The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 2, 1947 · Page 10
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 10

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1947
Page 10
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THE BROWN SVn*LR HERALD Monday, ,Tunn 2, 1047 TODAY IN THE VALLEY The Weather WKATHKK FOKKCAST ron THJB IXJWKH uio OUANDK V A M i i ' J V ; I ' u r t i y n l o u d y a n d r o n H n u m l v . i r i n i m t i u t h \ V r t h J 0 8 i l n y . Knish nml)»- r r ; . winvl.i loilny Klici 'I'liornUiy. ^tllX- i i u . i t n i r i n p r n i l u n ' tl'l' 1 n f t c n i d u n nO to i; l M i l l l l l U l l ' v l O l l | « l i t V4 (() 'll\ | j ] ; KAMT TKKAH (ICtiKt of lOOlli M c r U i i a i i ) I ' u i t l y ( i m u l v tlii« u U c r u o o i i , c.r.iniit M i n i T'lieadny: not r n u f l i cl»an«o J : . u i n p e n i t i f f e . M o d c r u t o t o M-utli-.-rly wiii'1,1 un coiiKl. I-..,: r.t. J ' - M ' - t j i ^ v f : i , .u;o ( · / ; ; · u I.t.-I Uld I i r : v « - r U - r r o . i Highest Lowoot liiot 'W Uvtit Hours in 74 00 Court Records 107th IHHTIUCT COUUT Huit.s Fijfld J. p. l^pllnp va. '$.. 8. fl - V.'orlh t f ' t l .---r-,vUlr u. C i t y Yt-r»; C i t y r-u. Neb. A n t o n i o f.3 (10 05 (11 no 7'J 101 no no 7-i 05 av no 80 02 03 74 62 69 flf) GO 76 73 M 'JO 75 no 4:1 no 7ft 07 70 hi'n .03 .52 .01 .0(1 .'4J .03 .01 K I V K R ni:i,i.r.TiN IllO O K A N U f : ' K|V|-:il Flood Ueud- 24 34 i n n s at nr. Hr. I , r » r * r t o 27 ai 31 a.m. chntf. 3.3 --0.2 5.0 0.0 l;:c-v. n s v D J c 2.1 . ( H I V K R t'OKKC'AHTM The n v r r will c o n t i n u o 'to t h e .next 'J4 to 3d TOMORROW 4 46 n.m. "'"' Low 0;0fl p.m. t t o d a y 7:01. S u n r U o tomorrow 5;B2 J'. i f . i n c t r i c prc.isurfi ^J^^Jl 1 P : _ j . Deaths I). R. TtJRNEU HARLINGEN. Juno 2 -- Funeral services for D. R. Turner, about DO. are pending arrival of rel- n lives. He clit-d at hl3 honae here at nbout 8 p.m.. Sunday following mi illness of about three yenrB. He had moved to Harllngcn In 1930 from Gretmvllle. Survivors Include three daughters. Mrs. T. T. FVyer, Mrs. 'Dora Fiiviillck, nnd Mrs." 'Mjkry" Buggctt, two Rons, Tom Turner of QuJnlan, Tf^as. and Dave Turner of Utah, f i n d several gnindchlldrop Includ- i n g Mrs. Pat Smith of Brpwns- A son, John Geoffrey Wai-burton, \vus born at 0:20 p.m.. May U at t h e Vfllley Baptist Hospital to Cameron County Deputy Clerjc ar.d Mrs. Joseph O. E-^Warburton. The United States rubber in- tlustriy has almost doubled In sfzp d u r i n g the past five years ahci has convened largely to tho prttdUQr Uon of synthetic rubber.. Amcrlciin-flag vessels carry 70 percent of the trado between the tint tec) States and Caribbean ports. costly now CERTAIN YOU 1MACH THIM ton IONOIIT WIA* Don't Woch ib« MARSH WAY ii In iiii»»« ' with iwicontr^d W«»ch»t An uncontrolled bleach, that virlci t o s t r e n g t h , m*r c « u i c you to tnrbltatk your cottons and linens. This oxidizw f u b r i c thrc»cJ»o They wcikcn »nd toon fruy out. Bleach tha QENTU WAY with CtmtroUwl-ActM Purtx| Every bottle of Purcx has the s t r e n g t h , *jmc correct blc»c|u'ng · c t i o q . Uicd »s d i r e c t e d , PMrcx tintr o v c r b l e a c h e j , It p r o v i d e s Controlled Action berate it's pu- nfied «nd stabilized by the Intrafil P r o c e s s , (xcJuijvt yith p M f e x . Cottons and lineri$ corne put fresh, s { » i n - f r c e a n d s n o w y . Baty to u t c ! . . . n o h.irder on things than washing. Al wur Cfl, II. L. I'Vuilk'fp iJqHh'a eiij Lot 11, Bjock 2P, prc)wnsyj}ic " Brownsvillft, C. C. Duko to J. A. paved of Ini'ul out of Blopk^lOO; '$ah liwilto Land and \ynter 'Company's .subdivision, containing four acwss, C."VI. ElrlcUie ancl Gnipp W. ^1- rlflgc t p ' p a n R. and Anplo Lpa Bowdcn, West 17.51 acres out of Block 40, Survey 271, £rgigs and Col ColbninrTmibdlvfolori."' ...... " ' Marine The frjst steamship {5prvlce of thp rrp.xas tyncs, p "spgi'fjjaj-'y of tlie a\jrpvd ' JSf;eamsl){p Cp^pnpy, Inc., bptween Brow|^'vl|le, "Baltimore am} Nu\y Vqrk'TO s^rtpd yesterday with ' the 'sailing' ol the SS "South Bend Victory" from Porj; Brownsville for Baltimore. A lO.Rpp-torj fj'plghtpf, tjie Ijifg:,' over" placed In the' coastwlao Borvlcc between Brownsville and tiiust Oosuil, ports, the EJowtli B'eiid Ylpt-RVy if «p))pdulecl to a v f j x p I}1 Baltimore |;i lour and a m]i days ami' to mako W e trip to Nfliy-Yfijjf In 'apvcn iinc] V half days. ^'|.|i]t |;p makp 17 a;fc| "one-half knpjig Rfif hour the 's]pck. speedy cvarji jiYQfr ngqd 19 Kftpt?? an hour frpjp l 'rsp\y Yo|-k to Hfjijslfl'p, the other ^cx}}8 porli' on ItV'rmi. Two other ''Victory' ships have been bought by the comply "arid placed on thia run to fjlvo Valley rmcl NpFRier^ MP^i C( ^ sWpRP^.t'pS ifa'jitqst weekly service. i\) tl^p 1}|S- tqty of'fet'-Brq^vpsville. Smps pf the Texas Lines are scheduled to arrive here on Friday afternoons and leave on Sundays. ii. L. Kowivltikl t.q Wfil(,or L. Oumbro, ptirt' of Lqt |, ^jpok^'S", West" 13rqwp,sy||)c, cofiLiiinhig 52100 ncrc', Albert- and El ma fSfpUaoli atH} O?i- u r ' p. iviul 'Piiarl' W. Ttiyjor t'p ' Lot , M(d\yay siibdl'v|filqp. P. "p." Gvtjpnwpqcl to '^. B. find T31111L' i^lltH plrisscbpk, I-o'ts 24 and 215, ' ' Block ' Q, qrjg|mf] tQ^psJtp" of w; ,|. and Ujna CiUTy MfJparty Lo'D. L. and M!fWl e "^ "' Lot' 3,'^lock, Nlc|iq]sqii clltlqn to' ilnrttngcn. James an'd 1 Cplpstq Dupn j;p Mplr vln t-t niici .Ta'n'Is" Rpypi'ly toy, bL 1 3 V I}]pc|c (},'' Whujjipn K ' 'Uon"'t6"HarJlnKfiu'."' cl' " dl'ty ' o f ftprt 'Isabel trijfltpe, tq K, U; $tpne, Lot f), 'ftlppk v '21,' Ojfy ' ' " ' '' "" . . . . . . . . ' ' of ' J%lro Cf^prrpro f-o Jpse q, E)c r Lqqn,', Tvots,^' and 2|, ^llRpk 3,'G^r- 'Fprjf '3H}3dry}s}pn^"a'dcl|tlqf) 'tq ........ ' ..... oreno, Jorge David "A- 'Mpre'lip, pejla Hlld'a wrqrepo"apd NoejVil "IVfprpnq to ivl'avgHrlta Lp'ya' lytprpnq, Lops W and" 67,' ^!pck' ''t'''' M Bp|ter-Watsqri iicldlUo'}} fcq' LaFprju. ' "Ij!"#ijUp'jj '4pf}p's' to Lt4}vS L. ptrjc} Rosa 'Mf, dp SKnchp^, Lp't' 2{J,' '^lopk 2, jBrq\yn'acJdJtiqn to |iar)f^pn?' 1X Bujklers,' ' Inc./' to ^rilh'ppy w. ar}d ( "Q)qry 't4}pj|je prjcp'," 'tiqt ''», Block 3, Central Park' addition to BroyvnsvlUc, 'Clarfv E2. Bvpwn f-o H. K. lylpnns, Farm Blocks 13 and 16, Bell subdivision in Survey 43, containing^ 20 acres. -^ Cecil Q. Allen to Joe Qpr^nrcis, T.x)ts 3 and 4/ Block 4, West Brown's'-' vlllp. ' . . - . ' · - - . .-.,.i,,. Bi-iicp nnd ]gJ|lpp Smith to Robert V. ShqbmakorY Lqt 0, Blpcjc 3, Austin aprpa acldltlon to K'arllngcii!' MAKRIAGK LICENSES Q. W, Schujgen and I'anny Hpr- rlngtqn. Nafqlsp Bpnavldes and. ^VJaj-Ja Margarita Manciriis, . PJapldo Cprtoz iind Eya reLeon, W. Bledsbe and Josephlrie V O1- i . ' · '· . · i -. . . - * i , i , i 1 1 ' .1 . guln. Joe| Oegueda and Santos Mcdjna. Luis L. Floras and '' alas. _ ' " ' '; City Briefs A. A, nnfl Ifnrnlil W y i n , "Eatsy" Duvhi, Floreno Webb and A. S. Lloyd of Gvoonvlllo, and Miss MfU'y EjlKabctn Llqyc) of Havllh- gen wcrb g\»psts cjj.irlng (ho weekend of Chief Deputy and Mrs. Smith, UnafflUated members qf the B- JIJO arb a^kcd to con tap), ityrs. JJ]m- mett "Ba'Ue, 141^ past ^opa Cli)pa Blvd. 'Phono No. 1677 W, Mr*. SIfupvopil Bishop, Northwest EJjisapeth St., sppnt the wqekprjd ' at' Klngsville with' ppr daughter, Rosp 'Alice..' who is cp'ri- valesclng frqm an V - pc i rfonr|ec| ' lQ3^ week. , IHary JJortlw Tfitpgnat, daughter of Mr,' and 'Mrs/ J, Pi Buiegftafc of Mexico 'dity, wllV le'avp £qnlg|it tq enter Santa Rqsa ScUqqj ' of Nuryjng Ij-) San "Ai^pnio/ MfU Piitegnat and her cjaughtpr rjqw are vlsltin.g trjp foririer's' ' Mrs. A'. P, Barpeda'V 3Q5 cast fitj) St. ' ' " " IVfrs. Japlc C. Fatfjpk, 13 Hawthorne St. r 13 fpcoyeriiig frqfn" ap operation at St. Joseph at Fort WorJ,h. thorn for apqiit ^.f) d^ pOI)D-M|TO|IELt Arctdt lildr. * Brownsville rhqi»es IDfl _,. W^^ ^BP^ BW^ BBB iWfch * T M I C O H T R O L L E D - A C 7 I O N B J . E A C M O I N T L I T O L I N I N S ' THI rn and lutibroorn. Purijiif link drain . . . rtmovu 1,'ains and scorch Otifitom Built VENETIAN BLINDS ifour Choice Of - Mi|mji|um ORDER NOW Proir^pt Delivery BRENLIN BLIND Truly A Quality Blind For and FREE ESTIMATES Beautify with FIppr» Airock (Asphalt) Tile VariQuij Cpjprc And Pe*igp» Available U g Supply STORES 10*1 E. ViMiJ)injrf,oi) - Pfr, Ml IN PQfi'T TPP AY SS AZTJjldA ( M P X -] DtHcharRln^ soline;" Million Shipping 'OoV, gasoline gpiiig Vppalr's;. {$$.?£? and Has^p '" ' " cji'arfj, 'pwripr." ' SS A^Tl4|PA /M^ J \yit)V gQfipJjppV ^Ifep "sftfj^HtHS v!M;; figenpaV ' "' 'My' ROATAN · j:p^n ; ) ?wpfp aiici' Tvlnssqy' fehlpprng''Co.,'RB'^ ; ' ^'MV J??ATOICilA f SW^H^Y (Br,) Alvhro 'Obrogoh y.\\\\ bantxfjag. Mp- qarty nnd J^tiisspy ^ftlRRlRff Pfir* agents. My"CAPIT.OLA (J3f.) .T^xpfii}, Mp'x.", wf(ih bfifjaim^ .fylpGarty 'find Masfl'ey 'Shipping pp., ajjpftts. "SS Sp'NORA (NIe.V ^ort Barrios, Guatemala, with tyiflnrms, Port Brownsville 8S Agpncy, agents. "^viV AMAEA'^A (pan 1 .) Port Bar- rioH/ Guatemala, with bananas, P.prt Brownsville SS A g P n c y, agents. ' SS SpUTI^^D VTCTORY Am.} fealfeorp and Npw York l'tb, general cafgp. Ph[}pn Shjp- '' '' " ' ,,,, SWEB1N|3Y tfl *op t d[ ba- w p'i'ng pq.,' ' MV 'WALTER man.) Alyard ' ! plhg"0n., ag'ohfs.' |4V 'pAmpL ivrq'x., )ip Jpad " and MfttJacy yhi · h ' ' (Br.) pp., par.) Mexico ' to 'load banainis. $3 6-2-- MV SEVEN SEAS (Mex.) Nautla, Mex.7 with bananas. 'Port Brownsvll]u SS Agency", Agents, · Q.VJ__ My a AUIBBE^N 1 ' ' QtrjEEIf (Br.) Puerto 'Mexico \vlth bqina'nds, McOarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. ' fl-3-- SS HALIFAX (Br.) Puerto M e x i c o with J bail arias. Port Brownsville 'SS" Agency,' agents. 6-3-- Sd' TELA" (Hoiid.r Puerto Mexico 'with' bananas.' Port' Brownn- vlllc" SS Agency; agents. 6-3-4MV C6LISJTE (Br.) Puerto Mexico ' wltft 'bananas. Po'rj; Brownsville SS* Agency,' agents, ' 0-3-- SS Rp'SELKAP v (Br'.) 'Alyaro Obregon with bananas. McCarty and' Masse'y "'SiVippJng' Go./ agents. s ' '0-C-- SS JAMES K. KELLY (Am,) Houstqp to load genera] cargq for Scandinavian'" ports.' ' " Lajlief a|id OoV. 'agents. ' 0-6-SS S4PAULPA VICTORY (Am.) ' ttpuston ' to"" load general cargo for Bal't|niore and New York. Phllen" '-6hipplng :Oo./ ' agep.t'3. ·q.7_i M y"V/A^TER g; S\VEENEY (Gan!) A'lv'aro' Obrpgpn wi^i bananas. McCarty and ' Massey Shipping Co., agpnts, -- . pan, Mex., with banapas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., · ' . . to Mexico with pineapples, port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 0-7-- MV KRAgEHOLM' (S\ycc|.) Hqustpn' to 'loft'd. "fpr' '§pandlnayjap SDort's. Agents, Fowler and McVlte. . B. Eiclman. 0-7-- UZKERA « Me'^Jcp wlfl) bopaijas. B p r j ; ^r.qwnsym.e $3 Agency, agenffi. W 6-7-My fi?S9^ WW FHP^P Mexico ' tp lqa$ ' phieapplps, Bpf j; Bro\ynsy}]lc £S Agenpy, " j;p Mpxipp w|th. Blnefl. ' , . 0-iO-- IV^V 'CHARLES A. Mac- f. f E4J^ ffir.) puerfp Mpxjco with b.apan,as. MpP^F^ a flf! pp., agprifcs ; 6.12_SS CHARLES L Y K E S (Am.) Antwerp tq" load general pargo. LaUior'and Cq. agents. ' 0-ia --SS CARRQtL ·yiOTQBV i Am.) Houston lip load general pargo for Baltimore and New York. Phllen Shipping Co., agents. 8-16-- SB STEVEN T\ AUSTIN !( Stoclc)qjm to Jpa^J gpftpral cargo. Lalllcr and Co., hgept-s. fi.-lprr M.S 'DAIf'AHOLM (Swed.) Hpustqp to loacf gpneral pargp. for j3c.ancUnayiai7 ports. Agp;its, 'j?"pwjr ef aiid 'lyrcVltfp, J. E. ' (S^an. '0-15-- BS ^08 /VN^ LK §' ^W 0 LoHayrc "to jqad 'chjj^j oil. P))j(en 0 q . i ' a e i } ts. ' · Ji^urotl \i$ ^Jc^yijjt' of' y^fjt,7f» A now p a i r ' J n C'HIJC «jf brcujtajre or PQRFMAN'S the Valfpy Slnpc 1824 IJr,Qynsy|)Je Congress Hints ion In -· · At U. "J 1 ii ri i n, · New Loal Mn WASHINGTON, June 2-- (/P) -- Cp}ig|'cfif| ' ' 171 ay l]fi yp' ' ' t'p p).| t ' sfjor |If 3 "wmmpr xftp^ (n mp tnorcMitenocl coal sti'Jko clcyplpps p f j I (2), t h e f l l B R ^ M 1 ' fpj' final passijgp thjff week tha{; {ast xypp|c?s cpl- of ' ,'atjinulute" sip this bin, Lff) said congrcfja |i^ ai^y, pyppt may have to take a direct hand if John L, Lewis calls his Unitecj Wprkers o'l^li of '£h.e pits. {n thq absei]pp of a nqw. law, Lewis cp^ld do fyis 'aftpf "4ung'- 30 withou}; "'j;he threfit p); ( fpdera|" \\-\- tervenUon. That "is the 'date expiration of the Smith-Oonnally plant sqiaure' law forcus the Kovernmeiit to turn fclio mines j^iipk to privaliq o w n e r s h i . ' Tlie miners already' are scheduled to go on a"iO-day vacation bej- gjnnjni ' junf 87,"^' ajiy" wrijjcput fl?WW TO '" H F J P t 11R ? 1 s y IftRRf RlJlf $W jffite mm W \ Rf now, r ^iir Rf S W - "P" Ffifi 9^h ei ' . yevnjtiwfc \y|)} hayp r ' ta vim fiYPff'laP Ujjlpi v/RlSufjrors ·· rfcrcciori ^ncir.r : fprj;s tp .spf^fe a sfcrikp fai], Under, 'tprrfls/or (jlVe p|ii; an Jn- .·juivcWon apvigm- b.y ' t}}p 'Af.po|:ney flp}ijp|^1 wpulq I'jold fp}* a IqffU' of 80, flays./^fter );j}p fjrs^ ^9 Rays, thp National Labor Relations' Board would b'q required to hold an qlec- whcthpf- fjhpy wanted ^ accept the latest management' of- fpr pr go qp strike. '$ vote J,o wtrikp wqijlfl sppfl t)ie matyer to the PrpH}f{pr)t,' who 'wgujc} be directed'.'by law ~4,o' submit end whole guqsjijon to congress with rp- ppmi-f}pnc}a|;fpns' fpr ' " ' " ' frqm .fage Qne) Pfjyjng rafn anc] fi : |ia|l storm followed ' thp tprna.cjp j;p ha^c|lcnip rqscurers and add ''to tlfe' misery 'of The X|pjpii, Ladd, Fairfip^l, Wat- qfl's pliapp)' ancj spvfir'al u,nnamed com'ji-jumt'ips J*p]li thp '8(;orin i '.'"'jyfai-)y of' 'tho nqmos cjpHtj'pypcr w'pre ' (ijip throe ' ancj ' f o jn ; -rppi}i frajnc d \ypj- ling^ of 'i'enyi'p't ffirmers'. HqwpVp'r, b'j^ pjafiiatipri ' hpmqs ;' and' an |f)i- proyed subiif-'ban ' development ' 'abqjit s'ix 'miles 1 "squtli ' of' ^erd '"als'q" cruyn'- bled"iinc]pr -tlie ifpRact' pf "ti^p twister. "" ' ...... ' " '. "'"'' (Opntinued from Page One) Meanwhile at McAlIen, Ifidalgp county sh'priff' department officers were 'investigating tj^'ee rq^jjorips wh'ich 'qccurrccl' 'in tliq yicinijiy cl'iji 1 - ing the past .'weekpiid.' "" Besidei}ces qf ppqgrp · R, par- pphter,' t'wq'rrjiies rjprtp. of thp pity qif " D'eppp' Road', ' ^JlHafn''' Bs't'es, threp-fqjjrths ' rji'lle rjjprjih qn Jac|f- sb'n 'Road," and' Curb's TJ-jiqn.f'pspn, );\yp mijps n-p'rtft 'qp "Sfcuavt' Roadi were 'entered arid articles of cloth- irjg' and' je^elpy takppi s "it wajs' reported! ' IJppujjJes A. R. LpngQria and L. L. Posey were 'conducting the investigation.' Jailer For Deputy and Mrs, Hu^h Barpes took ovpr duties yesterday ns new JalJcr and' matron of Chmerqn Ppunty j'tiij, rpplacJnp Jniler and Mrs. Bills Dpuntain, who' resigned effective June 1; No deputy has beer} rjamed to replace' Ba'i'hes'i!' according' to Sheriff PJpfl 1 !!}?. yhP, saia; thjs niprn- jng t}mt ^ is p0RS|dej;|ng mfl^lR? ^plqphipii frpif) seypffil whp applied was Tpm. Mqi-flsqi], waff appointe ' . mcity, }?ut wjll fep pa^ out of cgurt funds, 'Np fullr|;ime jjep^y lias yet ' 'been" J}amp,d tq rcplacp Barnp^, F}em\nfi ffa'fd. Q..24--gs PAPS FEA ^ (Am,-) Tamplcp tfl. lQ/4 general .caf'^ Scandinavian pprt'Q, .Agents, ler and McVitie, J. E. Eidman. 6-26--fi.S MAgp BjaUTQN BBY- AN ' ,(Ajn.) 'Gftib to'"}pq.q ^ppgyal cargo/ 'Lallier and Co., agents. 6-2G--AXpLpYJS (put.) Tampt- cp' to lo'aa" general cargo for korj- cjpn, · ' Ahfcw"pjp» ( " an^ J3-hcnt, Phllen" Shipping "Co.. agtV 6-28--SS DICK LYKES" (Aip.) Antwerp to Ipad general cargo, and OP'.,' agents, ' . CORN PAIN RELIEVED WITH fi«il v -" J s . ' · n r u cool drop ^f il^ cdolipjt, scjotli'lfjc c/^c.ctl ,G,9«fini^e 'apnticotiorli as' d i rftpt ff\ ' ' A^Al 'r\(T (··-.,·« T%r^' l i Selecman Closes AMARILLO, Junp 2-- (/I 3 ) "--An ovprftoy pppgre(jafipp l^earcf Blshp]j Chnrles C, 'Seleciiian dellyer the sermon of thfe 38tl 'session ol' pflHfHliplHJp lipj'p yp,s|'Rpduy. pn!'(2r in tho dny the ne\y mlnlstorlal jx]3- nq j; (I'jis wprq' ' rpl ea«pc}V "" B|jf|iqp $e]ppnipfl tq]f| the confer- q n q p ' t l ] f v V i l ' ^le'bf'cspnji trend con- f j n u p c j , l i e W e w system ' , lip rqfprrccj to pjiuirpjies demand - \}]f FFM RE$«JM'.e V fRK -their pul r ^(pjs fjpd PR nypacnpf-js sppking changes because of better salaries. T-he conference, djcj not select a 104(3 meeting' Place! ' A 1 committee tq ]3C na}]]pd ''by ' £}!?'. bishop )V)1) [;lip spjecplon |Jy Tlie Assoclalctl Press ft tornadq p-j; ^"ylpf V ft s thp pply Ijjotph qii" ^pxa's; ' \yentrjpj: map yesterday. 'It 'was" warm nn'cl fair over most of the sfate, w|th afternoon L'enipcrapurps' iji tl:e ' ' 1 ' l ' tweor) v 100 'ancl 'lib inllca' Hn hour H}s}ied Tylpr last ^Jgh|i. 4 cJbud- f^iirfit (.·juqjped 1.35 Inches of raip op Rip aye a li] a s]iort 'time'. " T4-je s);p'rpi |-'aged for 'ap.pijt half ai iVquir, 'and c'i|t "pfj 'ppwei: for a ' " 1 '"' ' ' ' yesjiprdny . at' Lfvrc^p. r 'Lqw' tq- cjai' wns f)2 jit Guacialfipe Pii'gs. 1 'inqrecasj;' for tfljiiojL-r'pw calls for ploiicjy' wqf^jief in 'ijlaist ^exas, wif;iyn ( q(i r iT}]}cp chaiigc in tpmppra- ^jj-p', aiifj fair' weaj,hpv ^yitlt po tpplppj.-'ali-ire' change' in Wpst Tpx- a s . . . . . frpjij Page One) gjvcn 'so far 1 as' ppssjbjp) \yoi4jd last' six '"mppfhs". - The' tralnjpg ^yp]4ld bp pprisjsppnt \yith clpve'lop- ing' ''weapon's" 'ap.c} tQcftniques in warfare. 1 ' 'l t|apre ^ np I'p ' l ' ' ' this b n}tihdq trajning whiph tpachps iatrpd' aifcj' v ,VppVs fp"iHstfU lust for ' ' ^^"^1113)111512615 thp most mpiips o'f''f|estf}4c}iip}i. Siich ^'s'trj-ipffpn "p}ay pp pss^h'tial jn inip pf apti|a) waf. ; ? f In pe'ace- is typ.p'pf Offered Upon completion % 6f s 'iisic training, the f;ra!rjpp pqi}ld pnlist; in the rpgular 4rffiy, SavV p l * Marine Cprps, e'nj;er'' a ' sppyicp a,cadpn)y '(Wpst Ppl'rjfr or Apnapojis)', ' ppjt'st jrj tlic Nq!tipf}dl 'Guard' or attend a coliege'wijiji ai} BpTO prpgra^i. T|}p adi^lnj^ratoVs L wojijcj' lie' "a cqmniissipfi 'qf'^lirpe 'm.pjnbprs, ' t\yo q3f" J £j}pm'"crviyfansi- repprtlng t|U'ppt- jy to '"the* ^rpjs'lfle'rjjj;' 'a'g.Qnpral ad- ylsory iVoard' 'i f pm*c}s^ntnlt}ye of tjtie Pfjbjlc wl'th" local clvi}tan advisory cpmmifcfcqes! " We" ' cost ivas esj,ifr}a(-pp^ at $1,750^00,900' 'ami' $2,000,000^,09 a year. Thp ''program 'wpvjlcl'' bp ' vmder way a year "after approval by Oon- gres Kaqd wpi^lf} crpaf/p a pool of men trainee) '^qr c)j.j(,y \\} (iny pm- prgency. 1 " ' ' ' "" Vfn(]esprl^a^lc Hp.ri'or" The pq'mmTssipj'i said 't'haj: 1 at tl}e pxpiratlqii of 'tliis cbuntry's' fpu'r- tp-i6-year '-'gracp' pprjo'd"' an attack" of' "{ncleficrlRajojp l)'prrqr'' cquld sbiike American s^hqrps. ' l " Thp need tfyerjr'the coi)im]sisiop said'," \y6uf d l J p fpj* ;r'a'mpa: meiV ''in every 'par^ 9? **1 T ? cpHPP^ i'PfVfly and' ab,ip 'to 'mpet ' disprcier, sabqt- age and" ever}" "invasion.'"' ' ' The' "commissions' 'only reference to Russia, was in arf' app'en ( djx to the 'main 'report, '^"sald thp ^cjyjefc Union's' nillitary ppwer 'is"|ba5e.d on compulsory ' {jpryicp' "|n " ilhe Becl Ann'y arid "upon ' v man'd atqry m jli- ta'ry" training 'in' tlie- schools. *"CJ. S. Alone Tn j;hat cqnnpctipn,' ' thp repprt salcj' the Unlteid ' states is ' alone amonf? the 'Big Five powers with- a compulsory traip|pg ' p,'rq- " 1 " service in £h.e armed forces, while China enforces a partial conscripr tlon program. · And pf the 64 nations which maintain ' armies)' the report said only six-- Australia, " Ganada, Eire, India, New Zpaland and 'the Dominican Republic-- -rely' entirely 'on volunteers.' ' '' '. Qn the issue of cost, the coin- mission members said '-'we view with horror?! the ?fsta#gering?? sums required for the training program and other national defense items. !!$u,t we repogftfzp that weakness is an iriyita'tion to extermina- 'tiqn/' the re'ppy^ f|ppj.ared. 'Dollai^Day' Shoppers Streets Here ^PW 11 ^^?" 1 were" crowded with "Dollar Day" shoppers this morning apd all local merchants reported * large sales of merchandise. ' -Thp super bargains attracted buy era from' surrounding towns as well as those from rural areas. This monthly shopping event is showing an iqprpase'in business Iqcal f|'ffls f n^any of wh.p arp npw aple "tp gffe^' "hai^-rpgs^pt P 1 ^'" chandise. Commission Tells UJ. Must Prepare Defense WASHINGTON, J u n o 2-- (/I 7 ) -Supporters advanced un annod Borvicea u n i f i c a t i o n 1)111 today as iv part))?! nn^ver.--and pr,oba)^y tho p j ] ] y " b n e 'conRj-CKfi w|))' Riye t.hin year---'to n! jtfcsicjcntjn'j cpmmi.s- Bion-'R call 'fqr fi'n irftfjiejllf^P universal nfj)jtn'ry t.njiniijg lay.' Wftji'' lawmakers sharply split ovcr"fhe fyaljifng queKtlpji, Senator Jiill 1^-^1/1) ' fold' 1 ' Ii 'reporter the commission^ assertion 'bhat"Amer- ican military forces have become "a hollow shell" frresenls a "power- f u l ' argument" for' "spppdy passage P f ' t h e unification'mpasijre. ' The cqminiss^pn 'paid ' in its fpr port,' n'laflp public last night, either the United States''inaugur- ates a $l,750,000,000-to-$2 l OOO,000 1 - 000-n-yenr military training system and spends more billions on preparedness p) 1 ||. Jnvltps pp.ssJb'lc ''extermination 1 ' 'ip 'atpn}ic warfare. ' "" d-Mf on ths Training It recpm.jnpijcjcd · a six mpn_t}|s }}asic 'pQ^ysp'Xpf'' most yOung"men pt }8, wjti} spvprlii alternates' by which thpy wqvi|cl acpujrp the equ|- yalprjt"of six ! 'mpfi^lis' aetyanped training! W"hilp"'some a pf ' ' t-hpsp wqi^d/ per.miV '!'f|,4})P!-i e P^^9 c P^M n ^P t).}pjj: 'schpoilng 1 ,'")'!:' \yns e'vjdeJVt:' tl)njt tjip' rppprt"/^!!^'^ tp'allhy"th'p feaf-s q|f l spine "Jeg'jsiatoj;^ 1 on this 'scofp-. ' ClVaij'rnan. Andrews" (Ifi-Ky)*, s;aid tlVp''HP'H^P Ai'fifpd' SeryJcps ppm.- i]Vi't|;ee"p}ay 'opep hea'fihgs on the ppm'nilsslpi] fPpprt'' w i t IV i n' two weed's, l^ut \}Q ' ngj/ped tl^c prpspectp fq), ! a|}y ''action'''-t^ifs" ypar ''avp, yir- 5J,x fines, five o^ th^em on drunkenness' charges, jverc ' assessed by City ' Corporation ppurt Judge B. E. .Green' this nornm'R. Carlos' Losa 'Salinas, booked by Officers Ramon Galvan, was fined $5 charged with driving without, brakes. Carlos SnlsiiK Dimns, booked by Officers Hmnon Trev);),o, TrinldiKl Cava/.os n'h'd '"Nap" Cardenas, \va.s fined $'? oji a .drunkenness chai-ge. 6thers' Jspplse'd''' on ' ' charges, and ' fined $l ; Q' bach, include, Austin IvJedina, booked by Officers Cnynzpiy, Tre'vJno and Car- denqg; Luis' jtylontes and Jos'e' Guadalupe '$jilaznr, pooked by .Officers Cavtizps and' Treyjno; find Santos Picasio" Torres,''booked b'y Police Lt. . G. Delany and "Lofo" jBs- cobar. B u t ' H'ill said h'e is 'cprtain congress w j l j act' Yayprably on the tipnajng ' i|nl if Jem tjqri ''til}}, expeplpd tip Top' sent"rpnna)}y to 'the v spnfite iibpr 1 We'dneiSday'^fppr'a ffnal vote ]^y" l tl}p' l arpfp}:3 v 'sef-.y|cps' committee. "'Tip 1 'rjptpd 'thjit 'this bjji''n'}ppts several' of ihp'rpppn^mpnda^ipns of 'tl]e pr'ps'jdp^'tjjil'' cpinhiigsipn, In 'thiit it ''cpiVtainy pVpyiis}pns"'fpr' a" cppr- fjin'ated' intplllpeppe" 'service," spepiaJ ai'tenijpp "' tp''' spie; jf tif Jc ' research tfjj'q'' 'cj'pyplpm^pnt' find ' proposp5 a naijpnat 'respurcps''' ]kard'' J which wo'u d'"hanp|p industrial' mobiHza- \ i _ V - ' i ' ' _ i i i ' · I \ · i \, i i l J l i t * i J l - ' - ' . ' - ( ' l . J . ' . ' . t)pn for \yar. "i-ilfl 'said' the measurp '.'creates the ' Instfmnpntality"''for the ' J'i^ip- j^'p s'tirjfdng' fprce- 4hp 'cpipniisslpn said "n'nigt" be Kppt' "reacjy at all tfm'es t'p (|e)iyer pui^islVlng blows half way' around the" world if ' naUoii Js to 'remain 'secure. Stock Markets NEW YORK, June 2--(/P)~- The ei-qcjc i^arket today started thp new 'month 'w|th v declining teiidprir dips appear|ng 'in'"virtually all "departments/ ' ' Assqr'te'd aviations led a dip at the "'opening',' 'following' the hpllc]ay plane''crashes.' Steels, motors,"rails and rubbers took the downward course.' Dealings sppn' 1 s|o\yed,"ho\y- eyer, and' "cxtrcmp losses' r'unhiiig to "a poiiib or''more were trimmed in the 'majority of cases near 'the " "' hour. ' · ' ' . ' Profit cashing on last week's recovery received part pf the blame f,Qj: thp rptrofft. Fleming Will Return Ciuellar To C^mjerpn Sheriff Boytqn Bleming said this morning that, Cpsmp Ci4q)lar, re'fprrp'd' 'to' his' the valley's No. 1 ff|3jid inn.])'," " wiil'' be 'rpti|rnc,d to Brownsville today in 'custody of Chief 'Deputy "'Sliprlfjr pi»li"SfnJth ap'cl 'Deputy ' Espquip) Cavazqs. tie 1ms been held in tlVp Hidalgo cbuhr ty" jail following^ his arrest seyeVal weeds' ago wjiei] )Ve was apprpn- gn'ci^d ns jip crossed'alphe intq"thl$ country from Mpxlbp. Bleming sai^ fchixt Smif.h and J3seqiijpT ^yp^)d also' go to Reynpsa in attpinp|; to Jpcate some o^ the jewelry said to have b,eei) stqlen by Gijpjiav at"'A.danis Qardens Jn onp qf' the largest 'theft 'casps pf Jew- plry 'in, the Valley. of fjrult ypgetapleg jfi'pn.)' the ya|)ey totalled 23b ( S'atufday'apc| Supciay, the J^'i,?- squrl' Pacifip ' shipping ofnpe re- |Dqrtefl this morning. Sunday's s h i p m e n t s werp: Qrapefruifc onp, carrots three, tomatoes 21, corn two. Saturday's loadings were; Grapefruit'20,'mix- ed vegetables threfe, oranges one, beets three, tomatoes 133,"corn 32 and cantaloupes' two. ~Brazjj is the spcqn.d prpqiicpr qf cocoa. Jfulcy fjfcnks, Fric^ Nice pnnping:. Th.pse who paid f-ecent one dollar fines for pyprtime parking in- elude,' P. Sl'ay'den, H. H.'Black. M.i M. McDaniel, B. R, McRny, and H. ' Tonnessen. Tn an effort to enforc/B traffic rogujatipns, Traffip ' Ojficer Eddie Wollesen' said last week that inspections will be made to dptprminp if those ppernting vp))icl'es l)aye'' Ijc.en^es. He ' warned that "all ari'veji's v inust have their license in'' their possession when drivinij.'Tfe 'said tl)at many cases have'' beep' noted where' drivers | had made no attempt to renew; expired''license. j Bulficrc, n seaman aboard a Norwegian ship, was said to have j left his ship al, Tampico. Mex- j ico, tyiroutc to New Orleans. Ho j w a s released to custody ol the U. S. i Immigration nuthoritics, the report i shows. Angela Goiuiales LiKVU\s, 39. was f i n e d $10 oji n lirun'kcnncis charge Saturday, and ^oA^Uill Easterly received a $1.'? l i n e on a l i k e charge. ManucJ SnJdonn licrnajuic-?. received a J?15 fine on u drunkenness eharge. Jose J. Q u f d M . booKcd for driving without license by TraUic Officer Eddie Wollesen and Officer Gust, received a $10 fine. Tliose who paid fines for overt i m e parHJnR include, \V. T. Rice. R. W. C,ory. A. B. cucllar, Jose Uback, B. J. R u p e r t , Pablo Leal, pcorge Suificr, Waller R. Bowles, J. L. ZajHorn, Maria S. cie la Gar- TERMITES $-Vrar Guarantee ANTS · HQACWES Able Kxterraipatprs. Inc. Phopc 1997 -- 843-E Palacips Hprnandez and ' Nenencio lylo'nc'eball'es Vbara we're pach 'fined " $ 1 0 by Judge R. p. 'Grepn in City Cprporatiqn ' .Court Friduy 'mbrping "pn' 1 dvu»)co«ncss cliorif.os.' Pffjcer3 ,VNop rt .Cardenas, Jijijn6n Ti-cyinp and JSddip Wol- Men " kQbkpji 1 Hernandez, and ybn-ra was bopked" by "O'ff Jeers E, M. Yzna-ga rind' 'W.' C. Wnlker. ' ' Milton Taf t ' ·VV^eJajid, Bishop, Texas; "bppJced by "Of fleer Jesus Trpyinp, \vas fined $10 yest.erday q^ a ' cj jrunlceniiess "'.charge. Jeus GaiUui Silva, booked for JpyeB|4gaWph "}W pliicers R.efuglo GalvahV was rpleased 'Saturday into custody of the XTi 5. ' immigration authorities )jy Police -tlcufc. 1 Bill ' LET'S YOU AND ME BUILD A H O M E BROCKMAN W. Elizabeth RINT1NG BISHOP'S PRINT SHOP SCIENTIFIC EYE EXAMINATION Those who pnid one dollar prjd ay for : overtiiwe ' ' parking include; J'.""^.' Ruthpr,, ,G. R. Dun- iap, ' Mrs. ' W $·' ?i6\VLU-d, Mliton Wakeldnd, Mnnuel Aguflor, Mrs. " " ' Chief of Police Duncan Wright was' ' confined to .his'" home Salur- da'y because of injuries to' the knee recpivcd when he fell earlier in the day. Listed ns Joeing- from Paris, France, Maurice Buffiere, 22, was booked for illegal entry and investigation jay Officers Manup) Vas- SAWS »' SAWS 6f to 12" dia. . . , J2 S ' J:o 16' r dia. . . . 1.00 saw SHOP 1 Block East Mo-Pac Depot WESLACO Wa Joinl, Bum, set nnrt . n h n r p c n onnli fift\v n x'a'o t J y lllto nh\V by ifictorv jpou^od of jiuichhvp snniln». BROKEN LENSES DUPIJCATEP HEPA1RS FOR ALL FRAMES Dr. Fred W. Queen OPTOMETRIST PHONE 217 QUEEN OPTICAL CO J245 K, Elizabeth Floor) 'All It's Cool All Summer in L D R A t . . and vfhen you step aboard the luxurious Air-Conditioned Claude Kennedy, JMgrr. mi. 911 San Bcnito rp.ctcd : . r pp^J off Corp. your glorious Vacation has begun! if MAIL COUPON BELOW FOR FBEK LITERATURE * The coupon below will bring you free literature about a- Zephyr vacation trip to Colorado or through this mountain wonderland to Yellowstone, Glacier, the Pacific Northwest or California. Burlington Z«phyr§ are not exfra fare traini Burlington FORT WORTH, -DENVER CITY RY, j. K. Mprpnpy, General 324 Union S^nlion, Houston 2, Tcxn* Bottler: repnJ-CoI» Bottlinc Co. of Harll»f«Ji Mr. P.obt. L. Hoyt, General Passenger Dopt. B Room 1001, Fort Worth Club BIdg. 'porl \Vorth 2, Texas Plpflpe mail ni» Jnlonnation and i!h:fSra!fld bcoklets en a Z«phyr vacation trip lo Colorado G: Yellowstone C?: GiO.ncr G: Pacific Northv.'ei»l D; CalilornJa D- K U i d o n t b dn.sinr.q cducc:;cnal h:*ialui» check hp;o D- Name. Addrtn. -- i

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