The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 13, 1960 · Page 8
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 8

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1960
Page 8
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Delta Democrat-Times [· 8 Wednesday, July 13, '60 indianoia PCA Has Good Record On Loans. Repayments 1NDIANOLA --The Jndianola Production Credit Association has loaned Sunflower and Humphreys County farmers $54,792,553.29 during its 26 year history and has had losses of only $8,203.37 on these loans, its stockholders were told at their annual meeting last week by M. L, Burton, secretary treasurer. Burton said the association, a Convention Lowlights By BOB THOMAS LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Con vention lowlights: Biggest police problem at the Biltraoro Hotel arc the pickpockets, known to the Joe Friday types as dips. The jampacked corridors are happy hunting grounds for them. Delegates may lose their cash, but they get their wallets back; the light-fingered fellows always drop the evidence in potted palm or elsewhere. Resul farmers' organization, had held! of the dragnet so far: five dipniks the fntei-est cost to the farmers to the lowest figure possible consistent with good business ever since its organization in 1934. The stockholders presented a government savings bond to Carl B. Bethea. ASC representative in Sunflower County since 193^. in recognition for his years of capable and loyal service to the faimers of the county. G. C. Freiler. field representative of the Federal Intermediate Credit Bank, spoke on diversified financing availalc through the associations of the state »nd nation. J. J. Stevens of Rome and H. D. Tharp of Isola were re-elected to the' Board, joining hold over members R. J. Vanlandingham of Inverness, B. S. Reed of Silver City and John W. Taylor of Sunflower. Warren Gardner of Humphreys County and Frank L. Tindall of Sunflower County, two young far- Lobby sound: A woozy wino wearing buttons of all of the candidates and singing in a fog-hour voice, "Hallelujah, I'm a bum." He got no arguments. Sectionalism has reared eager head. Florida's Gov. Leroy Collins, permanent chairman the convention, is having fresh orange juice flown in from Florida. As if that wasn't a big enough blow to local pride, Los Angeles also turned on a touch of its infamous smog Monday. True Democrat? Subversive note on a parading placard: 'Be truly Democratic- vote Republican." 'Sleeping Beauty's' Sister Has Same Strange Malady In Ohio CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP)- Bemadctte Franlanlonio, 3, t sleeping beauty struck down las fall by a mysterious malady, now mers, were named a special advisor)' committee without voting powers to consult with t h e during the coming PCA board year. Kiwanians To Visii Vicksburg Club Greenville Kiwanians wjU go to Vicksburg Tuesday for an inter-club meeting with the Vicksburg Kiwanis club. Buddy Martin, committee chairman, announced plans for the meeting at the Hill City at Tues day's luncheon-meeting. About five members will make the trip Louie Throgmorton, who has spoken here on several occasions will address the Vicksburg club A motion picture film on CBS coverage of the Democratic convention now under way at Los An geles and the Republican conven tion opening July-24 in Chicago and highlights of past nationa conventions, ,was ''shown'.by Kiwa nian Edgar Willis. " Kiwanian Frank Baird Jr M was chairman of the program committee. Jack Baskin, second vice president,.presided due to the absence of -President Oscar Long and first Vice President C. A. : Holl- The Symington forces have switched strategy in midcampaign. They had been giving out wrapped bandages marked "Stick with Symington." This caused comment that the back-running Stu might need them for his own wounds. Now the Missourians are dispensing Chinese cookies with this slogan inside: "We're for Stu. How about you?" Blind leading bind: Out-of- lowners often get a blank look when telling cabbies their destinations. Reason is that 300 drivers were recruited to shuttle visitors around this taxi-poor town. One ew hand had to phone headquar- REPUBLICAN HOSTESSES' COSTUME -- Pam Wilton models the costume which 75 young Republican hostesses will wear during the G.O.P. National convention at the International Amphitheater, Chicago, starting July 23. The outfit .includes a red blouse, red and blue plaid skirt, and a plaid beret. Not Fooled By Aura Of Wisdom In Blue Smoke Of Pipe Addict Deltans In . Service Marine 2nd Lt. John W. Sledge" r., son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sledge of Cleveland, Miss., and husband of the former Miss Betsy Walker of Cleveland, is un- ergoing pre-flight training at the *Iaval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla. Marine Pfc. James H. Odom, son of Mrs. Nellie Busscy of 136 S. Braodvvay, Greenville, comple- ed annual rifle marksmanship raining July 1 while serving with the Second Marine Division Camp I.ejeune, N.C. Woman Marine Pfc. Charlott Thomas, daughter of Mr. anc Mrs. Charles S. Thomas of 149 E. Ollie. Greenville, Miss., i serving with the First Worn Marine Detachment at the El To ro Marine Corps Air Station, San la Ana, Calif. ers to learn the location of a large hotel. Folks do a doubletake when they ee William F. Knowland at the Democratic conclave. The former enator's credentials: press. He's part-owner of the Oakland Trib- Joins The Press Also sighted in the sports arena By HUGH A. MULLIGAN NEW YORK (AP) - Now that they have eradicated bubonic plague, dance marathons and the mosquitoes in the Jersey meadows, it's high time some high minded crusader took out after pipe smokers. For centuries these peripatetic chimneys have gone unpunishec while carelessly stewing ho: ashes on the hearthstone of hu manity. The forgotten hero who dumpet a bucket of water on Sir Walter Raleigh's initial attempt to introduce pipe smoking to Europe deserves better of history. He failed but he had the right idea. reticence-for sagacity. But not everyone is fooled. PET purchasers are watchin "Pets for Sale" in Classified sec lion. Your ad there will reac has been joined by tier 5-year-old sisler in the same slrangc slumber. Venila Franlantonk) lies asleep in an adjoining crib at Mount Sinai Hospilal. Bernndcltc awakes briefly, then falls back to sleep. Physicians, who are conducting sis, do not know yet whether the ascs are related. Both girls arc children of Mr. id Mrs. Vincent N. Frantantonio 1 Cleveland Heights. They have vo young sons. The mother is xpecting her fifth child any day Venila complained of dizziness ast Saturday, according to her lolher, Lillian FrantaiHonio. She ·as driven to the hospital the nex ay to visit her younger sister. "She staggered when she got ou f the car." said the mother. "Thi octors tested her reflexes am said they were poor. She missed; he end of her nose with her finger. "They decided to admit her. About 2 or 3 in the afternoon she 'ell into a coma ami hasn't awakened yet," said Mrs. Frantan onio. Hospital attendants said Berna- detle was captured by t^e strange coma in the same way. Berna dette. a charming brown-eyei child, returned only last week from the Neurological Institute of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. She had undergone two weeks of examination there. Tests merely Interested Onlooker Discovers He's 'Drowning Victim' BALTIMORE (AP) - James Ackrman of suburban Sunset xach, was among the interested spectators as volunteer firemen dragged the water off Orchard Beach for a reported drowning victim. WINS SCHOLARSHIP - Miss Nellie Ruth Denman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Denman, Belzoni, Mississippi lias been granted a $50 scholarship by Sunflower Junior College on the basis of superior academic achievement. Miss Denman, an outstanding Belzoni High School Student, will be enrolled as a freshman in Sunflower J u n i o r College, September, 1960. All during the unsuccessful search the 15-year-old boy hoped like everyone in the crowd, thai the whole thing would be a false alarm. Then a friend spotted the teen agcr. For obvious reasons the search for James Ackrman's body was Democratic Coa«vri LOS ANGELES (AP)--A woma) ooking for campaign button! walked Into tlw ABC-TV offics She already had a handful d buttons, representing every ma or candidate for the Dcmocrntil Presidential nomination. · Thil jrompted someone to ask who hel [avorilc was. "My favorite, she said, "is Nbo ru". And, explaining her button collection, she added: "I'm going to make coaster* out of these." I' called off. The youth hadn't known that IK had been reported missing, and that the firemen were searching for him. affirmed that modern science thus :ar has no answer. New York experts said there fas a progressive atrophy of the child's brain but were unable to explain absence of such evidence from her spinal fluids. Full , Trend O.K. Y°* IS pi wi la* . 95 Tire Store 343 H«y. 1-5. Ph. ID J - 1 3 I J PAY MORE! ASK ABOUT OUR ECONOMY PLAN Special Auto Insurance For Safe Drivers -- Provides Substantial Coverage At Less Than Usual Rates. MOYSE Insurance -- Anykind -- Anywhere Phone ED 2-8171 "9 S. Poplar ingsworth. Next Tuesday John Fulcher, Washington County's new agricultural agent, will address Kiwan- ians, Herbert Huddleston told fellow Kiwanians. Fulcher's t al k will be on cotton qualities, Huddleston said. · IN CITY COURT Nine persons were fined in Criminal Court on July charges ranging from possession press gallery was ex-Gov. Goodwin J. Knight. He's now a loca TV commentator. 1 Lose an electio in California and you join the press. "We want Monroe" Nope, the two college boys bearing signs al the Billmore entrance weren't campaigning for Marilyn. They were ' promoting Monroe Sweetland, who's running for secretary of stale in Oregon. Too bad. This convention could use MM. No one can explain the workings of convention guards. Party Chairman Paul Butler was delayed at the Sports Arena entrance until he could produce his identification. But Sammy Davis Jr., one nf the stars arriving to sing the national anthem, breezed in with nary a pass. The modern-looking, eagle- topped signs that identify the states are unadorned except for two. Atop Michigan's is a large, polka-dotted tie in honor of Gov. G. Mermen Williams. Alaban sports a Confederate flag. of whisgey tery. to assault and bat- Robert Lee Hewitt, 638 Harold, session of whiskry. Two persons were each on the charge and Willie Hicks, were each fined charge of assault 636 N. Short, $100 on the and battery. Hicks was also fined $15 on the charge of drunkenness. Also fined on the charge of as sault and battery was Lounia Wiley, 606 Witherspoon, $30, and an additional 515 on the charge of creating a disturbance. Fined $55 each on the charge of drunkenness were Charles E. Elliot, 215 N. Theobald; Matthew Norman, 512 Elm; and Edward T. Tobinson, 354 S. Theobald, Robinson was also fined 555 on the charge of assault and battery and $15 oh the charge of using profane language. Willie Alllen, 1010 Gloster, was fined $100 on the charge of pos- fined $100 of driving while intoxicated, including Arthur Franklin Wilson of Jack- and Capt. S. E. Jones of Greenville Air Force Base, who has appealed his case. Wilson was also fined 110 on the charge of having no driver's license and $15 on the charge of careless and reckless driving. In other cases six persons paid fines of $30 each for drunkenness, and 14 persons paid fines of SI 5 each on a similar charge. Two persons were fined $30 each for assault ar«5 battery, and nine were fined $15 each on a similar charge. One person was fined $15 for malicious mischief and one was fined $15 for using profane language. Looks Ridiculous Mortal man seldom looks more ridiculous than when sucking on a noisome blaing bowl or groping feverishly in an oil silk sack for the fuel to feed a ludicrous habit that he cannot kick. By comparison the . cigaretle smoker is an urbane sophisticate and the cigar smoker a paragon of dignity. Yet it is the pipe smoker rather than the man with the cigarette or cigar who frequently, is taken for an intellectual--a classic case of mistaking conflagration for cerebration. Behind the Dlue swirl of pipe smoke there is seldom intellectual fire. The smug chap pursing his lips on a pipe stem may give the impression of mulling over some problem in nuclear fission or pondering some sticky point Aristotlean logic. Actually all his physical and mental contortions are concentrated on keeping the absurd boiler beneath his nose go- full blast. The fires within have been banked too long. Deep Thoughts? His thoughls al their deepest ALL OVER AMERICA! KENT with the MICRONITE IS SMOKED MORE SCIENTISTS,and than any other cigarette! fluff it up looser, to reach into his] concern such titanic issues whether to tamp down the tobacco tighter or and whether pocket for a cotton reaming rod [o scrape out his nocitine sewer in public. The facl lhat Ihe average pipe smoker can keep his counsel in a healed discussion doesn't mean that he is any more prui icient tol- First on your list For Summer Needs! SEE MURDOCK for Ihe cash you need · Let Joe Hutollon arrange a loan for you today. Call 2-2673. LOANS-GREENVILLE, INC. 816 Washington Greenville, Hiss. ,.r« r «h»t MurdocV otfi«« located ki Columbui, Jackion, tau UirK'in nd Tupelo. erant or wordly wise than rest of us. It simply means that he is too busy playing stoker to his facial furnace to hear or care about what is being discussed. People in all walks of life from tweedy college professors to seedyi kidrow deadbeats have been hid| ng behind a ha?e of hypocrisy, or years with nothing more on, heir minds than whether to puff 1 ard or puff easy. An impatient | ·orld invariably mistakes their Dutch Dock Big \ircraft Carrier Without Tugs PERTH. Australia (AP)-AIflecl y a plane's propclEors. the 15.000 on Dutch aircraft carrier Kare] Dorman docked without lugs i n | .vet, squally weather in Fremantle larbor Tue5-day. The carrier and two accompany-! ng destroyers are en route to t Vestem New Guinea lo bolster the- Dutch hold on the territory, which j Indonesia claims. The Australian. Seamen's Union ordered that no assistance will be given the Dutch ships, claiming Itieir voyage will increase tenston between the Netherlands aiid Indonesia. As the big ship turned in midstream, propellers on a plane! lashed to the flight deck were! rcwed at top speed ID give added', thrust. Mooring lines were brought j ashore and Ihe carrier was slowly! pulled in to the dtxk with the plane propellers still helping. | Waterfront veterans called it a "'superb piece of seamanship. FIVE TOP BHAHDS OF CIGARETTES SMOKED BY AMERICAN SCIENTISTS BRAND-A BRAND °G BRAND "F BRAND "B FIVE TOP BRANDS OF CIGARETTES SMOKED BY AMERICAN EDUCATORS The rich pleasure of smoking Kent comes from the flavor of the world's finest quality tobaccos, and the free and easy draw of Kent's famous Micronite Filter ... mms does not constitute a professional en- J-dprsement of Kent. But these men, like millions of other Kent smokers, smote for pleasure, and choose their cigarette accordingly. the favorite cigarette of millions of men and women in America...who have found that, For good smoking taste, it makes good sense to smoke jf Results of a continuing stixty of.cijarelte preferences, conducted by O'Brien Sherwood Associate. N.Y., NX. A PRODUCT Of P. U5RIUARD COMPANY · FIRST WTO THE FINEST CIGARETTES · THROUGH WRIOARD.RESEARCH.

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