The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 22, 1963 · Page 3
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 3

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1963
Page 3
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the Billboard bv bill crawford HOSPITAL NEWS J U MEMORIAL Births: Son. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Romine. 311 H, bom S:34 p.m. Aug. 21, weight 4 pounds 7 ounces. Son, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chatham, 316 Bell, born 12:37 a.m. Aug. 22, weight 7 pounds 7^ ounces. Twin daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Brown ' 16lh - bo TM EVED Miss Oklahoma j was all aglow this week' J when she eyed the missiles and I soldiers at Fort Sill on one ol her lasi official state visits before dc- ^ight \ parting tor Atlantic City and the Admitted: Miss America Pageant. I Mrs - Slevc Kovac . -*-'· E . s ur- I p , rrrtl.I- inn Semrad had p.m. Aug. 21. weight 5 pcunds S ounces; born 5:09 p.m. AUK. 21, 1 ounce. SOUTHWESTERN Admitted: Mrs, Earnest Williams, Cache, surgery. Mrs. Jimmie L. Rogers, 2311 J, surgery. Mrs. Monte Blain, 2101 Ferris, surgery. Justin S. Kuntz, 414 Bell, surgery. Mrs. Earl Drummond, Cache, medical. John H. Clark Jr., Wallers, medical. John D. Marlindale, 905 S. lltli, medical H. Kendall, 11, daughter MM J. I the Tamed N.J. boardwalk as their I destination. ^Hamm Jr ., , m ol Rice, Memphis. Kenneth Harstad, 5, son of 100,000 See Nikita Tour Quake Area SKOPJE, Yugoslavia CAP) -Nearly 100.000 persons lined the ruined streets of Skopje today as Soviet P r e m i e r Khrushchev drove through miles of wasteland left by the July 2G earthquake. Under a blazing sun Khrushchev stopped to thank a 500- man Sovie'. team for'their help in clearing the rubble. He also talked with survivors of the disaster which killed more than 1,000 persons and turned Skopje into a ghost city. Britain Protests THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Thursday, Augujt 22, 1963 3 k t Mahqum Man « , . / . . . Cuban Kidnaping j 0 i ns staff Of Edmondson LONDON (UP!) --Britain has protested . sharply to Fidel CAS- ti' o ' $ sovcmment in Havana against the recent kidnaping o f ! TULSA (UPI) -- A syndicate Cubans /rom a British - oivnod headed by Chicago and" Tuisa Caribbean island and has de- banks has purchased S9.3 million manded a;i apology as well as [he worth 0 [ c j (y and school bonds. return of those captured, it was officially announced today. The Foreign Office said the nole of protest was handed to the Cuban foreign ministry in Havana Wednesday by Charge d'AITaires Paul Scott. Today, the Cuban ambassador in London conferred President Tilo, his wile and | with Assistant Undersecretary o( Mrs. Khrushchev accompanied However, they're taking the 1^2 S. Eighth, medical. i -Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Hamrn Sr., i and Mrs, Kenneth 'Harstad, 251S llle lsadel ' on flight board, with slamovous stops medical. scheduled in Chicago, Washington, j | D. C. and New York City. i j ca i, "II all sounds very exdiing, and ! C. C. Reed. No 11 can hardly wait," beamed the j medical, H, surgery. from Belgrade to !he devastated "long way" to the Eastern Sea-: Joscph ' H . Buvcham. Fletcher, William Jamas Cabeny, 16. son: Macedonian capital. Terry A. Brown, Okmulgee, mod-1 Springs, medical. of Mrs. W," H. Cabeny, Rush Skopje was the first stop _a:ier Belgrade on Khrushchev's 35-day 12 Columbia,! medical. Mrs/Harry Payne. 305 S. 19th, j "working vacation" I Waukomis farm girl wlio won the i Mrs. Jack L, Bui-ton, 1316 Elm. Miss Oklahoma crown last month i medical, lover some other 50 Sconers beau-; Mrs. John G, Millirons, Snyder, ties. i medical. First stop is in Kansas City. '·· Charlotte Shively. 14, daughter where Cheryl Ann will present a ; of Mr. and Mrs. M. Shively, Apa- I prize Hereford 10 ihe city's "hall | e'.io, surgery, ol fame." As president of ihe Ok- Wayne P. Lutonski, 34. son ot llahoma Junior Hereford associa-1 Mr. and Mrs. Gus Lutonski, TM tion, she'll be on familiar ground i Sin. medical. I . ' _ -r*,.v_i ITU:,, El- Mrs. Bobby Miller, Apache, medical. Jugo- slavia. Ke arrived in the country two days ago. The Soviet premier's visit came: Slate N.J.A. Clieetham at the Foreign Office. The protest was prompted by an Incident .last week in Anguilla Cay, part of a group of islands in Ihe Bahamas, when Castro Cuban gunboats forcibly seized a group of Cubans who had landed there. The British note demanded that (he Cuban government "return Nicky G. Wolfe. Altus, medical. ! two weeks after U.S. Secretary oli' Ihe prisoners captured on Anguil Leon C. Jackson, Walters, med- i Agriculture O r v i l l e Freeman i ja Cay to the British authorities ical. loured Skopje. in the Bahamas." ! in K. C. Following a brief slay in Chic-.' I ago, Cheryl Ann and Dollie will · medical. Lowell E. Lloyd, Walters, surgery. Mrs. Burlow Lipps, 2409 Jefferson, surgery. Ethel White, Chattanooga, mcdi-: Mrs. Lillie Bobo, Rush Springs. Thomas J. Sheppard, Walters, i The Soviet Union sent 500 men i to Skopje on Aug. G, 10 days after · a full American military field hospital was airlifted from West Germany to help treat (he quake vic- \vn ^ i i f i v i ^\uu 0.1 iu i-njine \* in . to Washington. D. C.. where ; mc . dlca1 .- cal, i surgerv. Mrs. Joe Phariss. 4621 Sanla Fe,) tims. Secretary Freeman offered i President Tito S50 million in U.S. Mrs " Martin Dalrymplo. Sterling, aid for the stricken cilv. In ac ·· i Army Orders surgery, Wickcrsham and Page Belcher will : ----- p5 s d h , f j p ear l Slumblingbcar, Anadarko, squire the Sooners about the na-,,. : ,, Ja TM*- o. «jup"»-r u i , ; Ji-.. ,,_-,.., Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones. In- i surgery. , ton s capnol. · diahoma, sui-orv ! Martin Tartsah, Anadarko, med-1 Broadway shows, a shopping, Mau ,. icc G ; y oliw 6 daughter'«?]. j of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones, Dismissed: ! I TTic rollnwfnjf orders fwvc hpcn hsupij by '.lie Department of the Army. wn.ih- appreciation to President Kcnne- ln ^°, c.^rnvi,c specified »j| day and the people Of the United · nrl, except ccncrn! Stales. Arulleri'J H On Chnrlc. spree on Fifth Avenue and gen- Delaware Chief oral sight-seeing are on lap when they visit New York City before going on to Atlantic Ciiy and the {irsl rounds of ihe beauiy pageant to be staged Labor Day. ta · * ART MTK: Kiowa Indian artist Indiahoma, surgery. Dismissed: Mrs. Don Beavjn, 3S27 Lake, and Mrs. Wayne Sanmann, Geronimo, and son born Aug. 17. James Tsoodle. Mountain : medical. Tsoodle, Mountain · View, medical, ' BLAIRSTOWN. N- J. (API - Sleeper, No. 4 H, surgery. I Anoiher link m Delaware Indmn- Anadarko, sur- Mrs. Jimmy Upton. 509 Gartield, . "' and son born Aui. 17. Mary All lone. ;cry. stale ot New Jersey amiiy has been forced witli the induction of Mrs. floyd Baker. 1215 Georgia, i c a l - Donna Cooper. .Mountain View, medical. p, IIK U l ' Charlic Rowell is busy this sunv mei' preparing a series ot "calendar paintings," depicting true inci- i an d Jor , bom Aug. IS. dcnls in tribal history. | R 0 y Leo Stafford, 1409 J, mcdi- Using tcmpra technique, Rowell ca i sain he's attempting to preserve i Lcann Schutie. 1913 Lake, medi- Ihe authentic history of the Kiowa. ca j One ot his recent paintings shows I R obcrl Ra , Hi! , h Stcrlin ^ mcd . the slaughter of several horses b y , j ca ] a man whose wile vanished with Loia ^p^, Daniels. Altus, mcd- ino;her Indian. Another depicts · j ca ] Lone Wolf and his brother in a '. j^mcy c . c ,nzs, 1603 F, medi- baltle in Texas. I ca ] Authentic in detail, lhc paint- A ' Ua Binf . R , ,_ m( , ri ical, Ings include signs , birds and! Tnomas A1)an Marshall 9 son - pounds (Srj,376), a oven the tepee poles. Rowell who | o[ Mr and Mrs vir ^, Mal . sha;l hj , ^ jd |od lives al Robinsons Landing on Eleetra Tex supers- Lake Uiwtonka, said he planned! ^ )? G] cn ' whoi'lor" 17 to complete the series before soil; nc ' n ." ing thorn to a lecnjrei- on the West! " Hcnr , w _ Prcslon] Wa hers. sur Coast. i ,,,,,,,, Eac-h picture comes with a story. Harriet Bcdoka. Anadarko, med-' Ihc Delaware tribal chieftain inlo New Jersey Boy Scon! : A r l h u r L. Thomas. 33-year-old j president ol the Delaware Tribal Council in Anadarko, Okla., was inducted Wednesday into the Order of i lie Arrow a I Camp Mohican outside Blnirsiown. The ceremony w;is part of n week-long visit here by Die chief, who mot lasi Tuesday with Gov. Richard J. Hughes lo discuss Ihe about the painting.'Rowell 'said. Goldic R Nplson ' who artmiilod thai he spcn; more R cr - | time nn "gelling lhc correct i n : Oils S. Martin, Hollis. surgery- i I LONDON (AP) -- Dr. Stephen possilile participation of U)e Del j WaitJ loft a net eslale of -1.420 awarr-s in New Jersey's lercen-! (512,376), a lawvor for *TM? cc\ebcn\on next year , Thc pow-wow between Hughes nnd Thoma_s. marked by an e,\.._.... _ Attorney Joscph Jackson said ch.ingc of lies by Ihe two big ( · sur " Ward's esiate had bo?ii assessed chiefs, was believed lo be the first ; provisionally al 14,E.'0 pounds official meeiing boiwnen (he Del-i (S40.930) but settlement ot out- aware Tribe and New Jersey in j standing debts reduced it to the al Icasl 1GO years. | lower figure. : The Dclawaros left Pv'nw Jersey ! Hre nflslpnod H. 3onp«tpe!, APO HO.T Vni-k. lo Wnsliin;lon DC: M»J Cc-n Fnmcl* M McGoldrk-k, Hurpft. U' Fl Luwton: MnJ Cm Cllflon F. Vim Kwm. kun'H. ly Fl Ruckrr. Kt'J Intilv prvm'ftcd In AL'S: LI Col (o Cul. nilly J. Atlnms, Knule S. Mi-Hop.: YaJ l U Co!. Louis G. Spenr«: O»pl lo ynj. John W, Hiwldmcill. Cnv|n G. Krrnen. I"i»l P.. M l l l r r : Donnlcl D. Mur*. Rich- lire! L. fit Id; i«i u In Cnpl W l l l l u m 11. Hole CIVO W-" lo CWO w-3. John H. Wlmm«mhiTC. 1J Cnl prucff B. Oulrfrr pnmioied to Col in HA: Ann ! mid*; of crirrrrllon o[ rnlll - jr' recon]?; of WnJier G. Ktrsc^ 1 In *!i'«v iiromollon l» 1.4; Ll Dec ]953 «nL pmmolfofi !" Ch|i; Srpl IP. 1 ! 1 -', Col Jjmcfl S. nillups Jr. WnihljiKlon DC. 1'j Kl .Sum Iluusimi; Col John Dibble Jr. \Vpwlitncl"o IX. to Ft Llclvolr. Fni Indlv n i p rcl Ir Of! Slu Blrv Fl nil««: Oipl Tlleudorc A Crnvvlonl lo USiXjIIX: Fl aUw: Cnpl LCI- '. Elmer. !(i Fl L'S/^IDC Fl Bllj.«: Canl llHiolil O Frew, nnljlont Ami-mil, Aln; Oirl MI-I. . vl.i L. Wupl. Kl Huiicliucd: On: Wllllnm i A. Coif, RpMonr Arifnrtl. All. MHJ Ce"rr:c V S|»niccln5. n HIBCS. lo Quito. Eru-'idor. DP !h-' ri-«lcn i-f Cnftl Gfun;!- O. Slrn- *iMl Jr, Fl Prlk, N Bcnl; CBpl Jrtmc!" 0. fv-ilf^. UlrmlnchftiTi, All), li ordpnrd In hcUvr duly. Fl a^nnlnq. The group offered an interest rate of about three per cent on So million worth of school bonds and S4.3 million municipal bonds, officials said. The syndicate is headed by the First National Banp of Chicago and the First National Bank and Trust Co. of Tulsa. WASHINGTON (UPJ) -- Jerry L. Goodman of Mangum, Okla., joined the staff of Sen. Howard Edmondson, D-Okla. Goodman replaced James L. Barrett, who resigned Aug. 1 to enter the Oklahoma City law firm of Smith, Scott and Marrs. PERRY (UPI) - Frank Kent of Red Rock will be arraigned on a murder charge next Tuesday. Kent was lo have been arraigned Wednesday but requested the delay, the third in the case, so he couid have more time to obtain an attorney. He is charged in Ihe Senate Starts Work On Kail Legislation WASHINGTON CAP)--With rail negotiations at an impasse, the Senate Commerce Committee begins work today on legislation to avert a nationwide strike next Thursday. Impelled by a new sense of urgency, the committee may be ready with a bill by early afternoon. Chairman Warren G. Magnuson, D-Wash., planned to confer with Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana to see if the Senate will be ready to take up the measure Friday. If not, the bill will be brought up Monday. Magnuson said that Rep. Oren Harris. D-Ai-k., chairman o( the House Commerce Committee, had told him the Senate bill should reach the House early next week. Although it held extensive hearings, the Commerce Committee has been hanging Qre on legislation proposed by President Kennedy July 22 to avert a strike. The committee hoped that the carriers and the rail unions, nego- the carriers, said that as things stand now, the railroads intend to post the new work rules, eliminating thousands of rail jobs, at 12:01 a.m. Aug. 29, "unless Congress takes action to avert a strike. v Charles Luna, president of the AFL-CIO Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, repeated that the unions have promised to man passenger trains and any others deemed necessary by the President in the event of a strike. "The carriers have not shown the courtesy to answer our offer," he said, The railroads contend they have to slash payrolls to eliminate jobs that represent an unnecessary cost. The unions, claiming this would imperil safe and efficient train operations, have pledged to strike as soon as the new work rules are put into elfect. The railroads have approved Kennedy's proposal that the Interstate Commerce Commission be empowered to issue work rules effective for two years unless tiating under ihe eye of the Labor j supplanted by agreements reached Department, could settle the four- i the terriers and the brother- _ _ , June 1 slaying of Leon Tohee. 24, | year work rules dispute them- j noods. The unions have opposed of Red Rock, WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The Christian Home and Housing Cor- ·atJon of Tulsa, Okla., will receive a 5400.000 loan to build a ' solves. These hopes were Wednesday, Secretary of Labor W, Willard Wirtz said negotiations had broken down and there was no immediate prospect ol recon- Ihe legislation as a form ol com, . , ; pu'.sory arbitration and protested as the commission is manage- menl-oriemed. two-slory building containing -11:"...',' apartments /or the elderly, Sen. ; cljlajon Mike Monroney, D-Okla,, has an- ^Mom-onev said the Communirv ! "Rreeirieni. written by the carri- · · ors and the unions, had '"" ""- Wirtz told newsmen an exchange o( versions of an arbitration Test Application Deadline Changed Facilities Administration (old d i m : t will lend the money to the home. Hoffa Calls Rights ,.- - , l--in^««-i 1 ( 1 Pi T I Ul L \, formation ihan the painting." i Joyce D, L^dbelter. 12. daiigh-! rrom lhc sale ot portraits by "'''' c migrated [in;illy to Okl.iho- j It was believed I hat much o[ in 17 ^ ^'"-'r clashes with white- j ' , ;. ^ ,. n soltlers and miniv of Ihe I n d i a n ' , · K - , (eras you, But The Animals \Have Never Heard That Old Saying OKLAHOMA CITY (API - A j policeman and 7,00 employe prob-· mumbling loday lhc old \ MINNEAPOLIS CAP)--Teamster Union leader James Hoffa brands Ihe administration's civil rights proposals before Congress "a /arce and n fake" and call Ihe pending march on Washington a futile gesture. HoffH. in Minneapolis for a Teamster political rally. nificam differences" in ihe deli- Deadline for registering for the nilion of issues for arbitration and American College Test has been procedures 10 be followed. extended to Friday. Charles Elk"So far. il has proved impossi- ins. Cameron college dean of stable lo reconcile these differences," dents, announced wday. Wiru said. Still, he added, the The test, scheduled at the col- situation does not "foreclose the lego Saturday, is mandatory for possibility ot further reconcilia- · al! freshmen entering college this lion." ^ a J. E. Wolfe, chief negotiator for i Students will assemble in the college auditorium at S a.m. for announcements before the test is given in the Davjs Memorial union building. Tno rhree-hour-long test covers Ennlish. mathematics, social studies ajid natural sciences. Post Range Fire Snuffed told Fort Sill officials today surveyed |J 0 *hftrfi(t Wrotarv Materf newsmen Wednesday night that i effects of a and timber fire neinOOIST jecreiary 313160 the proposed laws lo sirenglhen j inside the military reservation federal intervention into areas ol j soulh of Elmer Thomas Lake discriminaiions are an allcmpt lo I Wednesday. ··flim-flam Ihc colored people i n t o j Thc [hreo.acr,; ran -; 0 j ire was rc . rctarv of :hc Methodist church Ok- bclievinp Iliat ihe civil nghU pro-. porled Un4cT c-omrof late Wednes- lahoma Conference Board of Edu- To Speak At Dr . E. L. Jones, executive sec- w,|| provide any jobs. diiy a(tcrnoon as two shifts of 160 : ration, will speak at the S:30 a.m. lloffa estimated lhai about 20 ; 5oldk , rt; WDrkcd !m cisnt hours lo and 10: . !5 a . m . Slmdav services o£ T n n i s t c r s 1 J .cxlinguish ihe blszo. . i h e Centenary Methodist church, ^^ and ' D Rcv c L Cranfill, ° ' K Tnni J] stcrs 1J . members are Negroes. arca W!ls near Dprr crpfk i i r j , L I - i . . i lit: in Lrt w r f i a \n.'ri i i_" i i k.i i_-r - i\ J ± ; ..^r,'^' P!. 011 !^: "nyon road and about five mite "'11 . '" lhc estate consisted o[ proceeds : . . ' J b '' of i ter o.' Mr. and Mrs. Horace Led- i Ward that weir on exhibit nnd m:l - BVU.BOARD BRIKKS: Site ot i better, 1623 N. 26th. surgery, the Clydp-Bcaty-Cole Bros. Cir- Mrs. James C. Gorcc, Marlow, cu, booked hero for two perform- surgery, ancos on Labor Day, has been changed from the Trade M a r l his trial on vice i sale during 1 charges. Ward was a central ligurc in A, R. Dosselt, Apache, surgery, lhc recent scandal which led t o , grounds to the Comanche County Mrs - Mark DMihera K c. 1211 H, Fairgrounds. Jayccc .lnc-k w«rk- surety. Church To Start Revival d Park IMelhodist church. cntin reports . . . Mis* Okl«hn- mK' Indian name is "Kin-Gu-La," Kiowa word moaning Rod Bud, Ihe Lawton garden clubs' most miked about tree of the year . . . Of the 17 Kappa Alpha alums in Lawron. .several are planning to aitond their frat's 50th national convention in Oklahoma City's Shcr.'i- ton-Oklahoma Hotel Aug. 27-31 . . . Ardclla Baker, 1306 S. 18th, sur- .' for a lime threatened Prime M i n - ' j llospilal atlondnnls reported lo- I day Dial the policeman, J o h n I Daley, wns bitlen on Ihe leg by a | police dog ;mcl ihnt the -/.oo em- ! ploye. Robert l:"vei'cll. wns billen ; on Ihe t h u m b by n monkey. I The police dog associate .south o! an area in the Wichita pastor and Youth director at the Mountains Wildlife Refuge, whore First Methodist church, will speak a timber 'ire burned 6,000 acres at th» 7:30 p.m. service Sunday lasi monih. in the absence of Rev. Argus Ham- Thc blaze WHS confined within ilton Jr.. pastor, lire breaks in an artillery impact nrcn. A Fort Sill information officer said the fire apparently was started by an ariillery shell landing in lhc impac: area. A N T S ? Oull FOG SERVICE CL5-2018 isler Harold Macmillan's covcrn- . day. Burglars Return I U'ard killed himself at the close : i of the trial, which lounri him guil- i ty of living on the earnings ol Minus Loot.'p" rosliwlcs - Speaker each evening will be Rev, W. W. Slcphcns. lhc pasior. Sooners No Longer To Have Mailing Addresses In Kansas HOUSTON' (UPn - Jeremiah Henry John had one consolation today in appraising the loss from a burglary at his funeral home: Thc Ihieves brought back the biggest article of loot. Principals Plan M A R K E T S GRAI" Wheat Oals - ,, ,7b Rirlev SO f the Oklahoma . , . . . _ ' Broadcasters Associaiion opens al 10 help pul n pnsoner in jail. The i , Knr bv Western Hills Lodge Fri- circumslnnces surrounding Ever-1 ^ ilv ' ctt's wounds weren't disclosed. An cMimalcd 73 persons arc ex- Goldwater Club ss Plans Meeting ! Milo l.SO ^ __ ^ Principals of Lawlon's 27 ole: Prairie Hay 32.00 ""John'said burglars took an add- i mcntary schools will meet at 9:30 ; A if a ii a ....\\\\".".""".", 2S.OO · i_- ^ -, -, l o m Wi/lai' in ^DJV^rinlnTlHorll ' c*i.TMii r* t rn\ j machine, type\mter and ra- 1 s - m - John Shoemaker s oUicc. Fur.her plans for the opc-Tims »[ tlw new term will be made at ; police," he said, "somebodv re- : another session scheduled at 9:30! Au -- 2 ' m Shoemaker s of-; BURLINGTON. Okla. (UPI1 -j . . .. Some residents of extreme north-: dio. They hauled it away in his | cm Alfalfa County live in Okla- new hearse. homa, but have Kansas mailing "But while I was calling the addresses. All that is due to change and i t . luracd tho hearse and parked it will mean the 68 persons in the' in the driveway." rural area between Burlington and '· ~~~~~~^~^~ the Kansas border will start gel-1 KENXEDV RETURNS UPS A.VD DOWNS ting mail and newspaper deliver-1 WASHINGTON 7 (AP)--President [ URAMIE, Wyo. (AP) - It's ^a ics a day earlier. j Kennedy returned to Washington short walk across town in Laramie Son. Mike Monroney. D-Okla., | today alter an overnight visit to ' now. said the rural residents will ha\-e ! his family at Cape Cod. , One gasoline company has open- Oklahoma mailing addresses and i The presidential jet landed a t : ed the Downtown Service station their mail will come from Burlington instead of Kiowa. Kan., starring Sept. 14. Andrews Air Force Base. Md., ; -- just across the street from a ri- aftcr a flight of about an hour: val company's Uptown Service sta- from Otis Air Force Base. Mass, i tion. LOUSY TV THIS SUMMER WASN'T IT? We hear it will be better soon, though. The new fall programs will be making their debuts starting any day now, and some of them look pretty good. If your TV set isn't working just right, better give us a call at Southwestern and we'll tune it up for you. You can always count on prompt, courteous service at reasonable prices when you call Southwestern. (We have two-way radios in our trucks to speed things along.) Parts and workmanship are guaranteed, of course. 1BL1J f I · i I fell 4th and E Downtown Lawton Dial EL 3-4300 ; Shell Corn 1.30 PRODUCE Cream _ 43 Eggs. Clean 21 Heavy Hens U Light Hens 05 Nurses said both men's woumls | peeled lo allend Ihe two-day mcel- required siilches. Lie. Featured speakers include Gov. Henry Bcllmon. Hollis M. Seavcy. Assistant to Ihc Government a.'- /.-ilrs vice pirsidcnl of the Nalion- al /\£50ci;i! ion of Broadcasters: | and Robert E. L. Richardson, as- The "Lawton Youth for Goldwa- i sociate counsel lo A special House Icr Club" will meet al 10;30 a.m.; subcommitlee on invesliEation. Friday at the Republican Couniy Headquarters. -112 S. Third, Roberl Smith, chairman, announced today. Thc Club, open to Goldwnler supporters from 15-25 years ol age, will bcpin work on a potiiion sup-1 porting ihe Arizona senator's can- [ didacy for President. VACATION ACCIDENT INSURANCE S-DAYS TO 6-MONTHS Hood-Donley Agency 810 "E" Pho. EL 3-4411 M :.w: ONT^OAAERY WARD 421 D Avenue EL 3-1780 Does Y.E.S. stand for Year End Sale? THURSDAY NITE SPECIALS! THESE PRICES GOOD 6 TO 9 P.M. ONLY Ladies Tailored Plymouths and Valiants are selling so well that we've become YES men to any deal! Hurry to our Year End Sale-prices are low because the 1964 models are on their way! MILO GORDON Motor Co. 322 E AVENUE Outdoor Showroom -- Sheridan Road and Bell' Dial ELS-2464 BLOUSES · Tailored · Roll-Up Sleeves · Permanent Stays 9 Mercerized GARBAGE PAIL Reg. 2.98 20. Gallon Size Galvanized

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