government structure itself. Civil defense planners are aiming at an educational program in fiscal 1959 on radiological defense. car buyers, and others probably will'be able to borrow more money from banks easier--and cheaper. It Is an attempt by the govern- police found an abandoned car that had been stolen near the little victim's' home. Fingerprints in the stolen auto matched those ment io again. has slowed down and said "the! today *«d drove a new wedge'into n " m "" --'~ J " 'the widening split in the Arab World. The legislator, Khalil El-HibrI, blamed the attack on supporters of Egypt and Syria which have been inflaming Arab p"a s s i o n s holding down the inflationary spiral. But a spokesman said the reserve board's action recognizes that inflation now "has ceased to with ' : " " ; " " · · w "as ceased to with unprecedented propaganda ,,, . bejhe dominant factor in the econ- attacks against Jordan's Jound^ e l r omy. The discount rate i s the interest reserve banks charge member banks to borrow money. A'reduc- tion could stimulate credit -- a n d thus the cvsraU economy--if mem- King Hussein. way of treating an ally. I firmly believe that France should have been consulted." Hep. Wayne L. Hays (D-Ohio) termed the Washington decision a ... "stupid and sterile policy." a wee k-long search of the Pacific. .To West Germany fell the-ef- Bi Spest mystery was why fort td try to restore the "entente rr ""' :r "'" "^ '"^' " "'' cordial" of. France, Britain 'and 'the United States. German delegate Kurt-Georg Kiesinger said there would be disastrous repercussions on world opinion If the much-advertised conference for- greater Atlantic unity collapsed. Gaillard himself was going before the National Assembly today (9 a.m. EST) to explain the French position and try to save his government. He was expected^ to seek a vote of confidence,tomorrow or Monday. The French were angrier at allies than the crew*; of the -Romance"of ' t h e Skies" sent no distress messages although it was indicated they had time enough to warn passengers the plane was about to ditch. NONE HAD SHOES The .Syrian and Egyptian press and radio campaigns were keeping the whole Middle East, in a . tur- , at any time in years. They be- '·lieve the Tunisian arms would be used the Algerian rebels, and fiery Gaullist Party leader moil. 9Pt the people buying b ^ banks pass on the lower cost . , . 6 jof borrowing to their customers.' gh , , a d t ) Q to th * tension last None of had shoes. the recovered bodies It is standard procedure to remove shoes when plane is about"tq ditch. Twelve of the passengers even had time to don life jackets. A flotilla of small boats and launches, guided by helicopters from the carrier Philippine Sea, recovered the bodies and every scrap of debris found floating. "Some of the materials showed evidence of fire," a Navy spokesman said. n0t ' pemit French day in an The program would be based on 'of Miller, who had escaped from the effect of fallout and how a Whittier, Calif, reform school Civil can protect defense plans themselves, r Sunday night. to put de- underworld Mafia with corruption lectors such as geiger counters and racketeering in the Teamsters .in 15,000 high schools next year Umon - [to help teach students about radi- What They're Saying By United Pin. DENVER--Vice President Richard M. Nixon urging aid to neutral countries: "It is far better to have a country neutral than oriented to the Comijiunlsts." . NEW YORK -- Former President Truman attacking attempts to make classical literature conform with the present:.. "Imagine the Book of Genesis with a Moscow version such 'as 'In .the beginning N i k i t a Khrushchev said lei there be light and there was light-- and let there be a sun and a moon and even a Sputnik'." The Wetzel girl was found apparently smothered to death in the home of neighbors who were away for the day. A palm print found at the scene was traced to j Miller and neighbors who 'saw I the youth fleeing later identified him from photographs. I Top economists said in New York that the action indicates that inflationary pressures in the economy have eased They said it also indicates that the-boom ha s ended and that business activity has be[gun to slow down. A. W. Zelomek, president of the Internationa] Statistical Bureau, said the cut in the rate will help buoy business confidence. . It also encourages the banks to borrow moie freely from the reserve and thus increases their ability to make more private loans. reservists to re- bullets." scldiers to "be killed by Allied port to Army units throughout the country, tomorrow. Military sources in Damascus insisted the order was not a general mobilization but only a move U.S. Highway 2 Group Reactivates WILLISTON, N. D. (ILNS) -Palmer Rusten of Williston, N. D., was elected president yesterday as the U. S. Highway No. 2 Association staged a reactivation meeting Marie., Mich., can be assured on a well-improved, hard-surfaced highway. The' national association- voted Poison Theft Puts Man on Probation GREAT FALLS (UP) -- Federal J - J a i o n The lower discount rate, an- to keep tha re .servists alert, nounced yesterday, -went into ef-t But It; coincided with a charge feet today at reserve banks in New York, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Richmond, Va. The other banks are at Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Boston,, Dallas and San Francisco. by the Damascus government that Turkish border troops opened fire on Syrian engineers at two places Wednesday. Turkey formally denied in a letter to the United Nations previous Congressional reaction to the [Syrian charges that Turkish planes The Kremlin moved quickly to cash in on the crisis that has rocked the very foundations of the eight-year-old North Atlantic alliance. It said the United States was trying to make Tunisia de- ; n a move to grab r itself. This playeu on French fears-expressed in the Senate last night area 1 040 east of HawaH " plane disappeared a week ago while flying from San Francisco to Hawaii. Navy experts said the Strato- cruiser hurtled into -the sea with such force that the eight crewmen and 36 passengers were killed almost immediately. SEVERE IMPACT "An examination of the-bodies indicates the impact' of the aircraft V,,- T l a K ^ n J T , i. 1 A . l . J J d ^ . , , Ji H i C d i l U a i C bj Debre--that an Anglo-Ameri- was severe enough to cause the can consortium" was plotting to!aircraft to disintegrate, with death take over.Frannp'c sni,,,., ,,.,,,.,,.. resulting .within -the hour if not move was immediate and favorable among both Republicans and Democrats* Rep. Wright Patman (D-Tex.), chairman of the Senate-House Economic Committee, said the re- duced rate showed that three years probation after the man pleaded guilty to a charge of transporting forged securities interstate. The defendant, Edgar Harold Ragsdale of Pasco, Wash., ad- reserve and-troops had violated Syrian territory. Abel Sentence NEW YORK (UP) -- A federal take over .France's Sahara riches. He has suggested France pull out of NATO for good, and the issue is to be debated on Tuesday. Pierre Schneiter, former speak- immediately,'!, a message from the Philippine Sea said early today. "Some sharks'were seen in the area," .the message added. here. -- --»* »·*-*»%*«··*«. Htiij wv-iaiiuii VvtCQ * ti. j ,,$3,500 to a promotion committee mi " e ? Ashing $986 worth of pay- 1 which will make up a brochure' TM Checks taken from the Poison I . .. , ^ * ******MO. C PltMt Trir , J *"*-- ...U!l ^ t_ chairman. William McChes-judge today sentenced Russian (France felt the term Atlantic er of the Chamber of Deputies, Navy officers said there was led today's walkout from a NATO only -a "15 per- cent" chance of meeting of members of the parliaments of various member governments. A formal statement said ney Martin "is getting on the top of the Capitol and shouting to the banks throughout the country to ease up and lower their interest rates." Col. Rudolf Ivanovich Abel to 30 years in prison and $8,000 in fines for his nine-year career as a Soviet "master spy in the United States. darity had no meaning under the circumstances. - : EMERGENCY MEETING The French delegation said it finding a liferaft -bearing survivors, but refused to give up hope without a thorough search. Foreign Exchange Canadian dollar,- $1.045/32 in U.S; currency. NEW YORK Jackie nobln- ion commenting on house-buying George Finch of Duluth, Mlnn.,' for the 1958 tourist season. Bro- was elected vice president and w.' chures vvl11 be mailed to. travel B. Sweetland of Kalispell was elected secretary-treasurer. ' The group adopted a temporary set of by-laws. . Voting delegates were present agencies, chambers of commerce and American Automobile Association offices and will be put in travel shows.' The group hopes to achieve a distribution of 250,000 the strip map-type brochures. support were received from Washington, Wisconsin and Michigan, the other four states along the highway. The national associa- ' tipn is a 'federation sociations. and will of state .as- draw three "In:India and in the ..Communist countries this is going to be played up. It's going to hurt." SEATTLE -- James L. Robertson, assistant city, s engineer, planning a by-pass sewer line to atop a large cave-la caused by water from a broken sewer eat-' in* «way sandy soil 145; feet below fronn'd: "It will; take days and perhaps _ v '· _ ' ,- v- - ~ r · ------- -- «»«·» ^*»£f*«*»*jMAT VTC*£» fc«AciVr weeks, but we've got to do Hi. the fact that .construction 2L2LK? 10S * «-*^fc «««b- reached the stage where for a more elaborate b r o c h u r e , committee study of placement of highway road signs and advertising in daily newspapers and weekly travel Plywood Co..while he was at the Calgary Stampede, Alta., July 8 and 15, 1956. in Calgary, Khrushchev Claims Lead in Rockets -IV1 \J -O Vj IJ IV - I I ( P ) . - i "Mllri t ·» t\^r* v i n n v t A r . * £ . . ( . . _ ~. il _» « * ..* i Ji . (UP ·-- r . - ' · Khrushchev, today claimed, that Nikit * the nearest future, though he still 'ity but he said the Soviets "will ' ' Weed Will Design Whitefish Armory wants one as "the only way out"of the East-West impasse. --It would be possible for Rus-, sia and the United States alone : would^ not necessarily mean thejof the North d Treaty Or never ·start 'a war," In the event of ,. he said it would be "fought on agree to re5aj ? international ten- to settle major problems in .bi- another war, I Iateral negotiations. "If we two supplements. the American. Continent," but "we too would; suffer immensely." . - - . I n a n exclusive t w o .and o n e (UP) -- Construction half -hour interview with the Unit- plans will be ready soon for a new Each state submitted a report to, the meeting '.on the condition of the highway within its bound- dent of the Montana Highway 2 Association; Con Lundgren of West Glacier, a director of the state association; Lyle Sleator of meeting from stat e "armory building at Whitefish, the State Board of Examiners was told yesterday. · Genres D. Weed of Kalispell has been appointed architect for the ed Press, 'the Soviet Party chief -' ' - ' ·' « - x - sions, other countries won't be offended." --Said' the Soviet Union alone possesses an Intercontinental Bal-' ^ "TM IUI " , anKa « e V;enlr1al listic Missile , Committee,. not by the generals. the first rocket launched * 70 '°° 0 , e oViuwd. ·from Seattle, Wash., to Saulte Ste.|Glasgow anS secretary- ever, will be His to ^ Whitefish/the board expounded-freely on world prob- h ~^ la TM ' lr TT · lems :;as he saw them and made by the Sovlet Unlon these maj6r points: --'Prospects for preserving world peace ' "aren't bad" but the pos- Worid War' III might be started by "sonie lunatics." ; . ' . . ' · ,'\ peaceful rocket contest just like _-. » . · ,, a rifle shooting match and they'll --There probably won't be any,see for themselves" summit meeting with the West in I --Said that a third world -jjvar "hit the bullseye" and Russia could now use rockets to "dispose, of bases in Europe, Asia and Africa." --If the Americans doubt Soviet . . .... claims in rocketry, "lets have a' e d flatly that the Soviet Union now enjoys "absolute rocket superiority." . ; mean the.death of capitalism and" b^w^on^entaTu^ SS? the triumph of communism. .However, he sal* "the prcSpeS --The emergence of another for P eac e-aren't bad" due to a re- a cent ; change in the balance of strength in -favor of ; the Communist and : neutral countries and the rising clamor for peace among the European as well as the American people,who do not want war. But he said the possibility of not be excluded. He new cult of personality in the Soviet Union is now impossible. Former Soviet Defense Chief Marshal Georgi Zhukov was removed by the Central He was "very rude and dictatorial" but no Stalin "or even half a wid 3 it s might be started by some Stalin." ' "lunatics who should be put into Khrushchev, in thY first interview he has ever given to a resident Moscow correspondent, claim- straitjackets." In,ajich a case, he said it would be- the -"final agony imposed by capitalism v on humanity" and would mark the end of capitalism and universal triumph,.of communism. He said that if attacked, the j "But, we too would suffer im Russians could wipe out all bases 'mensel^' he said. T ' w

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