The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 28, 1965 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1965
Page 7
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·* Wednesday. May 25, "65 Delia Democrat-Times ; PtXJO- PIP YOU A9OUT 7H£ W0ft\\ WO AXfcP POR HS HANI? N ,«AR!?IAG£, HO HO? '.'* Bulldogs, Florida State Meet Tonight GASTONIA, N. C. (UP!) -- llomnlicolly advance ns tlic o:i!y: Tiny Furman, the team cvcry-| unbeaten team to Saturday's xxly thought would be gonelfinals. Florkla State eliminated after the first round of Ilie Dis- Maryland 7-3 in another second BRAOJLIN6 IN TH£ STREET LIKf A COUPLE OF HOOOS! WHAT'S THE MATTER inJITH V00?i HE UAS STAHPIKS WHERE i WAHT6t TO WALK; THE W-TIMATE CRIME! W^/i^'Ax I HID TOE PACKAut ABOARD SAWYtR',5 PL/MC. HE'S OH HIS WW SACK TO QUDAD SRA1W. I WISH 10 PROVS THAT WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS, NOT THS AMERICANS. IF YOU DOUBT AW WRD, SEWCH SAWYERS PlttlE KnlM HE COMES I Furman Tops State 5-2 rict 3 NCAA bnsebnll louma- nenl, talny was having the last augh on l.K likes of Florida Slate and Paladins round game Thursday night. Iiarlicr Furman handed Maryland a 4 - 3 loss in 12 innings and Mississippi State State. Mississippi Maryland. Tlic lightly-rcgari of the Southern merged Thursday night only unbeaten "team in the «" l°«TMm«-nt "P"cr, three-day, douKc elimination lhlrd baseman Uobb y tourney, even though Ihey carried Ihc worst record (10-12) into the event. beat Florida Slate 6-3 on a three-run double by IX-I Unser 'Conference! 1 " llie scvcnlh iimill f' , (ne | While Unser was the hero ol; nonce TO noons Seo'ed b'dl will b. tecolred by *· Board ol Truileei "I *· Greenvjlle IA-J- niloal Seoa-at. ScKool O'llrlet. G.-een. v'lli, M:».UDDI. i-nill Tueidaf, Jur« **. 1«45. al 1 - 3 3 P, /.'.. In the OJI.o of I|J« Buii-iil Marker ol Oly "MO.1 a' ^13 SCL'T Mall SUeel, Greerv/lle, M It'l- llptii, la; CUOMNO.-1 en periodical!- Ol wMel) li~» end pbc« 1h«y will b« pub- l-c'y cc*~H and r-aa°. See: l.r.a':o-» nnd c!l-er Irformai'on c'» iccei 10 publ't imcec'icn al :!·· OHita o( .the S u l l e n Maroaer. I Tho Srhoc! Board r-ifrvet fl-» rig 1 -.! to Iwa'va 'rifcr-rali'el C'vd !o relett any flnd 3'l nldl.^ Ore^rvlllo rAurlc pal S«aar3fe S o u t h e a s t e r n Conference 'I LAKli ANNETTE OPENS SATURDAY and this p.-iir of anglers display a catch of bass. On the left is Davis Griliin and on the right is Bill Pope, both of Greenville. Lake Annette, owned by Vcrnon Hammett and located near Greenville, is one of the top fishing places in the Mid-Delta area. Classified ! Advertisement Special Notices Hart's Top Pepsi SOWC.SEHOR SAWYER, \ BUT I HAVE ORDERS TO I St*VeCH YOUR PLANED/ helped nail the Ikl on Mississippi pi Stale's coffin in lire champi-, oasliip bracket game Tliuralay. night W :,h Furman j l f l 14'9 1^11^ To no one s surprise, the TON'IGHT'S GAME VG vs. Allied -- 8 p.m. . B. Pu'rreil N.v.-. .( P E P S I r.'.BS. L. V.. HCO? e'Vi k c t r ·tr ol V « v ;~e. by h=j', il 015 '.Vai^-g's^ Avi. For al' F3 301*4. nCV T H I S DAIF t/a-i b! - e i r = - i r : !j' 3 J O - » " « °*" ··"· -·" champion Mississippi State c i ' - Southeastern Conference Bull- lenges independent Florida|,j 0( , s vaulted to a 2-0 lead, but! State for the second time al 7:30 p.m. EST today for the opportunity to meet Furrnnn, in Saturday's championship round Maryland, the Atlantic Coast Conference champion, was the first team eliminated. Furman pasted Mississippi State 5-2 Thursday nigJi to nu Al t : 5 1 yieklctl three runs lo Funnan It was a close nip 'n tuck ball- in tte sixth innnR nn n two-|Bamc for a while last night, but run double by Phil King and a Hart's finally went ahead to slay in (he last inning, defeating Pepsi: I NO CAM REAR AND SO CAM VOO -- SO MOW .THISTITLE TO CHICAGO LOOK TO VO01 .EVER/THINGSEEM IN \ RIGHT aACE-EXCEPT J STATEMENT OF / iMSFER, AND '~~ JTRANSFEREE'S SIGMATURE.'.' ANYTHING MISSING, CLARENCE ARROW? FORMAL, WEAR RENTALS MICHAEL-SlAN! _ i POSTED 0 c All land I own in Section 15, ^ ^iTosvnship 16, Range 6, Section 18, 1 jlTownship 1C, Range 6. Also all land I have run-producing single by Pate. The Paladins- added UTOJH' 9 insurance runs in the seventh in-l Hart's Tliarp carrirxl the big ning en throwing errors by U n - j s l i r k last night gelling 5 for 5. ser ami Bragan. New was the winning pitcher, [relieving Palmertree in the 2nd,] giving up D hits nnd striking out 1.' CLLVELANU (DPI) - Paul Smith of Pepsi yielded 15 hils nnd Bright, president of the Ckne- slruck out 2, land Barons of the Americanl In tin.. Indies league Allied de- Hockey L e a g u e , announccd'featcd the Independents 15-7. ^tur.^Sny that !;e will assume HASI-S An R H !the post of general manager oi MO"', "n'".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. t 3 i Iharo. cl 5 2 5 5ed in Section 17, Range 0, i:i Wash- N'EW POST 7 5JT I HAVE { NOTHWI5 TO CAWON V-v WEAK .' NVITED A\E TEMP AN BEAUTIFUL LAD/\ MtlST ALWAYS BE-« EEADy f'OR UJEX- PoOTECi £VENT... S'JCU K MCETfeNS WES7H OX^ENTAL LOVcR AT OOVERfl- ,\\T FUS'criOfJ I TOWN ££fj C.5.A.: YOJ TOP AWCH COVS'ARPTJ LET TELL STEV6 CANYON SToSYfiET BACi; BOJf IT... / TO HOPAO C£ET/ COUNTRY Ci-US.' 8f. "THE - Wrlqhl. ' ( . IKiff.OflS.. PIZZA NIGHT! Every Friday 8c Sunday SPKCIAL PRICE ? 1.00 Take out orders Open 7 days a week 4 p.m. to 12 midnight. available from LILLO'S M.mb.pi O INC. nly Lilond, Mill L. W. STEPHENS Schools -- Instructions NOW! 1ST RUN OKUENVILLE TODAY and SAT. Show Starts -7:38 ·""··1KHKK0101I' /(I TODAY SATURDAY! OPEN 1:-15 Features: 2, 3:30, 5:20, 7:15 9 p.m. PARAMOUNT STARTS SUNDAY! Wtt-WHERf FRCtt\AF?E 'OMIN TIO5E t-ITTtft MONSTERS TOR YOUR SAKE I AM HOPIIIO THE AUEKICAHS PO KOT HEAR THISANP SUSPECT/ VOU HAVE TURNED rHE AlACHINP HAVF- EXPIA.'KEP HOW 7}f£WAC VVEW^LBEWSIH THE WOTHERIANP B£fCR6 DO ANYTHINS, TAHYA; YES, SOWEBOPy CAM POiYN THIS FIRE ESCAPE AKP NO EARLIER W.AN i. , ,, LAST WISHr.6LAD) ·^ ' r 6IBSCH WASN'i HAYiNS A YOU'RE RkJriT, MILLIE. PACK MISS GIB5CH TKiNS5, TOO. !',« AV3V1N3 BOTH OF ·lOU TO A HOTEL UUCER ASSLIWEP THEN IF OUR VBITOR I'LL BE SlAP TO, MR. K1RBY 1 . BUT THEU 6OWSTOC-ET A SURPRISE- WE.' TV PROGRAM SCHEDULE , ro Wi J. W 0150011 fi39icmi end UHIII Coirvct Whin RectUid fiom Slallan* PINE BLUFF KATV-CHANNEL 7-CABLE 4 FlIBAY 10 ; 25 LalK iliow O N . w i «, V;.a. 12:00 SKJI OfF J V^naN. SftlUJDAr , ,,, OJDI:M 8:30 CCIM/ Ccito^.-» 3:3J la-^man FllnliW!. ·?.« PoiV/ Pio 6:CO Ntvn 1 V/« 7,00 Fornef! MO Fijci E^nv 6.15 Socill Do.ahlei 10 : OOBfbin--en Wo/is 6.30 Th« King 7.30 Addani faTiltyl3 : 00 naKbn'l Family 8:00 Wov!e S F. Gianlt or 0:00 Nrwi-Wtoltor Houlton Aifr^i 0:15 P.ICKk-N.v.i 1:00 An. Barulllor.d Wilk d Palm Coy 7,30 to 8,30 H' 9,30 Vo!..-.i la:W) 12 K'ah 1 1,00 HB*I «, V/io. 11,10 Lal» Show For Better T, V. Reception Get On The Cable - CALL DELTA VIDEO ED 2-0518 HIGH SCHOOL H you diin'l Cnlsh Hlsh School, wiiy co-.!ir.ue u^^er Ihis hjndlcap? Wrlla loOav t=f FREE BCOKUET. Tllli hew vcu can e*m n High Scr«l Diploma f-rc^5^ ipart lirrfr il'.dy. W moi: 1 -!^ ircl^dei a!f tiKXj «rd Initrucl-ofii o-jr d?th vtar A M C R I C A N SCHOOL, Dtpl. G, P.O. BOX 10083 J a r k i c Call Mill 0. Male Help Wante/j Jight foreman ar.d Icadermcn vlust have shipyard experience in .ug ami (O\V!KXSI repair. BLUDWORTH SHIPYARD, INC. P. 0. Box il'-W Wa S-5031 Houston, Texas WANTED: Automobile mechanic, experienced in General Motors products. MUM lx honest, sober, reliable, willing to relocate in Lake Village, A r k . Top position lor right man. Write P.O. Box '351, Lake Village, Ark. With THE UIPCORDS - JODY MILLER - DONNIE CROOKS GARY LEWIS AND THE PIAYBOYS PLUS 2ND FF.ATUUE "DONOVAN'S REEF" LAST DAY1 LEIAND Ihew Tl.-ne 7l30 r.M. QUICK BEFORE IT MELTS With ROBERT MORSE ANJANETTE COMER VANTED: Tractor mechanic experienced in T.H.C. products, t be able to perform all major repairs. Excellent position for right man. Send resume to P.O. Box 351, Lake Village. Ark., staling qualifications references. ATTENTION BOYS AGE 12-15 School vacation will soon be here. We will have several good newspaper routes open in your neighborhood. If you are interested in earning extra spending money this summer call Mr. Young or Mr. Morris nt EDison 5-1155 Circulation Department, Delta Dem- ocrnt-Timcs. JACKSON WJTV-C'HANNEL 1Z-CABLE I HlB*r 10,1! Sceollng el 10.CO llnut nr 5.30 Gnnd O!. 6,00 Ivllrn Ch. 12 Scans lion Mailed Oary H 6:30 7:30 Cc;a Willla- 8:00 Oji Privo'« WotU B-33 GO.TI.I Py!. 7:00 McHalei N.i 0.00 lata Wearx 10.30 Tcnioh! SATUHOAV 6:30 Travelogue 7.00 Miner May: B:00 Alvl.n SKov/ 8:30 Ten, Tuxed 9:OOOu\k Dra* 9:30 I.'.'nr/ Me., 10507I-5 Jtlicni 6.CO V/ilburn B'oi. 11:W5 EVy Kro 6-30 Jacilt- 11,3D Nov/i Gleaion ]l:JSV/aih. al M.Y. 7,30 GiKigon'l le. r ?:30 Amsr cm R OD Sptrel Agsr-l BT-dsmid *?4CO Gun-nek* i 3 - ' 3 Po''cr Dfrh/ 10 00 V/ealhtr 4.:3H3./i Clan 10.05 IJewi i Sccrli 5:03 Pciler V/jg one r 10.15 Stor ED 2-8261 K RCA VICTOR ·££ ^" LJ Movie Shorp C«loi T.V J3M.95 cp ONE VEAI F«EI SERVICE CUAIANTEI ELECTRONIC WORKSHOP Eng[n :30 1^ Fl.-.ttio*l 6-JS lAom. Prove; 10,00 Dri ,00 teav. It To 6:33 Agiinoae Mtn=!« Eea««l 7:00 C'iv!c Cc'ervda/ 10:'3 Fj.-y .30lcu»/e 7:15 Mr f/.asco ll.OOflogi B_-n^ iO The AdJ^T.i 7:30 Pobirv Hood 1 1./T P-.fc 1 .; erv . . Ta-n-iy S.OO rJev/».Weorher 111^=1 fl-v/i f. V/?a. 10.00 Hollywood :CO 12-00 W5h 9.15 JcSniy B» I7.M Baubs'l Pa'oo .00 !· Sa^l Careful 3.M 5i-H o 1 1:CO S-iturdiy :00 tle*i i V/ea. fi-30 Hrcror ^ 00 W.aY V/-,r'd yAavie :?0 A6C Ninhtf.ii HtnrKro'a cl S2C:M 12i33Sign Off :50 S gn Olf 9:00 Underdog NO OOUBTABOUT IT- WE RE REALLY UVWG 1WTHS SPACBASE wz* SAYS HSRE TWEYJ5E SPBNDIWQ SIX B1L.LIOW DOLLARS . , OM SPACE I ASKED JUNIOR ABOUTTHIS ^·V^IVbt* ^Hf*tvi-+rTM^'-- ' · ·- ·- ·AND HE AtJMITTED HE WAS POOLING AROUND IM THE LAB WITH ROPIER (.IF YOU ASK ME, / THATS JUST ^ PLAIN S!LL_Y u WHATARE ^^\l!'' - TVEVGOiNGTO DO ^ V/ITH TMAT MUCJ SPACE · V^EMTHEYGETIT? LOOK? IT I5NT LIKE JUNIOFi TO PUT IN TIME MAXIMO MASKS "NEIGHBORHOOD KIDS." H. FOR THE LUVA MIKE. BUSY ON AMOTMER CASE, SAYS TRACT/, IMPATIENTLV JACKSON WLBT-CilANNEL J-CABLE J FI]0»Y 5MUHOAY 9,30 Fiifball XL5 5.3-3 T««n T. 6-30 Flicper 7:00 Pally Dvk. 7:33 Itrw/. V/«'V fi.30 The. Dere:1lv 9:00 Dr. K.ldo M/T TASTE SO CREAMY, FRESH and PURE At Your Favorite Food Sforo Do you know the difference? MONROE KNOE-CE1ANNEL 8-CABLI-; 7 F1IDAY 6:00 Nev.1 6,15 V/.oiliinrin 6:20 Spct!l V/hill 6,30 Po.Vdo 7,30 Ho.a Gun V/ill Trov-l t O O O . r P r v c - e V/o-ld «:33 Gsr.tJ Py'e 9:00 Nsked C t/ 0.00 N*vi, V/e3. Spc-li 10:30 KcllfwOi) P.-:te-« 11,30 WhirlyVrfi IJ.OO N«* 3 30 Teni. Tu-!do 3.30 Haso-en S'on O'f 9,00 Oyel Cn« Ent.u-go 5A1U1DAY f.'tGrav/ 4 CO V/rsill-ng 6.10 Ten Farern 1. 9 30 '.'. g-,v V.3v.l« S.C/j .'.'.r 1,' Sgn Cn 10.00 linut. Ih. t:00 BaVIe l'c» 4,15 Pcror'i S'ydy I'Or. Hecr:*d 6.33 Jce* e G'e: 6:M Fcr-rer'1 1033 H 3 =D'r--tn 7,30 V/a-.led, Scecial Wea Eicho'-,^ a Dead or Alive 6.25 Sar. W.cirlng l l , 3 0 f . - e w i e CO Secret Aaer Edtio-i 11,45 B^tekal? *? 00 Go'.msi* 6.33 Su-rie '.'/Hi 1 -, ct N.Y. 10.00 S'auerv'l S«-rei:er 2.30 5;, ^ r^ Pecole 7:00 n A .:i-«r Mavci 3.00 S; ! .o;i H.I:'** 11 00 Ne^i 8:00 A!v..i t The 11:15 tci« ««v:e Ch crvr.v.i AUTO GLASS INSTALctD | · INSURANCE CLAIMS I HANDLED PROMPTLY ! » GUARANTEED AGAINJT BurkKiail '.E.\KAI;E Paint Glass Co. !v/y. 82 [·:. Ph. T-:i) 2-JflM Dylox does! r EL DORADO KTVE-CFMN.VF.L lO-CABLF J UIDAY SA1UIOAY 6:00 Pairy (XVe 6.00 IEU A g M t o 6:30 I.-J. SSo«t:ne 6,30 B I I Kaney 7:30 Rob Hace Show 7,00 i-orvy p;g 7i30 Coicei 9iOO 1? H'oh 10.00 Niwl 15,15 Wialhir 10:50 5er[i'oa« 10.33 Jark Benr- 11.00 TWghl . 8.00 Top Col 8:30 HfCIOI 9,00 Undolr D*J 9:30 Co r . C'oy S J3 V/aqi-i Train ! 10:30 Fjry 6 30 Flipper 11,00 Tin Ten Dance 7.03 L WeT( Parly 8.CO Saturday N le I'/.OO a^iebc'l Al T.-e Wcv.e 3:00 Am BinJuo-.d O.M Arlr..Lo..|H.ll. 400 Beany 't. Ce:.M315 t.-Mt\ low 4,30 Grand O!« 11,15 Tonight cry 12.00 Sir-. Oil }.M Stahuil Dylox is the selective insecticide. It selects its victims, the lygiis bugs and fleohoppers th^t raise havoc when cotton hegina to fruit and square. Unliko non-selective insecticides, Dylox does not appreciably reduce beneficial insect populations. Predators and parasites such as Indy beetles, Incowings, egg parasites and big-eyed bugs continue to carry on their beneficial work in your fields. Therefore, cotton grows and fruits with the additional protection of beneficial insects, resulting in less frequent sprayings. j^^^ C H E M A Q R O Can you identify the insect silhouettes? Dylox knows ^^TM C O R P O R AT IO N the difference ;t»fe i » l S p e your dealer for a supply. ^^ ;««*« aiv. KSJOURI MW

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