The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 14, 1957 · Page 15
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 15

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 15
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-16 , THE INTER LAKE, Thursday, November 14, 1957 Markets ' KAL1SPELI GRAINS (Yesterday's Markcl) Spring wheat 10-10.4 prolem 1.82; in.5-]0.!) protein. 1.83: 11-11.4 protein, J.84; 11.5-11.9 protein. 1.B5; 12-12.4 pro- utility 1S-14.50; canners-cutters 10-3011.50. Calves 100: good-choice vcalers 2227; good-choice slaughter calves 1S23: good-choice stock steer calves 20- Hogs 250: steady to strong; mixed '. 7S: 14-14.4 protein, 1.80: 14.5-14.9 pro-] U'in. 1.81. I Red W i n t e r wheat 1.09: barley No. ] ;ind 'I 45 !bs. or over 1.50 per 100. JNo. 1 and 2 oats, 38 Ibs. or over, 1.55. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Market) C H I C A G O i UP)--Livestock:' SPOKANE LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Market) SPOKANE (UP)--Livestock: Cattle 250. Scattered early sales slocker and feeder steers and heifers fully steady except odd head common dairy type steers weak to 50 cents lower. Cows on both replacement and slaughter accounts weak to 50 cents prime 127.75. Sheep: 3,000. Prices steady all classes in n moderately active trade: good clearance; good to p r i m e wooled lambs BC-111 Ibs., 21.00-23.50. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Yesterday's Market) CHICAGO (UP)--Produce: Live p o u l t r y : Steady. Two days' receipts 302,000 Ibs. USDA price changes or additions: Caponeltes over 4H: Ibs., 25-27; young hen turkeys 30-31. Cheese: Steady. Single daisies and longhorns 39-3916: processed loaf 3(j- 37; Swiss Grade A 42-44; Swi.=s Grade D 40-42; Swiss Grade C 35-38. Butter: Steady. 1.122.000 Ibs. 93 score · 5!}; P2 score 59: TO score 58'.i: 89 score 57; carlols: 90 score 58TJ; 89 score E«gs: Steady. 14.400 cases. White Inrgc extras 50; mixed large extras oO: mediums 41; standards 43; current receipts SSVir dirties 35H; checks 34M:. Potatoes: Total 508 a r r i v a l s 63 t r a c k 299. Supply moderate, demand fair, market barely steady to slightly weak- Track sales riOOs) U.S. 1A: Idaho Russets U.S. c.xtra 1 3.75-3.95; 25-30 per cent 10 ounce and larger 3.75-3.85; 2) per cent 10 ounce and larger 2.653.75; 15-21) per cent 10 ounce and larger 3.50; Idaho u t i l i t y XOO-3.25; baled mesh 10s on h u n d r e d pound basis 4.-JO'S 60: bakers 12-14 ounce m i n i m u m 4.10- ·!.2n; Idaho utility 3.00-3.25; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley Foil low choice 550-GOO poxmd yearling replacement steers 20-22. good 650-725 pounds 18.80-19. Medium stockers and feeders 700-750 pounds 16.50-17.50. Few m e d i u m and good yearling heifers 14.75-16. Calves 75. Early sales limited to stockers. those mostly steady. Good and choice steer calves 21.50-23, medium to low pood 18-21. Hogs 50. Small supply barrows and gilts 25 cents higher. Mixed grade U.S. number 2 around 210 pounds 18, and 255 pounds 17. Sheep 25. Choice 110 pound wooled slaughter lambs about steady at 18.50. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Yesterday's Market) MINNEAPOLIS (UP) -- Estimated 11 a.m. (CST) cash grain prices; No. 1 northern spring wheat 235 3 .4 down 1. No. 1 hard winter wheat 2423i down 1. No. 2 yellow corn 107V* unch. CHICAGO GRAIN (Yesterday 1 * Market) CHICAGO (UP) -- Grain futures closed lower in a moderately active session on the Board of Trade today. Grain prices declined during late active dealings as selling increased. The drop was attributed to commission house and local selling. The decline showed a lack of follow-through demand. Most deliveries of com traded at ti.ics 3.35-3.50; U.S. commerciafA. car I new lows for the season before a washed only 2.50. Street sales (100s) U.S.. 1A: Idaho Tiussets including U.S. extra 1. 4.104,50; Idaho utility 3.35-3.65; five Ids in master containers 2.50-2.65; bakers ]OOs 4.50-4.75; paper 50s few 2.25; Washington Russets few 4.00: bakers few 4.00: Oregon Russets 4.50: Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley Pontiacs 3.75-4.00. mostly 3.75; some poor partial recovery on short covering late in the session. Earlier in the session grains had maintained a steady tone despite the higher government production estimates released Tuesday. The government had predicted higher estimates in corn and soybeans. The department did not publish any statistics for oats, barley, wheat and rye. These crops 3.50- paper 50s 1.75-2.00: five 10s in are already made and revised report master containers 2.40-2.50; Wisconsin will be issued m the departments an- rcund reds few 3.25: paper 50s, few nual crop summary to be released 1.65; Russet burbanks U.S. extra 1 3.30; Michigan round whites pauer 50s 1.60; Colorado McClure 4.60-4.65. CHICAGO GRAIN Dec. 17. In foreign trade. Japan bought 625,000 bushels of Canadian barley and 75.000 bushels of U.S. Pacific Coast white wheat. Japan turned down U.S. wheat offerings but is expected to be in the market for wheat again on Nov. 20. Denmark bought a cargo of soybeans. West German importers were (Ye»lerday'« Marhol) CHICAGO (UP) -- Cash grain prices: W h e a t : ' N o . ' S red 21911. ,,,,,.,,. ,,,,. ,,,,,.,,,.. ...^v^ ,,_,,, ._UB. i\o. -i Jp.'- expected to be shopping for moderate o jeliow lOlYi- amounts of wheat and corn. Oats: No. 2 heavy "white 75'*:: N. Rye: No. 2 plump 132 N. Barley: Malting 118-126 N; feed 90- 10B N. Soybeans: No. 3 yellow Wisconsin origin 222W; No. 4 yellow Wisconsin origin 217-218W. Both track Chicago. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Markel) PORTLAND, Ore. (UP)--Livestock: Cattle 500; steady; load mostly choice 1100 Ib. fed steers 23.25; part load mostly · good 22; load standard 21: costly choice 700 Ib. fed heifers 21.50; commercial cows 14.50-15.50; At outside markets, grains moved lower. also Wrong Leads DURHAM, N.C. (UP) -- Police narrowed down tho suspects in a $1,620 service station robbery after several false leads. They arrested station attendant Robert G. Walthall, who gave them the leads. 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